25 Worst TRAVEL MISTAKES and How to Avoid Them

the top 25 worst travel mistakes and how to inform but can be frustrating if you make too many mistakes and so I’m gonna be talking about the top 25 mistakes that I see other travelers make these mistakes they make these days and how to avoid them so you can learn from some of my and other people’s mistakes to make your travel more enjoyable and stress-free I’m doing this as a live stream if you’re on the live stream let me know what you think let me know what your biggest mistakes are or the biggest mistakes you see other people make or visit your first time here you missed the live stream you’re watching the archive definitely consider hitting that subscribe button turn on the bell so you can catch these live streams live and get notifications when I do them so the first biggest mistake that I see people make is having too full of an itinerary you know sometimes I talk to people and they say Chris I’m going to Hawaii and I would like to do four islands in one week is that possible and it’s like well no you should do one island in one week or the most I feel like the biggest failure on this one is people who go to Europe and they want to do like every single European country in two weeks you know what you really can’t do every single European country in two weeks and it’s almost like people who fall into this mistake see travel as checkmarks like I just need to go check off the Eiffel Tower I need to go check off the Colosseum I need to go check off these things but I really feel that part of travel is exploring and you should have some slack time in your agenda one that I see quite a bit also is people who schedule things like on their first day after an overnight flight I mean me my first day it is it is nothing except just like get into the hotel get some food get comfy maybe just wander around as kind of a dead day it’s good to have dead days good afternoon so you can pick up things to do as you are on your way the second biggest mistake that I see people make and this is I know related having to full of an itinerary but it is under estimating travel and train times I see this a lot for people going to Europe and going to Japan where they’ll you know say like okay well I’m gonna start in Tokyo and then I’m gonna take a day trip down to Kyoto and then I’m gonna take a day trip up to Sapporo except they don’t really realize that they’re gonna be spending six hours on the train every day and it’s no fun spending all day in transit and not actually seeing anything so I would recommend as you are planning your trips to make sure you actually look at what the travel time for the trains are look at the travel time from your hotel to the train station look at connection time so you can really evaluate and see if those things are actually viable or if you’re in Paris say to get from the Eiffel Tower / – no – DOM they’re not right next to each other and so you’ll be walking quite a bit it’s not just one attraction and then the other traction here I’m gonna put these numbers just over here this way perfect all right the third mistake I see people make quite a bit is over packing and I actually fell victim to over packing when I first started traveling my first trip to Japan I think I brought if not my whole house at least half of my house I had a really big suitcase I had a duffle bag and I’ll say you don’t need your whole house it just weighs you down I mean the best thing when you’re traveling is just to bring a carry-on if you can and you also need room in your luggage for the stuff you buy because chances are you’ll want to bring back souvenirs from places and if you don’t have room for things you buy well that’s no fun because you can’t pick up souvenirs on Facebook hi Jane Paul Melanie and Melanie we’ve got – Melanie’s on Facebook and then on YouTube we’ve got a lot of people on already Brandon on Clement B Kelly Damian hotsauce a couple of Japanese names that I can’t pronounce all that well marchello and hot sauce is lethal wants us to watch out for volcanoes the fourth biggest mistake that people make when traveling it’s related to over packing it’s under packing and I’m from Southern California this is one that people do a lot when they come to Southern California they under pack they only bring shorts and t-shirts because Southern California is always warm right same thing if you go to Hawaii it is always warm right actually it is not always warm and I think wherever you’re going whether it’s Singapore San Diego Hawaii it might be good to always have at least one pair of pants and at least one thing with long sleeves when I travel I’ve always got one pair of pants one pair of shorts at least one short sleeve shirt and at least one long sleeve shirt so regardless of what the weather throws at me I can roll with it couple more people joined in on YouTube Tracey Conroy hello Tracey it’s great to see you Ethan Lucas and Ritesh thanks for joining in and johnny bangkok v worth travel mistake that people make is this is when they’re planning their travel and they’re doing flights it’s impossibly short airline connections many people say well if the airline let me book it it must be okay right that is funny and that’s the biggest travel mistake you can make having a 45-minute connection in London Heathrow or Frankfurt good luck on that yes the airlines do publish what they call minimum connection times but those minimum connection times I often think are nearly impossible particularly because many flights get delayed on arrivals especially if you’re going through customs or any passport control you’ll want to allow quite a bit of time another thing that people do is they’ll book their impossibly short connection on different airports you need to pay attention to this one quite a bit this happens in London and Tokyo quite a bit because they have pair airports London has London Heathrow so you might be arriving in the London Heathrow but departing out of London Gatwick which means you’re gonna have to take a train there that’s gonna take a lot of time or in Tokyo arriving into Tokyo Narita but departing out of Tokyo Haneda for a Japanese local connection you know when I look at connections I generally even in domestic airports don’t like anything less than an hour and Johnny Bangkok just said he doesn’t like anything less than two hours I agree if it’s an international connection don’t do any less than two hours and I travel a lot through San Francisco is kind of the West Coast gateway to Asia I will generally not have less than two or two-and-a-half hours on my outbound flight cuz San Francisco is often beleaguered with fog hot sauce is legal lethal asked where is Topher Topher is napping today he’ll definitely join us on the next livestream no Cassie Reeves says hiya OC two under packing really can’t imagine Singapore ever gets warm Singapore ever gets warm maybe you can’t imagine the Singapore ever