How to Travel By Yourself: 20 Things to Know Before You Go Solo

[Music] how to travel by yourself 20 things to know before you travel solo I’m Chris this is yellow productions I do travel guides that are fun informative entertaining this video it’s part of a livestream so for you fellow explorers that are on the livestream I’m looking forward to hanging out with you all for the next hour and in this video I’m gonna be talking all about tips for traveling solo and I need to turn the volume down so I don’t hear myself echoing alright now that that is done so why am I doing this video well Sarah Hopkins left a comment a week ago and Sarah said hi Chris I’ve recently discovered your YouTube videos I’ve become slightly obsessed with them I’ve never traveled overseas I’m in Australia and I’m a bit nervous about travel and don’t actually have anyone to travel with maybe you have a video on solo travel for women anyway I feel more curious about travel after watching your videos and maybe you will convince me that it is fairly safe to travel my goal is to get to Scotland if you have been there I will check so Sarah this video is for you and it’s also out there for everybody else who’s been curious about traveling solo scared of traveling solo or even solo travelers that travel but want some more tips to do it now for those of you who watch yellow productions a lot you might be thinking but Chris solo travel don’t you always travel with OC girl your wife and one of your pandas well Topher in the past and the answer is yes I often travel with OC girl but we often travel separately as well and so what I also want to tell you in this video is that you don’t need to put off your travel dreams just because you don’t have anybody to travel with now more than ever it’s totally possible to travel solo and by yourself and have a great time when you travel solo you are in control you can do exactly what you want to do when you want to do it you don’t have to wait for someone else or compromise on something that none of you actually want to do but if you’re traveling solo some things can be harder for example you don’t have a dining buddy you don’t have a line holder and travel is more expensive because you’re not splitting the costs people are also concerned that solo travel can be less safe but a lot of the points I’ll go through this video are how to make solo travel safer and for those of you that are on the live stream let me know what you think let me know what your tips are as well because I learn a lot from you guys when I do these live streams and hopefully you learn from each other as well and if you’re watching this on the archive we’ll make sure to click the Bell turn on notifications so you can get in the next live stream next Monday night and hang out with some of your fellow travelers alright so with that let’s go on to tip number one so the first thing to know before you’re traveling solo is that you need to research research is really important when you’re traveling by yourself in particular research what these safe parts of the city are also what the no-go zones are if you’re going to downtown Los Angeles you should know to avoid Skid Row that’s the place where you really don’t want to go there pretty much any time of day every city is gonna have these areas and so it’s much better if you know that ahead of time rather than walking into it being like huh oh my gosh where where is this so let’s see moisés agreed with my earlier points about hating to wait on a group whenever I’m ready to go that is something that is a challenge if you’ve got a lot of people for sure alright so let me go on to tip number two the second thing to know before you travel solo is and as part of the research you need to do some research to learn and know how to get to your hotel really important so have a plan and stick to it if you’re flying in or you’re taking a train in know exactly how you’re gonna get from that point of entry to your place to the actual place that you’re going to you know and if you’re flying into the airport and you’re going to the hotel the bus might be the cheapest but it might not be the safest and also in airports and train stations that’s where lots of scam artists hang out and so you always want to look like you know where you’re going whether you do or not you never want to look lost because the scam artists always pick on the people at airports that look like their lot that look they don’t know where you’re going so when you’re going through that Airport walk like you have some determination even if that means you have to walk with some determination to the information desk to find out where you’re going dr. Richmond said about Los Angeles you should just not go to downtown Los Angeles at all all right that’s certainly at one point of view as well and Wutai one us nostalgia says Australia’s very evil easy to travel alone Byron Bay is perfect for solo travel great tip for people heading to Australia all right thing to note number three is that you should plan to arrive at your destination in the daytime and if you’re doing long distance travel like trains you should plan for those in the daytime too because things are easier and safer during general working hours begin you know what there’s probably a reason why that flight that you’re looking at if you’re looking at a few flights there’s one that’s $500 less because it gets in at midnight midnight to arrive in most places not the best time to get there everything’s closed public transportations closed you know there’s nobody at the front desk in the hotel so plan to arrive in the daytime I really like to plan my trips plan my flights plan my train trips so that I get to my destination right at check-in time my other tip to you in relation to planning to arrive is don’t drag your luggage around the city go to your hotel drop off your luggage at the hotel and then go around the city same thing in Reverse if you’re checking out of the hotel have the hotel hold your luggage and don’t drag it around with you because nothing screams more than I’m a tourist and Rob me then if you’re dragging big suitcases around your destination the uni Plex says excellent point about pickpockets Thank You uni Plex sun-li says I also love traveling solo but could you please tell me what is the most fundamental thing when traveling alone son I think I have 20 fundamental things about traveling alone actually I have 20 and then at the end after 20 I have a whole thing I’m gonna do just for women in particular because that was something Sarah asked for so when I’m done with 20 don’t go away because there’s a whole nother like a few set of things just focused for women that are solar travelers set that Griezmann e about scams and airports particularly in Asia Thailand and the Philippines I guess ma ke I’m not sure if I pronounced that right but says downtown LA is a great place to travel to Susan for travel says I’m a solo traveler and from Australia too I used to go to the US every year for about eight years and always solo my biggest recommendation is to always stay somewhere populated so for New York stay in Times Square etc I think that is a very good tip Thank You Susan Cathy says she’s loving the pandas in the background she has if I leave them all the time or do you put them away after the live stream generally this place where I live stream right here in this room this room just kind of stays like this right here all right dr. Richmond has a great point and says don’t let a stranger help you with your baggage