Metaverse Tokens Sentiment Update | $GALA, $SAND, $AXS, $BLOK $MANA

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all right hey welcome back to our live stream today great to have you guys all back in here of course today’s topic if you’re not thinking about bitcoin and what its current situation is and of course the market is bloody today but metaverse will be our topic today and that is the update on sentiment for the top 10 metaverse projects and how this might relate to not only a long term but also an effect on how the bear market may play be playing into someone’s conversation very shortly my name is paul barron welcome back to techpath let’s go kind of get into the idea of where the metaverse is currently there’s been a lot of releases on games there’s been a ton of activities in terms of events we’ve seen major blockchain events from solana in lisbon to what we’ve seen here just recently with gala games at galaverse and a lot of involvement i think of just the games in general especially when you get into the binance ecosystem there’s just so many new games coming on and kind of how the metaverse continues to fly the bigger question i think for everyone and i’m sure all of you are asking this today is can the metaverse projects hold should we start to see a market correction with bitcoin ethereum and some of the major alts that’ll be a bigger question i think more on a long-term basis the key here and i think for most people most of you if you’re tuning in the likelihood is you’re here for a longer cycle of how crypto in general will be used as an investment asset for you but also i think it’s going to be a position of how you’re looking at the whole ecosystem and knowing how to traverse it when we start to see a bear market come and i think some of these weeks that we’ve had over the past few starts to put people a lot in that mindset what i would say though is do not sleep on this market because i feel like when we see these kind of play games games being played in the market this is when not only some profits are taken by those who are holding a little bit longer or have been holding for a little bit longer but also for a lot of liquidity that’s occurring the market and of course big players starting to come in and scoop up those projects remember ethereum bitcoin some of those projects they have very little supply and being able to get to that supply in some of these cases is going to be a big factor in being able to grow the market when you look at metaverse and metaverse being mostly the bigger games but also some of the bigger play platforms i think this is going to be the big era that people are going to look back on a year from now two years from now and look back and say who was thinking about it who was doing it in other words analyzing and investing into these projects back in early 2022. that’s going to be the question because i feel like that is the timing in which all of this seems to be coming to a head for going out in terms of an investment portfolio swap and strategy this is something that i’m doing right now is starting to look at some of the projects that i feel like are blue chip projects that i know have maybe very limited opportunity to 2x 3x 4x maybe max and those kind of projects there’s so many good ones at this point what i’m starting to do and we’ll probably do another video on this is starting to isolate those projects into maybe one or two projects that i feel will do that taking that extra dry powder and starting to look at some of these emerging market projects in the metaverse don’t forget we want to get you guys to um give us some you know give us some comments we want to get those questions asked and answered today the best we can so make sure and put them in the chat don’t forget to forget to like the video to help us kind of expand the algorithm and also i think in the sense of what you guys are trying to understand and learn around projects the evolution of what’s happening in blockchain or if you’re really after really metaverse gaming and those kinds of projects we’ll dive in a little bit deeper i want to jump to our first story and that is axia infinity and really kind of where they are we’ll get to the top 10 here shortly i’ll do the full analysis for you but there are some people at chartist mostly that are looking at axi in a a potential steep correction here one point they’re making is axes overexposed and a 31 to downside risk following the formation of a bearish chart pattern which they’re showing is actually happening the drop towards 65 could occur and could be offering it as axs slides below the 95 41 rate which is where we had been today and then to invalidate the pessimistic outlook the bulls must aim to kind of reclaim that 105 position that’s going to be a big challenge i think in the short run but it might actually happen this week if you look at where sentiment is holding on axi and i’ve got it as one of my you know really kind of best values right now of where it’s trading currently versus where this project could be going in the long term remember axis taking on the ronin ecosystem that’s a big deal and i want to i’ll show you some charts here and some reasons of why that may might be a big deal very soon i want to go to that story and let’s jump over to that one if i can find it i’ll pull it up here for you guys but before we get on to that let’s jump over to sandbox and a little bit about this because this is the other one sandbox as you guys know in our last top 10 um video sandbox had held the number one