Xiaomi Pad 5 – The Galaxy Tablet KILLER!

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bucks now that’s roughly could be a little bit more a little bit less but either way it’s under 500 bucks all right so let’s go through all the specs that comes in two different colors you got cosmic gray and pearl white now the tablet is wi-fi only no gps no 5g for the display you got an 11 inch ips lcd quad hd panel with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 that is 274 for the ppi patrol you got dolby vision it goes up to 470 nits brightness you got hdr10 and a hertz refresh rate now for the processor got the qualcomm snapdragon 860 with the adreno 640 gpu now what does that mean in english low tier flagship specs bro low tier flagship specs now you got six gigs of ram 128 or 256 gigs of storage no micro sd card slot for expandable memory now it’s running android 11 with miui 12.5 skin on top you got an 8 720 milliamp battery that’s capable of 33 watt fast charging now on the side note in the box you get the 22 watt charger that’s gonna charge the tablet from zero to 100 in two hours now if you bought a 33 watt charger it’s gonna charge from zero to a hundred percent and one and a half hours for the cameras on the rear you got a 13 megapixel lens on the front you got an eight megapixel lens now you got quad stereo speakers that feature dolby atmos now we’re going to talk about that in a minute these speakers are incredible you also got face unlock you got a bluetooth stylus and second space also known as thought protection all right so all of that for under 500 bucks let’s see what it is first things first shout out to white shoes back in the building [Music] calm down y’all see the knife hand extra sharp now let’s talk about something real quick why is this the galaxy s7 tab s7 fan edition killer check this out now there’s a couple of things that i like better about the fan edition such as it has a bigger display it has a bigger battery with faster charging speed capabilities you do have expandable memory which is very important to some people you got better camera placement which i’m going to talk more about that in a minute and you also got access to the samsung ecosystem so you got your edge panels you got caller text from the tablet you got samsung dex and one of my favorite features second screen but with the pad 5 you got a better display 120 hertz refresh rate you got a better processor better gpu of smoother lag free experience which i’m going to show you so you can see for yourself basically no lag on this one okay better speakers it’s not even a comparison dual speakers on a fan edition versus quad speakers it’s night and day you got a better stylish all right the fan edition comes with a regular stylus this has the bluetooth i was going to say s pen the bluetooth stylus this one has thought protection which is very important on the tablet and i’ll show you why but most importantly this one has a better price 470 bucks versus 530 bucks all right that’s a 60 savings if you buy the pad 5 you’re getting a better tablet and you got 60 bucks in your pocket take your girl out to a nice dinner at chick-fil-a okay let’s get into the unboxing and see what it is okay clean white box y’all know i like that giggity dolby atmos inside this is gonna be a tablet okay quad hd display 120 hertz adobe atmos support snapdragon 860 high capacity battery let’s see what else you get now this is going to be your usual books and [ _ ] plucking the phylum okay you got a little tab right here open this up okay and this is going to be your 22.5 fast charging brick all right 22.5 watts let’s see this is usb 8 the usb type c and you’re charging brick now like i said this one is 22 watts but it’s capable of 33 watt fast charging you have to buy that separately okay now for the tablet look at this right here now let’s do the smell test on this one real quick this one smells like a fatality alright this is a straight up fatality for the galaxy tab s7 fan edition all right i hope y’all didn’t run out and buy this one yet before y’all watch this video because if it was me and my money i would definitely go with the pad 5. now let’s talk about something else real quick what about the regular tab s7 honestly i would take the regular tab s7 as opposed to this one for a few different reasons i’ll tell you real quick now the regular tab s7 okay hope i wrote it down somewhere ah here it goes i the regular tap s7 has a better processor better gpu it has expandable memory you got better cameras you got a faster charging battery has the same quad speakers as the pad 5 but you do have a fingerprint sensor and face unlock this one only has face unlock and you got the bluetooth s pen on the regular tab s7 which is better than this bluetooth pen now this bluetooth pen is sick but the galaxy pen is way better not to mention with the regular tap s7 you have all the samsung ecosystem features edge panels okay you got your caller text from device you got samsung dex and you got second screen okay and that one is about the same price as this maybe a little bit more i think the regular tap s7 