Create NFT Assets in VoxEdit – The Sandbox Saturday Stream

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hello everybody and welcome to the sandbox saturday stream i am alex and this is joseph hello joseph how are you i’m doing well you have a good morning i think it’s been pretty good so far yeah all right uh it’s almost afternoon for me which is uh kind of a nice change of pace yeah yeah just it’s it’s barely morning anymore all right well let’s jump into the sandbox dashboard because there’s cool stuff going on in case you weren’t paying attention tuesday we opened up the marketplace with 112 assets from 46 artists i believe i got all the numbers right my brain’s been a little fried from helping set up this event a whole bunch of stuff already sold out um including uh i was very excited to have a 15 000 sand one of one asset sell out and just this morning we had another 10 000 sand asset sell in 15 minutes uh we had barely even promoted it like i think the tweet had gone out uh maybe last night i don’t remember exactly when it was announced but uh well we won’t even see it there because it’s um it’s it’s a mech thing that’s what it is there it is it won’t show up on the for sale because it sold out so this was a 101 from karina chen one of our artists in the crater fund and uh you know it looks like a truck but it’s more than meets the eye because uh this actually transforms to a jet and back again to a truck and it’s got a couple different uh quite cool directions that it goes it shoots missiles it does cool stuff uh you can check out a video on the uh i think it’s posted to twitter now it might not be yet i’m not sure i made it i i helped make a video for it this morning uh to help advertise it but it sold before i could finish the video that’s how fast it went so uh it’s been a good morning for the sandbox artists and uh karina chen actually has a few more assets for sale uh the death messenger sold out already also there were 30 of this epic character um sneaking around there and uh what else she’s got a chinese dragon uh let’s see ah here we go you can actually scroll down to uh it says purchased because they’re in her wallet she owns them but these are actually ones that she’s minted herself and selling so we’ve got the mini chinese dragon which uh about a quarter of the copies have sold out and this one this one would be pretty cool to like uh maybe plop on top of some npcs and do like a parade you know the game maker yeah you line up some npcs and then you like parent them all together with that on their head like normally you have the little pole right yeah yeah um what else they’ve got the oracle lighthouse this is a very large asset uh this is similar to the windmill that i did so it’s this is 21 meters tall uh so like you know a full three-story building uh and it’s got this uh this nice idle animation at the top with the the top part spinning and this kind of goes in with our our oracles heroes and scientists theme that we’re having for our season we’re calling it season zero season one i don’t remember my my brain is all over the place it is called season zero okay that’s what i thought also probably has another name uh yeah i don’t i don’t think we can say that yet but uh but yeah it’s it’s it goes in with the style of uh of that content so if you are thinking of adding your own experiences to kind of connect up to the official sandbox experiences to kind of give a think of it like like if if we’re making an rpg say like you know skyrim it’s like you’re modding on you you could with your lands mod onto that experience to expand it so uh you could get assets that uh that connect to that visually and uh and expand on it and then we’ve also got this fantasy wagon which this is pretty large too this is 13 meters tall 12 meters long and uh almost seven meters wide uh and it’s like uh like a howl’s moving castle kind of wagon um and i think it’s got yeah it’s got a moving animation so it’s wheels roll and stuff like that this little flag flaps in the wind so cool stuff from karina go check that out i will actually i’ll put the link right to her profile and if you scroll down to the bottom here you can go right to the different things that she has for sale also for sale today uh well there might not be any left let’s find out because last i looked there were two uh so if we type in bunny last one there’s one left you oh nope there’s zero left so somebody just bought it so so this went for sale uh at 8 30 this morning so about six hours ago five and a half hours ago um this one up for sale 100 copies uh they were they were 50 sand each um and uh and it’s got this cute little idol animation with the bunny wiggling its nose and and uh checking out its eggs um so uh we are actually going to well if you’ve bought one good because you can participate in this if you didn’t buy one i’m sorry that uh you will have to you have to settle for the wizzy giveaway today uh you won’t be able to participate in this event oh geez oh well free stuff oh no um so if you were one of the the lucky hundred people to grab these before they sold out um then we have a little screenshot contest it’s not really a contest because anybody anybody who’s bought this can enter and we’ll get the prize so i don’t know it’s it’s like a giveaway but it’s it’s got some some criteria to enter the giveaway so uh what we would like you to do is to uh make sure you have the latest version of the game maker which uh just came out like a week or two ago it’s a version 0.5.3 and you can get it right now from from the create tab here and download make sure you’re logged into your account once you open up the game maker if you’re already working on a game level that’s fine you can use what you already have or you can start something new and we want you to put the bunny kind of like hidden away somewhere in your level and take a screenshot with it and send that to us on twitter and you can tag uh me or joseph or the sandbox joseph would you mind putting those uh tags in the chat for everybody um sure yeah and uh you tag tag any tag all three of us just you know for the sake of it and share your screenshot from the game maker with the bunny so because this has been minted you’ll notice there’s no plus sign so nobody can add this to their inventory now so really only the people who bought this actually have access to this asset now and between now and wednesday’s stream which is at uh oh gosh uh it’s at 5 00 p.m eastern time 2100 gmt that’s what it is trying to think globally here um 2100 gmt which is the start of our stream on wednesday uh you need to share these screenshots with us as long as they are family friendly we will show them on the stream and everybody who takes these screenshots will receive a free nft that we are going to make on stream today so little little bonus prize for everybody so it could be up to 100 i don’t know how many people who bought this are actually watching the stream or paying attention so it’ll probably be less than 100 but on wednesday we will do the actual minting of the asset and we are only going to mint the quantity of people who participated in the screenshot giveaway so it could end up being a pretty rare uh asset so uh with all that said we’re gonna start working in vox edit i know that uh saturdays we usually work in the game maker but because we’re doing the game jam which i guess we can talk about a little bit too because we’re doing the game jam and joseph has so kindly and generously uh taken the role to uh to receive your game jam assets and publish them to the marketplace so that way you can have custom assets in your game uh this will be the first game jam where we are allowing custom assets that are not from the marketplace um because of that we wanted to give you kind of a run through we’ve got tutorials for vox edit we’ve got tutorials for all the stuff but we’re trying to give you one video that you can you can start right about now and uh and watch all the way through and kind of get all the things you need to know about submitting your assets making and submitting your assets so we’re going to start with making stuff so obviously you need vox edit that’s at that same uh that same part of the website the create but there’s another tab for vox edit and that’s a free download um so for those of you who are not familiar with vox edit we’ll go through a quick orientation of what’s where so we’re on the welcome screen we’ve got uh we’ve got a couple links actually to tutorial videos that we’ve already done so we’re going to cover some of that content today and we’ve got our modeler which is where we uh we build things our animator which is where we assemble the models that we’ve built and make animations out of them the block editor which is basically the uh oh you can’t see what i’m clicking on because of the chat chat is going to go where does chat go here we go i will you know i’m actually going to shrink the box at its screen so that way the chat does not interfere at all that’ll be even better here we go okay we’re all good now so uh we got the block editor which is very similar to the modeler but is specifically for making the terrain blocks that we use in the game maker we’ve got templates these are really useful for speeding up your character design process and having some preset animations that are compatible with our behaviors in the game maker and then we’ve also got a link to just all the tutorials right here alright so we are actually going to start in the animator because the animator will let us access the modeler so we’re going to create a new asset and uh we’re going to we’ll put on the desktop and it’s going to be a chocolate bunny this is the asset that we’re working on as your special prize for joining the screenshot uh giveaway i don’t want to call it a competition because because we don’t have any losers here everybody everybody who participates as a winner all right so we have got the uh the animator here which uh we’ve got the skeleton panel this is how we kind of organize the bones that we use to animate things with we’ve got our timeline where we set up keyframes and uh and the transitions that we use to uh to animate stuff with we’ve got our animation selector everything by default starts with an idle animation which could be a static pose or it can be moving either one and then we’ve got our library and our inspector so library is where all of our voxel models go and the inspector is more detailed information about like the position and rotation of a bone we won’t get into inverse kinematics today because that is a whole other as a whole stream unto itself so uh we will maybe do that some other time so the first thing that we want to do is we want to create our our first node we’re going to call it box because this chocolate bunny is going to be in a box and we’re going to set it there and now we’re going to create our first model so uh i don’t know how well you can really see my screen i’m sorry because i’m on a 4k screen so this is maybe squished a little bit but you can kind of see the general area where i am uh there’s a three dot menu but if you go full screen you can read it yeah uh and and all these tutorials i believe uh i recorded in 1080 uh if you go to the youtube videos that are linked in box edit so it’ll be a lot more visible there um when is gamemaker coming to mac i’m sorry i i don’t know a date for that uh it’s something it should eventually come back but i don’t have any sort of time frame for when that’s going to happen um we hope to start working on that again after version six uh 0.6 rather uh version six would be a long time yeah version six would be like years you know what i mean but no no no no uh 0.6 is just around the corner kind of and then after that the team will be continuing to expand to bring that support back because we basically had to crunch it all down in order to get all these releases out right down just to windows for the last couple of big major launches that we’re doing with the marketplace and the metaverse and those integrations so yeah all right so uh so we we go over to our library panel here and this is the library you might have noticed on on my desktop here hiding behind the chat it created a folder so in that folder it’s the folder is called chocolate bunny which is what we named it and uh in that folder we’ve got uh chocolate bunny vxr which is um a voxel rig file so that’s what the animator creates is a rig file you’ll also see that there’s a chocolate bunny vxr png which is a thumbnail for whenever we save it it updates the png and then chocolatebunny.idle.vxa vxer voxelanimation files and idle is the default one so you never want to delete this idle animation because you will lose your default pose if you make a vxr and you rig up your character and you delete