American Express Personal Platinum Card in Canada Review

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now I want to do something a little bit different in this video then I normally do so what I’m gonna do right now is I’ll to show you the box right here so this is not an unboxing video because clearly I’ve already opened a box but I’m gonna kind of talk about my thoughts on this card and also kind of like what comes with it like the features and attributes off the card and who’s best suited to get this card so as you know recently there’s a promotion right now with American Express where if you get the Platinum card you can actually redeem 1,000 points for $20 so before it’s for every 1,000 points that you redeemed on your statement you can get a $10 statement credit but now you can get a $20 statement credit this means that if you redeem 60,000 points which is the welcome bonus for this card then you can essentially earn $1,200 but you do have to keep in mind there is an annual fee of six hundred ninety nine dollars which would drop the statement credit from 1,200 to five hundred dollars which is still good however keep in mind there is that travel credit that comes with a card for two hundred dollars and if you use it properly you can happily get twenty dollars back now you can only get 60,000 welcome bonus if you use someone else’s referral link if you use the websites link then you’re only gonna get 50,000 points now 50,000 points is the signup bonus because that means in six months there Avni gonna give you another 10,000 points so if you use the websites link to sign up for the American Express Platinum Card you’re athle gonna earn 60,000 points but only 50,000 after spending $3,000 within the first 90 days now if you have a promotion where they bump it up to six months but typically it’s 90 days and what happens then is they’ll give you the 50,000 Americans price points within six months after spending $2,000 if you use someone’s referral link they’ll actually you sixty thousand points plus another ten thousand point six months down the road so seventy thousand points in total now the minimum spread requirement is higher if you so much prefer a link it’s five thousand dollars compared to three thousand dollars so just do keep them in mind now most people will probably prefer to get more points so it’s better to use the referral link and you do get six months to hit that middle span requirements unless you’re trying to aim for that July 20 promotion right now where you can earn that statement credit of up to 1200 ollars and in which case you do need to hit your – pen requirements before July 20th now we’re gonna go back through this box right here like I said it’s not unboxing video but I kind of want to show you what is inside the box when you when you get it so so what happens when you open the box it looks something like this and on the first pouch right here if we just open it you can see that it has like a when you get this out right now yeah so it has like the letter that like tells you kind of like what to do and like the features of your card and all the fine print so you know once you get a chance to look at that we’ll put that away for now now if you look at this box right now usually the credit card is actually placed just right here alright so it looks like that and if you lift up the flap right here you get a bunch of different cards so I’m just gonna take out the cards and kind of like do this video by using the cards instead because of cards are roughly awesome it tells you the features that your card has but it’s more easy to digest than looking at the fine print that the initial mail that you got so we’re gonna look at this one first this big card right here and if you can see it you got it upside down so this is the first card and inside a card it has like a get started kind of instructions here so here it tells you what you need to do once you get the card first so they’ll tell you to activate the card explore the Platinum benefits and how to earn the reward so it even tells you you have a 200 dollar travel credit that you can use and you can also enroll to get hotel benefits so on this card here tells you that you can get Hilton honors gold status merit bon voyage old elite status Radisson rewards gold status and shangri-la Golden Circle Jade membership so I in my opinion they’re all pretty good perks I’ve never stayed in radisson before so that one is not so important to me the shangri-la one is super good especially if you’re trying to get star lines gold status so I do have a video on how to use strangle chase that as to leverage it to get gold status with Star Alliance so you can watch that in the description below and the Hilton bull status is really good because if you get the business platinum it doesn’t come with this benefit but it comes with this benefit if you get the personal platinum and compared to the merit gold status the Hilton one comes with free breakfast and that’s one of the biggest perk that in my opinion is the most important perk actually is to get that free breakfast so if you stay in a Hilton property you can get that free breakfast now there’s no cards right now in Canada where that allows you to earn Hilton Points you actually have to sign up for American credit card so if you haven’t gotten a chance to do that yet I did make a blog post on how to get an American credit card as a Canadian so I’ll also link that below so you can check that out but the according this card also you also get the Priority Pass lounge access card so basically when you go in an airport if you have the Priority Pass card the one for the Platinum Americans present business platinum allows you and guests to go on a parity Pass lounge for free so it’s a pretty handy perk I’ve used it many times and it’s definitely saved me on paying for amenities that you normally have to pay for an airport like water is so expensive in the airport and it would this pass you can just get some water some now just even think let’s you take some water and you could take the water to your flight so you when your airplane lands you’re not dehydrated there’s also car rental benefits to with the with this it tells you that you get Avis preferred and Hertz Gold Plus reward five-star I don’t remember which one of the car rental company I think it’s Hertz but I think one of the good perks there is that when you rent a car your partner can also drive the car so you don’t have to pay extra for your partner from what I know also that with the