Farmers World Daily Dose of Info | Market Analysis / Comparison | How To Do Bundle Sells on AH

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Transcript hey hey hey everybody overseas madman here coming at you all with another video um so there are a few things that i’d like to talk about for today um first things first let me just go ahead and get my bomb cryptos running again uh they’re slacking um i’m actually really happy with some of the recent updates that they’ve made onto their server for bomb crypto and i’ll go ahead and show some of those things in a second if the server’s not offline oh the bar is kind of yeah it looks like their server is actually offline right now so never mind ladies and gentlemen never mind but they did add a feature to where you can click a button and make all of your workers sleep or make all of your workers work which i find super super awesome um i think that’s nice because sometimes i go and i set my gpu acceleration turned to off in chrome and then i have to go into nvidia control panel as well because i feel like some of these games feel like they have a right to my gpu and my cpu and i’m like no no no no you guys are not going to be eating up all my resources so i set my affinity to maybe like two or four cores for each instance of chrome that you know it’s operating on so like each one of these bomb crypto instances i can actually go into my command prompt or i can go into the task manager and set their respective resources um so i find that.

    Quite interesting um farmer’s world all right let’s talk about farmer’s world that’s the most important thing to talk about right now um let me just go ahead i’m gonna give you guys a couple tips really.

    Quickly here because i’ve had a lot of people asking me this about how to sell something in bundles so ladies and gentlemen boys and girls if you want to sell something in bundles on the atomic hub marketplace you just click on the item you want to do it for you click list on market right just follow these easy steps very easy steps and then you just hit add more that’s all you have to do and you can just add all that you want and i’ll teach you another trick here if you click on the first item and you hold shift if you hold shift on your keyboard and then you click on another item it’ll automatically select all of them for you and if you only want you know a certain amount maybe you clicked one too many you can hold ctrl and unclick it hold control and unclick it so to unselect all of these i would click here and then i click shift again well maybe not either way i’m not too worried about that but if you do want to select multiple ones at once so you could see you have three rows of four you’re like okay i want to sell 12.

    bam no wait i only want to sell 11.

    hold control and undo it this is the easiest way to list them onto the market um i think that this is super beneficial for you to create a bundle and then price them individually and then add them all together and sell that bundle it makes it so much easier when you’re trying to buy or sell farmers coins i really appreciate when people do that okay so next things next wood is pumping right now ladies and gentlemen i don’t want to say like it’s pumping because i mean the numbers are still pretty low but wood itself is doing pretty well it’s had a very good run lately it’s been pushed above point one and it hit point one five point um almost point two the other day maybe a little bit above point two i’m sure someone did sell one at point two um most likely or right at that range before 0.2 you know 0.19 0.195 something like that and yeah so wood’s doing really good today i did end up selling a little bit of it i don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying it when it’s really low and then reselling it um that’s just the way the market works that’s the way the cookie crumbles ladies and gentlemen we need to make money we’re only playing these games to make money and that’s pretty much it maybe other people are playing it for some sort of farming nostalgia but me personally i play these games to make money that’s the whole point of these crypto games is to generate revenue okay that’s the thing so don’t get mad at other people because they’re taking advantage of the market this is completely okay like you can go over here and check that people are starting to sell large numbers of it and people are still buying you know uh people are selling right now because the fact that they’re going to get more return on it than when they you know we’re holding at 0.08 there’s no reason to um sell any lower you know if it goes to this price and you bought it .08 or you farmed it at .08 now you’ve pretty much doubled your money okay that’s that’s a big thing okay so ladies and gentlemen there’s another thing i’d like to talk about really.

