TownStar ROI on NFTs – Return on Investment – How much can you really earn?


hi this is.

    Neil walters with and i’m going to talk to you today about gala games and what it takes to really earn money or town star coins inside the game i saw other videos out there oh i’m making 400 a day or i’m making 10 a day and i’m like what’s the difference between the guy that makes 10 and the guy that makes 400 i mean we’d always we’d all like to make 400 a day right but the trick is those guys have a lot of.

    Nfts that they’ve invested in okay and that’s why i’m going to explain to you in this video we’ll come back to the spreadsheet later and i’ll make the spreadsheet available for you that you copied over it’s a google spreadsheet and it was put together originally these first three columns by the channel ai on crypto and i i really enjoyed that channel and i appreciate him doing that somehow he figured out the values here of the rewards that you get for playing a token so we’ll see later that these these here at the top of course are more expensive tokens so we may.

    Not be able to afford those but down here the green ones are the ones that i currently have and i’ll explain to you you know how much money i think i’ll be able to make using those but first what i did is i did a little google search i just typed in uh gala games levels and but first i’m going to show you my own personal account here so if i go to you’re going to click here to start the the townstar game but you have to log on first you have to create a.

    New account if you.

    Need to do that there’ll be a link below the video but most of you are probably watching this because you’re already playing town star imagine and so you see here i’m level six and what does it say when you mouse over that it says your gala level is six you can increase this by basically holding or owning or buying more gala and town coin in your inventory.

    Now i run a gala.

    Node and i’m hoping to run a town star.

    Node very soon as well and that basically gives me a certain.

    Number of gala coins per day and that’s how i got to be at level six so what if you’re starting at zero and you.


    Need to go get some gala that’s what we.

    Need to talk about right because the.

    Next step here it says your gala power level is equal to your.

    Number of playable.


    Nfts eligible to earn rewards okay hopefully you know.


    Nft is a.


    Non-fungible token that’s the little game assets that you can put into the game and play but you either have to be given those or you have to buy them okay and so even if you have the money to buy the.

    Nfts you have to have a certain level to be able to play them so if you go google gala game levels so i search for gala games levels i found this web page and i just want to scroll down right.


    Now and here’s what we’re looking for right here so for every 5 000 gallon coins i think it’s you you own you go up by a level so if you have ten thousand coins you’d be at level two fifteen thousand coins would put you at level three okay so.

    Now the.

    Next question is well how much would it cost say to be at level three well over here i have different tabs open for various prices the different coins just a minute what depends on what the gala cost that day so right here you see this little green thing today a gallon coin is worth almost 50 cents a week ago or a few days ago before this price drop it was worth 75 cents a few months ago you could have bought it for like uh about 10 cents or less okay so big price changes and of course we hope the gala coins go up over the.


    Next year and then you could be sitting on some good money if you just sit and hold them and that’s one of the decisions you have to make is when you earn your coins every day are you going to go sell them and cash them in or are you going to hold them hoping that the town star coin is going to go up in value and by the way i’m showing you the gala coin.


    Now this tab is the town star coin and i’m using charts dot coin trader dot pro charts dot coin trader dot pro and to have fifteen thousand coins times point four seven seven let’s just round that off you would.

    Need gosh seven thousand dollars so when everybody says oh i’m making this much per day you know that’s may.

    Not be possible for you unless you have this kind of money to put into it and that doesn’t include your.

    Nfps okay so this video may be for people who are.


    Node owners like me that are just trying to figure out should i buy in fts.

    Now or.

    Not okay um.

    Now you can also earn earn rewards by being in the top like 100 or something like that just so i have another chart that i downloaded earlier today let me make it a little bigger here um this is if you win in the top so many positions if you can figure out how to be in the top like 400th position you could earn 200 gala rewards or coins for that week it takes a week to play the game that’s at that speed um and you’re probably.

    Not going to be it’s.


    Not going to be that easy for you to do right off the bat unless you’ve had some experience playing the game because you’re competing with people all over the world and they’ve already learned the tricks and stuff okay so i don’t want to be the bearer of bad.

    News here but anyway let’s suppose you have some gala coins or you’re just an investor you have these gala coins as long as they’re in your gala account.

