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Transcrição [Music] hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel the alpha crypto of chinese i just stopping by for the first time you are very much welcome don’t forget to hit the subscribe button turn my post.

    Notification on subscribe to my channel and um you can check out my playlist i have a lot of interesting videos i have crypto for beginner series i did the introduction to cryptocurrencies and if you come to my videos you’re gonna see a lot of interesting videos i’ve done a lot of content on crypto trading um psychology of trading different content on cryptocurrencies that’s so much yeah i’ve done so many content right so just take your time to check through i won’t post content on airdrops you can check them out at your own time but in today’s video i’ll be talking about the overview of the binance app so or between the binance desktop app for beginners how to use the app to find your way around the interface and everything so this is the binance desktop.

    Now if you don’t know how to download the venus desktop app i think that is where i should start from all you.

    Need to do is open your binance browser you open your binary browser and it takes you to maybe forward slash en that’s it i can keep click on dot com forward slash e l four slash download this this part of a light edit and use this all if you open your binance browser and your binance opens come straight to this place you know to your stream right you’re going to see download when you click on download it’s going to bring you to this page yeah you’re going to see download apple store google store this is for mobile device for your desktop for your computer this is where i’m going to download i’m going to choose between the mac os the windows the linux so you pick the one you want to download right for my computer i use a windows device so i click on window when you download it it’s going to you’re going to get a short key you’re going to get a short key i mean a shortcut a shortcut icon in your desktop browser so this is it when you click on the shortcut icon it’s going to open the binance desktop app so.

    Now that we are in the binance desktop app we are going to talk about the binary desktop i’m going to give you a run-through of how the binance desktop app works so where do we start from let’s start let’s go like this and then we’ll move like this right so in this place you’re going to see the this is the home page of the binance desktop app and if you click on this home page just like your mobile device this place is the announcement page you get latest announcement latest information from binance if you click on this you’re going to see more announcements if there’s a.

    New project that’s about to be launched this is where you get your announcement if you want to learn about a.

    New project this is where you learn about a.

    New project so basically this front page is forbidden announcement and if you see here you’re going to see binance features will launch file usdt.

    Now just giving an announcement that this particular coin field will be launched on binance futures then if you scroll down you’re going to see different cryptocurrencies and what they’ve done in the last 24 hours basically that’s what i mean so you have top crypto currencies here we have bnb bmb is the binance coin um the binance coin so it is currently worth 413 dollars and it has moved 3.45 percent in the last 24 hours and this place is going to show you the market movement the price movement of bnb like you know it is going up and you can see bitcoin the btc btc is currently worth 47 000 dollars and it has moved 4.40 is a four percent gain on bitcoin the same thing with ethereum ripple bch bitcoin cash litecoin so basically all these coins are in the last 24 hours they’ve gained.

    Nicely moved up and then this is what you see in the binance home page if you leave the home page you move to the market in this market page basically what you see here is you’re going to have access to different cryptocurrencies and you have a better information on the coins unlike the home page you just have the most popular coins there in the market page you have full cryptocurrency so if you come to this market page you click on spot and from spot you come to fiat fiat you’re gonna see every coin appeared to the us dollar right here to usdt you’re gonna see every coin appear to the usdt or coin you click on um appear to usdt fiat market so you see bitcoin ps appear to usd solano ethereum busd dot coin and in this place you’re going to see the price that’s the current price of the coin you’re going to see the market capitalization the total amount of money on this cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours um you’re going to see the the price the 24 hours change if the coin is going up or it’s going low you’re going to sit here and if you click on this it’s going to be showing you different coins like that like that like that like that um basically this page is just an advanced aspect of the other page you just see more coins more information for every coin you’re looking for majorly the on venus platform you’re gonna see it here so you can continue to scroll and you can trade those coins immediately right.


    Now something else you can do is in this place you can search for any cryptocurrency let’s say i want to search for aav e a v e if i click on search it’s going to bring it here to the usdt the usdata so i’m going to see the information of aav in the last 24 hours that is what you can do here then if you move from this place you want to.

    Now filter the coins into ones you like and the ones you don’t like for example if i come here i click on usdt um it takes me to all the cryptocurrencies the.

    Next thing i can do is i can.

