Every Samsung Galaxy A Series Phone Compared! The Ultimate Guide A01 A11 A21 A31 A41 A51 A71

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what’s going on guys my name is wade with tech daily and in this video we’re going to be comparing every single samsung galaxy a series phone that’s been released so far this year we’re only talking about the 2020 releases the latest updates to the a-series devices and even with that stipulation obviously there are a lot of phones here honestly this video could be hours long if i wanted to compare every little detail of each device i don’t really want to do that but instead my purpose here with this video is to just give you guys an overview of each phone i’ll talk about the important stuff we’ll do some side-by-side comparisons and some speed tests and in the end i hope this helps clear up some confusion and ultimately allows you to make an informed purchase decision if you are thinking about any of these phones now i have already done dedicated review videos on each of these devices and i’ll leave those videos linked down below if you want to go more in depth with a specific phone i also have additional speed tests camera tests comparisons and plenty more so i’ll leave a whole library of stuff down below in the video description if there’s anything more you want to see and like always if you guys are interested in doing some comparison shopping of your own or want to buy one of these phones for yourself i’ll also have links down below to where you can get these phones at their cheapest current prices so be sure to check down there for the deals and for a whole bunch more content all right enough talking let’s go ahead and just get into it here so for 2020 at least right now samsung has released seven sort of models or tiers of their a series phones it starts with the a01 then the a11 the a21 a31 a41 a51 and a71 if you’re curious the a61 doesn’t seem to be happening for whatever reason and while last year we did get even higher end models like the a80 and a90 this year those slots have been likely filled already by the s10 lite and note 10 lite this lineup of phones may change probably will but at least right now through summer 2020 this is the structure we have in addition to the seven models of phones samsung also likes to release mid-year updates some slight refreshes and marginally different devices of the same tier which just adds to the confusion you know them as the s updates or e updates like this the a21s this phone is already out even though the regular a21 just came out too and i’m going to include it in this video just because it’s so far ahead of any other s or e updates for 2020 and it’s a really important device that’s available worldwide also samsung does have the a51 5g and a71 5g i unfortunately don’t have either of those phones they are slightly different from the regular a51 and a71 phones but i’m just gonna say this 5g isn’t really worth it right now especially not in the us and for the prices those phones sell for you should just get a flagship device instead they aren’t worth it so like i said for this video we’re sticking with the seven sort of main phones plus the oddball a21s since it’s already out and the first thing you need to know is that like you’d expect the higher the number the more premium device usually there are some specs and features and things that break that rule but that’s basically how this goes so starting off we have the a01 this is the cheapest phone in the lineup with the lowest specs and least amount of features it is available worldwide even on some carriers and prepaid networks here in the us and you should be able to get it for around a hundred dollars next up is the a11 we get a little better specs a few more features and a much bigger display this phone is also available worldwide u.s included and has come to plenty of carriers and prepaid networks as well and this phone sells for between 130 and 150 right now next up is the regular a21 again better specs more features and this is a device that actually is more specifically a us phone it’s widely available from plenty of networks and prepaid services here in the states but not so much worldwide and as far as the price this was a 250 device but has already come down to that 200 range after that we get the a21s now this is an s upgrade it’s based on the a21 but it’s better than the 821 in a lot of ways with a refreshed look new features and this phone is actually more widely available outside of the us interestingly enough this too is about a 200 phone maybe up to 210 or 220 but sort of in the same price range as the regular a21 next up is the a31 and this is where we actually start to see a bigger jump in specs and features this phone unfortunately is another device the us hasn’t really gotten yet it’s mostly an international phone but it comes in at a decent price of around 250 dollars probably the weirdest phone of them all is this the a41 this device is only available in a couple places in europe and the asia and india regions it’s smaller but it offers better specs and it sells for around three hundred dollars after that is the most popular phone of the year the a51 it’s both a us and international device it’s available