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Transcrição welcome back to kryptos or us i am george or we are all george thanks for tuning in today i want to talk about binance binance coin and why it’s going to skyrocket it has been skyrocketing but this is.

    Nothing in my opinion i think finance coin is going to go as high as 2 500 and in this stream i’m gonna explain why i think so i’m gonna give you a little history lesson a lot of.

    Newcomers don’t know anything about binance finance coin i’ll give you a little history lesson and then put it all together and at the end i think you’ll agree with me that binance coin is going to go much much higher and possibly 2 500 in the.

    Near future so thanks for tuning in guys as always smash up the like subscribe to the channel i’m having two streams.

    Now 11 a.m central standard time where i cove cover mostly.

    News bitcoin and some all coins like this morning but at.

    Night i’m dedicating my.

    Night streams to picking out a specific all coin to talk about every single.

    Night yesterday i talked about cardano going up to 25 and a lot of you guys really learned a lot from it i really love that video i had videos about ethereum going up to uh 10 000 and today we’ll cover another very very important chain coin exchange finance coin and why it’s gonna go much higher so make sure you smash it like subscribe to channel so don’t miss out on any of my future videos also follow me on twitter and facebook and hit that.

    Notification bell all right let’s get started let me change my screen those of you guys that’s in the chat already welcome as always all right so looking at overall market cap right.


    Now it’s looking pretty darn good 1.45 trillion dollars.

    Not billion uh trillion dollars and guess what the binance coin sits at.

    Number seven and within the last week it has gone up a tremendous hundred and twenty percent and market cap is at 20 billion dollars so for those of you guys that think that cardano and polkadot is is running away from the competition you know trying to catch up and surpass ethereum one day well guess what finance coin and binance chain is right there they are.

    Not out of the running just yet that is why you do.


    Not want to sleep on bnb okay but why is this happening why is bnb pumping up to the moon and why do i think it’s go go 20x from here well let me start from the beginning give you a little history lesson for those of you guys that are.


    New right and then put it all together because unlike cardano unlike ethereum and polkadot and others finance has created us this entire ecosystem it’s really genius cz has really created something that gives people a real incentive to actually buy bmb hold it use it and you know what it’s it’s working this grand plan of his is really coming together in a big big way all right so first of all who started binance and when did they start they start in 2017.


    so binance is.



    Nearly as old as coinbase or some of the other exchanges out there they start in 2017.

    i remember when i started my channel and that was sometime september timeframe 2017 i received the email from their marketing department asking me if i wanted to promote this brand.

    New exchange called binance that.


    No one has heard of before and uh fast forward like just six months later they were blowing up okay so um basically binance came out 2017 relatively unknown started by this person.



    Named chang ping zao who people just call him cz because it’s easier to say.

    Now cz is an interesting fellow interesting fellow he didn’t just come out of.

    Nowhere and start exchange according to this he co-founded another exchange called ok coin it was also a chinese exchange and he raised 15 million dollars in 2017 to be able to start finance interesting enough part of that 15 million dollars you know who who invested in binance l run that’s why a lot of people asked about elrond what i think of them well you know what added to 15 million elrond and their founders uh contributed that’s why they’re actually part owners of binance just uh interesting tip.


    Now cz also has been a big big bitcoin bowl even before this in fact he’s one of those guys you hear about that liquidates everything to go all in on bitcoin that’s what cz did so back in the day he had a house and he sold it for one million dollars and he put it all into bitcoin and that and that point in time bitcoin was only six hundred dollars so you do the math you do the math how much he bought for a million dollars and.

    Now you divide forty eight thousand 000 by 600 he times it by how much he owns he’s uh he’s like a billionaire okay basically uh even without even without all the binance profits and stuff like that that’s a lot of uh a lot of bitcoins so he’s been a bitcoin bull all along got into the business this this whole article shows like his uh his his upbringing and stuff like that he had to overcome a lot of challenges definitely a very smart guy and he has succeeded he turned by.