    Quickly here so i went ahead and i released another drop my first drop went like that just immediately and people were pretty sour uh a couple people thought that some bots got it but i did go ahead and i tracked all the ids down it doesn’t look like any botting action went on um so yeah i went ahead and dropped a second drop i waited a very long time okay so i set the drop to open up at 11 am my time but i did not allow people to click the keyed link until 20 minutes after the reason why i did this is it reduces the chance for bots and it makes people think that maybe i’m not active and the people that you know are getting ready to put the secret key into their bot um i don’t even know if that’s the case with my collection it wouldn’t really make that much sense for a bot to be picking these things up um my white list should be coming sometime in the future i went ahead and already submitted all of my information to atomic hub to get my project whitelisted to make it more credible to you know verify me as a person obviously i can verify myself you know i had to like do some backlinks on my youtube profile all kinds of things it was super easy so to all the people that managed to get one of them including my girlfriend she got the second mint number somebody beat her to the first one and it’s like i sent the key link at the same time on discord so she immediately clicked it because she knew i was sending it i didn’t send it to her early because i feel like that’s kind of wrong um but yeah so that’s what happened here i went ahead and made this nft and yes i did create this nft i used a load of tools to make it um this is my face on a character that was generated uh everything about this thing was created by me there could be like a little bit of automation behind it but that’s just how a lot of these tools work um that’s why they’re so powerful like the new 2022 or 2021 photoshop is amazing you can do some really awesome things with that if we go over here and go to my drop and let’s just take a peek at what happened um let’s just click on the item itself so this is my collection i’m still working on the collection id i created this in photoshop in about 25 30 minutes uh i didn’t really spend like a huge amount of time on the image but i i like it it looks really cool it’s got like this really cool frosty effect to it um i have all the information about my collection and this is the actual nft that i created for everybody uh i put a lot more time into this one than the first one that i did it’s animated uh i don’t remember how many frames it is but it is a pretty good amount of frames probably like 30 or 40 frames so yeah i think that this this nft is really cool um i’m actually working on learning this other program called metahuman um so metahuman is very interesting it’s i believe powered by the unreal engine or like you can do some importing um with this tool into unreal so i think this is absolutely awesome so i’m going to try to learn my best on this one it doesn’t look like you can like import any template ids for your face or anything like that i’m not going to ramble on too much if you guys want to check out any of these things let me know i’ll give you some links to it and another interesting thing that i’d like to show you all is let me pull up my phone really.

    Quickly here um i’ll pull up the page first and then i’ll show you on my phone one second one second okay so there’s a follower on my channel that has created an application for farmer’s world for your phone ladies and gentlemen a standalone application he’s still got a lot of stuff to do on it um he sent it to me a little bit early so if you do download this tool now please don’t like criticize the guy um he just you know did this recently he’s still got all kinds of updates i’ve already sent him feedback reports like you know he had a couple of spelling mistakes which he’s already fixed in the unlive version um you know i just told him a couple different things like the farmer’s world uh food value and the wood value were in the wrong places like as you can see on my app um but yeah so the app is available for the phone you can also set up alerts okay you can set timers to alert you when it’s time for you to farm again and he’s also got the atomic hub and it’ll tell you the prices of like all the tools it takes a second to populate but that is super awesome like this guy is really cool um it looks like he’s got a lot more to import it looks like he’s only got the wood tools at the moment but this is awesome i think that being able to have something like this on your phone and being able to monitor it on the go and getting alerts for it that’s super wicked and i support this guy all the way that’s why i’m talking about his tool right now so please ladies and gentlemen if you do download it give the guys some time to update it a little bit um this is only release one and it’s clearly a beta he’s gonna have a monitor coming in soon to where you can look on the monitor and track like individual profits um so yeah just wait around for that this guy is really cool i really enjoy talking with this guy um yeah so i just figured i’d shout him out a little bit shout out his tool but everyone please please please bear with the guy let him fix it let him update it we’ve already talked about some of the problems that it’s had and he’s already you know um going to push a release soon he’s actively working on it i think this is just a project he wanted to try out it looks like he’s got a couple other things going on i’m not too sure i didn’t look at those other projects but this is the only one i’m interested in but yeah okay so ladies and gentlemen let’s go over a couple of the prices we’ll talk about some other things we’ll go and look on the test net really.

