DoorDash vs Waitr Review | Which App Helps Drivers Earn More Money


hey what’s going on side hustlers today is friday august the 21st and fridays are usually good days for us delivery drivers i mentioned recently that i was driving for doordash right in addition to wader so i wanted to do a quick comparison of the two applications and kind of give you an idea of my pros and cons of both they are very similar and i will tell you that if you’re hesitant for signing up for any other food delivery service maybe you drive for doordash.

    Now and you’re interested in waiter or vice versa or maybe you drive for grubhub or or one of the other delivery services i will tell you that once you have some experience in one most of that will translate to the other all right there’s a small learning curve with each application obviously but it’s.

    Not hard at all i i just wanted you to know that i’d been driving for waiter uh a couple years ago i drove for ubereats i found the doordash app to be very user friendly and very easy very intuitive the.

    Navigation and all the settings were very similar to what i had seen from the other applications so i want to go through three or four different categories five or six different categories of the way that i put doordash head to head against waiter there’s things i like about both there’s a few things i don’t like about both and we’ll see who comes out the winner at the end okay here we go.

    Number one pay frequency may.

    Not be a big deal to some of you but kinda is to me because it’s a side hustle right so i get paid at my full-time gig twice a month on the 10th and the 25th of the month so spaced in between there i like for my side hustle earnings to hit with wader they pay you every other friday so it’s a bi-weekly process i’ve always thought that term was weird bi-weekly shouldn’t that be twice a week anyway i digress every other friday you get paid any residual earnings from waiter that you haven’t cashed out uh using the instant pay feature and both applications doordash and wader all offer an instant pay or a an accelerated payment feature where you can deposit accumulated earnings from your account directly to your bank account for a fee and that’s where this is key okay yeah sure it only cost a buck or two it’s.

    Not a big deal it’s.

    Not going to break the bank maybe it’s even like 299 for for one of the applications here’s my thing you don’t really.

    Need to do that unless there’s an emergency and in the case of doordash you’re going to get paid every monday for the prior week’s earnings they run payroll every monday some people say that shows up in their bank account on wednesday my personal experience is that it shows up on tuesday mornings so on tuesday mornings i’m paid all the earnings from doordash for the prior week i think that’s pretty cool that way i’m getting i’m getting some income four times a month i’m getting income every tuesday and then with waiter i’m getting income every other friday the waiter residual amounts hit my bank account in this case i kind of have to give the edge to doordash because i think weekly payouts are great uh particularly for you know.

    Non-salaried people who are earning an hourly rate particularly a side hustlers you know it it’s hard to go to two full weeks without getting any payment and you’re out here slinging orders you know every.


    Night of the week and on the weekends getting the the money every week is a little incentive to kind of keep you going it helps prevent burnout in my opinion so.

    Now let’s talk about category.

    Number two of our head-to-head competition between door dash and waiter that is the base pay amount for each service.

    Now this has changed a little bit in just recent weeks with wader offering a little more money based on the length of the delivery route uh used to waiter based pay in my area and this could vary based on your location in my area it was a dollar.


    Ninety the delivery fee was a dollar.


    Ninety per order that was the amount that drivers got to to take to keep home the base pay in my area for doordash is three dollars per order so that’s a pretty significant difference um i know it’s only you know what a dollar and ten cents but that adds up over 30 40 50 orders per week if that’s if that’s the volume that you’re looking at like i said waiter has made up some ground in this area the downside is to make that higher earnings base earnings for waiter you got to drive a longer distance so it means you’re going to be able to take less orders per shift so keep that in mind again in my area this is just my personal experience uh doordash three dollars base paper order waiter dollar 90 base paper so the third category i want to talk about is the types and.


    Numbers of restaurants and again this is of course going to vary based on your location right because uh in your area um restaurants can sign on with you know all three or four of the major food delivery services some restaurants may elect to only sign on with one in my particular area which i would call a smaller city we’re.

    Not exactly a big city here but in my area it seems that waiter has cornered the market on locally owned restaurants.


    Not big.

    National chain restaurants but more i wouldn’t say mom and pop restaurants because they’re very.

    Nice restaurants locally owned seafood restaurants steakhouses things like that and they do offer some services at which you might consider larger franchise chains but doordash in my area caters to a lot of the large restaurant chains one of the benefits to that is you know obviously in order for mcdonald’s or uh crystal hamburgers or burger king chick-fil-a those areas those orders are probably going to be smaller but they’re more frequent so you’re going to get a lot of orders for mcdonald’s early on i thought that was a bad thing frankly and you know i kind of kind of dreaded going into mcdonald’s but i got to say they’ve got it down they’ve got a system you know every mcdonald’s i’ve been in in this area has a system they’re very good about bagging up the orders all delivery orders go in.


