Middle Class Getting Wiped Out – Highest Inflation in 40 Years

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Transcripción hey it’s dan welcome back you’re watching i allegedly and i’ve got a good one for you today because uh a lot to talk about and uh we’re gonna go down to the beach and as i come down here the tide is coming in so it’s kind of nice kind of different and so much to cover inflation the economy cars take a little field trip a little bit of everything guys please don’t forget to hit the like button please hit the subscribe button uh share this with uh all your friends colleagues a little bit of everybody and let’s get into it it was just announced that uh our cpi consumer price index inflation was just announced that it’s at seven percent it had risen half a percent in the last month to be at a seven percent uh figure it’s at a 40-year high right now 40-year high now again if you live in a rock you live in one of these rocks okay and you don’t shop you don’t buy anything you don’t buy gas you know inflation’s much higher than seven percent it’s it’s sky high right now and uh to live in la la land and to act like everything’s just perfect and that there’s not a care in the world and remember jamie dimon two days ago said that it’s the best economy in 40 years and it’s the greatest thing ever and we have nothing to worry about right now but inflation’s at a 40-year high now for those of you that watching the channel i was in high school back then okay and i remember how bad it was for my family’s business and how it was a complete disaster uh when inflation was at the level that it’s at right now suppliers prices go up on a daily basis now this was free internet guys so you’d get phone calls and you’d say hey we’re going to sell you x uh wood material no no the price is going to be this we need to check for cod when you show up and it was an absolute disaster uh jerome powell stepped in and i love this because these people this clown show that we’re witnessing called our government okay you know think about this they don’t care about any of us they don’t care about anybody anybody watching this video they could care less about you i’m convinced of it right now but they have to own this they have to be responsible for this and jerome powell again they use these words that nobody uses in a daily uh you know in normal speaking amongst your friends jerome powell says we don’t want inflation to be entrenched in the economy huh inflation is entrenched inflation is is is sucking the life out of everything that we do right now and destroying businesses destroying families destroying everything right now people cannot afford to buy food people cannot afford to buy gas people cannot afford to heat their homes right now and i’m getting everything sent to me about furniture prices furniture delivery supply chain issues everything and again it’s not just prices going up it’s that they can’t get product and again if you own a business that relies on different things to be put together so you can sell something in other words let’s just say furniture for example and you’ve got wood and you’ve got fasteners and you’ve got drawers and you’ve got rollers and you have everything i guarantee there’s something you don’t have right now that’s the problem with all these furniture companies right now and you know i had someone reach out to me uh and tell me a great story about how their daughter was moving and they bought a sofa and i mentioned them yesterday and uh they end up having to spend double on the sofa that they wanted just because they could get something in stock outrageous guys i’m sorry that they had to do that but sometimes a bird in the hand is better and if you got all the emails i got today and all the messages i have so many people that are waiting for furniture right now it’s crazy you talk about one thing and all of a sudden everybody says oh my gosh i ordered something in july of last year and we still don’t have it july of last year guys and they still don’t have it but the prices are absolutely outrageous right now you’re seeing inflation at there are people that are alive that have never seen inflation like this you guys have no idea how much fun you’re in for because the fed what they’re going to do is nothing right now they’re not going to get a control of this they’re not going to cool this down in any way shape or form and they’re going to act like they’re going to so sooner or later this administration has got to own this this is theirs okay and again this is not to spur people getting upset and fighting amongst the channel or me for that matter but you have to look at this stuff and realize that that this is getting crazy and we don’t want inflation to be entrenched in our economy it is entrenched in our economy guys it’s here to stay right now and the fact that they won’t raise interest rates immediately is absolutely nuts interest rates right now jeffrey gundlach came out and said that he’s a hedge fund owner a billionaire fat cat smart guy okay that said that uh interest rates should be above four percent right now instantly wouldn’t it be awesome if you woke up tomorrow and they raised interest rates four percent to be great they can’t do it i found a great article that was written originally around 2010 and then it was modified for the last week where they cannot raise interest rates and they talked about how it would just destroy the world that we live in if interest rates go up but without the raising of interest rates and getting more money it’s going to destroy business as we know it so here’s the thing guys here’s the assignment for your life and that is you have to go out and you have to decide what you’re going to do differently right now and again financially for your business get control of it the thing about doing business the same way as you did 24 months ago or two years ago i don’t care what you sell things are different now and you need to look at streamlining absolutely everything because you know will there be government subsidies who knows do you care are you going to wait for a stimulus check are you going to wait for a new ppp loan for your business no okay i know a lot of people that borrow those eidl no loans now that are in serious trouble serious regret and that’s a real problem so you know share your thoughts on this stuff plus the other thing is think about this number the average car price we did this last month when we did the field trip down with that bronco that insane bronco that had