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what is up guys welcome back to another video right so today we’ve got a huge h m a try on haul for autumn fall 2021 there’s some very nice pieces in this one h m at the minute i think absolutely kill it and i really like the sizing on h m as well like it’s very true to size really affordable as well so let’s get straight into the video guys let’s get straight into the hall we’ve got a massive box and we’ve got like 14 or 15 items loads of stuff i’ll link all the stuff in the description if you do like any other stuff just go and have a look down there and if you do enjoy these sorts of videos really help me out if you drop the video a like subscribe to the channel the size of the box is ridiculous look at that i always end up getting too much stuff when i do hdmi halls i just see and i’m like as well get it i think i’ve got 40 15 items like i said before let’s have a look so we’ll go through it all quickly show you what i’ve got and then i’ll try it on after so make sure you stick around to the end of the video so you can see what it looks like oh my first item beige puffer jacket with a hood i think i went for a size extra large in this i think h m sizing like i said before is actually really true to size so sometimes most of the time i can get over large well cxl might even be too big for me we’ll see and we’ve got like a black hoodie with a black print on it gray quarter zip jumper then some kind of like black activewear cargo tech sort of pants still quite nice and some gray cargos we’ve got a beige zip hoodie i do like a zip hoodie i do prefer pullover hoodies but zip puddies are nice to mix it up again that easy to put on sometimes when you’ve done your hair you have to pull up a hoodie on it’s a little bit annoying isn’t it first of all problems anyway um and we’ve got i think it’s like a very similar color beige sweater these are 9.99 ridiculous ridiculous value we’ve got the matching sweatpants regular fit size large and in charcoal as well i think it came in a two pack see and we’ve got another sweater in brown like chocolate brown this is a big trendy color for autumn see everywhere at the minute it’s like chocolate brown i don’t know what i think of it bit in between at the minute and we’ve got a gray hoodie basics hoodie i think they’re 18.99 if i’m not mistaken i’ll put all the prices on the screen anyway when i’m trying it on right then i actually got some gym stuff because i saw it i thought it looks alright and i’m always in the market to try on gym clothes so these are like a kind of like a running sport jogger track pant 86 recycled polyester which is nice to see it’s nice to see more sustainable stuff we’ve got another pair of cargo pants in black elasticated waistband puff at the bottom and then a pair of like running bottoms trying to get back into running at the minute trying to run more than lift weights because i just i don’t know i want to be a bit slimmer do that and then a quarter zip like training top this looks really nice feels really good quality i love the nike ones but they’re just that expensive aren’t they sometimes you can spend like 50 quid on one whereas this don’t actually say how much it was but i put it on the screen i think it was probably like 15 quid something like that and the last item we’ve got is an over shirt overshirt shacket which actually wore this last night and i am a huge fan of it so i’ve got it in large and extra large just to see how the fits differ this is a large i’ll show you what the extra large looks like as well anyway let’s get trying them on see what they look like before we quickly try on the h m stuff guys we had a new release for sulfate cloven on sunday and we brought out some very nice new sport looks pants make sure you go and have a look at them a really nice stretchy material we also restocked the casual comfort joggers in gray they’ve been out of stock for a while now just got the minimal white logo a really nice pair of joggers if you don’t want them to be too tight fitting super comfy a nice cuff at the bottom i wear a size medium and they fit me perfectly go check them out be linked in the description first up we’ll try on the jacket has to be the jacket first doesn’t it so like i said size extra large was actually i’d say the right choice to go for for me definitely it’s very puffy i’ll say that i will say that again very very puffy if you’re in the market for a puffer jacket i think this was 50 quid it’s definitely on the more affordable side like some puffer jackets and goats like 500 quid which is mad i’ll be doing a puffer jacket video very soon as well like just going through some of my favorites zip pockets very ideal feels good quality for the price tell you what it looks pretty nice doesn’t it just a bit puffy i have a michelin man i think i do prefer the asos premium one you know next up we’ve got the over shirt twill over shirt like i said before in plenty videos these are a really nice item to have in autumn winter nice to wear when you’re in out for a few drinks or to the bar i love wearing these and this is probably one of my favorite ones you know it’s so nice like it’s not too thick the quality feels good and i think it’s only 25 quid this is in a size large i definitely don’t need anything bigger than this this fits me bang on perfect fit the extra large is going to be massive i’ll try it on so you can see the difference but it’s going to be huge on me that one so the xl isn’t too bad but it’s definitely more like an oversized fit you know i mean if you want something a bit baggier than maybe sizeable for me true to size is perfect in h m moving