for everyone pretty much everywhere and it packs a lot for its sub 300 price by the way a lot of people think this is like a 400 phone for some reason it’s not anymore it’s been out for a while and prices have really come down and at the very top here is the a71 this has the best specs and the best features out of the entire a series lineup but you are paying the most obviously usually between 350 and 400 dollars so we are getting up there in price and this phone also is available pretty much everywhere the us included and has been a super popular device already this year so that’s the breakdown of the phones we’ll be talking about the next thing i want to do is talk about the sizes because we have a few interesting things to point out here the a01 is the smallest device in the lineup it’s a 5.7 inch phone it’s actually one of the smallest samsung phones you can get just in general and compared to the much larger 6.4 inch a11 you can really see a difference from the a11 to the a21 we go from 6.4 inches to 6.5 inches now remember we’re only talking about screen size here right now nothing else it doesn’t take into consideration the bezels or chin and the a21 does have some extra bulk all around especially down below which only adds to its size when we bring in the a21s both of these phones the a21 and a21s are technically 6.5 inches that’s their screen size like i said but the a21s is shorter with a smaller body because of its slimmer bezels and less pronounced chin that’s that sort of refined refreshed design i was talking about with this phone jumping up to the a31 we go back down to 6.4 inches though to be honest that 10th of an inch isn’t a big deal either way it’s sort of hard to tell what’s very obvious though is when we move to the a41 this is a 6.1 inch phone with a great screen to body ratio super slim bezels and you can really tell how much smaller this phone is compared to the rest it’s great for folks who like a comfortable phone to use one-handed and if you’re curious here’s actually what it looks like next to the super small a01 both very tiny phones but the a41 has smaller bezels and borders and is a little bigger though not by much moving up to the a51 we’re back to the 6.5 inch screen stacked up against the a41 again you really have a noticeable difference though the a51 still has a pretty small frame and corner to corner screen and last but not least the biggest screen of them all the a71 at 6.7 inches while we mostly have been dealing with 6.4 or 6.5 inch phones going up to 6.7 inches is actually a big jump and just for kicks here’s what the a71 looks like up against the smallest phone the a01 you can really see just how big of a difference that is definitely for two very different types of people who like different phones and here’s also what the a71 looks like next to the a41 i don’t think anyone has really done a hands-on side-by-side comparison since the a41 is so hard to get but there you go again the a41 is sort of a smaller phone but the a71 is really just that big now this is probably the shot you’ve been waiting for here is what they all look like side by side and sort of evenly placed so you can judge their size and to be honest the a01 a41 and a71 really are the phones that are the most different everything else is super close in size when you really get to see them like this taking a look around at everything else i’ll keep things simple here every phone has a headphone jack which is great though the a01 and a11 have theirs on the top while every other device has it on the bottom every phone has one single speaker no stereo sound no matter how much you pay but again things are different with the a01 its speaker is placed sort of on the bottom rear of the phone and every phone in this lineup has usbc for charging and no wireless charging option but there’s one thing i do want to clarify the unlocked international a01 actually has a micro usb port strangely enough while certain us carrier versions of the a01 have usb-c so that’s just a little weird and it kind of depends on which a01 you end up buying and as far as button placements they are all the same basic setup volume and power on every phone with just a little design change here there none of these phones have any bixby buttons or assistant buttons or anything like that and every single a series phone also has expandable storage so you can throw in an sd card with any phone if you want to in regards to the build quality you’re basically dealing with all plastic on every single a series phone but there are some design elements i want to mention starting with the a01 this phone has sort of a matte finish all plastic build with rounded sides it’s plastic everywhere you look and they didn’t try and like hide or disguise anything here it is what it is it’s very obviously plastic jumping up to the a11 we get a similar plastic build with rounded corners and edges but a glossy finish instead of matte with the regular a21 again all plastic but with a slightly different design when we move over to the a21s though things get different again the fit and finish is the same polished shiny plastic but there are some shiny chrome accents and this is also the first phone with that rainbow effect that