it gets cold you know but Singapore doesn’t get cold but you know sometimes it’s cold inside right like if we go to like Las Vegas or places like that sometimes you might want some long sleeves inside that air-conditioning Marie mou-chan Aloha from Hawaii Aloha Marie mo Shawn Jang joined in Pali Brown hi Polly and Tanner Wilson says if you watch The Amazing Race you will see the connection times are a huge factor on the show Tanner I don’t watch Amazing Race but what about the connection times are a huge factor tell us mm all right the sixth worst travel mistake that people make this is related to connections but it’s booking separate tickets as a connection people often look and say hey there’s a really cheap flight on wow Airlines or silk air you know it’s LAX to Iceland for only $200 but of course there’s no like way to get to LAX and some people say okay well no problem I’ll just book a flight on Southwest to LAX but then if anything happens to that other airline you are hosed when it comes to that connection or if it’s the same airline but different tickets because sometimes tickets will fare differently if you book two round-trips as opposed to like a fold estimation that you’ll often be hosed on that too if the tickets aren’t part of the same reservation the airline’s don’t have any requirement to rebook you if you miss that connection due to the other airline or even the same airline because they weren’t guaranteeing that you were actually gonna connect through and that’s part of why it gets a little bit cheaper Michael Gregorio says if it’s within 100 to 150 dollars I’d pay extra for a nonstop flight I’m totally with you Michael I really dislike connections and I will absolutely pay extra for nonstop flights as well I like the comfort of a nonstop flight saying that well you know as long as I get on the plane if it’s delayed a couple hours it’s okay because I will get there eventually but making that connection I’ve been stuck way more times in Chicago and Dallas and places like that and I really wanted to because I’ve miss connected there and ended up spending the night after cloud join us at hello from Mexico hola after cloud from Mexico Johnny Bangkok says some airports have security check lines for transfer passengers that’s very true London’s a great example of that the German airports a great example is that Tokyo is a great example of that yeah and those security lines can often be long too and so that’s important to factor in Christie peace blind to Vegas on Thursday excellent Christie enjoy Vegas tanner Wilson says they will run run run at the airports and look to cut every single corner possible some of it’s just insane that’s absolutely seeing the people who booked those minimum connection time tickets and yes I have sprinted through airports before as well usually when my flight really delayed and I hate it I’m exhausted and then I just end up missing the connection anyway you al kingpin says your baggage will also not make the separate connection that’s a great point and sometimes people complain about the airlines about this where if they’ve booked say a round trip from San Diego to San Francisco and then another round trip from San Francisco to Tokyo then people will come to San Diego Delta say it’s all the same airline and say hey check my bags and many carriers will not check your bags through if it’s two separate tickets um cookies bald greasy head great YouTube name says greetings I just tuned in so glad I caught tonight’s livestream cookies thanks for joining Hendrix has a law ha from Hawaii Tokyo is hot today love your Las Vegas video says Sam and so I’m glad you guys love the Vegas videos um Michael Koguryo says what’s your favorite European Airport I think my favorite European Airport is Munich I like Munich it pretty well compact I feel like the Germans are pretty efficient at Munich so if I have to connect in Europe then I like to connect through Munich the seventh biggest mistake that people make when they’re traveling is not realizing that a direct flight is not the same as a non-stop flight yes these are two different things direct versus non-stop direct may often be cheaper than non-stop they sound kind of the same don’t they ah but they are different a nonstop flight that is one that makes no stops so San Diego to New York on a non-stop flight would be somewhere in the neighborhood of five or six hours San Diego to New York on a direct flight might take nine hours why because that direct flight may land in New Orleans Louisiana on its way to New York well then how come it’s called direct and not a non-stop well those flights they typically don’t make you get off they’ll stop in New Orleans they’ll let off some passengers they’ll pick up some more passengers you can still keep your butt in that seat and Debbie Brown actually gave the great definitions on Facebook she says non-stop is no stopovers direct equals one or more stop overs but stays on the same plane absolutely Stacey’s waving on Facebook and Jeanne is going to Oahu in early October Jeanne enjoy oh ah whoo I think you will like it the hot sauce is lethal says I’ll be at the Flamingo this weekend for my birthday also world series of poker tournaments hot sauce enjoy and I hope you win in some poker Dorie Tori join in from Singapore hello Dorie Tori and hello to Singapore Jorge says cool tips thanks bro thanks Jorge yes that I can say hi his wife Gloria she loves the show Gloria hello thanks for watching and thanks for loving the show Demian says what’s the weather like in LA in July do I need to pack warm for the nights Daniel I didn’t say whenever you come to LA you need to pack warm for the night because it does get pretty cold in the evening pretty much all year-round because it’s fairly dry unlike the say the east coast of the US which stays warm at night the West Coast gets pretty cool at night pants in case you’re gonna be out late alright the eighth mistake that travelers make is not paying attention to all the fees this is known as the booking Spirit Airlines mistake and those of you who follow me on Facebook saw I posted a picture of Spirit Airlines a couple weeks ago saying I really love the color Spirit Airlines planes are yellow but I will never fly Spirit Airlines an example of Spirit Airlines fees if you’d like to carry on a bag on Spirit Airlines and you decide to pay that at the gate because you have to pay on Spirit Airlines whether you’re checking a bag or carrying on a bag it is $65 if you pay at the gate to carry on your bag on Spirit Airlines if you print your boarding pass at the airport that’s gonna cost you more money everything on Spirit Airlines pretty much cost you more money and so many people often just look at how cheap the ticket is but don’t look at all these ancillary fees C’s fees for booking seats C’s fees for food I mean the fees in the airline industry have really gotten out of control Tanner Wilson says a