10 Worst Airports in the USA

fellow explorers welcome to another yellow productions live stream today we’re going to be talking about the worst airports in the united states of america this is coming hot off the heels of last week’s live stream which was all about the best airports in the world and we started talking about ones that people hate and a lot of them were in the us and so i thought we would do one all about the worst airports in the u.s because the us does seem to have some of the worst airports inefficiencies poor designs endless weights rubbery food and a general sense of chaos seem to be a good description for many airports in the usa in this ranking list we’re going to start with the 10th worst airport work our way down to the first worst airport these airports are airports that have more than 10 million passengers per year on average through them and the ranking itself is actually based on the jd power satisfaction survey that they did in 2020 where they surveyed about 20 000 passengers through american airports and asked them to rank the airports in six factors terminal facilities airport arrival and departure baggage claim security check check-in and baggage check and finally food beverage and retail so those the ratings that this ranking is based on now as we go through this top 10 list i’m also going to be sharing some of my own perspectives as to what makes these airports awful i also polled all of you the fellow explorers that watch yellow productions about a hundred of you responded with your inputs as to what you think the worst airports and why and so i’ll also be sharing some of your perspectives throughout this if you’re on the live stream definitely share your perspectives about the airports we’re talking about as we’re talking about them uh and if your comment is great about it about the airport being bad then i will put it up on the screen as we go through now uh before we get to the 10th worst airport i do want to mention um what jd power considered a good airport they said the best airports on their list were the ones that people felt like the airport was a mall-like experience like a well-run shopping mall and that the airports gave a little bit of a local flavor in the shopping in the architecture and in the food so conversely the ones uh that are on this worst list are going to be ones that don’t run like well-run shopping malls that don’t have any local flavor and could probably be best described as uh you know warehouses for like human purgatory where you’re just like waiting and waiting and waiting uh to get on that plane that maybe never comes because it’s delayed as some of the reasons why some people hate these airports uh all right and the last thing i want to say before we get started as the total number of inputs so there were a hundred of you that responded on the input requested post so as i talk about these airports we go through i’ll say how many of you selected this particular airport as one of your least favorite airports all right so the 10th worst airport in the usa is the george bush intercontinental airport george bush intercontinental airport this is in houston this is the hub airport for united airlines formerly continental airlines the some of the big cons about this airport a lot of flight delays out of this airport in houston a lot of cancellations and significant tsa wait times so how many flights are cancelled seven canceled delayed 17 of the flights last year out of george bush intercontinental airport were delayed three percent of them were canceled which is actually a pretty high cancellation rate for all flights out of an airport it is only second worst in cancellations to newark airport which might just be appearing a little bit later on this list uh houston intercontinental is also um one of the bottom five airports when it comes to tsa wait times so the lines can be pretty long when i looked up reviews of george bush houston airport recently on facebook and yelp and places like that people now were complaining a lot about a lack of social distancing mass compliance and a lack of cleaning not feeling that they’re taking kovid 19 seriously and i will point out it is uh texas after all now moises points out that uh you know actually the airport’s quite nice and looking at some parts of the airport some parts of the airport are quite nice some parts of the airport on the other hand are not not that well remodeled now chase says oh my goodness greyhound stations are the worst terrible stressful place with terrible food they probably are uh but this is about airports and not bus stations so we’ll be talking about airports all right let’s go on to the ninth worst airport in the usa it is san francisco international airport uh what’s wrong with san francisco international airport the cons weather delays and long lines weather delays yes san francisco is an airport that looks like this and i’m going to make this bigger it’s a dual runway airport but one of the big problems with san francisco as a dual runway airport is the runways are not far enough apart they’re only 700 feet apart which means that two planes cannot land at the same time when there is little visibility now how little is the visibility well this is a picture at san francisco international airport united plane is waiting to take off and the british airways plane is coming in for landing and so it can often be really foggy san francisco international airport is one that i fly through quite often and if i have connections through san francisco i make sure to book at least three hours between my connections that’s how bad the flight delays can be out of san francisco out of the hundred people polled of you fellow explorers uh there were two of you that said uh san francisco was the worst airport uh and what you all said uh is uh i’ve been delayed a lot in san francisco but the airport itself is nice last i remember that was what one fellow explorer said another fellow explorer said omg uh it was worse because we were stuck there for hours there was no decent food not even the mcdonald’s uh and honestly it puts me off going to san francisco just having to change planes and it seemed too small for an airport now um one of the i always have this issue at san francisco airport when connecting like if you’re coming in internationally i seem to always miss this little hallway that says like for connecting flights go this way because it like even though it’s