Xiaomi Pad 5 Review (In-Depth Full Walkthrough)

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I’ve been waiting a long time for this and that is a global release of a new xiaomi tablet and this is of course now called the xiaomi pad 5 so let’s check it out in the box of the pad 5 we have a quick start guide warranty card type c to type a cable and our charger this one is 25.5 watts there is no type c to 3.5 millimeter adapter so this xiaomi pad has a high quality build it’s nice and light it’s only 512 grams and the thickness of this one is approximately seven millimeters just under that so the camera does protrude a little bit we’ve got a dual tone led flash 13 megapixel camera this backing material right here this is made out of plastic now it does capture the light at certain angles and reflect this band you can see which doesn’t actually look too bad it’s quite nice to finish now this one i do prefer i have handled the darker color before of the pad 5 and it does pick up fingerprints this one really does not three pogo port pin connectors for the keyboard which is optional and just like up the top here optional stylus which does magnetically sit on top of here and wirelessly charge two microphones more antenna lines this is our volume up and down button which is made out of metal the power button this does not double as a fingerprint scanner it does with the pro version here but with the global pad five no fingerprint reader so another mic there’s four in total and these are two of four dolby atmos speakers and there you can see now the other two the last microphone and our type c port so this will take power delivery three you can charge it up to 67 watts if you need faster charging that is and this type c port usb 2 data only so sadly no video out which is a real shame with such a nice tablet and it does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack or micro sd card support and our screen here so this one is 11 inches the bezels around the outside are not too bad i don’t have any complaints with them they might not be the slimmest out there but they do look good now 120 hertz this particular screen here the maximum brightness does top out to be just over 600 nets you can make it out in direct sunlight it is very bright it is a sunlight brightness mode too with it so under color scheme here you can set that to your own preference adjust the white balance tweak those colors there and it is a good screen touch response is excellent 120 hertz is what i’m running it at and there’s no pulse width modulation flick or anything like that coming through i believe it’s running dc dimming by default here being in ips it will probably actually have that so i don’t see any flicker whatsoever color reproduction let’s just have a quick look so the whites on this one they’re good depending on how you balance it out they’re fine it’s not actually a bad screen so 2560 by 1600 on the edges you will notice there is a little bit of slightly dimmer pixels and this is typical trait of an ips panel so oled would have been really nice on this and you see at certain angles it shifts out a little bit those colors but it’s not bad this overall i think is a very good screen everyone’s going to be happy with it there is a blue light filter mode you’ve got all of those kind of options there and as mentioned before like the gestures very very good so it does support a stylus as i showed you and the keyboard now this stylus magnetically just clips on to the top all right and it stays there very strong magnet it has 4096 pressure sensitivity levels and it will just wirelessly charge there now the keyboard this one unfortunately i’ve got no information about the global release the price of it either no information sorry on that one from xiaomi yet but hopefully in the presentation they’ll let us know so i did end up buying this from china i imported it in from a company called trading shenzhen so this here back of it synthetic material perfect cut out there for our camera when you open it up so it clips on magnetically i’ll show you that okay you just flip it over and it’s on very solid sets there in place let’s take a look at the keyboard though you can see here just flip it around so this one to type on really nice i do actually like it considering the fact we’ve only got 11 inches to work with compromise with the arrow keys as expected but the shift keys are full size one so this obviously is a us ansi layout that they call it not the iso layout but the ansi one there and the poker port pin connectors typing on it shallow so i only get about 1.4 millimeters of travel and i have been using it quite a bit but only for two days because i’ve just recently got this it is a really nice keyboard so i’ll show you what happens when you flip it around okay so you’ve got it they’re attached you simply open it up and it then clips in like so and away you go you then have your keyboard which is working just fine and again the area that you’ve got typing on this i don’t find it too bad considering it’s only an 11 inch tablet it’s not like a 12.6 inch one and a brief look now at that stylus so this one is a smart pen that they call it active stylus so there is palm rejection as soon as it is detected now 496 pressure levels now there’s two buttons on it so we can when you’re just using it press that top button tap on the screen twice and we bring up then the notes application so just get out of that because if you hold the top button and then select on the screen we’ve got a select tool right there so we’re able to quickly just take a screen grab of that and then start writing on it which is very handy to have now there’s different modes of course you don’t have to have just the square mode you can go around and highlight everything good but it’s the kind of things that you’d want with a stylus that this does have but more on that pin performance now so just get out of that and bring up those recent apps there and back into notes so yes it supports all the gestures the stylus too you can use it for that now found that it is very very fast and the palm rejection works really well even with my messy handwriting i’ll give you a very quick example i’ve gone over to the big tool here but anyway you can probably see that that is quick and no issues with it jumping around all over the place so just use a different pen and do that again all right see it’s quick it’s good this is what i like about it now how fast well look at this very very quick here as i press that now i’ve noticed a couple of times when i do very very small fine light movements see that it didn’t work and if i do it again it does that’s the only complaint from me that sometimes when you initially