the animation all the nodes will crunch into the middle at the zero position the next time you open it and it will look very silly so make sure you keep your animation files safe keep all these files safe i would suggest always if you can save these to like a dropbox or a google drive which will actually save your version history as you’re working if you leave those if you leave your cloud sync on automatic that way if anything happens you have a previous version to go back to that has saved me a lot of heartache so that’s i can’t recommend that any more strongly oh and let’s uh let’s leave that open for a minute so we go back to our library we click on the three line menu and click new vxm vxm is voxel model we could also import a vxm if we started in the modeler and wanted to bring it to the animator we could do that we can also import vox files which are from magikavoxl voxelmax goxil and cubicle actually most voxel editors support some sort of vox import or export so it’s a very common format so we click new vxm and it opens up our file browser to the folder that we created and we title it so we’re going to call this box because it’s going to be the first thing we work on and save and now we are in the modeler if we go back to our folder we’ll see that it created a box vxm file as well as a box vxm png which is just blank right now because we haven’t put anything in it yet so the scale for the sandbox is 32 me uh 32 meters 32 voxels per meter that would be a very big box 32 meters and yes we can see your comments on youtube you can actually see them on the screen uh you’re you’re right here but way up above my head um so anytime somebody comments we we use restream to go out to youtube periscope twitch d live bunch of others and uh and that they all combine here so we can see we can see everybody sometimes you guys talk a little fast and we we might miss something but uh for the most part we can see you and you can see yourself up on the screen um so we’re gonna start with the box and uh you can roughly it’s not exact but what’s helpful in my american brain is to remember that uh 32 voxels per meter is almost one inch per voxel it’s it’s not that’s not super accurate especially if you start dealing with bigger sizes uh but it’s close enough that when you’re making small things yeah if you’re if you’re like me and inches are more familiar you can think okay this is like about five inches by ten inches or something like that um right so we’re three centimeters roughly yeah yeah it’s a little a little too big but it’s but it’s close um so we’ve got our x y and z access which is uh uh red green and blue and all of these things have tool tips on them so we can see if you you ever forget which direction is which you can hover and see what the name is for that color and uh let’s let’s think about how big we want our chocolate bunny to be i’m thinking about this big so that would probably be about um we’ll say like nine voxels wide by like 15 tall i think so we’ll do nine and hit enter by 15 enter and by like five this might actually be i think this will work for what we want maybe a little bit a little bit bigger well while you’re running through this i’m gonna answer two questions that i see at least to the best of my ability uh will inventory items be updated to work with the drop function soon or will you be able to use an inventory item by giving it to an npc or something along those lines so as as far as i’m aware inventory items can already be dropped things that are equippable just equippable items not like quest items sure uh and then using an inventory item by giving it to an npc uh it doesn’t come out of that space yet but that is the intention that eventually it can be like kind of uh exhausted or consumed by talking to let’s say like a blacksmith or something and you’ve picked up iron which has no other use but going in your inventory and then then it gets deleted out of that that’s kind of the whole purpose of that entire tab of the game maker is that those items would eventually be consumed uh and then ghost burst over on youtube you asked when will a player leveling system be added so xp in games is kind of one of our next step sort of features but i think that’s set for a couple of months if i was to guess out still because we are focused on making sure that the metaverse launches and then that the seasonal content and that kind of uh play to earn system is fully functional before we move on to deeper system uh for like leveling and that sort of thing so hopefully uh you know that’s that’s soon like within this quarter i think but i can’t make any promises on that because it is kind of further out on the short-term roadmap thank you will games be able to be launched without the avatar having a weapon uh eventually um i’m not i i think um that would be a pretty simple change from a could they didn’t used to start with a weapon in fact we didn’t we used to not have weapons at all um so i think uh that got added as kind of like we didn’t have an equipment system so we kind of forced a sword into the hand for play testing and now that we have an equipment system the the forced sword is kind of like lingering so i think we just need to turn that off um i don’t know if that’s going to be in 0.6 or not um but i think it should be a fairly simple change and uh and i will try to see if we can we can get that to happen it will potentially mess up some older games so those might need to get updated because some people have made their games with the expectation that you’re going to use that sword so we need to make sure that uh yeah it’s as compatible for as many people as possible because the sword has that one power rating it does reduce your strength in those other games so you would have to kind of warn uh the developers who already have those games like hey your tutorial quest needs to include pick up a weapon and equip it that sort of thing right but let’s see here there’s uh the way around that uh in my opinion if you don’t care as much about the play to earn integration like if you’re not trying to be part of the play to earn system you could override what the avatar is so that a user comes in and they aren’t their own avatar but they are something that you set as the avatar like you know any other game basically the main character is something that you have created as the game developer and then you get people emotionally attached to that character instead of their own avatar whereas all the play to earn games would use your your avatar uh not the designer’s avatar uh when they play so that’s just something to think about uh lays you cannot stack lands on top of each other um there is a sort of cardinal north uh in order to maintain that kind of original um how do i want to say this i guess nft serialization is just the easiest way to put it the map works as it does so even if you bought four or five you can’t just kind of go like turn it sideways and have this be the the new direction um it unfortunately it just won’t work like that uh so going back to uh tutorial stuff i’m sorry okay just real quick there is a way to stack lanes on top of each other though if you make it so that somebody can’t access the next land and then you do like a teleport trick you could make it appear like they stack on top of each other by having a fully like indoor level i think i understand what you’re getting at there yeah like in in one of the examples is uh one of the earliest creations in the game jam number two i think uh there was the teleport system that had been created by cyberdragon and when i say created oh yeah we already had right i was thinking you meant teleporting like like the world portals and i was like oh no no yeah there’s like that’s a different thing more like a simple teleport where like you’re inside a room you’ve taken an elevator you got to this floor and then you walk up to a space and in that kind of like traditional year 2000s kind of rpg you walk up to the door and you click the thing and it has like a loading period where you teleport to the next uh zone or what have you which would be your next land that is also still vertically stacked but you don’t see in this example all of the world would have to happen kind of indoors where you don’t get the sky box so that you can’t see behind the curtain which is to say you know you were actually over there and not up here where it would feel like you were right okay uh i saw somebody asking what what feature we’re most excited for that we haven’t seen yet i’m i’m the most excited for um uh multiplayer interactive multiplayer so we’re we’re doing uh social hubs right now where it’s more like uh like second life or like um like kind of like the towns in runescape like you couldn’t like fight people in a town uh but you could like talk to them and interact with them so i’m i’m excited for games where we have actual like player collision we could do stuff like fall guys and uh uh you know combat games and just you know that interactive multiplayer um would is is what i’m really excited for and i’m not sure that’s on the roadmap for this year i’m not sure how soon exactly it’s coming so uh that’s what i anticipate most highly because that’s gonna be when you really start seeing the everybody’s brains swelling with ideas yeah i agree i think mine is going to be ranged attack you know it’s obviously not a feature now but a ranged attack could potentially use any object as the ranged uh projectile so immediately you get bows and arrows you get guns you get all that sort of thing you know uh or if you were in the example of like that transformer that was sold today uh missiles you know anything that could go and cause a damage uh via the air i think is very exciting prospect um and alex just real quick i’m seeing comment in the chat and i had this coming through as direct messages earlier today but i wanted folks to see it so i waited to i replied to the direct message earlier on discord but okay yeah can you highlight the crosshair that would recenter the screen real quick just so that they can see uh because the singapore jack says whenever i hold down the right mouse button to do a slow play slow pan it uncontrollably jitters so there’s a there’s a few there’s a few uh things that i can point out here so so uh you can click this button which is uh the very right most button in the top bar is the reset view so you know wherever i am let me just click that there’s a few things that might be causing that crazy jitter there have been times where people have used like um uh tablets because sometimes tablets use a universal not universal coordinate system but a a global coordinate screen space that the the tablet is scaled to your screen space so the top left corner of your tablet is the top left corner of your screen and the bottom right corner of your tablet is the bottom right corner of your screen um vox said it seems to not always like that so much it prefers it’s really designed for a mouse use same thing with track pads it can also have that effect but if you are experiencing um weird amounts of jitter like that you can also go to the gear in the top right corner right underneath the x button and there’s a camera sensitivity slider mine’s always set to 50 and that usually works okay for me um i use a regular like gaming mouse with the adjustable dpi and i don’t usually need to change it from what i have for for windows um but that’s uh that’s the first place i would look is probably try setting your camera sensitivity down and then also see if maybe you have an unusual control setup and then you can reset the camera anytime there are updates coming for the camera controls because right now you see it’s kind of weird the way it’s moving right now so up at the north and south poles of your view the controls are a little bit weird i spoke to one of the developers on that and they are looking into fixing that so that way that it behaves more the way you would expect um i thought i saw another question uh will it ever be possible to export as vox file two uh same developer who i talked to about uh the the weird camera stuff uh is also uh has has set that up at another um program before so it looks like that is something that could possibly come both uh a scene import from magic voxel because magic voxel can have a whole bunch of objects separate objects stacked up into one file and right now vox edit does not support importing those scene type magic voxel files so we might get that as well as vox export we are also looking into opening up more export options for like for our templates right now you can’t export to mesh files from a template for like rendering uh we’re looking to open that up um so yeah there’s more people working on box edit now so we should be seeing a lot of a lot of fixes and updates