Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Unboxing & First Impressions!

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the price is around 330 which is what i personally paid for this phone now this is a very interesting addition to samsung’s lineup because as far as i know this is the cheapest 5g phone that samsung currently sells at that 330 dollar price point in addition to that 5g connectivity we’re getting a 6.6 inch display we’re getting a quad camera set up with the new camera design that we found on other a series phones that are coming out this year depending on your configuration you can get between four and eight gigabytes of ram i believe my model here has six gigabytes of ram based on the model number and we also have 128 gigabytes of storage on this phone in addition to a 5 000 milliamp hour battery so we have a lot of interesting parts of this phone here and i think this phone is going to be most comparable to the galaxy a71 5g which came out last year there’s a lot of similarities between these two phones this one is coming in at a cheaper price because of some compromises made to it which we’ll get into those compromises in a bit but this phone is matching up to the a71 in a lot of other ways so without further ado let’s go ahead and check out the galaxy a42 5g this phone comes in a few different colors it comes in white gray and this black color that we have in front of us all right on top we have our device looks like we have a different language here someone down in the comments below can let me know where this phone came from and in the box here we have all of our goodies samsung isn’t getting rid of everything on all their phones thankfully so we have a standard pair of earbuds here this is the cheapest pair of earbuds that samsung includes with their phones but at this point anytime a phone manufacturer is including any accessories in the box it is going to be greatly appreciated we have a type a to type c charging cable in addition to a 15 watt fast charger so this phone is capable of 15 watt fast charging which pairs up okay with that large 5 000 milliamp hour battery on the top here let’s see what we get we have our sim ejection tool and we actually do get a case with this phone which is nice the other a series phone that i just reviewed the galaxy a11 did not include a case so very nice to see that here we can throw that on later so let’s go ahead get this guy out of the packaging wow that is a very cool design so this isn’t entirely new this was on last year’s galaxy a series phones but it wasn’t to this degree here’s the galaxy a71 5g and you can see just there in the middle there there’s a little bit of those hues going on a little bit of that color also here is the galaxy a51 and i do remember when making my past videos and reviews on last year’s galaxy a series phones you kind of had to make an effort to show off those different colors that these phones would give but on this one i’m not even having to make an effort to do it you can see that you’re going to be getting all those different colors in pretty much any lighting scenario you’re in so i’m happy that they did upgrade that a bit gives it a little bit more flair just go ahead and throw the case on now while i’m thinking about it because i usually forget all right so with the case on you see that you can still get those colors and you still see that design of the phone we have kind of this box design to go along with the box camera cut out but first impressions here i do like the overall design of these new galaxy a series phones let me know what you guys think down in the comments below but in the meantime let’s take a quick tour of the a42 so on the right side here we have our volume rockers not as high up as on the galaxy a11 that i just recently reviewed on the channel you can see that it’s a fair bit lower which i do prefer that it’s easier to reach the buttons we have our power button on the right side as well on the left at the top we have our sim tray and taking a look at what’s inside there we it looks like we have a dual sim setup and that second sim slot can also be used with a micro sd card for additional storage very nice to see that nothing else on our left side here on the top we just have the one microphone and on the bottom we have a headphone jack type c port and the single bottom firing speaker grille but with all that out of the way let’s go ahead and boot up the galaxy a42 5g this comes default with one ui 2.5 all right taking our first look here at the 6.6 inch display this is sporting an 84.3 screen to body ratio specs aside just to my eye it honestly looks great great screen size i’ve always loved these larger samsung phones but we do have the teardrop design i’m a bit bummed about that that does not look nearly as good as our standard hole punch designs which we’ve been getting used to even in comparison to the new galaxy a12 which this is a much cheaper phone about half the price than this guy we do have that teardrop but in my opinion that looks a lot nicer to my eye than it does here i guess this is technically more bezel on the top there but for whatever reason this is probably my least favorite solution that samsung has for that front-facing camera just make that notch just a little less aggressive but i’m gonna go ahead put my own information in the phone download all my applications and then we can take a deeper dive here at the galaxy a42 all right so i’ve been using the galaxy a42 for a little while here and i gotta tell you guys i am liking a lot of aspects about this phone i do have a couple dislikes as well which we’ll get into but overall cutting right to the chase i think a lot of people are going to pick up this phone i think this is going to be a popular option because of just overall of the price and all the things that are offered here so let’s start off with unlocking the phone so we have an in display fingerprint reader which honestly works very well usually i’m not a fan of this type of unlocking usually i prefer a physical fingerprint scanner but this has honestly worked great it is yet to fail on me it is positioned a bit lower on this phone compared to pretty much any other samsung phone i’ve used with this feature you can see there that i just tried to do it and my thumb wasn’t directly on top of the sensor but it still read my finger which is excellent we also have excellent facial recognition which i’ll go ahead and show you guys that a couple of times it is honestly very fast very quick that has been my preferred way to get into this phone even though this is fast and works well i just prefer to use that facial recognition because from what i can see you cannot have an always on display on this phone unfortunately i did not see that in the settings so instead of just guessing where that sensor is which i think muscle memory could just get you used to it it’s kind of close to that middle icon at the bottom of your screen but i just prefer to just hit that facial recognition and it’s just gonna get you right into your phone either way loving getting into this phone super quick now the next thing that really impressed me on the a42 is the performance so this is packing the snapdragon 750 g which in comparison to that a71 i mentioned at the beginning of the video depending on where you live this either has the snapdragon 730 g or the exynos 980 and just after looking online at some different benchmarks and such these are