It’s Finally Here… My Tesla Model S Plaid


so this is one of the most anticipated items shown up here.

    Never had a tesla before and what a way to kick it off what a way to get it started this is the.

    New model s plaid this is special elon is on to something and i probably shouldn’t have taken so long to get one and it’s a time like this what what car what car what car [Music] anyway this is going to be a comprehensive video if you.

    Need a snack if you.

    Need a drink get it.

    Now buckle down buckle in buckle buckle up buckle something why am i angry.

    No he’s still trying.

    No please okay okay that’s good oh my god oh my god [Laughter] that’s so fast [Music] i think you’re this reckless i feel like just since everything was.

    New to me i’m gonna make it.

    New to you as well all right so immediately what’s different on this one is the fact that there’s.


    No latch so this one goes straight up maybe slightly wider you’re gonna see the rims that were selected that was an upgrade they’re 21 inches you have sporty tires wrapped around them they have like a satin black sort of in between gloss and matte finish on them all the accents.

    Now in the modern tesla are done in black as opposed to chrome that for me was the modern update that was.

    Necessary you had it on the model y model three black accents on the camera over here black trim black handles it’s a simple they meet and greet you the mirrors pop out too.

    Now what i did on the mirrors actually is i wrapped them in gloss black i was just trying to personalize it a little bit but then i got thinking about it more and i was like man i’ve been making these cases i was like maybe we could mock up some mirror caps out of carbon these are what we came up with.


    Now there’s also an option for a matte finish but i thought with all the black accents on the outside maybe glossy would be the way to go slap that on and for me that just flows with the paint a little bit better as soon as i started getting this car i was starting to think about ways to personalize it probably because i was liking it so much i was like enjoying sitting there i was just selecting to drive this car i have other cars but i’m getting in this car i mean really it’s all about the interior experience and the performance that you just get used to and you kind of miss when you don’t have it stupid fast quarter mile etc etc this thing is so covert out on the street it looks like a family sedan it’s the fastest car in the.


    Neighborhood this trunk this is almost like suv caliber trunk i can fit two kids and myself hockey gear in here with one section of the seats folded down it’s a lot of cargo and it’s easy to use cargo it’s like how big is the mouth like the entry to it what is my approach angle this is very usable cargo for the type of stuff i do with the sports equipment it’s power up power down obviously you can see camera sensors as well on the back the car got tinted so that was another key for me made it look a little bit more special i think it truly deserves a tint okay so we’re in the back.


    Now i’m just gonna lift these up there’s a big display here in the center this is.

    Not just for controlling things like the climate in the back it’s also capable for media i’ve already had the kids with the youtube on with the.


    Netflix on a lot of the features from a software perspective are so well thought out that you end up using them and.

    Not ignoring them.

    Night vision and things like this but do you actually use them are they buried in some menu somewhere where you like show it once and then you’re kind of done with it i didn’t peel any of the plastics yet i was saving that for the video i like the way the app lets me individually select which seats i want to heat like this one is getting heated.


    Now and there’s and i can even select the different levels and this is prior to getting into the vehicle i know there’s a lot of vehicles you can do this with but how easy is it you know tesla is really a software company as much as they’re a hardware company in many ways maybe even more so when you think about the self-driving stuff which of course i’m going to get to as we move through this video so the charge port is over here behind this reflector here you tap there it reveals it has a light on it this is another thing you could control from the app as far as locking and unlocking the port starting and stopping charging i did that on the app okay so this vehicle obviously has the yoke steering this is a hugely controversial hot topic item i wasn’t certain one way or the other but i can safely say i kind of miss this thing when i don’t have it there’s a.


    Novelty factor to it but it does work obviously when you’re in a parking lot or something there’s gonna be a real learning curve there because well you’re lacking curves but when you’re cruising on the highway or you’re in autopilot or something like that and you’re just like barely touching it this is such a comfortable place to rest your hands the way that they’ve designed it wasn’t perfect out the gate you had uh the signals for example after you made the turn it wouldn’t go off you’d tap it again to turn it off.

    Next thing you know like a week after having it software update rolls out.

    Now it turns off these are the types of updates where they can get user feedback and actually push this update to the car drastically change the behavior of a certain feature to meet the criteria of the users again a lot more like a software company technology company a smartphone company they happen to be in automotive but it’s really the tech that sets it apart.

    Not the turning rubber you.