big thing about dallas-fort worth is that the airport is huge – Fort Worth is a really huge airport you’re right but they have good barbecue there so I think that’s pretty good UEL kingpin says for those of you want to go to Hawaii it’s a great time to go to Kona tourism is way down due to the volcano I bet it is that’s the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii cookies bald greasy head says I’m American and I was stuck for literally for hours in Heathrow last June that was the last that was just the loop that was just the line to get in I guess it’s the immigration line it was so crowded I guess tourists ease in the UK wow that is a long time just to get in line Christi PD agrees with me says never ever fly spirit and Tanner Wilson says don’t pack anything warm in most of Texas this time of year hot and very humid and it doesn’t cool down they can stay in the upper 80s and even 90s in the late evening that is pretty hot alright let’s go on to number nine the 9th mistake travelers often make is booking afternoon departure flights this was one I would make quite a bit when I first started traveling cuz really I’m like not a morning person I don’t love early morning flights but now if I have a preference of an early morning flight or an afternoon flight I will book the early morning flight why the most on-time flights are generally those that are the first thing in the morning why are they on time it’s because those planes arrived last night they’ve had time to be serviced they are there the crew just gets there in the morning and then they take off when airport curfews are lifted but afternoon flights they have to arrive from someplace which can lead to delays in it because they could be delayed where they’re coming from when they get to your airport they could be delayed because mechanical reasons they could be delayed because there’s something wrong with the crew in on the east coast of the US if you’re flying through there in the summer the East Coast has tons of thunderstorms and the thunderstorms often are between like 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. and so if you’re taking those outbound flights to Europe from 3 to 8 p.m. you might be hosed because of afternoon thunderstorms I have certainly had some hosed connections on the East Coast because of their thunderstorm hose is a technical term of course Jane Warren asked on Facebook suggestions for travel money off to Bali and Singapore early July should we take cash travel cards convert before or there Jane my suggestion is to take your ATM card and use your ATM to withdraw money from the ATMs when you get there let your bank know you’ll be traveling if you do not have an ATM card with no foreign transaction fees or no international ATM withdrawal fees check out the Charles Schwab card Charles Schwab has a checking account that gives you need cm card with no international transaction fees Christie P says I like early morning a red-eye michael says exception for red eyes to Europe I think it depends what you mean by red eyes but you know one of the things I often look at too as I look at if it is an afternoon departure that’s my only option then I look at where was that flight coming from you can look at that on flight stats you can look at that on the United site when you check like status you can see where does this flight come from before here and if it’s only getting to the airport that I’m departing from say with like an hour that’s rough I don’t like it I like something where that planes been sitting there for hours on end and then it’s my time to get on it because they’ll have had time to fix any mechanical issues and they’ll have had time to absorb any weather related delays Tyler says love your videos Tyler thank you very much Lucas asked what’s your favorite airline to fly to Hawaii Luke is my general favorite airline is United Airlines I have like a million lifetime miles and United Airlines so I’m fairly loyal to United because of that reason I don’t like Hawaiian Airlines because they charge stupid baggage fees like stupid baggage fees Gilson des is hi I’m going to Switzerland and made one of the mistakes you said I will arrive Paris at 7:10 a.m. then catch a flight to Geneva at 11:10 are not connections they are separate flights it’s a problem Gilson what eight depends if you are checking luggage if you are good luck and B if that first flight into Paris gets delayed you’ll have a really hard time rebooking that flight to Geneva if you miss it you may end up having to pay you know a change B or buy a new ticket for that second flight Clara Lowe on facebook says red eye means departure at midnight Clair usually red eye means flying across the night and often arriving in the morning if it’s in the US that’s kind of how red eyes work that you would leave at say midnight from LAX and you’d get into the East Coast at 6:00 a.m. but it could also be a red-eye if you’re flying say from Los Angeles to Australia and you leave Los Angeles at 8:00 a.m. and you get into Australia at 8:00 a.m. it’s a red-eye because you’ve essentially gone over that night on the plane Debbie Brown added one more to my travel currency thing is that is a good idea to take more than one credit card debit card I agree with that I actually always take two ATM cards from two different banks and I take two credit cards from two other different banks that way hopefully one of my cards is bound to work jeanny Fed says I tried to get in through Facebook guess you are reading the YouTube comments yeah you are the best we love your videos OC girl and Topher his friends are awesome Jenny fed thanks for joining yes I usually start by reading the YouTube comments first I kind of look down here where I have YouTube comments and I look up there which is where I have the Facebook comments so calset says last time he was at dallas-fort worth he had four different gate changes in four different buildings and two plane switches that is one reason why I do not like Dallas Fort Worth that’s a great point right Jeanne fed says I flew nonstop from San Diego to Bellingham Washington can’t remember the airline anyone know for 6:25 for three tickets major good deal that is a really good deal alright let’s go on to number ten this is kind of like our red-eye conversation but the ten biggest mistake that people make is booking flights that arrive someplace in the dead of night so an example of this would be you know booking a flight that arrives into London Heathrow a midnight or booking a flight that arrives into Tokyo Narita at 10:00 p.m. you know these flights are cheaper because a people often don’t want to arrive that late and be because often there’s no transportation to meet your flights that late so you should take a look if you’re getting a late arrival into an airport then how are you gonna get someplace and are you gonna have to end up taking a really expensive taxi which might you know