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Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] so hello uh we you [Music] [Music] foreign foreign says [Music] [Music] hello everyone and welcome to today’s online launch event hello everybody thank you all for joining us online it’s been a while last time my name is marketing at poco global now it’s been six months since i’ve last stepped on stage and i’m absolutely event we have some exciting updates to share with you and of course a new product now in 2021 it’s been a year of milestones for us we came out with some stunning devices that really shook the market up and for those who missed the launches earlier on this year let’s take a quick recap this year we were able to launch four models so far and soon to be five let’s take a quick recap all four models that really left an impression on tech enthusiasts our current users and the market we have our flagship of the year the poco f3 which is also known as the real beast amazing performance with flagship all-around sports coco x3 gt which is the 5g upgraded version of the poco x3 pro both of these x-series were definitely some of the best sellers of the year for us then a pro 5g variant about m series m3 pro 5g which is one of the most affordable 5g mid-ranger on the market now these four smartphones were able to grow rapidly and hit another new milestone the market ever since poco was established in 2018 from then until now a new milestone we have shipped out more than 35 million smartphones around the world over the past few years we’ve been working closely with e-commerce platforms such as amazon over the past few years have been working closely poco smartphones have made it to the top of the list for some reasons for a 4g flagship coco x3 pro it was the number one seller in spain and france the number one new product seller in germany and for the m3 pro 5g it was also the number one new product seller in italy we’re extremely happy to see these results and see how user-based grow in europe but that’s not the only thing we have to celebrate today last year in november our head of poco global kevin announced our poco community today on november 9th it’s close to its one-year anniversary now we’ve seen immense growth and interactions on the community and we will keep working hard all poco devices for those who don’t use pocophones you can still be a part of this community by simply downloading the app on google play store we welcome anyone who’s a die-hard tech enthusiast but let’s check out a video from the fans wishing poco community a one-year anniversary birthday i’d like to also thank my photography team of talented photographers bringing you great content to our community i’ve made many friends in there for the first year and i’m looking forward to the second this platform has bring me joy and i got to know very creative people like photographers and artists i am one of the lucky poker enthusiast members to go to pokes3 for review it was a great experience for me and i’m looking forward for more projects what i most like about the community is that you can always get help there i mean about software hardware photography gaming about everything happens happy thursday [Music] now not only it was a one-year anniversary for a poco community but it’s also been one year since we launched the m series today we want to celebrate that by releasing a new m-series now a few months back we launched the poco m3 pro 5g a few months back our first 5g phone m-series back it had a great mid-range processor a great 90 hertz refresh rate display a big battery to get you through your great mid-range processor and a 48 megapixel triple camera to offer more creativity now with its price set below 200 euros this was one of the best and most affordable 5g mid-range smartphones for daily entertainment today we’re going to power these specs even more we’ll be introducing a new family member in the m series we’ve had two models globally now for the m series and today the third one is here introducing the poco m4 pro 5g once again to reshape the mid-range 5g segment and make it better than ever now the m4 pro 5g it’s all about powering up your fun when we looked at some of the m series users from poco community we realized that they just like all the entertainment offered by smartphones streaming photography music and a little bit of gaming it was all just about fun so the challenge is how do we power up from an already great 5g mid-range smartphone that offered great entertainment features well you know what we like to start off here at poco performance powering up your performance at the heart of all of it the engine that keeps the fun going featuring in the poco m4 pro 5g we have a new mediatek chipset continuing the power of last generation m3 today we bring you the density 810 a very powerful mid-range chipset better than before and let me break it down for you the mediatek 810 features a high performance processing power is up to 2.4 gigahertz and of course a mallee g57 gpu but what’s most important it’s a six nanometer processor with six nanometers mediatek dimension 810 has the same process as his flagship brothers the dimension 1200 and the 1100 so power efficiency is at flagship level and when we put the two side by side we can see that it has improved in three main areas the process technology amped up cpu making it more powerful than ever and in