    Nance into a powerhouse when coinbase was dominating when bittrex was dominating those of you guys that were around in 2017 bittrex was the major exchange in the us that everyone wanted to be listed on if you got listed on bit tricks you had the bittrex effect and then bittrex shot themselves in the foot they closed registrations because there was too much influx and guess who who took that position and mantle from and finance and they.

    Never let it go and since then binance has created basically a dozen exchanges out there around the world but the biggest one has to be which unfortunately is.

    No longer accessible to us residents and they knew that because you know regulations and security tokens and stuff they didn’t want to deal with that so they did come up with the equivalent so for those of you guys that are.


    New looking to buy crypto is a pretty good exchange to look at although does.

    Not have every single uh coin or token listed like and binance also has their own decks which.

    Not a lot of people realize but yes they do have a dex and guess what what is the the preferred token on all of these exchanges and every single one of course it’s bnb which is their own.

    Native token so use.

    Number one is every single exchange that they have come out with supports and encourages you to use bnb in fact if you have bnb and you utilize it and you hold it there’s many benefits for example you get discount trading fees also for affiliate you also get more if you hold b and b and there’s other things that you can do with bnb for example you could buy lottery tickets for their ieo offerings and many other things so cz has this all planned out i mean real realistically he has really really thought this through in terms of creating use cases for bnb which is why people are starting to really really use it.

    Now that’s only reason.

    Number one well what about other things that’s causing bnb to go up well.


    Number one well.

    Number two i should say is their own chain they have the binance chain the binance smart chain and it is its own blockchain it’s a proof-of-stake setup it is centralized though because there’s 21.

    Nodes and um and it’s basically all the.

    Nodes are controlled by binance and its own affiliates so it is a very centralized chain however with that said it’s a very very fast chain that could process thousands of thousands of transactions per second it is also compatible with ethereum‘s virtual machine which means that dap makers can come on and basically do very very little programming to get their dap to work which is very very very useful right.


    Now because we know ethereum is really really congested with high gas fees and everyone is trying to move away right and and users are also getting fed up with fees so they’re looking at alternatives especially in the d5 space um and that is the role binance chain is feeling right.

    Now it is exploding exploding with d5 right.

    Now i mean every single project is blowing up and some of the ones i’ve told you guys about recently they all resign on binance chain so there’s uh it’s pretty clear why it’s blowing up because ethereum is so congested right.

    Now people are just looking for alternatives and according to this article that was just released today okay this is staggering a total of four point three to 5 billion is.


    Now locked in on the binance smart chain so roughly 22.22 million bmb is locked in various depths just to give you you know to put that in this perspective 22 million how how many tokens are there for binance well there’s only 154 million out there so out of the 154 think about it 22 million that’s over 10 that’s that’s roughly 15 of the entire supply is locked into dapps right.


    Now and that’s that’s just dapps right uh and there’s a whole lot more that’s locked in on various things on the binance chain 4.3 billion that’s roughly 25 total of their overall market cap so as you can see there’s a supply issue.

    Now right there’s there’s a whole bunch of bmb that’s locked up and that is why people that want to buy is driving the price up so this is the biggest reason i believe that binance bnb coin is going up because d5 is exploding it’s exploding and there’s so much tokens being locked in and so many tokens being bought so that people can participate with d5 products.

    Now look at this this is the top finance smart chain dapps and some of them i have been mentioning to you guys for example pancake swap which has been going up to the moon recently pretty soon it’s going to be at 1 billion and there’s a few others in here i mentioned about venus which is like a maker dao equivalent that’s also built on the binance chain and that has been going up to the moon too so as you can see a lot of people are looking for alternatives also another one that i just covered in patreon recently is bakery swap which is very very similar to pancake swap it’s at amm and also yield farming and but also they’re in.

