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we’ve got about 30 minutes to the Bell you .

    Oh .

 Andy is gapping up 74% which is incredible and my goodness co HN is the lead and gapper up a hundred

1.263.368 visualizaçÔes

eighty-five percent the high is 22 51 which is .

    I mean it’s kind of insane so .

    I guess it looks like wildcard Friday .

    I’m .

    I’m impressed let’s see let me refresh my audio stream hang on one second so my big concern with Co HN or sorry with you .

    Oh any continues just to be the risk of a secondary offering so back up so you can see that drop there to break them down a little bit it’s it’s a risk factor trading that stock carries risk so .

    I honestly don’t know if .


    I’m gonna feel comfortable trading you owe any .

    I just have to see .

    I’ll have to see .

    I did take one trade on it pre market .


    I tried to take a break over 47 50 right here and .


    I stopped out for a $372 loss so .


    I’m actually read on you owe any but obviously not by a lot so we’ll see what it does .

    I thought if it broke over that level then we were gonna probably break 50 and then the squeeze back up towards 55 so that one .


    I’m not sure about just has that risk knowing that we have an s3 out there so over on this website you can see they’ve got their s3 amended in March and it gives them the right to sell up to 50 million dollars worth of stock there wouldn’t be really a better time to do that to sell then well probably right now so maybe they won’t though you know you never know .

    I mean .

    I think probably some short sellers swinging into the short side we’re not expecting it to gap up here to 55 dollars so it may just have a short squeeze and if we have a short squeeze you know my opinion on is just to try to ride that momentum but not without keeping in mind the risk there of that secondary offering so that’s you ome the second-leading gap or actually the first leading gap are now is cone Co HN this one has a pre market high of 22 51 .


    I’m gonna put an order ready to go on this one around the pre-market highs .


    I’d like to see a dip down a little bit it’s very extended off of you laughs this should probably pull back on like an .

 ABCD pattern where it really sells off it pops up a little bit sells off more because it’s up a hundred sixty-six percent .

    I mean it’s really extended so let’s check the filings on this one as you can see right here these signals not pulling up any news on it Lightspeed is pulling up news though so let’s just type this one in Co HN so a couple things we want to check for that’s 2014 so that’s old this is 2016 so that’s old so we don’t have it doesn’t appear that we have an active shelf registration on it but what we do have and this was just filed today is a 13 d and so what this tells us is that this person right here has taken a 74 percent stake in the company 74 percent so he’s just bought those shares and you know lock them up so that’s the headline that you see over here on Lightspeed as well so 13 D is a pretty strong catalyst in a couple instances number one oh did .

    I not let’s see yeah .


    I said it’s Friday yeah okay did .

    I say Thursday .

    I don’t know anyways 13th es can be strong catalyst when the person that’s taking the stake is an activist investor like Carl .

    Icahn or Bill .

 Ackman or something like that it is also significant when someone takes a really large stake because it’s clearly you know it’s showing that they feel very confident in the company so it’s generally a strong catalyst not when it’s like 2% or 3% but when it’s a larger percentage and/or tied to a activist investor so again this is pulling back right now which is not surprising .


    I think that’s exactly what it needs to do it needs to pull back a little bit let it consolidate as long as it can hold this level right here which is the V whap the balling weighted average price that’s gonna be fine so keep an eye on that one .

    I’ll put my chart let’s see .

    I’ll put that over here so .

    I can watch it out of the corner of my eye and this one in terms of let me just check first daily resistance levels so .

    I’m gonna switch to the daily chart .

    I’m gonna blow this up go full-size and .

    I want to just look in the twenty dollar area to see what we have this is a stock that has a history of recent of somewhat recent reverse splits so you can see here a blue line for daily we’ve got twenty .


    I don’t really it’s hard when you have these kind of levels to really say whether or not they’re significant these are back from 2013 .

    I don’t know that they really are but because of the reverse splits it effectively you know you can go back to a time when the stock was really really higher much higher price so all-time highs on it reverse split factored in like twelve hundred dollars but again and probably never hit twelve hundred it probably hit ten it dropped to fifty cents they did tend to one reversal it so went from fifty cents to five dollars so what at one time was ten goes up to a hundred so it backs it up let me just check on YouTube hang on hang on on YouTube .

    I got to make it public .

    I think that’s the problem it’s unlisted alright so let’s see for Friday all right sorry but thank you for giving me that heads-up all right so that’s updated okay so now streaming on YouTube we have about 1213 minutes to the Bell so we’ve still got some time here again so we were just talking about Co hm which has a catalyst this morning of a 75% stake which you can see right here from a chair and president Daniel Cullen all right so we’ve got that catalyst which is good .





    O any no catalyst this is pure short squeeze this is just ride the momentum if you dare because if you dare because this does have a secondary offer an a.m.


 A it has a shelf registration which gives us risk of a secondary offering that’s my biggest concern an amended s3 filing for gives them the right to raise up to fifty million dollars by selling stock so that’s something shareholders have to be aware of even if you’re only holding for you know an hour the worst situation would be you know you you’re the one hour that you’re holding they do the secondary offering and what would they pricey that you know its peerless pure speculation but the fact is a week ago the stock was is a dollar fifty so now it’s up here you know hitting $40 it wouldn’t necessarily be unreasonable to do a secondary offering at eight to ten dollars .


    I mean you could see that happening so if you were holding this long that news came out it would probably drop to that price that’s scary so .

    I did take one trade on it pre market which was right here .

    I thought it was gonna this pivot .

    I was like oh it’s double Bob and here .

    I didn’t get in on the double bottom that would have been a better entry so .

    I took a small starter here of 800 shares it popped up to a high of 48 and then dropped back down so .

    I took a $300 loss on it .

    I was like .

    I’m just gonna get right back out it’s either got a breakout or .

    I’m gonna bail out so .

    I bailed out on that .

    I haven’t gotten back it’s sold off now you can see here it’s possible if this is the top pre market and it’s just gonna fade out of the gates you know it’s hard to say for sure but you know the fact is some people who might have been swing trading into the short side hoping to get a secondary offering and thinking listen this has no business being up this much over the last three days but for those that don’t remember there was a stock arkady a that did something similar we can go back on this again it’s you know just to be aware of the risk of shorting these stocks on a swing trade and there was someone who shorted it right here i believe they shorted about eight hundred thousand shares on this day here had no business being up you know no no strong catalysts it drops down next day at gaps up squeezes and he lost like 17 or 18 million dollars i pretty sure that ended up bankrupting the firm that he was trading with it was not a huge firm anyways so you know you have potentially one person who shorted 800,000 shares who then has to mark it out as it’s squeezing because their compliance or you know man risk manager is like oh my god what have you done that that could fuel a short squeeze now that may not happen today that was that’s one rare example and usually we don’t really know the history behind you know what creates that type of short squeeze but in that case there were some articles about it so anyways that’s our key D.

 A E.

 A not in plate today but you owe any sort of similar in the sense that it was really strong look good to the short side drop down then all of a sudden it pops up yesterday hits 35 .

    I didn’t actually trade it past .

    I don’t know whatever it was 12:30 or 1:00 and now this morning it is gapping up so we can look at a couple levels yesterday is high of 35 50 and the previous day’s high when we hit that $40 those could be support levels but you can see it’s clearly selling off right now it’s coming back down so the risk on this may just be it may just be too high it may not be something that we can really trust given the fact that there’s not a very clear catalyst and it’s just a short squeeze and they have an s3 .

    I don’t know .

    I mean that could be a bad that could be a nightmare story for someone like me if .

    I bought 5,000 shares of this and .

    I’m in with two hundred thousand bucks and then all of a sudden gets halted secondary offering priced at $10 it’s like a 20 .

    I mean that that could be a really catastrophic loss so you have to measure risk and reward and on this stock .

    I’m not sure the risk to reward ratio is there because usually your risk to reward ratio is oh well you know .

    I’m in this and my stop is at the low but when you have an act of s3 your risk is potentially that you have the worst case scenario of it actually being you know the news hits of a secondary offering while you’re in the trade and it drops so .

    I would say short sellers probably have if .

    I was short .

    I would have some reason to be a little confident despite the fact that it’s up as much as is if .

    I was long .

    I’d be kind of a little nervous and wanting to just get in get out quick and not you know it just feels like playing with fire but you know just playing with fire someone’s gonna get burned whether it’s a short sale or a long trader today .

    I don’t know but .

    I think someone’s probably gonna get burned on this one and .

    I want to be careful it’s not me especially with big size so you owe any it’s currently the third or fourth leading gapper up sixty percent but it is now below the volume weighted average price it’s pulling back a little bit so there’s definitely some risk in on that and .


    I want you guys to be fully aware of that risk if you are thinking about taking any trades on it .


    I also want to remind you as always do not blindly follow me or anyone else you need to understand strategy before you are actively trading real money so trading a simulator before you trade real money and don’t blindly follow anyone you’re just you’re asking for trouble if you do that and .

    I know that some of you guys are probably eager to make money and you know that it it but you gotta follow the path and that means learning the terminology learning the strategy studying there live trading archives all the videos that .

    I have in start of the warrior Perrault trading the simulator proving that you understand the strategy and only once you’ve proven profitability in the simulator flipping the switch and going live because the fact is guys 9 that 10 day traders lose money don’t be a statistic do everything possible to not be part of the 9 at 10 who lives so you gotta do something different you got to be really smart about how you approach this so you oh .

    I mean yeah so next one be YFC so be YFC is it three dollars and seventy cents however you can see it made this big gap up to five and is now pulling back a little bit so that’s a little concerning .

    I don’t think .

    I like that right now back to Co HN this current 5 minute candle has a high of 1942 and the low is around 18 .

    I want to see if it dips down to 18 because the view app is at 1763 usually on these types of stocks the closer you can get to that you know 1763 spot the safer the entry so that five minute candle now has a high of 50 but kind of topped and dipped so let’s let that pull back a little bit more and spencey maybe if there’s an opportunity but right now .


    I’d like to see it dip closer to 18 if possible to get a good pullback trade so the high of this candle is 1950 high this one’s 1950 high the last one was 1981 so .

    I’m just gonna watch this for a second we’ve got about 15 minutes to the Bell this one .

    I don’t have the same concern about secondary offerings or anything like that and .


    I feel fine on this one .

    I just want to see it dip down no so it’s not dipping so .

    I just .

    I’m just gonna wait we’ll see maybe if it does an .

 ABCD pattern and then .

