GoPuff Driver | My Very 1st Shift!


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    Applause] [Music] okay so what is up youtube i apologize it’s a little dark i guess i can turn on this a little um and y’all i’m getting my hair done tomorrow tomorrow morning it’s getting done oh i know they’re locks and they’re meant to be kind of like you know messy or you know but this is going on for too long it is time for re-tightening um but anyway also i am doing go puff this is my first um shift ever so and i actually just got another um shift hold on hold on a second okay so they just assigned me two orders actually hold on wrong window thank you thank you all right y’all so i actually got two orders let me always check the little tag just to make sure that it matches my order so give me okay y’all so um this is the first well first of all let me start off by saying um i have a i picked up a uh 5.5 shift so 5 hours and 50 minutes so almost six hour shift um that somebody dropped i’m working um from 7 30 to 1 o’clock in the morning and i’m actually in.

    Norfolk um so i’m.

    Not really probably shouldn’t took this because it’s in in the city that i do.

    Not frequent and it’s like really late at.

    Night but you know i’m i’m i’m a pretty brave person i work late hours a lot and you know i stay pretty vigilant while i’m out here um i do what i.

    Need to do and i’m out so um and these orders have been like you know only i think the furthest order i had was like maybe 10 minutes um but the orders are like really quick like six six seven five minutes you know down the street and then right back to the warehouse to wait on another um order but in my area so they pay um an hour and then um 2.50 commission for every order so these two orders would be five dollars um because it’s each order so and then you get you know whatever your tip is so if you don’t make um i think it’s like your your hourly wage the 950 then um like say if you didn’t have any orders or if you only have one that hour they will sub they will give you the bump you.

    Need to get to the 950 however if you make over 950 you get like your commission the tips and i think they pay mileage but you know like i obviously haven’t gotten my my uh paycheck yet they pay on friday so i think i’ll get paid for this week i’ll get paid.

    Next week friday um so i guess it’s kind of like walmart sparking that way um you kind of like two weeks in the hole so um and then they drop ships i think either on wednesday or or thursday at like.

    Noon time around that time i have to look at my calendar because i marked it down um to see that’s when they drop shifts and it’s it’s it’s a first come first serve doesn’t matter how long um you have been doing go puff which i think that that’s really.


    Nice because you know if you just start in and they give it to people who have you know quote unquote seniority you know they um you know they’ll they’ll get all the shifts and then you’ll be hanging back with.

    Nothing so i like how they just drop them and whoever gets them gets them but i guess there is a based on the go puff video videos i have been watching i guess there is a strategy and a technique to to you know picking the or getting the orders but we’ll see we’ll see how that goes um whenever the shifts drop i’ll i will i made a little reminder um in my phone and we’ll see how it goes to see how many shifts i’m able to pick up um so yeah but i mean for the most part you know it’s it’s been really chill like i said i’m doing this i’m doing a.

    Night shift so it’s it’s been really chill all you do is you don’t pack anything you just simply go to the um to the warehouse you park and you just wait you wait for orders to come through they send you a.

    Notification on your phone they bring out the order and all you do is swipe pickup orders start delivery and go drop it off at the customer’s house and complete delivery and then go back to the warehouse and wait so it’s it’s actually pretty pretty chill you know um tonight however has been a little busy i thought i’d be able to like maybe get a little.


    Napping but um because i have been working since like 11 o’clock this morning so it’s been about 12 hours and i still got two more hours to go and i gotta get get up early to get my hair done but you know i’m.


    Not gonna miss that appointment um because it is overdue for my hair to get to get re-tightened so um anyway i am almost at the um person’s house in about three minutes um it’s basically the same thing when you get there you you do you swipe start delivery you can.


    Notify the customer and let them know you’re there you you you check the customer.

    Notes to make sure you’re following any special instructions um take a picture of the delivery um complete delivery and that’s it you go back you go back to the warehouses it’s pretty it’s pretty simple and the thing that i do like about it is that these orders are like really small it’s.


    Not it is.

    Not like deliver like walmart we got all these thousands of bags and stuff like that um it’s like it’s really like little stuff it’s it’s really simple um and that i’ve seen so far and it’s it’s pretty cool so we’ll see how many hours i can pick up this week um and see how much i’ll get paid within a week of work obviously it’s what is it tuesday yeah tuesday so i’ll be off some.

    Not off but you know i’ll be um i won’t have like a full week of pay but we’ll just see how much i make you know for this first paycheck and see how it goes but this is.


    Not the this isn’t the um hold on y’all trying to make sure i’m at the right place 10 14 um this is 1006.


    um this air is too cold okay i hope it’s this house that’s the other thing about delivering at.

    Night y’all because you can’t see like it’s hard to see anything all right hold on just a second all right y’all so i just dropped off.

    No i think i was going to end the video but i just wanted to show you guys i just dropped off an order um so i just went took the bag place it at the customer’s house i text them let them know i’ve arrived and then um take a picture of the bag and sometimes i knock on the door if they if they don’t already come to the door just you know as an added you know to let them know hey your foods your stuff is there um so yeah and that’s it.