they’ll want a big tip for doing so that’s if they haven’t walked off your belongings that’s a great tip and I’m gonna talk about that more another number but thank you for bringing that up dr. Richmond all right and what I want nostalgia agrees and says yes indeed do not drag your luggage around I’ve done this in college and hopefully you are brighter and wiser now and Bryan says he’s glad to be back on another live stream thanks Bryan Paulo says that’s a problem for early arrival on long trips what if the hotel won’t keep your luggage before check-in time even with a rental car not the best scenario I’ll say Paulo every hotel I’ve stayed at has held my luggage before check-in time so I would say that’s something you can check like check with the hotel to make sure it’s one that can hold your luggage if not find a different hotel frankly okay let’s go on the tip number four the fourth thing to know before you travel solo is in addition to knowing how to get to your hotel is to know how to get to your destination so when you are traveling around the city or the destination don’t stand on street corners with large unfolded maps don’t stand there with travel books don’t don’t hold your Rick Steves guide out in a Piccadilly Circus that’s too asking for trouble if you do need to consult a map go into a cafe go into a store go into someplace where there’s less eyes on you because that will be much better for the people it’ll be much better for you because the people who are looking to pickpocket and theme from tourists they’re looking for people that don’t know where they’re going and don’t know where their Maps so research those things and then number five in addition to knowing where you’re going you should also print maps and names of destinations yes I said print on paper not on your phone you know what of the biggest and son says hey can you tell me one of the most important things for traveling solo it is not to only rely on your cell phone which a could get stolen B could get lost C couldn’t run out of batteries if you are depending on this device as the only device to help you get to your destinations it is just asking for trouble so before you go a print out all the things that you can and when I say the destinations print them out particularly in the local language you know if you speak English chances are if you’re on this live stream that might be your primary language though I know there’s many people who aren’t but don’t just print them out in your local language print them out in the in the actual destination language because if you’re taking taxis or you’re showing people on the street they might not understand English and if they’re looking at that English map that’s a challenge many hotels have cards that’ll have their name written in the local language they often call them a take me to card because you can show them to taxi drivers and then they will basically say take me to my hotel or the concierge could write them out to say take me to this destination and an example I’ll say for how this how I came to think this it was important once I was in Seoul South Korea maybe 10 years ago and I was staying at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel the Sheraton Walker Hill there is only one Sheraton in Seoul and I was lost and I need to get back to Votto and so I was going up to taxis asking them to take me to the sheraton and none of them knew what I was talking about none of them understood Sheraton and eventually I remembered I had one of the cards from the hotel and then I showed the card to a taxi driver and he says Oh Walker Hill Walker Hill they know it by Walker Hill they don’t know it by 10 so having that local language help me get back to the hotel in a pinch Travis family travel says we always google map our routes before we leave and print out the maps that is a great suggestion that gives you the printed destinations and the maps Kevin says if you’re by yourself in most big cities they have lime and uber electric scooters you can rent it’s faster to get to places and less encounters with people compared to walking that’s true though we could have a whole separate conversation about what I think the safety of Liman electric scooters are they have a ton of them in San Diego and I’ve seen a ton of them end up in ambulances because people fall off of them Cory says always keep $40 in a separate pocket other than your money you may need to pay off people and they won’t see your wad that’s a good tip – seth has a really great tip here particularly to Hawaii that says don’t leave your belongings in cars they have break-ins regularly they do time for kiss asked if Europeans are more eager to meet Americans and other Europeans I’m not I’m not really sure what that question means because I was asking about Europeans and Europeans Jake McShane asks do you meet other travelers when you travel solo yes I’m gonna talk more about meeting people in some of the future numbers where am I gonna talk about that I’m gonna talk about people and things like that probably in as I get to eleven about how to like make friends and things like that as you’re traveling and it’s actually one of the things Eric brings up which is hostels or a cool way to meet other travelers so you don’t have to feel alone and drew wants to know if I ever said did you ever say happy birthday to Grandma Lee I think I did but in case I didn’t happy birthday to Grandma Lee that’s a comment from the livestream on how to travel cheap to Las Vegas OSI grow points out that my uncle cellphone crashed when he turned it on traveling to a foreign country he couldn’t fill out the customs card with the address of the hotel that’s a great example for if you have it printed out then that is not an issue so don’t just rely on your cell phones you can learn from ocl an eye on our mistakes or in this case our family’s mistakes all right Kevin says also familiarize yourself with how the streets are laid out and named the numbers if all else fails you can use that as a guide for which direction you’re going that’s a great tip as well it does help to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land so you can sort of tell oh if I’m walking this way or if I see this thing or the street numbers are increasing I am probably I’m probably going the wrong way and Wutai one says Rome was tough on English speakers yeah there’s a lot of like world cities that you would think English would be more prevalent in but it’s actually not true it does help to have things in the local language alright let’s go on to the sixth thing you need to know the sixth thing you need to know it’s about taxis we were talking about using taxis and cards but if you’re taking taxis in foreign locales pick up taxis from legit places if you’re going to the airport you’re arriving at the airport pick up taxis at the taxi rank never get a taxi from the person who just walks up to you in the airport and says do you need a taxi pick it up in front of a major hotel have the hotel staff tell the taxi driver where you’re going this works most of the time now you know when when OC girl and I were in Bangkok even this didn’t work completely and we still had to really be on guard with the taxis we took a taxi from the airport taxi rank in Bangkok who didn’t want to use the meter and want to charge us twice as much we were staying at the JW Marriott in Bangkok and the taxi drivers wouldn’t want to turn on the meter they’d want to charge us a fixed price we got to the point where we would not leave the hotel until