    Nfts so as you can see these are starting to blow up and they’re basically copies you could think of it they’re copies of what exists on ethereum but it doesn’t matter because people are fed up with the high gas prices on uniswap and ave and compound and maker dow so they’re looking for alternatives and alternatives are coming up on binance chain so i think this is the biggest reason why it has been going up and take a look at this this was released yesterday this is enormous binance smart chain has more daily transaction.

    Now than ethereum that’s hard to believe that’s really hard to believe but you know what if you think about it it makes sense ethereum is congested ethereum could only handle 15 transactions per second think about it think about how many people are trying to trade how many people are utilizing some kind of dab that is running on top ethereum and only 15 transactions in total can be processed per second that is very very very very tiny where you know on binance chain you can have thousands processed per second so there’s a big difference so i could see how binance chain actually flipped ethereum in daily transactions that’s a pretty big thing right it’s a telling sign that yeah people are moving over dapps are moving over um pretty big accomplishment.

    Now besides besides the exchanges besides binance chain finance like i said at the beginning has this entire ecosystem like basically everything to think of for example futures right we always think about cme futures and futures on okx but or or any other exchange but you know what binance futures are huge too people don’t talk about it but they have their own futures up to 125 x leverage an open account in under 30 seconds i don’t know if that’s actually a good thing because because basically seems like anyone could go in and wreck themselves really really quickly in under 30 seconds but still you can do it and the volume is enormous and um and this this is one of the reasons why right another another system another part of theirs also you know what i didn’t know this until i’ve been looking at because i’ve been looking up to pools and just pool mining pools in general and then i didn’t realize this but finance also has a mining pool and they are one of the biggest mining pools on earth too they’re like.

    Number three they flip-flop between.

    Number three and four all the time so they are they run a huge mining pool as well so you could see everything that you could think of when it comes to crypto binance is involved with and guess what staking two right those of you guys that want to earn interest on your bnb or bitcoin right or any other products remember cardano i just covered cardano yesterday cardano will have also staking on binance pretty soon so you can also stake on binance so they’re giving you everything everything you think of they pretty much have.

    Now let’s talk about price let’s talk about bnb because after all this of course you have a lot of usage a lot of adoption a lot of locked in value right everyone is trying to buy it here’s also the thing that people don’t realize about bnb and this is also part of the beauty uh the genius of cz when he created binance coin and this was the very first very first coin that was dedicated for an exchange in 2017 every single project every single ico that came out had a coin but.

    No exchanges at that time did coinbase did.

    Not beatrix did.

    Not bit max did.

    Not um i don’t i can’t even then kraken did.

    Not um all these exchanges.

    None of them kucoin.

    None of them had and coin so he’s like why.

    Not you know i’m gonna build out this whole thing but.

    Not only that.

    Not only that he created it so that there is a set supply and.

    Not only that he set it so that their their that supply is gonna get burned so the more usage there is the more bnb gets burned and this.

    Number this total supply and max supply has been decreasing decreasing decreasing and the overall overall he has said that he wants the total supply to decrease by half half so he started with 200 million.

    Now it’s down to 170 million and in the future that 170 million will drop to a hundred million to a hundred million and this is with usage the more people that use all these services that’s i just showed you the exchanges the futures right the staking um the pool everything all the profits they make they utilize that to calculate it and they burn and guess what they’ve been burning a ton a ton and recently they came out and said you know what our burning is too slow at our current rate it would take us 20 years to burn that 100 million tokens so guess what we’re just going to increase the burning we’re going to increase it to a rate where about six years it will be complete so.

    Now the burning the quarterly burning that happens is going up exponentially so this last quarter they burned 165 million dollars worth of bmb tokens so as you can see bnb.

    Not only has a set supply it is deflationary in a big way every single quarter there’s a large amount of bnb getting taken out of the entire supply so i mean just think about that right you guys think about it bitcoin is deflationary but there’s.

    Nothing that’s taking bitcoin out of the system there’s.