    Now select the coins i like from the coins i don’t like right for example let’s say i like one inch i’ll just write one inch i like cardano and i click on other cardano i just screwed the coins i like that you know there are a lot of cryptocurrencies the ones i really have interesting i can even search for them say btc bitcoin btc peer to the usdt yes i can click on bitcoin um ethereum let’s search for ethereum eth this video is going to be long but is what it i’m going to click on eth.


    Now all these coins i’ve starred they will.


    Not become my favorite if i click on my favorites immediately all those coins are just like the one inch bitcoin ethereum cardano i’m going to see them immediately once i click on my favorite so guys um here are the coins that are available on the binance futures so these ones are for people that trade the binance futures like the advanced traders these are the coins available the coins available in the spot market spot market basically is the market for all cryptocurrencies it’s different from because available in the binance futures right um then coin market is also for traders too these are the coins available in coin market while i talk about these there’s something you should also know.


    Now there are some coins that appear to the bitcoin all these coins appear to the bitcoin the ethereum is paid to the bitcoin once you click on these btc markets every coin will appear to be bitcoin and they’ll be compared so it will appear to the bitcoin you see the 24 hours movement the last price the low the high price the high price is in within the last 24 hours what is the highest price it has got into and the low prices within the last 24 hours the lowest price it has got into the market capitalization is total amount of money on this cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours the same thing with the alternative uh market conspire to auto coins you comparing different auto coins together then we.

    Now have the fiat most of us are telling people to use the fiat because we are using the fiat the coin is paired to the us dollar theta you understand so the coin is compared to the us dollar and then you can get all the information you.


    Need about the coin and basically that is all you.

    Need to learn in this binance market so we have the spot market we have the futures market you have the coin market and the etf and i said yeah you can search for the cryptocurrency you want and in this top part of this market you get information about some major coins this is bnb peer to dp usd is the finance us dollar theta pair busd is similar to usdt but this time around is just owned by the binance and this platform is a binance platform so they appear they are crypto to the bus they start appearing into the usd team which is the same price.

    Now we have bits compared to the busd.


    Now let’s move forward let’s move forward.


    Now come to this place how to buy crypto to buy crypto there are two ways you can buy crypto either you buy with your credit or your debit card damage your um your card your atm card or you buy using the p2p method.

    Now if you want to buy with your credit card or debit card just click on credit slash debit right when you click on it it’s going to load you to open you you put in your the amount you want to buy let’s say you want to buy 200 200 usd 200 worth of usdt i mean let’s i want to buy 200 watt of coin then um i select the corner i want i want to buy usdt if you want to buy bitcoin right btc if you bring up bitcoin but let’s i want to buy usd i just click on usd usd right i click on it here and then i put the card i put the information of my card and i click on buy usd immediately i’m going to buy my usdt.

    Now the second method is called the p2p the binance ps2pm method when i click on the binance peer to peer method basically pay to pay me to these people buying and selling on the binance platform from a fellow person so i can buy my cryptocurrency from somebody else on the platform that i selling cryptocurrency all i.

    Need to do is to just put in my um go to the binance b2p look for a very good price look for a person selling cryptocurrency you know contact the person buy and the binance platform is going to serve as an escrow so what is an escrow and escrow is like a middleman between a buyer and a seller if i want to buy to the person the binance platform will be aware i want to buy when i do my transaction until i receive it the binance platform will.


    Not release my money so the business platform is going to literally hold my money until i successfully complete my trade then to release the money to the person once i’ve confirmed i’ve gotten the coin that way.

    Nobody will scam anybody and there’s some things you.

    Need to look out for when you’re buying p2p on the binance platform right so let’s say i want to buy cryptocurrency on the binance platform select the crypto i want to buy.

    Now if you want to buy bitcoin i click on bitcoin here if it’s busd i click on bsd if it’s bnb ethereum that’s how to buy usdt and click on usdt from time to time it is advisable you refresh this so just refresh you refresh from time to time so i got selected it should be refreshing every five seconds so that i can have access to the re time bias right so in this place basically you choose the coin you want to buy you choose the medium of exchange you look at the transaction the person has done and then you look at if the person is going to do a bank transfer you select whichever one you want let’s say i want to buy a coin from somebody right i want to buy from this particular person this person has completed 132 orders with 100 success rate and this is the person’s rate um what they can do is you can actually change this to your own language okay here you click on this place you can change your language all i.