the hotel staff had talked to the taxi driver told their destination and the taxi driver had turned on the meter her before we would actually set foot in the taxi so that’s something to think about if you’re taking taxis uber and lyft certainly make that a lot easier so does grab because at least the destination is already set and you don’t have to have a lot of conversation or arguments about where you’re going in languages that you just you or the taxi driver are not very good at so tip 7 is if all that sounds too hard is to consider car service a hire car and the driver for the day to take you around OSI Grill and I have done this in some destinations we did it when we went to Thailand and we wanted to go to IU tiya which is like this old region outside of Bangkok we looked at the public transit options we looked at the taxi options they all looked pretty awful and so we said well if we hire a car and driver at least that car is gonna be there we don’t have to worry so much it’s somebody that we trust you know because we’re paying them a little bit more than a taxi they meet you at your hotel and so I actually think that’s pretty nice and good for peace of mind Seth says be careful with taxi scams in the Philippines in Thailand you should be careful in those places and Jenny says hi Chris I finally made it to your live chat before it ended welcome Jenny and definitely hopefully you can hang on a bit because I will be showing off the pandas that you sent just a couple days ago and thank you very much for those Chinni Joe asked if we would try solo cruising um you know what ocl and I were not really big crews heads we’ve done like a cruise a year and their OC girl gets seasick so I definitely think she wouldn’t do a solo cruise I might do one if it was short enough but we we sort of like the independent travel perspectives we like going our place and cruising just seems to have too many people in one place for us Travis family travel says you can in Hawaii you can rent a storage unit for about $30 from traveling place to place what do you mean by that Travis family travels I’m not sure what you mean by a storage route for traveling places to place Erin says he tries to memorize key routes such as the airport to the hotel or hotel to nearby public transit that’s a good tip Andrews here and said hello I work for Hyatt so I travel all the time alone Google Translator and Google is a lifesaver those are great tips Andrew and next week the video I’m going to be doing next week is all about either next week or the week after one of these weeks coming up is all about the best mobile applications for traveling and that was a question actually I asked a lot of you on Facebook and the YouTube community page so I got a lot of great input I’ve not forgotten that video it is up-and-coming Cathy says if you’re going to a language if you’re going to a country where you don’t speak the language maybe learn some phrases Kaneesha says if your first time stole a traveler a country with readily available public transit is great vancouver was my first trip and the bus and sky train was a lifesaver that’s a great trip as well paolo says when Ascari’s airport has a huge not legit taxi problem the only legit company has always huge lines and they charge expensive prepaid charge for any destination in this city though and trip hacks DC agrees about private tours may be pricey but can still be a great value Thomas says Aloha Chris and TOFA is a tow fee thanks very many excellent videos and colorful personality Mahalo Thank You Thomas very kind of you all right so let’s go on to number eight they think you need to know is about having international data when you travel so I talked about these phones and these devices and I think it really helps to have some sort of international data plan to get data on your cell phone and I don’t just mean Wi-Fi when you can get Wi-Fi because Google Maps or ways or some kind of mapping application can really be a lifesaver so my recommendations is to turn on international roaming many providers will have kind of a prepaid plan that if you pay twenty thirty forty dollars you get some amount of data don’t just turn it on in your phone and go for it because like five megabytes might cost two hundred dollars it’s crazy and safe so figure out what some prepaid packages you can also get prepaid SIM cards when you can go to certain destinations there’s companies that will mail them to you also some countries do this like Korea does this like Wi-Fi egg thing which is like a Wi-Fi router that you can connect your phone you can tether to that Wi-Fi router and that will give you data service but this is really great particularly in taxis and the bus buses can be fairly hard in foreign destinations because the stops often aren’t announced in English they often aren’t clear but if you have Google Maps up you can be following where you’re going and be like aha now I know I’m near I know I got on the right bus because it’s going in the right direction I know that the taxi driver is taking me to the right hotel when OC girl and I went to Korea we were staying at the Shilla stay hotel for her last one and the taxi driver for the first time took us to the wrong she last a hotel which if we didn’t know a what it looks like be where it was see where it wasn’t a map then we might have just ended up right there but if you have Google Maps you can just look and be like no the one I want is actually like five miles that way andrew has a recommendation for Google by service which is cell phone service provided by Google they get free international calling and unlimited international data for $50 a month that’s a pretty good deal if you’re a frequent traveler Alasdair says they’re going to 17 countries in six months starting three weeks by themselves very good awesome and Kathy says she’s looking forward to the app lime stream and she really meant live stream so I believe you the lime stream might be interesting as well chilli pop says what was the first country you traveled alone the first country I traveled alone to was Japan and green suburban says I’m 62 and feel safe solo in New York City because no matter what time of day or night there’s many people on the streets in Subway’s for probably a good portion New York City I don’t know about all of it there’s some parts of New York City where I feel or you know Henry asked I’ve traveled a lot in America alone I have never been to Latin America the farthest south I’ve been in the American continent is actually Mexico which is maybe kind of sad I would like I would like to get down there Seth says would you trust using your cell phone in a country like um I would cuz I’d want to use my cell phone you can use a VPN app if you’re particularly paranoid which might not be a bad idea you could also consider bringing one of your older phones as well Paulo says google lense is a great app for solo travel it translates the signs and writings real-time may not be a hundred percent precise but great help thank you for the tip Paulo and Bella says particularly bout those Wi-Fi eggs or routers she says if you go to Japan you can rent pocket Wi-Fi it’s portable Wi-Fi that goes with you anywhere even in the Train also it helps to bring an extra battery thanks for the tip yeah and often you can just pick these up right in the airport that’s my recommendation if you’re doing that because then that way you have data right as you get in the taxi or the train how you doing you’re not having to like slep throughout everywhere