a big sign it like hides behind all the passport control people and then i end out on the street and i’m like how do i how do i get back in the airport but actually i think the worst thing about san francisco airport and this is something that happened recently in the last year or two is that san francisco airport no longer sells bottled water that’s right you cannot purchase water in a bottle because the city of san francisco passed a ban in the city of san francisco selling water bottles on city of san francisco city government property the airport is city government property therefore they cannot sell plastic bottles of water you can buy water in a glass you can buy water in a box you can buy coca-cola in a plastic bottle you just can’t buy a bottle of water in a plastic bottle um gary says uh yes san francisco is definitely one of the worst airports uh dawson says i was there three years ago and it was okay charlie it says oakland airport is dark but less delays oakland airport for those uh that are geography challenged in the san francisco bay area san francisco airport is on the western part of the bay so it gets more fog oakland is on the eastern part of the bay so oakland and san jose airports get less thomas says foggy in san francisco shocked amanda says blame the weather um dawn said san francisco has a nice small atmosphere i guess it depends on which terminal in particular um but i think that uh in in the international terminal there are some nice shops in there but not uh not all of it and zachary does say i would totally choose san francisco airport over lax however well you know we’re only number nine on this list so lax just might be coming up uh and yes actually san francisco airport being better than lax a lot of airlines included united airlines has been moving a lot of its asia-bound traffic direct flights out of lax in favor of san francisco because united often says that san francisco is a better uh the people like the airport better than uh they like lax um thomas says san francisco is an obscenity and uh kenisha says we waited an hour to be able to take off there were so many planes waiting uh for sure when they only have one runway and that does takeoffs and landings it can take a long time to take off and land and yes there was a comment to say wasn’t san francisco one of the places with an accident it sure was and actually i guess if we go back to this picture of the airport here um yeah the runway is actually pretty short and there’s not much room before it so it was if i remember correctly in asiana airlines flight that clipped the end of that runway okay now a couple things i like at san francisco international airport things that make it good i really like the american express centurion lounge it’s the reason almost the reason that i have the american express platinum card is to go to that lounge in san francisco airport because i connect there uh so often the food’s really good in the century a nice place to hang out it does get way too busy though uh and i think san francisco airport is one of the best places for in the us for in airport dim sum there’s this uh famous dim sum restaurant in san francisco daly city technically called koi palace and they have an express location which if you walked by it you’d think it’s like steam table chinese food but they do actually really good dim sum har gao and shumai so that’s one of my go-to things to eat when i go to san francisco nos ferratu says as a frequent traveler from holland i just love strolling around airports a nice feeling of freedom you know i uh i actually love strolling around airports too when i have a long layover i like i walk the airport i walk from the beginning to the end and just kind of explore every nook and cranny um and uh nosferatu says there’s 177 watching that’s a lot thank you actually 190 right now so everybody who tuned in thank you very much if you’re enjoying this video i’d really appreciate it if you give it a thumbs up lets me know you like it but more importantly lets youtube know you like it so that they share this video and videos like this with other people so one of the best things you can do to help other channel is give videos a thumbs up all right let’s move on to the eighth worst airport in the usa seattle tacoma international airport according to jd power that was the number eighth worst airport uh the biggest cons old and tired facilities seattle tacoma airport is uh desperately in need of a renovation and they’re not awful they just don’t look nice and amazing and i think that when people fly into a tech hub like seattle headquarters of microsoft headquarters of amazon they’re expecting a uh much better swankier airport i think the lounges have a little something to be desired there as well um alaska sorry seattle is the primary hub for alaska airlines that’s kind of their home city there was one fellow explorer that said they did not like seattle tacoma international airport literally they just put in two words which they said sea tac sucks the one pro of seattle tacoma international airport the thing i like about it when i fly in there i like the light rail this is the light rail that runs from the airport right into downtown seattle so if you’re going to downtown seattle from seatac airport it’s pretty easy and convenient just to hop on that light rail and get dropped off into the city center uh andrea agrees and says seatac does suck well thank you for that andrea um utai says uh seattle was terrible because they took forever and made me miss a flight but it was north west so it was expected that was probably a while ago when northwest was still a thing um and eric says it’s probably not in this video but he’s always had a bad experience at reno tahoe airport reno tahoe airport not on this list uh brandon says amazon and microsoft should pour money in this airport they should i think maybe they would if they could but i don’t know that they’ve actually figured out how to do that yeah mr means to travel says um sea tag has a centurion lounge but it’s like a really tiny one maybe they call it a pop-up uh so it’s something definitely to pass on uh says my biggest issue with american airports are long security lines and check-in lines they can be quite long gary says seattle tacoma is the dirtiest airport i’ve been to candy says seatac i thought the walk from the gate to baggage claim was super long to me so speaking of baggage claim you know i talked uh