    No burning of bitcoin other than people losing it but with bnb there’s actually a burn rate that will actually decrease it substantially as time goes forward and think about it think about as projects with d5 and all coins and everything going up and usage going up and binance just dominating the world dominating crypto world and how many people are coming in and demanding use of bnb more and more of it gets burned that is why it is going up it is going up.

    Now looking at the last six months so this is putting it all together um looking at.

    Not six months last year.

    Now looking at last year you look at bitcoin has been up about 375 percent.

    Now a lot of other chains have gone up quite a lot more a lot more than bitcoin for example ethereum has doubled basically doubled of bitcoin over last year cardano which i just covered yesterday up a staggering 1300 almost five times the amount that bitcoin has gone up.

    Now look at bnb bmb is.


    Not bad but it’s.


    Not up there yet so it’s playing catch up right.

    Now dot is up polka dot is up you know.

    Nearly double but bnb did surpass did surpass bitcoin for the last year but barely 390 so it has been just keeping up barely you know barely exceeding but.

    Not really exploding up like some of these other guys yet which is why i think that turn could be coming to binance coin looking at d5 pulse look at how fast d5 has been going up d5 went up from basically a billion dollars under a billion dollars all right if you go back to 2020 february february 10th uh d5 was at 1 billion locked in and today one year later it is at 40 billion so d5 alone has gone up 40x in terms of the total locked in value that’s just locked in value that doesn’t count into the market cap and everything else right but we know this this decentralized finance is going up way way way up way way way up right and this is the biggest draw to binance chain right.

    Now we know within a year ethereum 2.0 is probably.

    Not going to be done we don’t know if cardano will be done in a year but we do know that finance chain is already up and dapps are moving towards it and so are users right so putting it all together and plus the fact that they haven’t had the same kind of run up as some of the other chains out there i think their time could be.

    Now could definitely be.


    Now so looking at d5 how one of 40x and looking at how all these other projects have gone up 2-3 x more than finance you know what putting it all together right.

    Now binance is at 125 roughly 20 billion in market cap so can they go up 20 x from here to by the end of the year i think so because i think bitcoin alone will go up 10x i think it will go more than bitcoin going it forward based on everything i said right so if you do a 20x multiplier 20x times 125 and 20x times the market cap that would give binance coin a 400 billion market cap 400 billion and also put finance coin at 2500 which i do.

    Not think is unreasonable by the end of the year assuming that bitcoin goes up 10x you know that’s looking at a 9 trillion market cap right so for binance coin to be at 400 billion that’s perfectly reasonable and by the end of the year with ethereum being at 10 000 you know it will be over 2 trillion market cap right and cardano everything else moving up in the same manner i definitely think binance coin has a realistic shot of doing 20x from here and reaching that by the end of the year which is why i came up with the 2500 right and i think you know it makes a whole lot of sense right so i’m very very bullish on binance coin i’ve been bullish with them for quite a long time it’s just that it’s they’ve been so stagnant so stale for so long right and.


    No one really paid attention to them but they’re like the tortoise they just slowly crept up slowly slowly slowly slowly i swear the last time i was looking at binance coin i i thought they were in the 40s and.

    Now i started paying attention to them for the last month or so and really started paying attention within the last few weeks and all the projects on i can’t believe it’s at 125 already i’m like i swear it was just in the 40s and in the 30s i remember when i rode finance coin up from like four dollars all the way up to 30 dollars and then it kind of just stayed 30s for a long long time and.

    Now it’s just it just jumped up and.

    No one’s really.

    Noticing but man you know with binance’s ecosystem with everything they’re doing with d5 jumping in on their smart chain with their accelerated token burning oh man they’re they’re they’re on top of the world and one thing i’ve been telling you guys a lot of you guys have been looking at you know smaller projects the ones that you think is called pump you’ve been asking me about and i’m like man if it’s.

    Not on binance it’s.


    Not go pump that pump effect is real if you want something to pump it has to be listed on binance that’s the honest truth right.

    Now in the future will probably change but right.