to find the cellphone store when OC girl and I went to London we bought a prepaid SIM card from one of the local cell phone providers but in that case I had looked and saw okay what’s the company that I want what’s the best price so that when we got to London we could actually find that SIM card because if we just wanted around the airport sure we’d find the prepaid SIM card but they wouldn’t have been good ones and they would have been expensive all right number nine okay so we were talking about luggage this is about appropriate luggage so you should carry appropriate luggage when you travel solo luggage that you can carry by yourself if you’re going solo you are not traveling with anyone else and so there is nobody to help you with your luggage other than you and so make sure you can put it in the overhead bin if you’re gonna put in the overhead bin that you can put it above you in the Train and that you can keep your eyes on it if you’ve got so much stuff that some bits in front of you and some of it’s behind you you’re gonna lose it or someone is going to help liberate you of it you don’t want to look overwhelmed by your stuff you should be particularly careful with backpacks particularly you’re taking public transportation like Subway’s a you don’t want to be hitting people and be you don’t want people opening up that backpack and helping themselves to your belongings also it’s best if you can put all of your luggage in one stack so something like having a rolling suitcase and then a bag that stacks on top of it and then maybe your backpack or purse or something like that that you can stack on top of that too because then you can just put your hand on top hold that thing and you’ve got all of your stuff in one thing and nobody can take it away from you it amazes me seeing people travel by themselves with all this stuff and they need help and they can’t get where they’re going and they can’t get there with their stuff either Martin says I only travel with my 300 pound trunk nice nice hopefully you give people tips for that Travis wants to know how many trips for Puerto Rico I’ve never been there Travis I wish you the best let me know how was and who’s that girl says I keep it simple carry on only that is simple indeed that’s the best way to travel if you can carry on all of your stuff so the next one about all of your stuff number 10 is to keep your belongings in sight ideally in your hand when you’re walking around and you’re around the city don’t leave anything unattended or even attended but out of sight particularly your cell phone don’t be in an outside cafe and place your cell phone on the table don’t be on the subway and place in the seat next to you or on the bus even in the taxi don’t set your cell phone down on the seat next to you why in the taxi you’ll be by yourself there won’t be anyone there they’re not gonna steal it but you very well may forget it there keep your stuff in the bags in your hand don’t set it down and the last note I want to make about cell phones you should be aware of grab and runs because now that we use Google Maps or things like that and we’re trying to figure out where we’re going if we’re standing here with our head buried and our phone it’s really popular in a lot of places now for these grab and runs where people will be on a moped they’ll have someone in the back of the moped they’ll mount the sidewalk and they’ll come by grab your phone by the time you’ve looked up they’re gone hopefully you’d have printed maps and all those things that we talked about before but don’t stand on the corner bigger than your phone if you’re gonna do that stand back by a wall again look in a cafe go some places that you’re not obviously looking lost and holding your phone where people can take it adventure mate says related to suitcases one thing that always helps for smaller bags is are the packs of six packing cubes for organizations that’s a great tip adventure mate if you want more tips about how to pack I think I did a livestream maybe a month ago all about packing tips as you can check that out it’s in my playlist for packing down below oh by the way I want to mention today and in every live stream I always give away something today I’ll be giving out a yellow productions t-shirt if you want to get in on the yellow productions t-shirt you need to go over here to the our Instagram page for the enchanted production studio I’m trying to be like a weather person and look at this as I talk about this a lot of people have asked us if we can like do things more focused on food and so we’ve actually created an Instagram page just focused on food it’s called enchanted production studio it’s got all the food like neat places we eat OC grown takes these cool pictures and so we post them up here so if you want to stay plugged into what we eat head over to Instagram check out enchanted underscore production underscore studio the links in the description as well and I will be asking my question to win this shirt about something that is on that page so if you want to win this you got to know what is over there junior mint asks where have you traveled solo so many places and the list would be way too long for this video but just some examples Japan Hong Kong Macau Taiwan across Europe so across the u.s. I’ve driven across country across the US by myself I’ve got a lot of places by myself solo qb3 if I says to prevent pickpockets I cut off the zippers off my travel backpack that’s an interesting one I guess that does make it hard for people to just pull on that adventure mate uses a anti-theft backpack even for things like their wallet that’s a good tip though as you might have found out my London video or someone actually swiped my whole camera bag which was an anti-theft bag I was actually really happy that I had my wallet in my front pocket and my phone in my cargo pocket in my pants so the two things I really needed didn’t didn’t get swiped all right and hi to Ritchie from Temecula wine country hi Ritchie right let’s go on to number 11 the 11 thing to know is okay so now the only actually me preface 11 before I get into it so all those things we talked about those are kind of like things that they save things to have a good trip thing to know where you’re going let’s talk about what about making friends one of the things that people are often concerned about traveling solo is that there be lonely that it won’t be much fun and so one great way to meet people if you’re traveling by yourself is to stay in bed and breakfasts because if you’re staying at some big International Hotel Marriott Hyatt Hilton people aren’t very chatty or friendly in these big business hotels but bed and breakfasts they’re much smaller there’s fewer guests people are friendlier they have their guard down you’ll typically see other guests at breakfast and you’ll have built-in hosts to talk to because part of the bed-and-breakfast is generally the hosts of the bed-and-breakfast prepare you breakfast they ask where you’re going so that could be a great way to like connect up with some of the people who are staying there maybe seeing if they want to do some activities together so that’s that’s a great way to do it there was a comment earlier about staying in hostels Lucy grill and I we we are not hostile people but many people do like hostels because they like that community experience I think it was Cathy earlier who said she traveled by herself on a kontiki tour kontiki is this tour company that does a tour specifically for young people has great ways to