balance itself out with what you would have paid for the more expensive ticket particularly if you’re flying into a city that does like different taxi rates at night Singapore is one of those examples but if you arrive late at night you’re gonna end up paying a premium to take those taxis late at night on Facebook I have to click this see more button here to read the whole comment scotty Campbell says yo bro just got back from Hawaii your Hawaii videos are very helpful Communications was a joke no one was told anything and we all had to just wing it very poor that is probably a reason to not fly jet start this is why I don’t like the budget carriers the budget carriers when flights are good everything’s fine but when flights go bad you end up with stuff like that OSI Grill and I we were flying in Spain on Vueling Airlines and we were going from Granada to Barcelona and it was like a similar type situation it wasn’t 17 hours but it was delayed like six hours then they put us on a bus and took us to the other airport and yeah the communication was pretty much zero and that’s another one of those for instance I’m like I just I don’t want to do it oh you know they have a flight with 200 bucks but I think I’d rather pay 400 for an actual real airline so I’ll actually really try to get me there and tell me what’s actually going on so calset said we should all go in on a private jet I I’m in SoCal Seth let’s do it we’ll get the yellow Productions fan club private jet that sounds like fun cookies bald greasy heads has any advice for how to endure 20-hour flight Australia or to Australia or New Zealand cookies I my advice for enduring long flights is to get a good night of sleep the night before not to drink any alcohol before or on the plane and then we get on the plane maybe watch one movie while they’re serving whatever that first meal is and then just try to close your eyes and sleep as much as you can until the next meal is served I mean that’s sort of how I endure long flights I’d try to keep my eyes closed for as long as humanly possible the 11th mistake that travelers make is not selecting a seat ahead of time many people say well hey I’ve got a ticket they’re gonna put me on that plane right well you don’t have a seat on the plane technically they don’t really have to fly you if it’s overbooked yeah I know United had that whole thing about kicking people off the plane but that was 70 how to seat and was on the plane if you have no seat oh well then no luck to you so when you booked your flight if it’s possible to select to see do it because if you don’t and you do get a seat well maybe it’s because you really liked that last next to the toilet you know the one that nobody else likes but that’s the only one that’s available the day before so make sure you select your seat it’s not really something you should pay attention to Mike responded to my Spain stop said he loves Granada and the Alhambra Michael cool if you haven’t I’ve got a couple travel guides on those in my Spanish playlist so cassettes this flying wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for airports airports do suck quite a bit Jenny fed since I’d rather get to my destination with nonstop flights and more money than have to deal with layover his time is money time is absolutely money and when you’re paying thousands of dollars to go someplace you know isn’t it where the lobs you paying a couple extra bucks knowing that you’re actually gonna get there not wasting all your time at an airport 17 hours that sounds awful mmm eater Hobson on Facebook says sleep as much as you can and get up and stretch a lot that is his tip for those long flights I agree with you I also get up and stretch a lot I’m one of those people I’d probably go to the bathroom every two hours not because I maybe have to go to the bathroom every two hours that’s just a great excuse to get up stretch my back this stuff move my legs move around the 12th worst travel mistake that people often make is not checking visa requirements before they go to the airport there are many countries that have visa requirements Australia is a great example who would think that Australia would require American travelers to get a visa but yes if you’re coming from the United States of America to Australia you have to get a visa and it costs $20 you can do it online you don’t have to go anywhere but you do need to have it otherwise they won’t let you check in for the flight and there’s no fun to get turned away from the airline counter because of no visa also if you’re traveling internationally your passport should be valid – what does valid mean your passport needs at least six months of validity from the time you travel that’s one that people often overlook they say my passport is valid were you talking about either that or people never even look at the expiration date of their passport so definitely make sure you do that because that’s another one and you aren’t gonna get a new passport all that quick was really gonna ruin your vacation if you can’t get to where you’re going Liam Dye asked gonna make a Chicago Travel Guide I have like one video of the beam in Chicago I’ve been in Chicago for a couple of frequent-flyer conferences but I don’t have any plans to head there in the near future I just need to be in Chicago mostly connecting in Chicago O’Hare if I do go there I will definitely make a Travel Guide though Hendrik M says Delta charges extra if you want to select your seat yeah that’s another one of those hidden fees I mean I would pay it so that I have a seat so calset says some places require a one-year passport interesting that’s good to know so something to check when you’re traveling Macker tube says I have noise cancelling headphones music device neither laptop or PlayStation Vita or Nintendo switch I can fly 24 hours easy with that kit that’s pretty good and Damian Corbett says if you travel to New Zealand taxis are way too expensive best way to get a rental car for your travels all right I’m sorry for the cost that was a lot of people the 13th thing the 13th mistake the travelers often make is not checking in online many people will say well I mean why do I need to check in line I’m just gonna check in when I go to the airport checking in on lines an extra step if you can check in online you should check in online why if the plane is weight limited and they can’t travel all the passengers they’ll decide what people to travel based upon the order that they checked in or if they do a plane swap and they swap to a smaller plane they’ll also look at when they checked people in and what seats they’re in that’s a good reason for being up towards the front of a plane as well because when they make shorter planes not when they make shorter planes but when they switch to a shorter plane typically the people at the end that don’t end up on that plane so calset says he uses the double AAA app American Airlines up