FREE Private Jet flights with NFTs??

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Transcript g’day team have you had your weedos this morning mate have you had your wee toes this morning mate no well you are gonna get hungry mate welcome back to the channel i’m tom youngs and today we have got a fun one for you we are going to be doing an interview with the founder and ceo of the elysium club a club that is giving you the opportunity of living the lifestyle of your wildest dreams we’re talking private jets luxury apartments supercars yachts and pina coladas on the beach mate if you’re new here welcome and if you’ve been here before welcome back mate i am so excited to have you on this journey now i want to make sure that we get more cool sick ass people just like you joining on this journey too so please hit the like button subscribe make sure you’re on this journey but most importantly you need to punch that notification bell so that you get notified faster than anyone else when i upload stuff to the cloud last week i did a what the flip of the elysium club where i took a look behind the screens of what the hell it’s all about taking a look at some of the claims that they’re making their road map their team and their vision and today is an opportunity to speak one-on-one with the founder and ceo the guy behind the entire plan behind the entire project arno sardilic this is gonna be a nice little change of pace mate so hit the pause button go make yourself a cup of tea mate come back and then let’s spend some time talking to arno about this extremely cool and unique and exciting project that could get you the lifestyle of your dreams right i hope you got your cup of tea mate enjoy oh no thank you so much for joining me and spending some time talking about the elysium club um let’s start off very basic and talk about what the elysium club is who you are and um what is your mission tom uh thanks for having me um yeah uh the uh mission of elysium club is to bring um luxury that usually is really only afforded and affordable for for the ultra high uh or the ultra rich and so on uh two more of uh a wider crowd meaning like also the little guy and that was that was always the goal and i always thought like that would be amazing that would be so amazing if like joe blocks from the street would have a chance to uh taste get a little bit of a taste of what it must feel like to live this life of luxury this millionaire lifestyle and just also be able to do that and so the mission is is really very clear we wanna take uh high luxury lifestyle perks and benefits and uh wrap a business model around it that the everyday person can also try and benefit from it um and i think that’s what we achieved um so that is really the core mission that we have and we want to expand on that what what we have going on now uh is just basically the start of it so well you’ve uh you’ve got some pretty incredible claims uh within your roadmap so let’s talk about let’s talk about what those kind of claims are going to be so it’s we’re looking at private jets we’ve mentioned we have mentions of free private jets to a membership um so if we can have a little bit of discussion around what that means some clarity around that we’re looking at luxury apartments um cars so luxury cars yachts have been mentioned so everything that we would kind of uh would recognize as that that ultra premium hyper rich lifestyle but i’m going to be able to get it um so talk talk to me a little bit about about how you’re going to make that available to people like me yes yeah um glad to well we i’m in the lucky position that through my wealth management background um i have a well reasonably uh potent network um where with people that actually do not make use of many of their assets um and even to an extent that they just park uh wealth uh into those assets um because they feel it’s safe that way particularly in real estate and so on so um what i was able to do is to secure many of those assets some of them have actually in their companies they run they have several private jets or company chats if you so want it and the third one usually if it’s a third jet or second most of the time it stands on the ground they don’t make any usage of it and i was able to convince them number one um to allow us to use it for a very very tiny fee but at least it pays it covers their cost because of course there’s cost is well involved it covers their cost so they’re.