get them together and to meet friends so you can travel solo but yet you can meet a lot of people at the same time I think this can be a double-edged sword that there are some people who like to travel solo because they like to be by themselves there’s people who don’t want to travel solo because they don’t want to be by themselves and so in that case then you’ll find these tips interesting junior says do you prefer solo versus family travel I like I like both honestly I mean certainly I think family travels it’s like it better like if you can travel with family it’s more fun to share the trip with other people but but if it’s not an option then you shouldn’t feel limited also I think it’s possible to travel as a family and then do solo things on certain days to be like okay we’re all gonna do this on day one but then we’re all gonna go our separate ways on day two and so in that case a lot of these solo things applied to that Kathy says I can’t go to Instagram and watch your livestream at the same time mmm okay well you can I guess you can do that later um let’s see Jordan says can you do a Vegas Q&A next please I will take that under consideration um goddess says oMG the food on your Instagram looks so good thank you goddess we appreciate it Tonya’s OC girls really taking up the habit of food photography goddess says I think if you’re traveling alone stay in a hostel to meet people and that’s that’s a great chip Seth says one way to get people to be chatty and friendly is to have status so it is true if you are staying at a big hotel the host will be friendlier if you have status so now let me talk about if you are staying at I’ll get to the second because there’s a few more comments about Airbnb is Kathy said we stayed in a lovely B&B in New Zealand and the hosts were lovely and friendly who tae-won says New Zealand has very small places that are close with others lots of conversation let’s see okay and Jake asked if I like to eat at fancy restaurants when I travel alone I’m gonna get to eating at restaurants in 14 okay so number 1212 chat with the hotel concierge so if you’re staying in a big hotel a Marriott a high-end this and that I will even if I know what to do and I have a plan and I’m like these are all the things I’m gonna do I go to the hotel concierge when I check in or I go to the hotel concierge when I’m going for the day and I asked them hey what do you recommend what should I do around here and it’s usually pretty neat and I get a lot of really interesting tips about what to do or what to see I just I just say to them I’ve never been here before what do you recommend the best concierge will pull out maps and say you should go here you should walk here you should do this you should see these things it’s often a lot of great local insight that you won’t get any other way it’s also a great way to like just kind of get connected in the day with somebody to like bounce your idea off of them to be like if it you’re planning on doing something else say like okay well you recommend this but what about this they might go don’t do that don’t go there it’s a good way to figure out maybe some of those no-go zones when I was in Marseille France I was traveling by myself I was in the South of France I was staying in Marseille and I checked into this Holiday Inn that was by the train station uh I got there at night this is another one of these nights night travel store I got there at night look up there at like eight o’clock and I was hungry I wanted to get something to eat and I asked the hotel staff I’m like hey where can I like where’s a good place to go for a walk around here and get some to eat and they took out a map and they said okay well you’re staying here is kind of the center of the city and so our recommendation from the hotel walk down this street and turn right on this street and go to the harbor do not walk anywhere else you should only walk on these two streets so that’s good to know and let me tell you all the other streets that were off those two major streets looked a bit shady so that that was a good tip time for kiss says have you made Thanksgiving food for a European what do they think of it ah I’m not much of a cook we actually usually go out to eat for Thanksgiving so but I will say I’m half I’m half check from the Czech Republic so I don’t know I think they would like it meat potatoes all that stuff that’s very kind of European food I don’t I don’t think people would find that weird would Taiwan asked how do I get to travel so much you know I answered that in my frequently asked questions video and so in the interest of time for this one I’ll just direct you to that if you search for yellow productions FAQ there’d be a whole answer on how I get to travel so much Zachary says I also love to ask the concierge for local shops I found that local shop owners do a great job of promoting other local shops my best vacation finds are from local shops and restaurants that’s a great tip and boys this also said great tip thank you moisés Carmen suggests really what tip number 13 is so that’s excellent tip number 13 is to take group walking tours so you don’t have to stay in a hostel and you don’t have to like take a big group tour you don’t have to take a tour bus actually my tip was slightly different than Carmen’s Carmen says do a small group tour my tip is to do daily walking tours most big touristy cities you know London New York Tokyo you know Stockholm you name it if it’s a touristy city there will likely be walking tours that meet in the city centre I don’t mean tours that pick you up from your hotel I mean tours that you know meet at 10:00 a.m. at this major attraction and walk around for two to three hours a lot of people who go on those kinds of tours will be solo people as well because they they got nothing else to do and it’s a great way when you’re with people for those two to three hours to meet some people it’s a great way to meet a local understand more about the local culture so much better than just walking around and looking at a book and trying to listen to an audio guide some of the best experiences I’ve had traveling solo and an OC grill as well and we typically do this when we travel solo as we find some sort of local walking tour to take us on and then maybe when we go back to that destination with each other then we can take ourselves on the walking tour but that’s pretty fun trip hacks DC says I’ve had many solo travelers on my group walking tours make friends with each other love to see it and by the way if any of you were going to DC trip pax DC has a great channel all about DC tips by just walking tours there too so if I’m ever in DC trip X DC I should go on one of your walking tours um but relate to making friends that’s a great way to also say things like hey if you’re doing it for kind of a lunch thing you could make friends be like hey do you guys have any plans for dinner do you have any plans for tomorrow right it’s a great way to make some travel buddies for the next couple days that you’re in that destination MT agrees and says daily walking tours are awesome I did one in Seville Seth says I made him hungry for in-and-out obviously because I was mmm drinking my drink since I’m unable to talk for an hour straight without drinking the Uni Plex says Japan is a great place for the solo woman traveler I agree with you other than at rush hour and trains but we’ll talk about that in a bit Carmen said yes walking tours they’re great I did have to do a bus once when I hurt my foot so no shame in that