    Nice brown bags with a handle and then they seal the bags with three stickers over both sides and one in the middle so that it’s kind of a tamper resistant the other.


    Nice thing is they’ve got this little um cardboard tray that goes down the bottom of the bag it’s sort of a wide based brown paper bag and in the bottom of the bag they’ve got this cardboard piece where they set your drinks down in so everything’s in one bag you don’t have drink carriers you know those flimsy drink carriers that fold over on you and spill everything but having said all that there’s there’s part of me that really likes to support local restaurants just you know when i go out to eat i’d rather go to a local restaurant and give a small business owner in in my local area the business than one of the larger chains that’s.

    Not always the case i mean i’ll hit taco bell up at you know mcdonald’s every.

    Now and then too i sort of give the edge to waiter here because i like that they do have relationships with a lot of the local restaurants in my community the.

    Next category i want to talk about in comparing wader versus doordash is it’s kind of hard for me to identify this or label this category but i’m just going to explain it it’s the customer and delivery information provided to the driver up front and what i mean by that is when you get a door dash order doordash tells you the total mileage for that order which includes your current location to the restaurant and from the restaurant to the customer so if you get a doordash order for say eight dollars right and you look at your total mileage and it’s 12 miles you might be saying to yourself that’s less than a dollar per mile i’m.


    Not taking that order scratch right so you decline it then your.

    Next order for doordash comes in and you see that it is seven dollars and fifty cents for three mile delivery i’ll be all over that one right okay so it really helps you decide whether or.

    Not you want to take the order unfortunately this is something that waiter doesn’t do a great job of in my opinion they will give you the total miles to the restaurant when you see the original recommended order recommendation to the app so wherever you’re located it’ll tell you to go to you know restaurant xyz and it’s four miles away great and and i see that it’s a 7.50 order perfect problem is i get to the restaurant i arrive i pick up the order and then i find out that the customer lives 9 miles away and it’s going to take me 17 minutes in traffic if i’d known that up front i probably would.

    Not have taken that order frankly maybe that’s maybe that’s um by design i mean maybe waiter doesn’t want their drivers to i won’t say discriminate but you know turn down orders just because of the distance and i think one of the ways that waiter has compensated drivers for that is by paying them a higher base rate if they have um further to drive maybe a toss-up here in terms of who wins this category but in my personal opinion i really like that doordash gives the drivers the entire route distance up front and lets you decide whether or.

    Not you want to accept the the order for that amount of mileage so.


    Now we’re on category.

    Number five which is really.

    Not a driving category per se but it does involve the application and involves you as a driver and it’s the referral program doordash is a fairly lucrative referral program at least in my area and again this is one of those things that’s different based on the demand in different areas of the country but for me in my area doordash will give me is the driver who refers another driver.

    Nine hundred dollars up to.

    Nine hundred dollars for referring another driver who completes i think 240 orders in the first 60 days that’s pretty cool because i’ve i’ve actually been in restaurants picking up an order and talked to somebody who asked me hey what’s it like driving for doordash what’s it like driving for waiter and i’m happy to send them a link to the application or you know my.

    Name or some way to look it up unfortunately waiter doesn’t have a referral program so there’s really.

    No incentive for drivers to pitch to other drivers to sign up but that’s different with doordash one of the great things too about doordash is the referral program once you send them the link and they sign up under your referrals in the app you get to track how many deliveries they’ve completed towards that goal of 240 deliveries or whatever the goal is and it changes uh when i first signed up for doordash they were offering 800 for the first 220 orders in 60 days and then that became 900 for the first 240 deliveries in the first 60 days sounds like a lot but they add up pretty quick i’ve only been driving for doordash you know an hour or two probably two hours in the evenings four hours on the weekend.


    Nights and i think i’ve already done over 50 deliveries in the first two weeks so i’m probably on pace to make somebody some money so i think we’re already up to round.

    Number six here in the head-to-head battle between doordash and waiter and i call this category uh schedule flexibility and what am i what i mean by this is that waiter if you work for waiter you can basically sign on and drive anytime you want for waiter doesn’t matter any time of the day at.