    Now you’re going to have a certain level which let me just remind you what that looked like okay so to recap this is your level and this is where it’s shown is at the upper right corner of your screen when you go to app.gala dot games.

    Now the.

    Next thing we can show you is how you actually put the.

    Nfts in your game so i’m going to start up the game here and recently i decided to start running the game on a separate laptop so on my other desk over there i put an old laptop that i have it’s good enough to run the game because i was.

    Noticing that when you leave this game running all day long it basically eats up a good percentage of your cpu on your computer and i kind of worry that that could slowly burn out your computer if you’re constantly running your fan and your computer all day long i don’t have a gaming c gaming pc per se some people buy special pcs just for gaming but this whole town star actually runs in the browser but it does i’ve.


    Noticed used up quite a lot of cpu so i put it on an older laptop that i i don’t care as much about is my main one i use for business and work every day the town starts loading here and sometimes it gets to about 85 percent then kind of goes to sleep for a minute but then usually it will come on and open.

    Now they started displaying this every time you open it we’ll come back to that just a moment i was experimenting this week with just doing.

    Nothing but milk and wheat uh built my hotel just with milk barns and that’s all you.

    Need you don’t even.


    Need that many milk barns to do your daily activity here which i’ll show you in just a second so up here this is the.

    New thing they’ve created you see that countdown timer let’s go back it says i have four hours and 21 minutes i’ve already met my goal for this 24 hour period so every 24 hours you have a chance to do this you can see today i learned i earned 11 pound coins and when i did that which was actually yesterday evening i didn’t have this.

    Nft here so the.

    Nfts i was playing with to begin with was the mr puddles which is this one right here that’s the one that looks like it’s sort of a tower and oh the other one’s my express depot so i destroyed the original depot that was here and put in my express depot just so i could earn from that you can actually have two trucks if you want you could have them going the same time if you have a lot of products you.


    Need to deliver so that’s three.


    Nfts one two and three and remember i’m at level six so i could have up to six.

    Nfts in my game given my current level and.

    Now let me show you how you add and take away these.

    Nfts to add a.

    New one you would click like an empty slot here and you go to this blue button that’s the.

    Nft button basically and you can see that the.

    Nfts i own i’ve already been placed and here it tells you the rewards for each one so the express depot is only one and mr puddles is 10 and the rare water tower is 14.

    okay so.

    Now i’m going to close that screen and i’m actually going to remove this one okay so you’re going to hit the all right right here it says return so you’re returning it back to your inventory it says yes i want to do that so it’s.

    Not really moving it on the blockchain or anything it’s just basically taking it in and out of your inventory so.

    Now it’s available and the water tower has to be built.

    Next to a road so i’m just.

    Now going to put it just to show you real quick sorry it’s gone.

    Now right and so if i want to put it back in i just click here and there’s.

    No cost in the game to do that which is cool because you’re already paid for your.

    Nft so you can actually move it too if you don’t like it here later in the game you can basically return it to your inventory and then i can put it like over here if i wanted and there’s.

    No cost for doing that oh.

    Now i’m running an autoscript right.

    Now which says every time i get 10 milks it’ll automatically go ship them and there’s been other people have done videos on that maybe i’ll do that later it took a little while to set up maybe maybe 30 40 minutes tops but i’m a programmer too so anyway that’s something worth looking into if you want to maximize your your time as a human right and the first time it loads for some reason it says loading orders from the different cities it always takes long the first time but then after that it’s pretty fast so i’ll pause while it does that all right.

    Now it’s getting my tin milk shipped off here goes the milk my computer is just running slow today i think because i’m recording the video at the same time.

    Normally everything on the screen is moving a lot faster than this okay so let’s go back to this little thing again your daily activities well since i’ve already done my activities for the day it doesn’t tell you what the goal is but the goal here is a thousand stars so you.

    Notice right.

    Now i have 212 780 stars and watch as soon as that milk truck comes back here which again everything’s running slow well there’s something going on.

    Now sometimes either my machine’s got an issue or the game’s got an issue my truck didn’t come back.

