CyptoTaxis NFT Game Review – Rent Taxis. Drive Taxis. Earn $CTAX!

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Transcript hello guys welcome again for another video so for the day it’s crypto taxes but before we start i’ve already reviewed the disclaimer this is not the financial investment advice do your own research invest at your own risk guys now so this is crypto taxis and this is for educational entertainment purposes only so again the plane script guard script the ship skip to trains crypto horses crypto taxis before we do our review okay my driver’s license [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] renter taxis [Music] ernst tax [Music] oh yes [Music] [Music] language foreign [Music] my language so website features so we have the marketplace again the plate turn and carson’s taking and so that’s a stage two no palatal so that lunch taking system marketing driving license plating and driving license not to operate for for others it’s fuel triple nfc games device fuel or something the pattern burning mechanism to play the game so stage four we have mini games taxi burning system group missions and metaverse participation so i think stage one top and pre-sale unique reported statement stage so compared with other games 40 plus long 50 it was 60 percent which is a good thing i think so i think that’s the the company name connection bolivia santa cruz bolivia they’re from bolivia okay so creative directors from koluna marketing check that and i’ll see mario and so he’s saying not available no simario so they played in pancake swap and that factory i think that’s the company name though yeah let’s check that then pre-sales the factory team so one employee 14 followers so uh good news and they’ll be able to take for the taxes all of the drivers will be able to generate tax with their vehicles ongoing napalano ongoing available crypto taxis the breeding system available in our underwater marketplace release tomorrow december 31.

    so one day left marketplace opening so me breathing that in nice sold out so driving license plate a click turn game in which you can participate by owning taxes or driving them with driver’s license so again the same concept with other games and kept the cars with the planes if those ships not the game has taxes of different.

    Qualities so being the higher.

    Quality director profitability smart contracts web 20 21 721 for the nfd tokens and will be deployed in bse again smart smart chain so the air oraque el dincano to balance the cost and rewards to current value of the token dollars so so including the stable rewards in bad times and in good times bronze so taxi 100.

    stop resale 2 star silver 200.

    young black giant 5 star 500 so this generate will more or less prove it depending on the.

    Quality they have so many repair costs in china depending on the damage because it could be ten percent probability and the repair cost will be five in-game tokens so again it’s the same concept actually cryptocurrency um repair system attack inspired by oxybreed infinity breeding system so cost is 120 dollars for two one star tax is the name probability so paid medians five star taxi one percent so so on and so forth one eighty two forty three hundred tomatas allow you to rent a taxi or drive it and make a profit so the driver’s license will be an nfc asset of the game so the supply of this asset will be 100 1000 units initially and will increase new taxes are created so the cost of drivers license 50 in game tokens so it can be leveled up at the same cost up to level 20.

    so you can only one half driver’s license per user nice the marketplace the staking system and the taxes so tax will be fifty percent and we will use five percent so ten days no parameters so taxi owner taxi so 100 so that’s 5 000 divided by 250.

    so our is 20 days so same guy so same channel with with the other you got crypto cars around 20 days 10 to 25 days no crypto planes crypto ships no so par again and then so for the black car so twenty five thousand to five hundred dollars competing at the new rewards so five times so one two fifty twenty d scan so they they can also make profits you know by creating new taxes and selling them on the marketplace by the region so there’s no limit no magenta per account so it will not be necessary to have multiple so [Music] and so the drivers will be those users who have driver’s license but each drive will have a limited number of times it will happen today according to the level of the driver’s license yes in other words the driver who has level five driver slices may have five clients during the day while a driver with a level 10 may have 10 so this i think the concept now cryptocurrency driver’s license and we’ll give him a reward of 250 in game tokens now there’s a driver with a level 10 license can earn up to 25 dollars so paid in on deba times 50 so 1 250 reno on driver license so the cost is around fifty dollars but level went by long so you have you need to level it up then okay it’s either your taxi owner driver’s license is fifty dollars and one thousand long units initially and i think it’s ongoing pre-sale let’s check that involvement and so that’s it tax token so 10 maximum supply so token contract so check that in the two thousand five hundred and a lakh is not sixteen seventy three eighty eighty five eighty nine and almost ninety percent which is a good thing which is a good thing for for this game so triple taxes okay so right now so they are not available i think on pa and coin market capacity see the price is right right now is 17.53 pesos so check that then so december 15 10 pesos 44 las vegas intermittent project duration check that in twitter november tokens differently so check that the game talking my security gameplay iceland is a driver system so again for me it’s medium risk right now seven in scoria for me which is a medium risk for parasite okay so you know square it seven medium risk so let’s check the app no so yeah we have so much 127 drivers license license up so on january 14 so there will be 20 discount during the first three hours of the sales it’s all picked public so iman sold out before makakara now opportunity while building a generic work yeah and of course lunch of course beta is on january 23.

    and again game launch is on february 1.


    so tax is taking able until game launch with 365 aprs you’re earning nano while waiting for the official game launch so magenta abana 10014 later on license as well 50 dollars so license foreign thai sun driver’s license 2009 available and i think per white paper canadians have oh loading loading loading and so 150 license nfd sale 20 discount done so again january 14 guys and close beta game january 23 game launch february one and staking on the mama thank you so much guys so that’s crypto taxis so again hopefully mobility on january 14.

    thank you so much guys stay safe and god bless bye-bye disclaimer the information by logan is for general informational and educational purposes only all information by the orange initiation are provided in good faith you make no representation or warranty of any kind expressed or implied regarding the accuracy advocacy validity reliability availability or completeness of any information stated under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any laws of any kind incurred as a result of reliance on any information provided by lorenzo nisha your use of the information and your reliance on any information from the orange initial is solely at your own risk and disclosure past performance is not indicative of future results you could lose some or all of your invested money buying and selling bitcoin and nfts and other cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile and may be super suitable for all people as the price can change drastically in a short amount of time never risk more than you can afford to lose invest at your own risk do your own research and

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