    Night you can sign on and drive if you schedule a shift with waiter however through an application called humanity which is their scheduling application you earn one dollar bonus per order that you take during your scheduled shift but i like that you can sign on and drive anytime and i often i frequently will sign on and drive without having a scheduled shift because i like the flexibility of being able to sign on when i want to however doordash is a little different actually it’s a lot different doordash you can only drive in your area if you don’t have a schedule you can only drive in your area if it’s busy and you’ll see a map of your area that you signed up in and.

    Neighboring areas that have doordash.


    Neighboring cities etc you’ll see them on the map when you sign in and.

    Normally if it’s.

    Not busy the area looks sort of gray or shaded and then when it gets busy it turns light red and when it gets really busy it turns dark red and you start to see you know peak pricing which is doordash’s version of a surge and if it’s anything other than gray you can sign in and call dash right.

    Now you can dash right away however if it’s.


    Not busy and you don’t have a current schedule you have to wait you have to say schedule shift and hope that there’s uh some time later in the day for you to sign up to drive or you try to schedule you know a few days in advance if you know it’s going to be busy on a friday.


    Night or saturday.

    Night i definitely like the flexibility that waiter offers in this category and of course like the dollar bonus that i get with waiter when i do you know if i’m sure i’m gonna drive friday.

    Night for waiter i go ahead and sign up for a shift and i try to take a shift you know from from the prime times like uh you know 5 30 to 7 30 or 5 30 p.m to 8 p.m and go ahead and drive earn my dollar per order and that’s great you know doordash like i said is a little different but definitely have to give the advantage to waiter in in this round so in this round of our head-to-head competition between doordash and wader i want to talk a little bit about the gear that you get for signing up actually the waiter bag which i’m a huge fan of you don’t get for free right but that’s okay it’s a good bag it’s going to cost you you know 30 or 40 depending on your area i’ve heard some stories of some people been able to score one used on ebay but if you do have to buy one from waiter or from your representative it’s going to cost you about 40 bucks the great thing about this bag is.

    Number one it’s huge which is also a con it’s a pro but a con because because it is so huge you take it into restaurants you tend to uh bang into doors and tables and so on with it so it’s a little bulky but it’s got a lot of compartments this bottom section here is great it unzips all the way across the bag and you can put a large pizza maybe even two large pizzas in there stacked on top of each other which is great for pizza deliveries the tops compartment is is.

    Nice and wide as well insulated so you can carry a big family meal or two in there and then it’s got a little side pocket on the top this top compartment is insulated separately from the other top section of the bag which is great for dropping drinks and things down in because if they spill it’s.

    Not going to get in your main compartment and potentially ruin your customers dinner the doordash bag that you receive when you sign up for doordash bonus here because it is free doordash actually milled this bag to me this is what you would call like just a small insulated bag you can see it’s much smaller than the wader bag it does have a.

    Nice insulation has a zipper top which is pretty cool and one of the.

    Nice things about carrying your bag into the restaurant this one’s.


    Nearly as bulky as the wader bag but the restaurants will recognize you as a delivery driver so without even having to walk up and say hey i’m jason with doordash i’m here to pick up blah blah they see the bag and they just say what’s the.

    Name and i say julie and they’ll say great and they hand me the food and we verify that it’s right so just by carrying in one of these bags you’re kind of saving you’re shaving a few seconds off of each uh order pickup because instinctively the restaurants will recognize you and uh know that you’re a door you’re a food delivery driver but i have to say uh in this battle you know doordash is the bag’s kind of puny and ah you know it’s free you get what you pay for right waiter clearly wins this round easy they are the undisputed champion of food delivery bags so i’m going to use the remaining daylight that i have left here to go ahead and and take this fight into the final round okay this is the final round between doordash and wader going head to head for the food delivery heavyweight championship of the world okay i know bruce buffer right but anyway um the final category the final round in evaluation will be based on acceptance requirements in other words order requirements order acceptance requirements between doordash and waiter what are the differences first of all i’ll tell you it’s a little difficult to find any hard evidence that either application is going to deactivate or ban you based on your acceptance rate however i will tell you that i have received communications from waiter in the past to drivers in the form of communication blasts.

    Not to me specifically telling us that waiter expects drivers to accept at least 80 percent of the recommended orders and this is particularly important when it’s busy because waiter doesn’t want orders to sit have to they have to pay surge pricing they get complaints from customers so obviously if it’s really busy and you get a recommended order you should probably take it right i mean at least four out of five times if you believe that 80 rule okay doordash has basically come out and said they don’t care how many orders you accept you can have like a 40 30 acceptance rate they’re.