is maybe 500 bucks or 520 bucks i would get that before this one but if it comes to the tap s7 fan edition or the pad five go with the pad five okay this one is banging right here now let’s talk about the s-pen now this is not if you hear me say s pen i mean the xiaomi smart pen i s pen when i say s pen the s stands for smart pen all right not the samsung pen the s pen this is the smart pen this one if you pre-order it comes as a bundle if you don’t pre-order you’re gonna have to buy this separately and here’s one thing i don’t like the price of this s pen right here i smart pen is 116 bucks i know that’s kind of outrageous especially when if you buy the samsung galaxy tab s7 it comes with the s pen and s pen is also bluetooth but it has the whop features this one just has bluetooth features that are sim uh pretty basic and i’ll show you how they look now this one you have to charge this up all right i’ll show you how it works it takes one minute to charge up 20 uh to 20 minutes worth of use all right so if you charge it for one minute you get 20 minutes worth of use only thing i don’t like about this one is if the battery dies on it you can’t use it okay so if you really heavy into the s pen game make sure you charge it up all right so let me pause the video delete my browsing history then we’ll walk through the os talk amongst yourselves alright guys so be back in first let’s talk about the build quality now the tablet is nice and lightweight but it feels sturdy and premium now you’re going to love this finish on the back you got glass on the front an aluminium frame aluminium back with a layer of plastic over it now this layer of plastic is going to give it that mother of pearl finish and you’re gonna love this all right i gotta say it this one feels so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures no fingerprints now i don’t know if y’all haven’t seen a pearl or opal it kind of has that shimmery that color change to it i love this all right this is the color that you want and again as opposed to the gray no fingerprints now you do have your magnetization i don’t know if that’s a real word magnetization for your s pen on the side all right and you see once you put it to the side it starts charging up now you can magnetize it to either side but if you want charge it has to be on this side then it’ll start charging back up a couple of different ways you can open up the tablet matter of fact let’s go around it real quick on one side there’s your volume up and down your power button is on the top two of your quad speakers okay on this side on the bottom usb type-c charging slot you got two more of your quad speakers and on the bottom actually the left side you got your pins for your keyboard now i purpose i personally didn’t get the uh of the keyboard but y’all know how this tablet keyboard works let me see it again y’all know how these tablet keyboards work all right they’re all the same now you can use any bluetooth keyboard you want but they also have a specific one for this like i said i didn’t get that one a couple of different ways you can open up the device now you do have face unlock okay now look at it bomb just like that i’m not gonna look at it okay look at it face unlock on this one works perfectly okay no fingerprint sensor you can also swipe up put in your pattern your pin all right let’s do that again okay without looking at it now camera placement this is the one thing that i was talking about i like it better when the tablets have the camera on the front i suppose you know the camera when you hold it in a landscape mode as opposed to the camera being in portrait mode because when you’re on your video calls a lot of times you want to hold the tablet like this with a camera on the left side you’re going to notice that the person is going to look the person that you’re talking to they’re going to think you’re looking away all right i’ll show you some video for yourself display all right the display on this is beautiful if nobody told you you would think this was an avalanche paddle why am i getting tongue tied today let me try that one more time if nobody told you you would think this was an amoled panel you wouldn’t just immediately look at it and be like okay you know with the ips lcd displays a lot of times the blacks kind of look washed out or kind of look a little grayish this one right here is beautiful all right the display on this one is killing the fan edition all right this is the difference between quality lcd and tft all right this is a there’s a big difference this one delivers and you got 120 hertz refresh rate and no lag now y’all remember with the tab fan edition whenever you try to switch over to your different modes it was a lot of lag this one is a nice switch let me grab the fan edition real quick let’s see and on a side note with the fan edition i did turn off the uh animation and i went to um developer options i turned off the window transitions okay here’s your fan edition you see that lag right there let’s go back home this tablet has a little bit of lag that’s not the smoothest transition okay now if you go to