spot and was doing it was somewhat of a command and i think when you look at what sandbox is doing overall and in conjunction of just their strategy what they’ve been able to do with land what they’ve been able to do with gameplay in the alpha there’s a lot of factors that are moving in the right direction and i think when people look at sand and we have seen the retracement occur that is one of the reasons why we’ve seen a little bit of the fall off in sentiment of course that has and i still believe that that is the causing factor is when we start to see sentiments start to slide on projects price action begins to take place it’s much like what we see in bitcoin and ethereum when we see those sentiment slides we know that a price movement is coming and sure enough those are the kind of scenarios but if you look at what sandbox is doing here they continue to do a lot of partnerships and i think that’s the key with sandbox when you think about their ecosystem their brand capability what they’re going to do within the space in terms of why players are going to want to get into this and i think the evolution of how these partnerships are going to play into it this could be a big one so sandbox box blocks chain space collaboration for the initiated blockchain space described as well as kind of the guild hub for uh or of the miniverse it offers infrastructure and tech with partnerships teams behind the metaverse platform will access 2600 guilds 680 000 players to grow the virtual world of sandbox that is the bigger play here in the sense of the number of players and also guilds that are moving into this we just had michael wagner on with star atlas and he mentioned this very thing with star atlas is that guilds were starting to form but if you look at something like to the level of sandbox and this many players this many guilds and this partnership this could lean in very nicely on sandbox especially in the long term and if you’re probably investing in the metaverse you know this is a five-year play because they run up on metaverse remember metaverse today is bitcoin 2013. and if you were in bitcoin hit 2013 you know what that means in terms of where we are trading now which is thousands x opportunities here in the metaverse let’s go over to gala because gala is an interesting position and i’m surprised that we haven’t seen a lot of pickup on galaverse by the media as much as it was i know that it was a small event it was about 500 people but i was surprised that we haven’t seen more and more content moving out of there but i do think that gala and the lead-up to what’s been happening at galaverse was a little bit more of a pent-up demand situation and i’ll show you what i mean with that and whether or not we should be looking to hold or sell gala but if you look at their press release gala games ushers in blockchain generation of gaming with galliverse this was held out in vegas they did forge a future nft games with uh peter magnex and will wright walking dead certain affinity and then also game media they also also launched their 100 million dollar joint vc fund which c2 i think that’s the biggest news to me when i think of where these projects are going and why it is these these incubator approaches because listen for just a second because this is happening with binance finance and bsc and what they’re doing with binance labs is really pouring money into these upstart game developers and also these ecosystems and communities remember the communities are very very important in how these games get out there and get moving so i think gala moving in this direction of you know one putting a fund in place with a venture capitalist that can help sustain what kind of growth we’re going to need in this space because remember it’s just like the startup business in the 90s and in the early 2000s of the dot com era is there were a lot of companies coming in thousands and thousands of companies coming into the web development what was going to be the new internet era same thing is happening now with web 3.0 and i think these kinds of moves uh with gala is a very key one galliverse was an immersive event community celebrated gala games kicked off you can kind of see here 500 people attended around the world i thought this should have been bigger though uh we had bit bender on talking about this uh prior to the event but felt like it could have been better and they bigger they could have been really just holding this down to uh you know just a handset or a handful of players and gamers as well as influencers to try to keep that element controlled maybe but i feel like this should have been at least 2500 people but anyway the team also announced the expansion of the walking dead franchise we talked about that and then aaa developer certain affinities original ip last expedition into the blockchain gaming as well so that’s a big move and then there’s a little bit about the 100 million this was also uh what their ceo said this event for the community is ushering the new blockchain generation of gaming this is eric schmeyer and he’s the co-founder was co-founder of zynga and now ceo over at gala games um and i like the fact that they’re trying to bring in the fans i think they should have brought in more of them uh to be able to really kind of create a true you know spectacle kind of thing uh but i don’t know it’s interesting that this hasn’t been picked up as much as i thought it would be so we’ll see here was the axi data i was talking about uh and this is the player growth combined with the release