on to sweaters next so this is the chocolate brown one they’re like a relaxed fit but this isn’t a size extra large maybe i could i probably could have got away with a large to be honest extra large is definitely a bit more of an oversized fit but in sweaters and hoodies i do prefer something that is usually a bit baggy that isn’t too tight i used to prefer tighter but i think your style just does change doesn’t it over time and i think when you get older you don’t want stuff that’s too too tight fitting it’s quite nice i do really like it and it’s an absolute bargain you have loads of different colors on the website so if you like this color i’m sure there’ll be loads of other options if you don’t want to spend loads on a hoodie and you want just like a nice cheap one this is probably the best out of a bunch i’d say i think there are 18 19 pounds not expensive at all decent quality for the price obviously it’s not going to be as nice as like some of the better ones higher end which are 40 50 quid but does the job can’t go wrong with a gray sweater great hoodie canyon for autumn looks quite nice so beige sweater exactly the same as the chocolate brown one same fit same quality same style these are definitely more like autumn colors a bit more neutral palette do you know what i mean grays beiges browns neutral tones i do like like a off-white cream that’s maybe my favorite sort of color maybe a similar color to the puffer jacket at the start well yeah can’t go wrong with it guys very nice cheap and cheerful does the job goes pretty nicely with this all the great jokers doesn’t have the casual comfort ones this is like a nice sunday outfit isn’t it just chilling on a sunday a bit of netflix bit of f1 that’s my scene i’ve got lots of sweats in this video haven’t we to be fair so this is the grey quarter zip sweatshirt i do like this i like this style it makes it kind of a bit more smarter no i mean you could wear this on a night out probably you actually could you could also wear a hoodie or a sweater if you want it but it’s a bit more casual i’d say this is a little bit more smart so it’s still not dead smart but it’s quite nice nice fit not too tight again quite like a relaxed regular fit quality is decent can’t go wrong with it honestly for the price h m i think the some of the basics are definitely the best so we’ve got another hoodie guys this one’s like a black one with the black minimal print it kind of gives me like essential vibes and your fear of god that’s that sort of thing i think it’s kind of trying to replicate it on a high street level this is an extra large relaxed fit i’ll tell you one thing though look how short the sleeves are and that’s not even like fully stretching out that is obviously you put it down by your side but that’s quite a big gap to your wrist isn’t it that even to your hand not ideal but sure for me it’s quite short in the body as well like when you stretch up right the whole aim should be not to show your torso you can see the bottom of it there so this is definitely going to shrink in the wash as well which will make it even smaller this is probably my least favorite thing so far just to fit in the the quality is definitely not as good as like the gray definitely not as good it’s a bit strange isn’t it so relaxed fit zip hoodie not bad i definitely do prefer the pullover hoodies this one i think you can kind of tell the quality is not as good on this one i don’t know why maybe it’s because they’ve added a zip to it and it just kind of bunches up you know like when is it putty bunches up here and it just feels like a bit it’s hard to explain it just doesn’t feel great it doesn’t feel like it’s going to be firm and going to withhold its shape because as soon as you put it in the wash it’s just going to go like that which is not ideal so yeah definitely get pull over hoodies from h m or sweaters they’re definitely going to be better than the zip i love a quarter zip for the gym i think they’re really nice even when you’re running as well stuff like this to wear a class and this one’s actually really good so size extra large really good quality for the price very surprised with this you know good length not too long not too short nice fit around like the chest shoulders and arms you won’t be i don’t think you’d be able to wear anything underneath it’s quite like a tight fitting but i’m not complaining i think they have a black one as well you have it in grey and black really nice very impressed with this i have to do a h m active wear haul full haul i’ve got a few pairs of joggers and stuff which i’ll show you in a circ i just can’t imagine it like not holding again that’s the only thing with the cheaper material i can imagine it not being stiff after a wash but can’t really doubt it a minute wait and see so just before we move on to all the bottoms we’ve got cargo pants joggers loads of nice stuff there i just want to talk about today’s video sponsor guys so a massive thank you to rose gold on black for sponsoring this video and always supporting the channel it’s a brand that focuses on men’s jewelry and accessories they have really nice minimal bracelets like this one i’m wearing here i always wear this one i like quite a small bracelet they have other ones as well which are like a bit thicker and 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waist you know it’s quite nice from hm it’s quite nice a large being a massive on the waist just goes to show some brands have ridiculous sizing hdm is quite big zara is very small arms quite small and slim fits in asos is kind of small as well quite slim but yeah they’re quite nice just way too bad here on the