appears in the right light it’s sort of what samsung is known for now and i do think it adds a little bit of something extra with these phones but you’ll notice that up to this point these phones have had no sort of designs or patterns they’ve basically been one solid color the a31 is the first phone that gets this sort of lined pattern with shapes and everything subtly printed on the plastic it’s tough to see but it’s there and we’re continuing with the rainbow shine again too with this a31 moving on up to the a41 the a51 and a71 all of these phones also have the designs and lined patterns across the back the rainbow finish and a slightly more premium look and feel over the lower end phones like i mentioned already you may find some polished chrome accents especially on the buttons or the frame but again just keep in mind everything is still plastic even with the highest end a51 and a71 you just don’t get any premium glass or metal here at all and none of these phones offer wireless charging and they have no ip or water resistant trading either and that all just stems from the fact that they have that cheaper build as far as the unlocking methods and biometrics we have some differences here with some phones so i’ll just quickly go down the line the a01 only has face unlock there’s no fingerprint reader at all on this phone the a11 has face unlock but it also has a physical fingerprint sensor around the back which you can utilize and that’s something i like it’s a similar setup on the a21 you get face unlock up front for easy access and the rear mounted fingerprint sensor once again that’s fast and secure the a21s again has a similar setup front face unlock with the selfie camera and that rear mounted fingerprint sensor which is great now jumping to the a31 you see we get the same face unlock so no changes there but this phone’s fingerprint sensor is an in-display reader it’s under the front glass towards the bottom not as easy to use as a physical sensor in my opinion but it still works and it’s a nice upgrade and on the other higher end phones it’s the same story so the a41 has face unlock and the in display reader the a51 is the same with the face unlock and under glass fingerprint sensor and obviously the highest end model the a71 also has face unlock and the fingerprint reader under the front glass alright so now let’s get into the important stuff the specs the first important thing you need to know is that with these phones there’s basically two different screen types you’ll see lcd and amoled the a01 a11 a21 and a21s all have lcd screens whether it be ips lcd or samsung’s own pls tft technology either way they’re lcd and actually they’re all the same basic 720p resolution too from the a31 on up you get the better brighter more colorful amoled screen at a higher resolution 1080p and actually the best phone the a71 gets the super amoled plus screen which is even nicer still but generally speaking the amoled displays here are all 1080p resolution with the a31 on up honestly resolution is one thing going from 720 to 1080 is something i think people will notice especially on the bigger phones 1080p screens are sharper and more crisp especially at the larger screen size so if you’re a pixel peeper if you like detail if you find reading text sort of hard on lower resolution screens you’re going to want to jump up to the 1080p displays the higher resolution alone i think is worth it now it’s sort of hard to show on camera unfortunately but the difference between lcd and amoled i think is kind of significant if you care a lot about brightness colors and how your content looks overall amoled screens are generally more vibrant more punchy just more colorful overall with deep blacks and a high saturation and while lcd displays are fine as they are they just don’t offer the same viewing experience for some people it’s not a big deal you may not even be able to tell that much but if screen quality is important to you if you like having the best of the best if you appreciate color and vibrance and all that jazz then you’ll need to go for the a31 or above those higher end phones simply just offer the better viewing experience in regards to their specs each of these phones has a different processor powering it potentially different ram options which i’ll explain in a minute and while you can pretty much bank on performance being better as you ascend up the line there are a few things i want to mention first let me just take a second to explain what’s inside each of these phones so that you have a clear idea the a01 packs the qualcomm snapdragon 439 chipset 2 gigabytes of ram and the choice of either 16 or 32 gigabytes of storage the a11 has the qualcomm snapdragon 450 processor powering it the choice of either two or three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage the regular a21 changes things up a bit with the mediatek helio p35 processor and just one configuration option with three gigabytes of ram and 32 gigabytes of storage the a21s has samsung’s own brand new exynos 850 chipset and a bunch of configuration options including three gigabytes of ram with 32 gigabytes of storage four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage or six gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage with the a31 we’re back with the mediatek helio p65 processor and once again a few configuration options to choose from four gigs of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage four gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage or six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage the a41 also has the mediatek helio p65 processor inside which is kind of interesting and there’s actually only one configuration option here with this phone just four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage and this is just another example why this phone is a little weird you could technically spec out the a31 to be a more powerful phone than this a41 if you wanted even though it is sort of higher up in the lineup with the a51 we start to see a little more higher end specs with samsung’s own exynos 9611 inside and a ton of configuration options to choose from you can get 4 gigabytes of ram with either 64 or 128 gigs of storage six gigabytes of ram with 128 gigs of storage and even eight gigs of ram with the same 128 gigs of storage finally of course the a71 packs the best specs in the lineup with the qualcomm snapdragon 730 chipset but fewer options to choose from just six or eight gigs of ram with both models having 128 gigabytes of storage okay so now that you know what we’re working with here are the antutu benchmark scores for each of these phones obviously as you go up the line they’re going to get better and better with more powerful processors and potentially more ram though like i explained that that’s not always the case depending on how you spec out these phones and when it comes to the real world performance with a speed test here is what we have now as we go up the line the phones do tend to be a little faster the higher you go that’s pretty much expected obviously the a01 is going to be quite a bit slower than the a51 and a71 for example but if you look sort of in the middle with the a21s and the a31 and a41 the difference isn’t always as obvious and i think for a lot of people this might be this sort of real world example they need to see in order to maybe go with the a21s instead of the a31 or be okay with the a31 instead of the a51 a lot of people just tend to be so concerned with which phone is faster and how much faster but the bottom line is more often than not we’re looking at a fraction of a fraction of a second in load time differences there are so many phones that are specked so close together here that the difference is just less and less and we can debate snapdragon versus mediatek versus exynos processors all you want but they aren’t really at the same tier here yes i personally do think snapdragon processors are the best for efficiency and performance i actually think mediatek processors are in second place they’ve really improved this year and samsung still has some work to do with their higher end exynos chipsets though their new budget one is solid if the processor is really that important to you then fine you can pick out a snapdragon chip from a lineup or steer clear from the exynos ones there are plenty of options to choose from obviously but to be honest i’d be more concerned with the ram that’s going to keep those apps loaded that’s going to run those games faster and that’s probably worth the extra money more than trying to get a specific processor if performance is important to you spend the extra money and choose a phone you can spec up to six or eight gigs of ram and by the way all these phones support android 10 and one ui two they’ll all get a couple of years of software updates so if that’s important to you there’s no worries there now one last thing i just want to talk about with performance each one of these phones can play just about any games you want there are a few exceptions like fortnite doesn’t really run all that well on the a21 and lower but most everything else is fine call of duty is great racing games are great these are all 20 20 phones so there’s no issue in what apps work or even how well they work for the most part they’re going to work and everything is going to be more than playable no matter what phone you get the limitation with the a01 for example is if you get the 16 gigabyte of storage model you don’t have a lot of space to work with and that’s why we aren’t seeing this phone perform any longer with only 16 gigs of space i just don’t have any more room for more apps and games unfortunately but it still can game too in game there’s very minimal performance issues with any phone and the biggest difference really is just in initial load times so if gaming is your concern there’s nothing wrong with getting say the a21s or a31 and saving some money it’s going to be just fine and when it comes to battery capacity we actually have some big differences here too the a01 being a smaller phone has a smaller sized battery a 3 000 milliamp capacity but it’s smaller lower res screen and less powerful specs mean it can still last a day and then some on a single charge the a11 bumps things up to a 4 000 milliamp battery which is pretty good the regular a21 also has a 4 000 milliamp capacity the a21s however has a 5 000 milliamp battery inside so a nice bump