there is no shame in a bus tour we’ve been on bus tours as well I just I don’t I don’t love them as much walking around Kathy says we did a walking tour around Central Park in New York City it was great okay so now let’s talk about eating Jake McShane asked about this and so it’s okay to dine out solo let’s let’s just get that out there right now there’s a lot of people who say I can’t go to high-end restaurants I can’t go to fancy restaurants by myself I’d be embarrassed don’t be embarrassed about dining solo I do a lot of travel for my my work work solo and so I eat it a lot of restaurants by myself I do a lot of fun travel solo and being by myself won’t stop me from eating and a good restaurant my recommendation certainly like a like a preference I’ll prefer fast casual restaurants things I can order to counter things I don’t have to be waited on but when I’m in places like Hong Kong and there’s like a really great roast goose restaurant or a Peking Duck restaurant or dim sum restaurant you have to sit down I will sit down because I want that food now I might try to get there like non busy too actually I always try to get there non busy times cuz I want to wait because it’s just really boring to sit around by yourself and wait but but bring your travel Brooke you know bring your phone do so research for tomorrow’s itinerary while you’re waiting your food or you’re waiting for your table service another suggestion I have for you is if you want to eat out and you’re afraid of eating by yourself is join a foodie tour these are becoming more popular places their food tours that’ll take you through various restaurants much like a walking tour it’s a great way to try a lot of different restaurants and then try it with a group and I met the people who are on your food eat or for lunch particularly if you go on a lunch one would love to join you for dinner as well Richie says as I’ve ever been in the Andes I’ve never been to the Andes time for a kiss says what three movies books people YouTube channel inspires you to travel wow that’s a lot of different things I’ll just answer one of them about favorite my favorite travel movie is lost in translation with Bill Murray in Tokyo Japan that’s my favorite travel movie if you haven’t seen it you need to go watch it so calset says I loved going to ramen shops in Tokyo Solo some of my best meals absolutely Japan is a place they really understand people traveling by themselves trip tax DC says locals are often happy to chat with solo traveler at restaurants as long as you have an open mind and don’t act like a total tourist that’s a good point moisés says it’s better to pay for one great meal than to that’s right if it’s a really expensive restaurant we cheaper if it’s just by yourself Martin says I like to latch on the couples or families I don’t talk though because I’m shy it’s very awkward how do you latch on to them what do you mean by that Martin Paulo says bar hopping can be a no-go if you’re sold in a foreign country I’ve been left out once being the only tourist from abroad and going back to the hotel 3 a.m. in the middle of it well Alexis made it welcome Alexis Zachary Smith says when I eat out traveling alone if it is a sit-down restaurant I only go to ones that have a sit-down bar I won’t sit at the table myself that’s interesting bars are certainly easy to go to I will say I sit down at tables by myself all the time all the time okay let’s go on to number 15 all right so this tip is about penis is about bar-hopping being out at night so I mentioned earlier hey get plays in the day and people say well Chris is it safe to go solo at night most big destinations it is as long as you follow kind of a few rules of thumb one stay in well-lit areas with lots of people we had a comment earlier the seminary like New York City cuz it’s busy and there’s lots of people so stay in the well-lit areas with lots of people if it looks sketchy it probably is so then avoid it figure out the time in your destination when most of the shops and restaurants closed and that’s a great time to get back to your hotel actually get back to your hotel before everything closes get back to your hotel before the streets are a ghost town if you’re at a particularly sketchy destination then go to sleep early and wake up early early morning hours are generally much safer than late night hours and my mom always told me Chris nothing good happens after midnight and I believe it and so I’m generally I’m generally back in the hotel well before midnight get some sleep get an early breakfast and head out when I’ve been in Hawaii by myself actually when I’m in a lot of destinations by myself I’m often the first person at breakfast like if breakfast opens 6 a.m. that’s why I’m there I’m like alright breakfast whew and errands as I like to watch people at restaurants that’s a that’s an interesting activity as well massive asked how many countries I’ve been to about 30 is my guest at this point okay 16 ask for help if you really don’t know where you are and you’re really lost ask somebody for help maybe not somebody randomly on the street but go into a shop go into a restaurant ask them for help there’s no extra points or being self-sufficient because you’re by yourself and so therefore you’ve got nobody to embarrass yourself in front of Sooyoung asks asks if I’ve been to Seoul I sure have I probably got 10-15 videos on soul if you search for yellow production soul you’ll find a whole bunch of videos on soul I’ve been to Seoul three times actually OC Grail and I we were recently in Seoul maybe five months ago we went with the Korean tourism agency unlike a youtuber tour Seoul we went to Busan we stayed at a Korean temple it was a really fun experience and we ate lots of kimchi I have never been to the fuji-q Boozman Park and Aaron says it goes without saying but you should really look like you know where you’re going and belong if you were outside after dark Martin Taylor says I’m usually not scared late at night because I carry nunchucks from the local shops that’s a good tip Martin all right so before I go on to tip number 17 I want to do a little interlude to share some of the Topher’s that have come in recently and there are what do I got here I’ve got one two three four I have five Topher submissions that I’m going to share with you all today and the first Topher submission that we’re gonna take a look at right here this is Topher submission number four team right here this guy this this panda comes from the World Wildlife Federation they came in a package said world life world Wildlife Federation and a note that said this panda is yours courtesy of a donation from aah so aah whoever you are thank you very much for this lovely panda he’s very soft and that’s goes to a good cause because it goes to helping out paying this for the World Wildlife Fund all right number 15 little guy right here with his own bamboo comes from been from the travel man pondcast all the way from the land down under in Australia so he would probably say to you g’day mate right there and I think he is pretty cute and he certainly travel size as well and he is the envy of all of the other pants right here cuz he’s eaten all the time so thank you very much then Topher candidate number 16 right here comes from Bella in San Diego and this one is me Oni and inside on this little label there’s something here that says the black and white panda is a rare bear with a global fan base well I think topher it had a global fan base many of you from around the world and so