    I can always come back and try to get in around 18 if it does pull back all right so that one we’ve got there let’s see what else we have .


    I M RN .

    I am RN another we can see it have this big pop then it pulled back so that one’s not quite not quite ready it’s below the view app that’s bearish next one down this lower float a .

    OPH sea we traded this one a couple weeks ago or whatever this was pre market high is 470 but .

    I think the concern on that one would be that this last day was really red so is it really gonna hold up and that .

    I’m not totally sure about so .

    I’m gonna wait on that one as well next one down a NPC a NPC is up 36% high is 1179 signs a record multi-million dollar contract okay that’s good catalyst all-time highs at 12 so that’s kind of interesting because if it breaks that level it certainly has room to go but the volume is only 61 thousand shares so it’s up 42% right now which is not bad .


    I would say if it breaks over 12 would be interested so .

    I can just have an order at 12 and by the time it gets to that level it’ll be certainly more expensive but come on cone here at 20 .

    I’m gonna just try to take this break you can see .

    I pull back and then popped up so over 21 would be an ad my target on this would be a retest of the high a day so watching cone through 2250 so .

    I’m gonna put an order at 2250 on this to add and then if it breaks that level then the back of my target would be a squeeze realistically up towards 23 24 25 so let’s watch the high this candles 20 21 48 so 2150 is my next add added at 21 40 right there .

    I’m looking now for 22 and that a squeeze through the pre market highs which is 2250 so watch over 22 for an ad watching added right there at 22 so .

    I’m in this at 20 dollars and sixty five cents that’s my average cost and .

    I want to see this rip through 20 to 50 through 20 to 50 down up towards 23 so we can see it opening up a bit here watch over 20 to 25 high is 20 to 25 we got 1.6 million shares of volume which is pretty good there you go 20 to 75 so that’s almost $2 a share from $20 and 65 cents which is my cost basis so now what .

    I’m gonna do .

    I’m just gonna hold right now holding 3600 shares the high is 20 to 75 .

    I’m gonna put an order at 23 well it’s broken through 23 so now .


    I’m just gonna let it squeeze and once it starts to form a one minute pullback that’s where .

    I would look to add three dollars a share would be pretty impressive but we’ll see what it does so we’ve got a high now of what is this twenty three forty seven so this is a dip right now .

    I want to see whether it holds twenty two watching down here so again .

    I’m in at 20 dollars and sixty-five cents and now .


    I’m up only a dollar a share as it pulls back a little bit the hive air is 2347 it’s a red doji but fortunately on lighter volume so .


    I’m gonna watch for a dip trade the high is twenty three forty seven so this was the first five minute campbell making new high it broke right here to twenty it then did a one-minute pullback and then that was the entry the break of twenty so right now .

    I’m still holding 1,800 shares and .

    I’m gonna give it a second to consolidate what we have going for us is increasing volume right here this is the first one minute pullback typically the first one minute pullback gets bought up so this candle has a high of 22 75 so .

    I’m long there .

    I just added for the break back over 23 so .

    I’m looking for the rip through 23 and then up through the highs and .

    I’d like to see a test of 24 so my cost basis has now moved up to 20 to 28 so the high this candle right there’s 23 80 so 2380 would be an add watching added right there 22 22 anticipate the break through the half-dollar and now .

    I’m looking for this to squeeze up to 24 so .

    I’m looking for that break of 23 50 and then a test of 24 .

    I’m holding a three thousand shares at twenty two forty seven so my cost basis has moved up a little bit so what .

    I typically do on those type of breakouts as .

    I add then .

    I sell then .

    I add back then .

    I sell so .

    I scale in .

    I scale out .

    I scale back in .

    I scale back out hi this candle now is twenty three eighty so .

    I put my new order at the high .

    I could just move it up from twenty three a to twenty four so we still have eight minutes to the Bell that was the first one minute candle to make a new hi deke decreasing volume on that candle is a little bit of a something to be cautious of .

    I sold the rest of 2254 right now which is breakeven so .

    I’ll let it pull back below back here was 21:55 so .

    I might put an order like 21:55 to do a dip trade on it but this might set up a 5-minute a pattern and then we can have another trade at the open so .

    I’m green on co HN .

    I’m red on uo n he and we’ve got about seven minutes to the Bell this one’s one that’s gonna tie up a little bit of buying power because it’s a more expensive stock let’s look back at you .

    Oh any for a second while this pulls back so again .

    I want to draw this .

    I just want to watch it down here .

    I was gonna watch down here to see if we get a bounce a double bottom the only problem is that it’s a red topping tail on the 5-minute at the moment so .

    I think the best case would be that it bounces back up towards 23 .

    I don’t know that it goes back through the highs on a on a dip trade down here but that’s support so 21:55 is definitely support if it breaks then obviously it’s breaking support that’s weakness but if it holds then that’s a possible safe entry so yes .

    I agree decreasing volume is an ideal hi last one minute candles 22 28 that’s 75 cents off the low so .

    I don’t think .

    I’m going to take that .

    I’m gonna wait so when stocks are really wild like cone and you owe any .

    I usually end up using fifty cents tops so .

    I set my stops farther out which carries more risk .

    I mean the the risk there is that if .

    I come wrong .

    I’m losing fifty cents a share and with two thousand shares or whatever it is it could be a thousand bucks so this is coming back down here .

    I’m watching .

    I got a starter at 21 so .

    I just bought that dip at $21 .

    I got a nice starter on that now .

    I want to see the first Campbell to make a new high now that .

    I’m already in with a starter .

    I can add and that would be over 20 to 30 just add right there 20 to 30 okay so now .

    I look for this to retest 23 over $23 then .

    I would be willing to add again for a breakthrough 23:50 and 24 so watching up here 2267 .

    I want to see 20 there’s 75 there we go there’s a nice break so that’s what .

    I wanted to see now the next targets 22 23 50s squeeze ups 2350 hands on the buy button watching the level 2 watching adding right there at 23 for the break of 23 25 and then .

    I want to see 2350 there’s 23 30 our pre market high right now is twenty three eighty so .

    I’m gonna put an order at again 24 for the next trade so that was a dip entry at broke support and then .

    I bought that dip which .

    I often like to do the new high is 23 29 so .

    I’m gonna let this pullback for a second .

    I just added right there 23 30 and now .

    I’m looking for this to break through 23 50 and then squeeze to $24 so this is obviously showing a lot of strength right now so watching to add over 20 350 watching 23:19 on the ass 25 added right there now .

    I’m looking this to squeeze through 24 and the back of mine target would be 24 50 the half dollar so .

    I’m still holding my full position looking for this to break through $24 micro pullback and then a quick trade through 24 watching adding right there for the break through 24 trying to be aggressive on this line to ride this momentum as much as possible so the next level is 23 it was 24 24 50 or so let’s see what this does let it pull back for a second .

    I’ll say that this one is a little hard to get out on the ask so that’s a little bit of a rejection off of 24 .

    I’m still holding it 2302 1600 shares we’ve got two and a half minutes to the Bell .

    I didn’t sell any over 24 right just kind of a bummer but sometimes that happens all right so at this point we have you know it’s a little extended but .

    I still think at the open is worth watching .

    I’m still holding 1600 shares .

    I have to decide whether .

    I’m gonna add on this dip down here again .

    I’m gonna put my disclaimer for those on YouTube and Facebook so you guys can see my disclaimer there watching dip trades so still holding a 23:02 1600 shares so .

    I’m a little bit read on that position but what .

    I’m kind of thinking is out of the gates .

    I mean .

    I could be wrong .

    I want .

    I want to let the market open and see what happens but .

    I’m thinking out of the gates we might dip down for a second you might have a little bit of profit taking and then a surge and it may or may not squeeze into a halt .

    I’m not sure so .

    I’m cutting the loss because .

    I don’t want to hold into the open so .

    I cut the loss they’re 22 so .

    I lost 1,600 off the top and now we’re coming back down to this kind of double bottom nineteen fifty is the 200 sorry to be wet so again it’s not .

    I .

    I don’t like to be usually holding from pre-market into the open because sometimes these will open and all of a sudden they open it like $14 because there’s an imbalance someone has a big sell order this has two red flags one is this doji here and the second one is this topping tail so the fact that didn’t hold 24 is not ideal but .

    I think we could still get a dip trade-off of nineteen fifty so .

    I’m gonna put my order down here and .

    I’ve got my shift one hawk he’s ready to go so thank you guys for tuning in remember to be be smart in the way you trade manage your risk hi the last one minute candle is twenty one thirty so .

    I’m gonna put my order at 21:30 so .

    I got a starter right there at 21 and .

    I’m looking for this to squeeze into a halt at 22 halt levels at 22 so .

    I’m just gonna hold this right now .

    I’m gonna put my next order at 24 so as soon as the bell rang .

    I was pressing the Buy button so .

    I got filled it let’s see where was my film twenty dollars and 80 cents twenty seventy two and twenty eighty and no fell going into the hall what was the open the open was twenty seventy five the low is 1976 so it did did my bit but .

    I’m gonna look for this to gap out of the hall and then try to trade this up through twenty four retest to twenty four and then you know again based on the action we’ve seen on some of these others we might see a nice move so you owe any watching this .

    I just took along on you oh any for a dip trade .

    I’m long forty 3750 .

    I’m trying to do a red to green on it because it didn’t do a secondary offering pre market so .

    I’m in at thirty seven fifty hi a day is 41 regular trading hours over forty one is a possible add-on you watching still holding full-size 3750 there’s a halt 4250 .

    I’m gonna sell 500 shares sold another 250 .

    I’m holding 125 shares now so that was so here’s the thing if you recall .

    I did not want to be and .

    I’m gonna .

    I’m gonna sell the rest of it 43:12 .

    I don’t really want to hold this one into a halt so that was with 1000 shares four thousand eight hundred eighty three dollars of profit with just one thousand shares in it 3750 and selling as it squeezed up so this is what .

    I liked about the stack it sold off there wasn’t a secondary offering free market the bell rang dip and then buying the dip byf see .

    I talked about this one earlier .

    I was a little concerned about the way the pre-market had faded but byf see clearly its halted now so you now have three stocks halted wildcard Friday right uo n .

 A EK halted as well your stock halted .

    OPH see hitting the scanners this one has a high the other day of 540 that’s the level it needs to break that’s a nice red to green move so .

    I’d look for that over full over far BBG .

    I getting the scans sh ll also hitting the scams so um aleni .