    Quickly and yeah we’ll just go ahead and get right into it first things first let me pull my discord into my other screen and check one of my messages because one of my irl friends is messaging me um it does look like he’s gonna be coming over to my house soon okay all right so he is gonna be coming over soon we’re gonna be talking about some of these crypto games he’s super interested in getting started in one of them um okay first things first let’s talk about the current prices in farmer’s world all right so let’s go over to the market and let’s just look at what’s happened in the last seven days and in the last 24 hours so in seven days food and wood have had roughly the same percent increase gold’s been kind of static around point zero nine to point one two it hasn’t really had that much of a change 6.8 percent in the last day but woods had 16.3 percent in the last 24 hours the volume’s coming up again um the amount of volume for just one of these tokens is more than any other token on the marketplace okay so like alien worlds is 931 000 wax it doesn’t even compare to farmers world food this is the things that make me feel more confident in the project and they’re also listed on multiple different exchanges so with that being said this thing is not going anywhere anytime soon i think that it’s only going to further expand oh man there’s a mosquito trying to get me and i got it i swear mr miyagi has infused me with the power of waxing on and waxing off these mosquitoes okay so with all of that being said about farmers world and the current market um let’s just go take a peek at what’s going on on maybe the test net um let’s just see if anything has been going on i haven’t been tracking their test net movements lately i’ve been a little busy tracking other things that i can’t pull up but it is good it makes me feel much better about the project uh okay so let’s go over to the tested blocks and it does look like some things are going on right now they they’re doing all kinds of different things they’re testing different features from the fifth um a lot of stuff happened on the fifth some stuff is happening on the six and i can only imagine on the fourth as well um yeah so that’s not really that much to worry about i do think that they’re actively doing things they haven’t i’m going to reiterate this many times but i don’t think that they’ve abandoned anything at all um they’re constantly working on things people just need to relax a little bit the tokens have been more stable than they’ve ever been before this is the least volatile i’ve ever seen these tokens the least volatile i’m not even kidding like the volatility when it was at the all-time high was disgusting and when the game first came out the volatility was super disgusting because it hasn’t set on anything yet there’s no stability there was only so many thousands of token holders now there’s like 60 000 token holders um okay so let’s go ahead and look at a little bit of a price analysis according to other projects and let’s kind of compare them over to what’s going on with farmer’s world because i know a lot of you are also interested and involved in the binance smart chain projects so let’s go ahead and pull up crypto cars let’s get their token pulled up um we will go ahead and get crypto planes token pulled up oops and we will get the bom coin token pulled up okay so this is something that i’ve noticed lately that’s been really trendy between all of these projects they’ve all following the same patterns all of them follow the same patterns completely it is very strange to look at but this is just how it works um if we go into let’s see maybe the one day chart we’ll check on crypto cars in just a second it is trending back up as we speak they’ve been releasing loads of new updates loads of new updates so like the same thing with bomb crypto it dropped down to like really low the other day um i think it’s bottom price let’s click in the seven day margin oh my goodness it was 1.6 cents and now it’s back up to 2.4 obviously we’ve seen it much higher than that we’ve seen it peak around eight dollars in 863 um so yeah i mean this this is obviously something that’s going on right now but this is something that i wanted to check out and you know just kind of monitor some of these trends all right so if we go over to the alcor exchange it’s the same thing that’s going on with most of these projects right now it seems like when one project starts to rise on even different chains they all start to do the same style of pattern um this is interconnected movements and this is also with the bitcoin price tanking right now like bitcoin itself has had a like a very huge retraction in the last like seven days i mean look at the dump that it’s had okay this is something to be expected though like uh i’ve been expecting this to happen for a while now and honestly if i had a little bit more money i’d wait for this thing to dump down a little bit more uh and it’s gonna repeat i mean if you just go to year to date this token is 100 up from year to date okay uh well maybe not now but it is okay so like this token is constantly increasing and i shouldn’t call it a token bitcoin itself is constantly increasing every single year same as ethereum um these this is just like the standards this is the gold standard of the market but even with bitcoin tanking right now and taking a huge hit the markets surrounding it have not been seeing that much of a huge drastic change