    Now i’m walking back to my car i did have to ask somebody to help me um find the building because y’all i do.


    Not like i do.

    Not like.

    Norfolk at least the city park i don’t even really like being in cities because especially trying to do deliveries in cities though i think that you can make more money in the city but trying to make these deliveries and going through these buildings trying to find parking and these apartments the high rise oh i do.

    Not like it i’d rather just deliver at somebody’s house to somebody’s house or an apartment or town home that’s like you know easy to.

    Navigate yeah so like out so like i was saying i already know like i mean we’ll see how we’ll see how the orders go how this how the um shifts go and you know how much money i make um even though i don’t really have any picked shifts this week because i got i did my application and got signed on you know with like in the middle of the week so i think i missed i missed you know picking my shifts and stuff so.


    Now the shifts that i’m will pick up will be ones that people have dropped like this one usually they drop it like the day of um well from what i don’t say usually because i’m only it’s doing my first day but um even though i’ve been signed up with them for a few days i just hadn’t seen any um any shifts drop so i saw one drop today and i was just like hey 7 30 to one even though i didn’t really want to be out that late but i still wanted to you know you know get a sh get try a shift out you know what i’m saying see how see how it went um so we’ll see right.

    Now i have done eight deliveries i’m.

    Not sure if that’s like good or bad but so like like i like i said like you get compa you get paid commission which is 2.50 in this area um per every order so what is that eight times um 250 plus the tips that i’ve made from each order everybody has tipped except for one person i don’t know if they can tip later i know they i believe they have excuse me i believe i have um or they have that option to to tip you know after so we’ll see if they tip but everybody else has tipped um i think my lowest tip has been a dollar and five cents but my highest tip has been seven dollars which has been this order that one of these orders that i just dropped off but it seems like i’ve been getting a lot of 299 tips so i don’t know if that’s like a standard or something like that um [Music] so we’ll see how all of this you know equals out apparently i think you’re supposed to get paid mileage um but i i haven’t seen that so i think maybe they’ll they calculate that you know after your week is complete and then they’ll calculate it and also like you either make your 9.50 an hour which is like your subsidy is i guess they call it or if your commissions and your tips um i think that’s how it works your commission and your tips add up to or add up to be more than your subsidy then you get the commission in the well you get 100 of your tips i don’t know i think maybe it’s your commission i think it’s the commission if the commission exceeds your hourly rate which is your subsidy then you’ll get the commissions like you don’t get both you don’t get hourly and commissions but then again i’ve heard that they’re changing up the pay schedule so y’all don’t really take my word for it because i don’t really know um and i’ve been watching this one girl um on youtube i’ve watched several people on youtube who’ve done go puff but she said that um y’all this air i got this cold air on it’s getting my throat um i just turned it off but um she was saying how the pay structure is just all messed up so she doesn’t even really know how they get paid anymore so i don’t know we’ll see we’ll see what happens i got two more hours and right.

    Now i’ve been getting orders like about five minutes ten minutes or less from getting to the warehouse so it seems to be pretty busy um so we’ll see um it’s it seems to be okay it’s pretty easy so we’ll see how much money i’m able to like really make um and see if this is like really worth it because i’m driving like 30 40 minutes away from the house in order to come do this so we’ll see if it’s worth it i’m going to do it for a few shifts and like maybe i’m able maybe i can i can be able to actually you know get some um i just got to the warehouse.

    Now but maybe i’m actually able to get you know some good shifts because i want to pick up like because i don’t live here i was thinking i may be picking up like like doing part time picking up like 20 um 20 or twenty dollars twenty hours a week um and see how that works out um because i’m.

    Not gonna be driving down here like full time i mean it depends on how this part time goes we’ll we’ll see um so yeah i’m tired but you know when you’re trying to get to where you want to be the grind just.

    Never it don’t stop sometimes sometimes you gotta you know go with the grind go with the hustle but you know the goal is to.


    Not have to hustle so hard so you might have to hustle in the beginning but we’re trying to get to a point where we’re.

    Not working in the business but we’re working for the business something i’ve heard um different entrepreneurs and people that i listen to and follow say you know you want to be working.

    Not in your business but on your business and then that’s where you really kind of start reaping the rewards and just being able to kind of just have that you know chill lifestyle where your business is making you money without you having to really do anything in the business except for just running it so that’s what we’re trying to get to um i’m here i’m waiting for another order and um we’ll see i got some tangerines in there so i think i might eat some tangerines um and just chill and watch some more youtube so you guys like always like share subscribe um and also um when i get to a thousand subscribers i will be doing a giveaway um so yes make sure you do that and click the.

    Notification bell alright talk to you guys later all right y’all so i finally got back home oh my gosh i am tired um so i know i said that was the last of the video but i was just like well why don’t i tell them how much i made tonight you know tentatively um so i made 79 and some change tonight i did 15 deliveries um it was pretty busy surprisingly but then i was thinking like people like to eat late at.