settings let’s go over the settings real quick hold up let’s go back to settings you see my transition uh my transition animation scale is off animation during the duration scale is off and the window animations everything is off okay and it’s still taking this long to change orientations i don’t like that now it’s not the biggest deal in the world until you pick up a tablet like this and it’s what it switches over nice and quickly [Music] okay now this tablet costs less has a better display higher refresh rate better processor and more of a lag free experience beautiful display let’s check the web browsing speeds real quick go to apple.com choose one beef today choose i need you to fall back okay now here’s the full website now we’ll take a look at the pen at the same time okay 120 hertz excellent scrolling speed let’s take it over to tacos real quick now you do have all your basic toggles so you got screenshots screen cast that do not disturb battery saver dolby atmos you got floating windows i’ll show you how those work in a minute get your pc file transfer now if you swipe over that’s your regular notifications let’s take it over to settings real quick matter of fact let me dim the lights real quick this way y’all can see without uh looking at this i can see without looking at the reflection okay this looks a little bit better now i’m going to show you some of the bluetooth s pen features in a minute but let’s go back to the basics now we already seen the toggles you swipe over let’s go to settings okay now there’s no fingerprint sensor no gps no nfc let’s go to display now dark mode is on let’s see let’s turn that off okay no dark mode you got your refresh rate 120 hertz you can’t do that on the fan edition and you got 60 hertz no adaptive refresh rate so it’s going to be either all exit out of that let’s go to display let’s go to color scheme now you got vivid saturated and standard and you do have adaptive colors that’s kind of like true tone i’ll leave that off though sound bro wait until you hear these speakers it’s incredible let’s say anything a stylus and keyboard now you do have two bluetooth s pen features you can take notes and you can write okay passwords and security face unlock only no fingerprint sensor and you do have smart lock special features you got game turbo okay you got your video toolbox floating windows and second space now if you notice if you hover the pen over it it highlights that option you don’t have to actually touch the display second space thought protection okay and that’s pretty much it now let’s take a look at this bluetooth s pen you press one button okay watch this tap the screen and start writing bong brings up my paper so now call mike 347 9261 now if i click the button again the light just a little bit low you see it change it change colors so that’s red click it back to blue click it one more time that’s black back to red now if i click the first button it changes the pen style okay keep losing that button alright now that’s the little pencil click it one more time this is the big marker if i click and hold it that’s the eraser all right so let’s um let’s erase some of this stuff real quick just like that this is so dope now watch this i’m writing if i want to do a screenshot i’m going to press and hold and then now i can do screen select or screenshot okay just go ahead and save that bond just like that now from the home screen i can do the same thing now let’s go to facebook real quick okay now say i’m on facebook let’s see uh let’s find something interesting okay now say i want to do a quick screenshot of this meme right i’m going to press and hold okay bong just like that now if i want to i could do this kind of screenshots let’s save that one okay press and hold and do the cutout screenshots like that do it one more time now you got to press and hold it and i could draw the screenshot like that or you could do circles all right so this is pretty dope the best feature about this though is just straight up writing now from any from any uh app let’s go back now say i’m on facebook right now i want to bring up my writing app i’m going to press and hold tap the screen open up notes okay now say i wanna okay remember to buy that rolly now let’s click let’s get a different size pen okay and a different color real quick buy that rolly in my dream and that’s pretty much it okay so let’s exit out of that there’s your floating window okay and you can swipe it away just like that this is pretty dope alright so the s pen does have bluetooth capabilities but just not as much as the galaxy s pen because with the galaxy s pen when i’m watching youtube videos i press the button [ _ ] switch to the next video [ _ ] i can go to camera press the button and use the s pen as a camera shutter button alright so it’s just way more functionality with the galaxy version but this one is cheaper like this one is cheaper and it’s functional okay back to the web browsing speeds go to apple.com no scrabble.com okay we’ll go to scrabble.com why not i was talking too fast all right let’s let me try it again go to apple.com okay snapdragon 860 low