    Need to do is to click on.


    Ng and.

    Ngn is.

    Nigeria if you’re in the years you click on us um idk.

    Ngn and click on.

    Ng and it’s going to take me to.

    Nigeria’s sellers your country you choose the money you spend in your country so that way to show you the people that are selling your country so for.

    Nigeria this is.


    Nigeria cell as you can see they do they do is activated has completed 13 orders with 86.67 success rates and they do those bank transfer if i want to buy from you do i cancel let me tell you to look for somebody that has like over 85 percent and above success rate if you have somebody that has 100 percent or surgery that’ll be very good um this is april okay april has just done to others 100 success rates basically just pick somebody that has good success rate um when you click on on the on the person after that if i want to do a transaction with you guys for orders under businesses i just click on buy.

    Now when i click on buy it’s going to i.

    Need to do some verification because this is.

    Not my um venus account i use for my trades this is just a account i created for the sake of this tutorial but basically this is the process i’ve done a video on how to buy a cell on p2p i’m going to do another video to explain for that i’m.


    Not here to buy and say i’m here to just show you different the run-through of the venus up then the.

    Next thing is the binance trade this is where we make money this is where we perform what the magic this is where we do our technical analysis so in this you know straight platform you’re going to have real-time information of what is happening the market the market price the buying and the selling um the price movement you understand so in this place you’re going to have access to the price movements you can check the different time frame for example when you come here you’re going to see okay let’s make it very easy let’s make it in this place you get the pair of the cryptocurrency you want this particular place let’s say this is compared to the us dollar theater let’s say the coin i want to get information about is um let’s say ethereum all i.

    Need to do is just write eth click on this this icon here where bitcoin is allowed into this to change it i’ll just click on it when i click on it right i’ll click on search just write e t h that’s the symbol of ethereum i’ll pair to the usd us dollar tata so it’s going to come up then i’ll click on it when i click on it every information by ethereum is going to load on my computer screen so from this information this is a one day time frame you can see that from here if i click here if i put my mouse on this place i’m going to see the price in the extreme edge right.

    Now on this day if you look down below you’re going to see the dates if you look down at this place i’m if i touch anyway and i put my mouse around that place you’re going to see the information about what that coin has done during the particular what’s wrong with this mouse period.


    Now look at this.


    Now from here this is on the [Music] on the 7th 2021 this coin started going on it moved to this point then it came in um in this place it was ranging then it went up it went as high as 3 000 [Music] i mean three thousand four hundred dollars sorry guys i’m.

    Not using my glasses and i cannot see clearly so yeah it got to four thousand dollars came down to three thousand two thousand two thousand.

    Nine hundred dollars and currently the price of ethereum is three thousand four hundred and eighty two dollars the screen is very tiny i’m.

    Not using my glasses and i’m straining my eyes but let’s just keep moving with the video so basically in this place you’re going to get the information about ethereum and then how it has performed they cannot change the time frame to either daily or weekly or monthly time frame it.

    Now depends on you that is something you can do on your own right so this is ethereum if you move to this other part of this this side you’re going to see the different time frame yeah you’re going to see the minutes if you want to check the time frame in minutes you can click here before you check in as you can click everyone to check daily time framing i want to check weekly or monthly so let’s just say we want to check the five minutes time frame you’re going to see this is the last five minutes what ethereum is doing so each candle stick represents five minutes movement of ethereum and then we want to check the last 15 minutes each candlestick will represent one candlestick represents 15 minutes so this is the last 15 minutes of ethereum um we want to check the last one ah this is the hour time frame last one uh you will get all your information on the last hour of ethereum if you want to check the last six hours the same thing basically they’re going to check the last one day this is it and the weekly time frame is here.

