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Music] music [Music] scientific fact lots of different animals drink together at watering holes in the jungle like zebras and monkeys lions and polar bears there are no polar bears in the jungle Sophie but this polar bear won an all-expense-paid vacation here where it’s nice and warm [Music] [Music] I bet they’re going to put out a fire or rescue someone oh I’d love to be a firefighter me too I don’t all four of us be firefighters we can be a team [Music] [Applause] [Music] come out and play with we’re gonna have some fun use our imagination you can be anyone in any situation let’s go on exploring someplace new together there’s so much we can do so we’re gonna have so much fun use our imagination [Music] there’s our fire truck where – Sophie hold on everyone we’re headed for snow [Music] now to find someone to ask you I think someone excuse me we’re firefighters can we help you with something yes you can well maybe you can I hope you can can you we’ll do our best what’s wrong a friend came to visit me and now she can’t get home too much snow don’t you know don’t worry this firefighting team will get your friends home safe and sound fighters what’s wrong Sophie’s stuck in the snow oh come on team let’s work together in this truck oh okay oh dear oh my my friend we’ll never get home now this is tragic don’t worry we’ll get her home it just might take a little while hmm I [Music] don’t think the fire hose can dig us out of the snow I think sophie has a different idea yeah can you turn on the automatic hose winder please [Music] I never would have thought that Sophie that was brilliant now let’s go rescue my friend [Music] oh my friend there she is [Music] friend is a giraffe a drop in the snow they won an all-expense-paid vacation here and couldn’t resist they she and her baby daughter don’t worry we’ve firefighters we’ll get you both home safe and sound a little harder than the thoughts why don’t we try using the rescue bucket Tessa it’s not moving there’s ice all around it it’s frozen come on we have to keep trying wait I have an idea [Music] don’t worry little giraffe we’ll rescue you somehow a baby draft can’t climb a ladder Sophie you’re right I’m on the water please [Music] SRIA maybe the little draft can climb up it I think sophie has a different idea Tessa can you scape the baby up to the ramp I’ll try idea and such teamwork you have really good idea Sophie Thanks now let’s get these drafts home oh goodness that ice map certainly does look like a lot of fun well oh maybe just one quick slide [Music] oh my could I get a little help here please what’s wrong can’t you just fly down I’m afraid we penguins don’t fly rows into the truck and I rescue ladder is frozen to the pond we need a different idea Sophie maybe today penguins can’t fly sound exciting yes I’m ready to see the problem to can talk it through we can work together for know what to do [Music] my friend can be held [Music] it’s better when [Music] that was I did it the firefighting team made me fly thank you you’re welcome that was a different and very cool way to rescue a penguin Sophie thanks now let’s get these drafts back home [Music] [Music] we make a great rescue team guys yeah we your ideas were so helpful Sophie yeah they were really different Sophie come look okay your polar bear on vacation took her jungle friends on an ice-filled adventure can you stay over there please sorry but I need space for my dancing my face ball game needs lots of space too and my animals need lots of lots of space I couldn’t have the Cillian animals my very own castle when I grow up I’m gonna play any way I want to in my grown-up space we can go on an adventure have our own gross faces right now [Music] [Applause] [Music] we’re gonna have some fun use our imagination you can be anyone in any situation exploring someplace new there’s so much hey play we’re gonna have so much fun [Music] it’s no Castle but it is pretty cool hello I’m Terry peacock I help people find the perfect space to live in and this is the friendliest space in town our animals laugh is there lots of room to play i’m vasilis hi I did yes yes and yes in fact we have only one rule here be friendly to each other [Music] [Music] [Applause] I can’t wait to play wall to wall anymore all over this place [Music] [Music] there’s resilient animals in here even hundred steady is ready to play [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] whoa what’s going on down there so much noise okay that’s it making everything fall of my walls and Mia your parrots are ruining my concert uh your loud singing made me miss Tessa and your dog took my bone yeah well how am I supposed to train the animals with you guys making all that noise and shaking the