of the decentralized exchange katana has spurred tremendous uses of the ronin blockchain i think this is a thing that we’re going to probably see more and more moving to the ronin’s transaction system if you look at this in comparison to ethereum which is the core of what axi runs on but if you look at this activity on the ronin wallet just in this period of time this is you can kind of see it from may 2021 through november look at the ronin ascension here this is absolutely let me zoom out just a little bit so you can kind of see all of that in place there but uh activity on ronin is going to be absolutely huge and i think this is something that will most likely push ethereum excuse me axi into a very unique position in terms of just the transactional you know the transactional uh component of this especially as ethereum starts to slip away from that network and we start to see staking other advantages of the rona wall and that ecosystem beginning to pretty much stand on its own i think that’s going to be a big factor in how this is going i want to get into the top 10 and just give you guys a quick review here let me pull that one up all right so here we are so this is the top 10 on uh and the way that we calculated this so you guys understand is that we did this on big cap so you had to have or basically in and around 500 million in your cap for just this particular list and then we sorted that out by our sentiment this is a 60-day trailing sentiment and then we ranked them accordingly now there are some games that are performing at this level right here that are emerging games and other games well you know a good example would be like a star atlas that are in there but they just don’t have the cap to be able to make this table so that is the difference here on this particular top 10 but this is kind of like the blue chip list that you should be looking at i know there’s a handful of these in here that you probably would not go with i won’t mention which those are but i will mention the ones that i’m leaning into and you can kind of figure it out from there but if you look of course gala did a flip on sandbox this month and uh is now ranking it at 82.09 and then there’s sandbox at 81.23 right now slid just slightly under it and then of course right there is actually infinity holding on 81.02 also sliding too because i think it was number two the last time and gala might have been number three um also blocktopia came up on the list at 80.23 the central land slid down just a little bit to 80.19 and then alice is right there on it at 80.19 also so my neighbor alice has actually come up the list elluvium holding very strong because elluvium was not in the top 10 the last time we did the 60-day trailing which is good i mean good for alluvium and if you’re in elluvium this i think kind of leans into some very good signs of where that might be going we’re trying to get the eluvian founder on i’d love to have him on the show and maybe we can get some insights as to how that might look red fox labs has held in the top 10 and continues for this one to do and perform the way it has been we also we had benny on not too long ago and i had a great conversation check out our red fox video make sure and uh go that direction then of course you have chromia ufo gaming and then mo box which had not been in the top 10 either over the past period so this gives us a quick look there are some buys in here that i think because of where the market is right now and also where these projects are leaning to there’s some good ones in here we’re going to take a look at the charts to kind of show you where and why that might be the case but even more so how some of these strategies could be long-term plays much like if you were investing in bitcoin and ethereum four years ago so think of it that way when you’re looking at metaverse as we start to play into this let me kind of get out of that one and we’ll jump back over here to our charts and just as a reminder make sure and get your questions in on the chat we’ll try to get to those here shortly i’m sure you guys have a ton about just the market in general and where things are going let’s jump over to alluvium because i wanted to show you what i’m talking about with this one elluvium had back here in november you can kind of see this one had been holding at 80.13 in an amplification which was very it wasn’t low but it was a big separation marker at 71.26 that typically means we’re going to see a little bit of sideways action which is what happened and then of course we didn’t follow eluvium as tight as we should have before it jumped but that was a good point as it showed that the sentiment was climbing from the 80. this is always the first indicator that we want to look at once we see a project rank over 80 points we know that that has become very special within the community and most likely is going to have some impressions on how price action plays out the cool thing is is that even though we’ve seen big volatility here if you think about this let me run this from the top right here down to where we here we are right here that’s a 44 not as volatile as many of the projects we’re watching right now but this had a 44 volatility from right there on early december to where we are right now in mid-december holding in at minus 44 and being able to hold this sentiment of 7966 very close to this right back here indicates we’ve got some very cool things i think happening and could happen for alluvium the other thing is is that amplification is much stronger with