at the beginning about how jd power asked consumers straight these things some things i absolutely look at when i consider airports because people asked me this last time on the best airports um i look number one uh probably one of my most important things is dining options inside security and outside security because sometimes you want to eat outside security so and there’s some airports you get to and you’re like well unless you’re through security there’s nothing to eat so dining on both sides cleanliness is really important to me um the security lines i hate standing in lines for hours i hate that variability um the nicety of the employees how nice the employees are um we haven’t gotten to the new york airports yet and you know they’re going to be on this list um their employees often aren’t that nice uh and then finally how long is the walk you know do you need to take uh two trains or three trams or things like that and surprisingly there are airports in the u.s that you need to take like multiple shuttle buses or a train and a bus to get from check-in to where your flight’s going to be um okay let’s go on to dun dun dun the seventh worst airport in the usa many of you have been waiting for this airport i know it uh the seventh worst airport in the usa is los angeles international airport and i am sure that many of you are shocked that los angeles airport is only the seventh worst airport on this list but some of the cons about los angeles international airport bad customer experience people just don’t they don’t like it they get a bad taste in their mouth when they go to lax traffic congestion confusing layout old facilities um everybody hates the double decker u it can take an hour to go around what do i mean by the double decker u well this is los angeles international airport and looking at that picture you can see in the middle so like the runways are on the sides and then in the middle you see the terminal buildings and then there’s kind of this like horseshoe shaped road it only goes in one direction it’s two stories so it’s double decker and to get to one of the nine terminals you have to drive around this road and when the airport’s busy it can take over an hour to drive around that small little road it’s really kind of crazy i got a little a bit of video that i’m just going to play about lax and talk over as you see it so this is the horseshoe road and you can see just how slow that goes uh that’s uh i’ve this is taken from uh probably the tom bradley international terminal we’re looking out uh kind of towards uh century boulevard but the traffic barely barely moves the parking structures in the middle i think it’s like 50 a day to park at those parking structures in the middle here’s another shot the the nicest part of lax is the tom bradley international terminal which in this picture you see on your left now i mentioned that i’m sure many of you are surprised that lax is only number seven on this list because there were 18 of you that voted lax as the worst airport in the usa out of 118 of you is a pretty impressive amount to say this is the worst airport now some things that also people dislike about lax or how long it takes a baggage claim can often take a long time also people cite the long lines for customs and security and if you arrive in the international terminal and then you’re connecting domestic on maybe like united you often have to collect your baggage walk outside like actually outside in the open air and then walk back in after a 15-minute walk to get to the terminal oh and here’s what standard check-in looks like at lax like a zoo most of the time um so oh and then like some of the some of the terminals are actually connected underground it’s really hard to tell which ones are connected underground but when you can walk through them these are what the tunnels look like between the airports these were clearly not designed to really have people in them but at some point they were like hey we could use these tunnels to get people to go between the terminals air side and they are uh like in coveted times i would say they seem like great places to catch covets stuffy air no airflow really uh cramped um penuin says to avoid the horseshoe we would often drop off at arrival instead of departure that’s a good plan sometimes i actually if i take an uber or a shuttle bus from a parking structure i just asked to be dropped off at terminal 1 and i’ll walk like i’ll walk all the way across to terminal 8 instead of sitting my way all around that horseshoe um brandon says lax should modernize before the olympics comes to los angeles well speaking of modernization so lax is in the middle of a big renovation plan uh and this is looking at like a rendering of what lx is going to be when it’s done it has this famous building in the middle that looks like some sci-fi building is closed there’s nothing in it right now it used to be a restaurant but they’re building a people mover and a tram that’s also supposed to connect lax to the los angeles subway when it’s done um i just i don’t know i think it’s like too late and not enough um but uh i mean they’re making it better and you can tell it’s better but even when it’s better it still seems to be pretty bad um jerry agrees the horseshoe road there is terrible i don’t remember a single time the traffic is not crowded neither arrival nor departure yeah and actually one of the busiest times at the airport you might not believe this is like 11 p.m or midnight because there’s a gazillion flights that leave midnight 1am to asia like you’d think oh i’m going to the airport at midnight it’s there’s going to be no traffic uh not so much jared says tom bradley international terminal after you get to security is actually quite nice good food and drink options i will say i do really like the star alliance lounge that’s in the tom bradley international terminal um but uh the rest of the airport really kind of sucks uh and so does baggage claim and customs and all the stuff that’s like underneath the international terminal um yeah uh charge says most people hate lax because uh you need to wait a long time we have waited for hours in baggage claim i kid you not at like maybe two hours two hours in lax to get off the plane get our bags get through customs and get out to the street uh it’s crazy carmen loves lax carmen you you are a sweetheart you must be that you love lax and kathy points out not just flights to asia but also