    Not gonna deactivate you okay what matters to them is your order completion rate in other words of the.

    Number of orders you accept what’s the percentage that you complete.

    Now that.

    Number really.

    Needs to stay up in the upper 90s for you to stay out of trouble with doordash okay uh my acceptance rate’s 97 i think i had one order that i got to the restaurant there was some snafu or some emergency and i had to break away and i had to drop that order so literally like out of my first 30 or 40 orders i’ve delivered all but one so my completion rate is currently at 97 almost 98 percent so i’m fine all right guys so.

    Now it’s the moment you’ve all waited for thank you for making it this far in the video first of all if you’re still watching we’ve gone through several different categories from the gear to order acceptance terms to the base pay to the flexibility of scheduling and being able to drive at certain times when it’s busy when it’s.

    Not busy and.

    Now it’s time to crown our champion so i will tell you though that this was a really tight contest okay some rounds went to waiter some rounds went to doordash so without further ado let’s announce the results of this heavyweight fight the winner okay guys i don’t want to hear any booze don’t throw any you know sour grapes up here on the stage at me i’m in the ring okay there’s.

    No winner and the reason there’s.

    No winner is because there’s enough pros and cons for both doordash and wader that you can you should consider driving for both what you’ll find in your particular area is there are certain areas that do better with doordash than those who do better with waiter you’ll also find different days do better different times of the day do better a waiter in your area might do better for breakfast because they have more local you know bakeries and donut shops and uh certain areas like that that cater to breakfast and then you might find that doordash does well for lunch because people you know they’re on a lunch break they got to get something quick so they’re ordering sandwiches or subs or um you know fast food and in your area maybe doordash sort of has a.

    Not a monopoly but they uh sort of corner the market on fast food restaurants and then you may find that in in the evenings that your local area waiter orders the volume of orders is much higher and or the you know ticket price for the restaurant is much higher and so you’re going to get a better tip one difference i didn’t talk about i didn’t think this was worthy of its own round but one difference and it’s a little subtle is that waiter when a customer places an order with waiter they put the tip in up front and they can’t change it so when you receive the order the tip the tip is included in that total and that’s what you’re going to get all right it doesn’t matter how good you are how bad you are it’s what you’re going to get doordash is a little different doordash they include the tip when they order but when you complete the order the customer can go back in and add some additional tip so if you’re exceptionally polite or you do what they ask you to do you know with.

    Non-contact delivery read your directions folks on the orders if they want you to drop it off at the door and.

    Not ring the doorbell don’t walk up to the door and ring the doorbell the dog starts barking the babies crying and you’re.

    Not getting any more tip i assure you but if you’re polite you text the customer you know you if their order is delayed uh text them and ask them if they want some additional condiments or some plastic wear can really go a long way i frequently accept the door dash order and it might be say ten dollars with the tip when i complete the order i.

    Noticed that the customer’s giving me an additional three dollars for the tip and so.

    Now it’s like a 10 or 13 order i really i really do believe this guys that that there’s enough value in both applications that you should sign up and drive for both in your area and make your own determination which one’s busier which one pays out better which which one caters to certain restaurants in your area that are better and i you know obviously leave that up to you so because it’s so personalized to your area i really can’t recommend one or the other at this point like i said there’s things i like about both services there’s a few things i don’t like about both services either way sign up start your side hustle pay off your debt stack up the cash whatever you’re trying to do if you do want to sign up for doordasher waiter i’ve got the links down below in the video description don’t forget that there is a bonus sign up for doordash the details will be down below you can earn some extra cash just for completing your first set of deliveries pretty cool there is.

    No referral bonus for waiter but i will include the link to sign up for waiter as well and whatever you do even if you don’t decide to drive and you just want to ride along with me please subs consider subscribing at the time of this publish publishing this video i’m at 75 subscribers trying to make it up to 100 and i hope to have that here pretty soon i’ll be able to you know rename my channel give it a a custom.

    Name there’s some other.

    Nice things that youtube does for you when you reach 100 subs so please consider subscribing click the bell turn on all.


    Notifications and you’ll know when i get my.


    Next video you’ll be able to jump in and watch it also don’t forget to comment if you have any questions i’m happy to help if you have any video topics or any feedback on either of these applications please feel free to comment below hope everybody has a great weekend a great week.

    Next week i’ll be back soon with another video i’ve got several.

    New topics that i’m excited to talk about and i will be back before you know it take care everybody stay safe be well

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