up there which makes this phone particularly good at lasting a few extra hours it’s the same story with the a31 it too has a 000 milliamp battery the a41 however once again being a smaller sized phone has a smaller battery at 3 500 milliamps and battery life is still good on this phone though obviously the other phones i mentioned earlier with the higher capacity will outlast it the a51 jumps back up to 4 000 milliamps which is good though as we start to get more and more powerful specs in these higher end phones the battery life isn’t as good as say the a21s or a31 and the a71 has a 4500 milliamp battery inside again maybe expecting a little more here but it’s plenty to work with all in all if battery life is important to you i might lean more towards the a21s or a31 they offer the highest capacity with a good mix of mid-range internals and the balance is there to offer a handful of extra hours each day finally let’s talk about the cameras now again i could spend another whole feature length video on this topic but i just want to keep things simple give you an overview of the important specs and features and then offer just a few sample shots so you can get an idea starting with the a01 this phone has a dual lens setup around back with just a 13 megapixel main lens and 2 megapixel depth sensor and up front it has a pretty measly little 5 megapixel selfie camera with the a11 things actually aren’t too much better still a 13 megapixel main lens we do get a 5 megapixel ultra wide lens though in addition to the 2 megapixel depth sensor so a 3 lens setup here and the front is a little better with an 8 megapixel selfie camera the regular a21 now has four lenses around back an improved 16 megapixel main lens 8 megapixel ultra wide an additional 2 megapixel macro lens for super close up pictures and the 2 megapixel depth sensor up front again a similar 13 megapixel selfie camera with the a21s this is where we see the biggest jump and if you’re serious about pictures and videos this is probably where i’d start you get a 48 megapixel main lens 8 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth sensor along with that 13 megapixel selfie camera the a31 again has a similar 48 megapixel main lens and 8 megapixel ultra wide but this time we bump up the specs of the macro to 5 megapixels and the depth sensor also to 5 megapixels and this phone has a significantly better 20 megapixel selfie lens once again we’ve got this weird a41 breaking the pattern with just three lenses around back the 48 megapixel main lens 8 megapixel ultra wide and 5 megapixel depth sensor obviously no macro lens here and a 25 megapixel selfie camera the a51 also has a 48 megapixel main lens but a better 12 megapixel ultra wide along with a 5 megapixel macro and 5 megapixel depth sensor and this time we get a 32 megapixel selfie lens on the best of the best the a71 you get the best lens a 64 megapixel main shooter a 12 megapixel ultra wide lens 5 megapixel macro and 5 megapixel depth sensor along with that 32 megapixel selfie camera now for the most part a lot of these shooting modes and things will be similar on every phone but here are the important bits if you want to shoot 4k video you need to get the a51 or the a71 the rest of the phones don’t support it if you want a dedicated night mode you need to get the a51 or a71 and there are a few other options like super slow-mo and steady video that are only available on the higher end a51 and a71 phones so here are some real world selfie shots both regular selfies and live focus selfies so you can get an idea of what we’re working with with that like i said as we go down the line the shots do tend to get better and better they’re more balanced more detailed with better color that’s just what you can expect though i know pictures can sort of be debated depending on what style color temperature or levels you like again like i said earlier i do have plenty of dedicated camera tests and camera comparison videos for all of these phones already on the channel and i’d suggest you guys check out those videos for more in-depth looks at the shooting capabilities if that’s something that’s really important to you but like i said the a51 and a71 offer far and away the best capabilities and features overall they almost rival a flagship phone though not quite pretty close though the a21s i think is the bare minimum if you want good consistent pictures with decent capabilities but the a31 is where you get also a nice boost too all in all though samsung has greatly improved the pictures and video capabilities on all their budget and mid-range phones this year so that’s really great to see so there you have it every current samsung a series phone compared this was a heck of a video i really hope you guys enjoyed it or at least found it somewhat helpful if you have any questions about these phones if you want to know something specific if there’s a feature or spec or little detail you want to know about ask away in the comments down below i’d love to help out if i can so hopefully you guys did enjoy this video be sure to follow tech daily on twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel if you haven’t already

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