their flight to austria lift at midnight yeah there’s a ton of midnight departures out of lax [Music] and potato bun says i find lax to be confusing to maneuver through it is and one of the things oh i guess this picture didn’t get in here they they made this lot called the la exit lot now to take an uber leaving lax there’s a special lot you have to go to so you can’t take an uber curbside at lax you have to take a shuttle bus to a special lot where then you can take an uber uh it’s really bad there were 18 people that submit lax and so i’m not going to read through all of them but just a couple highlights of uh what people said originally you know lax is the worst traffic easily backs up for miles it’s just a terrible experience one of the worst customs areas no monitors showing connecting gates it’s ugly this is here’s a good one lax has long lines difficult to get between terminals i couldn’t find a working vending machine to even get snacks when our red eye was delayed and if you have to get picked up or dropped off from there because there’s no good public transportation you owe tons of huge favors to that person that does it uh obsolete legacy layout cobbled together over decades chaotic uh chaotic operations so um and uh and leaky roofs too i have seen leaks from the roofs such a great place and yet i fly out of it all the time and there’s tons of flights that go there and so we clearly people keep going to lax because it has the flights that get to places it’s just uh not a great experience some really good experiences um ho chi am recommends long beach airport just to the south in orange county john wayne international airport in orange county in jd power’s list of best medium sized airports john wayne airport was number two best airport in the u.s so if you’re looking for an airport you can fly into uh that’s not lax that you can get to la check out john wayne orange county what’s chris drinking today chris today has a drink from this place called mingo it is a mango coconut and sago drink so there’s little sago bits that are floating around in there with this big thing a mango puree and coconut milk it’s pretty good thomas agrees with me that john wayne was excellent [Music] and um not leaving las vegas uh why there’s a comment uh steven from not leaving las vegas has joined in welcome he says tom bradley gets really dated in spots it does the central part of tom bradley international terminal is nice but the like the wings still can be a bit dated um okay let’s go on to the sixth worst airport in the usa the six worst airport in the usa is the fort lauderdale hollywood international airport in fort lauderdale florida we’re going to the other coast of the u.s here what’s wrong with this airport constantly seems to be under construction there’s a lot of traffic congestion here as well why because more and more people keep moving to fort lauderdale more beach goers are going there and fort lauderdale i’m going to make this picture big so you can see the two planes in there because they’re the point of this comment is that spirit airlines and jet blue airlines the two planes you see on that picture have increased their operations significantly in fort lauderdale leading to tons of people coming there because the flights are cheap which ends up to be uh a bunch of traffic fort lauderdale also has a similar u-shaped road like lax that everybody seems to hate two of you said you dislike the fort lauderdale hollywood international airport uh and also it has that same problem that to catch a connecting flight just like lax you have to go outside the terminal walk down the road and then go back in so maybe i don’t know maybe when they built fort lauderdale they just took the plan from lax and said hey we are going to do that here uh and related to the drink that i’m drinking carmen says it looks tasty [Music] it is pretty tasty brett says fort lauderdale makes you feel like you’re landing on the highway when you land there because it’s close to the highway um muhammad wants to know if the privatization of u.s airports will lead to improvements from a singaporean singapore airport’s amazing it was number one on my world’s best airports um i don’t know you know because london heathrow is privatized and i don’t know that london heathrow is great so i think there’s a lot of issues that make airports in the us um bad sad um and who taiwan says i see spirit airlines no uh and carmen says uh hey as long as you read the rules all will be well and i guess that’s assuming you can live by the rules all right let’s go on to the fifth worst airport in the usa dun dun dun it is this isn’t dramatic now that i have it on the screen right as i do that but anyway the fifth worst airport in the us is chicago o’hare international airport in chicago illinois um chicago o’hare is the second busiest airport in the country after atlanta each year chicago o’hare sees some 37 million passengers transit through chicago o’hare and 900 000 flights a lot of people go through here some of the big cons that chicago o’hare overcrowding and delays and cancellations you know actually some parts of the terminal can be quite nice looking like this this is like terminal c where united flies out of uh but you know chicago o’hare often looks like this in the winter for me chicago o’hare is just a hard avoid because there are so many weather delays out of chicago o’hare um by the way chicago o’hare you know in addition to being snowy chicago is known as a windy city so there’s a lot of wind there’s a lot of gusts and i guess if we’re talking about staff that isn’t friendly chicago o’hare is the airport famously where in 2016 united airlines drug doctor dao off the plane for his involuntary denied boarding um 20 of the flights uh coming into chicago on average are delayed um and uh so this is another airport that you need to book extremely long layovers out of the hundred of you that answered my poll uh originally eleven of you said uh you dislike chicago o’hare as your most disliked airport wutai says i spent a lot of time staring at a dull window in chicago i got pizza there that looked like a used diaper in a box you would think since it’s chicago the pizza should be good but the pizza is really mediocre at best stephen said fly to midway airport instead which is the other airport in chicago um let’s see uh tea and ham says midwester in the winter is guaranteed cancellations for sure um be aviation said i liked