    Normally it shows you the truck is delivering over here but i think it’s about 200 stars that i get every time i deliver 10 milk so to meet this goal all you got to do is for example deliver milk about five times a day roughly i may have that slightly off maybe it’s 10 times a day but you can probably do that in 30 minutes to an hour and once you get your town set up like this everything’s just kind of automatic and if you use that script it’ll automatically sell them the one thing you do have to do every day in that 24-hour period is you actually have to come here and you actually have to click a little button that says i want to accept or receive my rewards i think collect is the word they use collect my rewards.

    Now okay and then when you do that you’ll see them in your inventory let me show you that.

    Next i’ll close the game and maybe things will speed up here so here in the gala games menu i click inventory and here’s town star let me show you that first it shows you all my.

    Nfts that i have and i actually earned these two by just being a gala.

    Node’s owner they just gave them to me as freebies so that’s pretty cool and then today i bought this one which believe it or.

    Not was like a little over two thousand dollars okay so why would a 60 year old man pay two thousand dollars to play a game and that’s we’re going to get to in a minute it’s it’s an investment is the way i look at it okay you click inventory and then here’s your town coin you can see what you’ve earned so here is my distribution reward which is what i get every day for running a.

    Node apparently for.


    Now they’re giving away 3.5 pound coins a day for that which is.


    Nice and then each day in the last uh since tuesday this week you can see i have a game reward and i earned 11 town coins so basically here you see every day i’m getting a distribution reward which is because i actually run a gala.

    Node so they’re just giving me that as an extra bonus i don’t know how long that’s going to continue i didn’t even know they were going to do that and then each day that i do the the tasks that i showed you on the prior screen i’m right.

    Now i’m getting 11 town coins and that is before i put my.


    Nft in which i just bought today so.

    Now what we’re going to do is go look at a spreadsheet and see if this is a good investment or.

    Not and by the way it’s here every day game reward game reward game reward etcetera okay i’m getting 10 pound coins a day or 11 and again if we go look at the price of that just a second right.


    Now at a dollar seven today i’m getting say if i got 10 coins that would be 10 a day be a little more like 11 or 12 because i’m getting 11 coins a day when the price was up here 2.19 times 10 that’s like 22 bucks a day which is kind of.

    Nice right okay but of course there’s labor your time involved in doing it too which you know if you make good money maybe that’s.

    Not worth your time in trouble but if you enjoy playing the game and making money then it’s kind of cool.


    Now i’m going to make this spreadsheet available to you what you can do is you can just copy it over if you save up here do file make a copy and this this means you have to have your own drive google drive google docs you can say here make a copy you save it on your own google drive and then you can change it any way you want so what i did here is again i these three columns were from ai on crypto and i don’t know if they’re ever going to change these.

    Numbers hopefully they don’t the rewards hopefully are going to be stable because if they’re.

    Not stable and they keep changing things then that ruins our potential income later so i’m looking at this as sort of an investment i thought gala games is a pretty cool thing and that’s why i bought the gala.

    Node already okay so at the top of the spreadsheet it doesn’t know the price you have to actually type in the price here so go to that other link i’ll give you to the price chart and you have to type in the price there are tools that will sometimes get prices but they’re all flaky so we can’t talk about that here.

    Now the.

    Next question is how many days a month are you willing to play the game i mean we don’t want to turn this into a job right like we prefer making money passively so like running a gala.


    Node is fairly passive once you set it up it runs for months and you just kind of check and make sure it’s working every few every few weeks or every few days or whatever.

    Not much work involved but to earn the rewards here you have to get in the game you have to do something you have to build your little town so that it’s it’s progressing enough where you can make your thousand uh stars or whatever they call it each and every day so you might want to take off saturdays and sundays right and do it monday through friday so you might play 20 days a month 24 days a month maybe 30 31 and that’s going to determine what your if you want to call it income or rewards are going to be so.

    Now i’ve made this little column over here that says do i own this.

    Node yes or.

    No so remember i had these two which are free and today i paid this 2426 for this rare water tower so it seems like every game you play you always.

    Need water so i figured that’s a good safe one to have another one that looks pretty good maybe is the solar panels which are pretty cool um.


    Now let’s show you my map so what i do is this column here i basically just take the pound star price times what ai on crypto said that coin makes per day so if we come down here the rare water tower that i bought should make me 15 and 12 cents a day given the current price of the town star coin i basically just copied that.

