Trade profitably using Binance P2P /THE BUSD STRATEGY

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Transcrição hey guys how you doing yo welcome back again to crypto mall and i’m see my humble self isaac thank you so much for this uh for the.

    Nice what you’ve been saying thank you for the compliment and for my student thank you for making money for those that have been making money since they joined this family thank you for making money you are the reason i i as in your testimonies really massage my ego and for people that are still finding it hard to make money you are the reason i’m doing this video because i discovered some lapses and some people are.

    Not getting something so i made a list of the things i.

    Needed to say in this video so stick with me to the end so that i can get the full gist and if you are just joining this page for the first time if this is your first video yeah you are seeing on this page uh you have missed a lot you.

    Need to go and check our previous videos and subscribe to this youtube channel and click the.

    Notification button so that you can get updated uh oneness and make a post so today what i will be doing is um what i will be doing is i want to show some things some people are getting the p2p confused mind you please.

    Note that why we are making this uh why i’m making i’m dwelling on p2p is because of this dip there are a lot of things in crypto that will bring and fetch you money for assistance so that you will.

    Not be caught in the deep and so that you will.

    Not fall deeper even in the deep so that your money can be safe your capital can be safe that is why we are dwelling on p2p there are a lot as in p2p actually is one of the let me say one of the least way to make money in crypto i’m sincere with you there are.

    Not a lot free money safe as a matter of fact in this video i will still be telling you some things you should do in this deep i hope i really remember that and again so okay let’s continue so the list of things i have to say in this video.


    Number one how to drop your buying price when margin is.

    Not profitable.

    Now i discovered i was talking because i’m a uh what’s it called i’m a verified merchant maybe that’s why i’m confusing you guys.

    Now let’s go straight to the market and see the margin we meet.


    Now we are going to p2p let’s go to p2p p2p.


    Now straight up buy let’s use our 550k like we do 500k 500k yes.


    Now we have 50925 let’s go for our 50k to see the.

    Next margin for the 50k 5925 508.60 5.9 oh.


    No sorry sorry our cell we are supposed to click sell okay i told you this is calm this is calm this guy’s come okay this guy is legit and he has a lot to sell if.

    Not this will have been our target but this guy has a lot to sell you have you see he has 29 000 usd for c it might be fake it might be real but we can bank on that so he will be our most competitor for.



    Now this should have been our most competitive because of this guy we’ll have to pick him as our most competitor so we have 549.25 to 547 calculator 509 minus 507.


    Now this is 2.25 margin or red dda for you in the market so why will you.

    Now drop it again to 2.0 you already have 2.25 why will you.

    Now drop it to 2.0 because i said imagine of 2.0 should be used at least imagine of zero 2.0 should be used profitably you have 2.25 already i said you.

    Need two point zero quarter logistic 2.0 sorry about that but you already have this already so you just leverage on this 2.25 you remove 0.001 make it to 2.2 sorry about this 547.


    you just remove one here to make it 2.24 and you leverage on it and go ahead so when we are coming back here.

    Now we are making our own 507.01 and we are good to go in the market.


    Need of dropping it back to 2.0 so i see some people coming to my dm once they come here once they come here some of the mistakes my students are making once they come here once they say 500k here 500k they will.

    Not even bother to check who they are competing with they will just remove 2.0 they will.


    Now put down that’s 547.28 why when the highest person here is me is on is on he’s on five four seven why why will you do that or you are just cutting your profit because i said so i was saying that as an example at least the minimum and i come to discover one of one of the people that have watched my video made me discover that 2.0 is.

    Not even profitable as an ordinary merchant he’s.

    Not profitable as an ordinary merchant please be careful out there i was saying that because i was a verified merchant is profitable for verified my chance but as an ordinary merchant 2.0 is.

    Not profitable above 2.0 is profitable you can put your own let’s say minimum sometimes you come to the market and you miss 2.6 i could remember the last video we did the margin was 2.6 for us in the market already do you get what i’m saying so don’t just assume the margin and just put make sure you imagine and sometimes you will come to the market you will meet the market on 1.9 margin or 1.7 or 1.6 my brother and sisters if you meet it like that just close your app and go and sleep in the.

    Next hour come back again and check the imaging there’s.

    No every time when you come to the market you must treat do you get me.

    Now one more thing i.


    Need to say again on this ah god 7 26 ah seven minutes already one more thing i.

    Need to see.

    Now let me let me let let me give you this again let’s say this two points two uh four margin we have.

    Now you want to make more profit or maybe you met the market at 2.0 exactly and it’s.


    Not profitable for you as an ordinary merchant see what you can do again.