calf area like look how much excess material there is there they’re nice and comfy on the upper leg and around the glutes which is good for me just way too baggy on this bit i’ve had to tie them at the bottom just to give them a kind of taper all right so these are kind of the um like outdoorsy pant kind of like a tech pump tech cargo pump with no pockets polamide elastane blend material and i’ll tell you what he’s actually really really nice they’ve got zip pockets they’ve got a press stud at the front but then they’ve got the elasticated waist at the back they’re really comfy these would be so nice for like long walks or even i reckon all right you could even wear these to go out in you know what they’re very similar they’re very similar to represent uh 247 pounds which are how much at 825 quid which is ridiculous even maybe a better thing you know like the crotch isn’t too dropped at all in a large they fit me really nice zip pockets you just don’t have the cargo pump pocket do the other thing and they’ve even got a pretty nice taper towards the bottom of the leg like they could have a little bit they could be a little bit more tapered but tell you what guys i’m a big fan of these the material is so nice like a polamide and i’ll our stain blend very ideal so these are a cuffed cargo pant and the fit of the previous pants is much better than these but the crotch is a lot more dropped in these and a lot tighter around the glutes and the upper leg but i do think these are a slim fit so slim skinny fit from hdm you do make them quite a bit skinnier that’s that’s actually mad when i put my leg up there it comes down on the waist very bizarre i don’t know what material these are actually i do like the pocket so i like the fit of them just the crotch is too long the material isn’t as stretchy as the previous one i don’t think it hasn’t has as much elastane as that one yeah guys so these are only four percent elastin whereas the previous ones were 14 percent elastane big difference that extra stretch helps so much so these are the next pants we’ve got the lacquer a gym sports jogger actually really nice you know actually these ones have got 14 percent are standing the other ones have 11 percent elastin so i just got kind of mixed up really thin really lightweight so it’ll be perfect for running or even just training no matter what you’re doing super stretchy which is what you want you can play football any sports in this sort of pan very nice zip pockets as well which is a big plus keep your keys and stuff in there really nice you’ve also got like a zip going towards the bottom with the reflective strip obviously good if you’re running in the dark and stuff like that yeah quite nice the only one thing i’d say is maybe they could be a little bit more tapered towards the bottom of the ankle but that’s my only one thing i’d say about it so these are another like gym running pant but these ones are much tighter fit they kind of got a different material on the bottom as well our material’s super super stretchy this one’s a bit stretchy but just not as much of a stretch as that so i think these are for runners definitely again they’ve got the reflective strip on the back of the calf so you can see they’ve got pockets there yeah i definitely prefer the other ones more these are just a bit too tight for me because i have bigger cars than probably most people so they’re just they’re coming up quite tight on my calves but they are quite nice definitely helps having that 14 elastin doesn’t it when you’re when you’re in the gym you don’t want to be restricted by stuff that’s nice last couple of items so these are just the regular fit sweatpants in a size large i reckon maybe i could even get over medium in these because they’re massive on the waist and they’re quite a nice fit they’re not too tight a bit like a tapered regular fit i’d say really comfy if you need some affordable joggers definitely go and have a look at these some affordable sweatpants i’ll keep you comfy yeah again so the same joggers put in like a nice dark charcoal really really comfy i think the large actually is a perfect fit for me i don’t need them to be any tighter or any bigger a nice comfy pair of sweatpants can’t go wrong h m i think that was a very good haul to be honest wasn’t it let’s wrap it up so guys that is going to conclude the h m haul some very nice pieces in here i actually do really like h m you know it might be one of my favorite high street brands for basics because it’s really affordable and some of the stuff can fit really nicely these these like pants that i tried on if i just went to the tailor and sorted the bottom out a little bit which will cost me maybe a 10 and just make them a bit more tapered that’d be banging it like so so nice and really affordable as well you know it just goes to show you have to spend loads and loads of money to look half decent and i mean don’t just be buying these massive big designer brands thinking you’re going to look better the quality is going to be better a lot of the time they probably just made in the same factory or just put a big logo or like badge on it or whatever anyway i think a few my favorite things the over shirt is so nice i really like this as well this gray like quarter zip sweater then black pants the joggers at the end super comfy these charcoal ones i’ve still got really really comfy just go and check out i’ll link it all in the description go and have a look if you do like any of the stuff and that is it as well don’t forget to go and check out today’s video sponsor rose gold on black the best men’s accessories you’re gonna find and i’ll catch you on the next