a 48 thousand dollar uh add-on uh to the uh dealer markup the average new car right now is 47 000 47 grand okay crazy guys it’s absolutely crazy two things again i found you articles on this if you have a lease surf is much higher today guys i don’t know if you can tell it or not if you have a lease okay and you are going to turn it in even if it’s not time to turn it in i would contact the dealer and say hey we want to get out of this car what are you willing to pay us for this because they will write you a check right now that’s how insane of times we are in right now it’s looneyville right now that they’re doing this and again the used car prices you saw this yesterday with the same man that wrote me and talked about his daughter you know trying to get his car fixed and that the f-150s are selling there’s more used cars being sold at a higher price right now uh gm’s motors they’re going to get in the used car business now here’s the thing where are they going to get the inventory from i looked when i bought my car in march of last year i looked on carvana i thought the thing was great i thought the one thing i hate is i hate the shenanigan fees when you buy a car oh we’ve got documentation fee and we’ve got destination charges and uh my mom looked at the car so there’s another 125 bucks all that ridiculous stuff that the car guys charge you that is unfair and and ridiculous i had people write me at the time and tell me about uh document fees of 700 think about that guys that’s printing the paper out most times it’s digital now but that’s the document fees okay that they’re charging people 700 that criminality at the car dealership okay so this guy riding a skateboard on the beach one thing you don’t get to see every day so carvanha no doctors 65 bucks something like that okay the problem i have with carvana was i couldn’t get cars i’d find cars and you do an ounce of due diligence let me see if this is a good deal let me see if the mileage is good let me check this out let me look at the car blah blah blah and they wouldn’t have the car an hour later so that was a real problem with carvana now gmc is going to have car bravo they’re going to have their own used car lab where are they going to get the inventory from the dealerships don’t have them now and now gm is going to get in the used car business okay you can’t make this stuff up guys so you know outrageous prices again i’m telling you if you have anything asset based right now jet skis cars trucks tools things like that that you want to unload that maybe you owe some money on right now get rid of it today just get rid of it people will pay you more for it it’s crazy right now how much they’re paying for now the one thing that i got an absolute ton of response for was the furniture furniture prices ashley furniture telling people that stuff fell off a boat and they’ve got to wait another six months blah blah blah blah blah okay when i shop okay clue of clothes uh furniture things like that i’m always looking for a deal okay and again it’s it’s i i hate paying too much for anything for lunch i hate paying too much for it okay so one thing to do first things first close the thrift stores okay people hear that now oh my god the guy goes there we’ll go to the thrift store in newport beach okay bought an armani suit for less than forty dollars that the guy that tailored it for me told me it was a two thousand dollar suit okay i bought a jacket there that uh i was at a speaking engagement felt something in my pocket pulled it out was the receipt from nordstrom’s for 675 because the guy never wore the jacket for 30 okay by the way thing looks great on me okay so again the nicer neighborhoods go for things like that now we’re going to take a field trip right now i’m not eating anything today okay so don’t get excited uh with furniture and with the rich people and with the southern california shopping experience one thing that you have is you’ve got these model homes and they put furniture out there where does the furniture go it goes to places like this take a look now with everybody complaining about furniture and the delays from getting furniture from new companies i want you to check out places like this now just like the model is here in irvine california this place gets furniture from all the model homes now how many model homes are there give you an idea you know how you see the show million dollar listing you know los angeles well they will do something called staging where they will rent furniture and stage the house to make it look like somebody lives there very nice furniture this is the place that they send the furniture to when they’re done staging the house the owner of the company paul is a great guy they’re not a sponsor i’m this is some place that i shop at guys now the one thing that i also tell you guys about is the you know the um the thrift stores and the stores like that that are ran by like the american cancer society and things like that go to nice cities i’m in irvine california and this place is insane i bought a ton of stuff here i bought a ton of friends here and this place is absolutely amazing but they’ve got furniture that continually changes because there’s all these model homes all these homes being sold in the high-end communities and they get shipped here let’s take a look at this guys 40 to 80 off of retail look at this place now they’ve got everything they’ve got sofas they’ve got sectionals they’ve got plants end tables pictures lamps but this place the inventory every time i’m in here the inventory is different never seen it the same got a lot of stuff in here today as a matter of fact [Music] very cool [Music] just absolutely amazing now again you can load the stuff up yourself they will deliver it but if you’re within a couple hundred miles of irvine i would drive here because it’s just a tremendous deal dining room sets [Music] a little bit of everything guys this place is unbelievable i have bought so much stuff here and again every time i come in here it’s different okay some of it’s great some of it’s different but this is stuff that was all from model homes and it’s incredibly cheap a friend of mine was telling me about some uh recliners electric recliners that were almost 1700 bucks a piece and he and i were in here and he was like oh my gosh look at how cheap those are 200 bucks okay so i’m buying them for my house guys but to give you an idea i mean look at this stuff it’s just absolutely amazing and again they’re not a sponsor this is a place i shop