o’hare it was a little confusing but it’s huge so a pro of chicago hairs if you do have a long layover and you like to explore airports there’s a lot to walk around in chicago o’hare and again as someone who likes to walk around i have walked around all of uh chicago o’hare um andrea says maybe it’s the airline i’ve always liked o’hare united i will say andrea that the terminals that united uses it chicago o’hare i think are some of the nicest um where american alliance fly out of and things like that they’re smaller the roofs aren’t as big right this was the united terminal i didn’t put pictures of the american terminals they’re smaller busier more crowded uh there is one thing i like at chicago o’hare which is uh torta’s frontera this is a restaurant by rick bayless of pbs mexican cooking fame they have really excellent tortas uh these tortas are a reason for me to fly to chicago hair that’s the food i always get there uh and i definitely do not get the pizza um what uh some of you fella what some of your fellow explorers said about chicago o’hare a uh one of our swiss explorers said when i was at a convention a few of us swiss talked about airports and one guy said nothing worse than o’hare so at a convention very far away from chicago uh somebody was saying chicago hair is awful hate it with a passion the only answer to most hate airport is chicago o’hare um and uh that it can take a long time to go to gates the people who work there don’t know what they’re doing and uh they changed the gates a lot and then one fellow explorer said even the restaurants left a bad taste in my mouth pun intended hahaha justin said that’s united hub isn’t it chicago is uh united’s uh it united has a lot of hubs but their primary hub is chicago o’hare that’s where their um corporate offices are a lot of their corporate staff are out of chicago o’hare uh wu tai as if i like prickly pear items that is a prickly pear juice and i love the prickly pear juice at tortes frontera um and uh let’s see um mo rock says i live here in it sucks morocco do you live in chicago airport because there was new story recently about someone who spent the last like three months hiding out in chicago o’hare airport because well he lives in like california and didn’t want to come back because kovid was so bad so he stole like an employee id and was just like hanging out in chicago airport for three months i i think that’s pretty crazy and that says a little bit to me about airport security there all right let’s go next on the list number four i heard someone say it in the comments mo rock says philadelphia and then steven says what’s wrong with philadelphia let’s talk about what’s wrong with philadelphia international airport philadelphia international airport is notorious for its disorganization lack of cleanliness and terrible customer service yeah the airport is definitely not a fabulous looking airport this is another one where about 20 percent of departures and arrivals are delayed on an average year many people say the escalators don’t work the water fountains don’t work two of your fellow explorers said philadelphia international airport and they said that construction equipment failure every time they’ve flown through it and one person said with my 600 000 lifetime miles i can unequivocally state that philadelphia is the worst airport in the u.s between the disgustingly dirty conditions in every corner and the horribly rude staff it’s not even close and then this person goes on to say which i thought was funny the propensity of lax and i’m not going to tell you the next one on this list reminds me of how many people want to say the godfather and shawshank redemption are their favorite movies too easy too easy so ragging on lax is too easy so let’s rag on some airports that aren’t as easy steven uh says i flew out of there and it was okay but kirk says how did i know it was going to show up i had a horrible experience waiting for a delayed flight for about 20 hours that is awful um let’s see okay let’s go on to the uh third worst airport in the u.s this might be controversial for many of you but the third worst airport according to jd powers and their customer satisfaction rating is honolulu international airport in honolulu hawaii on the island of oahu coming down from rivals into baggage claim that’s what you agreed with you agreed with the sign this is aloha welcome to hawaii what do people dislike about honolulu international airport it’s a really old airport it has really minimal air conditioning and the airport really runs on hawaiian time so let’s unpack those things and talk about those so um this is the ticketing area at honolulu international airport this is where you check in this might look like it’s inside but i want you to look up at the ceiling over there over there look up at the ceiling over there there’s fans in the ceiling why are there fans in the ceiling because this is actually outside i mean it has a roof but it’s open to the air hawaii honolulu can be really hot and really humid and so you’re in this airport checking in going through security without any air conditioning it can be really excruciating particularly if you’re running or rushing which many of us do at airports um and it’s also much of it is really outdated uh you know i i some of your fellow explorers said the 1960s called and they want their airport back i mean this is what like one of the gate areas looks like at this airport an airport that has millions of passengers that fly through it every year now the a lot of the food hunga airport is pretty mediocre if i’m eating there the one thing i do get uh is at the lahaina chicken company they have a really good uh like rotisserie chicken and like a hawaiian plate we get the rotisserie chicken fried rice mashed potatoes with gravy and of course macaroni salad in true hawaiian style that’s the bright part of honolulu and richard says i’ve flown through there over 10 times never had any problems love the heat did i mention the lounges the lounges in hollywood airport are awful the lounges are not good at all jared says just got back from honolulu it’s a terrible airport i know kovit has ruined a lot of things but you couldn’t even get a drink there how can starbucks and burger king be the only thing open it’s funny you mentioned that jared and maybe you fly united or out of where united flies but i’ve had the similar experiences flying out of there six seven in the morning i