The Best Credit Cards to Get You Flying: The Points Guy

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at risk of losing the rewards war unless it sweetened its benefits however of all the frequent flyer cards out there the one and only brian kelly you know as the points guy ranks two offers from Amex as his top picks he sees a strategy at play so i want to go straight to the source brian just in from monaco i have to ask that’s an expensive destination a very expensive flight did you pay for your ticket of course not I used miles even though Delta charged 250,000 miles it was a 12,000 dollar revenue ticket so you’re still getting pretty good value uh you know on a percent basis from those miles let’s talk about a credit card industry will get two points everybody loves talking about points I love your advice but I’m fascinated by what’s going on in credit cards because American Express really seems to be stepping it up most recently with the announcement on its Starwood card yeah because there were a whole lot of yeah this is the reason of a bad year you know they lost Costco to city they lost JetBlue to Berkeley card competition is heating up you know City and their thank you program is probably the hottest kid on the block right now they just they just increase the earning on their Thank You premier they have 12 new transfer partners so City Thank You points in the past we’re kind of you know it was kind of sanity program right now you can transfer I just transferred to Singapore Airlines I flew Singapore first-class Frankfurt to JFK you can do for less than 60,000 points okay have your own suite how do you even have this many points what are you buying interpersonal I mean do you pay your rent your tuition like I have you guys a rent and tuition are hard because most companies will charge a fee but honestly the would signup bonus is a fifty sixty a hundred thousand points you get a couple credit cards a year and it’s really about maximizing every single dollar you spent by running your credit rating it does not ruin your credit so there’s a minor ding when you open up a new card but the biggest factor of a FICO score name it has Haman ya paying your bills on time and your debt to credit so actually the more cards you have the more credit you have available in the less you use your score actually goes up Brian how valuable are these loyalty programs to the credit card companies why is it that Amex appears to be using loyalty as a strategy to try to win back the business it’s losing at places like JetBlue and a Kakaako so I mean frequent flyer miles are arguably the most effective marketing tool ever created right you know consumers especially high-end consumers want rewards so Amex bailed Delta out of bankruptcy by pre-buying billions of dollars worth of miles seriously so the credit card companies are the sugar daddies to all these airlines you know chase with United City with Americans so it’s very very lucrative and the frequent flyer programs are huge profit centers is Amex taking this opportunity they lost some key partnerships they had and as they look to mine for new ones are they looking for partners that would attract a different customer see the thing is there’s not that many new partners out there to team up with most of the major airlines and hotels have partners what Amex is doing that’s pretty innovative is with their Platinum Card they’re creating their own Centurion lounges they just opened one up in Miami a couple weeks ago your ances and these lounges have Michelin quality food it’s not just you know cheese and crackers and now most of the airline lounges make you pay for top-shelf liquor mx lounges are fantastic there’s only six of them but they’re opening up a new one in Seattle next week so doubling down on the high-end just exactly they know they’re not going to win on the masses but they you know per capita you know Amex users spend a lot and I think they’re really targeting those people that spend a lot and and one of the things are doing is targeted offers so if you’re looking for the best offers open up your snail mail it sounds so counterintuitive in 2015 but some of the very best offers come in the mail what are your top picks in so this month you know Delta has upped the ante with their American Express with their Delta credit card so they’ve got 60,000 miles which is enough for Europe round trip on partners like Virgin Atlantic so they have two different delta cards the gold card is 50,000 and the annual fees waived the first year so you can use those 50,000 by $500 worth of Delta without even having to worry about award tickets and then the other card that’s really hot like I said that Thank You premier card from Citi you know you earn three points on on travel including gas so you know it and lot beyond that the fee on that card is 95 I believe in its waive the first if you want to get decent a decent program you have to shell out exactly the zero annual fee cards are generally the least lucrative it pays to to get higher rewards especially if you’re spending in categories like travel where you know with these cards even MTA and you know Subway’s tolls and parking all counts as travel so these bonus categories are bigger than you think all right before we go then who’s got the worst who’s got an offer that you’re like are you kidding me you know Spirit Airlines has a pretty bad credit card you know they’re miles expire after six months you know I can’t even figure out their program and I’m allegedly an expert so I would steer away from that card okay if this guy can’t figure it out there’s no chance for me fine thank you so much for joining us you know this guy is gonna have unbelievable summer vacations and he’ll be doing it great content to Frank Kelly he’s the founder of the points guy

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