at but again if you have a consignment store use furniture store they the ones that are good the price is in reality the owner of this place paul i met him great guy we’ve got kids about the same age but this place is absolutely amazing and the turnover every time i come in here it’s totally different and that’s what you need to look at so when you look at these thrift stores for clothes or you look at a place like this for furniture check this place out guys my daughter and i both saw a tick tock one day about a year and a half ago oh my gosh this place is up the street she lives in l.a she drove down we came and checked it out bought a bunch of stuff that day for the house but it’s just got everything guys okay so really smoking deals really good inventory just great people that work here too so again look for places like this i know that there’s a lot of people around the world that don’t have anything like this but do you have a consignment store near you that’s got new and model homes now here in southern california you get wackadoo people that sell multi-million dollar houses and they decorate the thing to the nines and uh this is the place that unloads it okay so just like the model i’ll get you guys the address and take a look at it just like the model 17391 murphy avenue in irvine california so again check it out people riding me today i had so many people i had just five people today wrote me and told me that they bought furniture that they’ve been waiting over six months and they’re not going to get them for three or four more months bedroom sets check out places like this guys they have to have these around the country but this is a great place to save money and the service is amazing the prices are amazing wasn’t that place great you have to be able to search for things like that in your own city in your own state and try to get deals like that and again people that start places like that make an absolute killing and paul the owner great guy again they’re not a sponsor just go check it out now couple things jack dorsey from twitter former ceo of twitter uh he is talking about how he’s setting up a fund to help fund uh uh litigation for cryptocurrency okay that’s kind of important right now because there’s a lot of people getting sued i’ll give you an idea kim kardashian last year she promoted a cryptocurrency and basically pumped it and then sold it and there’s an expression called front running and what they do is they give somebody a cryptocurrency in advance and then you say oh my gosh this is going to go up you guys should buy it well then they sell it okay and again talking to all the lawyers talking to everybody i’ve talked to the biggest problem is selling the assets and again she’s getting sued and they say that this is one of the largest um audiences ever saw her post now again i don’t follow kim k and i could care less and uh uh you know do you follow her floyd mayweather is getting sued also so kim k floyd medweather and the basketball player paul pierce are named in this lawsuit that they pumped this uh cryptocurrency and should be in big trouble because people lost their money and they just fleeced everybody okay now the next thing is retail theft uh home depot is coming out and saying that they are absolutely sick of the retail theft and they’re going to do everything they can right now to fight this so what they’re going to do is they’ve invested in security the security of the stores and also having a no refund policy so if you do not have a receipt for merchandise you’re not bringing it back to home depot plus the other things that they’re doing with a lot of their suppliers and they’re on these boats out here is that they’re making them have drills and saws and sanders and things like that that do not work if they are not checked out by the register there’s an rfp code that’s built in that makes it so that they can uh they can get activated and once they activate that then the drill will work well imagine you steal the drill you go to use it okay that’s a real possibility right now so uh there’s that the other thing is they’re just doing more security but it is anticipated that the think about this per billion dollars in sales these retailers have lost almost 750 000 per billion in just straight up theft with these people walking out the door with all this merchandise and that is absolutely a huge number it’s outrageous and you’re seeing more and more and more uh being done to combat this and again it’s about time okay you know all these amazing uh theft rings that were out there i mean it’s crazy that these people went out and stole the stuff that they did and uh you know just got away with it so you know they’re not prosecuting these people like they should and we’re seeing just a real problem with it so share your thoughts and all this stuff i want to know what you think it’s crazy to see our politicians finally wake up to the fact that inflation’s here and that they’ve got to do something about it will they do anything about it i don’t think so i think that you’re going to see things skyrocket and i love how people say that they’re going to curtail and jeffrey gunlock and peter schiff both said that inflation’s going to continue to take off and that gold is going to be a great investment both stories are in there the next thing is real estate real estate right now especially in a hot market like florida i have so many people that send me uh little buzzwords where they talk about certain counties in certain cities where real estate in you know dover is down 12 and i love this stuff but somebody sent me something about florida florida trends and everything that’s going on with florida real estate right now and it’s absolutely crazy now here first things first they are evicting people left and right in florida after the health crisis it’s full steam ahead as far as that’s concerned okay next thing is home selling this is the hot new trend uh you want to uh close escrow in 45 days no 15 days they’re cutting the time of escrow because they’re worried that these people are going to back out with inflation and with prices changing so they’re cutting the escrow time as much as down to uh 66 or a third of where they originally started craziness now there are companies out there that are making it so that people when they are looking for houses in florida they can go in and make a cash offer what they do is they go to jim and jane homeowner that want to go buy a house they go and they lend them the money and say oh you.

