LIVE Q&A with Tim, K3LR and Transatlantic RCA QSO party – Tuesdays wit

hello facebook fans and youtube fans of dx engineering it’s tuesday afternoon here in the eastern time zone of the usa it’s 1815 zulu and it’s november 9th 2021 this is tuesdays with tim and jeff and jeff is continuing to bring the store back to life and getting the showroom all polished up checking out all the radio equipment so he won’t be on with us today but the good news is go back to the showroom and uh you can see all the radios and we have things are getting hooked up as we speak so that is a a good thing and we’ve been very busy here at dx engineering but part of what we do is to try and make sure that we stay in tune with some of the events that are going on um in the amateur radio community and so i’m going to share my screen and i’m going to talk about an event that is coming up this weekend and it is the um the radio club of america’s celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the transatlantic test and this is at the rca website which is radio club of and then if you look under events it comes right up here transatlantic test centennial and so um this is a historic event that is coming up uh on december 11th but uh the celebration actually starts this weekend and um in 1921 uh there were members of the american radio relay league and the radio club of america uh they successfully spanned the atlantic ocean with morse code signals and uh they were also they were heard in scotland and in uh amsterdam um holland and england and germany um and in other places as well and so i encourage you to read a little bit about this history because there are several events that are going to commemorate this hundred year anniversary of the transatlantic test and this is uh the replica transmitter and this will be on the air um this is not the identical not the the transmitter they use but it is a replica um you know it’s it is articulate and accurate in every detail but this transmitter will be on the air the antique wireless association has brought it back to life and they they think they can run several hundred watts with this and they’ve got a station set up uh that will be in connecticut and uh there will be a listening stations in scotland and the idea is to replicate the uh broadcast and uh so this will happen on december 11th and we’ll talk more about that when we get closer to that event but the what i want to pass on to you today is starting at 12 zulu on november 13th and going to zero 400 zulu on november 14th so that’s 16 hours total is the uh transatlantic qso party hosted by the radio club of america and it’s a very simple exchange and you can work rca members so the rca members will be sending signal report and rca and then non-rca members will exchange signal report and their state or province if you’re outside of the usa you exchange your cq zone and so very very simple 160 through 10 meters and there is we do encourage shortwave listeners as well and uh you don’t have to send your logs in you just report your score to no later than five days after the end of the contest and w2rca which is the radio club of america’s uh call will be on the air and that the w2rca is worth 10 bonus points per band and mode and n1mm is supporting this contest so if you have the n1mm logging software you should be able to get the overlay for the rca transatlantic qso party and so that that’s going to be a lot of fun and if you haven’t seen this website this is wa7 bnm’s website and it’s and this is really nice because you can see all of the operating events that are going on uh throughout the week and uh also throughout the year and you can just click on you know like if we click on the rca transatlantic qso party it take here are the basic rules and also the website so this this is really handy and i just wanted to show that to you as well because if you haven’t gone to i urge you to take a look at that so those are some ideas on something to do this weekend that’s really fun and let’s see who we have on let’s see here we’ve got tom alpha 92 golf whiskey is on and from scotland it’s rey golf mike zero victor radio papa and from england mike zero hotel kilo bravo and also from denmark oscar zulu one delta whiskey x-ray out in australia we’ve got victor kilo 4 fox alpha bravo quebec from oz and also kilo lima zero sierra and kilo lima zero sierra sierra and let’s see we got kilo bravo 5 uniform kilo tango kilo papa 4 juliet radio sierra and this is a good time too if you have any questions about anything we can take some q a uh chat and uh we can do some of those things maybe you have a question about power supply or about an antenna uh india sugar zero november hotel tango and uh jerry says uh this is kilo golf radio radio yankee i love cw and i have enjoyed getting to know fellow amateurs all around the world while using it and dan is on from kentucky whiskey alpha 4 mike oscar mike hello tim good afternoon clean cleaning up my mower and putting it away for the for the winter that sounds great dan and kilo papa for queen victor queen is on as well and uh india zulu zero victor x-ray yankee max is on from italy and kilo papa four radio yankee and uh oscar zulu one indian november golf of course looking forward to the cq worldwide cw uh contest at the end of november and uh we we are live today for q a so put uh your questions into the chat and we will uh definitely try to get to all of them here today and mark november 4 bravo charlie delta contest calendar is bookmarked here along with the n1mm overlays so hope to hear you on the air this weekend mark and uh red summit rf he says i love contesting and the tall guy is on kilo 3 sierra tango lima and kilo