    Quite happy with that and it gets professionally maintained for this we use a what is called aoc air operations certified certifications company and who because i’m not a um for example uh aircraft engineer i don’t know how to staff a chat i don’t know where to get the stewardesses and the pilots from so um we use them for this part um and generally over all the assets that we have it’s pretty much the same same type of model we use people that can operate it and then we go and we take it and rent that or charge that or whatever it is the asset to regularly buy paying customers and by doing that we we do that about 60 percent of the time uh it’s a little bit different from apartment to jets and so on and cars we do that we used it around us a rough estimate of 60 and then we take the benefits and the profits we we generate for that to number one pay for all the services so the owner of the assets is covered then of course a small portion is just the is the operator of course and the last portion is we turn everything and give it to uh our future nft holder so that is a little bit an idea about the mechanics um and how we actually or how i am able to actually get those benefits to the nft holders but it doesn’t stop there because of course i realized yeah that would be nicer than we would have we couldn’t really build up on that there’s a second step to it and i think it’s important to understand should we which now signing on more chats and more apartments and we have a couple of more apartments um actually being signed on we have four more we will release that at some stage uh probably later this week uh once uh final technicalities are done one part is to realize that i’m not gonna be and the project is not gonna be reliable on only those assets because i’m gonna run out of jets in my network.

    Quite frankly it does go on forever and but what we then do is we’re in a lucky position that we would also be able to uh actually finance uh aircraft we have a relationship with a company that does uh aircraft financing and aircraft leasing so that is what we will do next and also the good thing is from a from a deep um business model understanding it’s that we work on a much lower cost base than um most of the operators that that you have so we are able to get the hour for private and private jet hour the cost space to incredibly reasonable levels low levels because we don’t operate out of switzerland frankfurt or any other high high uh cost uh legacy country uh in europe the same goes for the us so you have you have if you don’t use sort of the the prime hub where the the home base of the aircraft is and so on you don’t use your most expensive swiss stewardess and so on or you don’t use one necessarily probably from right smack in the middle of uh who lives in in manhattan or new york or then you can you can incredibly reduce the cost base by by i mean really a huge margin and um it’s not only that i say this out of the blue i i was in that business um i still have a path share in one where um we can’t continuously fly profits now that is uh from the past but until now and the interesting part is that although the uh jets um i mean it is a huge uh expensive vehicle to use you can still make an amazing amount of profit with it and people don’t realize so our cost base instead of depending on the aircraft costing 5000 an hour or 4 000 an hour hours is a fraction of that and that makes it so interesting because we have enough margin then to cover all the costs we have but again extend that those benefits and have it pay those benefits for uh the and if the future nft holders so i think yeah um so.

    Question around you mentioned about how you’re going to use around 30 to 40 of the profits that you make from what i understand being an already operating business model that is selling services to paying customers currently is that the case uh yeah with we’re starting uh for paying customers in.

    Q1 okay so that should take off before basically the nft holders will fly um that starts in.

    Q1 probably mid february okay but the important thing is and then i want to say yeah we have it ready to go we have it ready to go but at the moment we are of course we’re just focused on our launch um so we will then uh once the launch is done focus of course to get the background the operational business behind everything running um it is there it’s it’s uh ready to start but of course um we are only like uh 12 people on the ground uh 12 28 20 uh four hands basically on deck and so yeah well on that note then so i was in your ama last night in your district excellent late last night listening in um i don’t think i was recognized there but i was just trying to get some some alpha as they say yeah you went you went in undercover yeah i went in undercover but it was an exciting night for you because this was um an ama that you had planned for a while and it was to release all of the details with regards to your launch and your mint um would you like to talk a little bit about that so what are the kind of high level details about the the launch um and also going into the the different tiers that you guys are going to have um and then my final follow-up.

    Question to that will be how do we strip this down to one of the actual memberships so if i buy one of the memberships what is that going to result in for me what am i going to be able to use how.