    Now click here filter you drop your buying order to 31k the lesser you go the lesser the amount.

    Now look at this oh i already clicked it look at this see this guy is this cam like i told you scum like i told you this guy’s genuine 506.26 if you buy with 31k let’s check that out god i just wish you guys understand what i’m doing here you guys can really follow me and make two six 2.99 margin 2.99 margin all you have to do is buy 10 to 131 201k put your honors 546.27 by 31 from 31k and above guys guys accumulate it and when you accumulate it you come up here with your 500k and your 500k or whatever your capital is and you sell you sell remember this is our competitor don’t mind this guy this guy will soon go off.

    Now see he only has one thousand to sell he will soon go off.


    Now and this guy’s a verified matchup so this is our competitor don’t mind these guys so after gathering it 5050k come here or 321k come here and sell with your 2.9 marginal 2.25 magical good this guys just continue to play with this thing you will understand oh god time has gone okay.


    Nine minutes we have.

    Nine minutes okay you already the the the second thing i want to say is the busd strategy the busd strategy meanwhile please if you are watching this video and you don’t understand anything we are saying and you have been trading p2p before please check our previous videos we have done check the very very first video we have done a lot of videos before this one so don’t just don’t just uh say uh one to one thing like that that you don’t understand go to the previous video go and check how to set your order how to place your order like that.

    Now the strategy the second strategy i want to teach us or should i postpone this strategy to another time let me quickly teach us maybe all these ones i’ll have to keep saying another time because i don’t like long videos okay the second busd strategy watch me very clearly watch me very clearly we’re still going on our 500k and you know busd is a very stable coin 500k 500k.

    Now watch what i will do.

    Now i click on busd.

    Now watch what just happened i clicked on busd.

    Now look at oh sorry busd.

    Now look at the difference c500k still the same stablecoin still 500k.

    Now busd is selling at 511.34 usdt is selling at five.

    Nine five four.

    Nine point two eight see the margin five four one point three four five four one five one one point three four four minus five four two and five or.

    Nine point two four oh was it two four two eight yeah to it wait calm down this is on a buy bike on a buy buy customer bases let’s go back let’s go back.

    Now this is our 500k watch me very well watch me very well this is our 500k let’s check the 50k if we are buying on 50k let’s check it.

    Now click on sell meanwhile don’t forget i told you you can use any amount i’m just using this for example you can use any amount to start but the higher your capita the easier and more profit you make.

    Now look at what we are doing okay these guys is come this guy’s this cam this guy’s a scam this guy’s a scam this guy is genuine this is what i’m saying 506 is our competitor check 506 is our competitor.


    Now minus 546.


    Now i must warn you see the difference five one one the difference is five point three four but i must be sincere with you guys i must be sincere with you this masking is cool this margin is amazing and on usdt we saw a margin of 2.99 but here we are seeing the margin of 5 point something see the math difference.

    Now here is why i.

    Need to tell you the truth about this there is.

    No much traffic on busd i.

    Need to say that there is.

    No much traffic on busd like usdt that’s the general truth you.

    Need to know there’s.

    Not much traffic on busd uh like the usdt so please.

    Note that you can stay one hour and you do.

    Not see any other you can stay two hours and you do.

    Not see any of that but usdt five minutes two minutes as long as you are very competitive two minutes you are you are done you get but this basic can slow you down.

    Now if you want to trade using the bsd strategy that i just got i’ve used this strategy once but i had to go back to my usdt because i wasn’t enjoying the sluggishness you just said one order two others three others is kind of sluggish for me so that’s why i don’t trade more on this big usd strategy but it’s a strategy i just discovered you know i told you some of this strategy that was once i discovered god helped me to discover myself okay sorry about that like i said there’s less traffic on this busd strategy code that was gone almost 15 minutes.

    Now so very quickly how do you trade this strategy you just come to your sell order you add an order you add the only difference is that you click here and put b usd buy you put usd put.


    Ng in and then you put your price to leverage on that guy 506 we saw we put 506.01 so that we can rock higher than him then we keep click.


    Next you know how we do this.

    Now and we click.

    Next you put the amount the amount in your account maybe you have 500k that should be like 1 000.

    then you click.


    Next you put your bank details here the bank details here you click add if you want to add then you select your time like that and you set yourself order i won’t go further from here because i don’t want to set one.

    Now and if you want to sell the same thing the only difference is that you click sell click cell here that’s just the difference then be used so that’s josie please if you don’t understand this video go back to the first video we made and the.


    Next one and this before this one.