case you want to see some test results we have an antutu benchmark score here with those improvements we’re seeing an improved score of around 320 000. nearly 400 000 as a mid-range processor a score close to 400 000 is pretty impressive so we’re confident with the mediatek 810 you can power all the fun you do in a smartphone now we also kept some of the performance from before such as ufs 2.2 for all variants compared to most mid-range smartphone which are still using ufs 2.1 ufs 2.2 is 139 percent faster than 2.1 the result is you get to load apps or install apps much faster of course we kept dual 5g sim card slot and one terabyte of expandable storage now this number still blows my mind one terabyte in a phone and i know some smartphones offer one terabyte option out there ready but their price insane now to make sure we make full use of the power packed in the m4 profile we feature ui 12.5 out of the box which is the latest miui software available now compared to miui 12 miui 12.5 uses 22 percent less power and 15 less power consumption which is basically giving you a lot more battery life while not losing the power the result is simple it’s faster smoother and lighter but the biggest difference of 12 and 12.5 for our poco users is dynamic ram expansion technology now with this available in ui 12.5 we are actually increasing the ram by using a part of the spare rom left now as long as your storage isn’t full it has the ability to utilize a bit of the rom space and act as extra ram that’s pretty cool stuff which means two variables four gigabytes and six gigabyte ram with dynamic ram expansion technology you can now have five gigabyte ram for the low variant and eight gigabyte ram for the high variant this is honestly pretty great for mid-range devices giving you more ram through hardware and software working in harmony so when we compare the upgrades from m3 pro 5g the performance is powered up backed up by a stronger activity software without the box 12.5 and most importantly a flagship level six nanometer processor it’s easy to say the m4 pro 5g got great upgrades from the previous generation in performance powered up processor dynamic ram expansion and we kept some of the most beloved features such as ufs 2.2 expandable storage up to one terabyte and dual 5g we’re confident the poco m4 pro 5g’s performance is enough to power up your fun on a daily basis now then we have to make sure all those powers always an important category for all of our pokemon maybe even more so in m series so how do we power that up first we had to ensure we still have a big battery in the m4 pro 5g it’s been a tradition for us since one year ago starting with the poco m3’s 6 000 milliamp battery and then the poco m3 pro’s 5000 milliamp battery so the m4 pro 5g we still maintain a massive 5000 milliamp battery that’ll still give you two days of battery life this is to ensure it can last through all the entertainment you can do on your smartphone now with this five thousand milliamp battery you can have crazy hours of entertainment more than 170 hours of music over 30 hours of reading 16 hours of video playback and an amazing 12 hours of gaming but we realized at this segment battery was actually never a huge concern it was actually fast charging now we all know fast charging tech in the industry has been growing rapidly we have devices in the market that’s unbelievable charging the ghost usually sits in the flagship range so we checked out the average charging speed in the entry and the mid-range level smartphones go ahead that varies 15 watts now if you had a battery size of 3 000 or 4 000 milliamp this isn’t too bad at all but when you’re packing 5 000 and 6 000 battery it might not be fast enough so we decided to power the charging speed up for the m4 pro 5g we featured the 33 watt pro fast charging technology now we say pro after 33 because it’s not just any watching it uses mmt charging technology which means it actually charges through two electric current instead of one now this allows the battery to have less resistance near the end when it’s around 80 to 90 percent you guys know what i’m talking about when phone charges super quick from zero to 70 then it kind of slows down from there struggling to get the rest now this doesn’t happen with mmt 33 watt pro fast charging actually may even be faster than some older 50 watt charging tech so when you combine a 5 000 milliamp battery go ahead 33 watt pro fast charging the m4 pro 5g can charge up to 100 in just 59 minutes now that is quite the stunning figure and let’s check out a sample video [Music] but we powered up the charging speed to 33 watt pro fast charging of course we’ll be throwing in a 33 watt inbox charger along with it how could we not we got to give out the whole experience now next up design i know you guys saw some renders in earlier slides but let’s really check it out now now design has always been crucial in our m series one year ago i said on the launch m3 was actually considered from the poco team the best looking smartphone from the brand today that may change now m series design has always been stand out and different it may be an entry to mid-range smartphone but we made sure every model we made looked much more premium than that and our fans loved it with some of the special design features such as having our first poco yellow phone on our m3 and continuing that in our m3 pro 5g our we