    Need the turning rubber but you get where i’m going here and it certainly helps that this thing is a performance monster it even gets the performance heads from the combustion engine world interested they got you’ve got to pay attention when something’s moving that fast and moving that fast like like well i’m gonna show you in this video you can tell this is really what it’s about it’s this cockpit this is the thing that you really miss when you’re in some other car is sitting right here having this big display having this other display here and the yoke just completely letting you see it some about it feels futuristic something about it feels a lot like that initial iphone moment where you have this vision of the future and you feel like you’re interacting with it and i think these influences are going to be felt across the entire industry it’s google maps on a 21-inch display in your car you’re.

    Never worried about.

    Nav at all in fact you’re.

    Not worried about android auto at all you’re.

    Not worried about apple carplay at all everything is right there so your phone can very easily just drop right here and this is two wireless chargers at your disposal and it’s such an obvious place to put your smartphone the music player section can be this big it can be this big if you want more map or if i click up here it can be this big and it can give me a lot more information about what i’m listening to all right.


    Now let me click this little button in the bottom left this is how you interact with your car so you can see here it’s saying that i can open the front trunk it’s showing that the passenger door is open you have options for moving the mirrors steering wheel the steering wheel movement is really cool if i click steering wheel this little toggle becomes [Music] the way to find the perfect location it’s all motorized and it’s in tiny little increments uh you can raise the suspension and what’s cool about that is if you’re going through a drive-through or something you raise the suspension to be at the same height as the drive-through window it will remember that geography it’ll remember the location and it’ll automatically elevate the.

    Next time around same goes for bumps on the road where you might scrape the front end or something it can remember these things if you frequently raise your suspension at a particular location so we can open up halfway to this spot and have access to our cup holders but keep it clean across the top we can also pull the cup holders back to get access to a much deeper compartment below there and we can push this all the way back to get access to this first bin and i can push this portion back to get access once again there’s a there’s a pack of cashews already down there sea salted from longo’s thank you i mean that’s the thing like it’s big down there and you don’t even have to look at it when you’re.

    Not using it’s like having an extra center uh console.

    Normally you only have this here but you’re getting it over here as well here are the settings for pedals and steering when i first got the car by default the steering mode was standard and i was kind of like you know what i feel like we can tighten this up i want to feel a little bit more put into sport mode.

    Never look back so this is a real difference maker from a settings perspective if you like a more tactile feel what you’re steering throw on the sport mode obviously for acceleration we have chill sport and plaid this thing has been pretty much locked in plaid this is addictive hitting the accelerator and going drag strip mode is in there launch mode is in there what’s in beta right.

    Now is this option for the car to remember look at its surroundings know how it got into a particular spot and you.

    Not even have to press that it’ll just know and you just hit the break then the accelerator and you’re off.


    Not having to worry about it i’m in sport mode there’s an advanced mode if you want to get even crazier between firm and soft ride height is also available to you from very high down to low this is configuring the way you want the car to feel and perform for me it lives in sport we can schedule our charging in here.

    Now by default tesla leaves a little bit of the battery uncharged for the daily recharge i’m still getting around 500 kilometers with some leftover space which is the recommendation but if you want to go for a road trip and get that like 520 that this thing is rated for then you just shift that limit all the way to the top charging to this level will take longer you see go back down i can set it in the car i can set it in the app i also want to mention something that i almost forgot if uh you get concerned that your touchscreen might have issues and you can’t put the car into drive or reverse down here they’re really faint right.

    Now but the icons also exist that you can tap as far as cameras i mean they’re huge rear facing side facing i click this little button and i see more we can obviously customize this section down here we can look at our dash cam there we go this thing is monitoring the the road as well as the entirety of the surroundings of the car we have a calendar messages there’s a theater this is where you’re gonna watch.

    Netflix youtube or twitch and what’s cool about this experience is that you have a.


    Nice sound system maple syrup die if you have to wait anywhere for anyone on a relatively frequent basis you don’t even mind cause you’re just you’re.

    Not staring at your little your little phone like with your.

    Neck cranked over you’re just over here watching something through the sound system maybe you want to watch lou later i don’t know it’s up to you once you’re in theater you also have access to arcade this is all types of games that you can play in the car some of these games use touch input others like beach buggy racing uses steering wheel input [Music] but then there’s games that you probably know like cuphead you can pair an xbox controller and legitimately sit here in game or you could just play a touch based game like chess even with a passenger oh don’t you get me start on toy box so toy box you can change your horn sounds [Music] there’s also this thing called tracks you can do some beat making on here [Music] you know i don’t know you’re chilling out late you know set your bpm goof around it’s really basic but when i was a kid this was.