that’s a great way to check in just use your mobile device open up the app for your airline and hit the check in button I always do that I never print my boarding passes if I’m at a hotel or whatever I generally print them when I get to the airport but I do check in online ahead of time it’s very important you should get in the habit of doing it to the fourteenth mistake that travelers make is not getting money at the airport when they arrive someplace this was obviously a question from earlier which is what I recommend for travel money so when I said use an ATM when you get to the destination I mean use an ATM at the airport you will want money when you leave the airport don’t get into a taxi without having money taxis don’t take credit cards everywhere and you don’t want to end up walking around a foreign city with zero currencies and hunting for that perfect currency exchange place or that perfect ATM to save $10 totally isn’t worth it just use the airport ATM get some cash before you hit the city and you will be happy chippie says Airport exchange is a riff ripped off it is absolutely a ripoff avoid the airport exchanges and use the ATMs Robert Lou wanted to point out about passports to remember that it can take three months to get a US passport that is a long time and I believe it matters to also says always declare fruit or other perishable items wooden souvenirs feathers to Australia you will get a big fine yeah a lot of people get hit for things like bringing in a banana there’s recently story about that someone got fined like $500 ringing in a banana yes definitely definitely don’t bring fresh fruit through international borders if the country doesn’t allow fruit in it and if you’re flying internationally and they give you a banana on a plane don’t shove that in your bag and then take it through customs that is considered the same as getting it from wherever you got it from genie Fed says I love Topher this is Jeannie’s son I’m Roman hi Roman Topher says hi – Robert Lu says eight American Express can get you local cash before you go I do like that option America special actually mail it to your house so you can check that out if you really want it ahead of time so Cal says usually get some currency ahead of time and Norman says how do you avoid foreign transaction fees Norman get a Charles Schwab checking account and their ATM cards have no international transaction fees no for an ATM fee no nothing and if you’re using credit cards then get some of the chase cards or things like that that have no international transaction fees and the OSI girl also points out the fruit and perishable items is Hawaii is another one that you can’t bring fruit in or out of Hawaii which is one that people often don’t think about a lot particularly they’re coming from the US because it’s all the same country right but Hawaii is really treated as a whole different region and Joshua pickles on Facebook says you can’t bring a parent to Hawaii frowny face yeah one of the many things you can’t bring to Hawaii all right the 15th worst mistake that travelers make is taking the airport shared ride shuttle taking the airport share Drive shuttle is the worst $20 you will save in for wasting 90 minutes of your life when you’re spending thousands of dollars to go someplace I don’t think it’s worthwhile to save money at the expense of lots of time how much did you pay for those flights how much did you pay for those hotels if you look at what you are paying to do the whole trip and a per minute of what you’re saving you are not saving anything so skip the airport share drive shuttles if you want to do that back at home to get to your home place whatever that’s fine but don’t waste your time in your travel destination on the shared ride shuttles chippie says what’s the best way to get Japanese yen in Japan that gives you good rates chippie use an ATM the best ones in Japan are at 7-elevens so any 7-eleven store 7-eleven convenience store in Japan will take international cards and has pretty good exchange rates liam dye says I’m from Melbourne what did you think I thought your Melbourne travel guide was very good do you like AFL I enjoyed Melbourne I like the food there I like the city I think was a cool city I did not watch any Australian football I’m not really a big sports fan but I did like the city cookies bald greasy head says have you ever been pickpocketed or robbed while in a foreign city I have not but colleagues I’ve been wit have been pickpocketed so actually I know quite a few people on trips I’ve been on there have been pickpocketed and I know many of people that have told me stories about themselves being pickpocketed while they’re praying while they’re going places if you have not seen my video review on my pack safe travel bag that I travel with check that out it’s called the pack safe Metro safe it’s like they call it a pickpocket proof bag and it’s pretty good I think for resisting the pickpockets Ginny Fed says thanks for the fruit Hawaii tip OC girl hopefully that helps you Jenny so calset says I got stopped by TSA coming back from Hawaii because apparently I bought too much candy for my nieces nephews that’s funny said I got I’ve been stopped coming back from Italy cuz I had too much chocolate in my suitcase they were like the chocolate dark chocolate it was too dense and apparently they thought it was something else Jenny fed says my friend had a bananas backpack coming back from Australia he was held up and fined $500 that’s a mistake that’s great – Jenny shared and you all should not make it now that you know of it let’s see girl says it’s funny about the fruit thing because strangely they sell Maui pineapples inside the airport for a considerable markup Nance Kizzy says in Japan taxis are cheaper than uber that’s good to know I’ve never taken over in Japan I didn’t actually know they were doing it there um Dori Tory says there’s a 7-eleven in Narita Airport so that’s great for getting your money in Japan Jackson Allison says do you have any more Orange County videos coming out Jackson I don’t think I have any in my editing queue is there anything specifically you want to see in Orange County The Hunger Games is when are you coming back to Maui I am Not sure I don’t have any Maui plans right now but that doesn’t mean I won’t be back in the near future often I go we go where the wind goes where the flights are cheapest Jane Warren is amazed that I didn’t watch any Australian football in Melbourne the home of Aussie Rules tisk tisk I know Jane but you know I kind of a joke but it’s true that growing up in San Diego San Diego like the weather is so great all year round who grew up here often aren’t really super big into like watching sports or team sports because there’s so many things we can do ourselves rather than watch a football game I rather go for a bike ride or go surf or go to the beach or that starts not my personal preference all right