actually look back at the design blueprint of the m3 and the m3 pro 5g and today we may have made one the most beautiful smartphone of the year for us let’s check out some renders first we have the power block stealth firm looking black with design language inspired from the previous generation the black frame is a touch that we absolutely loved but we also have cool blue blue has slowly become some of our fans favorite it now sits across all of our lineups and it’s been one of those colors that just look better over time now this cool blue has a gradient touch to it from the top it starts off light and then becomes a bit darker as it flows to the bottom stunning and you guys should know when it’s coming next we had to save the best for last the poco m4 pro 5g in poco yellow this is the third yellow done on m series and we’re still obsessed with it with poco yellow being our brand color and one of the rarest colors you’ll see on the market this yellow is certainly going to stand out from every other smartphone just purely by its stunning design combination black deco and the yellow body it’s on point so here it is we have the three refreshed stunning colors for the pokemon that’s extremely difficult to choose which one’s my favorite usually it’s not that hard but because all three looks really good let us know in the comments below which color you prefer now we talked about the back side let’s take a look at the front now featuring in the poco m4 pro 5g we have a 6.6 inch display size making this the largest screen for the poco m series compared to previous generations we’ve always been around 6.5 inch with the m3 and the m3 pro 5g now similar size as our other flagship devices such as the poco f3 another area we improve is actually touch sampling rate now the poco m3 pro 5g we featured a 180 hertz touch sampling rate which was decent but for those who want to game a bit more often we want them to experience a faster reaction from the screen when you’re playing fps or moba those milliseconds reaction matters but besides it being as fast as a screen we also added other improvements for the very first time in our m series onto our display dcip3 why color gamut it’s a color space or set of colors which helps it look even more vibrant it’s pretty advanced stuff and it’s very cool for example we took this photo and it looks pretty good already but when you have dc ip3 it can be even better the colors really come alive but not only we increase the color of this display we also optimize the brightness through a software now to make sure our users get a bright display under any environment we have incorporated the sunlight display in the m4 pro 5g which allows you to view clearly even under the bright sun so when you’re swiping social media or just reading article or ebook you just need to turn this on in the settings and you’re all set a small feature but very handy of course we made sure it’s bright it’s colorful but we also make sure the screen is fast just like the last generation the poco m3 pro 5g we kept the 90 hertz refresh rate which makes daily scrolling and gaming a better experience in general you said that refresh rate has really become a feature personally that i cannot live without now i’m getting very spoiled here however it’s definitely becoming more and more of a necessity and paired with our 90 hertz refresh rate we also kept dynamic switch a technology that allows the phone but it says automatically adjust to the frame rate to keep and conserve the battery life this is to make sure we optimize to the maximum so then when we combine all of these display features a big screen 6.6 inches 90 hertz high refresh rate along with an improved 240hz touch sampling rate and dc p3 why color gamut for the first time this may be one of the best mid-range display among 5g smartphones plus so the overall design from front yeah three awesome colors that really shows off different characteristics a great screen for all your entertainment this is a power up design now camera we’ve got to talk about camera an area diagnosis we’re very for the first time ever on a poco smartphone we are featuring a 50 megapixel main sensor which is an improvement from our last generation’s 48 megapixel this allows our users to take quality shots but don’t just hear from me let’s take a look at some sample shots as always we start off with architecture shots where you can get really creative with the angles with the white building like this you can see how captured the white really well without losing the shadows on the left side and when you take the photo from the other side of the building where there’s the more exposure it performs even better fully making sure the color and the shadow refresh even on the bottom left of the photo through those triangular cracks you can see some tree branches that’s some details and when you want to show off your swag on instagram or twitter put yourself in the photo the poco m4 pro 5gs 50 megapixel main camera got you covered not only you be clear but look at the details capturing the ripples on the water surface and for those who like to explore the night it also supports night mode which will incorporate ai calculation to make sure the photo is clear even if it’s not exposed to a lot of light and for our next improvement on camera it’s here for the first time ever we are featuring the ultra wide lens i know fans have been asking for this