    Now all these information is for it to have a better knowledge you know an in-depth knowledge or a better knowledge for you to make decisions when you’re trading in the crypto market for example if you check the weekly time frame in the last um one two three four five six seven eight in the last six weeks ethereum has been going up but the seventh week uh it came down and this is the eighth week you know this current week it is showing that is about to go up so maybe there is a resistance obviously there’s a resistance here and it hit this resistance zone it came down i think it will go back to the test but basically that is the information you can get and in this place here you can have written information of the other book people that are buying people that are selling the price they are buying for just real-time information so if you want to buy if you click on buy you put the quantity of youtube you want to buy put the amount you know you when you place your order is going to reflect in this place this green place the buy when it gets to that particular point your you you automatically buy you buy the ethereum you want in exchange for your usdt and you want to sell if you click on sell you’re going to see the same way you put the price you want to sell for this i want to sell for 35 000 i mean three thou let’s say 3 900 3900 right i put it then i put the quantity of each other i want to sell i put my total amount i submit it’s going to show in this place i don’t have any money that is why i cannot do real time and transaction.

    Now you can even buy with the market price the current market price once you click on buy and click on market this market here right you’re going to see the market price all you.

    Need to do this time i’m.

    Not putting the price again you just put the quantity you want to buy let’s say you want to buy with all the money your utility on my country just click on hundred percent you click on buy i’m going to buy all with all the money in your ethereum.

    Now this place this basically these are just for information about the the crypto and when you click on the buy i’m gonna it’s gonna place the order for you uh what else again have i.

    Not talked about this video is already getting too long um this is.

    Not supposed to be a full video of me teaching you everything you.

    Need to learn basically all i’m supposed to do here is just to give you a run-through of the app so let’s just move binance future switches is also similar to the trade the trade is for the sports traders where you have access to different cryptocurrencies the futures is more advanced in the futures market you have access to limited cryptocurrencies have been approved on the binance futures platform so if you’re an advanced trader you come here to do your futures trading futures trading is a form of trading where you can borrow money from the platform to do your trading you know the money you don’t have you just use the money on the platform to trade and when you make your profit you take your profit and you just really to um interest after making your games but basically the same thing with coin coin is also the futures trading the different retail features to you’re support trading in sport trading are using your money to trade you’re trading with your own money well if you just trading you’re actually trading with money on the platform you can borrow money the money you don’t have if you’re a good trader i can borrow money i can trade and make a lot of profit then let’s move forward if you click on all earlier it’s going to take you to your finance launchpad i would be.

    Now savings the last launch pad is a place where you can get access to.

    New business project bridges that have.

    Not been launched or are about to be launched you know you can quickly jump on them use your.

    Normal crypto the ones you have maybe your busd your bnb your usd your bitcoin depending on the coin they want you to use to you know mine to stick to mine a particular coin is about to be launched once you click on your binance launch pad yeah you’re gonna see different cryptocurrencies they’re about to be launched and the dates they’ll be launched and you can jump on it and quickly make fast gain like make.

    New cryptocurrencies so this is it people are currently farming mbos farming simply means people are mining that particular project so to find emboss you.

    Need to stick you.

    Need to stick either your busd coin or you stick ambush coin so just take it then you use it to mine and you get moist there’s a duration with this apples for example.

    Now the time onto the farming is you just have three days left it has been on for a period of 30 days so in the.

    Next three days the farming and everybody is going to take their profits you can quickly jump on it but this is something i can take my time to teach later and these are projects that have been found in the past um 98 coin c98 coin and different different cryptocurrencies right um what else again what else again okay let’s come to the binance savings in binance if it’s instead of you to trade you can also make money in cryptocurrency by saving your crypto and all these ones you can do in binance saving there is different aspect of the binary we have the flexible savings we have the lock saving the flexible savings the form of saving where you can save in your you save in your binance savings account and you can withdraw your money anytime you want.

    Now the log saving once you save for a particular period on t gets to that point you cannot have access to your money the difference between flexible savings and loan savings the fact that the flexible you can get access to your money anytime you want you can live you can remove your money while it looks even you just have to wait to that particular point however the lock saving because you’re going to be leaving your money for a duration on a period of time and.

    No matter what happens you cannot remove your money during the lock saving you can actually make more profit than the saving than the flexible savings so let’s look at this for flexible saving if you want to save bitcoin for seven days you’re going to get 0.50 profit right so you get your 0.500 profit for seven days i can take your profit any time you want if you are.

    No longer interested in saving if you want to save your usd you get one point two zero percent profit basically this implements that if you save android usdt in the.