    Quickly and what should i be excited about what about getting from the membership yes um so uh the the launch um we announced it yesterday uh we had a huge ama yesterday um and it was great fun uh was was that was a very good mood um so we announced yesterday the launch so everybody is very eager and keen to find out about it and we told our community that our launch will be on the 27th of uh january so that will be the private launch and then one day later 28th we will have our public sale some private pre-mint white list mint is on the 27th and public is basically on the uh 28th and we also announced our minting price which was of course a key key step i mean we had given a range but people it makes a huge difference of course how many ethereum and people were speculating one ethereum no it’s worth five ethereum no it’s worth whatever um and we told them it will be affordable um we of course made a very clean business plan that we’re working according to and our minting price will be 0.3 0.3 eth for uh basically the um pre-sale uh the whitelist sale and it will be 0.6 ethereum for the public sale and we do have something for colabs of course if people want to collaborate and we have some i mean i’m just reading now if i if that’s true about the collab that we’ve been offered i i would i find it very hard to believe we have to verify that first before i say anything but are you sure you don’t want to drop some seriously good alpha knowledge no that one seriously i they would be they are too powerful for us to just blow blurb out anything in the open but i’d love to leak to leak something but i have to verify that ah okay well pro promise you have to promise you have to promise that um when you do know you’ve got to let us know so that we can release oh yeah so you can.

    Quickly get in yeah no that’s that’s pretty amazing exciting um i got this message like 45 minutes ago and let’s see if it checks out but we we we have first indication that it’s correct um so uh where was i so that is the the uh public mean price is 0.6 ethereum and we feel for collapse it will be 0.4 ethereum so of course because then they will be whitelisted straight away and it would be unfair to the community to who actually is and what what people say grinding although most everybody in our community say it doesn’t feel like grinding because they have such a good time but uh it would be unfair to them so that’s how our model uh is behind that leading up to to our launch and of course our our main target right now is um collab with more models we we have uh several several i mean we’ve been hit by a large amount of requests for collapse and we said to ourselves well it it must somehow fit with our business model if we just would take nothing against them um any pfp um nft for us that wouldn’t make sense we wouldn’t really we all about benefit benefit benefit for our nft holder and so one uh new pfp uh pixelated number 239 wouldn’t do it for us wouldn’t cut it so we we really looked at to into collabs that actually are of benefit in the end also to our nft holders and so that’s what we did and we have uh.

    Quite a few coming out and we’ll announce that also in the on always during the next days and so on we also got some press releases coming out um for um our core business with our core partners that are mentioned on the website and those are the key points leading up towards uh basically and and some more marketing efforts um leading up to the launch really awesome um so let’s talk about the memberships themselves um yeah exactly how how you what you can look forward to yeah what we can what can we look forward to so what first off what what should i be looking what should i be looking forward to if i if i min one of them um either as a from a whitelist spot or public what should i be looking forward to yes okay so if you are an nft if you are one of the lucky ones uh nft holders after mint number one you will be automatically be enrolled in something that is called for status priority pass now i’ve used priority pass for oh god as long as i can think basically but it was um i was still a broker in london um in the in the late 90s and early 2000s it’s a company that offers access to um airport lounges all across the globe they have i think 1300 a little bit more now 1300 um airport lounges across the globe where you if you’re a member can actually go in instead of sitting in the terminal and having all the bus and noise and everything going on but you can actually sit down in a very decent and uh luxurious environment it’s.


    Quiet usually there you have some free drinks you can have coffee you usually have some niblets as well some cannabis and stuff like that and it’s just a different kind of starting starting a journey also particularly if you have layover we all we all know those those are hated and dreadful layovers you and sometimes you can’t escape them and you’re there for one and a half hours and you don’t know what what what to do with yourself and it’s i find it one of the most dreadful things about traveling and now really you can go in this.

    Quiet secluded uh comfortable zone where you have your wi-fi you can take a a little bit something to drink to eat and just either work or just relax read something so that is priority pass don’t want to go too deep into it but everybody can check um what they do and you can and that’s unlimited the membership we choose for it’s courtesy of elysium club and the members can use that as often as they want per year and they can bring somebody with them but the second person and that’s just normal for the second person they have to pay themselves but for themselves um if they use it as often as they want that’s uh everybody is enrolled in that so they can use it immediately after mint we will put up um and that’s the will come up also within this week a button where you can in where it says mint um join our discord and also bookings which will lead you into the booking area where then you can go into the calendar decide uh when you want to use one of our perks i’m going into the perks a little bit more and then book your perk and then um go on and continue so another perk will be that in the.