i mean wax has a little bit but the farmer’s world tokens are compensating for that it seems like as wax goes down in most cases um the price of the token starts to go up uh like you can look at that right here on the chart like almost all of these things are interconnected it’s super interesting to look at this stuff and to see how the whole market communicates with each other and it’s all based on utility uh connection users volume because a lot of people that are into these projects that are really high up the people that most of us like to call wells um they have the biggest influence on what’s going to happen a lot of them have a large amount of assets and when they dump them or buy them or they’re moving things around this causes dramatic shifts in the entire market it could only be one or two percent but that is huge okay one or two percent is huge and you we’re dealing with six percent and up on many different cryptocurrencies so these are some things to look into everyone should be interested in all of these things we need to track the volume of tokens we need to track the trending history and the trending future well i should say the projective future um but like i think all the projects are starting to have a little bit of a return crypto cars has been really really butchered lately and i think this is mostly because of dramatic changes and also you know the inter connectedness that we’ve been talking about with other projects but crypto guards has taken a complete dump in the price all right so crypto guards is like nine bucks 10 bucks and it’s like a dollar now or something like that let me go to that crypto guards all right so i mean it’s at 233 right now the all-time peak um we’ll just go to three months even though it hasn’t been out that long was 10.61 cents okay so that that’s crazy that’s a huge retraction all right uh but it is starting to come back again and these are some things that you need to keep in mind when coins first come out they usually pump and they usually dump that’s just to be expected i tried buying the out of this coin when it first come out but i could not get it i was super disappointed i even said it’s extraordinarily high gas fees i’ll leave it at that just to try to get my position wasn’t happening and then when it got up to like you know eight bucks or something i was like the hell with it i was like i’m not even interested in it because i know it’s gonna dump and okay so another project i’d like to talk about um if you guys are involved the bomb crypto they do have another one coming out called space crypto dot io i know i’ve talked about this before so it is coming soon i don’t know when it’s coming i’m sure if i go into their discord we could probably go and check some of that stuff out let me go ahead and do that now i do have space crypto discord um let’s just go ahead and check it out it looks like they’re going to have the closed beta in about one day um i didn’t sign up for the closed beta i’m not really that interested in playing games on the test net i don’t know if it’s even rewarding or not it could be it might be nice to know the mechanics of the game but other people are going to do that for me and then i’ll be able to go and read about it later so i’m not really that worried about it neither should any of you be if you do want to get into it go ahead um if any of you guys missed a chance to get into this project early that’s all right um the price has been pretty stable let me see let me see space crypto the price right now is a dollar nine it’s actually down about five point seven percent that’s really not that bad considering let me just go to the seven day chart it came out at like a dollar five or a dollar seven i think oh no no like there’s record of it being point two or something but either way this is a pretty good project i think to get into especially since it’s endorsed by bomb crypto bomb crypto is absolutely amazing like i said i’m not partnered i’m not sponsored shipped by any of these projects i just like to talk about them this is the whole point of me coming on here is to talk about as many projects as possible obviously i primarily want to focus on farmer’s world because that’s like where my my main focus is at the moment and i really enjoy that project the most but diversified ladies and gentlemen a little bit of saliva coming out diversify ladies and gentlemen do not be scared to diversify into other projects if you have a thousand dollars to jump onto projects don’t just dump a thousand dollars into one project okay you should break it down into parts and assess the risk analysis do a little bit of a risk check check the volatility of the market see where it’s been kind of educate yourself on where you think it’s going to go get into the communities join their discords read the announcements go to the chat channels see what people are talking about this is how you make gains in these markets everything is based off of the communities it’s based off of a bunch of different metrics that we have to keep in account and the last thing that i’d like to mention um i did end up finding a github project that i found was very awesome it’s very badass um i’m also in another discord that tracks the prices of crypt crypto coins but i was curious if any of you know anything about javascript can one of you guys help me out and maybe put the um atomic i mean i’m sorry the alcor api into it like the coin tokens are ids are 104 105 and 106.