building hello I’m not the problem [Music] hello there the neighbors have been hearing a lot of noise coming from this building today are you being friendly they started it not me well I have to practice hey guys I’m not the problem excuse me Mia’s right we haven’t been listening to each other at all no I guess not so let’s talk one at a time okay Eddie okay so I don’t want to play games in my place and I want to sing and dance in my place and I want lots of animals in my place but your animals are messing up my games and I can’t sing because of your loud games and you’re singing keeps bothering the animals hmm maybe having your own space doesn’t mean we can do anything we want any time we want maybe we have to listen to each other too and be friendly yeah [Music] I guess I could only sing and dance in the morning I could keep less animals inside maybe just a cat and a dog and a bird oh and of course my goldfish I’ll take the others to the jungle we’ll they’ll have lots more room to play I could play my outdoor sports outside and only play indoor sports inside excellent now you’re following our one and only rule being friendly to each other thank you when it’s time to play doctor yourself and say if I do this will my neighbors feel okay [Music] it’s all said and remember you are not the only one when think of what is best not just for you but for the rest everybody’s better [Music] don’t hold me think of yourself the things you do affect others too you don’t have to put fun on the shelf just respect the people around you you sell things you do affect others too you don’t have to put one on the shelf just respect the people [Music] that was fun now I see that we all need our own space sometimes and sometimes we can share let’s do that sharing thing now great how about a game of kickball Oh timeout Sophie and Colby are playing here great our noise might bother them and the ball might hit their sandcastle trying to sleep let’s play on the other side of the yard [Music] [Music] we may be interpreters always big play that music it’s a super [Music] crystallization or me to name the patient Oh people pick sensation they can do [Music] she send me pockets in the mail so maybe we’ll come today I hope he comes today what sit me up hmm I’m not sure maybe it’s a horse horses are kind of big to be delivered by mail Mia yeah [Music] it’s not the mail truck no is that the mail truck nope it’s the recycling truck oh I don’t think the mail truck is ever going to get here I know how you feel one time I ordered a book about the rain forest it felt like it took forever to get it yeah I wish time would hurry up you should go on an adventure maybe your package will be here when we get back in adventure yeah a mail carrier adventure in fairytale land I bet they deliver a lot of great stuff there [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re gonna have some fun use our imagination situation let’s go on an adventure exploring someplace new go near and far together so much we can’t until hey hey we’re gonna have so much fun use our imagination you could be anyone situation do it sick a dick adieu here’s our mail truck oh let’s see what we have to deliver let’s see this deliveries for a Humpty Dumpty to help him get down from walls oh and these bowls are for the three bears for their porridge huh Wow someone must really be looking forward to getting that it’s for fairy godmother Kobe here’s a map for our deliveries me up well start here at the fairy godmothers cottage do we have to deliver there first it’s the closest place and I bet the fairy godmother really wants her new outfit yeah but don’t you think hum do you really wants his ladder I mean you could have a great buff you might be right Mia okay let’s deliver their first great I’ll ride back here and make sure nothing gets broken okay [Music] well I wish we never had to deliver you I wish I could just look at you forever we’re here [Music] [Music] princess Mia how lovely to see you huh thanks for delivering your new ladder but how did you get up there if you didn’t have a ladder well I was picking a pose with my friend the giant giant that’s the giant up there he accidentally grabbed my ladder a little too tightly but can’t he just pick you up and lift you down scientific fact thanks crack when they’re squeezed too tightly this will help you get down next stop fairy godmothers cottage just around the corner [Music] not yet I just want to keep you here with me a little bit longer let’s deliver to the three bears next instead but the cottage is closer Mia and the fairy godmother probably wishes we would hurry just like you wished the mail truck would hurry was your package yeah but it’s almost lunchtime and the Bears are getting new bowls for their porridge and Papa Bear