alluvium right now just as a reminder and with that being the case you can kind of still see i see a little bit of a bottom coming in for alluvium which could end up for a potential buy somewhere around 8 44. we haven’t seen that price in a very very long time and remember top right here alluvium was trading at 1900 per token so this might be a very good buy in the sense of long-term holds if you’re in this for a short term you’ve got to be able to get ready to understand how these projects are going to move obviously bitcoin the main uh crypto market is the big um indicator and also the big leader when it comes to driving these tokens into profitability and for most portfolios unless you’ve been invested in them for a long time some people got into alluvium back when it was 200 bucks so this is you know it’s just another day in the in the park for them but eluvium is is one that i like the other one that i am still very interested i want to do a cross between gala and sand because i own both these projects and when you look at gala let me get over here to gala or actually sand and where this one is going if you look back here it had a 75 23 and a 71 this was back in again early december and then right here it’s been holding actually doing very well sentiment has been holding at the 81 and a 79. so this tells me that we’re going to see a little bit of a soft side and then potentially a climb out right here for gala looking excuse me for sandbox looking like it could happen towards the end of the year so sandbox very interesting to see if this one will pull out as we get a little tighter on this when you can kind of see the chart moving in right here right in the window of what our our previous prediction was but now let’s move over to gala and this one is a little different story it’s got an 8209 and a 73 16. see the difference here in the um sentiment and the amplification the way that i read this and i look and i look at these charts constantly like this especially around sentiment is when you start to see that variation and variables start to really separate it tells me that the project is slowing down on amp obviously but the big key there is that will have a trailing effect on sentiment which will affect price action and we’ve seen it so many times i mean that’s just it’s a known factor now sentiment affects price action and with that being the case we’ve got a scenario here right now with gala where we could see another potential bottom right here and it’s a little bit more of a dip than what you might see over here in sandbox now if you’re in short term the likelihood is you’ve probably made a ton of profits on gala and it might be a good time to do a little profit taking if you look back at where this project was granted you could have taken your profits back over here but even with this one let’s see if we can get a little measurement here of where gala was back in november to its high right there 591 percent where it’s setting right now 352 so depending on where your position was actually a little bit more you’re probably 400 up if you were pre november or in november on acquisition for gala which is when we had started reporting on it and also when we started getting um obviously the you know when we have been better on and gala the team talking about this still very early early stage and hopefully you guys were in that and you were able to get those profits and maybe now is an opportunity if you want to look at more of a long-term hold because you believe in what gala is doing there’s some opportunity for that too because it can right now we are just past a nice little high here at which is right at the clip of where we think it’s going to be toward the year end though it is trading right now at 50 cents so be thinking about that as you guys put your strategy together because that’s going to be a big factor i think especially on many of these metaverses is towards the year end especially as we start to see things roll over many of you probably are dealing with capital gains and tax situations and all those kind of things coming up so you have to be cautious this time of year because if you are forced into a profit-taking position you are going to see that tax bill come to obviously this year versus if you just take profits on january 1st then you’ve got a whole year to accommodate your portfolio and your trading strategy to kind of accommodate it against that plus you have a bear market most likely that will hit uh next year as well so there’s many factors that could play into that my last one here is axi and this one is the one i still feel is super undervalued as it starts to trail down and we’ve seen this our scent last sentiment q had picked it up uh that we’re starting to see that again 71 58 and a 72 we caught this little hike right here and then the the early november or excuse me december drop this movement came down and of course now it’s trading right at the 92 dollar point if you believe some of the chartists they still believe this has got some room to fall my personal opinion and based on sentiment of what we’re seeing with axi is this is stabilizing we may see it down in the 80 range but whether or not it holds that for very long is going to be very indicative and quick to recover as we start to continue to see these kinds of growth numbers especially in the ronin activity for users and players and of course remember there’s still a lot happening with axi axi land is coming we know that staking is coming on the ronin side there’s a lot moving in the right