    Qualify for 800 grand you can go out and you can go make a cash offer on this house and then better or home light will then buy the house basically and then use the mortgage money to sell it back to the uh new buyers for a fee crazy but again whenever you see the spooky shenanigans hocus pocus makeup you know stuff like this that’s when uh it’s it’s about time for the thing just to crash okay we’ve seen this in history we’ve seen the liar loans we’ve seen things like that in 2005 2006 2007 and that did not end well but stuff like this and the shenanigans when people invent shenanigans so that you can get out and the fear of missing out is absolutely crazy right now when it comes to real estate i i honest to god i do not understand it i just do not for the life of me if you have something that a guy wrote me yesterday texas three hundred thousand dollar house a year ago it’s 468 today wow that’s a lot of money well good luck for the people selling it they made 168 grand but is it worth that much is it realistic to pay that much more for it now if you’re the person paying the 468 for it will it ever be worth 468 again that’s the.

    Question you have to ask yourself now dan interest rates are so low you don’t want to miss out on this market and miss out on that opportunity well i was in texas in july and all i saw was home building and plenty of houses being built all over the place and the one thing that was crazy about the houses i saw being built in texas was the ranch i stayed at was one thing and it had tons of space 18 acres craziness okay but you have houses where they have backyards you know that make that look large okay so that’s what you’re seeing right now for these people that are spending too much money and i could not imagine buying a two-story house and behind me is my two-story neighbor that’s 20 feet away what are you guys eating tonight that’s what they’re doing so condos are selling old people are still buying all this stuff but the stories below in the video description and it just talks about how it’s still out of hand in florida but people are getting smarter people are getting wiser and they’re convinced that trouble is coming and that they will not be able to close escrow uh at these high prices with the inflationary spike that’s happening right now so again it’s not at seven percent i’ve said for the longest time it’s 16 had a guy write me again yesterday talking about how he bought propane and buys it all the time barbecued barbecue bar because 19 bucks goes in this week 26 dollars okay how much of a difference uh carrot the two 35 guys is what it went up so absolutely outrageous that’s what we’re looking at now as i walk down laguna this is one of those rock areas that i’m not going to traverse today very much so share your thoughts and all this stuff guys i just think that there’s got to be a wake-up call for your money and a wake-up call for your sanity where you sit there and you say this doesn’t seem right i’m going to wait okay and again talk to a financial advisor talk to an accountant and find out if you sold your house and if you’re rented how long could you rent for and again floored okay uh my friend rents a house right around 3 000 bucks a month and across the street the dump okay that i’ve seen is 3 700 bucks a month now that they’re paying for okay out of control guys completely out of control so show your thoughts on all this stuff i’m going to finish this video with these last few stories and john ossoff senator out of georgia he came up with a novel idea now imagine this one he thinks that people that are in congress and senate shouldn’t be able to trade stocks publicly what a great idea oh my gosh put everything into a blind trust but you get people like nancy pelosi and the other people and the people that work for the fed okay they’ve just recently stepped down who have made 80 million dollars now again one of the most successful traders in the history of investing it looks like is nancy pelosi and you can look at her public trade and she has made a killing embedded right over and over and over again and when she retires she’ll have what 80 million bucks okay now the next thing if business is different right now and in the future what can you do differently now i don’t understand the nfts i’m learning about that right now but in the metaverse okay in this fake universe now remember when the internet came out you had farmville and you had those stupid games that took up your time to raise crops and have pigs and have imaginary dogs and cows and stuff like that well now in the metaverse you can buy things like the eiffel tower you can buy the rights to things like mount rushmore okay and again the taj mahal things like that it starts at 250 grand to put your money into this thing but people are making millions on this stuff and it is crazy it is an online virtual video game you can buy you know basically the house that you live in right now in the metaverse okay you can’t make it up now the final thing is again working differently on reddit okay basically for those of you that don’t know what reddit is basically they’re saying it’s worth about 15 billion dollars right now and it’s scheduled to go public uh in the first.

    Quarter of this year but it’s basically it’s like a like a posting board where you can share different thoughts neem stocks everything is basically sold on reddit one thing that’s being sold right now is high-end restaurants in new york they are selling their reservations for as much as 1500 bucks for these high-end restaurants so you put a reservation fee down you spend three or four hundred bucks and for these high-end restaurants and people are selling those for 1500 bucks okay who knew by the way weather’s not like this in new york right now it’s a tad bit cold so share your thoughts and all this stuff please do not forget to hit the like button please do not forget to the subscribe button i hope you guys like the field trip today and again not a sponsor just a cool store and again anything like that in the southern california area within a couple hundred miles if you guys want me to check out i’m game i’ll drive there anytime and check anything out like that whether it’s a beach or a place to shop whatever onward and upward guys i will see you guys very soon

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