    i would really like to have these backed by the wax value and show up in my discord you know at the top right um i think that this would be very good for everyone to be able to keep track of some of these things just let me know like i said someone’s already got it here i tried compiling it as the basic code and i was having problems with the uh the node.js i don’t know why but i couldn’t get it to work maybe i can pull up in the folder um i’ll pull open the folder it’s called the cryptocurrency status discord master i’m not going to open up the template because i do actively have um let me just open this right here i do have some api keys in there that i don’t want people to have oops cd okay so i i go into here i go npm install let’s just see what happens let’s take a peek come on maybe i need to run it as administrator i don’t know and then i go npm start and once i do this i’m pretty sure i get all kinds of problems okay so i do get kinds of problems here i don’t know why um like i said i’m not really too big into this stuff it says i have a problem at object dot anonymous um node modules discord.js source rest rest manager.js uh line five i think something 20.

    i’ll have to go and check some of this stuff out like i said i don’t know that much about some of these things i can learn it pretty.


    Quickly i’m just pretty strapped for time um i do have a lot of other things going on but ladies and gentlemen with all that being said congratulations to all the winners that managed to claim one of my drops um i found the method that i did was very interesting i felt like it was very counter like very good about counteracting the possibility that someone was using a bot to claim my drops in the future i kind of want to set up two style of drops i want to set them regionally based and i’m only going to hand out certain keys to certain regions and i want to be able to track those i’ll have to set up like reactions in my discord but my discord is coming along pretty well i need to set up some more um discussion channels but people that have my tokens are getting pushed the um the roles i do have all the roles set up i have honeycomb involved on my server i do have to pay for honeycomb it’s not that expensive i think it’s going to be like 10 or maybe 20 a month probably less than that because i don’t have that many members and i also don’t have that many templates and collections that i’m following but so as you can see i can click on someone and i can see that this person my buddy fred is holding the osm og holder this one’s holding the same thing uh a couple other people do have some more than that um like i said i could go into the roles themselves and like check out the members but a lot of people like this person um i think this is resa yeah yeah osm og holder and giveaway token and here in a little bit my honeycomb should update the role soon and give people the new one um there are some people that have the uh let me scroll down maybe to offline members let me see so there are definitely some people that are holding my collectible number one token and collectible number two token should get posted onto the bot soon i’ve all of a sudden had decided to open up certain channels um like if you go into the farmer’s world game section it has all the necessary links it has my reference link all other social mediums where to go for certain things like alerts um announcements are going to be getting here or will be pushed to this channel so people that are not in the farmer’s world discord maybe you guys got banned maybe you’re just not in it they will be pushed here and then tools i’m still updating some tools i’m going to put all kinds of different things and resources in here and this is the same for the wax alerts and everything like that i went ahead and manually posted this one here i need to figure out why it didn’t call to the server even though i have updated the announcements to this channel for some reason it doesn’t always pull it and the verify channel so ladies and gentlemen if you want to verify your discord to your wax wallet address you just need to go into here and follow the instructions if you haven’t done it before you just send this message to the bot it’s dot honeycomb and you send it to the bot okay once you do that you send it to the bot and it will give you some instructions on how to get started and that’s all you need to do okay this is all you need to do and you’ll be able to link your wax wallet once your wax wall is linked some more things are going to be happening for people in the future um like i said i can actually generate a white list result based on who’s holding certain tokens um let me just pull open the tab now uh i don’t remember the exact command so i’ll just go pull open that now just to show a little bit of a demonstration about how some of this stuff works it’s super badass um you guys should go and check out 6 p.m if you if you you know want to check out their channels and their discord let me know i can go ahead and send an invite link to their server um so like to generate a white list let’s see where is it where is it oh lord have mercy on my soul it seems like this is always what happens to me when i want to talk about something i should have had it resourced up beforehand okay so i can go like this dot white list in discord let me go back into my discord channel and i do have a command for these things i got the honeycomb spam command and i can just go like this dot white list and then i can type in um osm giveaway holder if i go like this it should generate me a list um right now only 12 people have went ahead and authenticated their discord to the thing so as you can see i can generate whitelist very easily for people that are holding these giveaway tokens um i also have a friend that’s got that tool like i said pop and stock has made this tool for me i think he’s updated it already for me um let me just go ahead and check that out let’s see if he did okay so i can turn off.

    Quantities osm giveaway token and i can just go here and boom i can copy all of them right into the wheel obviously not my id i don’t want my id in there because i’m only holding tokens to push to other people and so yeah so like i literally just come over here and copy and boom get them ready and everyone that’s got a token can automatically participate in my giveaways i feel like it’s nice to reward people this way because they’ve already participated i like to show my support for other people showing their support back to me so yeah ladies and gentlemen i’m gonna go ahead and kick this video off now i love you all look forward to more collections coming out or not collections i’m sorry i look forward to more items that i’m going to be pushing out they will have some sort of value into the future um i’m still planning all those things out right now it takes me some time i’m only one person um well maybe sometimes more than one i think i got a little things going on upstairs but anyways ladies and gentlemen i love you all i’ll say it again i’ll say it every time thank you so much for being here and look forward to my live stream i think either today or or not today but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow i will be announcing a time and i will be doing a live stream giveaway um the girlfriend is going to be coming home in a couple days i think tomorrow or the day after as well so i want to get another food stream going uh or like a charitable event stream going where i go and i you know donate some stuff food uh necessities all kinds of different things

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