first tap on the screen very very lightly it won’t actually register that now it does work right up to the very edges if you needed that but see what happened again it just didn’t work straight away so i do hope that maybe that’s just a firmware update is needed for this so it connects up bluetooth wise so yes of course wirelessly with that and the battery is not replaceable okay i can’t just remove this and remove the battery charges up as i showed you on the top here as soon as you connect it it will then start to charge but all that it’s a good stylus but not as good as an s pen or an apple pencil oh and so don’t forget it of course there is a front facing camera now it is here and not up here so i would have preferred it to be there it’s 8 megapixels it can shoot up to 1080p video full hd with electronic image stabilization the quality is all right for that one so the ui here 120 hertz very very smooth as you’d expect it’s running miui 12.5 this course being a global rom here now from the right you swipe down you’ve got your toggles notifications and they come in really quick and i don’t see any annoying micro starters no problems the same with when i trigger the gestures here and go over to various different apps that everything is quick and smooth now right now i don’t see any difference between this and the me pad 5 pro which is the chinese exclusive one that i reviewed it seems exactly the same apart from when i look at synthetic benchmarks performance wise they really are identical it is very good well optimized so when you bring up the settings just a couple of things i do want to show you right here that it is all set up for a tablet okay so it’s not like they’ve just decided to port over the phone versions of miui no they’ve actually done this that you saw before the display settings so you can see now they’ve grouped it that we’ve got it all separate so settings here there and you’ve got multi-screen mode split screen modes that you can trigger and do as well so you simply just gotta hold down and depending of course on the app support so youtube does support it so i can do split screen and decide to have that running here and i want for example another app i’ll just bring out prime video which i think no okay prime video doesn’t display tester no chrome while well okay so chrome can be brought up now there all right so you can run that now when you do this the performance is then when you see that oh maybe it’s not quite as fast not quite as good there so just bring up my website here me running this and the performance now i see that scrolling not quite as smooth because it’s got the video running here on one side all right but if you were to get rid of that and you go just full screen on it the scrolling then becomes really super smooth again so all up i’m really happy with the rom performance it’s a super smooth fast tablet especially thanks to the 120 frames per second 120 hertz that it’s running okay and onto our charge time so i did test out a power delivery charger that i have which is just a standard power delivery three spec one and you can charge this tablet 14 to 175 minutes not bad now my first battery life test that i did run i’ve had this tablet since the first of september so about it for two weeks now it will go for about 14 hours we can see 14 hours is the result here for my fixed test at 200 minutes of brightness that’s excellent now in theory this is about 11 hours of screen on time that is possible now at 120 hertz i’ll let you know but what about the stock charger stock charging rate at 2.25 watts will take two hours from 8 to 100 which is pretty standard for a tablet with an 8 720 milliamp hour battery capacity so it’s not exactly super fast but get yourself a faster charger if you really must charge a lot quicker than that so at 120 hertz now this battery life result very good 12 hours and 18 minutes so you are looking at a screen on time with general kind of use around nine hours then so the battery life on this tablet very very good i’m happy with it i think it’s excellent now there is no wi-fi ax support so i’m talking about wi-fi six-spec not supported i don’t know why but it isn’t and you can see here that connected up to wi-fi five-spec which is wireless ac still good speeds that’s the best i got average and at the point downstairs still good for a lower signal strength it’s still able to achieve what i would call good results there for wireless throughput and performance so geekbench 5 score here shows that yeah it’s not a snapdragon 8 plus but it’s okay for tablet i think it’s fine and the performances mentioned is very good with this one and then we have our antutu score so almost 600 or getting near to 600 000 points is very very good here you can see the gpu is no slouch and it has the six gigabytes of ram i’ll get onto gaming performance soon too in this review and our ufs 3.1 storage this is pretty good okay look at the sequential reads and right but remember it is not expandable okay so you’re stuck with that you can’t just put another a micro sd card in 160 or 124 gigabytes sorry you’re unable to do that so that is a bit disappointing like this where is the gps so there’s no gps support with this tablet sadly okay but we do have a gyroscope and it does seem to have a compass in it but no gps so if you want to run gcam you could in theory with a 13 megapixel camera but i wouldn’t bother but it’s got level 3 camera 2 api support and this is netflix so netflix full hd yes 10 support yes dolby vision yes great however amazon prime video uses standard definition until amazon updates their approved devices they need to add pad 5 support here from xiaomi but we do have a level 1 wide vine okay and you can see there dolby vision the hdr10 hdr10 plus and 120 hertz so bloatware and advertising in the rom very very good xiaomi is listening they are finally improving upon this so we do get a bit of google bloat but not a lot of bloatware like we used to have before which is really good to see no advertising in this system apps with this global rom which i’m currently on is the latest as you can see right here and i’ve had the tablet for approximately two weeks testing it out before i started to record this review right here so you get around 111 gigabytes free on first boot onto our audio now so we don’t have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and for a tablet i really want to have one and sadly you need to use this of course so a type c to 3.5 millimeter adapter not included in the box but they are cheap and very easy to get hold of now i have listened to some headphones with them okay with that type-c adapter and it’s great it sounds very very good to my ears just like the four