Mini Dogecoin + Litecoin Miner | Affordable & Profitable – Step By Step Setup

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also really anywhere in an office it is not loud at all it has a decibel level of 35 decibels it doesn’t take much wattage it’s 233 watts so it will not rack up your electrical bill it’s also not going to change the humidity or temperature in your room like the regular traditional huge asic miners and because this one works on the script algorithm it does a thing that is called merged mining which means it mines two different coins at the same time so you’re able to mine litecoin as well as dogecoin now the thing that i’m doing with this miner here and with everything that i have been mining everything just gets accumulated so i’m not really looking at the price of what it earns today i’m really looking at how much of each of these two coins that i am accumulating to the point where whenever litecoin goes back up to over 440 dogecoin getting closer to a dollar then i’ll be looking at possibly selling and getting rid of those coins so this way i can make a really good profit off of this very very small tiny machine now in today’s video we will be just taking a look at this miner i’m also going to show you exactly how you can find the miner on your network how you can attach it to a pool and really everything you need to do this is a step-by-step guide as well as showing you the profits that i’ve made in the last four days now this mini dogecoin miner does come with its own power supply and the power supply on here is rated for 300 watts because this little miner does take up the consumption of 233 the only thing is that it may not come with the plug that you would be looking for inside of your country so all you’d have to do is just go inside of amazon and i’ll actually place all these links below the video as well so this is the one that i would be using if i wanted to plug this one in with this little power adapter here with the power supply but there’s another thing i have linked below the video and that is the 1800 watt power supply so this way you can have that one power supply and you can plug in eight of these miners if you want to now the really only thing you want to take a look at is which outlet or which plug you are using because the traditional american wall outlet i’m going to show you here on the computer so if you have a wall outlet in your house that looks like this you’re able to plug in more than just the standard plug right over here the standard plug is 1800 watts with this one over here with that neutral blade you can go up to 2400 so now let’s take a look around this miner so really the two important things are going to be on the back of this asic miner here so right over here you’re gonna have your power supply and then your ethernet port so all of these asic miners always run off of ethernet it just has a better connection now on this power supply that it is equipped with you can see on the bottom how it has this plug now the one that i’m showing you in today’s video it has actually 10 of these plugs 10 of these power adapters sitting right here so this way you’d be able to plug in up to 10 machines and really all i’m gonna do is probably about six so that just means that this one goes away and then i’d be able to use this one with this wall outlet here or the power supply other than if you would like to use the one that i’m showing in today’s video you will still probably need this plug unless if it comes with it on amazon so now that we had a good look at the mini doge miner i’m going to go through i’m going to plug this one back in so this way it’ll be able to power on and connect to the network one more time so this way we can go to the next steps where it’s the step-by-step installation and connecting it to a pool everything else and then we’ll talk about the website of where you can buy the mini doge miner so the website that i like to use is and you guys probably saw me you know tweeting about this making other videos about this and really the only reason why is just because i like just how quick they are how responsive they are also to the link i’ll be placing below the video is going to be right here this available miners so everything that you see right here if they’re all brand new and there is also secondhand and used ones that you can also get at a smaller discount well anything that is brand new you’ll be able to get them shipped within 24 to 48 hours if you purchase it with bitcoin which is usually how i do that also as well their back end is using coinbase commerce so that’s really the website everybody else uses so any other larger website any of the manufacturers like gold shell themselves use the same back end so here is the gold shell mini doge miner 185 metahash now you can see here the price is just a little bit above a thousand and a lot of people always like to know about the roi and how long it takes to pay off the miner and it really all just depends on the market so whatever litecoin is trading for whatever dogecoin is trading for then that’s really all that matters in terms of you know when you’d be able to get your roi so if it’s a lower market for a while if it’s bear market it’s going to take longer but if it does go up to bull market and let’s say doge gets up to a dollar you’ll be basically paying this thing off uh pretty quick so let’s just scroll down here you can see here that it’s it’s delivery is for end of june so i actually i have a really early version here i was able to get this one right away uh the release date is actually officially july 2021 so here it is the end of june and i already have the mini doge miner from gold shell uh i mean it’s it’s it’s super convenient very small it’s just fun to see you know when you have dogecoin and