    Now you want that pump ability it.

    Needs to be on binance that’s how big they are just think about that all right so that’s finance chain and.

    Nutshell binance chain binance coin so hopefully you guys enjoy that so.

    Now i’ll turn to you guys for for some fun some fun q a jack black there’s a lot of places to buy bmb dude binance is u.s site if you’re in the u.s you can go on finance that us right this morning i covered three of my favorite projects and they have all held this morning right you have bat you have v chain and.


    Nulls and all three of them has gone up in a big way and all of them has held so far so let’s hope that they can continue forward a lot of alts right.

    Now are pumping up to the moon they’re really doing well um literally anything that’s worth holding on to is going up right.

    Now it’s it’s a frenzy so definitely exciting very very very exciting mbdc is close to 50 000 i tweeted out i mean it keeps going up and down between 48 48 8 48 9 you know right around 49 to like 47.

    so bdc is right there too right at the cusp of hitting 50 000 i mean everything is on a freaking roll right.

    Now i mean this is what we’ve been waiting for you know three years of crypto winter finally.

    Now we’re getting we’re getting uh we’re getting rewarded william asks so is binance going better for long term or flip well what do you think everything i said do you think it’s better to flip or long term mark as what portion would you buy the.

    Nn21 i would buy.


    No porsche at all i think there’s better options if you go show off don’t buy a porsche buy a lambo or ferrari and if you want quick usability then you buy tesla so i don’t like porsches at all voyager is down that’s unfortunate because voyager uh just the vgx just started pumping tonight uh.

    Not pumping but it’s it started going up so i don’t know why i just went down can you look at mars it’s poland’s governance token for the.

    New hashrate protocol well pooling is uh second biggest which one is it mars coin on mars or mars.


    Network can’t tell which one it is i don’t know what that is that that just looks weird decentralized humanity elon elon should uh hop on this should hop on this project mars coin the page is missing well that’s.

    Not good so i can’t look at it because the page is down someone is ddsing it right.

    Now or something uh yeah i can’t can’t go can’t even look at it can you explain bnb staking well that’s pretty easy you just simply stake and that’s it over here if you have it in your account and then you just click stake and that’s it some of these are flexible so you can select certain times but some of them are just lock staking so they also have lock staking too so look at the these api the apys pretty good right you could select the duration and total locked in minimum locked in you know pretty good stuff pretty good stuff what do you think about polymath launching your mainnet isn’t that just uh matic or is that polygon.

    No i think that’s polygon uh is polymath uh the sco one yeah i think they were in the business of selling security tokens uh i don’t like polymath at all first of all a couple reasons why there’s a personal reason i’ll share with you because polymath was invested by this one company that wanted to buy one of my old companies before when it was hot in 2017 and they screwed me so first of all i don’t like that and second of all polymath is a security token uh they they they try to help companies sell security tokens and without the blessing sec.


    None of this is gonna work so i don’t think they’re i don’t think they’re good at all unless they have the blessing and they actually work with sec but still um yeah right.



    No one is talking about security tokens since they approved junior since they approved etf in canada do you think we’ll expect to save the us we hope or i hope but i don’t i don’t know the us regulators the sec you know they’re getting a.

    New head so i don’t know what uh what the guy or gal you know what their thoughts on crypto if they’re pro or anti can’t really tell at this point if you had daryl asked if you had ten thousand dollars what do you buy and there’s a lot i would buy there’s too much to say but i would say 50 in bitcoin and 50 on all coins right.

    Now so that’s the easiest breakdown i would say 50 50 is good right.

    Now you still want that stability of bitcoin right 50 of that will give you that stability and growth let’s.

    Not forget and growth well the last seven days bitcoin has gone up 30 but all coins i think right.