get there and burger king and starbucks are the only two things open uh jeff asks if it’s been updated since i was last there in the 80s they built a new rental car facility that i think has made the experience worse the lines at the rental car facility i’ve often stood in line for an hour to get my rental car even as a like premium budget avis whomever member it doesn’t matter that the lines are like equally long for the premium lines as they are for the regular lines um and it’s really confusing the signage is not very good i consider myself somebody who is a fair expert in navigating airports and i’ve gotten lost in honolulu airports there were three of your fellow explorers that said this was their worst airport in the world or in the u.s and one fellow explorer said wi-fi was only recently installed maybe a couple years ago and there’s also hardly any phone chargers at the gates um and uh point traveler says the a a lounge at hnl is amazing where is the a a lounge at hnl uh maybe it’s in a different part of the airport that i ever go to because the last time i was there there was no a a lounge um henry says the ana lounge is fabulous starlight is going get you as much better than the united club i need to find the a a lounge because let’s see what last time i was there it was the hawaiian lounge and then some weird priority pass lounge that didn’t even have any decent food um let’s see uh henry says i flew delta from honolulu and they didn’t open chicken until three hours before departure i understand covet is weird but i was with like suitcases six suitcases there were no food options pre-security right so in my earlier mention about uh how i rate airports food before and after security is important not just after but before because you’ve got six suitcases you can’t chicken you’re hungry you need to eat something for sure um and henry says the a a lounge is next to united club i’m searching this out the next time i go there all right number two on the list the second worst airport in the usa newark liberty international airport of course you know new york city has uh three major airports jfk newark and laguardia and these three airports collectively lead the nation in delays and cancellations together and it’s a little understandable because it’s a busy airspace they all share it and so when one gets delayed they all get delayed but i feel like their airport operations contribute to their delays significantly um newark for united is also one of their big hubs to go internationally and uh this is this is what the security line at newark can often look like that looks like a really enjoyable place to stand in uh mp says newark airport no surprise no surprise for sure um and uh you know this is what some of the terminals look like really old and dated and kind of sad some have been renovated a little bit but a lot of them look like this um the food in newark airport is really quite abysmal the way newark airport did their food they’ve like contracted it out to a single company per terminal so in terminal b all the food is by one company it’s not even james it’s like the random pizza place and the random philly cheesesteak place and the philly cheesesteak costs 15 and it’s like the worst philly cheesesteak you’re ever gonna have um a couple videos that i’m going to show you of newark that we’ll just talk about as we see these so we’ll take a look at this one this is looking at the air train uh going through newark airport there’s spirit airlines it’s our favorite um but uh newark is also like really hard to get to from new york you can either take a expensive cab or cab ride or uber ride which is usually what i do that costs you know 75 100 125 dollars to get into manhattan or you have to take two different trains you have to take the air train to the amtrak train it is not very straightforward uh on uh getting out of the airport now this is looking at the united planes that are there one neat thing about newark out of the united lounge is you can see downtown manhattan so you can see the skyline of manhattan right there in the back tanner says avoid newark at all costs that’s probably a good plan justin says i had the worst slice of pizza at newark isn’t that sad since new york new york is known for some of the best pizza in the world and i agree with you it is bad charlie says isn’t it interesting that the four biggest cities in the u.s have airports on this list it is kind of sad for that um that says i disagree where i lived in new york city it was much easier and cheaper to get to newark than jfk or laguardia i i believe you we’ve still got one more airport to go matt so don’t uh don’t fret on that one um and waka says terminal c is all united airlines ooh taiwan says newark is nothing but a broke new york um and so uh there were five of your fellow explorers that raided newark in their worst airports list uh what did people say well they said they hated that air train system that i showed you because the trains can take at most like 20 passengers good luck catching a flight at newark at rush hour because it’s really hard to get from downtown manhattan to there someone said don’t get me started on newark getting through security in any airport can be frustrating at times but newark is the worst it’s an awful airport and rather boring i might add once you get through security and that sums up really well newark is super boring as another walker around terminals there’s nothing interesting to see or do in newark and there’s a united lounge that i mentioned but it’s a really sad united lounge that is really just poorly air conditioned and i get in there and i’m like i’m so hot the food’s bad in here the seats are reupholstered last 20 years ago [Music] tanner says u.s airports are best mediocre i think there’s actually some really nice us airports they’re not as nice as the great asian airports but some can actually be pretty good um hoshi am says drum roll for number one number one the number one worst airport in the usa laguardia airport also in new york city now today is the day of the inauguration in the usa and i will tell you in a rare showing of bipartisan agreement both donald trump and joe biden republicans and democrats in their speeches have talked about how bad laguardia airport is so the fact that both parties can be agree on that lets you know that this decrepit and overcrowded airport is the us’s worst and among one of the world’s worst um and you know at