the sixteenth mistake that travelers make is not checking hotel prices before booking their flights yes many people will look and say hey I found these really cheap flights to Tokyo in April well that’s because the hotels are $1,000 a night and so are you looking at New York City it could be the same thing so make sure you also look at what the hotel costs are before you book your flights otherwise you might end up being homeless or staying out in the boonies which leads us to number 17 the 17th worst mistake that travelers make is booking hotels in the middle of nowhere to save $10 spending $20 extra on transportation and 60 minutes each way to the city don’t do it I think when you’re going someplace a little extra money book yourself a hotel that is near the city center or if it’s not near the city center that at least right near transport to get into the city center you don’t want to be walking 30 minutes or taking a shuttle from your hotel to the subway and then getting into the city I mean that’s just a huge hassle and you waste all your time going back and forth from the hotel into the city cookies ball greasy head said which city can we expect new videos from next cookies bald greasy head I have videos coming up from London and I’ve got some videos coming up from Osaka I got a bunch of videos in the editing queue from Kyushu I think I’m mostly done with my New York series I’ve got unlike another hotel review from New York so that’s probably what we’re looking at London Osaka and Kyushu in Japan but sometimes when I get too bored with editing a certain city or trip then like I find some other thing to be like oh how about this one right here Jeff Looney says any recommendations on where to check hotel rates Jeff it sort of depends where you’re going I mean I like I’m a Marriott person I travel a lot with Marriott but I often use Expedia but then if I’m going to like Japan or Asia there’s like wreck q10 Japan I can there’s some of these sites that are what I’d consider less lesser-known aggregators that you can often get really good deals on so I think it’s important like if you I mean generally the way I do it is I look at Trip Advisor I decide kind of what hotel or set of hotels I want and then I start looking at all the travel aggregator sites to see which one has the cheapest price for that hotel or whether it’s cheaper to book through it directly I will often check ten different travel aggregator sites and like I might find a difference of 30 percent between the most expensive and the least expensive all the travel sites do not charge the same rate hmm let’s see SoCal census Chris next time I’m in Ko Olina would you want me to send you video of good food spots on the website so Cal says totally if you want to do like a guest yellow productions video I would love to put it up on yellow productions let’s see Baber says question is baby stroller in Japan will make a problem Famer kind of a lot of restaurants don’t allow baby strollers um so just be aware that you might not be able to bring your baby stroller into a lot of places you don’t see a lot of strollers in Japan I think you often see a lot of people like carrying their baby you’re this and that it will make your travel a little more difficult I mean you can certainly get around it I’m sure but just don’t be offended if you go in places and they tell you you can’t eat there because you have a baby stroller so cast essence if you haven’t had pineapple with li hing you’re missing out which is leaking plum spicy let’s see ul kingpin says will you have a video on Hilo you know you male kingpin that is one of the Hawaiian Islands I have not been to I would like to go maybe now is the time eventually in the future but not right now collaborators says he agrees to always check Google Maps for the hotel location I agree Dory Torre says Hotel trivago territory do you use trivago I know that’s a great commercial Brandon says he’s looking forward to the London in Osaka videos Hendricks says do you recommend booking flights hotels on travel apps like apps you mean like on your mobile device I was like a special coupon that’s about the only time I would use an act and actually our last trip to Japan we booked what’s the name of the we use a travel aggregator from Singapore and I can’t go to a go to a Geo da because they had like really great coupons so we use the coupons and it made it cheaper Michael Gary says we have been to a lot of the same place as Britain Spain Italy Austria Portugal and I’m heading to Switzerland Michael enjoy Switzerland I hope you’re going up to the Jungfrau that was one of our highlights in Switzerland Gilson says do you like a core hotels Accord is a French brand I do not like a core hotels I generally try to avoid a core hotels I’ve stayed in a lot of them in France I I find them to be pretty bare-bones hotels okay 18 the 18th mistake that travelers make is not paying attention to flights that cross the date line or paying attention that it’s a red eye and day changes tonight it’s really important when you’re traveling to look at the date that your flight arrives some places so that your hotel is booked for the actual day you arrive not the table or not the day after so if you’re going internationally really double-check and figure out what day am I getting there so that your hotel is actually booked for when you are arriving there’s nothing worse than arriving in a hotel and saying oh I’m sorry you we had you arriving yesterday so we’ve canceled your reservation or we have your arriving tomorrow and we don’t have any more rooms that is a big drag the 19th worst mistake that travelers make is not signing up for rewards programs if you are travelling on any big airline if you’re staying in any big hotel if you’re renting from any big rental car company sign up for the rewards programs if you don’t you are throwing money down the drain yes those rewards points might not seem like anything right now but they do add up even if you don’t redeem a her flight you could redeem it for a magazine and often just having a Rewards account gives you perks I have a budget fastbreak account literally I just sign up for for free when I have the account can go stand in the short line the best brake line we did that when we were in Maui the regular line a budget had about a hundred people in it the fast brake line had nobody why not because I’m a Premium Member with budget just because I simply signed up towards checkout award wallet comm award wallet comm it’s a website that’ll aggregate all of your frequent flyer accounts and points and help you remember those things Jax Nelson says which rental car company do you recommend Jackson my favorite is Hertz I like Hertz second – Hertz then I like Avis after Amos then I like Alamo why do I like Hertz and Avis I like their quick pickup uh you know before getting to the airport I’ll get an email that says where my car is what space it’s