very similar performing devices what that means for you the average user is that just scrolling through different applications is just going to be super smooth navigating through your phone is going to be nice quick buttery smooth honestly not that much slower than the flagship processors in your day-to-day use just going through the news here on google news you can just see that it’s just it’s super buttery smooth so on top of that great performance we’re also getting great battery life very minimal battery consumption in my initial testing here so i’ve been watching youtube for the past hour or so and i’ve only lost 6.6 percent of my battery this is incredible battery consumption it took more than 10 of the battery after about an hour of youtube watching on this a12 with a weaker processor this more battery efficient snapdragon 750 is you can just see it for yourself here 6.6 after one hour of watching youtube that is just ridiculous you can do the math on that for yourself on how much screen on time you think you’re going to get so while we do have that battery efficient processor which is helping the battery there’s another aspect that’s helping the battery that is a downside in my opinion of this a42 is that it has a 720p resolution so that means when you’re reading text you might be able to see individual pixels it just doesn’t look as crisp and clear as other displays that samsung has on the market so for example here for a side-by-side reference this is the galaxy a71 with a 1080p display so i’m just going to quickly zoom in here for example if you take a look at the snapchat here and then take a look at the snapchat on the a71 you can see that the text is a lot more clear there’s a lot more clarity there just overall just looking at both of the displays in entirety you can just kind of see there’s more clarity and it’s just a lot more crisp here on the a71 with that 1080p display so i’m not going to sit here and tell you oh it’s not that big of a difference there is a noticeable difference here with that 720p display but i will say that this does have a super amoled display so having an amoled display just makes this an excellent viewing experience despite having that 720p screen it’s kind of the saving grace of this phone to be honest it’s the saving point for me so you might not be able to see it here with my poor quality camera but the colors are super vibrant on this phone and another way just to demonstrate right now on camera is that this galaxy a12 which does not have an amoled display when you look at this phone from different angles you can see the difference in the quality of the display on the a42 opposed to the a12 so when you adjust the viewing angle you can see that it just pretty much disappears on the a12 but the a42 is maintaining that picture it’s maintaining its display even viewing it on angles but the viewing experience on this a42 is excellent despite having that 720p screen it’s gonna be something that you just get used to i would say at the end of the day as long as you’re not using a 720p phone and a 1080p phone side by side then you’re not going to notice the difference but if you do have some devices in your house that are of higher resolution quality then yes you probably are going to notice that and it might bug you moving on to the sound and audio quality here on the a42 we have the single bottom firing speaker and yes i know it’s not a dual speaker setup but honestly it sounds good for what it is and it does get quite loud i’d say it’s very comparable to samsung’s other high-end a series phones and yes there is a difference in sound quality if you’re bumping up to this a42 opposed to something like the a12 so the best way for me to show you this in the video is to do a quick sound comparison [Music] also since i forgot to cover it earlier this is what watching youtube content on the a42 looks like this is what you can expect with your front-facing camera digging into your display there jumping into a quick gaming test i’m not going to spend too much time on this because i think the snapdragon 750 processor is gonna speak for itself so for those of you who don’t know this game is stardew valley this is one of my favorite games to play and wow i could already tell right there right off the gate that this has excellent performance you can see how smooth it is when i’m snipping in and out this has actually exceeded my expectations this is running very smoothly no dropped frames or anything you can see how smooth the game is running when my character is going across the screen here there’s no lag or anything at all this is an excellent experience here this is going to be a great device for mobile gaming quickly taking a look at the flip side of the a42 we have this quad camera setup here which is in this new squared off design but again a similar camera experience compared to other a series phones so on here we have a 48 megapixel primary lens we have an 8 megapixel ultra wide lens and then we have a macro lens and depth sensor which are both 5 megapixels which is better than the a12 but it is slightly inferior to that of the a71 so just jumping into the camera quick here we have our standard lens and our ultra wide angle lens here we also have single take which is a new samsung feature well not brand new but it’s relatively new that you can just take a single shot of whatever you’re looking at or whatever you’re trying to capture and it’s going to take photos and videos and all these sort of different types of recording all at once so that’s cool that that feature is here we also have our standard video and wide angle video as well and then jumping over here into the more tab we actually have a good amount of options here so we have a pro photo we have panorama we actually have a night mode on here so we’ll definitely test that out for the full review we have our live focus we have our macro lens super slow-mo slow motion hyperlapse and food so there’s definitely a lot of potential here with this camera and lastly just touching on the overall feel of this phone in the hand it has a very nice rounded feel to it so it’s a very comfy hold even though it is a larger phone and even though it has that 5 000 milliamp hour battery it really doesn’t feel that much thicker than the galaxy a71 which has a 4500 milliamp hour battery they’ve designed this phone well for it to just really feel nice in the hands so you have a good look you have a good feel you have a large display you have a great battery you have a good processor you just have a couple downsides like 15 watt charging it’s not as fast as the super fast 25 watt charging we don’t have wireless charging but there’s so many pros here that my first impressions of the galaxy a42 are that i am super impressed with this device this has honestly exceeded my expectations of what this phone was going to be i will be sure to let you guys know how i am feeling about this phone after a little while so in 42 days i’ll be back with my a42 42 days later review so make sure you’re subscribed for that and let me know what your thoughts are on the galaxy a42 in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video then be sure to give it a thumbs up and please do consider subscribing to the shane simon’s youtube channel today as my analytics show that only about 2.8 percent of you are currently subscribed i hope to see you guys around for the next video

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