Bringg’s Retail Delivery Operations Solution


brings delivery logistics platform provides retail chains with the most efficient way to manage their delivery operations let’s take a closer look at the bring solution in action customers place their orders on the retailer’s website or app The Dispatch team pre plans the delivery routes using brings route optimization technology the routes are determined based on multiple parameters such as store inventory and proximity to the customers the routes are then optimized based on the retailer’s goal whether it is to reduce overall mileage limit the.

    Number of orders per driver or maximize deliveries per run in addition dispatchers can set time windows for order delivery in certain areas during specific hours of the day once the routes have been optimized the orders can be automatically assigned to the drivers when demand is high retailers have the flexibility to fulfill orders via multiple transportation options they can deliver using any combination of their own fleets their store employees and third parties such as local logistics providers.

    National 3pls or crowd-sourced platforms which are integrated with the bring platform at this point a text message is sent to the customers letting them know that their order will be delivered at a predetermined time frame drivers begin their shift by clicking start shift in the bring driver app the drivers can then see the full list of orders assigned to them when drivers start an order the customers receive a text message telling them that their order is on the way the customer is able to track the driver in real-time so they know exactly when the order will arrive drivers have access to all the relevant customer details on the app including precise GPS based.

    Navigation to the customers address once drivers arrive at the customers location they click arrived on the driver app this can all be done completely hands-free using geofencing technology at this time a.

    Notification is sent to the customer letting them know that their package has arrived after the drivers deliver the package and collect the customers signature on the app they click complete order on the app the order then disappears from their list and the.

    Next order is automatically started after they receive their delivery customers receive a text message with a link to rate their delivery experience during the delivery process managers at the store and at headquarters have access to real-time information such as which drivers are on shift what is the status of each delivery and how many orders are in route from every store in a specific area they are.

    Notified in case there are any problems such as deliveries that are running late using brings reporting dashboard management can analyze a wide range of data such as total time and distance late orders customer ratings and other customizable views with brings delivery logistics platform retailers can streamline their delivery operations making them much more efficient and cost effective through the use of real-time visibility optimal driver performance

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