Samsung Galaxy A12 Unboxing & First Impressions!

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money to get better specs my phone here has four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage for a hundred ninety dollars so this is the follow-up device to the galaxy a11 which came out in early 2020 and this has been a really good phone i’ve been happy with this phone for the price but now for the same price you’re getting the galaxy a12 which has improved battery improved ram a larger screen a better camera system there’s some other goodies as well we’ll talk about throughout the course of the video but let’s go ahead and check out the galaxy a12 this phone comes in four different color options we have white this black color here red and blue alright really excited to check this one out on top we have our phone put that off to the side for a second in the box here have a pair of earbuds here these are the cheapest earbuds samsung offers and any of their phones but it’s nice that they offer them we have a type c to type a charging cable we have a 15 watt fast charging brick great to see a charger in the box have a sim ejection tool all right the star of the show here 6.5 inch display quad camera setup fingerprint sensor on the side i absolutely love this we’ll get into more detail on that later well now let’s go ahead and check out the galaxy a12 wow i’m already loving the look the feel the design of the galaxy a12 over that of the galaxy a11 this a11 is fine but it has this glossy finish to it the a12 has a matte finish also have this cool ridged design on here so very nice and it has a nice solid feel to it it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall out of your hand this gives you a little bit of extra grip on the back here you see we have a quad camera setup opposed to the triple lens setup here on the a11 and we’ll get into those cameras a little bit later in the video but taking a quick tour around the phone itself we have our volume buttons on the top right here we have our power button here on the side with that fingerprint sensor built in absolutely love that on the left here we have our sim tray which happens to be a dual sim setup in addition to having a micro sd card slot nothing else on that left side on the top we have a mic and on the bottom we have a headphone jack type c port and our single bottom firing speaker overall here feels like a really solid phone it is a bit heavier because we have a larger battery in the a12 over the previous generation a11 this is a 5 000 milliamp hour battery opposed to the 4 000 milliamp hour battery but let’s go ahead and jump in to the galaxy a12 all right so our first difference right off the bat here is on the galaxy a12 we have a 6.5 inch display opposed to the 6.4 inch display on the galaxy a11 here on camera it really doesn’t look any different in terms of that screen size the reason that there is a bit of difference is that the a12 is just a little bit larger in size so you can see that size difference there at the top is just a little bit taller and as a result it has a slightly larger display but here’s a look at that 6.5 inch display we have a decently sized chin on the bottom here but overall nice rounded bezels and we have a teardrop design for the front-facing camera here but it doesn’t look as aggressive as some other teardrop designed samsung phones that i’ve previously reviewed on the channel so i’m happy about that it really doesn’t look like it’s going to be all that much intrusive but i’m going to go ahead put my information in the phone and then we can take a much more detailed look at what seems to be a pretty good phone here for the price all right so it’s actually the next day but i’ve been using the galaxy a12 for a little bit here and i’ve been really enjoying this phone so far so starting with the biometrics getting into the phone the fingerprint sensor on the side built into the power button i absolutely love this feature it has been working great so far it is yet to fail on me every single time you just lay your thumb right on the sensor you are right into your phone you can also just press the button and that’ll also just get you in with your thumb on it there is also facial recognition which also works quite well you can see it gets you in every single time so love getting into this phone super quick next thing i want to jump into is just general use and navigation of the phone just going around your home screen and stuff it’s really not going to be that bad it’s pretty smooth but you have to realize that this is a 180 190 dollar phone so there are going to have to be some compromises and probably the biggest compromise is just generally navigating the phone so you can see here that it just is just a little bit sluggish when you’re going through certain things certain animations won’t be as smooth and crisp so just kind of scrolling through here you can see just looking at the comments and stuff it might take a split second for some things to load or when you’re done in a certain app and you want to exit out it might just take a split second longer than some other phones but honestly at the end of the day for general use as i was just generally using it last night for the better part of it it honestly didn’t really affect my overall experience all that much and when you factor in all the other features that this phone packs it is definitely still worth it in my opinion one of those things being the 6.5 inch display so for a phone this inexpensive getting this large of a screen i’m loving this display and honestly this really small teardrop it really hasn’t hindered my experience at all i kind of like that it is just attached to the bezel and to the phone opposed to being a completely separate camera like we have on the galaxy a11 here just makes for an awkward space up in that top corner what are you gonna do with that little bit of space there probably not all too