in I just go straight to the car I pick up my car I Drive out it always works pretty well well I know I like Alamo while they don’t quite do that service Alamo has these self check-in kiosks that you can go to the self check-in you don’t have to see a person basically I like all three of those rental car companies because I spend the least amount of time waiting I hate with a passion advantage thrifty and dollar I always seem to be waiting hours at those rental car counters and that’s another one it is not worth saving $10 to spend hours in line at your destination mmm Bader says can you give us sites in Tokyo Osaka or Kyoto you feel is overrated hmm think about that one and only because I have at least six more to go and I want to make it through them in 15 minutes oh I’m gonna hold the answer to that question the official says I’m going to Vegas after three weeks what hotel do you recommend is Luxor a good place Zee I think Luxor is kind of run-down in Vegas I would recommend the Venetian OC girl was responding to li hing Mui says most people in the mainland don’t appreciate it Oh Jeff Bellini says you need to pay attention on daylight savings time – absolutely the time change daylight savings time so Cal says says he really likes Hilton and OC girl says after ten years of having the Hilton card I finally exchange it for two nights of a hotel hey but hey you know if you didn’t have it we throwing that money away all right xx xx mistake that travelers often make is not getting international data plan or a foreign SIM card but still using their cell phone internationally and not realizing they’re getting charged exorbitantly until they get that text message from their telephone carrier that says you have just racked up about $500 in charges in one day so definitely pay attention to what your international roaming fees are the phone companies will really really give it to you the 21st mistake that travelers make is not printing out their travel and reservation details and relying it just on their phone just on their laptop but there’s many times where people will in foreign countries particularly will want to see your itinerary like print it out Japanese airlines do it all the time can you show me your itinerary or some airports you might not have a boarding pass but to get in to the airport through the connection you need to show your itinerary well if you don’t have it printed out and your batteries are dead really hard to show it to people and paper the batteries never die on paper so always print out hotels itineraries flights all that stuff have it on paper paper always works the twenty second mistake that travelers often make is wearing lousy Footwear nothing is worse than having a big blister on your toe the first day of your trip related to this is also wearing good socks well the mistake would be wearing bad socks or wearing socks that have holes in them where good socks I never used to appreciate the importance of good socks I would always buy cheap socks because I’m like socks or socks right I don’t travel walking so much sweating in the shoes but then I was in Sweden and I was talking to somebody in Sweden who was a triathlon runner and he said the secret is buying good socks and he recommended these smart wool socks and the smart Wilson they’re like 10 or 15 dollars for a pair of these socks but let me tell you since I’ve been wearing smart wool socks no blisters on my toes in like five years since I’m wearing socks they are fantastic I love them yeah speak more highly about these socks um Liam says where to get a rental car to drive from LA to Vegas can we also give it back somewhere in Vegas we want to get a flight out of Vegas Liam you sure can you’ll just end up paying more there’s a one-way surcharge but I think that’s one that happens quite a bit any any of the major rental car companies at LAX will do a one-way rental to Las Vegas Tanner Wilson says which other Southeast Asian nation would you want to see Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia etc I think of that list in general Southeast Asia the next two I want to go see or Thailand and Malaysia cookies bald greasy head says once when I was in Paris I was locked out of my hotel coz I came back at midnight I was knocking on the door about 30 minutes until the concierge came and unlocked it locally he said it was odd there’s a small local hotel but thought that was super weird that is super weird and that’s another one of those reasons why I actually like to stay in big hotels because you know the entrance to the Marriott or the Hilton is almost never closed and there’s always people at the front desk the official says you mentioned about reward accounts I use Stowe card from Apple Store I’ve stored all my reward cards no need to carry any cards very simple app that is great um all right let’s go on to number 23 twenty-third mistake the travelers often make this was alluded to when somebody asked if I was ever pickpocketed and that is not paying attention to the thieves that are paying attention to you yes if you are in any major tourist destination there will be pickpockets and they will be watching you because you’re a tourist and tourists are easy targets frankly pickpockets love tourists don’t be a victim be sharp don’t be overly trusting scam artist not just pickpocket the scam artists love tourists too they’ll give you some sob story if there’s a random dude at the airport who comes up to you with the taxi and he may be not that honest you may want to skip that people who offer to take your photo in Italy they may help you out with your camera too you might not get that back and in Italy gypsies love to help you with the subway ticket machines oh you’re having a hard time with the ticket machine let me help you out with that all you have to do is this this this miss well while you’re paying attention I’m helping you out with the machine they’ve got their other hand that’s helping themselves out with your money so be sharp be vigilant don’t be a victim uh so cap senses I should island hop in the Philippines maybe haven’t been there yet I would like to sometime michael gira says my luggage was stolen at London Heathrow in 2008 I was so upset in the flight home was terrible all my souvenirs and photos and cameras oh my god that sucks Michael how where was it stolen was it stolen off the baggage carousel were you at the curb where were you Geoff Looney says hope your mom is doing okay Geoff I appreciate the kind words my mom for those who pay attention to my facebook page my mom a couple weeks ago fractured her hip and broke her elbow kind of dragged I went to the emergency room she had surgery and she’s recovering it’s a slow recovery but she’s definitely on that road she’s a fighter so I think she will pull through which is great cookies bald greasy head says have you ever eaten in a Mexican rock they are love Mexican food sombreros has just never looked