litecoin coming on in again 185 metahash the power consumption is 233 watts so that power supply that i have is 1800 so you can easily connect eight of these if you want to the the noise level is about 35 decibels which is not loud at all so if my air conditioning is running i don’t hear the machines and the only time i can hear these machines is if i was to go right next to the room of where they’re at even when the door is shut i’d have to just be quiet and listen then i’d be able to hear it there’s two fans that you that you saw on the machine and it is running with ethernet now down here is that processing time so let’s talk about anything that’s in stock it will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours uh then used in secondhand miners will be shipped within five to seven days just so they’d be able to give it another test so now we’ve already taken a good look at the mini doge miner i showed you the website of where you’ll be able to purchase it also showed you additional cables and also power supply of the one that i have here that you can plug in eight different miners into one outlet of your house now we’re gonna head over into the i the advanced ip scanner so i’m gonna show you how you’d be able to add your miner to the network configure it to put it into the correct pool and then also how you can attach it to a pool as well so i use the advanced ip scanner to find it and once you open it up you just hit on ip and then you hit on scan so what you will be looking for is right over here on the left hand side you’re gonna see small little computer you know monitor displays and you’re gonna notice the ones that have this little like black area right here that just means that they are not connected these are a bunch of different asa computers that we have in our mining facility now what you’re looking for is one of these computers i have the blue screen with a little arrow right next to it that arrow allows you to get into the dashboard of whichever manufacturer of the miner that you purchase so in this case it’s going to be gold shell so this right here is going to be that small little arrow that i was talking about and when you take a look at it over here you can see you know shanghai sitting right over there so you know that this one is something that’s from china so as you click on this little down arrow this is where you want to double click on http now once you click on that this is the dashboard of gold shell so so far you’ve only really done one procedure you opened up advanced ip scanner and then you tapped on http underneath the ip or the mac address of your miner so now this is the dashboard you’re able to see that it is running it is connected here uh it’s running at that 180 you know meta hash that it’s supposed to do which is supposed to be 185. now sometimes you might see this thing go down to like you know 160 all the way up to 211 so it really kind of goes up and down so what you will be looking for here is on the very top where it says unlock so this is because you want to change a configuration of the miner so once you hit on unlock then right away you’re gonna see user is admin password is one two three four five six seven eight nine now this is for every single miner right away uh some of the other manufacturers which let’s say you know canon uh or canon would be basically root and root but you always want to change your password after you get inside of here so the password again is one through nine and you just hit on unlock so here we go we’re right back in the dashboard you can see that i can i can lock it back up but what you want to do is once you have it unlocked you’re going to hit on minor now once you hit on minor this is the one area you want to go to where it says pool settings so inside of pool settings there is one that was automatically sitting there which is this right here and there’s probably a little bit blurred out but this was the original one that was active and it put me inside of dx pool well i wanted to use the f2 pool so i had to add in a brand new one so this is where you go inside of add now once you have added it in uh what you’d be able to do is is gold shell made it super simple where you can just hit f2 pool or you can hit dx pool so here we go we put in the f2 pool and just as example let’s say that we go inside of the f2 pool website if you scroll down uh really what you want to do is you know you create your account right up over here it originally starts off with bitcoin but you do want to move this over into litecoin because again this one is script algorithm mining litecoin and dogecoin at the exact same time so now that you’ve chosen litecoin you’re just gonna scroll down and this is where it shows your pool that you should be going inside so you can just simply hit on copy now if you’re in china you have this one right here if you’re in europe you have this one right here but because we’re in in north america you hit on copy this is only if the asic computer that you’re plugging in does not automatically have a few of these already plugged into its dashboard so again this step you don’t have to do because gold shell did it for you just by hitting f2 pool then this where you put in your username and password so you know this is going to be pertaining to to yourself i can’t really show this here now the other thing that you can go into is inside of system and this is where you can change your password if you wanted to so now that you have gone through and you’ve added in your pool you might see it sitting on the bottom it is not active if it’s sitting on the bottom so this is where you do a drag and drop so this little active one right here this is the one this is the pool that i’m in right now basically all i did was once i added it in i did a drag and drop and