gets very grumpy when he has to wait for his lunch no one likes a grumpy bear maybe right okay let’s deliver to the bear family next [Music] our bowls they’re here hello aren’t these wonderful they’re special temperature control hose your porridge will never be too hot or too cold again but why did you order four bowls there are only three of you hello Cheers yeah it’s me Goldilocks got any porridge that’s why Oh okay Mia now it’s on to the fairy godmothers cottage it’s getting kind of late Coby maybe we should deliver the fairy godmothers outfit tomorrow I know you’ll love this very godmothers outfit but she’s going to love it too think of how you feel waiting for your package from your aunt and how excited you’re gonna be when it finally arrives it will be amazing but that’s how fairy godmother feels – oh I never thought of it like that she’s probably feeling the same as me right now when you’re deciding what to do try to think if that was you would it feel good or feel bad make you happy or feel sad remember how it feels and that might be how she feels – I bet for her it’s hard to wait just like me and that’s not great we should hurry to her place put a smile remember how it feels to you and that might be huh she is too [Music] thank you thank you thank you oh so beautiful that makes my heart Sparkle I thought it would never get here it would have been here sooner but I was having a hard time letting it go that’s okay I know how you must have felt of course coz you have empathy well I also have a wand shall I test it out oh yes please yes please yes please [Music] do hi guys we’re back hello yeah mail carrier Ethan was just here he delivered your package what is it we’ll make chocolate chip cookies second ticket too and there’s enough to share ooh yummy but first I always feel good when someone says thank you so I’m going to make my aunt a thank-you card hey let’s all make cards while we’re eating the cookies yeah great idea look at me I’ve been first place Tessa you nuts my sailing ship over and your ship lends it on my rowboat Mia sorry Cobie participant into it sorry me up but a speedboat needs lots of rim so it can go really fast maybe we should find a ship that we can all play with together great idea Sophie we can play with my rowboat my speedboat those are too small we should play with my big sailing ship your sailing ship is big Mia but I was thinking we could play on a really big ship on a sailing ship adventure okay [Music] Hey we’re gonna have some fun imagination you can be anyone there’s so much play [Music] we’re gonna have so much fun [Music] there’s nothing better than sailing a big ship on the open sea and since Eddie isn’t here I’ll be the captain today actually I think Eddie wanted me to be captain today do you really say that me well not exactly but he always lets me be captain sometimes [Music] [Applause] [Music] I better go steer this ship away from that island guys now we’re gonna run into that Island I know how to do it [Music] oh hey I thought I was the captain okay captain what do you think we should do [Music] [Music] what do we do now we need to get our ship back onto the ocean but how hands weird Tessa go [Music] ah maybe I did need a little help you have to find a way to get our ship back in the water yeah I do not want to be here when it starts to get dark me neither a pretend fire won’t give us very much light at least we have all these delicious marshmallows to eat those aren’t marshmallows Mia they’re coconuts do you pretend marshmallows I’m going to roast my pretend marshmallow over our pretend fire okay I just wish I was pretend hungry [Music] scientific fact things that roll are easier to move okay but what are you going to do with those logs I’m going to put the logs under our ship and roll it back out to sea and pen captain Kobe will sail us back home so how are you gonna get the logs under the ship captain Kobe oh I didn’t think about that may I have a pretend marshmallow please I can do this do you want some help [Music] hmm I guess I’m just not strong enough to move it and I’m not strong enough to get the logs underneath it so I can rule and I wasn’t strong enough to keep the sail up so the wind could push it out to sea none of us can make the ship move by ourselves but maybe we can make the ship move together ok huh well if we all work together we can try to push the ship on Jacobi’s logs then we can all raise a sail and the wind might be strong enough to help grow the ship back out to sea let’s do it one can see the problem two can talk it through three can wear together or know what to do work teamwork [Music] can be helpful [Music] teamwork [Music] [Music] we did it together yeah I call that a win-win wind so you be the captain I like that okay [Music] it’s