bravo 4 oscar victor papa and uh let’s see we’ve got alpha echo seven papa juliet november two tango x-ray kilo papa four zulu zulu lots of activity on from puerto rico and uh victor oscar won charlie hotel in newfoundland and whiskey alpha 3 mike charlie kilo from wilkes-barre and whiskey 8 tango whiskey oscar and it’s tom w3 zulu x-ray who is i believe portable eight and uh michael says what balan do i use for a full-size 80 meter loop well what i would do is i would model that to see what the feed point impedance is michael that’s the best way to know what transformer you’re going to need to get the swr down because i’m assuming you want to feed it with coax although it would be an easy feed with ladder line and then you just have a ladder line tuner and it doesn’t matter you won’t need a balance in that case but what i would do is i would model it or i would measure it with a an antenna analyzer like the rig expert and measure it and that way you’ll know for sure but you can’t just say you know a one to one or four to one or a nine to one um you need to have some idea what that feed point impedance is and wda nvn says i think i’m going to the fort wayne ham fest this weekend and uh tim says hi tim any news on new kenwood hf transceiver we keep here it’s coming no tim you know um they uh all of the manufacturers are very tight-lipped about any products that are going to be introduced and so um we don’t have any information on that i’m really sorry india tango 9 bravo delta mike and kilo india 6 delta bravo november and our friend mike ke3 jp and mike kb5ukt says he wants to feed it with coax well you definitely need to to learn about the feed point impedance uh and it’s best to measure it you can model it and get pretty close but yeah if you want to feed it with coax michael you you’re going to need to know what that feed point impedance is and then to match it to uh you know your 50 ohm coax dan says i’ve noticed the ic 7300 has been in stock for several days now are there shipments from icom coming in on a more regular basis uh dan there’s nothing regular about shipments right now the supply chain is uh still very stressed uh we’re doing the best we can icom and the other manufacturers are doing the best they can but it is not more consistent it is still definitely sporadic but things it look to be improving but we’re a long way from uh from getting the supply chain fixed [Music] let’s see red summit rf says this weekend will be great for dx because november is the month for the european dx contest that’s right and that is on the contest calendar dino says question beginners may find interesting how to ride the rf and audio controls to bring weak signals up out of the noise well especially on 160 meters your receiver has much more gain unless you’re using a low gain receive antenna it has much more gain than you can use especially with the sdrs you have to be really careful where that rf gain control is and and turn it down uh we do have the tower crew here today so we’re gonna uh i think they’re they’re coming in to uh do some rotor tests here um brian says uh this is whiskey seven juliet echo tango he says contesting is a blast from superstition amateur radio club won the arizona qso party unlimited multi uh high power operating from the w7 jet station with the club call whiskey bravo 7 tango juliet delta well it’s great to hear brian and carlos is on with us tango india 2 charlie charlie and let’s see rich says what is the very best jumper cable to use when hooking up a peak watt meter to a tuner and a transmitter a good a good jumper cable would be the dx engineering rg400 that’s double shielded or you could also go with the dx engineering rg213 and we have pre-made cables with connectors already on them so that would make it very easy for you rich and let’s see we got uh a kilo kilo six india papa radio is on from fremont california uh hello in 73 and also um oscar zulu one indian november golf diversity receiving is a very interesting aspect and that would be diversity receiving is when you have two receivers that each receiver is hooked to a different receive antenna system and uh so what happens a lot of the time is uh and we do that here at k3lr is that when one is in a fade the other’s in a peak and uh so that that can be very very effective and kilo oscar 4 alpha fox lima is on and uh let’s see uh we’ve got uh germany one sierra delta kilo and also kilo charlie 8 radio victor delta and any for dx any suggestions for a vertical less than 25 feet for an hoa well the butternut vertical is just a little over 25 feet not not much and it is a very good vertical all bands uh the hf9 can operate on nine bands and um kevin is on zulu lima won mike hotel sierra from new zealand and uh good morning from very sunny wet it’s a wednesday morning over there great questions and um kilowatt del or victor that’s our friend dave great show as always dave is one of the dx engineering uh sales and technical team so if you call in you might get to talk to dave and uh jeff kilo white november delta the pj s t station is back in curacao um 10 meters was 3 200 contacts in 96 countries in the cq worldwide ssb contest congratulations jeff it’s great to have pj2t back on the bands india united seven echo kilo bravo was on and paul says he received his 9700 from dx engineering this week he’s hoping to work some 2 meter and 70 centimeter ssb and from detroit it’s whiskey 8 victor india papa from bulgaria lima zulu 1 radio fox tango uh great questions i hope uh if you didn’t get your question answered today just send us an email dxengineering at and on thursday we’ll have a special manufacture showcase so i hope to see you then 73 from dx engineering