    I didn’t want to hold into the hall just because it was just up five dollars a share too much rockets at the vu app mdia let’s pull this one up light volume on this only 100,000 shares .

    I don’t see a news catalyst but .

    I would presume that there is one but .

    I mean maybe that’s what’s up it’s only up 14% actually so switch back to cone all right so cone .

    I’m gonna put my order on this one at $23 .

    I’m gonna put it 23 15 so .

    I’m going to add coming out 23 15 2000 .

    I’m able to add coming out of i-4 another squeeze up .

    I want to get a retest of 2400 see nice CCH .

    I also not so .

    I promised you if we got 5,000 likes on the last video that .

    I would do this live stream so you guys got the 5000 likes you’re getting the live stream give me the likes here give me the thumbs up if you want me to do this again at some point next week alright .

    I would just alright Moxie wildcard Friday so how much time do we have till Co HN resumes it halted basically instantly so resumption is going to be about 20 seconds away so .

    I’m gonna look to add on resumption and if it goes right into another hall then that’s gonna be a perfect scenario if it doesn’t then .

    I’ll probably look to take profit and then look for the next dip to buy the dip and .

    I’m still gonna be looking for that move up to 24 so watching resumption here hands on the buy button halted 22 watchin no resumption yet so it looks like it’s gonna be a 10-minute long haul that means it’s .

    I’m just gonna keep watching it for a second usually 10-minute long halt open higher all right you owe any resumption on this one is going to be in about a minute .

    OPH see one minute pull back under five so .

    OPH see a break of five would be a setup dipping down there a little bit bounce off the you app is also set up view app is at 44 .

    I am RN squeezing up .

    I am RN .

    I’m gonna keep an eye on over here .

    I am .

    I am RN and .

    I’m gonna watch you owe any on resulted at 43 .

    I’m showing 44 right now for resumption you owe any .

    I’m gonna look to buy dips and .

    I’m just gonna try to ride the momentum so short sellers get squeezed out you know that’s what happens .

    I guess so .

    I want to get a dip on it .

    I’m not in it right now .

    I sold you owe any remember going into the hall so now .

    I’m gonna have to look for my next entry watching watching .

    I’m long right there partial fill sold half 4650 .

    I’m in at 44 89 sold the rest right now .

    I’m gonna look now for a dip trade down towards 40 44 watch this look for a pullback .

    I just added right there 44 now .

    I’m trying to buy this dip and catch a squeeze back up over 45 over 46 is an ad watch 46 we’ve added it 46 50 looking for the break of 47 the next halt level 48 adding it 47 80 .

    I’m gonna try to ride this momentum up to two dollars watch over forty seven eighty there’s 48 .

    I’m holding six thousand shares at forty five watching watching taking profit off the table that’s thirty two thousand dollars in profit there’s fifty dollars the high right now is fifty dollars and eighty cents waiting for a pullback .

    I’m still holding 363 shares at $45 51:24 is the hot level .

    I sold too soon but you know what that’s okay a pre market high harness is 54 let’s wait for a dip dip wait for a dip so you can see right here this is where .

    I’m holding .

    I’m in 45 17 there’s $34,000 in profit so let’s watch this for a dip tray .

    I sold the rest of my position and now .

    I’m gonna look for a dip down here watching just got a starter there 49 73 trying to buy that dip .

    I want to see if it’s gonna pop back up over 50 holding 2,000 shares looking for the pop back up over $50 49 flying added right there at 51 minute pull back over 52 is another add watching added right there 51 looking for 52 53 hands on the buy button over 52 watching looking for that squeeze up through the hi added right there break up 52 there’s 53 up selling half 54 watching .

    I’m still holding at 50 ninety-four looking for dip trades now adding right there 50 dollars and 70 cents just bought that dip now looking for this to rip up over 54 hands on the buy button over 54 try to catch the break of 54 55 adding right there looking for this to go into a halt 54 16 watch over 54 .

    I want to see a break 54 and then go to 55 still holding right now looking for the break of 54 giving it a second to dip down watching cone still holding watching cone add it on cone for the break of 24 you ome watching on the dip right here add it on you ome $47.99 adding on that dip trying to be aggressive watch you owe any right through here .

    I’m gonna add if it breaks 49 50 watching hands on the buy button nope so .

    I’m gonna be holding that into the hall that’s okay .

    I’ll look to add coming out .

    I’ve got 3,800 shares Cohen watching down here on resumption from the hall .

    I’ll try to buy a dip Wow Wow Wow .

    I’m sitting up 90,000 dollars right now unreal 51,000 don khon 39,000 on you o any .

    I am holding into a hawk going down but .

    I’m gonna try to buy both of them on tips on resumption that’s 10 minutes of trading crazy all right so the game plan here on these is to buy dips so cone off of 19 .

    I’m gonna put an order on this one the halt was 21 so .

    I’m gonna put an order at 20 dollars and 50 cents on cone and on you owe any .

    I’m gonna put an order on this one to add going to do 4,000 shares .

    I’m gonna do 4045 because what .

    I’m thinking is that it’s gonna it’s gonna it’s bounce off the view app so .

    I don’t think it’s done yet .

    I just think it’s really volatile all right so the first resumption and .

    I’m actually showing $45.99 45 as the resumption so .

    I’m going to look to add on that try to catch a pop back up towards 50 .

    I mean the high right here is 54 15 it’s a double top against the pre-market high almost to the penny so ultimately we’re going to need consolidation under this level and then if it can break that level then that’s gonna be just be pretty crazy alright so let’s see um Hall time was forty fifty seven resumption is gonna be 45 fifty-seven .

    I am alright now let’s get to .

    Oh all right .

    Oh okay so let’s see so we’ve got about one minute to resumption on you .

    Oh any so .

    I’m gonna do a ten-second chart on this so you guys can see how volatile it’s gonna be on resumption .

    I’m showing 40s .

    I’m showing a quote at 46 right now so .

    I’m gonna move my order up to 46 so .

    I want to buy on the resumption and catch that pop back up that’s what .

    I’m looking for on you .

    Oh any so it halted at forty four ninety resumption is going to be in about twenty seconds .

    I could put out a profit target around break even so let’s watch this here hands on the Buy button to buy the dip watching resumption or is it 46 to buy so .

    I .

    I didn’t get my dip trade didn’t get filled it was it open too high so now the high right there is 49 69 cone watching cone same thing huh bummer .

    I sold .

    I sold the thousand shares .

    I was holding cone down here possible long .

    I’m gonna put an order at 1860 in case it does a false haul hands on the buy button common looks like it’s gonna be a real haul so now you owe any looks like a break below this support level right down here of 4490 could give us another drop going down hi there a little bit of resistance at 48 if it breaks over 48 that’s impossible long watch 48 .

    I’m along right there for the break 48 there’s 4890 .

    I want to see this rip back up towards 50 and over 50 would be an ad watching over 49 hands on the buy button for the break of 49 we want to see 4875 there’s 48 80 .

    I want to see 49 choppy sold .

    I’m gonna look to do a dip trade add it at 40 91 for a dip tried to do a dip trade down there so .

    I’m long looking for the break back over 47 we’ve got 47 on the ask .

    I want to see it rip through 47 up to 47 25 .

    I just try to keep catching these dip trades on this still holding 1,300 shares .

    I’ll say that this one is hard to sell on the ask .

    I sold the rest for now so .

    I’ve given back a little bit of profit this is where .

    I sit right now eighty-seven thousand dollars on the day .

    I gave back a little bit on you .

    Oh .

 Andy .

    I was up ninety but that was when .

    I was holding into this halt going down so .

    I recovered the most of the loss not all of it .

    I was down unrealized twenty six thousand .

    I bought the dip or .

    I tried to .

    I think it failed but it popped back up and .

    I got out for about a four thousand dollar loss so .

    I was holding from three thousand shares whatever it was forty nine so drop down here it popped back up switch back to the one minute chart so day trading and making this kind of money is not without risk what’s the next level in play the one-minute is so choppy you’ve clearly got support down here at 4490 if it broke over fifty but .

    I think maybe we need to wait for the first five minute and .

 Allah make a new high so the high the last five minute candles 49 74 but you’ve got such a huge spread so high of that last one minute was 4870 cone resumption is gonna be oh my gosh oh my gosh oh sometimes they go without you this one’s going without me first five-minute camel make a new setup make make a new high that’s what .

    I wanted hi there 51 now back down to a low of 46 what what a rain alright co HN let’s watch this one on resumption it halted going down at 1814 18-49 resumption is going to be in about 30 seconds so when .

    I miss a trade .

    I feel frustrated just like anyone else and they have to say .

    I gotta wait for the next entry but .

    I’m watching right now cone on resumption double bottom would be right here 18 so .

    I’m gonna put an order at 1860 unco n– 3000 shares started watching .

    I’m long 18-49 1853 looking for that look at that unreal .

    I bought 8,000 shares .

    I’m in at 1853 and just like that let’s see well back down hands on the buy button added at 1850 to catch a pop back up over 19 there’s 1936 what a wild ride this one’s not for the faint of heart looking for the pop back over 19 there’s 19 is it gonna break 19 all going down on you owe any .

    I see that taking profit off the table on Cohn as it squeezes a little higher there and .

    I sold the rest at 1850 that’s $95,000 now the new lows down here the low is eighteen seventeen thirty sixteen eighty watching watching .

    I’ll take a starter right there in at thirty sixteen eighty six right try to catch that pop look at that look at that volatility if you see that that’s $3,000 just like that ninety-eight thousand dollars profit let’s crack 100k once you learn level two when you’ve got this amount of volatility in the market you can do incredibly well so ninety-eight thousand at 9:53 twenty three minutes into the day the only difference between the way .

    I’m trading right now really in December of last year is that in December .

    I was taking like two trades a day right now .

    I’ve been averaging anywhere from forty to sixty trades a day and so forty forty sixty trades average winter of a thousand dollars each in forty sixty thousand dollars you get a couple nice ones like that there are three thousand dollars they add up it’s a lot of base hits .

    I’m trading a lot more it’s not like one home run it’s just a lot more trades in general so let’s switch back to you o ne u ome .

    I .

    I’m not loving that false breakout on the one-minute hopefully there was opportunity for anyone that took it to jump out with some profit remember last week when we were seeing that break of V whap setup so stocks initially kind of weak they sold off some of them halted going down and then between 10:00 and 10:30 we were getting a break over the view app if we got a break over the view app then the target is a retest to the high a day which in this case is like twenty four eighty so high is 2440 so .