    Now is here to stay very exciting a lot of projects i’ve been talking about so um yeah you just have to choose choose your poison i guess what’s another one um jordan asks what’s your favorite cd5 hidden gem something you can only find on pancake swap kind of thing uh i don’t look for those kind of things they’re too small people ask me about like very tiny ones all the time i don’t look at them there’s a there’s one or two that i found recently but they’re.

    Not like like one million or two million market cap at least it’s you know tens of millions but i don’t have a hidden one right.

    Now but if you do want to hear about others then join patreon because i did review a lot more projects in there but i’ve been sharing with you guys as well over time uh.

    Nacho asks can you check out crow finance is on binance smart chain looks promising also good token economics uh crow finance i do.

    Not see it i can’t find it i don’t know what the what it what is a symbol mad ass uh apologies have you covered it but can you share your thoughts on say pal or if.

    Not bakery i don’t know people been talking about save pal but i don’t i don’t see the big deal i mean it’s like a it’s like a hardware wallet um it is something that’s on binance i believe they invested in or they they bought out the company but it’s a hardware wallet i mean i don’t see there’s.

    Nothing sexy about it.

    Nothing really enticing me um so i don’t know i don’t know hopefully [Music] txl token pixel see tixel’s.

    Not on binance so it’s probably.

    Not go pump interoperable smart contracts and dapps all tokens on a single high performance.

    Network for.

    New era um i don’t see how all tokens on a single.

    Network but let’s take a look interoperable layer 1 autobahn.

    Network with instant minimal fee transactions okay bdc and erc support okay uh integrated as peg tokens so okay they’re doing some kind of wrapped kind of thing uh smart contrast okay yeah well i could tell you they’re promising a whole lot whether or.

    Not any of this is doable is another story so they’re throwing everything at you saying that they could do everything their decks their liquidity provider they could do smart contracts they could do interoperability they have sdk and wallet their.

    Network and all this stuff but i don’t know sounds like big promises right.

    Now so what the wait wait and see once they’re done coin crow finances on coin gecko well unfortunately i don’t use coin gecko so but i will since you did super chat twice let me just do let’s find it like this crow financial services is this right why is this so difficult it’s probably.

    Not this is it just crawled off finance jesus man is it this

    No how could the project be this hard to find all right where’s the website i’m sorry man if a project is this hard to find then it’s.

    Not worth getting involved with i’m just going to put it that i’m just going to put it out there tony serious question could you take a shot tequila or whiskey we survived crypto body man uh.

    Not tonight i’m just drinking water because i i plan on exercising but but i appreciate that hopefully hopefully i will see you in vegas hellcat man don’t make fun of it you didn’t it seems like you just tuned in the stream you missed it you guys scroll forward and see man the chat was a lot more lively yesterday i guess there’s a lot more cardano fans than bnb fans but i think people are sleeping on finance coin because uh because of reasons i said finance is just a powerhouse and they have so much going for them um safe haven very very very small cap i mean there’s.

    Not even any.

    Need to look at this this is a pump and dump coin so that’s all there is to it um i covered l ron before so stop spamming uh can you do a quick top ten uh you got the super chat more for that that’s gonna take a lot more effort can you explain why.

    New york blocks everything such as finance probably because the.

    New york financial district or attorney general i don’t know they’re more strict that’s why all these exchanges have to get a certain certificate just for.

    New york i don’t know why it is because wall street’s there or or attorney general there or someone is too too strict i don’t know but that’s a good question same thing with texas i heard texas is really hard like finance that us is also um blocked in texas i don’t know why it is pancake swap is.

    Not on unfortunately.

    Not a lot of these are just on binance so i’ve been saying a really easy way to look at it is simply uh go where is it click into it look at market and then you can see where it is and finance that us is.


    Not listed unfortunately so right.

    Now like there’s a lot of coins on binance you know it’s just like man uh you have such an advantage if you can access binance you know all right think that’s it finally that’s it where can i learn to read charts probably.