direction with what they’re trying to do and when you look at that long term this is one of those projects again that would be back in my top three for long term holds so be thinking about that i want to jump over to our chart because there was a couple in here just to show you what our um what my best buys were axi i’ve got holding in at a 9.3 uh cpi rating so what i do here is we’ll look at the last month and the current month and if you can kind of see axis been sliding up the scale both on sentiment and amplification for our crypto power index uh sentiment holding this month at 81.02 amp at 7855 which is tight and in the sense that it’s it’s right where it should be meaning performance of sentiment and amplification is tracking well and we’ve got a 9.3 just procure because purely of the price price point right now is in a really good position and if you’re looking at long-term hold this may be one of those dollar-cost average opportunities that you would jump into the other one here is alluvium that i really like and this one a little different uh is 8007 and 76 23 and a cpi on 9.0 for that one trading down mainly because it’s it’s price again priced uh position on elluvium just like axi is really we just haven’t seen these lows like this for quite some time so that is i think the route to take when we’re looking at metaverse and just in general the top 10 just as a reminder let me kind of jump that one back up here the top 10 gala i still feel is a great project if my strategy would be to take some profits especially if you were in early now if you were buying in the uh latter parts of uh or december excuse me november then maybe the opportunity has missed you in terms of profit-taking but there might be a long-term hold here position i do think gala will uh will correct though so jeez be cautious there sand has corrected and i believe sandbox has a little bit more of an opportunity to rise same thing with axe infinity big correction uh there oh in the number three spot let me get this on play so you guys see that a little bit better the axi uh there is the number tree three spot again still holding strong and in a position i think to also correct um blocktopia this is still an unsung hero i think in in the overall ecosystem it is uh still very young early and but i think this one is a mover and it’s one that i want to keep watching because i really like block and i own it and i do like it decentraland i think i would still be in a position to hold that for a little bit longer my neighbor alice i’ve been looking at trying to reposition some allocation toward this because it’s been continuing to rise and actually has been performing fairly well while we’ve seen market corrections coming through elluvium you’ve already seen my my position there i hold red fox like it um chromia i don’t hold much of that i’ve t you know i’m testing it right now hold a little bit of view of ufo and very little of mo box but for the most part i have a little bit of all of these one strategy that you may want to take a look at on this is consolidation so that is something to think about as we get going all right so let’s get moving here and uh move over to some extras right here on questions and we’ll try to get some questions answered for you guys all right so let’s take a look at king wage um just right there if the sec goes after eath will project such as gala sand uh be compromised um you know the scenario here will be first of all the uh the sec has unless they go back on their work that could happen is they’ve kind of put bitcoin and ethereum off limits for any kind of activity from a regulatory standpoint it doesn’t mean that they won’t try to go in that direction a lot of this i think has to has so much bearing on xrp and ripple and what that result will end up being because whether there’s a you know unified settlement or there’s some sort of walk back or if they actually deem it security and then allow for it to maybe not be retroactive there’s so many factors that could come into this but i don’t think ethereum is going to get there and get in the way of the sec or the sec get in the way of them all right let’s see here we have so many of these coming through right now all right and a couple of one in here let me go down a few of these okay uh colin um matic ton of projects served so many purposes the dip today was a was was a sale um i would agree i would agree i think it’s just a great opportunity to grab it while it was down because some people missed it and didn’t get that chance so yes i would agree strictly sports imx could get a big boost with the vb news 2. totally we just did a vv uh with kai avivi episode with kyle wilson who is one of the top vb uh influencers out there he brought up a lot of good points around vb and kind of the just the evolution of where that’s going and i think if we see the aspect of the gems and the ability to offload gems into real dollars at some point down the road from those collectible trading capacities vb could really pop and if that happens aluminum or imax is going to just absolutely unhook so lots happening there all right um perish the only reason meta is untouched in this crass is because i don’t have any coins in my in my that’s a good one i feel like i sometimes i feel like that one as well i’m trying to get into a super chat here all right we got a good one from anthony uh anthony says can you explain uh what a guild is and when it comes in when it comes to gaming guild all right so we had a video on guilds and why these are important gills