    I’m going to use orange for my intraday level watching cone high that last Pape was 1860 .

    I’m gonna put an order around 19 .

    I’m gonna watch it here .

    I’m adding right there added in 1950 .

    I’m looking to ride this rip up to 1950 and then over 1950 adding right there for the breakthrough 20 .

    I’m trying to catch a break through the view app up over $20 watch over 1975 watching still holding looking to add over 1975 added right there looking for that breakthrough 20 so .

    I’m in at 1886 eleven thousand shares back down there to break-even adding at nineteen just added looking for that pop back up to twenty watching $20 20s the breakout spot add it again right there for the breakthrough 20 watching watching sold for now at 75 .

    I’m gonna look to add down here on dips again it keeps coming up and tapping that level when it breaks 20 though we should get a nice move so hands on the buy button orders at 20 resumption on you owe any will be about twenty seconds away but this one’s kind of the white is in focus right now flip down again .

    I’m long .

    I just bought right there .

    I’m in at 12 at 1909 now .

    I’m gonna add for the break over adding right here 75 looking for that rip through $20.00 does a 14000 share trade .

    I’m in at 1920 and selling half at 2046 the rest still holding at 1920 still holding now just small size one hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars profit the high right there is 2045 you owe any .

    I’m not sure sold the rest there whatever you owe any again a dip but it’s below the view app Co hm .

    I’ll keep watching 18,000 share by or 18 watching watching cone down here no Phil .

    I tried but no Phil you owe any back down towards the low the low was 42 43 you owe a me is just so volatile we’ll get that pulp going downs at 3995 3895 so watch you owe any down here the low is 38 95 so what keeps how .

    I keep stopping that level it when it halts going down it pops back up so you could have done a dip trade there .

    I hesitated .

    I missed it but you know you could have done that if you wanted to yeah .

    I mean ultimately you have to make the decision yourself you can’t fly if you felt confident on that that would have been a nice dip from 39 or 40 back up to 41 42 ah p PS.

    I manners .

    I’m still kind of just focused on these two cone and um .

    I have the most volume of the ones that .

    I’ve been watching so you owe any false breakout there you see these stocks pop up traders are definitely jumping on them quickly .

    I just don’t want to be in the chase mode .

    I want to make sure .

    I’m dialed in on the entry especially from the trade would big size .

    I want to feel comfortable on the stocks on trading ah PPS .

    I like volume all right well [Music] so it’s 10 a.m.

 A what .

    I really need .

    I mean if .

    I was gonna try to really continue this day and have a really good day .

    I would need a break of you app so be back on cone is it about 1950 it did a false break right here up to 2045 fortunately .

    I was able to sell up there before it halted and then to false halt and dropped you owe any still has that secondary offering risk but was volatile and .

    I did get some opportunity on it but also did a little bit of a false break right here so at this point .

    I’m not sure what .

    I can focus on yesterday .

    I finished up a hundred and fifty two thousand dollars second best day of my career .

    I’m not that far off from breaking that high on you owe any here was right around 45 so a break of 45 would be a good lead-in to a break over the vu .

 AB but the high that Kandla 44 70 then the low is 43 it’s a big range .

    I’ll watch this let’s see what it does .

    I took a starter there 4331 only 600 shares .

    I want to see if it’s gonna break over .

    I stopped out at 43 11 so .

    I lost 20 cents on that it’s .

    I’d rather just be very precise on my timing it either works right away or a dozen so .

    I’m back out it’s a double top right now .

    I’m gonna wait for a one-minute pullback carve yup this could be a break of V Wow potentially .

    I wasn’t really watching this one earlier but over 15 what’s the volume on it a million 1.8 share 1.8 million so ya carve watch that .

    I have a starter on carve at 1494 .

    I want to see if it’s gonna break over 1525 for the break of V whap watching at it at 1520 now looking for it to break 1525 and then squeeze up to the half dollar 1550 so we’ve got 1515 on the ask .

    I want to see it ripped through 1525 there 17 and then 1550 the half dollars without before next so watching here over 15 20 got 17 18 there you go there’s some volume 20 25 40 it’s gonna hit the half-dollar .

    I’m in at 98 cuz .

    I added so .

    I’m gonna set my stop at breakeven so control B .

    I can set a live stop at breakeven and then .

    I can just look at something else for a second so looking at cone as it dips down .

    I’m buying cone right here at 1705 .

    I’m gonna try to do a dip on this and catch a pop back up to 1780 there’s 1780 .

    I’m in at 1704 actually now .

    I want to see it pop back up over 18 there you go there’s a nice dip trade that’s a dollar a share it looks like carb stopped me out for the rest .

    I’m not sure what the stop was Wow look at you .

    Oh any 4446 in like one candle .

    I sold the rest of cone at 71 .

    I want to see what my exit was on carve carve stopped me out at fourteen ninety so that’s not too bad it’s only ninety nine hundred and seventy seven dollars on carve watching carve if it breaks 17 for another possible tip trade too low on carve is down here let’s see oh sorry .

    I was saying carp a cone is what .

    I meant the low is down here at 1686 so let’s look for this to break 17 .

    I’m gonna put an order at 1705 yeah this type of strategy you need really precise entries and exits if you’re not using a direct access broker you can trade momentum but the way .

    I trade it it would be a little hard to keep up again practice and simulator before you trade real money don’t blindly follow me or anyone else just learn from what .

    I do why .

    I get in where .

    I get in nice on cone so you could have taken a dip there oh man look at that so that one .

    I missed .

    I was being a little greedy .

    I was looking for it to break 17 it held support at 17 so .

    I missed my entry on cone that was awesome that was a nice pop so .

    I’m sitting up 131,000 right now looking for my next trades so 131,000 that trade on Kohn was the last one that dip at 1704 so the two stocks .

    I’m mostly watching right now are you o ne and cone high on you o any of that last pop was 46 so it kind of again came back to the view app before fading it is holding up relatively well but we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that there’s some risk on this stock for sure but yeah .

    I’m .

    I still .

    I’m interested in it so keeping an eye on that cone watching bounces off of 17 carve .

    I like that if it can break through that kind of free market pivot definitely over 1550 .

    I’d look for a rip up towards 1617 because you can see how it has a window there from this sort of double top that it ran into then back up to 17 1750 it has to break that level first though so you could get in to take that break to anticipate it that’s something that some traders would do if they’re aggressive and confident and that’s the first candle to make a new high right down there .

    I am kind of looking for a look at that yeah .

    I was gonna say .

    I’m kind of looking for something that .

    I think is like instant breakout over 15 40 would probably be the spot so .

    I’ll put an order at 1550 .

    I’m gonna watch .

    I’m watching the level two .

    I see a 20 cent spread right now so the first pull back after that fresh breakout is usually what .

    I would look at so right now .

    I’m waiting for the first pullback see if it holds this level and then 15 15 40 is my spot .

    I’m long right there for the break of 15 40 adding it 1547 .

    I’m looking for this just look at that ridiculous so we got that squeeze through the half-dollar new orders at 16 break is 16 is the next spot that .

    I’m watching just added right there for the break over $16 then 1650 so watching here adding up here brings up my cost basis a bit but .

    I still think it’s gonna break over 16 so watching there 16 there 16 17 that’s a nice trade .

    I’m in its 1565 so my cost basis has moved up and .

    I’m just holding now 500 shares .

    I’ll put my stop at breakeven you can see you owe any opening up a little bit too high this candle is 1617 .

    I’m still holding 358 shares and .

    I sold the rest for a small loss there so that was a nice trade on car you owe any nice and the way it’s kind of curling up for six hit a hi there of 46 60 baby G.

    I again another false breakout on you o ne so it broke there a couple cents and then flush back down you ome halt going downs at $40 and 23 cents Co hm .

    I still like it .

    I like the break overview app setup but it you know it’s a little the five-minute it’s at the support of the night just the 20 moving average and to blow the view app though .

    I want to see it get above that level it’s a flush back down off of 17 would be a possible dip trade it wouldn’t surprise me if Kohn and you .

    Oh any kind of if they both start to open up if they do that a little in tandem just because sometimes when one stock is strong another one will be strong .

    I think probably people would be more comfortable trading calm because it’s cheaper and the news catalyst of the 13d although it’s not listed here is more tangible than the .




    O any kind of catalyst so a little bit of ascending support here a little bit of a bear flag on the 5-minute but high volume on that green candle which is good so highest volume right now is on green candles but the one minute candle there was was pretty bad starter on cone right down here 17:04 buying the dip off of this ascending support line so .

    I’m long at 1713 .

    I’m gonna put my order to add over 18 watchin looking for the break of 18 watching here .

    I’m in 1713 added right there for the break of 18 now .

    I’m looking for 1850 1869 is the technical breakout spot for us to get a retest of V whap so 1850 watch this .

    I’m holding 12,000 shares of 1721 .

    I’m looking to add over 19 looking for the breakthrough the V whap watching added right there holding 15,000 shares looking for the squeeze up to 19 there’s 19 took half off the table at 19 there goes okay it took more off at night 1899 now .

    I’m gonna look for a dip for my next trade the high this candle is 1903 fifteen thousand shares was that trade .

    I’m up 156 thousand on the day now watching this micro pullback just added right there looking for this to break back over nineteen now .

    I want to see a breakthrough the V whap nineteen fifties an ad and then .

    I’m gonna look for this up over twenty watch over nineteen fifty watching adding right there 1945 for the break of fifty twelve thousand shares we’ve got 19 .

    I want to see twenty dollars the test of twenty hands on the by adding right there for the breakthrough twenty so fifteen thousand shares is it gonna break twenty there’s 1998 selling half at twenty puts me up 174 hi this candle right now is twenty forty three so now we’ve got chance at a breakthrough view app watching in this area just added right there for the break through the highs .

    I want to see 21 .

    I was this a halt level here .

    I wasn’t expecting a halt level right they’re still holding at nineteen ninety-one watching sold it looks like it’s dipping down .

    I’m gonna do a dip trade watching down here just bought a dip trade kind of a bad fill .

    I thought .

    I was gonna be filled in the 18s .

    I was filled at 19 21 it was down to 18 for a second there so .

    I because .

    I had a bad entry .

    I sold that at 60 29 actually so only breakeven trade they’re sitting up 176 this is up 150% with 6 million shares of volume we’ve got a double top right here at today’s open this is the level that needs to break $20.45 if that breaks then .