    Number over here in the columns where i own the thing so that i could total it up and see okay i’m making 25 a day and that that adds up to 622 dollars a month if i’m working 24 days a month at this or having fun doing it whichever way you’re looking at whether it’s work or fun you have to do the daily tasks so i could make 622 a month.

    Now if you come up here and you say okay i’m going to do this 30 days a month i’m.

    Never going to go too far from my computer and always do it you can make 700 a month so i figure i could do roughly say 24 to i think 24.

    that’s like four weeks in a month roughly six days a week give or take still have a few days off and so my incumbent at this level is going to be 622 a month.

    Now you want to know that before you buy the.

    Nft right so that’s what all these other columns over here are about let me explain you how this works okay i just did a thing called trees rows so.

    Now when i scroll you can see my headings up at the top so this is them why is that in blue let’s look at this one so if we go to the left here this is the rare water tower that i bought today i highlighted been green because i own them then this is the price i actually paid then this is the if you go to the gala games site they typically have their.

    Nfts and town star dollars or town star coins so for example here so the reason that didn’t.

    Need a dollar sign recordings going is that it is in town star coins price so we have to take that and multiply by up here the town star coin price for today that’s how many u.s dollars it would cost today to buy the solar panel or maybe that was actually yesterday when i looked that price up.

    Now let’s let’s say i highlighted this in blue just because i was thinking about okay maybe the.


    Next thing i’ll do is buy a solar panel so that means i.

    Need 2 800 for that.

    Now we come over here and let’s look at what happens so when you buy when you do an investment you want to learn you want to know how much time does it take to get your money back so the days to recoup the cost of your.

    Nft is 179 days and that’s of actual playing and so i divide that by how many days you play a month and that means it’s going to take you 7.4 months to actually earn your money back after that anything you do with that.


    Nft is pure profit.


    Now remember you can actually make money on the.

    Nfts too if they go up in time but that all depends upon how much people like the game and how much they’re enjoying it basically right so here these two are in green because this is what you’re really making after you recoup your initial investment after 7.4 months you would be making 414 dollars a month by having the solar panel in your game and if you multiply that per year that’s like five thousand dollars a year so it may seem crazy to buy a toy or a game a game piece for three thousand dollars but if you can make five thousand a year for the.

    Next 10 20 years you know that’s.

    Not bad right i can supplement your social security if you’re retired right um but it all depends we don’t know what the future’s going to bring right so.

    None of this of course is financial advice uh there are many risks and unknowns out there and i’ve heard that these game companies are actually hiring uh economic specialists or economists so they can set up the economies in this game so that they think it’s fair and they have to keep balancing and juggling the rewards and all that kind of stuff so you know they can change all that tomorrow we also don’t know what the season pass cost either so if a season is only a month and you have to pay a thousand dollars per season that’s going to like ruin your investment totally so hopefully the season pass will be like 20 25 maybe and it’s.

    Not going to be a big deal maybe the season will go for a quarter of a year again so many things we don’t know so.

    Now we want to know the roi the return on investment so after recouping your money you’re going to be making 13 a month or 161 percent a year just take how much you’re making per year divided by what you invested okay so that is clearly better than putting your money in a savings account again assuming that the game continues to grow and thrive and the galley games grows and the other point is by the way if your town star goes up to ten dollars let’s just try that just for fun what if town star went up to ten dollars okay you would be making 46 000 a year from this one.

    Nft by playing you know less than say 20 30 minutes a day um that’s pretty.

    Nice right so that’s kind of what we’re all hoping for but let me do an undo here what if it goes half right if you if that goes down to 50 cents per pound star coin you’re.

    Not going to be making as much money so that’s why there’s so many factors involved here um so today before i bought this one i looked and said okay i should be able to make this much per month you see this 362 is the same.

    Numbers there i just basically copied it over to this column so i could sum up very easily all the uh about all the rows in this column so i would know what i’m going to be making per month and so.

    Now like in the future i decide to uh to buy this i would just put that here and.

    Now you see i would my my income would jump to 4 1036 a month from what it was which was 622 a month so that’s this purpose of this spreadsheet is basically to help you figure out how you want to invest your money if you want to call it investing okay and just for tracking purposes over here um i’m going to add another column here i put the transaction i’m going to hide this and i’m going to take it out of the spreadsheet before i share it i keep the address of when i bought the.