essentially are in most cases dowse let me explain a doubt decentral a decentralized autonomous organization meaning there’s nobody really running it it’s a group or an organization think of it like i shouldn’t call it like a 501c or something like that in real world but think of it in the sense that this is uh an evolution that’s community driven and when you have community driven now you have bigger community players than others and obviously governance is a big factor in that but these dows are essentially creating value by creating a platform for a guild guilds meaning buying assets or players and then playing in an ecosystem like sandbox or in star atlas or in many of the games that you’ll see coming down in in axi right now at scholarships think of it that way many guilds hold scholars axis scholars uh we just did a big video on this to show a lot of yield guild games uh astra guild which is a new one coming out that was a partner on one of our episodes to show you but these guilds will become big asset players if you ever watched the movie ready player one remember the bad guys those were essentially a guild that we’re trying to put together all these players assets in the ecosystem and they were playing it and that’s going to be big money especially in play to earn and play and earn because people who have the best assets the best players are going to end up with the most revenue and the most revenue is going to drive these token prices because these are dows so hopefully that answered your question there all right wax is a top 10 or top 5 metaverse in gaming why never mention them you know we’ve had wax or tried to get wax on a couple of times we like wax the difference is remember they are a top 10 when it comes to cap sentiment is the big issue with wax for whatever reason and don’t get me wrong they have pretty amazing projects and there’s a lot of them that are are kind of stacked in here on these but on the list we gave you today but there’s so many others that are you know a half a point away almost we should probably do a top 20 and wax would have been in there so it is a good project we tried to get them on the show before one of their ceos and group leads and we’d love to get them back on because we we had them on they had to do a last minute cancellation i think a lot of times these founders if they’ll do these amas or these ceos or the dev leads if they’ll do the amas it helps our community you guys understand what they’re trying to do on a long term because sometimes you can’t read between the lines on press releases you can’t definitely can’t do it in the charts so just think about that um all right let’s go to hakan uh great show what are your thoughts for mana for long term hold uh hoping some are more live show with uh interviews yes definitely lots more metaverse ceos coming on we have a ton coming in this week we have got nf trade coming on we also have eluvium coming on uh we’ve got a ton of people stacked up throughout the next few weeks i know it’s getting near the holidays we’ll probably have a little bit of light run but we’re gonna do some really special cool things coming up uh end of this week by the way we’re doing a giveaway this friday on our live stream it’s our christmas giveaway and we’re gonna be giving away some big money on uh token we haven’t select the token or an nft as of yet but we may do a little bit both i’m not sure yet but anyway if you have some ideas on what the giveaway should be drop them in the comments see this in the chat let us know we’ll do the diamond circle you just have to join in the diamond circle it’s free to join it gets us so we can contact you if you win and then there’s of course ways for that to do you know kind of connect up there all right what’s the prediction for bitcoin and ethereum how low uh till and when he’s gonna go all right so that’s a bigger you know question probably should say that for that video but in short to answer your question there i have a low on bitcoin right now in my model that should on sentiment and we we presented this last 10 days ago not quite 10 days yeah i guess it was 10 days ago that 41 was my low that was the point of no return i think was 41.8 that’s a point of no return and ethereum a point of no return is around 3200. if either one of these projects go into that range then i think we have some serious scenarios that we’re gonna have to deal with with bitcoin and ethereum driving into at that point getting very close to a bear market so be cautious as we start to see this i don’t necessarily think we’re there yet and a lot of people are still pointing to this being the last leg of what the bull run is but the elongation of this market the elongation i think it’s bigger than a lot of people give it credit for it has definitely slowed down the cycle and i’m almost to the point now where we may not see an all-time high for bitcoin until late january and i know that’s crazy but especially if you think about a lot of people who had picked around september as the end of this cycle and all of this of course has changed all right okay let’s talk about uh paul thanks for making content which one of these projects do you think can 10x out of these 10x if i’m holding and when i say 10x meaning you should be able to hold a project for a year think about where solana was where avalanche was where are we i mean you could just go down the list of the projects that we’ve picked early early and they have 10x and most of the times those run in the range of about six to 12 months depending