tier flagship specs now i got all those windows open okay full website works in landscape or portrait look at that fast transition and of course now you got split screen multitasking and you got floating windows so i can just have it right now as a floating window we can open up facebook okay i can float this around i can make this smaller like that get it away all right now let’s do a regular split screen multitask let’s do uh facebook and apple at the same time all right here it is here’s your multitasking nice and smooth everything works let’s keep it moving now let’s test out these ridiculously loud quad stereo speakers that feature dolby atmos the speakers on this are so loud it’s almost like having a bluetooth speaker now i did some side-by-side testing with all of my 1000 and 2000 laptops these speakers are louder it’s just that crazy of course i got the official flossie carter sound test by my homeboy mark rubio and yes i will be at the concert on sunday in las vegas here we go does it sound loud [Music] that’s a sound test baby that’s the whole bottom covered now white shoes [Music] [Music] [Music] ladies and gentlemen mark rabier i can’t stress this enough if you’re just buying a tablet for entertainment purposes all right you’re not buying it for work you already got a laptop you just want a tablet to sit in the bed browse social media do a little bit of shopping watch a whole bunch of videos youtube netflix amazon get your scumbag video activity on this is one of the best speaker experiences that i had yet on the tablet that’s this size the only thing better than this is ipad pro and the galaxy tab s7 plus all three of these are in the same league but for this price are you not going to find speed what makes me mad also is why samsung doesn’t put these kind of speakers on the galaxy book flex and the galaxy book ion all of these 1 000 laptops why do the tablet speakers sound this much better it’s just mind-blowing but nevertheless i digress you’re going to love these speakers hashtag bars now let’s take a look at the display remember beautiful quad hd display with 120hz refresh rate [Music] and these speakers ridiculous [Music] minimum bezels but enough where you can still hold it excellent viewing angles indoor and outdoor i love this like i said you wouldn’t know this was ips lcd you would think this was amoled [Music] let’s keep it moving all right so now let’s do a little bit of gaming asphalt 9. here we go now i think this is a new level all right i actually made it to a new level i never seen this one yet all right here we go here we go okay let’s go okay double tap to spin i don’t even know that okay let me find out i’m about to start playing this game i’m about to do some spin [ _ ] hold up watch this watch this got this [Applause] you know what i’m saying let’s go that’s all i’m giving it up okay let me stop playing around this game is actually kind of fun you know what i’m saying oh no i got carried away all right here we go here we go i usually give up after the first round okay okay i’ll let it say oh this game is actually kind of fun but you see for yourself you can run asphalt 9 legends with no issues at all no lag no hiccups no stutters now of course i gotta try some gaming with xbox game pass this is not anything to do with the processor this is a streaming service but i want y’all to see how it’s going to look because chances are if you got an android tablet you got xbox game pass you’re going to want to do some real gaming and not asphalt 9. okay so i just opened up xbox game pass we’re going to play a little killer instinct as usual got my bluetooth controller already paired up here we go [Music] now i gotta go to my to my main of course you know why not let’s go to my main julio iglesias do a little full goal battle why not random stage selection now i play a lot better with a wired controller there’s a little bit of lag in the bluetooth controller so if i lose you know why for the chance of me losing this slim all right let’s get it on [Applause] whoa [Applause] let’s go [Applause] okay okay good luck come here let’s go [Applause] okay let’s go heavies get out of here come here let’s go that’s what i’m talking about i’m getting back in this y’all oh i woke up meet him oh my god okay he got me on that one [Music] all right let me stop playing let’s go this is the floor special right here watch this [Applause] [Applause] okay okay oh okay [Applause] okay okay watch let’s watch this let’s go [Applause] let’s go anyway hold up i gotta say it [Applause] ultimate oh it feels good when you get one of those all right now look let’s do let me do one more i’ll do one more i’ll make this one quick though like if i was playing online i wouldn’t i wouldn’t be taking too many chances i’ll just be doing [ _ ] like this [Applause] come in now i’m dropping those on purpose i’m trying to build up some balls [Applause] ah baggage claim let’s go all right let me stop [Music] no that’s how i’ll be trolling [Applause] [Applause] that’s how i really give it up this time i’ll do it i’ll do an ultra though oh you like it [Applause] all right let’s go