    Nfp so i always have a record of the price of that and then over here i’m going to say a date purchased so i hope that spreadsheet helps you in making your decisions course you can make your own spreadsheet you can copy my spreadsheet i have a pretty i work as a software developer and i have a degree in accounting and the.

    Nba that type of stuff so i have a very analytical mind and to me this is the kind of information you.

    Need to know before you just go buy these.

    Nfts because you know you want to make sure you get your money back basically so let me summarize.

    Now i just put some key bullet points here.

    Notepad um know what level you’re at because that determines how many.

    Nfts you play to earn so for example let’s say i bought this.

    Nft here and.

    Now i have four.

    Nfts i want to play i’d have to be at level four and we talked about levels before right if you’re at level three you can’t put a fourth.

    Nfp you’d have to go buy like another 5000 or whatever it is of gallup coins and that itself could be fairly expensive you.

    Need to own and buy the.

    Nfts and so by the way there’s two places you could buy those uh open c dot io if you’re if you’re into crypto and stuff you already know what that is that’s basically an.

    Nfp store where like i if i get tired of this tomorrow i could go sell my.

    Nft on that store and i might get the same price i paid for it back i might get less i might get more so if all of a sudden this rare water tower there’s.

    Not any of them for sale then maybe i can make more selling mine than what other people are making you know selling their.

    Nfts that’s always a possibility the other place is you can buy it in the gala games store but they don’t always have all the.

    Nfts because what happens is they release.

    New batches of them and let me go show you that real quick go here to gala games i’ll store it that’s pretty obvious and then.

    Now they’re going to have these different games here of course townstar is just one of the games that gala games has these are the.

    Nfts that they’re offering right.

    Now so look at this one it’s 290 000 pound coins and remember the price of the town coin is uh over a dollar right.

    Now so if you have three or four hundred thousand dollars you could go buy this.

    Nft and then the question is how much is it going to produce for you in the game and i don’t think it’s in the spreadsheet i haven’t figured out yet where you go find find that out so like i said i got these from ai and crypto and their main he may.

    Not have every single.

    Nft here so you’d have to ascertain that before continuing back to their store this is the one i’m thinking about buying so you can have you have to decide if you want to buy it here in this store or you want to go to open c and see if maybe you can buy it cheaper but you.

    Notice the thing i bought today what is in here here’s the rare water tower so it is for sale today but you can see here it says there’s only 28 of them left so after those 28 are gone it will disappear from this store or it’ll say sold out like this and then the only place you can get it is either from another player or you wait till they drop more of these.

    Nfts into their store which they do occasionally all these different.

    Nfts play differently in the game other people are explaining what all that does i’m more interested in the financial aspect of it okay.

    Now that’s part two uh.

    Number three use my spreadsheet or your own spreadsheet to compute your potential daily earnings to me that’s important before you spend your money and then again in the future you may.

    Need to have a season pass it’s unknown when that starts how much they will cost and actually how long a season will last and.

    Number five you start the game and you place your.

    Nfts which i showed you how to do earlier every day you have to qualify and get your whatever the daily qualification is right.

    Now it’s to earn so many stars but who knows maybe a week or a month from.

    Now the qualifications could change it could be more stars or maybe they could tell you to sell 20 wheat or 100 milk or something else i don’t know but i don’t think i’m going to tie it to a product because different people play different styles of games and then you have to to run on one of the servers.

    Now by the way there’s two different types of servers you can play on the weekly competition or compete servers and then the.

    Non-compete servers from what other people have told me you can earn your rewards on either one but.

    Not both so you can actually go create a town in your.

    Non-compete servers and just as long as you meet your daily goal you don’t even have to fill out the whole town like maybe for example three or four barns of milk barns might be enough for you to meet your daily goal and you just let it run for an hour get your milk and then you close it you’re done and that’s all you care if you want to play out the game and build a bigger city and all that you might as well do it on the competition server and see if you can get into the top 400 and see if you can earn extra coins by being a winner in that respect so good luck if you can be a winner so that’s it thanks for watching. that’s how.

    Nfts work actually inside of gala games and that’s how you can figure out how much you can earn from the.

    Nfts you you buy and maybe that will help you make your buying decision

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