thank you very much Bella for this panda panda number 16 okay let’s go on to number 17 these pandas come in from all around the world and it truly amazes me and I everybody who sent pandas not just people sent them today but everybody who sent the previous pan is back here thank you very much it means a lot to me it truly does right here we have panda number 17 from Switzerland this is another travel size panda this panda is from sue in Switzerland sue and family he comes with a custom yellow shirt that has the yellow production y on it right there so it was pretty creative and getting that on his shirt and then it’s also got yellow productions and blazoned on the back and in this shirt there’s even oh there’s even a hole cut out in this shirt for the little tail that is pretty cute so thank you sue in Switzerland and now we have Topher candidate number 18 which is actually three things so we have panda here this is from Jenny in San Diego I think jenny is on the live stream so Jenny thank you very much Jenny also submitted Topher candidate number one which is the you can see him back there he’s the one holding the heart so it makes sense that this one is gonna be holding a pumpkin for Halloween pretty cute it also comes with a panda neck pillow so next time I’m on an airplane I can have that and Topher candidate 18 also came with a panda I shade so when I’m trying to go to sleep on the airplane next time I can go to sleep like this and I’m sure everybody’s gonna leave me alone at this point because they’ll be like that guy is so crazy because they just they won’t they won’t be in the know but Jenny this is really cute I got big smiles out of all these things so thank you very much and there will be more pandas to share with you all on the next livestream people have said hey Chris can I see all the various pandas that you have well if you want to see all the pandas then you can follow my Instagram page not our food one that’s really hard to be a weather person but right here if you go to my Instagram page it’s yellow productions with two w’s then every Topher candidate I posted their picture up there so you can go ahead and check that out and then just a reminder if you want to win the yellow productions shirt then you need to follow our food page and chanted production studio there’s also links to these in the description or in the pinned comment below so my question in just a few minutes is going to be about some picture on that page okay let’s go on the number 17 okay tip number 17 photos so if you are by yourself and you want someone to take photos of you and you need to ask somebody well some things that you should think about like who should you ask to take a photo of you because you want to ask somebody who’s not gonna run away with your camera yes people run away with your camera so my recommendation and what OC girl and I typically do we typically ask a couple it’s best if they have a baby and a baby stroller why because if a baby in a baby stroller and they are likely not going to run away with your camera because it’s hard to run with that baby stroller or ask somebody else that has a big camera around their neck because if they’ve got a big camera they’re probably not looking to steal your camera because your camera I was probably worth less than theirs Oh cereal and I we get asked a lot to take pictures could you can imagine we’re walking around with some pretty big cameras and so I think people feel pretty safe that we’re not gonna run away with their camera when you are asking people to take your picture my recommendation is not to give them your cell phone if they run away with your cell phone that sucks and you’re hosed so my recommendation is to bring a point-and-shoot camera you can buy point-and-shoot cameras for a couple hundred bucks they take pictures as good as your cell phone and just have that to hand to people to take your pictures every day you get back to your hotel download those photos to your computer so that if somebody does run off with it you’ll still have the previous day’s pictures from the rest of the trip and also when you’re walking around keep the camera in a bag not around your neck so that you don’t have something that says rob rob me the unis Plex tell me how did somebody get robbed in Russia did they run off with the camera is that is that what happened and Jenny Jenny says hi hi Jenny did you hopefully hopefully you hopefully you saw your panda thank you for the Panda hopefully didn’t go away and come back but maybe you did but in case you didn’t you want to look in the archive that was a couple minutes ago so thank you Kathy um Thank You Jenny and I was looking at Kathy’s comment that I was gonna read next Kathy says another great way to take pictures to take a selfie stick that is a good tip and Kathy says her son Ben says I should call them the army of pandas all right I will take that under consideration for the Panda army all right and so the Uni Plex says doing that the guy asked him for money before he would give it back $100 u.s. yeah that is pretty lame so the selfie stick is uh that’s even easier right all right we’ll go to number 18 but the selfie stick often might not get the exact picture that you want so if you if you bring a you bring a camera that’s worth less you can be like fine you just have the camera it’s not worth anything anyway all right number 18 be a skeptic of people that are too helpful particularly unsolicited help on the sidewalk or in the train station that’s not the kind of help that you want generally the nicest people don’t just hang around and offer help usually those are scam artists tip number 19 share your itinerary with others in this world of technology it’s easier than ever to share your itinerary with people stay in touch with family and friends on Facebook into the ground by email let them know where you’re going as OC girl and I were preparing these notes this was one that she particularly said because she’s probably listened to too many crime podcasts about you know something happens and people don’t even know where they are so let your friends know where you’re going so that if something does go wrong they know where to start looking OC grow and I we like this app called life 360 which is a great way to where we can see where each other are is right it’s like a real time like location app and apparently a lot of people hungry and Alexis like the Panda army all right I love it Panda army alright 20 so this is about drinking we talked about being outside but let’s talking about drinking now this is a challenge if you’re going by yourself and so my biggest tip here if you’re gonna be out and you’re imbibing in alcoholic beverages is don’t get wasted by yourself that’s right don’t get wasted by yourself and ladies watch your drinks if you are getting alcoholic drinks don’t drink anything that you didn’t get from the bar yourself you never know what somebody slipped in it so never drink anything that you have taken your eyes off of so if you wanna drink something go to the bar order yourself get it yourself keep it in your hand in front of you until you’ve drank the whole thing then you can get rid of it don’t leave it on the table go to the bathroom look away that’s just that’s just a recipe for disaster alright so now I want to ask the question and I’ve got one more tip right this wasn’t it 20 it’s actually 21 because I got a whole thing about just for women because Sarah who asked this question at the beginning said in particular you have some tips for