first it seems like it should be a great airport to fly into because it’s actually quite close to midtown manhattan but as matt said earlier there are there are zero good public transportation options to get in and out of laguardia the security checkpoint is way too small for the number of passengers to go through it doesn’t that look like a great place to be doesn’t that look like where’s waldo or something like that and the buildings are crumbly they’re leaky the concourses are narrow and there’s really very few things to eat that’s welcome to laguardia airport and you know i think one of the best things about laguardia is the saturday night live sketch that they did on it i’m just gonna play like nine seconds of this but star night live did a whole ah attendant live did a whole like 10 minute sketch on it which is actually one of my favorite side night live sketches you can check it out after you watch this video if you want to just search for saturday night live laguardia or saturday night live airport sushi but uh here’s the song they did about laguardia i like to wait in laguardia lots of delays in laguardia too small for planes in laguardia there we go watched a man die in laguardia andrea says that looks like hell and uh let’s see um henry says i remember at laguardia there was an escalator under water when i was there that is impressive for sure um tarantino says it’s nice to see it finally being redone they are doing construction laguardia which hopefully should make it better too little too late for sure uh justin says laguardia only has two runways not enough uh jake says what would my personal choice been for the worst airport in america um i i agree i agree with number one and two really i agree with number one and two of laguardia and newark if i had to maybe re-rank them just on my own travel experiences i might have put moved lax as number three some notable mentions from your fellow explorers um also jfk appeared on this list uh that you all said it did not appear on jd powers list why jfk has done a lot of renovations recently and the other notable mention for people disliking airports was las vegas a lot of hate for mccarran international airport in las vegas now i want to give a couple props to best airports the best airports according to jd power in the us number one phoenix sky harbor international airport uh number two miami international airport and jd power says the number three best airport in the u.s according to their survey of 25 000 travelers was las vegas mccarran international airport so many of you hated that one but many people that did the jd power survey loved it fellow explorers it is now q a time if you’ve got a question i’ve got an answer [Music] all right so that was a great list to go through i loved all of your comments and thoughts it is now question answer time because i haven’t been answering a lot of questions as we’ve gone through this you know it’s also funny as i just look at the numbers on the live stream currently 286 but as soon as i got to number one people were like that’s great and started to split by the way if you’ve not hit the like button or the thumbs up button on this video yet please do it and i want to thank everybody who provided their inputs on this i want to thank also people who suggested that i do this video if you’ve got ideas for other top best videos you’d like to see me do let me know because some of the best video ideas actually come from all of you mp says chris thanks for doing all the research to make this video so great thank you mp for the kind words i’m trying to put myself here in the middle which is about this um charlie says domestic terminals in las vegas are bad yeah i you know las vegas would even though it was highest on the jd power list it would probably be in my high ones i don’t like because it’s often an airport that i feel like i have to take multiple trains to get where i’m going steven asked how it would rank orlando airport low i would rank orlando airport lobe the security lines have often been really long it’s pretty boring there’s not much to do there points traveler wants to know when’s your next trip don’t know yet but i will tell you we have speculatively booked a trip to hawaii in the summer so uh kevin wants to know what is the worst airport you’ve been in that didn’t make this list it’s not in the usa i’m going to call it in europe uh naples airport and naples italy is pretty bad i know we’re talking about the u.s i think most of my least favorite u.s airports are in this list the one that didn’t probably because it’s too small but like albuquerque international airport i’ve been stuck in albuquerque a number of times and there’s just nothing to do in albuquerque um let’s see um hoshi am says i like this new streaming time i’m always at work when you stream well thank you hoshi i’m glad that this worked out to you i’m kind of all over the place with the streams with covid time and baby feeding and baby sleeping um so uh okay going here to other questions jj says is san diego worth moving back to right now north park areas or pacific beach areas maybe mission valley i i grew up in san diego so san diego has a special place in my heart i would say yes i’d say those are great places to go to um gary wants to know when we’re traveling internationally again i don’t know gary’s in so many places are closed we just through the holidays renewed all of our passports they expired like later this year but we’re like we’re not going any places any right now so let’s um let’s go ahead and update those nosferatu says i’m still hoping for your top 20 troll moments i did not forget your suggestion on that one nose fraught too um and uh justin says how do you find time to make these videos do you work like 80 hours a week something like that something like that i do they spend a lot of time on research but you know hey i do a live stream once a week and so an hour or so of research day gets me up to this and and there we go uh prince eric wants to know where we live we live in orange county uh south of disneyland um waka wants to know if i like tampa international airport i feel it’s decent uh i’ve been there a couple times i felt like it was a decent airport um i mean i didn’t i don’t know that it was so amazing that it was super memorable but i had nothing to hate about it key west airport on the other hand that place is like a tiny little place that i’ve spent more delays than i really