i brought it to the very top once you’re finished hit unlock and now that you are locked in you’d be able to take a look at your dashboard you can see that you are running you’re up and going and also too again once you go inside of here the step is to unlock it go to minor add in the pool hit lock and then you’d be able to head right back over inside of your your pool right here which again we are using f2 pool so i hope i’m not going too fast there’s really not too many steps it’s really just a couple steps now when you go inside of workers this is one of the tabs you can take a look at you can see that for the last 15 minutes we’re going at a hash rate of 85 metahash and again it’s just it’s just catching up it’s just going this one was sitting at zero so as you know time goes on give another 15 minutes it’s going to be higher you can see this is the the hash rate that we should be at which is 185 metahash it’s exactly what it’s showing on the website again 185 metahash is what we’re sitting at right here that’s also what we’re sitting here actually we’re sitting right around 200 at this moment and that’s really about it when it comes down into setting it up into a pool so this is the pool i’m using f2 pool you go inside of litecoin uh the nice thing again is that the the gold shell dashboard automatically already had it there so now let’s talk about the revenue so here is the revenue that i’ve done for the last four days now the one thing you’ll notice is that the difficulty level for the last two days has gone down by 23 and the main reason for that is just because of all the mining farms that’s out in china that got basically shut down and so because there is less computers less miners working on these that means the block times because there’s less ace of computers the block times are now taking longer so they had to to decrease the difficulty so this means that the amount of miners that are online now they they’re they can only work so hard and because the block times have to be finished at the same time it’s it’s now a lot simpler so again there’s less miners working right now together so they have to make it simpler to again hit that exact same block time and so the total revenue out of the last four days was point zero litecoins and i also just got paid this right now right before shooting this video because i hit the threshold of .02 litecoin it pushed off its payment so this is just talking about the the today’s estimated revenue and it’s only because it just started back up because i just plugged it back in um but we’ve done very well so far so this is what we’ve done on the 25th it was .0042 on the 26 that was .0046 yesterday was .005 and then here we go .006 so i got a feeling that we’re going to be sitting right around the .005 0.006 on pretty much the average every day and it might even go up just because you know the the hash rate all around the world because china being shut down uh you know is is helping us out achieve more in terms of the rewards so right down here this is the doge revenue rewards now we are making more off of doge obviously it’s a mini doge miner so litecoin this is just free money this is just money coming on in uh and here we go on on day one we earned 10.4 doge the next day was 12.2 9.7 and then 11.9 and this is what we did just today so when you take a look at some of these numbers you know 11 9 12 10 this is just a little bit above 40 this is about 42 44 doge something like that it might not sound like too much and especially in today’s market where it might be trading somewhere around 24 cents but when this thing goes back up to a dollar let’s say that means that this entire time all the way up until that moment i just made ten dollars today twelve dollars that day nine dollars that day eleven dollars that day and if it’s going to take 200 days for doge to get up to a dollar i’m accumulating all of this stuff for 200 days which is going to be a a pretty good lump sum check here to actually pay off this minor here i didn’t really go through the math you guys can do the math yourself i’m not really looking at this as again monetary value per day i’m just looking at it as me accumulating doge accumulating light coin it’s going to be mining for several years i don’t even have to look at these numbers every single day and at some point i’ll just be looking at my account with a bunch of doge a bunch of light coins sitting in there waiting for litecoin again to go above 440 and doge getting closer to 80 cents to a dollar so this right here has been the revenue after four days so you guys uh this is basically it this is a 100 full transparency uh 100 step by step of how to get your mini doge miner online where you can purchase it uh and that’s really pretty much about it for today’s video everything will be linked below the video if you guys do have any questions you guys can write comments reach out what would i suggest in terms of how many of these to purchase i would state that if you are getting that that power supply that you’d be able to plug in a total of 10 different small little miners if you have the the wall outlet with that little neutral blade right over here you can easily plug in all 10 if not then you’d be able to stay right over here and you’d be able to plug in like eight of them and that’s going to do a really good job mining doge as well as litecoin but i hope you guys have liked this video if you did please give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to hit subscribe subscribe in the very bottom left-hand side and also too if you like this video then you also like the other video on the other side possibly where i’m talking about the kd box that is very very very similar to this one and i’ll see you guys later

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