let me get ultra [Applause] let’s go take this anyway let’s keep it moving [Applause] now let’s take a look at the camera pretty basic now you can just open up the camera app if you want but if you got your display off and you want to use the word star hip-hop button press volume down twice boom that’ll bring up your camera now let’s go through the different modes you got video now from video you can zoom in up to six times you also got 4k 30 frames per second 1080p and 720 both at 30 frames per second no 60 frames you got regular photos with hdr and artificial intelligence no wide angle but you do got 10 times zoom and if you hit more you got night shots short video documents and edit now like i said before i really don’t care about tablet cameras but whenever i do tablets from now on i’m going to do some actual camera testing because you never know you might be in that situation where your phone battery is dead you outside chilling in front of your house something’s going down and all you got in your hand is a tablet you’re gonna want to have um some tablet photos and videos on deck so let me show you what they look like take a look at these test pictures and videos [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay now this is a quick test of the front facing camera if you notice you got to look at the camera to the left if you’re having a conversation with somebody otherwise if you hold the tablet right in front of you it’s going to look like you’re looking away i don’t like that now here’s the test in portrait mode this is much better if you’re having a conversation with somebody you want to look like you’re looking right into the eyes so you’re gonna have to hold it in portrait mode to get that effect let’s keep it moving now let’s do the rda test regular daily activities now you spent almost 500 bucks on the tablet let’s see how it works in the real world with no editing okay so you wake up in the morning grab your tablet you don’t got to press any buttons just pick it up and look at it bomb face unlock you’re ready to go now you should have been charging your s pen overnight so it’s fully charged and ready for action first let’s check the weather okay it looks like rain all week i’m staying in the house now let’s do a little bit of work so we take it over the emails okay now for work emails i’m going to put it in landscape mode this way i can read an email without having to switch over okay i could read all my emails just like that and if i want to i can reply start typing or use swipe okay so that’s the work segment of the day let’s keep it moving now it’s time for your lunch break all right take it over to the living room sit on the couch let’s do a little shopping go to samsung.com okay now this is real time right here here’s the full samsung website just in case you want to buy an overpriced galaxy tab at seven fan edition this is where you find it at now if i want to put it in landscape mode let’s do a little split screen multitasking okay just in case i got to go back to work at the same time while i’m shopping i could be checking my emails and shopping at the same time these are multitasking if i want to i can resize each one so i can have more samsung or more emails this will get my preview view and still shop at the same time all right so there’s your multitasking right there exit out of that now let’s do a little social media savagery let’s take it over to facebook okay now i’m scrolling through facebook okay now i’m gonna turn the volume down real quick cause um the speakers on this is insane okay all right now shout out to monica now say um i like those glasses monica’s rocking real quick i want to send those to somebody let’s do a little screenshot of those glasses we’ll save those and then bang send them to somebody else real quick let me go ahead and like that photo okay and like look now we got a little a medium right here i want to save this let’s see there are two ways to be happy change the situation or change your mindset to it now that’s a nice little positive positive vibes let’s switch over to square and uh copy this real quick okay that’s a nice little what i’m saying keep that real quick save that keep it moving okay we got the cardi b okay now james oral got some new glasses so i’m gonna hold this down take a little note remind me remind me to buy james or glasses bomb just like that and if i want to switch colors let’s go ahead and switch that up real quick switch the pen size let’s see switch colors there it is just like that i’m gonna switch to a bigger pen bomb there’s my notes keep it moving alright so this is how your facebook is going to look okay what’s this kind of watch is this what’s that a padlock watch now i’m a watch guy and i’ve never seen this before but it does have a little carbon fiber i’m intrigued alright i’m intrigued i’m intrigued there’s a little screenshot on that hold up let’s see now how do three finger screenshot bomb just like that you know what i’m saying you got to know these features okay now who it is alicia kind of like that photo all right let’s keep it moving exit out of that there’s your