an honor to be in charge of the best crew ever because we all work really well together as a team oh hey all hands on deck okay [Music] that was fun hey Joe you guys missed a really fun adventure we landed on a desert island and an elephant even gave us a push home sounds cool yeah we’ve been having fun too we’re making a whole city out of sand awesome awesome great job thanks wanna help sure I’ll be the mayor leader person of the city oh I mean we can all work together to make sand cities of greatest city [Music] [Music] we may be in a car – always big play that music it’s the super [Music] we can do [Music] jumping jacks shoots he scores this book has some awesome animals in Eddie look at this one they discovered in the jungle he looks part zebra and part dress he’s called an okapi he should be called a zebra I’d love to discover a new animal like this one an Olin guito whoa sorry I was aiming for the bucket it’s okay try again jack jumping jack will now attempt to make the winning basket he takes careful aim and oh so close oh well you can look at my book with us instead Jack yeah there’s pictures of all these cool annals they discovered in the jungle I wish I could discover how to get my ball down hmm we’ll help you we can use this ball to knock that one down together we can do anything maybe even make a big discovery like a new jungle animal like in my book let’s go to the jungle and see what we can find okay let’s do it [Music] Hey we’re gonna have some fun use our imagination you can be anyone in any situation let’s go on an adventure exploring someplace new so near and far together there’s so much we can do so [Music] I’m gonna have so much fun use our imagination you can be anyone in any situation I’m in the jungle sir – smart animal expert coke and super brave children will explore Eddie we’re here to see what kind of new animals we can discover what are you doing Chuck I’m going to record all this stuff we do today then we can watch it later great hey [Music] [Music] the eating habits of these two amazing creatures are especially interesting to watch Bologna and jelly my favorite corn how the sandwich was a struck okay Loney and jelly so tasty guys look it’s kinda like a hippopotamus and kinda like a leopard it’s um uh uh Aleppo Potamus huh I’ve never heard of that that’s cuz we just discovered it Wow we didn’t Kobe together we discovered a new jungle animal so what do we do now well scientists are supposed to learn everything they can about a new creature we’ll hope you do that but what if he goes deep into the jungle no problem I’m a great Explorer there’s no place I can’t go and all hope you get the first pictures of a genuine Leppa botanist Hey where’d he go animal expert Cobley who has found some lepa Potamus tracks these prints look kinda lepree and hippos like to nibble on bushes I think I hear it over I think I see him pond over there [Music] hey I wish you’d come out of the water so I could get his whole body yeah any ideas how to do that animal expert Clube hmm hippos love melons he might come out for that perfect there’s a melon tree right over there brave Explorer Eddie well swing across the pond to get the melon brilliant now animal experts Cody and I will follow I don’t know if I can sure you can call me we’re here to help you well okay I’ll try [Music] yes animal experts Kobe has bravely made it to the other side of the pond now together Kobe and Eddie will use melons to try to get the Leppa Potamus out of the water come and get it huh Oh No our great discovery has disappeared again [Music] Trac stole she came this way there he is the leper vitamins [Music] he’s up here truly uneasy he found not one but two level part of mrs. huh it’s just a leopard and that’s a plain old hippo I guess there is no such thing as a lip of father this after all just found two animals like to play together but we saw it and recorded it yeah let’s look back and see here’s when we first got here hey there they both are look now looks like there one animal there not look at this the hippos in the water leopards on the shore sorry Coby I guess we didn’t help you make a big discovery after all yeah but thanks for trying guys wait we did make a big discovery watch Kobe you discovered that you can swing across a pond and Eddie discovered he knew more about animals than he thought and I discovered that discovering things is fun so we all helped each other discover something new [Music] each other [Music] some things may not turn out quite the way you want them to but it can still be tons of fun discovering something new you know more things [Music] helped each other yeah we have each other [Music] do we guys we had such an awesome adventure we helped each other discover all kinds of cool things and we almost