lens for a while and we’re happy to say it’s here today on m4 pro 5g let’s see what it can do so when you’re in a huge building like this and it’s just so beautiful you want to capture more right simply switch to ultra wide lens and you’ll be able to catch capture 119 degrees wider image giving you more and it just looks so much better again you want to take a picture with yourself in it and capture some more background you can also do cool shots like this keeping the focus on you but blurring the rubik’s cube you are the star of this image but capturing the environment around you is also very important that participation but it was and this is based on a lot of feedbacks over the last year or so from fans saying they don’t necessarily use the depth sensor or the macro lens this may be one of the only 5g smartphone with dual camera that’s launched this year and the best part is it doesn’t have an outdated design it looks super modern but we didn’t forget about the front camera from our last generation megapixels we’ve now doubled the megapixel and it’s now 16 megapixels you can take selfies with even better quality a great camera to take cool selfie and make it your display picture on poker community now i know a lot of our fans take really creative content and post them on community or social media so for the m4 pro five minute we still kept all the cool software features that was launched on the m3 and m3 pro 5g apps such as kaleidoscope slow motion and time lapse video so to sum up camera it was a power up even though the number of cameras with 50 megapixel main sensor ultra wide camera and the cool software features you are definitely going to power up your creativity as always feel free to tag us on your favorite shot on poco picture or video on our official social media platforms or simply share them on poco community now let’s move on to experience experience is an essential part of our smartphones now they’re usually the hidden specifications that aren’t always highlighted however on the m4 pro 5g there’s something very worth talking about now team here at poco really dug in and what are some of the features that could really enhance the overall experience and we came down to three main things audio feel and convenience and on the m4 pro 5g we’re going to power these features up when it comes to audio we have now upgraded speakers the previous generation single series or watching videos or simply just listening to music a feature that has really become a standard today now i do want to ask our viewers and fans watching right now what is the first thing you do when you get a new phone after unboxing it you set up you get all excited and can’t wait to put in the details set up the password log into all the necessary accounts so actually the first experience you are actually getting from the phone is touch the vibration of each click is super important which is why on our poco m4 pro 5g we have featured a flagship level linear motor [Music] linear motor this motor the exact same one we use on the poco f3 and also featured on many flagship devices out there the vibration is crisp and sharp simply put it’ll make each touch feel premium whether you’re just gaming or just typing basically the two things i do but it’s an awesome experience and when it comes to daily convenience you can’t forget all these features now these features are really becoming legendary at this point slowly disappearing in high-end flagships but they’re still very much a part of our daily lives even if you don’t use it on a daily basis it’s still there okay you might need a girlfriend ir blaster can be handy when your tv or ac remote runs out battery and headphone jack yeah also great for those who are chasing that high sound quality or when your wireless earphones run out of batteries and for our fingerprint sensor you can customize some simple functions simply double tap and open one of these features something small like this may seem like it’s no big deal and it’s not but it can be super handy and it can actually complete the overall experience and without you even knowing it now the experience of the poco m4 pro 5g has really been powered up most of the audio is great for any sort of entertainment the feel powered by the x-axis limited the motor is simply sensational and having those legendary features you can always rely on them when you need them so here it is this is the poco m4 pro 5g powered by the mediatek dimension 810 a power up from its previous generation still comes with a massive 5000 milliamp battery that can last you for two days now it’s a 33 watt pro fast charging that can charge the device in less than an hour a great mid-range screen but now even better with dci p3 sunlight display and an improved touch sampling and 119 degree ultrawide camera to capture even more and all the awesome experience features to complete the entertainment package now let’s take a look at a video to recap all those powerful specs uh [Music] [Music] i like to prove it [Music] [Applause] one now when we take out m3 pro 5g and compare it to the m4 pro 5g in every single big category performance battery display camera and experience there was improvements the m4 pro 5g is here to power up but not only to power up from ourselves but also from the overall mid-range 5g smartphone standard in the whole market improving on an already great 5g mid-range device was pretty difficult but