facebook activities now let’s do a little bit of twitter let’s see what’s going down in the world on the twitter verse all right let’s see if anybody talking about me today let’s see refresh okay where’s flossy carter let’s see um everybody got their own iphone unboxings that somebody said where’s flossie card at i’m right here bro i’m coming i’m coming unfortunately i got to buy my [ _ ] apple apple is not sending me anything to review i got to buy my [ __ ] but don’t worry i got all of them coming on friday all right so shout out to my man let’s kind of reply to this comment right here friday here let me see uh how do you spell friday friday bro i like to say i like to end it with a bro die friday bro how about broski how about broski let’s try something new friday broski bong just like that all right let’s keep it moving all right so this is twitter let’s see everybody everybody got the iphones i mean even i don’t see what the big deal i mean if you got an iphone 12 you got an iphone 13 who is somebody got a picture of shoes right here with shoes eating you shoes you’re kind of famous right now shoes let’s see uh inspector white shoes putting in some quality work today shoes they’re out here talking about you their shoes come in they need somebody talking about you all right let me get it like that all right let’s keep it moving i said i’ll say your twitter’s gonna look i know i’m spending a lot of time on this but this is th this is what you buy your tablet for you’re going to use it all right i’m not going to do any fancy edits you want to see when you switching between apps and you’re multitasking you got 100 apps open at the same time is there any lag all right let’s keep it moving let’s take it over to tick tock okay let’s go to let’s see if i told her maya to start posting some more tick tocks but she ain’t really listening right now you know i’m saying she’s busy out here you know living the college life you know what i’m saying all right so let’s see let’s see what’s going on with amaya okay the usual amaya videos watching the sunrise okay am i will her bonnet let me just play my favorite on my video let’s see i haven’t watched this one since i’m i left so this is gonna be my first time watching it together i’m i’m a i promise i’m gonna try not i’m gonna try to hold it in y’all like a little princess okay this is my favorite video right here oh look at that hold up watch this watch this y’all watch this yo hold up watch this yo as as um as i was watching the video look who texts me amaya say hey father oh look at y’all see that oh okay anyway let’s get out of that i know i just got that that was that’s a sign right there that’s a sign right there might text me as i’m watching the video how cool is that because i heard i heard my phone going off and i’m like what is that that’s a value what the hey oh all right let me calm down reel it in tight floss what are you doing calm down all right calm down just a text message bro what are you talking about all right here we go now now let’s see we want to watch um let’s take it over to instagram all right now look check this out as soon as i open up instagram this is my nephew right here you know i’m gonna go on one vacation you know what’s it let’s let’s let’s do the calvin test zoom in what’s that in the cup that’s apple juice that’s not even yak all right stop capping like you drinking the yak that’s apple juice let’s take it over to search let’s see what our instagram recommends today we got some cat videos but i have to get up okay i like that cat videos on deck slow motion walks i’m trying not to keep it to um i’m gonna try to keep this as a family show because you know my instagram be kind of spicy let’s see oh look at it look at his baseball bat skills here do y’all see that do y’all see what’s going on here that’s what you call baseball bat skills right there all right let’s exit out of that let’s let’s take it over to oh what is this a bmw watch beautiful real golden stock that’s a bmw watch what’s that 19 29.99 let’s see oh no no that this looks like a real spot yeah that’s a that’s another real spot right there okay okay now check this out money money pitches now i like to look at stuff like this even though you know what i’m saying i ain’t got this on my car seat but this is what you call motivation all right when you see stuff like that i want that this is motivation no when you when you look at a picture like this don’t hate don’t look well you gotta let money on the seat that’s the wrong attitude all right when you see stuff like this you should be like you know what i want to do that too i want to do that too let me let me like that photo okay 88 000 right here oh 88 rex for this ap that’s that’s a little bit no that’s a little bit pricey okay we got a dc baguette style pendant i like that big boy miami cubans 400 grams whoo 400 grams i in spanish that’s 400 grams i’ll take it what is this this is what i’m talking about this is pristine jewels that’s what i’m talking about right now the only thing that messed up this picture is the red bull all right move the red bull we just want to see the