Save The Rainforest With Invert!? Own A Piece Of Digital Land In The Amazon!?

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    Now before i get started here you guys if you are.

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    Now this is a project you guys that i’m actually very excited to showcase to you all it’s combining the rainforest with a real utility a real use case into the crypto space.

    Not to mention they’re coming out their own p2e game and there’s going to be a lot of rewards for holders and a lot of rewards for the community such as you and i.

    Now what exactly is this project that i’m going to be discussing today well as you can see here the project itself is called invert let’s invert io is their actual website link and i will of course leave all their social media as well as website down below in the description like always so you guys can check them out if you are interested in this project.

    Now i was looking at this earlier you guys and they actually have a very very good use case i really like how the teams laid out as well.

    Not to mention their white paper which i will be touching based on here in just a second but as you can see here save the amazon rainforest while playing join the first conserve to earn metaverse designed to save the real rainforest through land.



    Now when you actually purchase one of these.

    Nfts you guys you’re getting the digital asset to that uh you don’t actually get obviously the physical realm but you do get the digital version in the.

    Nft and of course that’s amazing i’m gonna touch a little bit more on that later on here but as you can see here if you are interested to join the actual whitelist to get on board into the project as well as of course their actual discord if you guys want to join that which i recommend you do so you guys can stay updated with the project but as you can see here here is inverts whitelist currently in four days time depending on when you’re watching this three days maybe left as well but as you can see here you can just fill out your information as well you can take part in the extra activities so you guys can jump on board and have a better chance to actually get whitelisted such as getting your wallet address visiting the page joining the discord following them on twitter retweeting as well as joining the telegram channel and here as well as their actual discord you guys currently there’s over 2100 members in their discord i recommend you guys join that if you have any uh any questions anything for the team you can directly reach out to them there as well.

    Not to mention you can engage with the community over there as well and of course they have all their social media as well at the very bottom of their actual page here as well such as their twitter also and i want to pull up their twitter as well they do have their youtube and as you can see link it in as well but over here they do have their twitter with over 2100 followers and as you can see here they’re starting to gain a lot of traction you guys there’s a lot going into this project.


    Not to mention obviously with the p2e game coming out you’re gonna have rewards just for playing the game and it’s going to something that’s actually bettering the environment bettering the world in a way in the sense that you’re doing something to actually help save the rainforest in this case.


    Now going back to the website you guys i want to go over this project a little bit more here for you guys i want to touch base on why you guys should be taking a look at it why you should be keeping it on your radar as well as exactly what is invert well i do have their actual white paper pulled up and i really recommend you guys actually look over their white paper as well so you guys can get a better understanding of the platform as well of course doing your own research to see if it fits for you but as you can see invert is the first play to earn metaverse linked by real forests for all players.


    Nft enthusiasts ecologists and visionaries invert is a web 3 startup development or developing forest conservation solutions at scale with tokenization innovative technologies and the latest models of monetization participants in the invert ecosystem can earn tokens through various actions performed in the metaverse users can own trade explore learn socialize and monetize their time to help expand protected areas to ensure a better future for all invert calls this.

    New model conserve to earn.


    Now they’re the first to actually do this and so far i haven’t seen any other project in the crypto space going into this little metaverse that they have created such as the conserve to earn and i think that’s going to make them stand out greatly and you’re probably.

    Not going to see this under 100 million dollar market cap.

    Now i know obviously with p2e games you guys and.


    Nfts there’s.


    No market cap for that but i’m referencing referencing that to a specific asset such as a market cap obviously like a feature i should say because you know solid projects they have huge market caps and this is a project that i think could do very well long term and could potentially do very good and explode and that’s why i’m kind of referencing it to a market cap in a way i tried to dump it down for those that maybe knew or.

    Not too sure so i’m very bad with my wording but anyways you guys we acquire private forests at risk of deforestation and tokenize it into digital assets such as digital land and standing forest products ensuring their conservation the core element of invert is the forest.

    Nfts the ground through which the entire metaverse is built.

    Now as you can see here you guys you have a lot going into this actual project itself and as you can see here we have disrupting the whole ecover or ecosystem i should say with the whole uh p2e games.


    Not to mention obviously with the token itself coming out.

    Now as you can see here conserve to earn and this is something that is very unique to this project like we just mentioned there.

    Now as the metaverse defines the bridge between physical and virtual worlds within the decentralized and open source virtual world we decided to create a metaverse that actually lives up to its definition we are creating the first metaverse linked to real forests and multiple experiences where users can trade share collect crate vote and decide over this.

    New world the invert ecosystem will be consistently expanded and populated by different types of assets game dynamics rewards and shareholders stakeholders however the central element of invert’s economy is the forests with their biodiversity and ecosystem services within the metaverse each piece of the force will be represented by.

    Non-fungible transferable and scarce digital asset linked by the real forest the digital land is where daily digital activities will be channeled providing users with the opportunity to have fun that is reflected in the real positive impact in addition to the.