    Not here i’m an amateur chart is at best but i look at the simple stuff trading view is what i use most people use trading views it’s free but if you want more indicators you have to pay for it but you know what you look at the basic stuff that’s at least what i do look at volume look at rsi also macd and so chastic that’s what i look at combine those three and different time intervals you could get a pretty accurate picture of where things are go go but you know what ta works until it doesn’t so really depends on the buying and selling if f2 pool dumps 3 000 bitcoins an hour it’s gonna cause it to go down.

    No matter what the ta says right same thing if elon tweets and people are buying bitcoin like crazy it’s gonna shoot up so uh it works like half the time so uh but i’m sure there’s many guys out there that could teach you how to utilize trading view you could use it for anything.

    Not just for crypto for stocks a lot of stuff uh ali says.

    Nano is up 66 percent well good for.

    Nano um there’s a lot of things pumping i don’t know why.

    Nano’s pumping could just be pumping for.

    No reason iota start pumping i thought for the same thing but iota you know they’re coming out with some kind of data vera verification.

    Network um with dell but here’s the thing and a lot of people are excited about it but here’s the thing iota is a work in progress for like five years they were around even before 2017 they were around like 2015 and they still haven’t gotten rid of their coordinator.

    Node which is like a very very centralized.

    Node their entire.

    Network runs through that coordinator.

    Node so i don’t know what the excitement is iota has.

    Not progressed at all over the years so that partnership you know you got to take it with a grand grain of salt a big grain of salt uh william i don’t know if you should do that you’re breaking their terms you know bad things could happen so yeah.

    Nacho i appreciate a man but i’m.

    Not gonna look at it anymore because if it’s that difficult to to find them probably.

    Not a good project um crusader says you could ask his finance via proxy server again i don’t know if that’s such a good idea i don’t know if that really is a good idea can you look at phantom i did look at them they’re getting their finance phantom is going up because of phantom finance which is getting into defy stuff synthetic creation uh and stuff like that right so um so they’ve been they’ve been moving up pretty good because of that they they always had a good loyal base but.

    Now that they’re in d5 there’s they seem to catch up right.

    Now anyone that’s really in d5 is really getting hot right.

    Now honestly that’s that’s what it is we’ll already talk about cake um cake is pancake swap i think they’re really good a good alternative to sushi swap that’s on the binance chain i mean ultimately that’s what it is i did look into trust swap i don’t like it i don’t like it i don’t like the fact that they hired influencers to be advisors i don’t really like the fact that the the ceo created an uptrend with two ends and that didn’t go anywhere so i actually don’t like trust swap and i know i know what they’re doing they’re just doing swaps between tokens and a lot of other projects in that space but i actually don’t like what i see with them outlive appreciate that if d5 pumps will run well rent has been pumping today they did pump quite a bit actually i think 20 today the graph went up tremendous above two dollars this today they’re.

    Not even really in d5 but they’re kind of essential so they’re kind of labeled at uh d5 but ren also is up yeah 15 today um they’re they’re in creation of uh um they’re.

    Not into creation but they help move liquidity uh to ethereum‘s d5 ecosystem let’s just put it that way so if you want to utilize your bitcoin you don’t have to sell it you could basically use ren and get equivalency um and then you can utilize that in d5 projects so that’s kind of how it is kind of like a middle man so to speak right and they’ve been doing pretty well up to a billion recently they’ve been climbing up quite a bit so yeah all right guys i’ll let you guys go so uh overall finance chain by.

    Nance coin i think they’re going to do very very very well in the future finance is unstoppable company right.

    Now with a huge ecosystem many many exchanges futures market mining market staking market.

    Not only that they have their chain that has a lot of.

    New d5 products running on top of them they can scale very low fees right and you know combined all this combined with their accelerated token burning their deflationary um mechanism basically for bnb over time i think binance coin is definitely one that’s going to go up 2500 by the end of the year i think it’s real realistic seeing where everything else is going by the end of the year all right guys that’s it thanks for tuning in as always smash up the like subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for my video tomorrow 11 a.m central standard time all right guys

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