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[Music] we’re back 743 this morning on Ross and reports were saving you money we hope on your next vacation we want to avoid all those extra fees on rental cars today national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen is in Los Angeles Jeff good to see you hey good to see you guys spring break is here as you know so many of us planning trips with and without our kids and you need to rent a car we’ve all been there you see the deadly rate the price looks good so you booked it but then then come all the questions do you want to prepay your fuel what about the extra insurance oh and those mysterious fees to write the concession recovery free what in the world is that anyway suddenly your great deal it ain’t so great until now this morning all the secrets you need to save money it’s spring break and the Russell reports team is in action going on a road trip perfect day for this we are renting cars decoding all those weird fees and finally answering the age-old question which is cheaper free paying the gas or filling up on your own Travel expert Gary left let’s jump right into a lightning round here I have a list of fees tell me what this means concession recovery fee the rental company has to pay the airport to rent you a car so they’re gonna charge you for that fee tire & battery recovery fee tires wear out they’re gonna have to be replaced they’re gonna have to throw them away you pay them to throw away old tires customer transportation fee that free shuttle that takes you to and from the airport it ain’t free isn’t so free and you pay whether you use it or not parking recovery fee this is my favorite because when you’re not renting the car and they’re not running it to someone else it’s got a park somewhere and they’re charging you for the parking come on it’s expensive to park how do I avoid these fees most of the fees stem from renting at the airport what you can do is take an uber take a cab to a downtown car lot rent the car there you can even return it to the airport because it’s leaving the airport with a relic car that triggers the fee so you can return it to the airport and not pay those fees that’s right great tip but what about the fuel should you prepay the gas at the counter or fill it up yourself okay let’s find out my producers and I went to the same place and rented the exact same make and model of car a 2016 toyota camry SE but we’re all paying in different ways giovanna you prepaid for the gas at the counter i paid right at the counter and they told me i’m getting a great rate on gas okay that’s great so we’ll see what your bill is I I’m going to fill up just before I return the car at the end of the trip and fill up myself at the gas station so we’ll see what I what I pay and Josh you’re the lazy things yeah yeah I didn’t prepay I’m not gonna fill up I’m just gonna return it with whatever’s left in the thing you’re gonna pay that huge rate for fuel yeah so you’re pretty much out of it it’s up to you and me Giovanna to see who pays the least at the end with the bill and guys great news we’re going to the Grand Canyon great spring break destination let’s go and see what happens we’re driving in a caravan on a two-hour journey I can’t wait so we get there finally making it to the Grand Canyon this is amazing look at this Wow worth the trip for this amazing sight but we can’t stay long all right let’s get out of here this work truck we turn right back around for the two-hour trip back Giovanna and Josh heading straight for the rental car returned but remember I have to stop and get gas okay so I’m filling up with gas at the gas station right before the rental car center see how much it takes time for the big reveal we just returned our cars now remember we all drove the same distance about two hours there two hours back what would you pay for fuel here we go remember I didn’t do anything I just returned with what was left in it about a half a tank 59 22 that’s a lot of money okay you go next you go alright so I only used half the tank but because I prepaid they charged me for the entire tank so I ended up paying 40 165 so I have to lost money on this he’s got it now I went to the gas station I filled up myself I also used about a half a tank 16 dollars and 74 cents I win so the moral of the story is unless you’re gonna drip that tank empty fill it up yourself the tips you need to save big this Spring Break Owens if you haven’t seen the Grand Canyon it’s these it’s amazing what I’ll do to take a vacation on the corporate card by the way here is a bonus tip at the counter they try to get you to buy the insurance guys you know that’s the question is do you really need it our expert says maybe not before you rent the car check your own car insurance many policies already cover collision for rental cars and if they don’t your credit card may some cards cover collision or liability so you should check on that too before you pay at the counter what other useful information there Jeff Ross Ross reading the fine print so we don’t have to read also going to the Grand Canyon for Tori thank you hello today fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives