Los Angeles DETAILED Vacation Planning Guide

a detailed guide to help you plan your next vacation to los angeles california in this video i’m gonna tell you everything you need to know so that you can plan an amazing trip including things like where should you stay where should you go how long should you visit los angeles for do you need a rental car where should you eat when you’re there what are the top attractions that’s what we’ll be talking about and whenever i do one of these detail planning guides i like to do it over maps and like this be a really map based discussion it’s almost like you were in my living room we were sitting by my fireplace and i was going to tell you everything you need to know to come to los angeles or at least to plan your trip to los angeles so the first thing i want to do is i want to show you a map of los angeles because when we talk about los angeles um the city of los angeles has about 4 million people in it and it’s in the in the middle of this map right here but this is los angeles county and los angeles county is actually made up of 88 different cities and then there’s these neighboring counties orange county san bernardino county over here there’s ventura county even farther south or san diego and so all those things make up the los angeles metropolitan region four million in the city 10 million in the county 20 million if you look at the metropolitan region and so we’re kind of been we’re kind of going to be touching on all of that although we will be focusing specifically on the things you see on this map the 88 cities that make up los angeles county and covering some of those things further afield in the neighboring counties further as we get into this hour now looking at uh kind of the globe as i like to do and uh zoom in on the los angeles here’s the us and we’re gonna go ahead and zoom into la now as we like to do on these maps you get that sense of place of where the los angeles is and right along the west coast of the u.s the pacific ocean and the first thing i want to cover before i get into where should you stay because that’s really important thing to figure out is getting into los angeles los angeles has six different airports that you could fly into the most famous one or most well-known or the one that has the most flights is this one right here this is los angeles international airport this is where all the major carriers fly into major runways everybody universally hates lax airport but it is served by the most flights from the most number of places to the north um there as well i don’t know there’s a couple of those things but there’s uh i and google is doing all sorts of weird things to me and has put way more airports on the map than there actually are uh but up here there’s burbank airport and then over to the right there is ontario international airport down to the south and long beach there’s long beach airport down here in orange county there’s john wayne sna orange county airport and if you want to kind of go like los angeles adjacent you could also fly in san diego two hour drive from san diego up to los angeles or if you’re coming from latin america or mexico you might actually want to consider flying into tijuana just here in the south there’s a land bridge there’s a bridge that you can cross directly from the tijuana airport into the united states and so you don’t have to drive across the border things like that you can fly in the tijuana airport and from the airport cross into the u.s right from there so those are things to think about when you’re flying in if you want to know my favorite airport because i live in orange county i like to fly in the john wayne airport down here in orange county i think it’s the nicest of all the airports you know if you’re coming from asia europe or things like that you’ll probably fly into uh los angeles international airport known as lax so the other way to get into los angeles is to take the amtrak train um i really like amtrak when it runs on time uh amtrak comes into downtown los angeles it comes into uh union station um which is which is right here in downtown los angeles you can take the amtrak trains down to san diego you can take them up the coast to san francisco you can take them further up the coast up to washington state not a lot of not a lot of great rail connections running to the east over it’s like nevada and things like that mostly up and down the coast or the useful trains that come into los angeles all right so now i want to talk about where you might want to stay in los angeles and as you can see this place that’s 4 000 square miles how do you pick where you want to stay well the first neighborhood that i want to cover is downtown los angeles i just came from there well i zoomed out so that you could see where we are again sense of place and we’re gonna zoom into downtown los angeles now you know talking about los angeles many cities have like a center like a center place but la doesn’t really have much of a center i mean there is this downtown area that we just saw on the map but there’s many centers and that’s what i’m going to cover as we go through this now some of the reasons that i like to stay in downtown los angeles is it is quite central to many of the major tourist attractions though you won’t find most of them within walking distance 4 000 square miles nothing’s in walking distance downtown los angeles is very well connected to transportation los angeles as a subway system that runs into downtown la that’s where a lot of the major train lines run into i like to stay in the la live complex there’s a residence in there there’s a jw marriott there’s a ritz carlton they’re building a park hyatt so take a look at the things around the staples center if you’re going to stay in downtown l.a i think that’s the best place to stay there the cons about downtown los angeles is uh it’s parking is expensive and it can get sketchy at night so you probably don’t want to be walking around downtown l.a late at night we’re going to come back to downtown la again and my things to do part of it we’ll talk about all the things you can do in downtown los angeles right now we’re just focused on staying so let’s go ahead and zoom out my second favorite area that i recommend for people to stay at in los angeles is over here on the west side it is santa monica santa monica is famous for being home to the santa monica pier it is the end of the famous route 66 road that runs across the united states um you know baywatch uh was kind of like supposed to be one in malibu but it was actually shot on these big wide sandy beaches of santa monica santa monica has some really good hotels santa monica is my favorite neighborhood in all of los angeles it’s a neat walkable beach city so if you stay here in santa monica there are a lot of things that you would walk around and do from here there’s lots of great food options it’s easy to get to the beach if that’s what you’re here for the expo line just started up so you can actually take uh the train let’s see if i can find the station on this map there is okay let’s see where is the third street promenade uh this is third street here okay well i am i’m blind uh but there is a train line that’ll take you from here all the way to downtown los angeles now that’ll take you about an hour to get from there but you can take public transit from santa monica the cons about why you might not want to stay here in santa monica santa monica is more expensive the hotels are going to be more expensive here than they are in downtown los angeles the closer to the beach you are the more money it’s going to be and traffic being here on the west coast or the beach of it everything you’re going to go to is east and so you’re going to be spending time in a lot of traffic to get anywhere all right my third place that i recommend people stay at i’m going to zoom out here is in hollywood so we got santa monica we got los angeles and if we just head up this way to the north we will find hollywood the hollywood sign is up here in these hills universal studios is up here just actually to the north not really even in hollywood and by the way there’s west hollywood and east hollywood and north hollywood those are all different hollywoods you’d be looking at the neighborhood actually called hollywood right here uh and in uh hollywood along hollywood boulevard right up here there’s this uh hollywood walk of fame actually i was just up there this weekend that’s probably where you want to stay that’s where the most hotels are the number of hotels there there’s a lot of things that cater to tourists there’s a lot of buses and tours that come out of hollywood it’s close to universal studios the subway runs along hollywood boulevard and so you can take the subway down to downtown los angeles up to universal studios hollywood the cons are it’s very touristy hollywood is very touristy the hotels aren’t aren’t great and there’s only one subway line here so if you need to connect to others you’d have to go from hollywood into union station and then connect to the other subway lines there hollywood is also another place that gets sketchy at night particularly now with the pandemics you probably wouldn’t be walking around hollywood late at night well you might but i i wouldn’t advise it i do want to point out related things to eat i know we’re in place to stay right now but the number one uh in-n-out burger in the united states in terms of sales is the one in hollywood so if you want to go to inapp burgers number one location in terms of busiest that’s where you’d go all right so now the fourth place i recommend people stay is actually near lax airport since many people fly in to los angeles it’s convenient to stay by the airport and there are this street right here is called century boulevard this street there are a ton of hotels basically this street is nothing except one hotel after another hotel after another hotel big chain hotels marriott hilton hyatt holiday inn they all have a location there on century boulevard you can see there’s a hilton in los angeles if we zoom in it’ll probably populate some of the other ones now the great thing is that most of these hotels offer some sort of shuttle from the airport so you don’t even need to get a car get a taxi you can just take the hotel shuttle to get there um if you don’t like the hotels that are right there along century boulevard you can also consider el segundo and manhattan beach as places that are fairly close by that also have some big hotels now the reason why you might not want to stay right around lax it’s in the flight path and so it can be a little bit noisy there’s also not much nearby if you’re staying on century boulevard you are you are definitely not going to be walking anywhere at all uh i mean you could um to just to another hotel but there’s also nothing to see there you’re going to be driving pretty much to go everywhere and so it’s not a very relaxing destination but might be a great place if you’re connecting just staying for a day or two maybe on your way in maybe on your way out consider staying at those hotels when we have early flights in the morning we often stay uh either the marriott or the renaissance hotel on century boulevard now i’ve got three more suggestions of places where you should stay and then i’ve got a couple suggestions about where you you shouldn’t stay so going back to our map another area that you might consider staying is in beverly hills right up here famous for beverly hills 90210 famous for rodeo drive um there are some really fancy upscale hotels in beverly hills so if you’re looking to drop a wad of cash uh consider that luxury boutique hotel if money is no object there another um city that is not near the coast that people kind of overlook is pasadena up here old town pasadena is really neat this is the home to um caltech uh to nasa’s jpl the joint uh propulsion laboratory and so in pasadena and glendale there’s actually a lot of newer hotels that are up here though i think you’ll find them to be a lot cheaper than those in the rest of other parts of la the eating options up in pasadena and glendale are cheaper i think than also in downtown los angeles and santa monica it’s pretty walkable within pasting and glendale though the cons are uh this boy this is far it’s far from everything from here so you’ll spend a lot of time driving to get places and they’re not real well connected to the subway the light rail the exception is that there is now one of the lions heads into pastina but it’s another one where you’re kind of going to be on the end of it the last place that you might consider staying technically not technically not la because it’s orange county i mentioned these counties you see this green line on the map here this is the line that divides los angeles from orange county uh right around disneyland there are a ton of great hotels in anaheim and then also irvine is a really big business area so there’s also a lot of really good hotels around irvine which is right next to that john wayne airport so those are two other places you could consider staying if you’ve got stuff you need to do like in orange county or you’re going to disneyland places you might not want to stay i don’t recommend staying in long beach there’s a lot of hotels in long beach um but it’s far and there’s traffic i’ve stayed there before and had to like go up here for meetings and things like that it was just it’s a haze the traffic’s really awful particularly on the 405 as you go through this bend the only reason you might want to stay in long beach is if you’re taking a cruise ship out of there cruises come out of san pedro and then they also come out near the queen mary other places that sometimes people ask me chris should i stay there there’s this whole part of l.a like up here that’s called the san gabriel valley there’s really good chinese food around here and there are hotels here and you might be tempted to stay there because they’re cheaper but don’t do it because there’s nothing touristy around here uh and if you’re here in the summer the heat’s gonna kill you because it’s it’s really hot in the san gabriel valley um also ventura this whole area up here around like thousand oaks and things like that ventura county uh just too far don’t do it and same thing out here in riverside or san bernardino don’t do it it’s way too far you’ll be spending all of your life just driving around so now i want to answer some questions about you know do you need a rental car how long should you stay what are some areas you might want to connect along with your stay in los angeles but before i do that i want to hit some of the comments uh and um ronda points out uh that some areas are nice you know and with all these areas that i talked about there’s some nice areas in each of them but obviously i kind of give as a generalization so these are definitely general things rhonda asked if the queen mary’s really haunted i think they often have like a halloween thing um between you and me i don’t really believe in haunted things but i can certainly believe that you had a pretty strange experience who knows who knows why those things happen sander asks uh any update on reopening disneyland anaheim for people from europe so sander the us is reopening the people from europe in november so in that case you’ll be able to go to disneyland too as long as the u.s opens up um ernst says hey chris thanks for your video on corona del mar we visited last month and had a blast awesome ernst i appreciate it by the way that’s in orange county which we’ll be talking about is maybe some great day trips from la is to visit the beaches in orange county uh and uh ronda points out to remember that if you stay in a lot of these areas they charge forty dollars per parking yet the closer you stay towards the city the closer you stay to the beach the more expensive uh parking is uh andrew asset bel-air is nice to stay in like the fresh prince of bel air sure it is it’s centrally located if you’ve got the money and things like that on a decent hotel then stay there uh kathy says very informative thanks chris thank you kathy i appreciate appreciate it um and uh ernst says we also visit the best starbucks in the world the best view ever you guys should visit it it’s in torrance with a pacific view i haven’t been to that one ernst but uh i don’t know maybe drop the address in the chat for me and i’ll check it out sometime i’m thirsty what am i drinking today this is a brown sugar milk tea from where from this place called rooster tea house i’m going with all the animals last week two weeks ago when was it one of these weeks i had a penguin uh i went to a penguin themed tea house and today it’s a rooster one nice sweet brown sugar pretty good i like the taste of that um twinning sarah says is there anywhere in la that you’d walk around at night i would walk around beverly hills at night i’d walk around santa monica at night i’d walk there are actually a lot of areas that i would walk around at night um and then you know orange county there’s even more places that i would walk around like again that’s not la but yes there are plenty of places that are safe at night ls do all these hotels have resort fees uh resort fees are definitely a new thing and you’ll probably find the more of them in downtown los angeles and buy the beaches do you tack on that resort fee not all of them would though for sure jorge says hey 40 bucks is cheap it’s 70 to park in san francisco that is cray cray and tony says i can’t wait to go there to try in-n-out burger um rhonda says i can’t wait uh until my to my visit to little tokyo any recommendations i plans to eat at diet cocoa yet that’s pretty good ron i’m sure you’ve seen my walking tour around little tokyo taikoku is good it can be pretty busy uh there’s a there’s a okonomiyaki place in the little tokyo plaza that has these really good japanese pancakes i like that place um just explore it it’s it’s a lot of fun uh there’s also a really good green tea uh like if you like matcha green tea ice cream and matcha drinks in the honda plaza the shopping center’s named honda plaza there’s a really good matcha tea and ice cream place in there all right so now i want to go ahead and get into um how long should you stay do you need a rental car and then we’ll go through the kind of neighborhood guide of things and other places you might want to consider connecting with your la trip so how long should you stay for i recommend to really see and experience la i recommend a week uh it’s again a huge place 20 million people uh 4 000 square miles consider staying a week you can consider breaking your trip up between a beach hotel and a downtown l.a hotel you know if i had to pick i would do something like uh santa monica for a few days in downtown los angeles for a few days i’d probably start in the city center and then move my way down to the beach we’ve had a lot of comments in the chat about beaches in orange county which is where we live and the beaches in orange county are really beautiful you could consider staying in the city in downtown los angeles and then moving out to a hotel in newport beach or laguna beach those are some of my favorite uh beach cities in orange county uh and i saw some questions about restaurant recommendations in laguna beach um you know the thing about laguna beach on the beach and like the orange county beach cities the best food not at the beach cities the best food is actually kind of out and about a bit but my one recommendation that i give for you not in laguna beach but it is north of laguna beach in newport beach uh i recommend maestros if you like steak or five crowns if you like prime rib those places are both pretty good all right so rental cars you need a rental car really depends what you want to see if you want to see all of la right like you want to x you want to go through all of this stuff from here to here to here to here you’re going to need a rental car there’s no way around it the transit system does not go to all those places but if you just want to go to kind of what i consider to be the top tier sites meaning you want to go to downtown los angeles you want to hit up hollywood you want to go to universal studios you want to hit up santa monica you want to go to venice beach those are all things you can do with public transit and you know lift or uber for your last couple miles the the real exception there is if you’re going to disneyland down here in anaheim which i’m my my big head is covering up right now anaheim there is no good public transit option to get from downtown l.a to anaheim other than taking the amtrak train from downtown la to anaheim train station but then you still gotta like uber lift it the last couple miles to actually get into disneyland uh all right so we’re gonna talk about now neighborhood by neighborhood some of the best things to do and consider when you go to la ronda’s giving you her top tier list right here which is the grove hollywood santa monica disney universal knott’s berry farm third street promenade olvera street rodeo drive which is a great uh bookmark uh bookmark a bookmark table of contents for things we’ll be talking about so thank you rhonda by the way if you’re watching the archive of this video at least a day afterwards i’m going to drop the notes of everything i covered into the description of this video so you’ll be able to see that sorry if we’re doing it live i haven’t put them in there yet uh okay so uh let’s talk about downtown los angeles let’s go ahead and hit up the map and we’re gonna uh zoom in to downtown l.a downtown l.a on the map is always easy to find because it has this like this ring of kind of freeways that go around it uh there’s the 10 freeway the 101 the 110 they kind of all converge around downtown los angeles it’s always a huge traffic snarl but such is life okay so uh my some of my favorite places in downtown los angeles we talked about uh la live this is the if we zoom in down here this is the staple center this is where they play like a lot of basketball games there’s the microsoft theater this is the los angeles convention center that’s over here these things they’re building the park hyatt over here uh the jw merritt and the ritz carlton are in these buildings you can see this is all built up new the courtyard so in addition to staying there this is just kind of a neat little neighborhood to like go and explore other things uh that are pretty cool you see downtown l.a has a lot of big buildings um there’s uh this area called bunker hill and there’s a lot of um museums that are up here in particular there’s this one this is called the broad this is one of la’s best contemporary art museums admission is free you have to make a reservation ahead of time so i’d recommend you do that the walt disney concert hall this thing right here this neat little architectural marvel um you can see a concert there but also you can take guided tours of it it’s pretty neat to take a guided tour of there’s also a whole bunch more museums like other contemporary art museums maybe you have to pay to go in some of those um this is the los angeles city hall you can go up to the top floor of that to see like a view out of it by the way i’ve got videos about like things to do in downtown los angeles walking towards downtown los angeles that you can dive into even more stuff about that um but my favorite uh neighborhood in downtown los angeles is this neighborhood right here this is called little tokyo and you can see there’s these blue tiled roofs there’s also the japanese american national museum really good japanese food out here one of the i think coolest japan towns uh in the u.s it’s also a neat food hall in downtown l.a over here i’m not going to zoom into it to you know make you kind of bug out but check out the food hall in downtown la apple has built a new store in downtown los angeles called the tower theater they renovated one of the old theaters in downtown la that’s this really neat apple store now stay out of skid row there’s um all right let me go back to the map for a moment there’s this neighborhood in l.a called skid row and sometimes people think that it’s maybe just one street but it’s actually like a whole kind of area that’s around here that is where it is legal to sleep on the street and camp out and all that stuff and so if you’re probably just touristing you probably don’t want to walk around skid row all that much at night another neat neighborhood is chinatown over here for really good chinese food and we also heard uh olvera street there’s this street over here this thing called olvera street this is the uh like birth place of los angeles and it’s right across the street from union station that train station is kind of this it’s actually a really neat classic train station so it’s worthwhile to go in there i often see people taking wedding pictures and things like that in uh union station in downtown los angeles and final couple things in downtown la there’s dodger stadium right here so if you’re going to see a baseball game you’ll see it there and if you like food uh and you know you’ve already been to the food hall um there’s this place called smorgasburg which let’s see if i can s’more or i’ll see if i can type this in smorgasburg south alameda it’s in the la arts district uh and they have a really neat sunday market here this is another place that because of where it is you don’t really want to um walk here you definitely want to uber lift or drive it here but they have what i consider to be la’s best sunday kind of like outdoor food festival and market some downtown adjacent things and we’re going to go ahead and just kind of cancel out of that stuff that we typed in there some other downtown adjacent things that you might want to visit you might want to consider visiting silver lake there’s this neighborhood right here there’s this reservoir called silver lake and right along silver lake boulevard which is this street right here there’s a lot of like funky shops and funky restaurants we particularly like one called pine and crane there on silver lake boulevard griffith park and griffith observatory is up on the hill kind of right above downtown los angeles it’s this um like lots of acreage and this observatory right here uh this is la’s number one attraction according to u.s news and world report currently it’s open friday saturdays and sundays because the pandemic it’s a space it’s an observatory so there’s kind of like a museum about space in there you can look through the telescope if you go there at night but it also has some of the best amazing views of los angeles the thumbnail that i took for this video was from the griffith observatory a ton of other stuff to explore in griffith park the hollywood bowl another cool concert venue and in the daytime you can take tours of it when there aren’t concerts that are there just to the north of griffith park is universal studios here in universal city this is the theme park the wizarding world of harry potter’s is here in universal studios they’ve got a little mall that they call universal city walk and it’s still a functioning movie studio so you can take the studio tour which i think is the best thing to do at universal studios this is probably the place that you’re most likely to find um some actual movie stars that you you won’t see in hollywood other area downtown downtown adjacent that i want to cover is this neighborhood right here this is called korea town chinatown and little tokyo or small little neighborhoods koreatown is kind of like this massive area centered along wilshire here roughly maybe where this metro station is wilshire normandy there’s a chain outpost of bcd tofu here but you’ll find really good korean bbq and korean eats in koreatown uh parking parking street parking is definitely challenged there so i would pay for i always pay to just park in a garage or someplace because the street parking is pretty rough all right i’m going to head up to hollywood in just a second but i want to take a few more comments from the chat before we head over to hollywood mid wilshire sunset boulevard beverly hills century city westwood the getty museum santa monica like we’re going kind of to the west but let’s take a look at uh some of the chat before we do that ronda points out studio tours right so in addition to universal studios there’s warner brothers paramount and sony studios those are all really good studios tours to take jeff says i love the dodgers because i live outside nashville with vanderbilt’s great baseball team dodgers have walker bueller and others they’ve drafted from uh vanderbilt very cool jeff thanks for that says i plan to go to l.a in disneyland next may will the weather be too hot then i think may is a pretty good month it hasn’t really started to cook yet so i keep my fingers crossed that that may is going to be decent for you um and star platinum’s is where’s the best place to see celebs and i don’t know why your message isn’t coming up but um the best place to see celebs i would say would be on one of the studio tours uh penny says hit up pasadena if you have time right old town pasadena colorado avenue another neat uh neighborhood to walk around i really like it rhonda says hey at the griffith observatories check out the show of stars they have like a planetarium you can go and that will cost you money if you go there um jay says i really like the getty which is i would say los angeles’s premier museum jay paul getty who was a bazillionaire um like donated his trust to found this museum free to go in i think you do have to get a time ticket to go in right now and jay says we also used to go to olvera street downtown that uh birthplace of los angeles for school field trips go dodgers huntington gardens uh which i’m not gonna cover uh but huntington gardens there’s a city called huntington beach mr huntington was another billionaire that was very instrumental in los angeles and his old house is now this kind of big botanical garden there’s a lot of great botanical gardens in la indigenous and gardens there’s the descanso gardens and there’s also the la arboretum that i would recommend okay andrew points out thanks for this one i had in my notes but i didn’t mention it the intercontinental hotel in downtown l.a has great views from the 70th floor they do that’s from the lobby they also have a rooftop bar if you want to see the views from that you can check out my new downtown los angeles walking tour i did with brigham yen a couple years ago before the pandemic where we had headed up there and checked out the view um tony says what about the la brea tar pits what about the l’breath they’re amazing let’s go ahead and head that way to check out some of these things so let’s go back to the map we’re going to zoom out from k-town and uh i’ve got like too many too many screens here now it’s getting out of control all right uh so mid wilshire all right so there’s this street that runs um well there’s there’s a lot of if if you notice like los angeles is this grid right so most of the streets run north south east or west and uh there’s a street on it called dun dun dun uh you know what okay we will just find the museum that centers it and that’ll get us to wilshire the labels don’t always come up best on this thing all right so right here this los angeles county museum of art complex is along wilshire boulevard this street’s going to run from downtown los angeles all the way to the beach in santa monica in it this has the um public art urban light you’ve seen me post um like selfies in front of these things this is one of la’s most famous public art institutions free to go there and take pictures of it if you go into lakma it does cost money to go in but it’s a cool museum and the other cool thing to see here and this is free to walk around are the la brea tar pits lake this is a lake of bubbling tar and you can see there’s like some you know old elephants that have like fallen into it and their tusks are there and then there’s a museum you can see more of the artifacts that used to be in there um that it will cost you money to go into that particular museum okay but like wilshire from koreatown if you just keep driving on it you’ll get over to lakma over here now heading up to the north the other one that i want to uh show you and you’ll say chris why are you telling us to go to a shopping mall but the grove i think is los angeles best shopping mall the grove right here um it’s a neat outdoor mall this is probably a good place to spot some celebrities too like the grove is kind of like the it place to go to but the place you want to go in addition to the grove is this place right next to it called the original farmers market um yeah there are places that sell fruits and vegetables but the original farmers market it’s been there really long time and there’s a ton of eateries in it this is it’s kind of like a food like an old school food hall this is one of my favorite places to take people in la i really like there’s a great jewish pastrami sandwich place there’s a really great brazilian brazilian barbecue place good singaporean restaurant good gumbo just lots of great food in the la farmer’s market okay now uh heading up to the next major east west street and you’ve probably heard of these famous streets the next one we’re going to hit to is melrose right up here along melrose there’s a lot of street art and street murals there’s this famous pink wall if you want to see more of melrose i have a whole video about walking down melrose and seeing all the kobe um kobe bryant murals things like that that you could see i when i do a lot of these planning guides i show those videos in the hour-long thing but i have like so many videos on los angeles that we would never end this video if i inserted them all so in the description of this video i do have a link to my whole los angeles travel guide series where you can check out all these videos that i reference in there another neat east west street just to the north up here is sunset this is sunset boulevard and so there’s like a lot of like the comedy stores and things like that are up here we’ve already talked through beverly hills beverly hills is home to rodeo drive like the most expensive street you can also get a you know picture in front of like some of the beverly hills signs and things like that those uh will probably be here the beverly hills sign is along north santa monica boulevard you can get one of those pictures the original sprinkles cupcakes if you like cupcakes is here in uh right here in beverly hills and then rodeo drive uh is one one one of these two streets down here it’s this one right here with the trees along it and then there’s also this kind of neat little plaza here this this plaza 208 rodeo tons of people take pictures in there because they’ve made it look like an old kind of italian street so make sure when you’re done walking rodeo drive that you head into this little place called 208 rodeo heading further to the left and i’m gonna i’m gonna do a flyover to this one to make sure we get the right spot westfield century city would be the second shopping mall that i recommend you go see it’s an outdoor mall just like the grove is westfield spent hundreds of millions of dollars uh renovating this mall but in particular in the corner back here is an outpost of italy the italian market from italy and there’s a ton of great like restaurants to get fresh mozzarella that’s flown in from italy every day you of course will find the location of shake shack in here and because shake shack’s big in la too and you’ll also find a restaurant a chinese restaurant called meijo dongpo in there if you’re looking for peking duck the peking duck at meijo dongpo is really cool so tech check out westfield century city and then heading further to the left this neighborhood so this is the 405 freeway by the way the 405 freeway is like one of the most iconic freeways in los angeles it’s probably the first one you’re gonna go on if you fly into lax and ucla the university of california los angeles is right here there’s a really neat in-n-out burger i really like this location here but this little kind of like triangle neighborhood is known as westwood this is a really neat walkable area another area where you might find celebrities at night if you’re looking for bars and nightlife i would recommend westwood to you there have been some of the hardest hit because of the pandemic because they haven’t been able to open but there’s kind of a cool little you know 8 or 10 block walkable area here in front of ucla and then just heading to the other side of the 405 there’s this neighborhood called satel sometimes it’s called little osaka but it is a long sawtel boulevard this little street right here this is los angeles second japan town i think little tokyo is cooler but there’s a restaurant here called let’s see if we can find it which part of sautel is it on here we will just kind of zoom into it called su people ask me chris where is your favorite ramen restaurant my favorite ramen restaurant is right at this corner of sautel called sugita la artisan noodles they actually specialize in tsukemen which are soup noodles that you dip the noodles into the soup and i guess that’s the stealing picture the only picture we get inside this place it’s a small little place but their noodles are some of the best they’ve got the soucaiman restaurant here and they have a second restaurant across the street that specialize in ramen so you can’t go wrong with either of them we have talked through the getty but just so you see where that is we talked about the 405 we’re going to go ahead and zoom into the getty or maybe you just joined this and so you missed it so heading up the 405 north of santa monica on this hill perched over all of los angeles is the getty museum to park at the getty you park at this parking structure that’s right off of beverly park drive and then there’s a like a like a train or something that actually takes you up to the whole complex super great views of all of los angeles from the getty just like you would have from the griffith observatory because it’s at about the same elevation the other getty thing i want to point out there’s two gettys there’s the getty museum and there’s also the getty villa the getty villa this is where uh jay paul getty lived it was his museum before it was a museum reservations are harder to get for this one because it’s smaller and it’s not going to let me click on it to bring up a picture for you but if you pay for parking on one day you can go to both for the same parking fee at both those i think they’re both worth a visit the getty is cooler for the art the getty villa is just neat to tour a home of a really really rich guy bazillionaire just to the you you could call it west uh because l.a sort of like it doesn’t just go straight up it kind of goes straight up and bends to the left is malibu um there’s kind of a neat pier in malibu you can visit there’s also this point doom zuma beach or some of the places to visit in malibu only do that if you’ve got a lot of time because malibu’s like a hall from the rest of los angeles we’ve already talked a lot about santa monica but just to the south of santa monica’s venice beach and i’m gonna hit these beach communities next but before i do that i want to go to the chat so let’s go ahead and see what y’all have asked in the chat ronda says i want to try shabu shabu would you recommend that yeah there’s a number of shabu-shabu restaurants in little osaka a little tokyo it’s pretty good um and jorge says yes i agree la is too overwhelmed it’s it’s a big place uh geoman asks if i did the best mexican food so i really like king taco and a lot of people like haze me because i like king taco it’s a chain in la and i think for like tourists that have never been here before it’s got like 60 locations you can’t go wrong with king taco if you’re looking for a slightly smaller unique place tacos 1986 they have a location in beverly hills you don’t have to worry about being too sketchy their tacos are pretty good too also like around lax the lax airport if you’re looking for mexican right over there there’s a place called benny’s rotisserie chicken it’s a they do like kind of like a local rotisserie chicken but you can get like a mexican rotisserie chicken burrito super delicious uh if you head down to orange county i really like a chain called baja fish tacos that’s the name of it they have maybe six or seven locations in orange county uh that is probably the mexican restaurant i eat more than any others but if other people have more taco shops and things like that they like in l.a drop it in the chat help a friend help a fellow traveler out because i i would never end that list if i talked about best mexican food uh jerry says in and out of shake shack what’s your go-to my go-to is in and out burger but i do like shake shack as well i’d probably say i eat in and out burger in a five to one ratio of shake shack i’ll eat it in a burger five times and then i get shake shack once because shake shack is double the price of in-n-out burger artie says skip and now go to tommy’s if you like chili burgers tommy’s is a famous chili burger chain uh now rhonda about time says i recommend two weeks minimum for sure if you if you really want to experience in depth two weeks penny backs me up and says king talk was good i’m glad you agreed penny i really like the carne asada from king taco oc girl she really likes the um oh what’s the word uh it’s it’s fried it’s fried pork skin it’s like deep fried pork skin she really likes that i can’t remember the spanish word right now but they make it in tacos and burritos uh and uh rhonda recommends el er el tepayaka probably pronounced that wrong but and jeff says you don’t need two weeks four days more than enough hollywood can be seen today hollywood can be seen in two hours i would argue hollywood boulevard not that amazing don’t spend more than two hours around hollywood and highland hollow boulevard go to other places that are better but i don’t i don’t think four days enough if you really want to do the la area justice but if you only got two weeks in all of the u.s and you’re packaging in a bunch of things then sure you know four days is is better than none um but wakka says what about jack in the box jack-in-the-box is another big chain burger place in the u.s they started in san diego um i i don’t even put jack in the box in the same league as shake shack right now burger though people do really like their tacos i wouldn’t call them great mexican food they’re more like a like a guilty pleasure of that really super greasy sort of thing but i would say a lot of people really like that uh penny says the carney sada carne asada king taco is the bomb carnitas are pretty good too good deal uh okay so uh oh and there’s a question uh and i’ll go now on down to the beaches but i’m gonna answer this one first what’s the best ride at universal studios i think the most popular ride is the harry potter ride at universal studios okay so back to the map let’s go ahead and round out our list with the beach communities on the west coast going down so we have already talked about malibu here’s santa monica venice beach is just to the south santa monica famous venice beach boardwalk if you want to find the upscale place in venice beach it’s this one street that’s diagonal from the rest of them this is abbot kinney boulevard this is probably another good celebrity spotting area just to the south of venice boulevard’s uh neighborhood called marina del rey it’s a huge marina i recently did a hotel review of the marriott marina del rey because a lot of people ask me where they should stay if they want to go to venice beach i recommend the marriott marina del rey it’s kind of out of the craziness of venice beach because marina del rey is actually pretty nice now heading just south of that you get this neighborhood called westchester which is just north of lax there is the if you’re looking for a plane spotting location there is a location of in and out burger right here on the corner of lax and this park that on the map says lax plane spotting uh is the best place to go plane spotting in all of los angeles in my opinion here or there’s also a hillside um here in el segundo along um in what what is this uh imperial avenue uh there’s kind of like a park up here that has some benches right here that’s like el segundo dog park uh where you can or actually it’s called clutters park where you can see like all the planes right taking off landing the a380s all that stuff is pretty continuing down south el segundo small little old town there um probably not a lot to see for tourists in el segundo there’s a big chevron refinery that’s here and then we get into manhattan beach manhattan beach is a really neat beach community it’s got a little pier hermosa beach right to the south of it um manhattan hermosa is probably like the party beach somebody asked where can i find pubs where can i go drinking hermosa beach is a really great party beach as are some places around maybe the redondo beach pier this is a really unique pier because instead of just going straight out it’s kind of this horseshoe shape sort of thing there’s a really neat seafood market in the basement of this pier i’ve done walking tours of all these piers manhattan beach santa monica redondo beach pier if you want to dive into those for more detail okay going further to the south we get to this big land mass here this is the palos verdes peninsula it’s kind of like three neighborhoods or cities in here rancho palace verdes palos verdes estates there’s also san pedro here and then there’s long beach when you hear about the big cargo ships that are coming into la that are causing all the backup that they’re all docked out here they all dock here into long beach long beach is a very industrial area i would if you’re looking for beaches you know consider these from santa monica down to hermosa beach or then go down to orange county probably to huntington beach newport beach laguna beach those would be my recommendations for beaches for you a couple things inland that i want to mention back in la if we go up another spot for a lot of japanese food and things like that is in torrance and gardena some really neat japanese communities there tokyo central is in gardena it is the biggest japanese supermarket in the mainland of the usa outside of hawaii inglewood up here this is the home to the new uh like raiders charger stadium that’s where they play there’s a new youtube feeder there like you don’t watch youtube there but youtube has branded it or sponsored it so you’ll find a lot of the music acts that are coming to los angeles are coming to inglewood the rest of the neighborhood not super great so there’s probably a place you’re not probably gonna wander around after you see it generally um you know you’ve heard these things in the rap songs uh compton inglewood this and that if you look at this area bounded by the 405 generally kind of like west of the 405 is considered better than east of the 405. one neighborhood that people might say is a no-go but i think it’s actually really cool to go see the watts towers or the watts towers and watts their famous site of riots a number of years ago but there was this guy this italian immigrant who lived here his name was simon rodia and he built these towers i’m not sure what’s going on in this picture they looked like they were under renovation but these are the largest structures in the world built by a single person you can see these things are pretty tall when they don’t have this construction stuff on them you can take a tour of these bottles and tile on it it was being considered as a unesco world heritage site didn’t end up being happening but i i consider it to be an attraction at that level we’ve already talked about pasadena um and finally people often ask me hey chris when i’m in la what day trips should i consider san diego is a great day trip down to the south my original hometown born and raised palm springs great day trip to the east joshua tree national park is also to the east not really a day trip but if you’re heading on your way to las vegas death valley national park we’re going to be hitting up death valley here in december sequoia national forest another great national park that’s up here uh if you kind of go to the north there is santa barbara up this way which is a neat coastal town and then finally if you want to take an island excursion there’s this island called catalina island over here you have to get there by a ferry from the mainland most of them leave from long beach they also leave from newport beach and dana point takes about an hour to get there and there’s this neat little town in catalina called avalon well fellow explorers that is your neighborhood tour of los angeles and i