in the coming future thank you i think the bunnies looking cute so i wanted to tell you guys how i’m making this because uh some of you might not be as familiar with fox edit so we’re going to run over the tools real quick now that you saw me make this so first off we’ve got uh we’ve got our toolbar on the left side here um the kind of standard uh tool kit with uh with voxel editors is we’ve got a selection uh well we’ve got modes and we’ve got tools so the modes are select create paint and erase and that’s kind of uh the standard mode options so obviously select you can select an area and you can use the edit menu to cut copy and paste you can move it around by sliding it up and down with these arrows uh create adds a piece you know just like building with legos erase will remove the piece and paint will color an existing piece in the new color then we’ve got our tools which are the sorts of shape options that you get so we’ve got pencil which is like drawing so we’ll just do it right on the top here we can draw and it traces the mouse ctrl z that we’ve got line which will stretch a line from one point to another point you can even do it over 3d so it doesn’t look like much there because it’s stretching over the empty space inside but you can see where the line continues there on the bunny we’ve got a screen rectangle tool which this is actually a newer feature is it will actually draw a rectangle on your screen space and cover everything that’s there so the big benefit of this one is it lets you easily select all just by dragging over the entire area you can select everything or you can erase all and start fresh so that that opens up some new possibilities you can also like do a cross section of something so you could go like this and you’ve got a 3d cross section of your stuff which is pretty cool then my favorite tool is the box tool this is the one i am usually in the most which does it’s it’s like like a rectangle tool but it’s in 3d so you can you click your first corner and then you go to the opposite corner and that’s the one i find most useful for for most cases then we’ve got the face tool this is based on color so you can erase um well i’m in the erase mode right now but it these all of these tools work with all the different modes so the face tool does any flat section of a specific color so if i wanted to say erase just this light colored belly i can do that uh if i click the darker brown here it leaves behind the lighter brown there um this one is a is a little trickier to get used to i think but once you know once you get a feel for it it’s pretty fast to use and good for a lot of different situations um i just realized my box could be a little bit taller there we’ll fix that later and then the last one is the flood tool so this one affects all voxels that are touching sides to each other that are the same color so if i wanted to erase all the yellow at once i can do that but if they’re not touching each other like these dark brown sections it will only affect the areas that are touching each other those are the basic tools we’ve also got the picker selector so if you don’t remember which color you selected from the palette over on the the um right side here i couldn’t remember my right from my left for a second there uh if you can’t remember which color you would put like there’s two yellows here which one did i pick oh i don’t remember so i use the picker tool and i can click on it and it will automatically select the correct color uh the pivot tool this um this one’s really useful for when you’re setting up your rig so right now you’ll see our pivot is way out over here we don’t want that we can manually move it and this will this will help determine where it positions on the rig in the animator we can manually move it but there’s also some new features which some people might not know about yet this just came in the last update we can right click on it and there’s a new center which will bring it to the very center in all three directions xyz this is the exact center and there’s also pivot floor which will drop it down from wherever it is to the bottom of i think i don’t think it’s centers we can double check so let’s move it over here and see what happens if we say pivot floor okay it does it brings it to the middle the middle center um which is often times where you want the pivot it depends on what you’re you’re doing if you’re making a single model like this without a rig uh you probably want your model on the floor because that’s going to be how it places in the game maker so if you put your pivot up here and this is your whole model and you upload it to the game maker when you go to place this bunny it will the floor will be halfway through its head which will you can adjust for that in the game maker but that’s probably not how you want to place it because it means you’re gonna have to fix it every time you do it so it’s easier just to right click pivot floor and it places it right on the bottom for you and this last one the frame tool this one’s a little more complicated to explain but we have a frame uh component in the game maker so you can set up uh like tvs and signs and and picture frames in the game maker and you can load um graphics into them that feature is not fully developed yet but you can make items that have frames in them right now so uh whatever face you select on this little green line will point out the direction that the image faces and so if i was to publish this to the game maker and load this into a level i would be able to put say an ad for chocolate bunnies on the side or something like that um but we don’t want that on here and we can click again to remove it uh that is not at this point compatible with rigged items you can only do that on single voxel models all right let’s see if we uh we have any questions uh-huh any idea why players have doesn’t so many questions we’ve had so many questions i know i was taught i was monologuing for a long time there oh that’s good so the paris hub not loading um the paris hub is a multi-player experience and um at any point it might be getting updated because it’s still in a in a beta stage so technically the game maker’s still in alpha um vox edits in beta and the game maker is an alpha and there’s still a lot that’s changing in the game maker so there may be updates that are needed on the hub if you just got a new version of the game maker they may be in the process of re-uploading the new map um in the future we’re gonna have what’s called uh live ops so uh liveops is when you leave things running and you can kind of change them in the background and then launch those things without kind of interrupting everything although you may get temporarily kicked from a server if it has to switch over to the new stuff it could also be uh sometimes the server just needs to spin up if there’s been nobody on it for hours it will uh it’ll kind of go to sleep to not waste electricity when it’s running um and then it waits for somebody to try to join in so what you would see in that case i think it says like starting node or something like that and you would have to wait maybe 10 minutes or so it’ll be faster in the future uh but yeah it’s still an alpha stage sometimes we’re able to jump on during stream and hang out with y’all in the in the sandbox game maker sometimes it’s not working at that time so it’ll be up and down a bit once uh once we see the launch of season zero with the client those should be live all the time uh for people who have access because it is a limited access event um let’s see if i can catch up all right yeah cosmo did you get did you send me a request to be an artist using the form and or a discord message if you have uh sorry for just saying you i was going to answer it but alex finished his sentence uh the question is what do i do if some of my assets aren’t showing in the game maker library so you should be able to go to the top left click file click send to marketplace and then turn off your game maker turn it back on again and you should be able to see your assets in your account at that point but if you use custom assets you will not be able to push that game into the gallery for us to test on wednesday if you’re interested in that until you have me approve those pieces of art so just keep that in mind but there are let’s see i have not but i mean marketplace assets not my own okay so it’s the same process you go on the marketplace and you click all the pluses that you want for things and then turn off your game maker turn it back on again right i’m not wrong about that am i alex correct you do need to well you don’t have to totally exit the game maker all you have to do is reload if you had a if you had a game maker file open you just have to go back to the home screen and then load back in again so that the action of opening a game maker level is what forces the game maker to check your inventory on the dashboard and go hey is there any new stuff or did you get rid of anything that we need to remove um so that’s how that that synchronization happens so if you upload something or if you add it to your inventory you do have to restart the level that you’re on to uh to pull those updates and then uh holly voxels is in the chat this is holly from the dm that i sent you earlier so do you think we could address that question uh yeah i think so we can go over a little how much time we got oh wow we’ve got 20 minutes left today’s gonna be a long stream people hey more free show um so uh so the issue that holly was having is that uh that she tried to uploading to the uh dashboard um she’s working on a game jam game and uh the asset was previously uploaded she wanted to re-upload it and uh uh replace the existing asset so it sounded like she did all that part properly where is my voice going oh my gosh um so much for a long stream [Laughter] so uh when you’re on the dashboard um there is like a i don’t want to call it a piracy protection it’s like a like a forgery protection measure so if you upload an asset that is uh already on the dashboard it could be blocked and that can happen like if you if you’ve uploaded your asset more than once um usually replacing it i don’t think should trigger that normally be like say this bunny i upload it to the dashboard and i called it like test and then i did some tests with it and i was like well i want to test another version kind of in parallel and compare them so i upload a second copy and i call it test two the game maker if it recognizes if it sees those thumbnails that look identical uh it might go hey you’re trying to copy somebody else’s work because it doesn’t know that it’s your own work so my suggestion would be is if you have an animation choose a different key frame or not keyframe but choose a different frame of the animation so the thumbnail looks a little bit different or you can choose a different thumbnail orientation we’ll see what that looks like in a little bit to uh to have the different thumbnail selection and that should let you bypass that so that way you can re-upload your own thing um if you didn’t upload more than one copy i’m i’m not sure why it would be doing it um sometimes weird things happen and maybe just trying again later it’ll work it could be that the server was freaking out at that moment you could also try try instead of replacing it upload it as a new a new copy and get rid of the old one the thing you want to be really careful about is that as an artist when you have upload powers you also have the ability to delete stuff from your delete your own uploads before they’ve been published or minted if you’ve placed that asset in the game maker you do not want to delete your old upload because the game maker is going to freak out when it knows that you put that asset someplace and then it’s not there anymore um we’re working to make the game maker more stable around that case but we had a lot of demand from the artists to be able to clear out old items from their inventory if they had uploaded a lot of tests and things like that but you do not want to delete something that’s in a game that you’re working on because then you’ll have to contact me and i’ll have to contact a dashboard text so he can go back through the database and find your asset and undelete it which is a whole bunch of steps so just be very careful if you see that delete be sure that you don’t have that in a game and if you’re not sure just leave it just leave if it’s not published nobody but you can see it so just like you can call it a name like delete me later or something so in the game maker you see that’s not the one you want to use um but yeah i would not not delete anything that you could potentially mess up your game with um so um let’s see we should we should continue moving on the vox edit stuff yes couch