    Night even when i was doing like when i do like uber eats and stuff like that i realize that people who sorry people like to eat late at.

    Night they eat the munchies or whatever they doing they up late you know whatever you know people get the munchies so um i had quite a few deliveries i was.

    Not expecting to have that many deliveries to do i thought it was going to be more chill but um yeah so i think that actually working the late.

    Night shifts will probably get me like more more orders so um i will put us like a little screenshot i’m trying to get a little bit more snazzy with my videos um so i’m gonna try to put like a screenshot of like my earnings and then you’ll also see like a weekly rewards so like if you complete a certain amount of deliveries like they have different um like milestones so i think it’s like if i get 35 deliveries within this week i’ll get an extra 35 and then i think it’s like for 40 more deliveries or 45 more deliveries you get forty dollars so you know it kind of goes like that um but that 79 is just commissions which i told you guys before every single order you get even if you get two orders at one time you get um the commission rate right.


    Now is 250 so you get 250 for each order so you see i had two bags before those are two separate orders so i get 250 for each order and then you get tips for each order if the customer tips um i think everybody tipped except for two people and then like two people left like really low tips like a dollar and five cents and then somebody left a 17 cent tip and i was just like who does that but the rest of my tips were like you know five dollars three dollars seven dollars eight dollars stuff like that so oh i look pretty good i think um eighty dollars and five and a half hours i really haven’t um calculated like the hourly rate but it was more than i did waiting on walmart orders today i don’t know what it is i know one of my viewers has said it seems like when they have like the bonuses and stuff like that um that they get less orders so it almost seems as if walmart kind of makes it hard for you to reach the bonus unless you’re like working all day or either they’ll give you like like the bonus is like.


    Nine trips for like twenty five dollars thirty dollars four dollars whatever but it almost seems as if they give you like seven to eight orders and then you struggling trying to get that one order unless you like work the whole day and then like from you know 6 7 to 10 at.

    Night then of course you should be able to get you know all.

    Nine orders but like who got time for that i think i made the bonus like maybe twice before and one of those weeks was when i had recorded that video where i made a thousand dollars for walmart spark um so i think maybe it could be that they’re hiring a lot of drivers on i know that they do have waiting lists so do i do appreciate um you know the apps like kind of.

    Not over saturating you know the market or the area um so that you know you can make more as a driver um so yeah i think i made like 30.

    well it wasn’t 30 it was probably um i probably made about 40 or 50 today that’s like with walmart spark that’s like including the um the tips and stuff so maybe maybe any anywhere between like 40 and 60 dollars today um one more spark because i only had like three orders so and then i made 80 with um um what did i just do go puff tonight so when that was five and a half hours i said 5.5 that means five and a half hours so y’all excuse me it has been a long day so i did five and a half hours with go puff like i said i had to you know pick up hours because i missed like the little window to pick shifts and stuff i think it happens on thursday at.

    Noon um so hopefully i’m able to pick up some hours um i do like this the late.

    Night shifts and partly because you know there’s hardly any cars on the road too so you can get where you.

    Need to go faster and we’re out there in.

    Norfolk it’s i don’t like driving out there and you know it’s tight you know it’s a city everybody’s on top of each other the lanes and stuff are weird so i’d rather drive get used to driving in that area um so that’s what that probably be where i’ll try to pick up a lot of.

    Night shifts and you know just get used to driving in the area and then like maybe i’ll start picking up some like day shifts and stuff um you know once i get more familiar with the area so um so yeah but it was pretty chill it was pretty cool i was expecting to be able to get like a.

    Nap or something but i couldn’t it was pretty busy i did you know 15 orders um and maybe that’s.

    Not i think that’s probably like maybe moderately busy i don’t think that’s like really busy busy as it could be um but to me it was kind of busy maybe because i was like already tired but 15 orders in in hours pretty busy i mean it started to pick up actually late the later that it got in the day in the.

    Night or morning.

    Now so yeah i think go puff might be all right so we’ll see one of my um one of my uh subscribers actually told me about it so i was just like okay well let me see because i’m all about getting as many gig apps and stuff as you can um to have you know things as backup and then sort of figure out you know you know like say if you’re doing doordash and you do uber or grubhub or whatever you get like the best order within that hour depending on whichever app you get it from so you know you’re just kind of juggling trying to make the most of your time and your money you know just trying to be smart so that i mean it’s this gig work you know we it used to be like oh let me let me grab the first order that gets but you know we got to be a little bit more strategic if we’re trying to you know um maximize our money and without trying to work all day you know what i’m saying um and if you’re gonna work all day then you.

    Need you.

    Need to be banking you.

    Need you.

    Need to be making money so let me go ahead in this video i am tired i’m sure you guys see it in my face and i gotta wake up in like five hours to wash my hair um so that i can get it re-tightened you girls gonna be looking fresh tomorrow i’ll probably just record a video just so i can show off my hair but anyway y’all i will talk to y’all later and be safe out here in the streets um yes so like comment share subscribe click the.

    Notification bell so you can see what i’m posting toodles [Music] [.


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