want to uh phil says to use costco travel i use costco travel to book rental cars a great way to save money in rental cars is costco travel i almost always book rental cars through costco travel tn ham says what food do you use do you steer clear of at the airport number one mexican food so i don’t want to be that guy in the plane that had a whole bunch of beans and they’re like oh why did you sit next to me um i don’t like things that are greasy in airports i don’t like pizza i try to stick to things that are not greasy uh as probably the opposite uh if i can get you know free food in lounges that’s often where i go um but i also try to you know figure out what the local food is so if i’m in atlanta then i’m gonna try to get some like low country food like some shrimp and grits or you know even popeyes fried chicken because that’s great in atlanta so that’s what i look for let’s see empty seconds the top 20 troll moments video uh bee aviation wants to know what i think about ocean beach in san diego pretty nice place when i visited my friend there oh so for those who don’t know ocean beach neighborhood in san diego has one of the west coast longest piers on it there’s long concrete pier sometimes people call it the land of ob it’s a real hippie enclave in san diego um ocean beach has a really interesting kind of funky vibe you know i’ll say his beaches i probably prefer la jolla a little bit better because it’s cleaner and nicer the ocean beach is really interesting to you know explore and go antiquing um great for bar hopping if you’re into that i might i mostly go to ocean beach to walk the pier and then walk along sunset cliffs which is pretty nice um uh robert wants to know my thought on honolulu airport it made a significantly high number on this list it’s old and tired and really needs a remodel and more air conditioning that being said i love the staff at the airport so for all of my friendly hawaiians that work at honolulu international airport i love you please keep the aloha spirit my first time flying into honolulu airport i remember going to budget rent-a-car and the lady who worked at the budget run a car counter this is pre moving into the whole consolidated round car center but she was just the friendliest lady ever and i was like it’s such a great thing to come to hawaii and just be greeted by that friendly aloha spirit so much better than flying into newark laguardia or jfk and getting yelled at by tsa or cbp or anybody at the airport who just seems to love to yell at people chase asks are there any service or amenities you’d like to see in airports which you haven’t seen are currently unavailable u.s airports don’t have enough transit hotels like hotels in the airport u.s airports also uh you like singapore airport there’s like butterfly gardens there’s like pool tables there’s ping pong tables there’s slides there’s waterfalls there’s koi ponds like that’s like stuff we need to come to u.s airports we need them to feel like a park and a place to relax i love in japanese airports there’s like 7-elevens and convenience stores and you know not um the random news day whatever newsstand that sells overpriced magazines and overpriced m m’s and eight dollar water right no nobody likes that store nobody would go to it if it wasn’t in the airport barry says i’m planning a road trip in the usa for 2022 what airport should i start arrive and where should i finish um yeah start in uh let’s say i would say you know start in in like boston you know start in the northeast corner of the u.s and end in san diego so boston logan to san diego there you go i think that’s a good drive takes you all the way across the country from the north east to the south west uh prince eric says la or new york city hope ucla definitely la uh i i like that’s probably a subject of a whole video but um i don’t i don’t love new york city new york city is interesting to visit but it’s expensive it’s crowded um i like l.a much more i’m a like i’m a beach boy i love the beach so i love the beaches in la um and you know the closest beach to new york city is coney island which again i don’t hate new york city don’t hate people who live in new york city a lot of great culture in new york city that los angeles doesn’t have but for me if i had to pick between los angeles new york city i would pick los angeles i would just do without the traffic in los angeles charlie wants to know what’s the best worst airport hotel one of my favorite airport hotels uh was at haneda airport i love staying at the royal haneda it’s just like connected to the international rivals and ticketing part of the airport worst airport hotel i don’t know i mean i’ve stayed at a lot of awful airport hotels you know probably probably some holiday inn that i stayed at in you know outside some french airport or something i don’t even remember uh nosferatu says uh 205 000 subscribers is growing fast uh the recent las vegas video that i published on the what’s new in las vegas for 2021 and what closed brought in a lot of viewers recently and new subscribers so if you subscribed or came here because of that one well welcome to yellow productions thank you um lab asks if i ever visit orlando it’s been a while i’ve visited orlando a few times visit disney world things like that but i haven’t been there in a few years uh robert says japan airport like a mall and have lots of food and hotels i love it i love that experience you’re never bored when you can walk around the mall spend your time stay in a hotel you know maybe even stay at a hot spring while you are in the airport yes it’s the time you’ve been waiting for it’s time for the giveaway it is give away time and uh so what do i do with the giveaway time well as usual on every live stream i give away a yellow production screw t-shirt which is what i’ll be giving away today if you answer my question i’ll ship it anywhere in the world uh to lucky winner my question to you for the shirt is what is the name of my favorite restaurant to eat at in san francisco international airport not the lounge there was a restaurant i put up the picture right here so if you’re the first person tell me what my favorite restaurant is to eat at san francisco national airport you win a yellow productions crew shirt and be aviation says shout out to scottman895. he is awesome he is awesome scottman895 has been watching yellow productions for a long time he 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