Cape Town Cycle Tour 2021 – Cape Argus Ride – Cape Town Road Cycling Adventure – Kapstadt Rennrad

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Music] so [Music] it takes me about an hour to drive from stellenbosch to cape town it’s half past five i’m early enough i’m gonna meet the guys my pals at seven o’clock so plenty of time easy drive down there grab a coffee get everything ready and off we go there was a little drizzle last night a bit of rain and supposed to be slightly overcast today but no wind in fact very good day for cycling it’s sunday the 14th of march 2021 and today supposed to be the cape town cycle tour but they postponed it to a later date in the year nothing can stop us we are riding we are riding down to the cape peninsula to a fantastic beautiful tour today i’m going to meet a couple of piles now cycling friends looked at all uh out and about i’ll tell you the thousands today we’ll meet the guys at the in front of the cape town city hall i left still in bush quite early five o’clock come base there now five o’clock in the morning good hours drive into cape town get all ready maybe can grab a coffee and then let’s rock and roll let’s do the tour it’s quite crazy really usually today today would be absolutely cape town would be full with cyclists up to 40 000 from all over the world but i hope in autumn we can catch up and enjoy the wipe of the cape town cycle to a woopla this is the center of cape town cbd business district couple of hotels as well five minutes i’m there [Music] the mighty table mountain in front of us here we come to the cape town city hall now over there that’s where i’m meeting my cycle mates this square is actually the starting point of the cape town cycle tour then you shoot out there it’s absolutely packed with cyclists [Music] here are the warriors on wheels how are you they do an amazing job they pull disabled kids around the cape found cycle too amazing it’s a charity check it out warriors on wheels really worth the course elliot true scotsman from edinburgh he didn’t leave he didn’t flee the country copied reasons it’s just his lips here i’ve been here 16 years 16 years now we’re on the argus root original let’s have a quick chat to rihann ryan you are almost ex-professional how how’s it going what what did you do with the sa national championships [Applause] not close to a professional but i there’s some amateur racing yeah road on track and you won the the south african championship i was uh yeah on the track uh in 2009 with the sa championships i won the uh the points race they call it the points wow every few laps four points the guy that accumulates the most points yeah amazing but uh rihanna is uh he’s always out and about every takes every opportunity to go for a bike ride very strong rider [Music] during the argus this is usually the very windy section it’s okay today a bit windy but obviously i got some lester our main guy is sheltering us we just went through fishhook next stop is simon’s town [Music] are you doing well guiding us huh we’re happy with him elliott [Music] i just spoke to elliot the scottish gentleman from edinburgh he used to compete for scotland team gb has a 100 meter sprinter this time 10 20. [Music] all right 65 case done just heading now left then uh directions scarborough and we just decided we’re gonna have a little coffee break as we take it easy today and then all along the beautiful mystic cliffs here to the left you go down to the cape of good hope i just don’t think the weather on the cape argus day is always as pleasant sometimes you can have very hot days 35 up to 40 degrees on a good day you can have extreme winds so 109 kilometers you think ah that’s relatively easy can be tricky do not underestimate this part of the world when it comes down to cycling have you been cycling over 110 kilometers the argos distance these months this is my level 11 is there a competition going on i don’t know if it was but apparently there is there’s one that’s doing it 51 days every day for 30 years consecutive wow that’s serious riding but uh cape town cycle tour trust if you listen to this this man deserves a big price for his efforts when promoting cape town and surrounding and cycling yeah i do my best it’s an austrian american with hot milk please thank you [Music] we just had a nice coffee the bunch here in the up cafe in scarborough now we’re cruising down the good old mystic cliffs enjoy lester paid for the coffee and throw the croissant he was adamant [Music] yeah we’re heading towards nordhook beach [Music] hi guys this is may i introduce you to a local legend dave all the way from the uk but he lives here for how many years 50 odd years 50 odd years but still hasn’t lost his brummie broomy accent he’s a loyal coventry supporter and uh crazy if i may say so crazy cycler young young age of 79 years old 79 years and a little bird told me you cycle about 400 k’s a week which is unbelievable you’re an inspiration dave folks now we’re heading up chapman speak [Music] go [Music] [Applause] we made it chapman speak out bay down there sulker bossy atlantic ocean on this side amazing from chapman’s peak into house bait and now last climb is ahead of us the famous soon bossy my [Music] what an amazing ride with a bunch of legends dennis 36 times cape argos unbelievable guy lester discovered his passion for cycling when he was 50 and now he cycles even more six seven hundred kilometers a week eleventh time eleven times the cape argos this month’s done no words for it then we’ve got elliot from scotland now resident in cape town ex olympic sprinter for scotland well done to you and then obviously the ariane national south african national trek champion and last but not least mr dave from the uk lives here for 50 years 79 years old cycles rough roughly about 400 kilometers a week and i tell you i’m a pretty decent cycler but these guys they’re in shape you would not believe i’ll tell you you need to be a good cycler to keep up with them unbelievable well done everybody it was a pleasure to ride this cape counts i could do it with you guys hope to see you soon everybody take care that’s a wrap from my side all the best and keep on peddling cheers from yeah more or less sunny cape town but pleasant thank you [Music]

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