    Nfts directly related to forests invert will use two.

    Native fungible tokens so the invt and redm as well and we’re going to touch base on kind of a little bit of that right over here you guys but as you can see the.

    Nfts will be linked by real force and here’s kind of like a little example to show you guys.

    Now forest is a.

    Non-fungible digital asset linked to a real force that represents a property in the invert metaverse each forest is represented by cartesian coordinates hopefully i pronounced that right and different layers of information such as size presence of.

    Natural resources presence of rare biodiversity distance from the rivers multiple geographic attributes and indexes and much more.

    Now these properties help to define the rarity of each.


    Nft force can be freely traded between users and works as a ticket to create have fun and take part in different experiences and rewards.

    Now as you can see here to join the metaverse it is.

    Necessary to hold at least one forest invert’s basic unit and the minimum requirement to participate in the metaverse is 156 meters two meters squared plot whatever you want to call that and as you can see here they have a very good kind of uh i would say example as well as kind of graphical standpoint it looks very well done.

    Now as you can see here its first and most important rarity element is water so when we look look for life on other planets we look for water light flourishes around rivers lakes wetlands and rivers in the amazon everything flows through the water invert is.


    No different as water is one of the central elements of life in the metaverse those with plots of land close to rivers and wet areas will have more advantages than those that don’t so be close and i wanted to point that out you guys in case you are going to pick yourself up one keep that in mind that you do have a better advantage if you are close to water and that’s actually awesome that they’re kind of doing that i think that’s actually pretty unique and again i haven’t really seen this done anywhere else and it’s pretty awesome to see this project but i’m very curious to know all of your thoughts on it as well let me know what you guys think down below in the comment section there’s a lot going into this project you guys.

    Now as you can see here uh hold early and be rewarded so you have the destruction of the amazon rainforest is approaching the point of.

    No return by the year 2030 we may only have 10 of rainforests left we.

    Need to expand quickly to encourage early adopters inverts first force will be boosted by unique and rare biodiverse.


    Nfts that will be distributed over time these biodiversities can be freely sold on the secondary market and usually with real use cases like guys like this you guys you could take these.


    Nfts that you buy sell them on a third-party marketplace like they just said secondary market and you could sometimes sell for triple the value and depending on the use case depending on the designs what they offer you can sometimes get that amount because people are willing to pay that and it’s the crypto space it’s.

    Nfts it’s a huge metaverse it’s.

    Not slowing down anytime soon and i think it’s only ever going to grow and i really love that aspect to the crypto as well as.

    Nft area that we’re in right.


    Now in addition the top 50 forest holders will receive a monthly in invt token depending on their position on the leaderboard as well so that’s awesome to see here and in addition the original holders will also be rewarded in rdm tokens to achieve to archive milestones the longer the original land holder holds their forest the greater his reward as shown in the chart below.

    Now as you can see here they have quite a bit going into this.

    Now there is a lot of information on this but i want to touch base on the invt and redm tokens as well.

    Now that’s going to be redemption and this is going to be their governance so redemption is the in-game currency and this is something i wanted to touch on you guys so players and landowners will use our edm to play games explore purchase digital goods services etc actions performed in the metaverse will also be paid in invt.

    Now players who accumulate.

    Net worth combination of the red and balance and forest.

    Nfts will become inverters and will receive rewards in invt which of course is their token inverts governance token.

    Now invert as you can see here is a cross-functional in-game and external governance token in-game it works as a proxy for political influence that allows holders to directly participate in strategic decisions and management of specific localizations players can use invt to organize themselves to create a separate set of laws fees and dynamics that other players must comply with as invert migrates to a decentralized autonomous organization which is the dao structure.

    Now as you can see here invt holders can participate in platform governance decisions influencing the key decisions of the invert team so that’s asset release schedules game direction.

    New items and etc and there’s a lot going into the future you guys.

    Not to mention as you can see here in the future several other types of tokens will be released some might include avatars collectibles and artwork in addition.

    Nfts and tokens developed by third parties so games or landowners can be anything from special items for a fantasy game involving anteaters to unique legendary items that grant special abilities to each owner land and two by the biodiversity so it’s awesome to see that i’m actually very excited for when everything comes out.

    Now they have of course their meta redemption actual game you guys.

    Now as you can see here this is going to be their p2e game and this is something that i’m actually looking very forward to because obviously with p2e once you understand how to play the game once you understand what you’re doing you could usually just keep playing it an unlimited amount of time and just keep earning rewards for it.

    Now as you can see here here’s kind of like the background in lore i should say but humans faced many different challenges but we have.

    Never lost a battle like this one in the 21st century the world faced great exist exactly threats we’re in the middle of the sixth mass extinction one as deep and comprehensive as that as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs climate change can be a.

    Natural process that takes place over millions of years throughout its history the earth has.

    Never been more or has been warmer and colder the problem is that after more than a century and a half of industrialization deforestation and large-scale monarch cultures we have accelerated global warming at an unprecedented rate due to the burning of fossil fuels and increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to record levels.