king wants you to drop the beat over there i see you and don’t worry we will drop the beat but we’re not gonna do it now we’re gonna wait till the end of the stream i assure you maybe i already planned on it it was already set in my mind maybe we’ll have an intermission on this show uh so i can go grab like a water or something for my voice but uh we’re not we’re not quite there yet so um the next thing we’re gonna do on this we’re actually gonna expand our box a little bit because i don’t want these plain yellow sides um and the box would look kind of weird if you could see the outside of the box on the inside of the box so we’re actually going to make the box bigger by expanding those numbers and uh hitting enter and now we can see that it’s not quite lined up where we want it so we’ve got these arrows in the upper right corner here and those correspond to the xyz colors and we can just slide things around like that they loop so you don’t left to the right criss cross you sure you don’t want to drop the beat right now right foot let’s stop [Music] let’s put this stuff [Music] that’s right i’m sorry alex you should be [Music] i don’t know if we can include this as a music file on the game maker because while it is not drm protected this is one of the default sound packages that i got with my uh literal the brand name is boss uh what is it loop station yeah i’ve got mine i’ve got my boss distortion pedal on the shelf behind me very good oh boy what are we going to do i’m silly what do you want you know what i mean i’m just a silly person i do silly thing i i got much more intense uh blue gray are you are you implying that we don’t know more of the cha-cha slide i’ll tell you something blue grey i’ll get my wife in here and she’ll dance the whole thing this cross will make you want to jump jump you know yeah is there no no no like i can just i could potentially give you a whole rundown of basically every uh hip-hop song for the last like 30 years because i’m old but i’m not doing it i’m not doing that’s what we’re here for we’re here to create vox edit content and help you make names for your game jam that we are ongoing now for about the next six weeks uh it’s coming up alex it’s coming up it is about six weeks from today that we would do the award show right something like that it’s gonna be uh oh no that’s the end the end of the project it’s going to be about two months before the award show because then that aft that’s the end of submissions and the judges have to go and review all the games alphabet aerobics i can’t uh i probably could but i can’t it’s been like five years at least since i’ve cared about alphabet aerobics it’s probably been longer but i’m old so i don’t even know that one there was like you know recent uh it’s i probably don’t want to know that one complex word with every lyric that you do at the same uh 808 beat but nonetheless sounds like something i’d be terrible at yeah well no um i think you could do it but it would take entirely too much work it’s entirely too much uh so uh we have uh an announcement that was kind of dropped on twitter but uh maybe more clearly based on the chat that we’re seeing over here on twitch it is a little bit more impactful um then you know i don’t really dive into this i do actually very often dive into the eth-based technology but uh trust wallet itself i am not familiar with but uh twitch chat is kind of freaking out because trustwallet is now enabled for our nfts so cool if that’s something that compels you um chat suggests and i have not confirmed this so i don’t want to leave this as anything official uh but it’s probably the case given how much uh they’re discussing it that you could pay the gas fees in bnb token for some transactions so uh i’ll look into it more and maybe we can discuss it more on uh wednesday probably monday i got a monday stream with panda pops coming up hey um so i’ll get it figured out but uh i also want to say if you are watching and uh i dropped this in the chat earlier as sandbox game but uh there is a form link over on our medium article about uh this game jam where if you want to create assets like this that you are watching on this screen with box edit and then you want to export those assets so that you can use them in your game during this game jam then i’ll put the form in the chat one more time for this uh but that form will allow me to approve your account as uh i think this is right i put it in twitch only so i gotta get it over and risky well this would allow me to approve your account as an artist uh and then be able to individually approve your assets for your games so if if this is not the giveaway this is just the form for becoming an artist i approve these after each stream so if you have submitted to be an artist between last wednesday and today i think i’ve only approved new artists once during that period uh maybe twice but yeah we want to make sure that uh yeah i’m sorry i’m seeing a bunch of great rappers and rhymers and hip-hop artists in the chat and i know that too short is too inappropriate for this content right here up all night album number 16. so yeah just create some content become an artist with us have a lot of fun uh hang out on these streams learn new things like what alex is showing you here uh and uh you know submit that content make a great game for your game jam there’s uh right now 300 000 sand uh on the line in this which will go out to the top 10 uh creators of games in this game jam uh that 300 000 sand it has varied uh it’s gone up and down of course as any any market does but right now that’s about two hundred and ten thousand dollars so um still up higher than when we had announced it i think uh but it’s a great it’s a great opportunity for anybody uh the top 10 winners will also get a land nft in order to publish their game on uh the game doesn’t necessarily have to fit if you’re creating in the game jam you could make a game that is larger than a 1×1 nft nft if you like i know in our last game jam we had one that was a 4×4 design but if you make something that is a one by one then you know that whatever game you created if it was a top 10 winner you could immediately publish it as soon as the metaverse is available to the public so yeah yep remember earlier alex when you were talking about monologuing it’s really easy to do you know but both of us have a have a penchant for talking too much which is is evident because usually after these streams are done joseph and i are usually chatting for like another like half hour at least at least that’s true we just like talking um you know i have a that’s not going to happen today alex because i have decided that after over a year i’m gonna get a haircut today i’m gonna leave the mask on i’m gonna go get a haircut because a good percentage of the people in our county uh have gotten their vaccination now we are lucky to be kind of over supplied because of a lot of local native reservations uh that frankly just say hey i don’t care what the federal government wants we have this allocation of shots and we’re just going to keep ordering them over and over and over uh so you can kind of just like it’s basically like a drive-through at this point um so we’re really fortunate in that regard and so i’m gonna go get a haircut maybe buy a new suit today and uh come back be ready for the awards show you know what i mean you gotta really spruce it up get your hair done get your nails dead oh yeah we’re gonna get the nails yep just if you like it you know what i mean just kidding and it all comes back to hip hop so you know what yeah it does sorry about that so if you if you guys were watching the the screen you’ll see that i’ve been i’ve been doing some patterning here and i had to make an adjustment because i i started this up too high i wanted to drop it down so i used the selection tool drag the stuff down i’ve also been messing with the color palette so you can for you guys i made i made the palette bigger you can zoom in on it large view there see the colors a little better you can always press the plus sign to add a new color i think it sports up to 255 or 256 colors um you’ve got your standard color editor here if you’ve ever used like ms paint or basically another any other program you’ve got your hue slider and you’ve got your saturation and brightness square along with rgb hsab and hex values that you can type in if you feel like doing that the other thing you can do is we’re not going to do it on this one because nothing in this really calls for it but you can make your colors glow like that you do have to keep an eye out for how bright you make your glow and this is why i recommend if you’re in the game jam and you’re making assets before you submit them to joseph you want to test them in the game maker you want to see if they look the way you want them to look in the game maker because the program for vox edit and for the game maker and for the dashboard they all have different rendering methods because the vox edit is made with java the gamemaker is made with unity and the dashboard is made with like a google api of some amalgamation of html5 and css and who knows what else so um i have no idea how it does it’s it’s rendering but um they all have different lighting models so as bright as this pink looks in box edit it’s actually probably going to be brighter in the game maker and this might actually be like a blinding glow in the game maker so you always want to put your files in the game maker right after you upload them and we’ll show we’ll show you that in the next next bit here uh but you don’t want to submit for approval until after you’ve checked them out made sure you’re happy with them made any adjustments you need to make so no i can’t stress that enough because once joseph hits approve on your asset you’re not going to be able to re-upload it without putting in a request and it just becomes a a mess so um we’re going to turn that emissive off and we’re going to make this pink a little little i don’t know what this pink needs i think it needs a little more magenta and maybe a little more saturation so i got a fun uh fun fact for you alex what’s that you ready for it all right i don’t know what if i told you that during the next five seconds right here uh people can click on this link uh assuming that it actually works let’s try that one more time sorry about that a bunch of it all of them except for twitch it didn’t work on so now it worked uh five you clicked this link to be it was five seconds later uh to be eligible to win a wizzy the blue nft two day this nft is unique to these live streams uh touche touche you’re the first one to submit thank you uh i can see the responses coming live but uh this this nft is unique to these live streams you can only ever win one so if you’ve ever won before no sense in filling out the form uh but the nft is for the wizzy to blue uh there will only ever be 200 of this nft and uh again it’s super rare uh highly desirable very few of them have ever been sold from what i could see uh and it’s just a great way for us to get back to the community so if you are uh submitting for that form and you’re interested in winning the wizzy the blue nft maybe you don’t win today you can always like the page or follow or subscribe depending on which platform you are on uh and come back each and every week we do three streams a week on the sandbox official and occasionally i drop into streams from the community and maybe just give one away there uh so check it out fill out that form uh again like comment uh comment hello uh subscribe you know they’re already doing that here we go yep yeah you gotta hit that button real quick no uh uh land giveaways are totally separate from the the the wizzy giveaways so the wizzy character is uh the the rule that we established when we made that character here on the stream was that uh as a giveaway it would only be eligible one per person uh one per winner so if you’ve ever won him before you can never win him again we wanted to make sure that nobody was hoarding all of them or you know there was any sort of unfairness in the giveaway so you get one chance at getting him and uh and that way you know the these are much harder to to um his his values increased by being harder to get a hold of on the market because a lot of people want to hold on to him they’re like i want to have this asset um so it makes them a lot more exclusive um where is the land giveaway we didn’t hit 200 viewers so no later yeah that’s true you got to get more people in here actually i got to tell you full disclosure i have a rework on that land giveaway um i think the number is probably going to have to go higher than 200. because i was looking at our map and you know it’ll be nice when we hit 200 that’ll be fun but i’m looking at our map and i’m