    I would look for a move up to 22 and then back in my potential up there let’s let it do a pull back for a second so .

    I’m all out right now sold the rest it whatever it was 1929 [Music] starter long looking to add over $20 added right there looking for the break of 21 hands on the buy button 21 just added trying to ride that momentum through 21 and then 2150 watch right here is this a halt level why am .

    I not seeing what the hot levels are in the stock .

    I’m taking profit and .

    I’m gonna adjust my stop to break-even and put the new order at 21 to watch a dip so that was a one-minute pullback got such a range on this stock it’s incredible just added right there for the break over 21 all levels at 21 21 so let’s watch this through $21 adding right there at 98 trying to catch that quick break through 21 through 21 .

    I want to see 2150 .

    I want to see you test that half dollar so it’s got a break through 21 watching there we go so a little bit of a false break they’re not picture-perfect see if it gets back over 21 .

    I didn’t sell anything over 21 and .

    I sold the rest there .

    I hit the bed so look for a dip off of 19 which is the V whap around 1920 .

    I’m gonna let it dip down for a second .

    I want to see a dip down towards 19 nice John good work man how much have you guys made today .

    I want to see if this is gonna break nineteen fifty and then a dip trade is gonna be off of nineteen eleven thousand six hundred fifteen fifteen hundred ten thousand four thousand stimulator Daniel let me see .

    I can’t see that it’s Daniel what’s your pian .

    I can’t .

    I can .

    I can’t see the position side of the way my window is so watching Kohn right now it’s kind of bare flagging above fifty high volume on that green candle that’s what we like to see the high was 20 120 140 that’s the 18000 for Daniel nice man that’s awesome dude .

    I’ll put that on screen share here so most of you guys are warrior pro students so you’re learning the strategy oh my god okay you guys cmeg looks like demo account there 65,000 crazy .

    I think that’s the demo account though 65,000 .

    I don’t know but or .

    I don’t know what it is but anyways this looks like a real account and confirm it for us is that real money or is that a sim so .

    I didn’t get a dip there the high is 21 40 so .

    I’m gonna keep watching it let it consolidate for a second those of you guys who are red for whatever reason you know you owe any got chopped out on it just my two cents it’s within a lesson within a loss is a lesson so learn the lesson figure out what you did wrong and try to become a better trader just by studying and reviewing what mistakes you’ve made so cone still watching it back over 21 right there .

    I added 21 now looking for 22 added right there 2150 .

    I’m trying to get this squeezed up to 22 that’s what .

    I’m looking for so .

    I’m Gong aggressive .

    I want to see a break 2150 there we go .

    I want to see 22 it’s a little bit of churn here which is kind of typical of the stock there’s 2103 the high was around 22 so .

    I’m in it 21:19 and .

    I’m stopping out for a loss lost a thousand bucks on that so .

    I’m up 187 keep watching it so the view app is around 1950 so .

    I’m gonna watch Cohn down here nice day and a good job yeah so that’s awesome it’s really good hey a nice man paying is that real money do we have your 4900 3000 simulator simulator allow you guys practicing the sim which is great some of you have Lightspeed accounts that are set up as sim so .

    I wasn’t sure whether that’s real money or sin but good job live real money nice that’s awesome good job all right so this is pulling back a little bit you owe any it’s about 1025 this one is holding above the V whap the hive this last little move was 4889 .

    I would say it needs to break over this level here to have 5150 just to have a shot at getting back to the high a day see what it does mmm hello this last pullback coming down here .

    I’m gonna watch around 19 see what this does so this is forming a five-minute pattern so .

    I’m gonna let that consolidate for a second .

    I’m gonna watch you ome .

    I’m long you ome here .

    I’m taking a starter on this for the break over 48 what .

    I’m looking at on this is 4889 and then the break over 49 so hands on the buy button for the break of 49 une and then .

    I want to see a squeeze watch here over 49 the squeeze up to $50 watch 49 added right there for the break through 49 trying to catch that rip up through $49 and then .

    I want to see it through 50 so watch here we want to see a break through 49 we’ve got 40 there’s 49 there’s 49 .

    I want to see 50 dollars 49 46 hand on the Bible and .

    I’m gonna put an order at 50 .

    I have to be careful on this one because it’s so expensive just added right there for the break through 50 new cost base this is 4890 was going to break 50 sold the rest for right now new trade will be a dip on the pullback the low is 47 50 watching for a dip trade we know this one likes to flush so .

    I want to be careful and try to catch dips on it .

    I really wanted it to break over 50 and rip up through the high it basically double topped at this resistance level of 51 that we had put out there previously so that’s okay that’s still a green trade let’s just look for the next entry so it’s a little bit of a false breakout right now we still have a minute left on this current candle you go in the cone is doing the flag it’s not ready yet you ome has a high Bear of 40 50 dollars and 75 cents calm Kohn’s selling off here i Melancon i just bought at 45 .

    I’m trying to buy the bounce off the you app now the first five-minute Campbell to make a new high the high this canvas twenty sixty seven and has ten seconds left so .

    I’m gonna put my new order at twenty seventy for the first five minute candle to make a new high on cone so let’s watch this here just add it right there .

    I’m looking for that first five minute candle to make a new high are we gonna get it it’s gonna line up right here first five-minute camel to make a new highs over twenty seventy hands on the buy button at 21 watch this cone watching here we want to see that breakthrough twenty five fifty twenty dollars and fifty cents .

    I want to catch that quick squeeze watch right here there we go added twenty nine forty or forty whatever that is forty five trying to get that break through the half dollar back to twenty .

    I’m in at $20 1981 .

    I really needed to rip there what was the high that candle it was sixty seven it didn’t break that level darn so still a nice trade .

    I’m still holding thirty seven hundred shares .

    I want to see if it pops back up over twenty probably well so .

    I’ll give this a second let’s see if it gets back over twenty 87 on the ask 88 there we go so .

    I put my order .

    I’m in in 1981 so .

    I put my orders to get out on that break over 20 .

    I’m still holding 998 shares .

    I still think the first 5-minute candle to make a new high is worth watching and .

    I’m gonna keep trying to buy dips off the view app so .

    I’m still holding small size .

    I’m gonna look to buy down here watching watching in the 20s .

    I didn’t add .

    I’m waiting you owe any is curling back up a little bit again so .

    I put my order there was a 81-79 .

    I sold the rest 79 it was a hot key a break-even so got back out there at 79 is definitely showing some weakness if it breaks 19 here we might see a flush the view app or this the halt level going down is if a teen added right there 1857 only small size .

    I’m gonna see if it goes a little lower because sometimes when they break the V whap that’s we can get a really serious flush so .

    I don’t want to be too early on this they stopped out .

    I’m gonna try to catch a bounce off of 18 orders at 1825 it’s not bouncing you know that first dip didn’t really bounce watching down here is it gonna break 18 .

    I’m not feeling like .

    I can jump in yet doesn’t have support till like 1775 on the ascending support trendline be YFC yeah .

    I see that H.

 A E.

    Is okay six yeah .

    I’ll watch that one okay so C.

 A E.

    O hm now the only setup since it broke via web and didn’t give us that first five minute candle to make a new high which is really a shame now my expectation of it going back to the highs it’s kind of dwindling but .

    I could do bounce trades so if it breaks eighteen you know we could get a quick flush or something like that so .

    I’m gonna keep my ordered 18 20 and watch for dip trades and try to catch pops off the low so .

    I think it’s gonna break 18 so .

    I’m looking maybe around seventeen seventy or something like that seventeen ninety orders it 1796 .

    I can see a nine thousand share buyer at 1801 you owe any is that the view app as well but of course we know that it can halt going down and have some bigger drops so this is cone you .

    Oh .

 Andy is the other one you owe any 46 is kind of holding a support it’s simply not a perfect five-minute setup but it’s only ten-thirty and the last couple days we’ve still had opportunities through 11:00 so .

    I think that there’s still going to be some more opportunities here maybe you owe any is the next one because it’s above the view app but .

    I don’t see my entry just yet so .

    I’m gonna wait for a second it’s back down here watch you see you you owe any crashing .

    I’m gonna take a long there 4470 .

    I bought you o ne 4470 for a pop back up it’s a flush below the view app so now .

    I want to see a pop-up .

    I’m in with 2,000 shares at forty four seventy .

    I want to see a break over forty six we’ve got forty six forty five sixty on the ask .

    I want to see that pop up over forty seven no .

    I stopped at forty five for thirty cents of profit better than going red but at his briefing V Webb 44:26 was the low so now if it breaks that level there’s a drop so this might halt going down .

    I’m not sure let’s see what it does around 43 this is kind of high risk in this spot and Cohn is also selling off and not bouncing so they’re both kind of trading a little bit in tandem here koan selling off more low on cone was 25 it’s back to 1777 so there was a little dip trade .

    I see byf see .

    I haven’t been really watching it though because .

    I’m trading me focusing on these two others byf see it .

    I’m not totally it wasn’t on my gap scanner it’s not hitting my high damos scanner so that .

    I don’t know what they’re white but usually that means there’s something about it that doesn’t quite fit the criteria nice bounce off of the ascending support line here .

    I was a little too slow to jump in that because .

    I was watching you o ne so .

    I didn’t get that dip trade [Music] yep my cpu YFC there at 6 hit a high of 625 nice good job high a day 633 Ralph Wow it’s awesome dude you’re .

    I don’t .

    I don’t recognize that platform $99,000 though if that’s real money or if that’s a simulator or what that is but an i7 good job so those of you guys who are going to be ready to do your broker statement verification for the hunter K Club .

    I can give you the link for that so here’s the link right there in the chatroom the to do your brokerage statement verification to get your hunter K Club badge so .

    I hoping to see more of those next to your name after this last round of momentum so the high here is 625 .

    I’m so impressed for you guys .

    I mean you guys are some of you guys are really crushing it nice job no it’s not hundred thousand pesos it’s got to be dollars .



    USD all right so .

    I do see bfb YFC moving a little higher .

    I would like to get a tray between 10:30 and 11:00 here cone is [Music] below the V web so pulling back a little bit nice bounce on cone off that ascending support line so the flips 18 million shares on BBY FC come running grow so that was a one-minute pullback this now has a high of 59 good call Kevin you were right you were definitely right on that .

    I just wasn’t you know when you’re following one or two stocks sometimes it can feel a little hard to switch gears car if .

    I switch gears on but .