that exciting to me Edie tuna Dora says what not to do overseas should you travel alone overseas and it depends what overseas means to you because there’s many overseas places but I think sub silicate to travel alone 24 the 24th mistake travelers often make is never leaving the tourist areas you know when you’re going to Manhattan it’s easy to be like a moth and attracted to the lights of Times Square but get away from the major tourist sites to experience the real city in Tokyo the same way there’s the major sights Shinjuku Shibuya Harajuku but explore some of the side streets explore the real Tokyo when you go to Paris don’t just be in front of the Eiffel Tower the Eiffel Tower is not real Paris get out of the tourist areas and enjoy related to this one number 25 mistake that travelers often make is only eating familiar foods you can eat McDonald’s at home you don’t need to eat McDonald’s when you’re on travel or Kentucky Fried Chicken all the time I probably fell a little bit victim to this one when I first started traveling because I’m like but I know what those foods are and I kind of like them but I realized but I didn’t know what these other foods are and now that I have I’m like them more there’s so much better than oh my gosh okay I still eat McDonald’s occasionally when I’m on travel like it’s late at night I get in someplace it’s the only thing across from my hotel so I’m not completely against McDonald’s but as Gilson Diaz just said be adventuresome yes that’s why you’re going a travel be adventuresome experience new things experience the local things michael gira says actually I try one McDonald’s once in each country just to see what they have I think that’s adventuresome too because you’re doing it for the sport I have a friend he likes to eat Mexican food in every country he goes to I think just to see how bad that Mexican food can be sometimes Michael Guerra says he took an overnight from Edinburgh and arrived at Heathrow 4:00 a.m. just fell asleep while waiting 15 minutes woke up luggage gone wow that sucks and so that was on the train then Michael is that right so Cal Seth says he’ll glad to hear my mom is doing better sets thank you very much she’s not perfect yet but definitely I think surgery went well and she will make recovery hip fracture surgery the recovery is about three months or full recovery so it’s gonna be a little while tick McShane says does weird foreign food ever make you sick um like sick to my stomach like sick isn’t throwing up the only time I’ve really been like ill ill traveling was in Amsterdam and I am convinced I ate some arugula that was not washed properly as part of a salad and I I just got miserably ill and you know a lot of people think about getting ill in you know Indonesia at that time I have this irrational dislike for arugula on anything on Facebook Jane Warren Spahn into my Australia thing saying I need to go back and do Australia properly and that their lifestyle is a huge part of that even one of the beach when in Rome all that all right Jane next time I will Jeanne said my brother just got back from Thailand said it was the best trip ever well Jeannie excellent so maybe Thailand should move up our list hendrik M says relate to Hawaii most people never leave the tourist area here in Hawaii Waikiki to be exact Hendrik that’s true and I think people who never leave Waikiki that’s really unfortunate because Oahu has a lot of great stuff to see and Waikiki just isn’t isn’t really Hawaii I mean look I like Waikiki I like the food there and this and that but the beach is overrun and all those other things Brandon thanks to the kind words my mom Gilson says have you already flown Air France we have flown Air France before come back from Paris Michael Gary OSes drank out of a fountain in Cordoba came back to the u.s. two days later and fell ill had sepsis in hospital for a week wow that’s a good reason to drink bottled water I would say cookies asked if I’ve ever eaten insects or tarantulas I have not had insects there tarantulas Tana Wilson says I would have mentioned that don’t vacation somewhere on something like a major election is taking place things can get a bit crazy during those times that’s true tip 25 Aussie Carnot tends to agree within reason in developing countries only drink bottled water and know what your eating has been prepared correctly I agree with that so you know this is not to eat things that are strange but things like you know the place looks clean it’s busy it’s got a line all that stuff okay I’m at the end of 25 I’ve got just three more rapid-fire ones and the last one 26 is don’t get bummed out of weather delays cancellations bad weathers those things happen get over and it happens make the best of a new situation 27 is not putting down the camera I can fall victim to this take time to actually enjoy what you’re seeing not just seeing it through the camera screen or the lens and the 28th worst mistake that people make is the bonus is not watching yellow productions before they go I mean think about all of the other people that don’t watch yellow productions or before you found this channel and we’re like how can I go any place without watching these videos so make sure you search yellow productions trouble guys if you’re going somewhere because there’ll be some great information for you all right shoot out any last questions that you have because we’re 57 minutes and I’ll be wrapping up at 9 o’clock exactly because I like to be honorable about the time with everybody the next live stream that’s gonna be next week so today is June 4th so June 11th will be the next live stream it’ll be at 8 p.m. I will be talking about how I make travel videos from beginning to end from idea to conception to shooting it to uploading it all that sorts of stuff kind of give you a behind-the-scenes look and what it takes to make these videos jeanny on facebook says can’t wait to go all over oh wahoo best wishes to your mom thanks Jeannie cherry Santiago joined in hi cherry thanks for joining in Gilson says thanks your live streams are the best MacOS tube also loves thailand michael gregarious is orographic lifting is the bane of my existence from traveling in the Alps Robert lucid did you forget to take any medicine in your list as well as normal over-the-counter drugs that’s important it’s in my Japan packing guide and agrees with 27 and 28 imodium is pretty good to take so Cal sets as probiotics brandon agrees with number 28 always watch yellow productions richard McCarley thanks grandpa richard great show great show because all of you joined in we set record-breaking numbers tonight up in the high 50s almost 60 if we combine with a does on youtube if we combine with the 10 people on facebook so almost 70 viewers for this live stream so thank you everybody for joining in thank you for the comments keep on travel and have a good one and I will see you all next Monday all right peace