speakers we have which are dolby atmos tuned ones here so they are firing out of the side let’s have a listen to them now 100 volume over to our gaming performance so not too bad here with the snapdragon 860 pleni of power and pubg we can run hd extreme balanced extreme but there’s no 90 frames per second option unfortunately but let’s check out and see how the game plays our performance as expected for this chipset really good no lag no problems whatsoever it is running however at just 60 frames per second so i really wish it was 90. so if you swipe here you can then bring up what is called the game turbo and i can see the frame rate which is normally a constant just 30 frames per second no matter really what is going on gpu and cpu is not really being stressed out too much by this particular game here i mean pubg is not a real heavy game so when you look down iron sights or the scope and look around no problems no lag so if you’re really into this game very immersive with this large 11 inch screen and of course those quad speakers let me take a look now at genchin impact which is so much more demanding than pubg here so the game on the highest possible visual settings here set to 60 frames per second looks great but you will see that now and then there are some frame dips okay that’s going to happen and when there’s a lot of bosses and things on the screen you do notice a little bit of lag that creeps in here and there but not bad at all considering how demanding this game is set to the absolute top settings now if you set it down to high settings for example or not highest then it won’t be so bad but you see now as i cast just a few spells that occasionally there might be a little tiny bit of lag present or swapping over characters because they need to cache in it’s really not bad at all now the best thing about this being the fact that it is a large tablet 11 inches that it really does not get that hot at all just slightly warm on the back so thermals are excellent for long extended gaming periods so moving over to the cameras now on the me pad five they’re not actually too bad so with the front facing camera it is eight megapixels as i showed you when we looked at the design now there’s a little odd that it is on the left me holding it here in landscape i do think that they should have put it when it’s in landscape on the top because that’s the most convenient place right because when you’re recording it’s 16 by 9 aspect ratio so it kind of makes sense the quality however from this front facing camera very very good i’m just holding this by hand and why is it not shaking around all over the place that is because it does have electronic image stabilization so it’s very similar to the kind of quality we get from xiaomi’s mobile phones but in their new tablet here you can see as i pan around the center is doing okay here and i think maybe phone quality is a little bit better but still for a tablet this is good quality and i do like what i’m hearing from these microphones now with the rear camera here’s a couple of samples you can see that the quality not too bad for a 13 megapixel tablet i mean it is useful if you needed to take a few snaps but your phone wouldn’t do a better job right now video performance here you can see that the autofocus tends to struggle a little bit now we get 4k 30 with this and it does seem to have well i don’t really think it’s got that much electronic image stabilization but a little bit that is being applied there’s a little bit of noise coming through and it’s just that focus that is sometimes all over the place depending on the conditions you’ll see here when i try to focus on this handrail the ball right here it does an okay job and then to focus on the tree in the background it really depends on where you’re filming so the quality i think for a tablet is not too bad and a lot of people won’t actually be using this all right so that brings me on into the pricing which i don’t actually know the time we’re recording this which is the 14th now it’s the day before we have the event now it’s rumored to be under 400 euros which i hope it will be which is a decent price for what we get on offer here with the snapdragon 860 with the six gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 storage so as i pointed out the screen is good for an ips screen it’s bright it’s very fast 120 hertz the wrong performance is excellent i don’t see any stutters any lag nothing like that and then the keyboard i don’t know whether this is going to be out at the time of the tablet but i assume it will be because it’s a very nice keyboard to have i didn’t get it sent out to me from xiaomi but i ended up buying it myself to check it out i got the tablet and the stylus of course now the stylus this one magnetically charges well wirelessly charges but magnetically sits on the top there it’s not going anywhere now it’s a good stylus but as i pointed out that when you don’t press really hard to start with the initial first touch sometimes doesn’t register which i hope they are going to fix with a firmware update to correct that so it just seems to be then more responsive well it has to be a little bit better i feel because that can be quite an annoyance thing when that is happening so battery life is very very good on this too as well and the charge time once about two hours with the included charger but if you do have a more potent power delivery three spec charge or even a 67 watt xiaomi charger you can charge it in just over an hour there which is really good now the camera performance and the microphones are good for a tablet but your phone will probably do a better job now what are the things that i don’t like about it well there’s no video out which i think is a missed opportunity i really like to have video out via type c or even an hdmi port on this micro of course would have been great but no we don’t have that of course no micro sd card support another big one for some people for me i would love to have the expandability just to slot in another 256 gigabyte micro sd card would be great and then of course my 3.5 millimeter headphone jack others which are a little odd ah no fingerprint reader built into the power button unlike the pro model no gps and no wi-fi 6 support with this so no wi-fi ax that’s another area 2. so yeah they could have done more with this model and did we get the right spec i hope we’re going to see a pro version of the xiaomi pad 5 here so there we go that’s the full story there it is still a very very good tablet i think for what it is going to be selling for do check out my review of the 11t pro which was announced at the same time as the pad 5 he

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