    I traded that one earlier in the week so .

    I was pretty familiar with it some of them .

    I that .

    I’m not familiar with .

    I just get a little like wait can .

    I trust this .

    I’m not sure lay down girl yeah lay down right there lay down so when they get parabolic like this you know the question is where can .

    I get in so you’ve got a high there of 74 so now it needs to have a pullback the halt levels way up at 783 so it’s not gonna halt .

    I would say if it breaks over 674 75 .

    I could try to get in for a squeeze up to 7 so .

    I’ll take a starter there for the break and .

    I’ll put a new order at 85 90 to add so watching over 85 to add added right there 87 and .

    I’m gonna try to ride this momentum up to $6 sorry $7 so let’s look for the break here and .

    I’m looking for $7 on B YFC so trying to catch this momentum right now it’s dipping the high is in the 90s so over 90 would be the next add spot so watch b YF c over 690 it’s turning a little bit here we want to see 75 then 85 and then 90 i stopped out .

    I cut the loss on it so .

    I took 25,000 shares at 75 .

    I stopped at 63 so $2,700 loss just getting a little a little heavy up here .

    I can always get back in but the one .

    I was looking for pretty much an immediate breakout we didn’t get it high is 88 maybe dip trade-off of six dollars so .

    I’m up 203,000 right now but .

    I just took the first lime red now on byf see .

    I was trying to buy the breakout and .

    I was just .

    I was getting in high but it since it was moving so much .

    I thought maybe we’ll keep going and again in this market you can get away with chasing stuff because we’re seeing a lot of stocks they’re irrationally strong so buying high is generally working not on every single trade but generally so first one-minute candle to make a new high on this the five minutes now a little extended the highs 88 so from my entry at 60 or 75 it did go up about 13 cents but .

    I didn’t take that .

    I actually added because .

    I was looking for that squeeze through seven yeah when the markets hot this isn’t the time to ease off the throttle this is the time to be aggressive but there’s certainly a time of day where when usually we see the most momentum and right now with you .

    Oh any fading a little bit it’s still relatively strong but it’s below the view app and so is cone so that’s a little bit of a problem with these two you know .

    I’m not in love with that so you know this is where .

    I sit right now those are the last trades on V y FC so there’s be YFC coming back up if .

    I’d held it .

    I would have been down on that by quite a bit before coming back to break even so wouldn’t .

    I don’t think .

    I’ve been the right move to hold through that pull back the first one meant Quinta making new high – the false break then it came back to read – the new low and now the new high is 96 so it’s sort of chopping around in this area but this is the strongest one right now so it may be worth watching for a second attempt on a one minute micro pullback .

    I’ll take a starter there at 79 .

    I want to see if it’s gonna break just add it right there for the breakthrough seven so .

    I’m in now eighty nine there’s a seller there but .

    I think when that seller clears out we’ll probably get a pop up to seven ten as long as it holds seven on the break then .

    I would hold for a move up towards 750 so watch be YFC on the break of seven holding full-size here with my hand on the Bible and a seven oh one this is another micro pullback underneath the whole dollar 92 93 94 95 watch so we want to see that distinctive look on the tape of a best-seller at 7 getting knocked down where it goes 30 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 then the snap is where .

    I press the Buy button for the break so watch 96 N.

 A E 6 on the ask .

    I’m gonna give it a second to break over 7 this is a flat top right underneath the whole dollar watching to add added right there for the break through and sold the whole thing that was 22 thousand shares sold at 19 so that put me up that was a nice little pop out the whole thing 22,000 shares no problem getting filled we’ve got 75 million shares of volume on the stock so .

    I was in at 79 add it at a be added at 7 added two more thousand shares they’re sold 22,000 at 7:19 now it didn’t hold 7 it pulled back so now the question is if it breaks the high of 723 right here then .

    I’d start to think okay let’s look for a move up towards 750 but it just did a false break there it broke above it came back below it yup Co HN curling a little bit it’s got that bounce off ascending support high that last candle there was 1882 so V W.

 AP is at 1931 it’s a little bit of a funny setup right here because it’s below the V whap mdia yeah .

    I see that .

    I hid the scanners curling up a little bit all-time highs on it up here not that far away realistically is there news on mdia today volume is pretty light yeah so purely a technical setup it is easy to borrow at Lightspeed float says 1.4 million shares .

    I don’t know if it’s really that low maybe only three hundred twenty two thousand shares the following am in contrast to byf see that has 77 million so it’s gonna be a lot easier to get in and out of something with 77 million shares than with 300 thousand 7:10 maybe on byf see but .

    I’m not totally sure ah this is a Greg Brown you guys here in the background it’s a singer-songwriter good from the Midwest ah lmf a the high is 33 tomorrow say a couple stocks popping up here hold on let’s look at TLS a looks like they’re making news on it now .

    I’m trying to see if it’s news just came out or no maybe not it’s very light on volume halt levels 809 .

    I might want to watch it this looks like all-time highs up here see if more volume comes in news is a few hours old get to .



    US patent for antibody .

    I’m not in it .

    I’m just watching on the sidelines all-girls 856 .

    I kind of need at this point a pullback that’s from 7 to 8 .

    I don’t you know the thing is it’s hard to know where this came from why did it why did it just pop up and then you know it starts popping up okay traders jump on it but without understanding the source of the sort of just seems random if the news came out like two minutes ago .

    I would say oh okay well that that makes sense Co HN back at 17 yeah so the hit below there 1702 let’s see whether or not it’s gonna break 17 byf see coming back up a little bit it’s not quite a five minutes setup but there might be a trade there back over seven it’s just jumped above and below seven a couple times so .

    I’m not sure if the break of seven is gonna work ah .

    I see yeah .

    I see the news from a little bit earlier on the patent on TLS a but we’ll see what it does we’ll see how well it holds this area whether or not traders step up to the plate .

    I am RN 1180 yeah that was the one from a few hours ago .

    I had wine well byf see that’s a good question .

    I’m not totally sure it could have been relative to a drop off the highs .

    I’m not sure ah .

 Aleksey are on the daily chart has very well defined resistance at three that would need to break you can see it’s hit that level twice there and then another time back here so we would say this is a daily flat top at basically three now given how hot the momentum has been if there was any day that it has a chance break in that level it probably today but just be mindful that we would need to see it rip through that level .

    I don’t see a fresh catalyst specific to the stock right now so there’s ninety seven ninety eight there’s three watching .

    I’m holding my hands on it .

    I want to see how it trades in this area micro pullback under three there you go Britta three 315 317 so they’ll go with or without you it’s just whether or not you feel like you can handle the risk and you like the setup Co HN .

    I’m wondering whether or not it’s gonna break 17t LS.

 A has a lot of sellers at $7.99 B YFC first five-minute candle to make a new high could give us a breakout so it seems like oxp are and some of these stocks that even though they have no news they just kind of start surging knocking traders jump on it so you know you can make money in that environment for sure is trading the momentum watching Kohn watching the break of 17 start at 1701 .

    I’m taking a dip trade here because .

    I think it’s gonna hold 17 so .

    I’m buying Cohn for a break back up to 1750 there 1725 .

    I want to see 35 and 45 ideally a squeeze back up to 18 but 1750 is what .

    I want to see there’s 38 39 watching stopped out .

    I’m gonna put a new order at 1650 in case it breaks 17 watching 4,000 share it’s holding see how it’s holding that level right now let’s just watch it might break though this is critical support .

    I’m adding back it’s holding someone is got a hidden by they’re 17 so .

    I’m back in 1705 adding right there now this pop back up to 17 18 dollars so .

    I’m in 3000 shares of 1717 added right there looking for a squeeze – 18 there’s 18 that’s a dollar a share almost a dollar a share so there was a hidden buyer there even so we see that on the level – because what it looked like was it was about to break and then it didn’t that 9,000 share bid went 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 that were still selling it didn’t break hidden buyer jumped in byf see that’s a nasty drop .

    I sold the rest of cone for now byf C is kind of having this panic sell-off here the rap isn’t till down quite a bit lower so .

    I’m kind of watching to see where might we get a pop looking for that flush and then a pop so where it could be a good dip spot maybe 550 the half dollar 575 maybe cone .

    I’m gonna keep watching down in this area to trade within the range cone orders at 1712 watching back in back in cone 1710 .

    I’m just gonna keep trading in that range looking for the pop over 1750 there 1741 .

    I added on cone 1740 try to get a pop up over the half dollar there’s 54 it’s a 50 cent range but .

    I just keep buying support byf see .

    I have on watch out of the corner of my eye .

    I’m not sure where to put do a dip on byf see it needs to sell off a little bit more .

    I think now the fact is the more times a test 17 you know we might get a time where it actually breaks and if it breaks we’re support well 1650 the half dollar maybe lower 16 so we do have to be mindful of that but right now .

    I’m still holding and looking for this to pop back up over 17 and .

    I’ll just keep watching to do dip trades alright so .

    I’m gonna put my new order at 17:10 sold the rest is 17 18 and 35 .

    I’m kind of watching around .

    I’m thinking like 16 dollars but maybe 16 50 Dan look at that and put that up on screen share its job man that’s awesome look at that $30,000 .

    I didn’t have my first $30,000 day until .

    I’ve been trading for like seven years o XP are very nice so sometimes it’s an opportunity cost to focus on one stock you missed something else sometimes the way it goes but Co HN is the one that’s been paying the bills today .

    I’m sitting up to 15 on the day and 157 is from comb so it’s the right stock for me to be watching it’s got a lot of range it’s got a decent amount of volume .

    I can get in line pretty easily so .

    I’m gonna keep watching cone .

    Oh xbr has a high right there of 378 now that it’s broken that three spot traders might jump on it a little bit more .

    I put my next order on that one maybe the high .

    I haven’t traded it yet but the high would be 378 maybe a break over 378 for a squeeze through four it’s got 5.3 million shares of volume nice dip on B YFC missed that one but looks like a hidden cellar there 59 on oxp are let’s see where catches support there’s 50 on the bid 46 42:26 is the 9 moving average ey .

    I’ve seen nice very nice who XP are coming back up first one minute candle to make a new high was 52 .

    I missed that so .

    I’ll just watch over the high of 78 if it breaks 78 then .

    I would start to think maybe a squeeze up towards for cone is still consolidating above the flat bottom of 17 missed oxp are just looking away so have to wait for the next setup nice on cone short-sellers giving up maybe pops up a little bit the view apps 1911 so that one .