bread yet okay we got some racing videos okay now this is my favorite watches right now i love cartier watches but this is the skeleton watch right here they want 65 on that one okay ray-ban glasses now i got these in the mail yesterday i’m doing a video on that tomorrow let’s see how much they want i think i paid 300 for these how much how much they want for these let’s see anyway yeah 300. anyway rayban glasses coming tomorrow this is how your regular daily activity is going to look this is what you’re going to be doing all day and of course you’re going to be on youtube all right probably the most you’re probably going to be on youtube you can be watching videos all right let’s see hunter raj uh street fighter trailer okay you’re going to be watching stuff like this you know video games this is kind of sick all right this guy i i don’t even want to watch this yet i don’t want to watch this yet i’m going to save that i don’t want to save that anyway regular daily activities y’all seen it for yourself no lag no stutter no hiccups now there’s one more feature about this tablet that we got to talk about thought protection let me show you how it works now let’s talk about second space or as we call it on my channel thought protection now the side note when i say thought protection y’all know i’m just joking because there’s more uses to this than just trying to hide your device from some scumbag thought trying to go through your stuff on a down low a lot of us have kids or family members and if you have a tablet and you have a kid they’re going to want to use your tablet at some point you want to be able to hand your tablet over to somebody else with all your personal information safely tucked away you’re going to use second space here’s how it works i’m going to open up the device using my regular pattern bomb now y’all been watching all video same wallpaper there’s my facebook there’s my instagram okay there’s my twitter you see i got snapchat tick tock here’s my gallery all of the photos that i took everything is on deck now say i want to give this tablet to a little kid or i got some company over my house and i want to let them use the tablet to watch some videos but i want to keep all of my personal stuff tucked away i’m going to lock it this time i’m going to open it up using a different pattern fine there it is second space now if you notice let’s go to gallery no photos all right so if you gave this to your kid they wouldn’t see any of your scumbag photos gmail no email set up let’s go to apps this is all the apps installed so if you notice there’s no tick tock no instagram no facebook no twitter it’s just a basic tablet all your information is safely tucked away now when your kid finishes watching their videos watching blues clues and all that you’re going to open it back up using your regular pattern bang back to your tablet now let’s go to facebook there’s my facebook okay gallery all of my photos pop back up and all of my apps are back on deck second space is a mandatory option for me i think that all tablets and phones should have this especially if you got kids or you like to leave your devices laying around places activate second space and that’s why i call it thought protection all right because if you’re dealing with a thought you don’t want to leave your tablet open around the thought the first thing they’re going to do is go to your instagram they’re going to go to your twitter they might post something on your behalf you don’t need that all right so you want to leave your tablet open for everybody in the house can use it activate second space now you can leave it on the table live a comfortable life anyway let’s wrap this up all right so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 i’m giving the xiaomi pad 5 a major major major girl and at under 500 bucks as bob barker would say the price is right i think this is the best android tab you’re gonna find for under 500 bucks anyway hit me up in the comments let me know what you think about this one shout out to everybody rocking with me on facebook foursquare twitter google plus shout out to all the google gangsters i see y’all holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rocking with me on instagram y’all know that’s where i’m at full time 100 full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rocking with the new stream on sundays y’all already know stream games is on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys [Applause] oh yeah special shout out to everybody following me on snapchat flossy underscore carter that’s where i’m at and a special shout out to the notification squad i see all in the comments section early salute [Music] oh yeah one more thing i almost forgot fellas ladies say it with me all y’all haters all your trolls close your eyes a picture [Applause] [Music] energized [Music] i want everybody to subscribe to flossie carter for the real tech reviews you know flossy carter we know you flossing now guess what i’m flashy money may our day the one and only flossie carter you’re part of the money

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