discovered a new kind of animal a leper Potamus oh my one help boom was discover a new animal – can I please okay sure but first let’s all go help each other discover some snacks okay then discover some animals [Music] I’m digging for treasure what a help Shh so weak baby oh sorry hmm that’s not gonna work oh well hey I found something wha-ho compass cool scientific fact my compass can help you when you get that baby is trying to sleep oops uh sorry look behind you Eddie I think it’s a map huh cool oh that was just a treasure map I was trying to draw a treasure map uh-huh but then I remembered there’s no treasure buried in the backyard there’s none in the yard but there’s always treasure buried on a desert island that’s right maybe your map of work there Tessa there’s only one way to find out Island Adventure sorry sorry yeah do you want to go to the desert island with us to look for buried treasure no thanks my baby needs me here more than you need me there okay see you later Mia bye-bye [Music] Adventure we’re gonna have some fun use our imagination you can be anyone in any situation let’s go on it exploring someplace new though near and far together there’s so much we can do so hey hey come out and play we’re going on [Applause] so much fun use our imagination you can be anyone in any situation [Music] okay guys let’s find some buried treasure need to find a big X that’s where the treasures buried that’s always where the treasure is buried but how do we find that ax can I look at the map Eddie sure oh I think I dropped my compass I’ll be right back hmm I must have dropped it around here Hey Oh yep here it is hmm what’s that an egg baby turtle I didn’t know turtles came from Hakes hello there you’re so smart are you alone where are your friends or your family [Music] coming gotta go little guy I have a treasure to find I think the map is telling us to go into these trees what kind of treasure you will find I hope gold we’re jewel I hope it’s chocolate I hope that little turtles okay Eddie this treasure hunt is your best idea ever yeah do huh oh yeah thanks you okay Eddie yeah but I left something back on the beach you guys go ahead I’ll catch up okay you you’re okay but you’re still alone hmm I sure wish you had some friends to keep you company well don’t worry I’ll hopefully find someone then it’s back to the treasure hunt sink I think we’re supposed to march over the coconut around the coconuts maybe the map is upside down Kobe or sideways I don’t know but I bet Eddie’s compass can show us the right direction hey where is Eddie he said he’d catch up oh oh my friends need me to help with the treasure hunt I’ll go help them and then come back you stay here okay no you stay here stay stay huh where are you Oh No how do you get in there let me help you little guy I don’t think we’re going to find the treasure without Eddie and his compass you’re right Sophie let’s go back and see what’s taking him so long good plan [Music] you can’t come with me but you won’t let me go without you my friends need my help to finish the treasure hunt but you need me too what should i do what should i do I think you need me more than my friends do right now they’ll come back here after they find the treasure so don’t worry I’m staying right here in the meantime we can what do baby turtles like to do I don’t know what to do with you [Music] sometimes it’s better when you stay even if you wanna play when there’s a friend who needs your help you can sit and share song [Music] are you all ready did you guys find the treasure it is we’re right back where we started hey I think I already found the treasure it’s this baby turtle I’m so cute so you mean the treasure isn’t gold or jewels or chocolate no it’s this baby turtle I named him Eddie jr. Eddie jr. looks really happy good shot didn’t care of him Eddie Thanks but I wish there were some other turtles around who knew what to do next scientific fact sea turtles hatch on the beach then crawl straight to the water they usually hatch in big groups so his friends must have already gone out to sea so I should help him crawl up to the sea too huh uh-huh okay Oh little guy [Music] boy did I love taking care of you Eddie jr. but it’s time to say goodbye now it’s time for you all to go bye Eddie jr. I’m glad you found your friends [Music] Wow oh no you won’t the baby again sorry Mia want me told er for a while you want to hold the baby great I’ll be right back right after I get a snack and freshen up my beau and play something checkers and maybe some jump rope and build a sandcastle with Sophie [Music] we may be little order show is big play that music it’s a super geek I’m sorry two things together Critias and lastly shadow will needs an

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