    I missed lmf a continuing a little higher yeah .

    I need to make another 9000 to break my previous record feels kind of like it’s .

    I don’t know things are slowing down a little bit might not happen maybe not a good idea to force it it’s a Friday after all so cone .

    I’ve been kind of keeping an eye on because this one .

    I’ve done really well on got a big range 24:16 so if you broke 1882 that looks interesting that’s the high back here but that’s right into the view app so it needs to break that view app lmf a moving a little higher but kind of like .

    Oh XBR .

    I’m not totally sure on it .

    I don’t see a catalyst it’s got a history of this red candle .

    I’m just not sure let’s see so this is where .

    I was sitting on the week before let’s do gross profit so June this is where .

    I’m sitting on the week before today so 224 are on Wednesday 155 says 375 380 395 so that’s gonna be for 58 plus today 558 668 678 682 on the week just on the week the best week .

    I’ve ever had last week wasn’t bad either though 115 139 58 81 Monday was my second worst day of the month worst day was two Fridays ago so my fame weaving a little higher you know some people are jumping on it you can see 7.6 million shares a volume .

    I’m at 215 right now so that’s where .

    I sit right now so yeah if there was ever a chance to make another 10,000 well today will probably be a good good day to go for it but things are slowing down a little bit but again you know remember this profit doesn’t come without risk .

    I was down 26,000 unrealized on one trade today that was when .

    I was holding into the halt going down on you oh and .


    I .

    I started trying to buy the dip right here and then it flushed down 4490 halted going down thank goodness it didn’t halt going down because of news of a secondary offering because that would have been that would have been what .

    I was worried about pre market and a potential 7500 thousand one hundred fifty thousand dollar loss so anyways it opened higher and .

    I added or tried to add it and get filled and then .

    I got out for a smaller loss .

    I think only three thousand or maybe four thousand dollars so that was the worst one today a couple other close calls but most have been pretty clean today let’s see Louis nice nice man 29,000 this job guys Steven it’s part of the learning process doesn’t happen overnight .

    I’ve been doing this for almost ten years before .

    I’ve had this record street you’ve just got to build up your skill and then when you get that next hot streak you’ll be ready to capitalize think of it you know kind of like you know you’ve got those fishermen out there on the Bering Sea guys no .

    I watch Deadliest Catch they’ve got every season they probably get a little bit better they learn about different spots different techniques things like that you know but then after season as much as they’ve learned they’ve got to wait for the next season open up so you could learn a lot during a hot streak but not fully capitalize on it and then you got to wait for the next hot streak to start to really capitalize you owe any rock above the you app .

    I see this so .

    I would say breaking over forty seven and forty seven twenty would be critical .

    I’m just not sure with declining volume if we’re gonna see that half let’s keep an eye on it lmf a yep so the hi there 72 eight point eight million shares it was back around 17 cone so again those of you guys streaming on in the chat room we’re gonna do summer school starting probably around probably start around noon time .

    I’m not gonna probably trade much past much past that .

    I might stop sooner and then we’ll switch over but yeah .

    I use the keypad arrows up and down to update price so like here .

    I can go up up arrow down arrow and then if .

    I press shift at the same time it goes up and down by 10 cents .

    I’m buying the ask 99% of the time .

    I’m buying at the gas price we’ll ask plus 5 gives my upset so it allows a little bit of slippage so .

    I’m buying the aspirin off so high on lmf a is now 82 up to 85% .

    I sold on the ask when .

    I sold be YFC at 7:19 .

    I pressed the sell the ass button .

    I didn’t get the top but .

    I got pretty nice exit .

    I pretty much start with smaller size everyday and then once .

    I have a cushion then .

    I start to get aggressive but .

    I don’t want to get aggressive on the first trade usually because then .

    I have the risk of going red and hitting my max lost for the day which i think is currently set around four thousand dollars or maybe five thousand so you can see how you owe any it’s kind of jumping above and below the V web a little double top resistance there around 47 .

    I do buy with a five cent offset above the ask yeah but it’s .

    I’m so when .

    I said ask .

    I meant with the five cent offset up of it just to give myself room it’s not to say with $5,000 max loss .

    I couldn’t blow past it because .

    I could .

    I could have a big drop but .

    I can .

    I can’t trade if .

    I’m down below below 1525 .

    I’m looking at 17 on cone 1750 in there for a second it looks like it wants to break that’s the thing that .

    I don’t want to .

    I’m assuming that there’s people that are trying this flat bottom breakdown remember those of you guys streaming on YouTube hit that thumbs up button if you haven’t already subscribed hit the subscribe button on the channel .

    I said .

    I would do this free stream for you guys if we got 5000 thumbs up on one of our last videos and we did we got really close to it anyways so .

    I’m doing this for you guys so make sure you hit that thumbs up button share a couple of your friends if you want to learn more about my strategy you can check out the links in the description alright so Seib si .

 A EB again vol kind of out of nowhere no news it’s below the 200 .

    I don’t trust that right now LMS a grinding higher but no news .

    I just have a hard time trusting these .

    I don’t know maybe LMF.


    O ver 3 small size there’s a seller there sellers at 295 on LM F.

 A so it’s hitting some resistance there at the whole dollar so if cone breaks 17 where’s support you know this is where .

    I think it it’s only at the half dollars or whole dollars from a technical perspective 1540 maybe that previous high maybe but if there is a hidden buyer there then we’ll probably get another bounce off 17 and will be buying right off support so order .

    I’ll just have it ready to go so cone right now consolidating near the lows there’s 15 on the bed the low of this last dip was ten only five cents away from that spot took a starter there as soon as .

    I saw that pop .

    I got in at 41 17:41 it’s holding support here so .

    I’m gonna look to try to ride this up to 18 just added right there short sellers are gonna have to give up so let’s get that pop over 18 and then back up towards 1820 it’s clearly holding support here so hands on the buy button add through 18 added right there to 18 nice trade nice so .

    I was watching it like a hawk alright so now .

    I’ve got to let it pull back the second it popped up .

    I got in high .

    I got into 41 but so still holding 1,300 shares sometimes we’ll get a false breakout to the upside before a break to the downside so we do have to be a little careful of that is it gonna hold this level .

    I don’t like a big big candle like that .

    I would say generally candle like that’s bearish mmm got this resistance up here at the 1850 area you o ne is holding up yep there may still be opportunities on that cone .

    I’m still holding small sighs .

    I’m gonna see what this does through here .

    I don’t like that that candle was red on the one minute it should have held that level so basically when .

    I look at something like that on cone that tells me and .

    I sell on the ask so but it looks to me like someone took like a market order cell right here and with a market order with you know a big position it flushed down .

    I don’t do market orders because .

    I don’t want to have all of a sudden an exit flush down like that .

    I always try to sell in the ass to get the best price but you know you sometimes see it so but it does kind of ruin the pattern a little bit so .

    I would say this needs to break over 1850 in order to be really bullish so .

    I put my order in 1850 if it does then .

    I’d look for a curl back up to 19 through the you app to 20 so orders at 1850 ready to go you owe any needs to break over 47 still holding 300 shares of cone keeps me focused on the stock yeah market orders uh eat our market order sell or it could be a short but this has short sale restriction so it’s probably someone just hitting the bid bien TC yeah .

    I see that .

    I don’t know if again there’s news on it though but maybe worth watching orders around 17 still on Co HN keep trying to buy tips off 17 sell at 18 the gap and go upload will probably be if not today early next week so .

    I’m breakeven on my three hundred shares on cone right now you owe any first five-minute candle to make a new high would be over forty five seventy eight and we know who’s gonna have more risk on it so first five-minute and then 40 which is 45 78 then 47 needs to break and then you know that’s really kind of a stretch to think it’s gonna squeeze back up to 50 because of declining volume in order for it to squeeze back to the highs you would really need to see a fair amount of volume so .

    I’m sitting up to 20 thinks that last trade on Kohn .

    I’m still holding 298 shares at 65 so .

    I’m still in it .

    I’m still focusing on it the money it doesn’t really make a difference but it’s more of symbolic that .

    I’m still in it so .

    I still have to focus on it so .

    I won’t miss something so the risk on cone for me is a little bit less be NTC popping up they’re a little more means more volume for me but .

    I like that it’s moving that’s good to see so cone .

    I don’t have to worry about the secondary offering the way .

    I do it B NTC so the downside risk is much more manageable the price is also lower 1840 1850 that continues to be the spot its basing here but .

    I don’t know so there’s some selling there on comb our ascending support line is in the 20s 40 by 41 it’s really slowing down there’s just not a lot of volume anymore now be YFC is holding up above the V whap that over 650 could be a set up .

    I would say that’s a maybe .

    I’ll put an order at 650 on that .

    I would increase share size specifically for that one because it’s cheaper but .

    I’m not sure if .

    I’m gonna trade it .

    I can easily take 10,000 shares starter and scale up to 30 or 40,000 shares of that one it’s got 102 million shares of volume .

    I won’t probably even have slippage .

    I sold the rest of .

    OS BR oh sorry cone as .

    I watched byf see so .

    I’m gonna switch my focus cone again .

    I’ll put an order around 17 if it bounces off 17 .

    I do think that people are probably watching it for a short it’s a very well defined it’s a flat bottom breakdown worthy of going into the classes because it’s so clear but sometimes they don’t bring those levels but it’s going lower here so let’s see whether it breaks 17 .

    I kind of threw in the towel just to focus on B YFC but so here we go there’s the 1705 watch watch this .

    I might buy down here watching is it gonna be a hidden buyer it’s holding right now nope in .

    I just bought right there at 16 31 about 16 31 for the pot back up here over 17 so watch this now over 17 for the this is a dip trade it’s a classic dip trade so looking for this to break over 65 75 catch the pop coming back up short sellers cover they have to cover by pressing the Buy button so that was a flash $1 drop .

    I’m in at 31 and .

    I just sold the rest of 25 .

    I’m gonna look for a new dip .

    I’m gonna let it sell again doesn’t .

    I mean this is when this is clearly the back side of the move so it’s going to have more downside than upside potential .

    I’m watching to see if it breaks 16 watching down here there’s 16 .

    I’m long 3000 shares 1607 .

    I’m gonna try to catch another pop on this back up to 1620 ad spot off of 15 so let’s watch this here there’s 19 trying to catch these dips off the low stopped out small loss new dip spot probably off of 15 the whole dollar that’s gonna be the best one if it really flushes so let’s look for a flush through 1515 .