looking at the number of little individual blue squares and i don’t know if you guys have ever done this but uh the like the little blue squares are generally made for like content creators when you go onto uh and they say hey a game will be published here eventually right and then the larger blue squares are for like future partnerships and things like that and i’m looking at the number of little blue squares and i was like if we only go up 50 at a time on viewership there’s gonna be one day where it goes like 500 on the day and we’d have to give away like five or ten lands and that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me so i’m gonna have a discussion with the marketing group on monday uh to talk about what uh achievable and reasonable goals are for that because again i feel like there’s just going to be a day we’re going to explode where it’ll be like hey we’ve got a 150 200 people watching today these are genuine people who are interested in creating content and then it goes like a hype spike for an nft giveaway and we got 500 we have to give away way too many lands so uh we want to make sure that those lands are going to content creators for the most part so that they don’t just end up being deadlands or something that’s resold later um but nonetheless uh hibernian you have a good point and i had a laugh about this and i just want to i just want to say i love you guys you’re hilarious in the chats and i love interacting with you every day because uh hibernam says every time joseph says what if i told you i’m like turn the music off what if i told you that you could uh you know do a little something [Laughter] oh boy no we just have fun over here though like that’s that’s what it’s all about if you’re not having fun while making games and game related content like you know what are you doing what are you doing over here yeah exactly get with it get with it people you gotta have some fun out here on this ultra serious video game game creation stream content all right couch king so so you all might have noticed that i that i magically had another egg appear on the other side here so i was using the mirror tool or mirror it’s not a tool the mirror toggle so on each axis you can set mirroring and you see like a little plane preview in here and you can set it up on all three at once if you want and you know color all corners at once you can do all sorts of fun stuff with that um helps make some patterning really quick and easy uh we can also do stuff like uh flip you can’t really tell that the pattern will will flip over on this which way was it before i don’t remember it’s okay doesn’t it doesn’t matter i flip you know upside down make it dance come on there we go um we’ve got our nutritional facts on the back here because uh you know you need to know how many calories are in your chocolate bunny and um let’s see we’re going to do what color should the top be i don’t know i’m thinking the green because there’s not a lot of green actually no green should be on the bottom because we haven’t eaten green anymore definitely the bottom i like the fact that it’s just yellow everywhere else okay that looks because that’s that’s pretty normal right like unless you want to like put a little like like a logo of whoever manufactured you know the bunny but otherwise it’s um you know uh kravassi tv i’m not sure if i’m saying that right um as far as your lands go um can you uh email me or message me on on twitter um you can send me a dm request on twitter and i will talk to you about that because i might be able to help you uh with that oh didn’t even spell your name right look at me i’m such a nerd again yeah there we go with the eye it needs the eye or else it won’t work um all right so i think this bunny is looking pretty much done in here so let’s just make sure that our pivot is correct so we’re going to say pivot floor and just make sure that it’s in the middle there that we avoid bots is to require unique email addresses um with each one i mean potentially there could be somebody who has a bunch of pre-canned email addresses but i’ve never seen anything where it’s like abc12345 you know what i mean coming through in a submission they’re all for the most part somebody that i’ve at least seen their name interact in the chat once when they get the win or somebody who has replied later afterwards when i tag them and say at you win yeah um i know that some people watch this like maybe in their living room and they’ve got that on and they’ve got their computer on and they’re doing that but again for the most part i’ve seen these awards go out to people where later i’ve seen it in the game that they’ve made so i know that it’s uh you know in the right interest and uh andy ritchie asked in the chat uh can i be an artist so that uh you they can use the assets that their partner artist has made for them and send them over to their pc so they could both upload so in andy rich’s case andy is in a situation where they have an artist and a game designer in this game jam as a team so if you want to have both accounts approved as an artist i would say that’s fine uh because i know that they’re both working on arts and or content for the game jam but again keep in mind if you’re watching you must have your arts approved before you can push your game to the gallery and the game will have to be pushed into the gallery in order for our judges to be able to vote on it eventually so at some point your arts that you’re creating in the box edit software will have to be made public where anybody could click the little plus sign at some point and i will be setting a restriction that the very longest you could wait to publish that is a week beforehand because in the previous game jam we thought we were only gonna have like five ten submissions uh and we ended up with uh i think it was about seventy and some of those were like garbage and it got paired down to 40 somewhere in that ballpark it was still a lot to go through of work to do right yeah and uh so so now like we easily played like 40 hours worth of games each and and i don’t think either of us completed the whole yeah individually where individually like i was watching alex live stream and giving my like feedback based on what i’m seeing alex do and he did the reverse on a few games as well because it was like a certain number of hours of dedicated work you were just like i am tired and i need to you know stop being live and interactive in the chat and that kind of thing so um there will be a phase where i say okay you know new submissions are done uh and we can approve your art now um but that’ll be about a week beforehand will be the last time where you could submit your new unique arts um and then from then on technically it is possible that anyone can go to the marketplace and click the plus and use your assets in their game because they have to be able to be visible to the gallery and be able to be published into the gallery so that our uh panelists including people from ubisoft square enix a bunch of other highly prestigious companies will be able to view your games and give their ratings on that so a bunch of stuff to consider but uh all in all i’m going to be working probably a crazy amount in that last week in order to make sure that all your arts get approved because if it’s like the last game jam uh you know games i can imagine each one of those games will probably have at least five custom artworks so i’m gonna have to approve you know math not 300 350 arts in the last week um but it’s probably actually going to be much higher than that uh i’m just trying to be nice we’ll see what happens anyway gonna be cool uh so tyrell 1x it is not possible to blur the shadows right now so you’ll notice if uh if you’ve got both light sources because we’ve got two light sources if you have them both facing the same way they kind of like conflict with each other um there are more updates coming to the rendering engine well we’re also looking into maybe having a like a low detail mode for people who are struggling with frame rates which would kind of automatically adjust the quality of the lighting so blurrier lighting might be possible in the future but it’s not um i don’t think it’s on the roadmap right now uh because ultimately this is not a rendering tool uh this is a building tool and then your renders would be coming you know from inside the gameplay of the game maker or potentially like we can go to the export menu under the file file menu whoa what what happened there my mouse got stuck let go what is going on technical difficulties there there we go somehow my mouse got stuck like grabbing the window and it just was the window was following my mouse um so you go to file export and you can export i prefer jltf for rendering in like light tracer or blender da can work in some environments but i’ve had better experiences with gltf um and and we really recommend light tracer they’ve done a lot of work to make the gltf exports from vox edit uh compatible with their software i mean they they haven’t changed our export format they’ve changed their software to support our exports um which is not something that you know they they had to do but they they were very generous to uh to do that and um uh almost all of our artists in the creator fund are now using light tracer because we we like it so much um so you can go check them out so uh we are going to animate this bunny so what do we do for that because right now it’s all just one box of models so what we want to do is we want to duplicate our model and we’re gonna say um bunny for one and we’re gonna go back into our box model here we’re actually gonna erase the bunny and we can do that with the bucket tool the flood tool it looks like a paint bucket so sometimes by habit i say bucket tool and erase mode and we can get rid of it very quickly with just a few clicks like that now we’ve got an empty box and let’s go to the bunny model and we’re going to get rid of the box on this one so we’re just left with a bunny this one’s a little more difficult this is where the box tool comes in really useful because you can just click in the corner and drag up across whatever colors it encounters it doesn’t care get rid of all that all right and then we’re gonna further divide this bunny up in a little bit uh but for now we’re just gonna place the whole thing so we click on this crop tool that brings all the bounding boxes down tight that’s not really super necessary anymore but i like doing it to stay organized so i don’t have these big bounding boxes kind of floating around my objects um the game make the box that it does automatically trim them when you go to upload so if you forgot about one you don’t have really have to worry about it um and um i didn’t really show this before i think joseph was talking uh if you click on the home button that’s what brings you back to the animator and it asks you if you want to save you always want to say yes well unless you don’t want to save then you would click no or cancel cancel will keep you in the modeler no will bring you back to the animator and discard the changes you made so uh you know think about what you do before you click on it um now we want to add a new node and we’re going to add it to the box node that we already have so we click on the three dot menu create child node and we’ll call it bunny also and then we grab the bunny icon drag it over to the skeleton panel and bam bunnies in the box now let’s see did that pivot i guess the pivot’s down underneath which is fine we don’t really need to move the bunny from there so we’ll leave that for now we might adjust that later depending on how the animation goes uh we want to further divide the bunny into kind of a top half so it’s going to kind of like lean out and look around and then we might do red glowing eyes since that seems to be very popular in the chat um as an option as an option so uh we’ll call this bunny2 doesn’t matter what we call it as long as we know what we’re doing and we’re going to take this i guess our bunny needs a tail doesn’t it we’ll change that on the top on the bottom chocolate bunny never has a tail out i mean they do sort of right they’re always flat on the back it’s just the front mold is it i can’t remember last time i ate a chocolate bunny personally i don’t really like the chocolate they put in chocolate bunnies at least the ones that you always get yeah from stores like people talk about how like american chocolate is no and i’m like did you eat a chocolate bunny because i mean like i can eat m m’s all day long or hershey’s kisses all day long but but chocolate bunnies not not my thing but there is the nostalgia of chocolate bunnies and i i get that so uh we’re gonna bite the head off here and so now we’ve just got the the body and this we do want to