American Express Platinum cards you don’t need to pay for that extra insurance when you rent a car because the credit card comes with insurance so that’s a pretty nice perk so I’m gonna look at the next card right here what do we have here right now no this is just a welcome thing so that’s pretty nice but not too useful okay so Membership Rewards so it tells you hear that you’re gonna earn three points for every one dollar that you spend on purchases at eligible restaurants in Canada you’re also gonna earn two points for every $1 spent that on an eligible travel purchase and you get one dollar for every one dollar spent on everything else so that’s that’s pretty neat okay so that’s this card right here and we’re gonna go to the next card right here and see what what it says okay so this one’s just automatic route travel credit and how you can redeem it there’s many ways that you can redeem the travel credit so you can redeem for the travel credit online or you can do it over the phone and they give you $200 travel credit but you do have to book it through the American Express travel portal and the bad thing about that is they do jack up the price but the good thing about that is a lot of people what they do is they act I just get a refundable hotel and then they just refund to get that $20.00 travel credit back so I have to learn that from an American Express representative so try it at your own risk obviously so next we’re gonna look at the next card we got the mate travel a breeze at the Toronto Pearson Airport okay so it says here if you’re departing from Toronto Pearson International Airport enjoy the benefits of platinum before takeoff so they’re gonna give you a complimentary valet service on Terminal one and three to a 15% discount on parking rates and they’ll also waive the twenty five dollar valet fee so that’s pretty neat I guess is this is especially good if you live in Toronto obviously I live in Vancouver so I don’t think I can use this perk but if you live in Toronto this is an amazing perk it also says that once you’re inside the airport they can expedite your way through security by presenting your platinum card and valid boarding pass to access pearson priority security lane in terminal 1 and 3 during peak operating times so that’s a pretty good perk actually if you want to fast-track to the airport lines so next we’re gonna cover this next card that came with his car this this card and this one it says the American Express Global lounge connect collection so it’s talking about there’s over 1200 lounges in different airports around the world that you can use with the Platinum Card so that’s that’s a pretty good perk now see this next one right here your fine hotel benefits are ready for check-in ok so with this card it tells you that you get benefits with over 1,000 fine hotels and resorts worldwide where you can get a room upgrade on arrival daily breakfast for two guaranteed 4 p.m. late check-out noon check-in when available a special benefit valued at 100 US dollars such as a complimentary food and beverage or spa credit and complimentary Wi-Fi so I’ve never actually used the $100 complimentary food and beverage credit before and I think they kind of mishmash this card actually where they kind of took the perk from the Hilton in the merit and kind of like mix it together so it’s not 100% accurate based on just one hotel exactly on different hotels so next we got this next card right here and it tells you that they have a dedicated level of care so if you want to search for tickets to see a show or recommendation for culinary experience locally or abroad you can call the platinum concierge and they’re gonna give you a tip so I’ve never used this perk before but could be fun to try just for the hell of it one day so here we got the open the door to memorable experience and basically they have the global dining collection and American Express invites so it says here that they have the global dining collection that you can go to different participating restaurants globally and they can help you secure a table and get an exceptional culinary experience so I’ve never used this perk before but actually I once went to the Sweden Airport and I went to the Centurion lounge there and they had this like special dining experience for platinum cardholder so if you’re flying somewhere do check to see if that Airport has one of those perks where they let you dine and try like a really special tea meal so next we got the relaxed with insurance coverage on your platinum card so it’s this card right here and it tells you that you get insurance coverage with America’s pressed platinum card now to be honest one time I had a trip interruption and I tried to redeem it true American Express and they made me jump through so many hoops that I did not reimburse so I think from my personal experience I would never trust the insurance with a mere Express just because of the bad experience I’ve had but I know some people were successful at using the Americans price insurance so if you are one of those people then I think it’s a good perk for you I don’t like it I’m not gonna use it I’m just gonna leave that beat and the rest of these cards are kind of useless so I’m gonna throw it down because of the awesome perk that they’re giving right now to the American Express Platinum Card holder so even though they have a big annual fee is worth it just because you can get the statement credit so just holding onto the card even if you use the statement credit you get so many perks that I think it’s worth keeping it you could also refer your friends and family to the card you get fifteen thousand points for every referral and you can transfer those points to Aeroplan or British Airways abhyaas which is the two biggest freaking flyer a partner that this card has so what I think of this card personally I think it’s a really good card actually and I think it’s underrated amongst Canadian they see that $699 animal fee price tag and they get scared away but if you look at the print you look at the feature so you look at the benefits clearly you can see that this card is actually a really good card to have in your wallet anyways that’s about it for this video don’t forget to Like subscribe and leave your comments below and don’t forget to sign up to travel in the free newsletter where you can get a 10-step cheat sheet on how to travel around the world you’ll also get the latest tips and strategies on how to save money on 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