    Not seen in three million years.

    Now the year is 2070 the earth began to heat up depleting sources of water and food heat waves cold snaps deadly flooding heavy downpours drought cyclones hail storms hurricanes spires even burning in the arctic are common in daily life big cities have turned into deserts or submerged by advancing sea levels for over a decade.

    No flowers have bloomed without the help of countless sophisticated technological devices cyborg bees robust monitoring systems and tests that costed dozens of millions of dollars there are very few forests in the world that they are protected by bunkers access to them is restricted but there is hope your mission as guardian of the future is traveling to the year 2022 to change the course of human history make your time travel save the forests and be known as the guardian of the future so very very interesting you guys.

    Now i want to touch base on the roadmap as well as the team here but as you can see on their actual website when we go down a little bit you guys there is a lot going into it as you can see here is their little forest.

    Nft kind of a little example of it on their actual website.

    Now as you can see here there’s a lot going into it like we just touched on on their actual white paper but as you can see here there’s going to be different rarities for the different.

    Nft such as common rare epic and legendary.

    Not to mention obviously you have different biodiversity levels like we touch based on on their white paper.


    Now as you can see here here’s the example 31 busd here and you can directly go to the store here i’m just going to open that up just to kind of show you guys store will be launching in six days time and 16 hours so keep that in mind.


    Now going a little bit further down you could see a little bit of the real rainforests on their actual website which is pretty awesome you could actually view the real rainforest here and you will be redirected and you can actually look at the rainforest and kind of like the different areas that you will be requiring with your.


    Now obviously you don’t get the real land but you get the digital version of it in a sense and obviously that real land is held with invert uh so keep that in mind.

    Now while that loads you guys i want to show you guys their actual road map and kind of what they have planned for the future.

    Now there’s a lot going into this as you can see they have a lot of plans going into quarter two of this year obviously things are going to be updated with time everything’s still in development obviously considering their store hasn’t even launched in six days yet.

    Now as you can see the official game launches in quarter two release of the game rewards conservation definition of the socio-economic and environmental projects to be implemented at tivoli and of course official game launch.

    Not to mention obviously release map with.


    Nfts first sale through city dao first.

    Nft booster tokens in the decks inverts marketplace so there’s a lot coming out that we can have to look forward to in quarter one and quarter two and obviously with time things are going to be updated but as you can see here here’s a rainforest you guys and you could take a look at it on their actual kind of like little builder here.

    Now obviously i think i’m going way too far out here but obviously you guys can look at it i think i just messed up greatly okay there we go so i don’t know how to use this but i’m sure with time i could probably figure it out but you could take a peek at the rainforest yourself you guys and you could look around here you can look at the different communities water features you have boundary soil icay brazil.


    Nut pretty awesome to see and i really like that they actually have this up so you guys can actually take a look at what you could be acquiring and how the rainforest currently looks and that’s like a real life version of it.

    Now you guys so you can explore it yourself and let me know what you think down below in the comment section revolving it.

    Now here is the actual team behind the project you guys they have a big big team involved as you can see you have two four six so currently there’s 12 13 14 50 16 people involved there just for the team and then you have the advisors as well so you have a lot of people going on board into this project.

    Not to mention obviously you have the founder co-founder as well.

    Now as you can see here he was the co-founder of rappy unicorn with a valuation of 5.25 billion which is insane right and it’s great to see that you actually have their linkedin profiles on here maybe they might put like their photos on here i’m.

    Not too sure but it’s great to see that they actually have their linkedin pages and it’s awesome to see currently that there is a solid solid team on here and i’m actually very excited to see what they have come up with for the future after their game and everything along the lines of that.


    Not to mention if they’re going to be doing any giveaways airdrops things of that.

    Nature which i assume they actually would you guys.

    Now they have an faq section as well but again i just recommend you follow them and join them on their discord as well on their actual twitter you guys and their twitter again is at the very bottom with the rest of their social media i recommend you guys join that follow them there engage with the community and see if you have any questions ask the team there because that’s what they’re there for engage with the community and of course join the whitelist if you are interested in invert but this has been invert you guys let me know your thoughts on them down below in the comment section i’m very excited for how everything’s gonna pan out in the future.

    Not to mention whether official game launches.

    Nfts launched the shop launch lo the shop the store launches but anyway look at invert let me know your thoughts on them down below in the comment section i’m crypto moonlight i hope you guys all enjoyed this video this is a very special project that i think could do very well long term also guys i just want to let you guys off with a little giveaway here at the end of today’s video currently i am doing a giveaway worth 500 for a 2500 meter square plot of land in the actual invert metaverse so if you are interested to take part in this giveaway i will put the information down below in the description take part you guys and you could win yourself a 500 land in this.

    New and upcoming metaverse but thank you all so much for watching today’s video and i will see you guys on my.


    Next crypto currency video

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