New NFT Game – Bomb Crypto EP1 (Bomberman-Like Game)! Earn P2,000 a day? Let us check!

68,491 viewsOct 1, 2021

Transcript hello guys good evening good day senor another uh new nft game so again disclosure uh invest at your own risk not this is just me no trying these nft games now so for educational uh informational and sharing you my my journey as i go through no and doesn’t mean you should follow me or she should take my uh video as an advice no so make sure do your own research invest if you if ever again that’s only what you can afford to lose because and though there’s no guarantee here you know so make sure to check my other videos now if you want to uh create a financial solid financial plan though especially crypto and nfp is just you know a part of your overall financial planner so make sure to check my other videos now and for now uh this is the new one uh [Music] september 3rd islam and their coin is bitcoin from bitcoin so so let’s try to mean no summa 100 bitcoin no so your house i think dieto charging someone sat in charging battle modes or road map so this is a hero marketplace in.

    Quarter four so let’s check now let’s check uh use uh if you need a roadblock criteria but for this you know yeah wrong spelling than an octave so sasha we need at least one also that’s one hundred mega point three so let’s check see who we are yo what care why why why they like that so let’s refresh my i o b coin in pertinent when dt [Music] you can check here no doubles is the founder of the game that’ll post a coin itself token tracker’s bitcoin so just have to copy here at acosta i number coins oh let’s trade also 100 bitcoin no point thirty foreign so let’s check up away let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go play for me mending process waiting waiting waiting so guys so hopefully my improved nah no you wanna milano so thank you lord yeah and so private upgrade next update so [Music] [Music] so how foreign i earn okay [Music] oh just amazing rare out of the thing so hopefully apparently works in our hunting [Music] [Music] hopefully [Music] if you want to end the gymus and you know you’re not in the needle we’re gonna leave me there next up i think they’re mining [Music] [Music] can um [Music] [Music] automatically be [Music] investment for 10 years the 10 heroes 10 characters [.

    Applause] foreign [.

    Applause] [.

    Applause] m so heroes will not recover mana while in active state heroes retain their guidance then be coincidental [Music] so point for bnb so pugby point for bnb youngest one [.

    Applause] [Music] [.

    Applause] now [Music] [.

    Applause] so what outstanding about bomb crypto to attract players can play iron right after the game is released classic casual game or new niche in blockchain okay so bomb squad spiderman same game squad [.

    Applause] 10 years of experience in game development marketing security from google experts what end bitcoin 10 bitcoin how minimum to join what kind of person [Music] [.

    Applause] man delay [Music] we wish to collect bomber heroes by a rescue buying shop or auction in marketplace so bomber heroes have five destructive movements video energy [Music] [Music] hero’s maximum level is 10 10.


    [Music] so house someone’s coming in [Music] but you should own it so if you want faster restoration of energy in hero so you need the house for phase one you don’t have marketplace game mode so treasure hunting you send the mining airs to plant bombs to destroy blocks find bitcoin and rescue heroes automatically in treasure hunt modes players can send bomber heroes to mining areas to plant bombs and the three blocks for maximum 15 heroes so we have 10 diva these heroes can work automatically without the need for play to be present at all time allowing the player to save time for the other tasks okay so i think in a hanukkah these heroes can work automatically without the need for players to present to be present all the time so auto auto gaming so you story mode yeah.

    Quarter four button mode.

    Quarter two so bitcoin so under uh depth plenty no audited by very chains though so for me now coin sniper let’s check uh okay [Music] we bought both generals so made this cordzilla let’s join telegram [Music] okay [Music] no confirmed so yeah confirming just to be for that time no being with you guys uh uh bitcoin bomber coin so 2.6 now i know wow pesos foreign foreign gleaming hero one two three four five by often six seven eight nine ten hold on you say [Music] for there [Music] how to clean dubai foreign you nothing so check nothing more discussions you know my nice what happened so [Music] [Music] [Music] [.

    Applause] [Music] uh if you want to try this so now for based on my initial competition so check that out bump crypto so again uh do your own research check my home suitable for you again invest only what you can afford to lose so good luck saturn thank you guys see you in the next update thank you [Music] [Music] just a disclosure past performance is not indicative of future results you could lose some or all of your invested money buying and selling bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies nfts extremely volatile and not be suitable for all people as the price can change drastically in a short amount of time never risk more than you can afford to lose invest at your own risk do your own research and this is not a financial

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