move the pivot on so we’re going to shrink our volume here and we’re going to move that pivot up and that just gave me an idea for something else an issue that i’ve been having on something i suddenly felt inspired okay pivot floor so we actually we want this to move from the waist so we want to move this up one if we hold shift it locks into single voxel increments so we go up to the middle here and go back and yes we want to say i answered a question in chat with my head uh so yes you can create the assets um i just want to build a distinction in your mind nft means that it had been serialized on the blockchain so uh you’re not creating nfts at this point you’re creating uh assets that are usable in the game maker uh and so i happen to be a little bit like clinical about that only because um i constantly have to troubleshoot the ethereum tech sort of uh questions for uh everyone frankly uh in the company like when it comes to just like more basic stuff so uh what you’re creating is an asset that you can use in the game maker at this point later on down the road when everyone can uh mint them minting is the process of turning it into an nft uh so they’re just you know it’s a it’s a kind of a more basic distinction but i still like to make it so yeah you can create these assets just like alex is here you can always hit file and hit send to the marketplace because you’ve already been approved as an artist if you have if you haven’t and you want to just follow the form that i linked in earlier on this stream uh and then once you’re approved as an artist you’ll be able to see the the creations that you make in the game maker immediately without need for my approval and then my approval is only so that other people can see your creations and other people will have to be able to see your creations in order for you to be able to send to the uh gallery send to gallery feature is required in order for you to actually get you know your eligibility in the contest other people will have to be able to see your game in order to vote for it so uh yeah yep it’s it is an important distinction because because when you’re when you’re making your your game you might not uh you might not want to sell those assets yet and uh and you know making it an nft you don’t have to sell them at all you you may mint just one and make it for your game and nobody else will ever be able to have it if you want to do that you know you’ll have those those kinds of choices to make but for now we’re now we’re just doing game assets it’s kind of a way to register a type of a copyright right like you say hey this is limited minting and now it can’t be duplicated um whether you want to sell it or not that’s up to you so some people may never want to mint it because they have a kind of a gas fee rate and you’re thinking oh i don’t want to pay the gas that’s cool you can leave it on the marketplace and have it and you know an unlimited number of people be able to play with your content so [Music] getting a call from my wife one second yeah want some bump music oh he’s actually doing it oh god i’m gonna turn it down a little bit all right so uh we do want to put this back here okay [Laughter] apparently it was a quick call you’re muted right now fyi to us we can’t hear you turn myself all the way down so i could have a phone call right what a crazy thing now so she she just gave me a real quick phone call because i mentioned that i won’t be here after the stream because i was going to go get a haircut and so she was like hey i just wanted to let you know i didn’t take the car but i left by it was like oh okay anyway this is what happens you know you run long in a stream and then life hits you right in the face yeah that’s so wait does this mean you’re missing your haircut entirely no i didn’t make an appointment this is gonna be a walking situation and then they’re gonna say oh we can’t take you for this number of hours and then i’m going to go to the other place to get to soup all right so let’s let’s explain what let’s break down what i’ve been doing here so uh we we you could probably tell that i was separating out the the bunny i made uh three different copies so i left one copy uh in full as the original bunny uh just in case i need it for any reason it can hang out in the library if it’s not on the rig when you export to the marketplace it doesn’t get uploaded so your your vxms just stay here in the library chilling out only the stuff that’s on the rig is what goes up to the dashboard when you upload it so you can have anything in here and it should be fine until you connect it so we’ve got our three parts of our bunny and if we turn on our rig view we can see the bones connecting so we’ve got our our box node our bottom of the bunny middle of the bunny on top of the bunny and uh the cool thing with being able to rig them and this is something that’s not as common in voxel art is that we can disjoint an angle and use you know incremental measurements so you’ll notice that the top half is half a voxel forwards so uh we get more like nuance in the shaping of the front it’s not quite as drastic of a of a divide there um and then we can animate and move things around so uh for idle i think we would probably just leave it as a static idol um but we do want to make a new animation and we’ll call it just uh looking or we’ll call it peaking he’s gonna peek out of the box um and so we select our base part he’s going to lean forwards a little bit so we want to expand our zoom so we can see more of the timeline here see more keyframes and we won’t start moving it quite immediately we’ll have a slight delay in there we’re going to hit this keyframe button to add keyframes across all the nodes and we are then going to start our animation so he’s going to lean forwards from the bottom just a little bit and lean forward that way well so i’m uh i’m seeing them i can see this form all the time the one that we use for the game jam artist application yeah uh and from the start of this stream until now we have 11 new people submitting to become artists for the game jam and i’m just glad to have you guys come and create games with us and have fun with us uh and when these games are done i can’t wait to be able to play them and feature them and share them on socials and say like look at this creator name making this create creation name you know right it’s uh it’s gonna be i love seeing these uh come through and like seeing people develop and how it genuinely has look at this bunny head banging right now the bunnies it’s waiting for the banger to drop that’s that’s what it’s just yeah it’s the last chance i’m gonna have to do that before today you know what i mean so i had to get it out so it’s moving a little bit fast right now maybe we want to slow this down so we can actually shift click on all these click one shift click shift click and pull all these keyframes out so it’s got more of a slow kind of lean forward there we go i like that let’s keep it’s a little more peaceful and then it’s going to turn one way so that might also be too fast we’ll see it’s a little fast we’re in a space it’s you know this this bunny you know maybe evil inside but you know it’s it’s hard being a piece of chocolate you’re not too flexible it takes a lot of effort to do this so uh do that and then we’ll move back the other way all right so we can just we’ve got our rotation tool a rotate node move node and this one is just a select node so it’s easier to select without accidentally clicking on the move or rotate handles just the three basic tools that we have in the animator so we can position those and as you move things you’ll see that the the tutorials are probably better at explaining this in a nice concise fashion you can check those out at vox edit nice and easy url to remember there and let’s see let’s see how that looks one way and then the other way okay i’ll probably want to put a little more nuance into that so we’ll uh let’s add in some acceleration curves so if we right click on on these you you might not be able to tell on the resolution of the screen but there’s little little squares here in the middle between each keyframe and right now they are set to linear by default but let’s change them to quad in out and see how that looks yeah that’ll give it a little material smooth over on uh twitch asked if uh the animation will play back so that there are no jerks and that’s what alex is doing right now when he does quad and quad out that sort of thing is it takes it and makes it more smooth but you do still have to animate that last little bit so that it doesn’t quickly like jump back into the box right um yeah no i’m not done yet but you can you can tell that the turn of the head is a lot smoother um and then uh thomas cole will landowners be able to publish assets before the general public um you mean games um they’re the only people who can if that makes sense uh you have to own a land in order to be able to publish your game into the land for your game experience but in terms of publishing or minting uh nfts uh i’m not sure i’m not sure about that because you have some landowners that aren’t even interested in creating nfts at all so as far as being uh being a landowner and wanting to publish assets to the marketplace uh even not not considering minting just publishing um i think you can ask joseph through the form uh that he published earlier and uh you can say hey i’m a landowner i’m interesting interested in making games um i don’t think it necessarily has to be for the uh the game jam although those will probably take a priority right now uh just to make sure that game jam entries are able to you know get their stuff done on time but as a landowner uh you know we like supporting you in whatever way that we can so yeah i could say that uh as somebody who’s watching these streams um i would be more inclined to approve you than like a blind request on discord um because you’re probably more likely to actually want to create content like what you’re seeing um and you know not just i want to have i want to have permission because it’s cool right right right like you have to actually want to use it in my opinion at this stage um but yeah to be approved so you can understand the system and get ready uh but minting for the general public i think is gonna go live all at the same time um but i’m not sure uh i know that we’re rolling out artists that are able to mint and have their art published so you’ve seen that on the marketplace like with today’s sale um so there’s there’s uh a process that’s going to go into place before just anybody can men farrah van ham the the asks will you be able to use your own custom blocks and anime assets for the game jam and that is what this whole stream is about uh the the entire i don’t know when you joined us in this but uh we’re showing vox edit today to show the process of creating invox edit for those who are unfamiliar and uh i think well we’re almost half an hour over so i don’t know if joseph is going to want to stick around for the whole time maybe we should continue this on wednesday uh because we haven’t gotten all the way there yet but we’re getting close um we’re going to show the upload to the marketplace process also so we’ll probably maybe we’ll show that before i do the evil eyes because the evil eyes is going to be an extra thing so we will uh we’ll finish this animation we’ll show the upload to the marketplace and submitting to joseph for asset approval and and then we will continue this one on wednesday when we go to mint and give these away to the people who are winning these so um the way we bring this head back to its correct position is we can go back to this frame select the key and hold alt and we can just drag oh it didn’t recognize the alt one second i think because i clicked out of the window there we go see how it’s a green green means it can go someplace it’ll turn red if there’s a place that you can’t put it which yeah like we can’t well we can’t actually put it there so i’m not sure why it’s red there but uh we drag it over here and we’ll change that to the q uh quad in out there’s a few different acceleration curves available and we’re looking at maybe making a way to do custom curves also all right so they’re gonna get you out oh no i’ve been caught right here i hear him i live next to a fire station although that sounded like a police car so i don’t know what happened happens it happens uh aka i am trying to i’m sorry i’m answering a question in chat it says my network can’t handle 1080p um i’m trying to figure out a way to add more compression options if that makes sense um twitch just has auto and 1080p source typically when you go direct to just one service uh you can choose the resolution as a user um but because we live stream to twitch and youtube and