    I haven’t really made that much on these steps .

    I’m up one to 21 ah you owe any dropping support 4150 3hn first one minute candle to make a new high is right here .

    I’m not gonna take that and .

    I’m thinking this is gonna be a bear flag a drop a small pop and then another sell off lower .

    I’ll try to catch around $15 a dip dip on you oh and he .

    I .

    I just didn’t want to jump in unless it’s sold off a little bit more so waiting on that one still so watch Cohn for a bounce off of a sell-off through the lows the low is 1550 so watching cone down here is it going to break 1550 yeah B NTC moving higher still on very light volume so there’s a big drop on you .

    Oh any .

    I’m just nervous getting into it not knowing you know whether or not we’re gonna have like news of a secondary offering 4150 so it’s double bottom there at forty one fifty ah nice on BNT see $10 probably be the next spot to watch breaketh 950 then 10 keep an eye on it watching you owe any for a break of 41 watch long you owe any .

    I bought down there on that dip for a pot back up .

    I’m in at forty dollars and 46 cents .

    I want to see a pot back up over 42 no stopped out better to cut that loss .

    I can look for a dip trade on resumption but no reason to no reason to hold into a halt going down so .

    I was in it $40 and 47 cents and stopped at 38 64 so two dollars a share on 400 shares it’s a hundred bucks byf see also a big drop so we’re seeing people getting a little scared .

    I don’t know seeing some drops byf see is there news on it .

    I don’t see anything so .

    I’m gonna watch byf see for a dip trade watching .

    I’m long dyf see here for a quick dip for a pop back up to 550 so looking for 550 on this one .

    I’m trying to catch that pop back up so let’s watch over 45 watching the ad on byf see adding right there at 37 trying to catch that squeeze back up to 550 this is kind of that pop setup .

    I’m in at 28 right now .

    I want to see 38 39 and then that momentum rip back up over the half-dollar he’s got to break over 38 and then into the 40s hands on the Buy button at 38 ad right there at 41 .

    I want to try to catch that pop up over 550 there’s 540 watching first one-minute camel to make a new high back up over 550 there’s 4442 there’s 45 .

    I want to see the half-dollar so .

    I’m in at 29 which is pretty good stop it break even at this point try to catch a break through the half-dollar sold the rest at 34 small win relatively speaking lo was 11 but it didn’t really bounce that much .

    I mean considering that drop it’s not really a very big bats so this is becoming the 1-minute Bear Flag a pop-up and then move lower so the low is 11 so 511 could be the next trade .

    I’ll put an order 5:15 to see if it double bottoms cone is holding support now at 5:50 1550 if it breaks 1550 then we may see another sell-off but right now it looks like it’s holding that level you YFC watching watching B Y up C for a bounce off of five .

    I’m at 222 we’ve got about a minute two minutes to resumption on you .

    Oh any double bottom on cone yeah it’s it’s a double bottom at 1550 so .

    I would watch a break and then a sell-off and a tap of 15 so you owe any is about a minute away from resumption .

    I’m seeing $40 and 57 cents right now looks like be YFC came down didn’t quite tap that double bottom of 511 so .

    I didn’t get the trade to add which .

    I was looking for now it’s back up to 5:30 you go any since it’s broken the V whap and today’s open honestly this .

    I mean maybe it catches support but it could go a lot lower so .

    I .

    I’m not super super eager to do dips on it .

    I’m gonna be really careful see where it opens it’s showing right now forty dollars and fifty seven cents which would be a high open but then .

    I think it might just go lower because it’s not a good it’s not really a good bounce setup yeah you know unless you were already in and you can sell coming right out of the hall but where would shorts shorts hours cover maybe thirty six low a day we’re gonna red candle on the daily topping tail that looks pretty bearish so it looks like thirty eight still low so looking for it to break thirty eight watching it sell off here .

    I have a starter but .

    I’m not sure .

    I sold that from 39 to 40 .

    Oh six but that was just a small 500 share trade the low is 38 .

    I’m looking for this to break 38 and then maybe 37 the dip trade cone watched cone on the break of 1550 watching cone hi the last 5-minute candle is 16 it’s Khan going to break 1550 watching watching for the break of 1550 if it’s gonna hold the support this could be a dip trade-off support 63 on the bed 64 on the ask nice bounce on you .

    Oh .

 Annie halt level going up is 43 95 from 38 to 42 it’s a five-point .



    Unbounce long to spot right there five 525 trying to buy the stip looking for a pop back up to 545 570 so buying that dip now over 550 on cone 1550 added rate there 1547 looking for that break through the half-dollar and then up through 60 so let’s watch this here .

    I’m in at 22 looking for the break over the half-dollar trying to do dip trades you got that bounce pretty close to off of $15 my best entry was .

    I think 15 2015 18 or something like that so let’s see if it breaks over 1550 .

    I want to see 1550 break added right there for the break of 1550 now .

    I want to try to catch this pop up towards 70 this is gonna be a little reversal off the low so high there was gonna watch this for a second for an add a double bottom at 15 still holding 1525 new order at 1550 so looking to catch that pop through the half-dollar added right there 15:46 looking for the first one minute camel to make a new high first five minute candle making new high is gonna be over sixteen so as it starts to open up .

    I just want to catch that squeeze up over there we go over seventy-five as a possible ad through seventy-five give me a trade up to sixteen there’s 56 58 60 on the ask byf see another drop could watch that off of five for support .

    I’ll keep an eye on byf see so the rest have cone at what was that 34 next dip on cone probably 1450 let’s see what it does here around 15 orders at 15 eleven starter there 600 shares 1508 seeing some green soldat 1528 only 600 shares it’s a partial fill so buying as close to support as possible for pops back up but it is just going lower so it’s on the back side of the move no question about it so that’s where .

    I sit right there coming into noontime 225 so mission accomplished .

    I don’t know after commission settle if .

    I’ll actually be up more than .

    I was on my last record day but be pretty close to it ey FC is gonna have a double bottom around 511 koan selling off more they’re hit a low 1460 so that broke 15 quick flush could have done a dip trade there from the low 1462 1490 on the ask but all right well that’s gonna do it for me .

    I’m gonna shut it down there we’re gonna switch over into class now for warrior pro students who are part of the summer school so $225,000 probably a total and probably close to a hundred trades it wasn’t one trade it wasn’t two trades it was a ton of trades so .

    I was pretty aggressive and tried to get that last 10k which was not super easy a bunch of dip trades on cone trading the back side of the move byf see you know kind of crazy day but it started initially actually my first trade today was read three hundred and seventy dollars on you owe any that was my first trade pre market so .

    I went rent today before .

    I went green and if you look at my P&L .

    I mean you could look at this for pretty much any of these days but you’ll see that it’s a slow increase it’s not you know here’s you can see this is from what day was this yesterday so you can see this is my P&L yesterday so kind of started small pull back back up pull back and then once .

    I had a cushion then .

    I started to really put the pedal to the metal and get aggressive but not till .

    I had the cushion so yesterday was a total of three trades sixty-five trades yesterday alright so that’s it for me thank you guys for tuning in wild day we’re your pro students we’re gonna switch over to the warrior pro classroom again a reminder for those of you guys streaming .

    I’m gonna put up my disclaimer here a couple things number one day trading is not easy this is hard it took me a long time to get to where .

    I’m at today my results are not typical you shouldn’t consider them to be typical you should expect that you’ve got a nine out of ten chance of losing money as a trader most traders lose so if you want to come into this market and you want to make money you’ve got to prove you can be profitable trading a simulator before you ever touch the market with real money you don’t deserve to touch the money we will market til you’ve been profitable in simulator it’s as simple as that you can’t make money in the simulator why do you think you would make money with real money right it’s it’s crazy so pay your dues study study study if you want to learn from me .

    I’m happy to teach you you know you have to accept the odds of success or low but if you want to learn .

    I’m happy to teach you you can come over to the website warrior trading calm of course if you have questions leave them down here in the comments below on YouTube and Facebook share these videos with your friends who are interested maybe want to learn a little bit more about the markets byf see a double bottom here but .

    I’m not gonna overstay my welcome it’s 12 o’clock $225,000 is not bad for Friday morning it took about 3 hours of trying to do it but that’s still that’s time well-spent alright you guys so again and .

    I did this livestream for you .

    I’m not gonna do a recap the recap is just watch the livestream watch the trades some of them of course were very fast and .

    I was very aggressive on that’s to be expected but markets hot so .

    I’m putting the pedal model and .

    I’m using on the throttle this week .

    I crossed over two million dollars since .

    I started my small account challenge so net profit now is 2.5 million well now it’s gonna be two points seven to five million dollars in net profit since .

    I crossed since .

    I started this small account challenged with $583 January 1st 2017 .

    I never could have anticipated that we would have this market than we have right now but fortunately .

    I was prepared for it and .

    I stepped up to the plate .

    I was aggressive at the right times and .

    I’ve been able to capitalize on this volatility really well so it’s been a while a wild three years since January 1st 2017 but these last like three months have been absolutely insane .

    I just never would have expected that .

    I could make this much but part of it was from lessons .

    I learned during the market dropping 35% lessons on buying off support and buying dips that was a big game-changer for me that combined with the volatility it’s created has really been what’s created this big hot streak and it’s not showing any signs of stopping you owe any although we haven’t yet gotten a secondary offering .

    I am concerned about it it is topping off here and coming back down probably people don’t want to hold it long over the weekend .

    I don’t blame them .

    I wouldn’t either be YFC pulling back a little bit we have seen some sympathy momentum on black owned and black led companies black founders black C.

 A E.

    Os that’s something that’s trending right now which is certainly good and .

    I think is .

    I mean it’s a it’s a great reason to put your money where your mouth isn’t buy a stock founded or led by someone who’s black .

    I’m sure they do not make up the majority of fortune 500 C.

 A E.

    Os so .

    I think that that’s awesome you owe any black run .

    I believe in black founder C.

 A E.

    O HN .

    I don’t think that wasn’t the catalyst this was a 13 d filing but that was the catalyst .

    I believe on pyf C and a couple others so a very interesting market that we’re in just follow the rules be disciplined and .

    I’ll try to trade real money until you’ve proven you can be profitable okay that’s it for me .

    I’m gonna jump off line here again if you guys hit 5,000 thumbs up on this video .

    I will schedule another free live day at some point in the future okay so make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe .

    I’ll be live-streaming Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.

 A for pre market analysis okay thanks

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