    Next seven days you’re gonna get um one dollar twenty one dollar twenty cents so you’re gonna get one point two zero percent so you might get one hundred and one usdt so that means if you save for like four weeks that is one month you’re going to get 204 usd in one percent gain why if you are using the lock savings the log savings percent is very i can’t you can see.

    Now if you want to save asx you for 15 days you’re going to get 15 percent profit you want to save kick for 15 days you’re going to get 20 profit like that like that like that the profits in the lock savings are always higher than that of the flexible savings and these are various activities they tell you what to do and how you can get your percentage profit and stuff like that so there’s also the locks taking the locks taking and the loss savings are different this one you’re going to put your cryptocurrency you just take it to get more so you can stake a cryptocurrency for like one day depending on the duration they want you to stick your cryptocurrencies for and you tell the percentage you’re going to get and when you’re taking for example if you want to take this cryptocurrency leads right lit we’re going to get 45 percent profit just taking the unlock period for one day we have the 15 days unlock we have the 30 days we have the 60 days we have the 90 days depending on the days you want to um lock it for will determine the percentage profit you are going to get um what else again we’ll talk about binaural savings monastic and this is the refresh button if you click on this refresh button it’s going to refresh anything you are doing yeah so let’s come to the settings in this settings basically what we do is to change interface you can change the settings you can personalize it you can make it to fit your own preference if you come to trade preferences there are different ways you can change your trade preference you can change to classic you can change to pro you can change it to full screen however that is only for sports trading your features is always fixed on pro the same thing with your coin your usdt features your coin features only system pro but for your sport reading you can leave it in classic you can change to anyone you can change the color you can change the team if you want everything to be in the light background you can click on light your trading screen if you want it to be that background click on dark um if you want to automatically update your software you click here if you want your currency to show in the us dollar or any other any other value you can change it here but i’m okay with the us dollar then your language if you want to change your language to another language you can select the language you want i’m okay with english then you can create your shortcut keys in this place basically that’s what you do here okay so let’s move forward this is your wallet this wallet contains your portfolio right your i mean your portfolio the money you have in your different um wallet address your spot wallet is going to show you your portfolio all the cryptocurrencies you have the ones you’ve bought they will all appear in your sports wallet right so currently you can see that in my spot wallet i don’t have any money because this particular um account i’m using is an account i created for the sake of tutorials i don’t use it for any transaction it’s.

    Not verified.

    Now if you want to check your overview wallet overview wallet is the total amount of money having all your wallet your futures your sports your p2p your different wallet everything will show in your overview so you can see your fiat and your sports wallet your cross margin your isolated margin your us dollar your um your pay your swap your p2p everything shows in your overview wallet basically um even your savings everything shows in overview or later then this is for your order if you want to check your other book your spot orders every others you have made on crypto your transaction history you just click here to check everything and this is where you get your information your.

    Notification when you log in where you log out when is that information you get your.

    Notification a lot in this place and this place is your personal pleasure you can check to set your security if i click here i can set my security if you want to use code i want to use email i want to use google authenticator this is a 2fa google authenticator sms email every security settings i.


    Need to do i can do it here identification here you verify your account you know you can see i’ve.


    Not verified my account so this is where you verify your account you do everything that concerns your verification payment in your payment this is where you you buy your cryptocurrencies another way of end up shortcut of buying your cryptocurrencies you can add your payments method if you want to withdraw money you can transfer your money to um your tax centers this transaction is like a freebie place where you get your total do one or two tax and from time to time and you get free bees like you get maybe coupons and stuff like that but currently there’s.

    No tax for me then you have the coupon center too there you get a reward as well but there’s currently.

    No cooper you can be checking from time to time to see what is on then you have your api management.

    Now your api management is you know a private key for you to access the market in real time and um i don’t really use it but if you want to check it out you can go ahead and check it out guys basically that’s the summary of how to use your binance mobile app and if you have problem just click on this online support you just come down below click on like support you can contact the customer ikea they are always very helpful so if you find this content interesting i’ve really spent time talking i don’t know how long this video is but i’m very confident that this video is very long currently it is subscribe button you just subscribe watching tommy post.

    Notification on so when i drop interested content like this in my channel you can check out my other videos you’ll be among the first to see it bye for.

    Now and i hope to see you in my.

    Next video this is basically how to use the binance app desktop app [Music] on your computer screen

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