    Now so that is just it and um okay i said i wanted to mention something else even do we don’t have time on our side traffic is better than profit like i said traffic is better than profit so i like to dwell more on the usdt strategy this busd strategy this strategy you can use it when maybe you are washing or you are doing some house choice and you still want to be trading by the side you get there’s.

    Not much traffic there but if you want to focus on your trade just stick on the usdt if you are you dedicate like the.


    Next three hours for trading just focus on usd don’t go to busd strategy but if you maybe you are cooking yeah you are watching or you are doing something and you just want to trade by the side you can go with this busd strategy and do that.

    Now yes before i forget before i forget before i forget this busd strategy this big usd strategy but after you have gotten the busd after you have gotten all of the busd you got in your 500kb usd this is what you do watch me very quickly watch me very well this is what you do you click transfer transfer you click transfer you.

    Now transfer from p to p you transfer from p to p to spot wallet transfer p to b to spot where you click busd you click max the.

    Number of this thing you have but we appear here after you click max you click transfer.

    Now how to i’m telling you how to sell very quickly you get how to sell very quickly after you click that transfer you.

    Now come you.


    Now come to your spot wallet you come to your spot to let you convert the busd to usd i’m just taking you a shortcut after you might have got that enough busy you come to busd i think i might.

    Need to do this bus strategy another day a fresh one so that you can understand me better if you don’t understand this but if you have been trading you will understand this better then you click sell sell busd then you click max hundred percent okay i have to be using and they know i have this so you click this then your b usd will appear here then you click sell after you click sell your usdt will appear here then you transfer back to p2p if you get what i’m saying you understand this logic you get you transfer back to p2p max you click transfer then it goes to your p to piece three top you get it goes to your p2p.

    Now you will.

    Now switch on your your usd cell order do you understand what i’m saying i don’t know if you get what i’m saying let me go back let me rush over this strategy again i won’t be able to cover this other ones because timer’s gone timer’s maybe another time i’ll have to do another video it’s 90 minutes already so you know what i was saying the busd strategy watch it very quick quickly come to busd get your competition get your competition this is what this is strategy you buy busd but you sell usdt.

    Now get your competitor your competition your competition is okay somebody has moved above this guy our competition is.

    Now 547.03.


    Now we will.

    Not put around that’s 547.04.


    Now after you’ve gotten enough here you click yours you open your buy order you’ve got in busd enough busd you get all the busd you want you’ve got in it you will.

    Now will.

    Now want to convert the busd to usdt do you get so that we can get people to buy our usdt very fast so click transfer uh after you’re gone you click transfer from p2p to spot wallet then you click busd you click max you transfer you go to your spot wallet and you sell busd you sell busd for usdt you sell bus oh i clicked bmw i’m rushing because of the time time is going b as in then you sell you clicks max you sell and you come back you transfer from spot wallet to p to p so like i sell the usd you just converted to and you click transfer usdt max transfer then you come back here you come back to you come back to switch on your usdt buying order you come back to switch on your usdt buying order.

    Not busy so that you can get customer to buy quick you get so that is just it for today the.

    Number one point i mentioned leverage on the margin you meet on the market don’t say because i said 2.0 margin.

    Now i’m even saying it.

    Now don’t use less than 2.2 margin don’t use less than 2.2 margin yes don’t say because i.

    Now say 2.2 margin you.


    Now meet 3.0 margin on the market you are.

    Now saying yeah obedient child obedient child for year where money you.

    Now reduce your own to 2.2 margin when the market is telling you like this glen 3.0 do you get what i’m saying so use this margin and make profit then the other busd strategy by busd at cheaper price at that end at busd platform by the usd converted to usdt rush to your usdt ad and sell it to make more profit i’ve seen my humble self isaac till we meet again if you want me to quote you personally you want to order for my my uh my full course on p2p trading i have some other courses but.

    Now i’m dealing with p2p trading majorly because that is what i am doing.


    Now and it’s profiting pending the time the market will search back like i said i still have more things to teach you guys so please keep sharing my videos and if you want me to take you personally on this my.


    Number is zero zero seven one.

    Nine one.

    Nine two one four please don’t contact me if you are.

    Not ready to pay for my class like i used to say if you have any question put in the comment section below is from the comment section i read that discovered the lapses in some of the videos we had before so if you have any question put it in the comment section below i will answer them or i will come up with some models that you can use to boycott some of these things so uh till we see again my.

    Number is zero eight zero seven one.

    Nine one.

    Nine two one four please don’t contact me to ask questions contact me only for mentorship or to buy my course period please thank you very much seriously another time i have bought bulk of things convey to you i just hope this market sorts back as soon as possible okay thank you so much to come again another time this is tricky two more if you have.

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