think you’re well armed if you’re planning a trip now but i’m sure there’s some questions i didn’t answer so let’s go ahead and go to q a time fellow explorers it is now q a time if you’ve got a question i’ve got an answer [Music] rhonda asks about if the u.s bank has to slide on a skyscraper there was a slide in downtown los angeles on one of the buildings there was another company that bought it and so unfortunately they are closing the slide up there if you want to see it search for like yellow productions skyslide you’ll see a video that i did there it was like a glass bottom slide that was up 60 stories it was pretty cool but it’s not there question of uh is it worth driving up the pacific coast highway if you’ve never been to california i think so the pch drive is really neat to do um you can basically drive the pacific coast highway from san diego all the way up to san francisco i think that’s a neat drive and if you really want to consider seeing california you could do that as like a two-week excursion start in san diego start in san francisco and basically drive the coastal route you know spend three hours driving every day get a hotel and you know adjoining town see all the beaches see a little town support of fun that coastal california i really feel is what california is made of f says i’m coming over from scotland in march what are the best clubs and pubs yeah i think you’d be best off looking in uh kind of like that westwood area there’s a lot of um clubs and pubs that are over there downtown los angeles doesn’t have a lot of them you know consider like santa monica there’s kind of a bar scene over there hermosa beach has a bar scene as well if you just go to the hermosa beach pier you’ll find there’s a lot of bars right around there if you’re going down to san diego there’s a classic bar in pacific beach called the lahaina beach house and then along garnet avenue there’s a lot of bars i think actually related to drinking and clubs and pubs downtown san diego is where it’s at and not in los angeles downtown san diego has a whole micro brew scene stone brewery in san diego really quite amazing if you do have to stay in los angeles then in downtown la the one i’ll give you right between little tokyo and the la arts district uh is the um like angels brewery if you’re just walking between i think it’s angels brewery there’s also no smog city brewery there’s also another one down there if you just go to little tokyo in the la arts district you’ll find a couple of these like three-story buildings that have murals on the side and if you’re there after five o’clock you can’t miss it because you’ll you’ll you’ll see the people making their pilgrimage to it milk rest if i’ve ever met celebs now like i’m not really the person like go up to celebrities and be like hey what’s up but you know i’ve i’ve seen a few you know we’ve seen celine dion and people like that out out and about uh joanne asked if i’ve heard of the celebrity hotel i have not heard of it my recommendation hollywood would either be the w hotel uh the lowe’s hotel is also pretty nice spelled l-o-e-w-s geo-man also points out that downtown fullerton has a lot of bars and clubs that’s a great tip fullerton is home to cal state university fullerton basically wherever there’s a university i think in la you’re going to find a decent bar and club scene gary asks if the weather’s nice december in la i think the weather’s nice most of the year round you know not if you’re going to the beach in december but pleasant to walk around i mean you can wear shorts and t-shirts most of the time in the daytime around la at night time it gets colder so bring a jacket but i don’t i don’t think there’s any bad time to go to la um oh sea girl would say actually the worst time to go to la is the summer because it gets really hot the winter it’s not really cold so right it never snows so you don’t have that problem kathy says the australian government will finalize leave can’t wait hawaii and april alaska cruise la and vegas in august awesome kathy well hopefully this was helpful to you planning your la part of your destination eric says chris what’s the scenic route to take from la to south lake tahoe in december thank you very much um well i don’t know let’s uh let’s let’s bring up let’s bring up the map here and so for people that are uh lake tahoe where is lake tahoe and i need to i need to click in the right place lake tahoe california lake tahoe is a famous ski area in california it is roughly to the east of sacramento up here so this is lake tahoe i would recommend if you look like the really scenic route would be uh you know and i don’t i don’t like to drive the mountain routes because i don’t like winding mountain roads um but i would drive i mean south lake tahoe’s down here so you know take whatever road you want over to sacramento like the 50 uh then drive through down into san francisco and then come along this coastal route here uh this would be pacific coast highway right the one and then take the one all the way along the coast all the way through big sur carmel san luis obispo santa barbara ventura and then you’ll end up in los angeles that’s my recommendation as a scenic uh trip milk ass have a trip to the neverland ranch in one day as possible i’ve actually never been to the neverland ranch so but if there’s any other explorers that have please help milk go out and let them know if you have yes it’s the time you’ve been waiting for it’s time for the giveaway right fellow explorers as usual i give away a yellow productions crew shirt on every live 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when i announce these things sometimes i got to do them on different days because sometimes i’ve got stuff going on on tuesday such is this week and i see in the chat yes it’s the time you’ve been waiting for it’s time for the giveaway soul why says king taco with a question mark and soul congratulations you are the winner did i hit the winner or did i hit the giveaway and now we have a winner winner chicken dinner yeah i think i hit the wrong button earlier so seoul congratulations you were the winner even though you got a question mark at it it is definitely king taco that is my favorite so i actually think you won a couple weeks before you haven’t claimed your shirt yet so send me an email to chris yellowdashproductions.com you’ll find that in the description and claim this shirt and your last one if you think you sent me an email i got it i didn’t end up to the netherlands seoul also sent this little panda right back there so sol thank you very much for that uh panda lunch box well fellow explorers thanks for hanging out with me for this hour i really enjoyed hanging out with all of you i’ve seen those likes go up so thank you very much for hitting the like button thanks for hanging out with me uh and as usual i won’t say goodbye cause i’ll see you all in the next video or maybe i’ll see you wandering the streets of los angeles when you come here [Music]