INFORME DE VIAJE: NUEVO INTERIOR American Airlines Boeing 787-8 Business Class (Bloque 2 – 787T)

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    Applause] when i see you what you’re going through with your head stuck in sand [Music] [.

    Applause] how’s it going everyone and welcome back to another trip report super excited to take you on board this one as i’ll be flying a business class on america’s brand new boeing 787-8 dreamliner hope you enjoy the video [Music] my aircraft registered november 872 alpha november is one of 22 787-8 that american will be taking delivery of in the next few years these new 787s are known as the block 2787s or the 787t to american my aircraft today was the first of those 787ts to enter service for american just a week prior to recording this video without further ado let’s go ahead and hop on board our brand new 787 i’ll be boarding today in group one of nine welcome on board the brand new 787t the first thing you’ll notice up here is the new super diamond seats i’ll be seated today in c3a i have a complete cabin tour of this aircraft in a separate video which i’ll be sure to link below however i do want to highlight the brand new main cabin seats on this aircraft which are slimline and one of the big new features of american 787t [Music] my [Music] um [Music] i’ll go more in depth about americans brand new long-haul main cabin product once where everyone but for now let’s turn around and head back to our business class seat well i make my way back to my c3a it is worth noting that in this particular configuration seats 5 a and 5l in the business class cabin are missing windows of course i’ll also highlight the awesome features of this brand new super diamond seat once we’re airborne for now let’s get ready to depart for philadelphia it should be a.

    Quick one-hour 20-minute [Music] in an flight compartment or under the seat in front of you small likely diamonds may be placed in the seat if you need assistance please let us know you’ll notice the center seats have new privacy partitions [Music] not a flight attendant know if you are unwilling to operate the exit or do nothing and succeed requirements are in your hands please send them to the airplane moderate arms store chest and my girlfriend and despite the rain we’re ready for an on-time pushback you can see the jet bridge being pulled back currently [Music] he will be here 39 000 return weather conditions in the philadelphia area private fund parade some important speaking message concerning our goalie 787 dreamliner aircraft hello everyone thank you for your attention it’s time to get you ready for take off i know you have lots of choices so thanks for choosing american we’re happy to be your airline now if you want to follow along with me we’ll be on our way off supply with leggings now let’s review the safety card please take close attention and before you know it we’ll be off [Music] oh brown [Music] we’ve got our engines all started and shortly we’ll begin our taxi to runway 28 right for a westbound departure today the 787 alongside many new modern aircraft has an awesome new mood lighting system however since this was a daytime flight mood lighting wasn’t used throughout most of the flight [Music] to remain in their jump seats and would they please prepare for takeoff [Music] i have to say every time i’m blown away with how.

    Quiet the 787 is not to mention how nicely and smoothly it flies food at american airlines we are dedicated to your health and safety and as part of our clean commitment our goal is to ensure your well-being when you’re with us before you board our aircraft we use hospital-grade disinfectant on high-touch areas including seat belts armrests tray tables window shades overhead bins lavatories and more and we regularly spray the interiors using electrostatic disinfectant to reach all microscopic surfaces require miles from today’s life and continue learning miles with our retail and couch departments our advantage indicator red worldly mastercard is another shortly we will begin our implying service we hope for so much complimentary memories the wi-fi service is available on this flight connect to the applied if you need to power your device ac power outlets are located at every seat while you are seated please keep your seat belt fastened and visible to the crew when the seat belt sign is on as turbulence can happen unexpectedly if you open an overhead department use caution that’s cherry iron’s made of shipment during takeoff we said once again we are not providing a food or a beverage service office tonight however if you do need something first off on this amazing seat is an enhanced ife system including a very responsive to touch screen which made using it a breeze however although the touchscreen is very easy to use it’s not the only way to control the screen you can also control it via built-in remote which i’ll showcase later or you can also control the ife screen through a remote on your phone which is a really unique and innovative feature considering the covet 19 pandemic you’ll find underneath the ife system a very nice and adjustable trade table that moves forward and back a good amount of distance and here’s another one of my favorite features about the seat the outer armrest is fully adjustable up or down another little unique feature on the seat is a reading light you just press those illuminated three dots there and you have a reading light also new for this version of the super diamond seat is a mirror and in the cubby next to the mirror you’ll find your housed ife remote which is removable as well as your power ports including a traditional power outlet as well as a usba port and as with the ife screen the ife remote is also very easy to use and incredibly responsive to touch it feels as if you’re using your own smartphone it can be detached by hitting that little button right there and is adjustable to your seat which is great and of course this super diamond seat is not complete without the phenomenal power seat which is adjustable using this little screen here and can turn into a live flatbed my favorite feature on the ife screen is of course the interactive root map which provided some awesome flight details as well now is also a good time to mention that the flight attendants did offer us a beverage service however i declined due to the rather short duration of today’s flight one of my absolute favorite features of the 787 and one of the reasons it’s so unique is because you cannot close the window shade you heard me right there is no window shade in fact instead you can tint the window shade and make it appear as if the window shade were actually closed you can see by looking across the cabin what the tinted windows look like compared to the open windows and it’s such a unique feature being able to still look outside even though you have the window tinted and to tint or untint the window all you have to do is use these two buttons to control it so let’s take a.

    Quick look at the premium economy cabin on this aircraft which is fitted with 28 rockwell collins miq seats again i’m not going to review the premium economy cabin in this video however i do want to give you a brief look at these seats which remain largely unchanged from previous american 787-8 and 9 aircraft so so and now let’s go check out the main cabin extra and main cabin sections of this aircraft which arguably first saw the largest changes in this new cabin design you’re looking at the rockwell collins aspire seat this is the brand new slimline seat that serves as american’s new long-haul main cabin product again not going to go too in depth into this particular product in this video however do you want to show you some highlights of this brand new awesome scene so [Music] so i certainly have a positive first impression on this seat what are your thoughts on it let me know in the comment section below and in the meantime let’s head back to our scene please be seated and fasten your seat belts as you can tell we are already approaching philadelphia and are starting our descent into the philadelphia area currently it is a super.

    Quick hop from chicago o’hare but nonetheless a very enjoyable flight on this brand new 787.

    do you think this new 787 interior is an upgrade from american’s old one leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts and one last thing to mention about the seat is this small storage container which contains a used biscoff cookie wrapper from the previous passenger in 3a that is 57 degrees and i placed taken to chicago this afternoon or i should say this morning look forward to seeing you again to prepare for landing please close your tray table and put away carry-on items place your seat in the original upright position with footrest stove familiarize yourself again with the location of your closest exit indicated by green and white signs we will now collect any items you wish to discard we will be landing soon we’ll be landing today in philly to the east on runway nine right [Music] [Music] so [Music] so please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the seat belt sign is turned off and keep the aisles clear of all carry-on items take a moment to check your seat back pocket for any personal items like tablets and cell phones when you open the overhead compartment be careful as items may have moved in flight and thank you for choosing american airlines welcome to philadelphia ladies and gentlemen the local time here is approximately 11 16 a.m on behalf of your entire light crew it has been a pleasure to serve you this morning thank you for choosing american airlines for your travel plans and we hope to see you in the near soon have a very pleasant stay here in the philadelphia area or wherever your final destination will be ladies and gentlemen i just want to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for following my travels today i really hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to subscribe down below and give this video a big thumbs up for more content coming out in the near future be sure to check out my instagram to follow my travels in real time at sussman underscore aviation i’ll leave a link for that in the description below lastly thanks to american airlines for a fantastic flight here we are arriving at gate a is an alpha 19 in philadelphia [Music] [Music] i mean yeah all feel it all later

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