solo travel for women and so I’m gonna wrap up with those and something will apply the guys too but my question to win a yellow productions t-shirt shipped anywhere in the world is on our enchanted production studio into the gram which is our new Instagram just focused on food where the links in the description or in the pinned comment is what the most recent picture what food item is that of the first person that names the food item wins the illa productions t-shirt shipped anywhere so go ahead and answer that question and about 30 second delay from when I talk and I see your comment so I’m gonna go on to these tips or women and then come back to announce the winner so tip number 21 which is for women and first of all OC grill just wanted to point out that we we travel out together but we also travel solo and in addition to traveling solo like it’s possible right some people say well I’m a woman I can’t travel by myself an OC girl want to know you absolutely can by the way Moises is the winner he said baklava so thank you very much Moises you any yellow Productions t-shirt send me a Facebook message or send me an email let me know where you want me to send it to and what size you will get your yellow productions I’ll get your yellow productions t-shirt sent out post haste oh and if you email it it’s Chris at yellow dotnet with 2w well done boys this there were also a few others of you that gave the right answers Brian was right Robert was right goddess was right but but but the good news is Moises has said he’s already won twice and so he says give it to the next person Moises is very kind so Brian Johnson productions you are the winner so Brian you could thank Moises for your yellow Productions t-shirt send it to the ways I just told you to send it to give me your address and your size it’ll be on its way to you all right so final final tips for ladies Jerrod um is so if you’re out and about and you’re chatting with new friends it’s probably not a good idea to share too loudly that you’re traveling alone you can totally be traveling with your husband you can totally be traveling with your boyfriend you can totally be traveling with your family even if you’re not but you can tell them you are you can say look I’m meeting my parents here any minute now I’ve got to go don’t share what hotel you’re staying in that’s a recipe for soccer stalkers people don’t need to know what hotel you’re staying in when you’re out and about or when you’re planning to go to a destination take a look at what the locals are wearing and try to dress similarly to avoid calling attention to yourself we can totally have a conversation about you should be free to wear whatever you want to unfortunately the world is not as civilized as maybe all the countries that we live in and maybe not everybody’s enlightened and there are some countries in the world that require women to dress a certain way or look a certain way so if that’s the case make sure you adhere to those particular etiquette items in the countries you’re going to now if you think you’re being followed my suggestion is to not try and run away and not try to confront the person but to go into a store go into a restaurant go in a hotel go into a police station go into one of those places chat up the front desk staff chat up the bartenders you could even tell them you’re being followed so you just want to talk to them for a little while I’m sure they will understand wait until that person leaves or ask the staff at that place to call you a taxi I’m sure they will help you out of this situation there was actually a bar that I was recently in that had a sign in the bathroom that was directed to women and it said if you are on a date that’s not working out or you’re uncomfortable go up to the bartender and ask for Angela if you ask at the bartender for Angela we will know things aren’t going well and we will help you discreetly get out of the situation most places that are evening hang out understand that this is a problem and so they will help help people with it now if you’re in the situation is getting sketchy leave before it is sketchy learn to say no in the local language and be willing to be forceful with it now if it makes you feel better to carry some sort of self-defense mechanism we heard somebody say they walk around with nunchucks from one of their local stores do that you can carry around pepper spray you carry on nunchucks just make sure that is legal where you’re going to or is legal on your mode of transport if you’re going to take it with you in your transport there was a comment about how Japan is a really great place to travel with a woman it was with a woman oh and by the way the uni plex says why are you in the ladies bathroom I was not in the ladies bathroom it was a bar that had unisex bathrooms so all of the bathrooms were men’s and women’s bathrooms so that’s obviously why they had this message towards women in the bathroom that I was in thank you for the benefit of the doubt and ne’er lock says all the way from Oz great tips on traveling as a single lady very helpful tips Japan was so safe but I know it’s not safe in other countries I think that the I think that the place the the biggest concern in Japan is riding the subway at busy rush hour times Japanese men can be a little gropey because of so many people in there and so actually a lot of Japanese trains have cars for women only during rush hour so if you are in Japan like Tokyo during rush hour look on the platforms for these pink areas and you can actually ride the cars that are for women only my other suggestions for all public transit is to wait in areas with cameras and if you wait in areas with cameras right a lot of stations will have like little places marked on it that’ll say like this is the night time self waiting area so that right it’s not like the coroner in the dark place right like this is the place where like people are watching you goddess says hey what’s that awesome place that says ask for Angela it was in Charleston South Carolina I don’t remember the name of it off the top of my head but if you want to send me a message or an email I will let you know what the name of it is and so the final message for women and this comes from OC girl directly as she says don’t let all of this disk Jew traveling solo may seem like no fun at first because there’s like all this stuff you have to do but she and I are sure that you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy yourself whether you’re women or whether you’re a man an OSI girl guarantees it or your money back on this video so the next live stream is gonna be Monday November 25th that is one week from today and if you missed my last live stream you can find the link in the description below for all my previous live streams if you didn’t check out that food Instagram page that I put there it’s enchanted production studio that’s all of our food things that are posting up there’s also a link in the description below and if you want to see all of the toppers in one place they’re right there I’ll have more Topher’s coming next week and with that I want to thank all of you who joined into this live stream and all the people that are watching the archive that made it here to the end it is for all of you that I do all of this and all the pandas that everybody’s sending that’s part of the Panda army are truly making my day so with that I’m gonna say keep on traveling as usual I won’t say goodbye because I’m gonna see you all in the next video [Music] [Applause] [Music] you