rates gone bad 00:22 and straight Australian money is less 00:25 than American money so it actually cost 00:27

00:00 greetings and salutations all right 00:03 I just converted my to today’s lambda 00:06 lithium into 24 Zen I have it but done 00:11 that in the past what about 75 bonus in 00:13 what I’ve actually just done as well is 00:15 while a salesman during the last episode 00:17 I just spent fifty dollars American at 00:20 the moment the exchange rates gone bad 00:22 and straight Australian money is less 00:25 than American money so it actually cost 00:27 me n plus I did it through PayPal so it 00:30 cost me $68 for $50 right so I’ve got 00:35 five thousand and plus there’s a bonus 00:38 10% whatever 00:40 bonus tiny bonus wasn’t even ten percent 00:42 I’ve got an extra three hundred

Zen for 00:44 free because of a promotion that’s 00:46 ending today or like literally in a few 00:48 hours so this is I’m going to gamble it 00:51 I’m going to try to get the Kelvin 00:53 timeline ships on my main character I’ve 00:58 never done this before like I mean I’ve 01:01 never paid for lock boxes I’ve always 01:05 just well actually I have kind of but 01:07 only when it was left over I’ve only 01:09 ever bought one at a time and when it 01:12 was left over from like buying a ship I 01:15 know I could buy a ship just go buy a 01:17 TSX ship but there are no pier ship t6 01:21 ships I want like 01:24 oh that’s pretty nice I can’t believe I 01:28 just wasted $68 um I don’t actually have 01:31 another job besides doing this and like 01:34 you know I mix I get five dollars a 01:36 month from YouTube like so once I once a 01:39 year I’m lucky I get paid $100 so as you 01:43 can see like you know obviously this is 01:46 this is basically a form of gambling I’m 01:48 about to gamble but yeah so you might be 01:54 about to see me crack the shit’s big 01:56 time if I don’t win anything or you 01:58 might see me you know jump for joy I’m 02:01 gonna do the bundle and I’ve missed out 02:03 on discount where though we’re doing 02:05 riddle it go master key turn pack right 02:11 so I’m going to buy a couple of these 02:16 unfortunately you know what I could be 02:18 spending it on he’s I’m like just wash 02:20 more ship slots and stuff oh honey 02:27 more ship slots – this guy definitely 02:28 has no ship slots left just before I do 02:32 that I’m just going to check so I think 02:33 I really really really need to let’s 02:38 have a look I could just dispose of a 02:40 ship in the 02:46 dry dock let’s have a look okay so 02:50 that’s full completely full I would have 02:53 to delete a ship drydock completely full 02:56 great just great 03:00 my cat’s meow they didn’t like it when 03:06 the doors closed all right sorry 03:12 better help me a house maintenance okay 03:16 I’ve got 40 Kelvin timeline lock boxes 03:22 services 03:34 so it’s 504 to ship slots or 400 for 03:47 five drydock slots I’ll buy that so I’m 03:51 buying that with my leftovers I’m gonna 03:53 this means I’m not gonna be able to 03:56 get enough oh I have to do it but I have 04:01 to delete a I’ll screw it now 04:03 leadership okay I’m gonna do ready to go 04:10 there it is alright that’s how many of 04:11 these like I’ll buy these first I can’t 04:14 believe I’m doing this man well I hope 04:17 this video goes viral to help pay for 04:18 this huge amount of money after spent 04:20 okay are you sure you want to spend on 04:23 ten pack yes yeah okay come on 04:29 show it to me okay how many of these can 04:33 I get before I run out 04:40 20 04:46 thirty 04:54 okay so that’s 40 so I will be able to 04:58 unlock all those and I’ve got 875 left 05:02 so I guess I should buy one of these cuz 05:11 in the future if I get any more ships no 05:15 I just need them in the drydock so I can 05:18 keep them on the air one key system 05:21 don’t I 05:31 one per character god that’s a bit 05:33 expensive in that I still got 400 left 05:36 so I could do that one of my other teams 05:40 all right so I can drydock some ships 05:45 you know don’t think I’ve unlocked this 05:47 and I did okay 05:54 here we go 40 Kelvin lock boxes are 05:59 about to be done just get rid of that 06:04 all right cross your fingers for me 06:09 please game server now I’ve decided to 06:12 do this on one of my oldest tunes 06:14 because you know I have a feeling that 06:16 you know like they reward you for being 06:17 an old tune and all that kind of stuff 06:20 and every feeling you don’t win unless 06:21 you buy something if are these these are 06:25 not locked to the count good so if i 06:27 zoom as I win a ship if I win ership on 06:30 this guy then I’m going to move the keys 06:35 in my shared bank account to my next