    Q2 so in.

    Q2 starting with.


    Q2 2022 all of our members will have one free commercial flight which is excellent so that’s already one perk so we just wanted to to have people get um benefits as.


    Quickly as possible so we thought of course until we fly enough profits as well with the private jets to extend that benefits broadly we want to continuously give the nft holders some benefits so that is one then the next one will be also in.


    Q2 we will have um several get-togethers or um the first one will be in the caribbean that’s why it’s the first one it’s the most talked about one where we um spoke with a lot of private resorts where we can book the whole resort and we will invite the all our nft holders if they want to come from frogway or nearby to go and meet us there and we’re going to have a party we’re going to rent this probably for up to a week so people can come and leave so it’s a little bit more to accommodate people who can’t make it exactly at that time and we’re going to repeat that and it’s going to be really an amazing amazing resort we spoke with several and we are we’re pinpointing down now to a short list and it will be a great party will be a great way to meet other interested people in the community and we will repeat that in other locations because it’s a bit hard for people our nft holders in asia to go all the way to the caribbean and we will repeat that also for our european nft holders so we covered those three continents for starters that’s one and the next and then by.

    Q3 we will actually start with uh the first private jet flights for our nft holders and the way how it works is that the certain capacity that we have right now with uh four chats that we can utilize signing on more as we speak is that uh the the rarities the best rarities or the most rare ones which is legendaries um and which is and we will announce the rarities i mean i i know it already but i can leak i can leak one thing there will be um legendaries out of the 688 there will be 10 legendaries okay so uh and there will be then the next rarity or super rares they’re going to be more but i’m not leaking that yet now in any case so people will already be able now after me to book it but they will have a pre-time so the the super high rarities also the private jet flights they can book already straight off the mint but starting the con they can consume it then starting with.


    Q3 so they will be the first on all the perks they will be able to book everything first okay so uh they because then they can choose actually oh my god i’m getting off work i get my holiday then and then so it’s more convenient for them that they have a first choice and then the super rares and then the uh rares and then everybody else so the uh rarities it starts when that’s filled up depending on how.

    Quickly they want to use um the available slots for the four charters um once they’re used they have a certain time to book that after mint and be the first and after that it’s opened up to everybody so the first nfd holders which regular rarity will already be flying also um in in.



