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Transcript all right what is up guys play turngamer here so i’m not longer the crypto cars developers made an update over on discord and as you can see right here they said they are all crypto citizens today we are introducing to you a new feature called crypto city holder all players will need to hold a certain amount of all three tokens which is the c car cpan and the crypto guard token in order for the players to be able to perform a withdrawal they also mentioned that cryptocity holder will help users understand more about the ecosystem many players are not aware of their appearance of projects inside crypto city metaverse therefore holding three tokens will help players understand more about the game so on this screenshot of the new withdrawal page as you can see you need to have the crypto guard still in the c car token and the cpan token all checked before you be able to perform a withdrawal they have not yet implemented this into the game yet so if you head over to your game you won’t see this but you will implement it soon they also mentioned that the number of health tokens is not released yet but there will be not too much like the rumor said we will have the exact number later but there will be a range for you to know worry much about total value of all three holdings will be about thirty dollars so basically what they mean here is that you will need to hold about thirty dollars worth of all of these tokens not individually you need to hold 30 dollars worth of all of them so you can have like seven dollars and see car seven dollars in crypto guards and then like 15 dollars in a crypto or in a plains token so it can be like that they said hope that you feel okay now and stay tuned for us to announce the accurate number on thursday so um my take on this is i don’t think the crypto city developers want more people to own more of the tokens i just think they want to boost up the price even further because let’s say for example we have about 600 000 players over on crypto cars and let’s say each player buys about 30 dollars worth of this token so um let me open up my calculator so that we can do a.

    Quick math here so um we have about 600 000 players over on crypto cars alone so let’s say every player buys about 30 dollars worth of all of these tokens so that will be m 30 times 600 000 that is 80 million dollars worth of buyback that will pump the price insanely high so guys if you actually want to make some.

    Quick money i would recommend you stop buying any of these tokens and just keeping them into your wallet because when they launch this on thursday if this gets implemented there’s going to be a lot a lot a lot of buying of all of these three tokens and that would be a very very good time for you to make your profits and be able to cash out because imagine 18 million dollars worth of buyback that is just on cryptocurrency alone not the amount of buyback that will come from crypto planes and the crypto guards players so um this is it for this video i just wanted to show you guys what i think about this update and what you to actually do because i i’m thinking of going all in onto this game i’m going to buy a lot of these tokens because i noticed that this would boost the price insanely high this is your chance to get in because we are going to get a lot of buying pressure coming from this remember it should be launched over on thursday so look out for that you can if you have some tokens now you can decide to hold them because i really really think that we will get a massive massive pump so this is it for this video guys if you got any value from this video i would love it if you would like and subscribe to my channel it will mean the world to me with that said i’ll see you

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