BombCrypto | Let’s Mint more Bombers & Upgrade! Using my Strategy called – Don’t Push Your Luck!

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Transcripción hey what up z clan and everybody else how you doing i hope you’re doing good welcome to my bomb crypto video and in this video we’re going to be minting up to 20 bombers using the strategy i’ve talked about uh on the previous video which i’m going to explain in a second now i’ve uh actually got some spare budget because i decided to exit alpis i still have two rare uh heroes over there for sale and it was definitely a good sign i didn’t expect them to sell so fast and uh i needed like two b and b to decide whether i’m gonna be minting today or not so i’m like thinking waiting and the coin was like going down i mean it went down i was waiting and it actually recovered uh oh my god wow it recovered really hard i mean i bought like uh around like four 450 a little bit less than 450 and just jumped and plus in addition to that everybody’s minting right now everybody is minting so i’m like okay you know what what am i i was planning to mend in whatever case so let’s go ahead and do it uh i also have some bitcoin over here on my balance in the chest so i will use those to upgrade my troops and i’m gonna use a strategy of uh first we go five x one then if we don’t get nothing good and like a super rare or something or uh you know or an epic then we’ll continue with x5 one time if we don’t get over there anything good like above rare then we’ll continue and last try is going to be uh 10x uh heroes so wish me luck i’m going to stop if i’m going to get a super rare because i don’t want to push my luck man all right so that’s how i want to do it and man this is crazy i just but i was planning to do this upgrade in whatever case so let’s go ahead and start so if i remember just click this venting process boom and we get a legendary straight off the bat i’m like okay guys i’m not pushing my luck [Laughter] i wish all right what we gonna get let’s go minting minting processing and i know like in this way i’m going to spend a lot more gas fees but this is just the way i want to do it i don’t want to go 10x from the bat besides this game has been showing a lot of strength and the coin itself a lot of strength it dropped and uh man it skyrocketed back up i’m like damn this is definitely a sign and as i said uh so i had less than two b b and i’m like going to take a.

    Quick break think about it come back and boom we got a comment basically i wanted to say and boom uh the other hero’s sold and i have like uh two b and b i’m like okay let’s go because i want to go like 20ish oh man speed is good but everything else sucks i still need to by the way i think you see these are my weakest ones still have some guys that i want to switch over here anyway not a good start no me gusta let’s let’s do that again so that was the first one let’s go number two come on gods of rng come on last gal so have you been minting recently what did you get comment down below and what are your current thoughts on this game like i expressed myself in the past two videos that i’m really hyped about this game and i see that this game is gonna go long term this is why i decided okay you know what i’m we’re pretty much i pretty much rebought on the price when i bought the first time when it was the first time i bought it was 4 30 so i’m like okay let’s go again oh man yeah it’s gonna take time there we go gas fees gas fees hero number two positive energy man think positive and positive things will happen a doggie dope well stamina three and uh three speed speed that’s cool i wish this was to be three as well that would be nice i would definitely use him okay no luck let’s go again come on baby show me some love please comment comment all right positive mind i’m set for a legendary today to be honest there’s just so many signals it’s like you got a mint today so i’m like okay fine let’s let’s do it i was planning to wait a little bit more but okay whatever let’s do it so yeah you have my file over here you can see all the guys that i’m using right now and i will edit this as soon after i’m done with today’s video uh most probably i’m gonna make a follow-up video with my new team so the change in earnings we’re gonna start tracking from the 17th because today i already did my stuff the running part and my guys have our stamina so we’re gonna see a difference uh starting from the 17th oh dang it did i get one what did i get another comment or did it go into elsewhere wait where is that thing shop maybe because i switched screens or something these guys already had i had them i think i got another comment you know what let’s.

    Quickly restart the game connect wallet i love this gotcha 2 9 5.

    it’s really nice to see that they’re actually doing something to protect us from bots and stuff like that wait we meant it too i think that one got cancelled because i’m still on all right this is me buying all right never mind chest okay i don’t know what happened maybe i gotta come i’m not.