    Q4 so that’s what people can look forward to and we will extend that of course uh particularly going into uh 2023 uh but then by that time we do hope and i’m very very comfortable with that we should be up at around 20 30 apartments so that’s almost a full year from now let’s not forget and we should by that time have reached our capacity of around uh ten chats adding the six more that we need to for constituent continuous operation and for increasing large profit base that the longer we go the more profit we generate which allow us to basically speed up and expedite the uh increase of the rollouts which is what we are looking for actually and uh so that is maybe what i can say and what else let’s not forget talking about what can they look forward to they can look forward also what we will have we have probably will have private iowa islands that we rent for times and periods in summer um also starting in 2023 so uh nft holders will be able to come with their partner we’re gonna do that also in different locations around the globe so it’s more convenient for people and they don’t have to go on the other side of the world of the planet and uh finally of course what we also starting um i have some yachts or friends of mine who are willing to give it to me but the the logistics they’re a little bit more detailed to work out the cost base that we have to cover is a little bit higher so we will only be implementing that a little bit later we will i mean we certainly will do your parties where we invite everybody but for our people to actually use a private yacht we will first suggest that many of the nft holders we meet them there we spend a week there and we do this often over and over um also starting with the rarest ones um but for everybody that will be i think late 2020 starting and it will only be uh when it’s fully rolled out it would mean uh that people can be on the yacht like once per season so that is that so i think this is a really compared to anything else in the nft space it’s a it’s a full full bag of utilities real life utilities we will we’re looking at the metabours yes are we talking to learn talent but we don’t want to use the metaverse it’s just some another hype word um that we can’t fulfill them so let’s the metaverse be the metaverse unless a clear winner sandbox roadblocks whatever we see them who is turning out on top and then we can look and we have a clear strategy but we do what we want to do there but that’s nothing for now we don’t want to hype it up with some fake which some projects might do or not i don’t want to put anybody down but that’s not uh what we are uh standing for now yeah that those all sounds incredible and i’m sure the people who are watching this um or they’re listening to this one of the things that they’ll be asking is okay there these are some incredible claims experiences and utilities that your membership gets them what will the supplementary costs be to their pocket once they have membership um their supplementary cost is minimal for example let’s talk about the private jets okay their supplementary cost is to find their way to the airport and sometimes it’s private airports of course we all know big in hills in in in the uk it’s teterboro so those are what uh private jets use and so you have usually not the the main airports for private jets but they need to make their way to the airport and then they need to make their way from the airport at their destination location to whatever they want to do but it doesn’t cost them anything on board everything is free they don’t have to pay for the fuel so it is 100 the flight itself 100 free no cost no hidden uh fees or whatever the same goes for the apartment they just have to check it basically show their identity and then they can use the apartment completely free of charge also we have of course those are overall service departments with doorman and the bell boys and and basically a receptionist and and that’s it they just can leave give back the key and that’s it so also no zero hidden fee and we we also i mean to talk about further ideas which is lovely but we will come to that um you know we will do and that’s a great idea actually one of our community members brought it up um we will uh talk and find collaborations with private chef dinners so they will come into your home whatever and cook you a private meal that’s a great great but i love it i mean particularly because i’m a foodie so i feel very passionate about that so um we we have also from the what we don’t claim is that we can do all that alone you know that’s very important i mean those are bold claims that we make but they are free yes and i stand for that i’m doxed and i i personally guarantee it is free so and we don’t we don’t we can’t do that all our own that’s why i said before we use companies that actually know how to run an operation like a private jet and so on or an apartment building or several apartments and so on so that’s uh those bolt claims are justified i’m afraid yeah super exciting um tell me a little bit about yourself then and your your background and how you how you came up with this idea um a little bit about your team where you’re based uh and also what’s what’s your background within web3 and blockchain i am good good nice um i’m i’m originally by by trade i started in the financial markets in a financial industry i was a broker at intercapital which is the largest inter-dealer broker in the dealer is the only deal they only broke between banks basically for better understanding and that was in london i i wasn’t alone.