on the cycle position of where you are in the bear run of bitcoin bitcoin of course drags along the rest of the market and has kind of like the dow drags along the most most of the traditional trading market that is happening out there in stocks same kind of thing with bitcoin and ethereum i think those are the ones obviously being the alpha dogs so if i was picking i still think sand is uh way under price right now and i think axi is underpriced i don’t know that either one of them go 10x but unless you’re holding if you’re holding that’s a different scenario of these top 10 though the one that i would think is a little bit of a sleeper is not really a sleeper is blocktopia and my neighbor alice uh and then i still like alluvium eluvium’s got to press a lot of press engine underneath it but they have yet to really have you seen the visuals on eluvian by the way you guys gotta check this out hopefully if we get this uh we should well we’ll have a chance to do it when we when we have uh the aluminum founder on warwick um and we’ll show you but that one is another one too that i really like red fox still undervalued too i think there’s just so many in here that i would go uh go with gala spent too much money on i like this gala spend too much money on celebrity singers uh better get games out or or it’s going to crash billy all right i agree with you to a certain extent um sometimes you can over hype stuff and essentially at some point you got to start delivering and you are correct there are very few of the projects have been delivered by gala and they need to get in the game on delivering these games and projects and that will be the one thing that pulls gala back like i said if you’re in gala right now depending on where you are including myself i’ll be taking profits of course this is an opportunity to do that because you are now post galliverse the likelihood now is there’s not a lot of new news coming out if we see a correction and maybe a little bit more money was mostly most likely will be fomo money going into gala that might be the time for you to go ahead and cash your bag out brandon bell any thoughts on how monkey ball will do on their launching you know they struggled as we all know um monkey ball kind of got behind the eight ball on this one but i think it’s a project that can pull itself out and do fairly well i just feel like the damage has been done with monkey ball it’ll be interesting to see if this one can pull out if it can then and it gets back in kind of the good graces of the community i think in the sense of people will understand there’s still a lot of people out there by the way to that really love this project and if if you look at projects like this there’s just the problem is there’s so many projects that are as good that are not having the technical issues and that potentially have just as much opportunity to grow so it could be just one of many that will be in that place right now ko is now the best time to buy coins wait for more dip i don’t know if we’re going to see a lot more dip here unless bitcoin pierces if bitcoin pierces say the 42k we’re going to see some discounts and they are going to be deep discounts whether it’s altcoins or maybe even some of these select metaverse projects and games there may be some opportunities here i’ve said this before anytime there is red and blood in the water it is a buying time if you are in this game for the long term so just be thinking about that are you investing in stock related to metaverse gaming metacrawler last question here i am starting to look at stock plays for metaverse companies the obvious ones are going to be meta being formerly known as facebook i feel like facebook is probably going to see a bump on this as they start to release information and release updates and how they’re growing their business but there’s going to be a whole ecosystem and a cottage industry much like in the tech community evs all that that have these cottage industries that support these infrastructures whether it’s data servers technology layers on you know capacity for other aspects of technology that will eventually be utilized in the metaverse projects that can then be translated into the metaverse itself brand plays marketing all those kind of things are going to be plays in the real world irl and that could be a play over there however my position is very minimal in traditional tradify right now because i see so much opportunity in the metaverse and crypto in general so that’s just you know that’s where the next millionaires will be made for sure if you’ve got a lot of money and you are moving into long-term holds for stock market and you’re looking at 20-year plays all right there’s some good deals in there there’s some potential projects but remember the stock market right now is very overheated and because of that we’ll probably see with the whole factor that we’ve seen around inflation and also just the echo the uh the economy being so heated up and the printing of money i mean you can kind of see the writing on the wall some people we will see a retracement there and if that occurs you know what’s going to happen next all right guys if you have not joined hit the like we love your feedback this is the way we know you like what you’re hearing watching seeing but join the diamond circle it’s free and easy to do and best of all if you guys want to reach me you can do it out on twitter it’s just that paul baron we’ll catch you next time right here on techpath

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