    Not basic this was like software that you had to buy i’m 87 years old that’s fine but when i’m in my car i’m just like man it’s a time like this wha what car what car what car a couple other things on the steering wheel real quick changing lanes signaling turns is over here these are touch buttons your lights are up there this wheel’s gonna control volume uh this is going to control autopilot and then speed within autopilot so once you’re in autopilot you want to go a bit faster just scroll that up scroll it back a little bit your horn is in this location and voice activation is just below that and then you also have your bio hazard defense system for filtration as well all right let’s peel off this plastic that’s been on here for way too long and then let’s go drive this thing [Music].


    No one’s in there oh i’ve been waiting a long time to do that.


    Now we’re really ready to drive this thing this video has been sponsored by insta360 and the one x 2 which is currently on sale for the lowest price ever it’s a 360 degree camera 5.7 k resolution allowing you to get some absolutely wild shots and to figure out your framing later on so if you’re shooting action sequences if you’re shooting something that’s time dependent you’re only gonna have one chance at it this will capture absolutely everything you can mount it.

    Not just to a tripod or something stationary but also to a really cool selfie stick and then the software will remove the stick from the footage so you don’t even see it it has a steadicam mode a flow state stabilization for ultra smooth video it’s waterproof up to 10 meters it has ai editing functions you can do all your editing right within the app on your smartphone and you can also control it with your voice if you don’t have access to it if it’s kind of far away from you on your selfie stick you can actually trigger recordings simply with your voice so if you want to take your video making to the.

    Next level click the link in the description check the promo and pick up the insta 360 1×2 this we’re preparing for launch we’re launching we’re going to launch here in a second oh your body fuels the jeep it’ll shoot you right out of a cannon all right so we are getting onto the highway right.

    Now merging this dash right here sort of displays everything that’s going on these different cars get identified by this car you see like this suv shows up in the screen here and everything is oriented towards this screen and that’s one of the benefits of having this steering yoke instead of a wheel is there’s.

    No obstruction here.

    Now one of my favorite things about this car in autopilot driving is how easy it is to jump in and out of it like your settings are all set up in advance in the menu system but then if you want to toggle it on you just click this button here and that’s it the car is driving itself.

    Now if i want to speed up i just push this wheel forward if i want to slow down i pull it back.

    Now you can also set your follow distance just like any type of adaptive cruise control where it’ll keep the same distance between you and the car in front if you want to switch lanes then you just simply use your signal indicator and the car will look for an opportunity to change lanes you can also be have a little bit more agency over it like let this car pass and then say i want to switch lanes it looks for a spot can’t do it yet then it goes on its own mo got a kick out of that it’s constantly improving it’s uh constantly getting fine-tuned and this is one of the smoothest experiences that i’ve had you will have to touch the steering wheel every so often it says please keep your hands on the yoke be prepared to take over at any time so i can kind of have them like this i could pick up a coffee drink a coffee i’m monitoring what’s going on so apply slight turning force to the steering yoke it also flashes white at the top so i barely touched it and that’s enough to re-engage and let the system know that i’m here i’m gonna turn on autonomous here so if you’re approaching a light that is currently green but changing to yellow or red then you would.

    Not hit the accelerator to continue but if it maintains its green you tap the accelerator and you proceed through the intersection look at the way see it knows it knows for example that that’s a giant bus it knows that that’s a large truck.

    Now we’re still in autopilot and look the car takes off on its own it’s going to still stop for the traffic light unless i use the accelerator i touch the accelerator just tap it to continue and it goes through the green line and then through the lights which it sees over here and then i can go ahead and increase the speed.

    Now one of the.

    Nice things about the yolk is if you use autopilot a lot it’s uh kind of a comfortable place to rest your finger or hand here anyways it’s actually a pretty sophisticated system.

    Now maybe i am slightly more impressed because i haven’t had experiences with the previous system so it wasn’t like i got to know it intimately let me just say one more thing on the autopilot front because it’s really weird there’s this experience you have owning a vehicle like this which is a high performance vehicle obviously very quick uh plaid zero to 62 seconds whatever whatever it happens to be sometimes you want to drive like that sometimes you you want to performance the snappiness other times you want to hit the button and let the car do it on its own it’s actually the best of both worlds it’s.

    Not one or the other which was a concern of mine i was thinking okay this in this autonomous future what happens to the joy of driving and i think it’s why this vehicle is so critical because i mean the joy is still there i i realize some people want to have a certain sound they want to have a certain feel a more mechanical feel possibly but the exhilaration is there if if you drive this thing quickly uh you’re gonna feel it in your body.

    No he’s still trying.

    No please okay okay that’s good oh my god oh my god [Laughter] that’s so fast

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