we believe we managed to pull it off now price yeah i know you guys are all waiting for it but before we announce the price let’s take a look at another comparison if we take a look at some of the popular 5g mid-range smartphones on the market such as these two compartments their price is starting around 269 euros and above for the base variant for our base variant a four gigabyte and 64 gigabyte we have an amazing price it’s just 229 euros now just a bit over 200 euros all those great specifications so we’re powering up the value as well here but you know we also have an early bird for our base variant our early bird price starts at a hundred and ninety nine euros early prices just in time for the upcoming holiday seasons but yes we do have the high variant as well so let’s take a look at that for the six gigabyte plus 128 gigabyte option the poco m4 pro 5g starts at 249 euros there is an early bird price point it comes in at an amazing price of 219 euros this price it’s lower than the retail price of the base variant and this is a deal that cannot be missed so let’s come back to this comparison where we put the price and specifications side by side when we beat out the competitors in every single category while being 50 to 80 euros lower in price the poco m4 pro 5g is setting the standard of 5g mid-range smartphones once again now i’m sure many viewers are wondering where can they get this awesome entertainment smartphone the poco m4 pro 5g will first be available early bird pricing will be available on these platforms starting with november the duration of the early bird will vary between each platform so don’t wait and do check all these platforms out in your local regions get the m4 pro 5g with this insane price don’t worry we’ve got more platforms coming so make sure to follow our local region’s poco accounts to make sure you don’t miss out on this deal it’s holidays it’s a great time to treat yourself to celebrate our last launch of the year and all the success we had this year as a brand the poco f3 which has been one of the best selling devices we’ve made since this brand has kicked off in 2018. now we have three colors of the real beast when launched earlier this year in march we had the arctic white which was the first color i used for the f3 and then the night black for those who wanted a stealthy premium feel and lastly the very special deep ocean blue now deep ocean blue has an extra design element compared to the other two and the demands were high for it i remember when it first launched a lot of fans waited for this color and was private messaging me on twitter where can they get it they love this so much and to make sure there’s even more options today we’ll be launching the real beast in a different form if our arctic white was a beast in snow knight black was a stealth beast in the shadows deep ocean blue is a beast in the waters what could we have today introducing moonlight silver a brand new color with the same design language as our deep ocean blue now this silver is super classy but also have a modern design feel to it achieving that perfect balance of not too crazy and standing out but just enough to make people take a second look this image is absolutely stunning but we also have a design video let’s take a look [Music] [Music] design the poco f3 not only comes in that special deep ocean blue but also moonlight silver there will be a total of four colors available for the poco f3 now the f3 has been a device that’s really lived up to its predecessor the f1 and the f2 pro to the team here at poco we believe it actually brought the f series to new highs as mentioned earlier the holidays are coming up and the poco f3 moonlight silver high variant will be available on these channels on november 11th two days from now and the low variant will be available on black friday starting november 26th don’t miss out we’ve had many platforms that have sold out earlier this year stocks are back in now this new color is our little gift from the poco team here and we hope you love it it’s been a blast today and i hope you had fun watching this launch event i’m excited to see you guys all very soon next year until then enjoy the upcoming holidays stay safe hello everyone and welcome to today’s online launch event this year we were able to launch four models so far and soon to be five ever since poco was established in 2018 from then until now we have shipped out more than 35 million smartphones around the world and during this year’s amazon prime day poco smartphones have made it to the top of the list for some reasons for our 4g flagship the poco x3 pro it was the number one seller in spain and france the number one new product seller in germany and for the m3 pro 5g it was also the number one new product seller in italy now a few months back we launched the poco m3 pro 5g it had a great mid-range processor a great 90 hertz refresh rate display a big battery to get you through your day and a 48 megapixel triple camera to offer more creativity the poco m4 pro 5g now the m4 pro 5g it’s all about powering up your fun performance powering up your performance continuing the power of last generation m3 pro’s dimension 700 today we will bring you the city processing power up to two point four gigahertz and of course a malignancy gpu and you can power all the fun you do in a smartphone [Music]

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