d live and theta in facebook and la la la we don’t have that much customization control um for those features we have to basically choose a base resolution and go from there and then but i i will try to dig deeper into the tools that we use and maybe possibly change what tools we use but that’s going to be a while before we’ll have that possible cool um let’s see i’m putting little pauses at the end of the head turns here so i’m just duplicating these frames out you can see that it gets a darker color when there’s no change from a keyframe to a keyframe so if you’ve got a duplicate keyframe it will it’ll not display the same way alright so let’s take a look at this looks one way looks the other way goes back i think probably it’ll start pulling back before its head finishes this rotation so we’re going to slide these back and pull these in james hallett over on youtube asks i wanted to ask who on your team created cup bonsai it is so fantastic and i can say that it was uh that guy over there thank you very much in the right direction i’m not it’s that guy over there yeah you got me there we go hey so uh yeah it was a that was a really cool creation and uh alex did you did you record the process of making that and how that works um i think i think that was made in a a blind fury as as much of my work is um and was possibly not recorded um but i do plan on breaking down how those assets were created so uh specifically i’ve been asked for that one and the bubble blower uh for the care bears uh people are interested in how i set those up because it’s kind of we don’t really have um we have some particle effects in the game but we don’t have a way to make our own particle effects through vox edit and so i use some some tricks that i’ve figured out with the with the node structures and the animation to kind of mimic my own particle systems so that’s uh both of those assets use that as well as uh the wizzy tower that was um sold on tuesday so uh we’ll we’ll break down those in in streams eventually it’s one of those things that i i could show at any time but usually there’s like something else going on so um okay and i i think i’m i think i’m reading this right but i want to address crypto gemini bros question over on twitch it says i noticed there were specific game file namings after i started working on my game the tutorial shows that you rename it upon exploiting to the game maker uh can you comment about that process and i think i’m a bit confused with the way that you’ve written this but i think i understand um your game is one thing your assets are going to be another so when you export to marketplace you’re um you’re exporting your asset creation uh and then inside your game that’s accessible by reading your account uh so when you restart that game the available assets you have uh those things you can pull i think i understand the the question um so what he’s referring to i’m assuming he’s sorry but uh there’s uh in the game maker hopefully this isn’t too loud i think i turned it down already yeah that’s pleasant um in the game maker so there’s not really a way to change there’s no rename option here now i believe that it it doesn’t matter what the file name is per se um if you go to your uh rules you can name your level and add a description um and that is that that will display on your your welcoming screen which is which can be important if you if you use the welcoming screen uh but then when you go to share it with the share button here you can enter the name of the game right here uh so whatever if you if you named it abc123 well you don’t you’re not stuck with that name in the gallery you can name it whatever you want to over here there is a way to [Music] back up and rename the file and it’s convoluted and kind of hacky and i’m not gonna share it here because it’s not really particularly useful for for anything if you if you really really wanted to change the name of the the game in the editor you could um but like i said it’s it’s complicated this is yeah what it posts as a in the gallery is really what you want to be concerned with um this is at least two wizzy street i see what you’re doing there monkey junkie um what we’ve seen is that somebody will update their game right and they’ll they’ll make a new name for it or whatever it may even have the same screenshot in many occasions it’s just purely like a game name version 1.0 and then they’ll make a change and they’ll re-upload again and it’ll say game name version 1.1 right and uh so there’s no conflict in that because the gallery is designed not to be the final view that’s more like the developers space to put this in and then have someone else play test the game for them oh yeah that’s another important thing to point out yeah um you can contin continue while i’m logging back in okay sorry so you know when uh when we are looking at that uh as a game developer and i’m when i say we i mean you the viewer and me joe we’re let’s say we were a development team together you would say hey i’ve made this game i know that it works on my computer because i have all the assets and all this other stuff right but i don’t know if it works for the general consumer you could publish it here and then have joe logan and i click on your game and i load it without having any of the assets in my account and maybe it broke and it doesn’t work anything like you intended but this is a normal part of the process and you would say okay because it broke what do you need to make it not break and then get back to designing and development on your side until you’ve worked out all the bugs and the kinks so this is totally normal process you can see like magma maze here and experienced by alex if i loaded magma maze on my account it may not perform exactly the same i think this is totally broken right now i probably i probably actually need to delete it so you’ll see that this is on my account i uploaded it i actually have a delete button here so if you have older versions that you don’t want on the gallery anymore you can just click delete there and it will go away um you can also do that from your dashboard i believe i know that you can see them on your dashboard i’m not sure if you can delete them we can uh take a look at the dashboard you’ll click quick click cool uh and then cryptogenie make sure that uh if you want us to break your game which is our nice way of saying we’ll play it for you uh on wednesday and tell you everything that we think can be improved um then you’ll make sure that if you are an artist that i have to also approve all your art before we can even try to break your game or or play test it right yeah so if you want us to play test it then you’re going to have to let me know ahead of time you can do it on discord you can do it on twitter and you can say hey i’ve submitted this art this art this this dessert uh can you approve them so that you can play test it and i will go through and approve them early but as soon as i approve them then anyone could use that art which is okay if you want us to play test it and my genuine opinion even though we won’t be the the panels actually judging your game is that you probably have a better chance of winning if you’ve never made a game before by having your art be public and letting us play test it anyway and not thinking about oh well somebody else can use my art right now because later on if you don’t want them to use your art you could always mint it so you know it’s up to you so you can’t uh delete the experience from your inventory but if you go to the me tab and inventory on your uh account and you go to experiences here you can actually click on any of the experiences that are synchronized with your account and you can click edit experience in the corner here and you can change the name and the description from here i think experience multiplayer if you toggle that uh that might that might not be a that might be only visible because i’m an admin um and it may not even it probably won’t even work if you toggle that i’m not sure i haven’t i haven’t tried that i’m not sure what will happen there um i will test that out well i’m not gonna test it out right now we’re not we’re not here to do that today uh but uh i you know if i see the button i push the button it’s just it’s the way it goes so um we are gonna have to wrap up here if uh if joseph’s ever gonna get his hair cut and stop being a hippie so um it’s true we’ve got we’re i’m gonna do some more with this uh after we’re done with the stream and then we’re going to uh to add our glowing eyes uh we’ll make we’ll make at least the beginning of wednesday finishing up this asset and minting it for the people who are winning it because if you weren’t with us at the beginning of the stream there is a now sold out easter bunny asset on the marketplace so if you got that easter bunny before it sold out send us a screenshot on twitter tag me joseph and the sandbox with your screenshot of you using the bunny the easter bunny in the game maker it can be hiding its eggs somewhere whatever you want it to be doing just make it family friendly please because we want to show these on stream and whoever does that by wednesday’s stream which is at 2100 gmt um you will be winning uh this everybody who submits will be getting a cop an nft of this we are only going to mint as many copies as uh there are submissions so if 20 people submit there’s only going to be 20 copies of this um so yeah it is a double dose saturday or a dose and a half at least it’s almost a double dose so let’s go ahead and upload this so you can at least see the process so we are going to go to file export to marketplace we want to make sure that we have the right animation selected i’m going to select peaking as the default actually you know i’m going to we can do that over here too from the animation panel set as default it makes it glow kind of orange it’s right behind joseph’s head right next to his headphones there and that way when whatever you said is the default animation when you mint it when it goes to open c that’s going to be the animation that it shows so we export to marketplace now uh peaking is the default animation that’s selected there and we select a thumbnail that looks best this i think is the best view of the bunny here we export it automatically opens up the sandbox page in your default browser and we click new asset and we’re going to call this uh we’re just going to call it chocolate bunny maybe i’ll think of a funnier name and we can change that later and uh we won’t worry about a description right now because we’re gonna go back and change this all later so we hit continue um oh behavior uh yeah we’ll leave behavior blank because uh we would actually use this probably as an animated asset behavior which we don’t actually have a selector for on the website right now i don’t think no so hit continue um categories we’re going to say that this is a [Music] there’s no food option yes we need we need a food category decoration there is decoration we can use that decoration uh we could say horror but i i think maybe we’ll just put animal decoration and none for the theme for now we’ll keep those that way all right so now we’ve got our preview if we click on the view 3d button here let me let me zoom in oops zoom in so you can see what i’m doing better we click the view 3d button we can do peaking there and it’ll play the animation back for us we can also see that it’s the top animation because it has preview which is 2d view 3d and then the first animation it shows is peaking in this case idle is actually hidden because idle is the same as view 3d because we didn’t have any keyframes on idle so view 3d is the exact same thing so whatever animation is listed as top that’s another way to check what it’s going to mint as on openc so you want to make sure that you have the right animation selected there so this is the part where where you should go and test it in the game maker first but because i’m right here i’m going to show it to you so that you you can stop here you can back out it’s it’ll still be in your inventory everything that you’ve done at this point is saved you don’t want to click send for approval until you’ve tested in the game maker and you’re sure it works and looks the way that you want it to when you’re sure that it meets all your criteria for being your perfect asset you click send for approval and that is what puts it in our moderation queue but if you want to send it to joseph uh joseph you got that link handy for submissions do you want to share it now probably do but i was going to send it in an email to everyone okay yeah because there’s going to be a bunch of people who aren’t watching this right so let me see if i can because i want to find the form i didn’t have it ready here we go here it is that was easy