    Quite sure or maybe just cancelled out because i switched tabs okay once we have 150 i’m going to start minting an x5 if we don’t get enough in there an x10 let’s go baby let’s go baby [Music] and this minting process takes time doesn’t it confirm rng guns bless me and oh there we go we get a rare with a battery sweet that’s good i like that he’s got pretty decent speed as well this guy’s good okay cool cool i definitely have a new addition to my team oh what the hell man what the hell how the hell did that happen oh sweet whoa wow uh not pushing my luck i say huh wait what what the hell just happened probably that guy reminted like the one that i mentioned before [Music] okay i don’t know man stick to the rule stick to the rule don’t don’t and i got doki doke with nine speed all right i’m gonna pause here i’m gonna pause here and upgrade my team and uh maybe we’ll do some more minting today like you you gotta like know your limits remember what happened to me when i uh did uh 20 guys in a row so the first time i got an epic and then i got 10 comments straight out of the bed but man i consider this good because sheesh wait how many did i have i had 210 right all right and just for the f for the fun of it just let’s go one more just for the fun of it shot one more just just for the fun and then upgrade my troops probably what am i gonna do with bitcoin well i could sell it and get some profit back and then rebuy it it’s so hard to predict what’s gonna happen with the price at the moment maybe i’ll need more because i need to do the upgrading part as well man you don’t test your luck stick to the rules i’m creating myself a codex in crypto gaming man that i just need to remove the human emotions i already got lucky the rare guy is good and that super rare is also well it doesn’t have the best skills there you go you see i get this cockroach oh wait this guy is actually pretty good too with a recharge thing two stamina hmm oh that’s my blockchain rpg let’s do a one run man if i’m going to get an nft this is gonna be a sign that you gotta keep minting if i don’t get a nifty and just get some gold okay it’s a sign that i’m not missing anymore all right okay okay uh let’s see who can deactivate three two two three to two but this guy’s got a battery yeah let’s deactivate this guy three to two now he’s got a battery well this guy is upgraded oh i’ll use them as a crafting as an upgrade material three to two power he’s got speed no no no no no what i want i want speed maximum speed for my comments because these guys are so freaking slow it’s just killing my brains activate this dude yes please and now activate this dude as well yes please oh wait what i thought i never mind okay so i got two epics two super rares okay speed two deactivate activate three three two deactivate three three three three three three three three two three okay activate oh wow this doggy dog is better than this doggie dog deactivate wait where did where did the other guy go yeah activate okay my guys have three right three three three three three three three three three okay cool now it’s time to upgrade upgrade the super rare upgrade upgrade choose upgrade i understand upgrade yes man that was that was crazy i i i’m gonna stick to stick to this policy like do five by ones if not if no super rare or any if no rare and above like super rare and above then i continue with x5 that’s what i’m gonna do from now on man [Music] but honestly that freaking bitcoin is so hard to predict predict what’s gonna happen to it i mean look at it it’s just crazy it recovered like like boom but i think i’m gonna sell because i’m gonna make a profit since i brought somewhere here right because i think i still think it should go below four like i still think i just feel it but everybody’s minting right now like crazy as well it’s so hard to decide man it’s just so hard hey what’s going on chest upgrade yes and we have this dude yes i understand let’s go confirm this crazy game man this testing your luck is just insane so i’m actually curious like how how is the big difference going to be like just with this small change within your army and then most probably i’m gonna do some more minting at the end before this year ends or maybe at the start of 2022 to kind of like celebrate the new year we’ll see all right so what do we got here three three three three two two two two one upgrade this guy yes i understand let’s go yeah sorry while we’re doing that i’m going to play that game too oh man my blood pressure right now is crazy now i still get gold man that’s it i’m no more not not pushing my luck oh oh damn all right let’s go chest again uh so two two two two two oh this guy’s one upgrade you my friend this guy by the way i got from a prison my second prison on day six ever since i started playing all right adios confirm [Music] if i won’t have enough right now crafting materials to upgrade i might even do one more roll just to get craft uh like leveling up components and see how many do i need all right we got here as well thank you uh shop oh wait chest two two one upgrade doge dog with doggy dog i understand thank you hmm man i’m curious to find out how much is the difference gonna look like now chest two two two two two and one upgrade i understand let’s go again confirm wait the news i can’t oh yeah yeah i did make him level three i think i have enough components okay chest two two two two two two two two this is gonna be one so 2 4 6 8 10 12.

    twelve three three through three i wonder how much does it cost to upgrade the super rare oh wait five bitcoin damn what about epic eleven who uh yeah i’m not gonna mint anymore maybe some other time today i already got my luck so i’m not gonna push my luck so this is what we have and next minting will take place neither the end of this year or at the start of next year but we’ll see we’ll see how everything will go anyway z clan and everybody else uh thanks all for watching i hope you enjoyed the show and if you did you know the drill don’t forget to hit that like comment down below please make sure not to use profanity as those comments get triggered by youtube nobody see them nobody can read them and nobody can respond to them so if you got something to say positive negative feel free to comment the only thing i ask of you is not to swear simple as that and uh i’ll finish off minting these i mean uh upgrading these two together and upgrade one of my guys to level three of the rares and re-record a.

    Quick video on my new current team so stay put for that and if you’re minting i wish you luck and don’t push your luck because i had happened that to me so many times when i get lucky and then like that’s it let’s go this is it and then i just get uh junk so don’t push your luck anyway i hope you all have a good morning day night whatever you guys located at i’m gamers east hall from ukraine so hi from ukraine once again thanks all for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it and uh if you subscribe welcome to zclan i have a discord that i’m working on which will go public in a few days so stay put for that as well and i’ll see you all later

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