much it’s gonna come down to personal preference but really honestly at the end of the day it really doesn’t make that much of a difference and i’m really enjoying the display experience here on the a12 i do have to mention this is a 720p display similar to that of the galaxy a11 but honestly it is fine for just watching youtube for just doing general use tasks it’s really not a deal breaker especially at this price and i’m really happy that we’re getting some extra screen real estate here on the a12 it may not be noticeable side by side but we are getting around an 85 to 86 screen to body ratio here on the galaxy a12 compared to the galaxy a11 which has around an 81 screen to body ratio getting another similarity out of the way is the audio quality so again did not notice much difference here in the bottom firing speaker of the galaxy a12 compared to that of the a11 just one difference you’ll find is that the headphone jack is on the top on the a11 and it’s on the bottom for the a12 but let’s take a quick listen to that audio to show you that there really isn’t too much difference between the two one improvement we do have on the galaxy a12 here is bluetooth 5 connectivity upgraded from bluetooth 4.2 on the galaxy a11 so that is going to improve our truly wireless earbud or headphone experience here so if you use any sort of galaxy buds this is going to be the phone you definitely want to go with you’re going to be getting that same great bluetooth experience that you would get on any other higher end samsung device another improvement that can’t really be shown on video here but i’ll talk about it is we have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery on the galaxy a12 which is a great bump up in battery size and i have a very small sample size to show you here of that battery in action so i was watching youtube for an hour last night and it took up 10 of the battery one hour and 17 minutes took up 10 of the battery getting at least 10 hours of screen on time 10 hours of watching youtube content i mean that is an excellent battery this is going to last you a few days i love that the batteries are increasing in size on these phones it does make it a bit heavier that’s probably the biggest difference i found initially between this a12 and the a11 is the weight difference this is a very slim and lightweight phone and this does have a bit more weight to it but what i’ve noticed with all these phones increasing the battery size and therefore getting heavier is that you just get used to it and then once you’re used to using this phone and used to how it feels in ways you really just don’t even notice that difference there so i think that’s a good change that is coming to these phones instead of just having a one day battery life we’re getting at least two days or three days to a week if you’re a light user so really happy that this has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery packed in it same as the battery size it’s going to be on the galaxy s21 ultra all right let’s take a look at the gaming performance here on the galaxy a12 i’m just going to boot up stardew valley one of my favorite games to play all right taking a look here at stardew valley there are a couple frame drops here and there but all in all it is completely playable there’s no major lag spikes or anything you can see if you zoom out there’s a couple drop frames but if you’re just doing the basic tasks here it’s really fine and just scrolling through the different tools and stuff and moving around and you can see that it runs well it works well i would say for light gaming this is a great option and then lastly we have the new and improved camera setup here so we have a 48 megapixel wide-angle lens we have a 5 megapixel ultra wide lens and then we have a 2 megapixel macro lens and depth sensor so just quickly jumping into the camera here we have our standard and we also have that wide angle lens we have live focus so you can get that bokeh effect we have standard and also wide angle video and we have a few different additional modes we have pro photo panorama mode macro and food so you can use that macro to get real close to your subject get some more detailed shots see how close you can get to your subject there this isn’t a feature that i really use all that often i’m not sure why they keep putting this into the phones maybe it’s a cheaper camera and it’s just more of an advertising point to say hey there’s four cameras on this phone the main focus is going to be that primary lens but we’ll be testing that over here for the next couple of weeks i’ll be sure to come back with a 12 days later review of this galaxy a12 initially here first impressions i’m very impressed with this phone in terms of performance and just general use there’s really not that much of a difference over the galaxy a11 so i think this galaxy a12 is really just a refinement of that previous generation phone and it’s doing a very good job of it with a larger display a larger battery increased ram which i think is huge the galaxy a11 only had two gigabytes of ram this can be upgradable to six gigabytes of ram have 15 watt fast charging headphone jack fingerprint sensor built into the power button on the side so nice getting into the phone every single time it is a little thicker little heavier but it has an excellent feel a much better much improved feel in the hand with this matte plastic and just this ridge design just gives it a nice feel and for 180 or 190 dollars i can highly recommend the galaxy a12 but what are your thoughts on the samsung galaxy a12 let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video then be sure to give it a thumbs up and please consider subscribing to the shane simon’s youtube channel today as only about 2.7 percent of you are actually subscribed i hope to see you guys around for the next video thanks so much for watching

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