i just had to type in four and it showed up so uh the submission form has some of the instructions of what we just did about making your selection it also has links to uh our twitch i’m actually going to put a link to the i’m going to change this link from the twitch link to the recording of this specific live stream and also the general tutorials for vox edit so that way everybody has some good info there and goes through the whole process and then all you have to do is fill out these two things so we would say uh we want to go back to our asset so i’d go to my unpublished inventory and i’d click on the chocolate bunny and what i want is this url right here it reads then it’s for me it says slash en for english but if you were on like uh if you were on korean or japanese or chinese uh it would change those letters i’ll be right back okay so uh then uh it says assets and then it has the name of the asset in this case chocolate dash bunny and then it’s got the asset id so this is all it’s very important that you copy this entire url because this is what’s going to um what you’re going to send to joseph and it’s going to automatically generate a moderation link for him so that way he’s able to approve your asset so we copy it so you just select all and then copy and then you paste it into the first field of the form and it will actually yell at you if you don’t have this whole url here it’s actually going to say make sure to copy the full url because it’s checking that all that beginning part of the url is there and then what is your email and so i put in my email and submit and that’s it and it gives you a link to submit another response so if you’ve got like 20 assets you can just submit another response scroll down paste to the next one though i know it’s kind of annoying to have to submit them one at a time instead of submitting them all at once but this way we give joseph something that’s really easy to work with because he’s probably going to have thousands of assets to approve because of this so we want to make this as smooth as possible for him because he’s this is uh this is his contribution back to to your community so uh so yeah the url is uh when you go to your inventory you go to me inventory unpublished you could say unpublished or pending if you click select or send for approval it would be in your pending also it counts as both you click on it and then you copy the whole url that you see up here and it should uh just be at the end it’s going to be the name chocolate bunny or whatever you chose as the name and the asset id um if you see a whole bunch of other stuff at the end it’s you’re probably on the wrong page um but the reason you want to put your email there is if uh joseph is having a hard time with your url if for some reason it’s not working he can contact you and say hey i’m having a hard time getting to your asset so let’s figure something out um let’s see questions in the chat here let me scroll back a little bit um but nietzsche says i don’t didn’t realize it’s an inventory at this point so as soon as you upload as soon as you upload and set the name even before you get to selecting the categories and stuff it’s already in the game maker you just have to open up your file again so it refreshes your library so if you were already in the game maker and you uploaded you wouldn’t see it until you save and come back to your game so if i open up a game file it should already be in my inventory here so i go here and say bunny chocolate bunny is right there so we got chocolate bunny and uh we got the easter bunny here too and we see that uh the animation is not playing on this one uh probably because of the way we selected the default so what we can do to fix that is we say behavior animated decoration and peaking is that uh you know you know why it’s because idle is always going to be the default in the game maker so whatever if you if you have an animation called idle the game maker is going to pick that by default no matter what so uh and that this would actually work out the best case because in the game maker we probably want the static idle to be default and then we want to play the animation in a specific situation whereas on openc we want the peaking animation to be default because that’s the the cutest so now when we hit play come over and we can see that animation playing all right so that’s that’s that whole process and uh we will go over that a bit more next time hi joseph welcome back i’m just going through the questions here um hibernium says the value of the wysi nft increases on the base of time joseph and alex stream that’s the real secret you know you figured us out um you’re still muted it gets increasingly rare every single time we stream i think that’s the real secret i think yeah there’s lesser and lesser chances you’ll ever be able to acquire one people are more and more so like hey i need it and the percentage by which it gets more rare increases every time we stream as well it’s like accelerating rarity are most game jam people working in teams i have no idea um uh as far as i can tell right now most game jam creators are working as individuals but um they have a month and a half to sort that out yeah there are definitely some teams you know sometimes it’s people and their spouses sometimes it’s teams of ten you know yeah well it can only be teams of four teams of four uh i guess that makes sense yeah the rules say there can only be teams of four yeah but i’ll put it this way uh the prize money can only go out to a a max of four wallets so uh if you’ve got more than four people on your team uh good luck trying to to make sure everybody gets their fair share because yeah just just don’t do it follow the rules have access doesn’t really make sense to do larger than four i was uh thinking out of place actually to an interview that i did a couple of weeks ago here on the on this channel where we had a game fund approved artist group that has a team of i think it’s 12 staff members now um but they’re not related to the game jam they’re not eligible for game jam they’re making a game for us in our uh in the metaverse for part of our pay to or play to earn program sorry right pay to earn i’m kidding that’s uh uh uh planet rift or is it no it wasn’t planet rift that was uh the names escaping me on the other side because i remember the uh let’s see here yeah is it very hard to join the game jam no it’s super easy barely an inconvenience all you have to do is make a game uh and then submit it in you can see the article over on sandbox hyphen game go to the article about the game jam you can submit into the form that is there i could approve you as an artist if you want to make custom box edit assets like you saw here on today’s stream and then i would have to approve those assets in order for you to submit something but you can see the contest there it says a glitch in the metaverse uh and so this is our game jam and it’ll run until about mid-may uh right yeah yeah um uh and that link thank you alex for putting that in the chat uh but yeah it’s super easy to make the um not as easy to get in the top ten but we’ve had some creators who’ve come in in previous game gyms and they joined us on a stream like this uh they’ve never made anything before they got top 10 you know so if you want to enter it’s always worth entering it’s always worth your time even if you don’t get top 10 you can always take the game you created for this game jim and you could publish it onto a piece of land if you buy one and then people will be able to play it when the metaverse goes live so super cool cosmogrog that was a motorcycle going by me i live on a main road so it’s i apologize i just do get pretty loud i’ve had some mixed motorcycle not even yours by the way because i live on a highway uh oh really it’s one of those like scenic route highways i thought it was a motorcycle in my okay that was loud enough that i thought it was in real life for me i know it was uh it’s crazy i get them all the time here we actually have like a motorcycle festival that’ll happen in mid-july so i sure hope that oh boy doesn’t happen that’ll be fun one of our live streams because it would be like 50 cars and i’d just be like all right that’s it joseph signing off there we go yeah so it’s super easy to get in the game jam and please join us for that and uh we’re going to be back here on monday doing more vox edit content with panda pops i will not have my face on the screen for that stream uh we have her uh doing that one solo so that her and i don’t have to get into a video call or anything like that in order to to do that but uh yeah alex you got anything else um just i saw uh ludicy from twitch asks if we’re using this bunny to do the screenshot contest and no you need the one from the marketplace which is all sold out so um you could potentially secure one on openc maybe um if if anybody’s selling them i don’t know somebody might be flipping them right now uh but it’s the easter bunny here so the reason this contest is is unique is that because this is already minted there’s no way to add this to your inventory now so either you own it as an nft or you don’t so uh this uh this giveaway is exclusive to people who who uh were on top of twitter this morning because these did sell out pretty fast today and it sold out today which was not yeah just a couple hours always great to see that but uh i didn’t even know it was on sale until like 15 minutes before the stream or something and alex was like hey we’re gonna do this and i was like cool that sounds like fun we can surprise people who pick this up and it’s like a new a fun little just like hey if you’re in the marketplace and you’re picking things up for easter here’s another easter thing you know and it’s just a freebie forum so that’s a super cool thing and this this is where it pays off to you know make sure you’re following us on twitter uh and that you’re subscribed to the emails because uh this did go out uh was well not the contest but the the asset sale was mentioned in an email um and on twitter so uh if you’re if you’re following on on those uh you’ll you’ll have the the heads up when these kind of things happen um any other last minute questions just some thank you sirs what’s the average play time i should aim for to for the game gym uh and frankly i don’t think it matters nearly as much about play time how long does it take to play your game as much as is it fun is it well built um yeah and and that comes in a lot of different ways because you can still we in the last contest you could get into the top 10 making something with what seems like really basic assets that everybody else had used um but at the end of the day it came to like do you have uh a side quest do you have world building elements like text that pops up that you would say yeah it doesn’t matter right but like walk up to a mailbox and you click on the mailbox and it says oops there’s no mail you know uh it you’re you’re putting life into the world that can expand the experience beyond the main quest so if you just had one main quest that was that took forever to do but wasn’t particularly fun to do uh then that would get a lower score than something that was quick but you wanted to come back and play it over and over and over again yeah i mean even that i i don’t remember the name of it is like escape the room or something like that the the horror game from last jam yeah was really only about 15 minutes long uh but it was it got the biggest emotional reaction out of me and joseph that from any game that we’ve played in in the game maker including even grey labs which are great great games uh but this one it had like legit jump scares in it that were it was startling because i wasn’t expecting anybody to put that much um ambience into their game and joseph had it muted and was still surprised by stuff and i had the sound on and there’s like stuff with static on tvs and stuff going on and i was like this is uh i don’t know it’s one of the creepier experiences that i’ve had since like i don’t know playing amnesia back in the day maybe not that big but but i mean i was i was very taken aback by how well well put together it was and and it was a very short game so um that’s true and then we’ve got games other games that are on two four by fours take an hour and a half to play through yeah so yeah any and both of those were in the top three i think so top top five at least yeah alex it is time we are way over time so there’s some time alec there’s some time i got time [Music] you ready to close this [Music] have a great weekend everybody nah i’ll see you guys later all right alex it’s gone it’s just me and you guys what do you think what do you think are you ready to go you ready to party

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