Binance Smart Chain Tutorial (How to Bridge, Send, Swap & Stake BNB)

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Transcrição here’s how to use the binance smart chain and some of the applications on top like pancake swap and venus plus how to stake bnb coins as well we’ll also go through what the difference is between bep2 and bep20 which are types of token on the blockchain it’s really important to know the difference how to get set up with a metamask and link it to the binance smart chain we’ll go through using trust wallet as well and you can use that really easily to stake your bnb then we’ll see how to get tokens on and off the blockchain as well there’s loads to check out so all of the timestamps for each section are in the description below okay so if we come over to what exactly is the binance smart chain basically it is a low-cost ethereum competitor so binance took a lot of the code from ethereum and basically made it way more centralized and that means that you get fast and cheap transactions it is also centralized so that’s a downside but a lot of people do use the binance smart chain because a lot of the applications are basically you know inspired by or basically just copies of the code of a lot of popular ethereum apps as well so what we can see here is that you do get slightly different token standards you get bep2 which is actually for binance chain and then bep 20 which is for the binance smart chain bep 20 tokens will.

    Need to interact with applications you can stake on the binance chain as well.

    Not the binance smart chain if you are using binance smartchain you’ll want to use it’s the blockchain explorer you’ll be able to see everything on here so all of the transactions from the blockchain and all of the data as well so we can see 21 active validators for this.

    Network incredibly centralized it’s.

    Not decentralized this.

    Network but it is cheap and fast right.

    Now there’s about 10 million transactions a day multiples of any other chain so yeah it’s cheap and fast and people enjoy this if we can go over to the binance smart chain statistics so this is on bsc scan you can see various data so for example daily active wallets and you can see your daily active addresses you know at all-time highs so a lot of people do use this chain and if you want to see some of your transactions right here just come up to the filters right here and then you can either put your wallet address so if you have a wallet address or the transaction hash of your transaction when user blockchain that will all be here so you can search for it or if you’re in an application it will just give you a link for the transaction and then you can go through and basically see all of the transaction details of your transaction and also your wallet as well all right.

    Next we have to talk about the difference between bep two tokens and bet 20 tokens so there are actually two chains right here binance has the binance chain and it also has the binance smart chain the binance chain is really the older chain that binance used for two things one is their decentralized exchange called the binance dex that uses the binance chain and also if you want to stake bnb coins on the blockchain then you can use the binary chain as well those tokens are bep2 tokens so bnb is the token of the binance chain and binance smart chain and it’s called bnb but there are two versions the bep2 version and the bep 20 version throughout this video we’ll see how you can differentiate them and also withdraw from the binance centralized exchange and choose which one you can also swap one into the other depending on what wallet you have as well but bep2 as you can see represents a token standard on binance chain and bep 20 represents the binance smart chain if you want to use applications like pancake swap and venus and everything like that you’re going to.

    Need bep 20 bnb tokens so it’s really important that most of the tokens you’ll want to use for lending and borrowing swapping everything like that you’ll.

    Need bep 20 tokens for this bep2 bnb really is just if you want to stake your bmb coins and you want to earn some passive income by staking uh d in a decentralized way you’ll.


    Need bep 2 bnb they are.

    Not interoperable so as you can see here do.

    Not deposit via a cross chain transfer from binance chain directly into bsc binance smart chain deposit addresses they are.

    Not the same they are.


    Not interoperable and so um you know if you send to the wrong address you will lose those coins we’ll go through this in the video to see how you can differentiate them and how you can put bep 2 and bet 20 into which type of address when it comes to supported wallets for bep 2 and bet 20 tokens and the binance mark chain there’s really two main ones i use there are a few others but the main wallet that i’ll use on my phone is trust wallet trust wallet is owned by binance these days and developed by binance and it pretty much works seamlessly with the binance chain and binance smart chain you can also swap between bep 2 and bet 20 tokens in trust wallet you can stake through trust wallet and you can use the binance decks through trust wallet so this is a really easy and convenient way to use the binance chain all of the binance smart chain tokens and everything like that including bitcoin and ethereum which aren’t binance marching tokens they’re all supported in trust wallet so it’s a very good wallet to use if you want to kind of do anything on those the other wallet that i will use is metamask mainly because if you want to interact with these applications on your computer then you’re going to.


    Need metamask trust wallet for the time being anyway is just on smartphones it doesn’t have a browser wallet so you’re going to.


    Need metamask if you want to use a browser and you can set up the binance smart chain on metamask and i’ll show you how to do that another supported wallet is the binance chain wallet and if you’re in the states then you might have to use this you can also go through trust wallet but essentially if you’re in the states and you’re using the binance exchange you’ll be using which is different to only allows you to transfer out bep two tokens and.

    Not bet 20 tokens for the time being it may be different by the time you’re watching this but if you want to use bep20 tokens to use an application on the blockchain then it’s going to be more difficult for you you have two options basically take your bep 2 tokens and withdraw them to either trust wallet or binance chain and then you can swap in those wallets from bep2 to bet20 tokens to then go and use with some applications so really if you are in the states you might want to look at binance chain wallet or trust wallet because they can swap bec 2 into bet 20.


    metamask cannot do this if you want to know how to actually download setup and use either trustwallet or metamask i have specific videos on that so i’ll link them in the description i don’t want this video to be too long but essentially you’ll.

    Need to get set up on those it’s a very simple process we’ll take you five minutes.

    Now once you have trust wallet and metamask set up what you’ll want to do is actually link up your metamask to the binance smart train trust wallet will do this automatically for you you don’t.


    Need to do anything else with metamask you will have to go through some extra steps what you can see right.


    Now is my metamask and you’ll see that the binance smart chain is linked up so i have some bmb coins in here you can see this logo right here is the binance logo and then we have tokens sitting on top of the blockchain right here up in the top you can see smart chain if i click on this you can see that metamask actually supports a.

    Number of different.

    Networks i have the matic

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