    Quite a lot about a long time seven years until and i founded my first company there was a technology company so already during the time i had an interest in wealth management so i hired in switzerland for private wealth management firm i i mean that’s just breaking it down really short i had sold my company then i went to switzerland because the new job they asked me to be a director to like to cut the long story short buy a private by buy a um wealth management my own company wealth management then listing of of companies um i uh had a stint because some of the clients had mining operations i was in the commercial mining sector for a long time and uh but i was always uh i had a i wouldn’t call myself a geek but a geeky streak in so far that i was always looking for for the news developments really technological wise and i had my technology company in london at the time but i did interviews as well with some major networks cnbc cnn and so on but um so i had i had uh understanding of that market and uh when then the internet came around uh the sorry the the cryptocurrencies came around um i thought that this is great but i was scared like everybody else but it might be you know only gangsters and scammers whatever use it and it’s for um non-legal activity for illegal activities and so i stood away for a while and not just watched it from from the fences although which is a shame um we all know about the crypto the bitcoin pizza um but maybe i would have been one that would have bought a pizza for it i don’t know so um i got really heavily into it sort of 1516 2015-16 um sort of the turn of the years and uh traded the waters first and so on was okay did well in a few things the padding and other things and kept on it kept on it and um started doing really well in the bull run to 7th 2017 and got my first ideas about her the first time about nfts didn’t mix i mean like with many many things that i knew didn’t make sense to me yeah i was one of those asking like ah those fools i can make a snapshot with my with my camera why would they pay for it and only slowly slowly realizing hey there’s so so much you can do with this because exactly like what we do you can use what is what is our business model it’s a fractionalization model you know it’s it’s not something we didn’t reinvent the wheel yeah it’s great what we do but we didn’t reinvent the wheel it’s a fractionalization model and that has been here forever and it’s basically uh taking expensive goods and just fractionalizing and everybody can use it so um i i i just want to make that clear that people think this is not uh um something magic that you know magic trick we’re pulling out the rabbit out of the out of the head so um and then i got into nfts um and really really i mean heavy uh last year beginning of last year i wasn’t in a crypto uh really almost full-time trading uh before that and they did really well for myself but uh the main thing is i was always looking like where is this going where is this going what’s the next blockchain what is the added value what is what are the use cases you know where does it change the world and so on and uh so i did see this in nfts yeah and then it picked up of course i mean i knew about crypto um um crypto punks and so on and then the rocks and so on and i thought yeah but i started to understand even why crypto punks could be so expensive yeah it’s pixelated and everybody who likes old master paintings will tell you you you you must be insane to pay anything for that but it is a piece of history and it’s a very limited piece of history and probably in my mind a piece of history that is working and implementing it’s it’s a paradigm shift it it’s it it implements and helps to change uh on a global scale so and that that’s why it’s also like only the art is so valuable so anyways not digressing too much and then i was into nfts and i bought i bought everything left right and center but i just loved so many of them that was my problem um i really even even though some of them were only art um the like like you know the surreal the real surreals and so on some just an dancers i thought some were really really amazing art um and that really got to me and so i bought and i sold and sometimes i lost in the interest with one i’m not gonna lie but that’s how i started really with with just just trading and and looking at the projects i liked for whatever reason it could have been sometimes it was the community because i thought there were poor people nice people there helping each other out there was one reason the other reason was because i really liked the art another people another reason was like i thought oh maybe there could be an attached in the future utility i believe in the team and so on so for different reasons is why i bought and sold and ever since and it started dawning on me like uh and i was always thinking like yeah but but i’d like something uh i i actually that was one of the reasons i always thought like i want an nft that gives me more utility something that i can use tomorrow when i go out or i’m going to do something and something that that stands out as well and then i thought yeah but what do i know okay a technology technological background ran so many companies the ipos so i have the sound business background for i’m now older and for for a couple of decades business background i thought what can i do what else how can i combine this with with the the blockchain the nft space and it dawned on me hey let’s do something where you can give something outstanding to the average person on the street and this is where the idea came from this is the background this is also because you asked me about the team i’m based in vienna austria but i spent for business reasons i’m a director of other listed companies plc’s in the uk so i do spend considerable amounts of time in in london but now with kovic that’s gotten less we all try to do more virtual and the team part of the team is based there as a part of the team is based in the us um our developers are here in in vienna as well uh top notch guys uh crypt at the end so the team i met in um the last bull run actually most of the team members i met in the last bull run and we became friends um it was literally over some some mutual groups that we joined and we got real close together we said okay we must meet up and so we did that and since then we’re just friends and we exchanged our ideas our take on the market our take on new projects our take on new uh uh on you um sorry if you hear that that’s some of my pets i have um so anyway um and so that’s how it came about that the whole team uh came in so we had to bring in the deaths i didn’t know the deaths from long before but uh they are local um i did see them that they were uh auditing certain other projects and i said hey uh they’re in vienna it’s easy i can meet them and you know security is very very uh high in in the list of our priorities so i wanted to have devs really that i can exchange myself to in my mother tongue that are a local i know where the business is where i sit i can go to them and so on and that have a very very long track record in in that industry like uh auditing and doing contract smart contracts and so on and that have a extremely high degree of education in the field that they’re in in blockchain so we had to bring them in and uh pretty much and then we had to add on a little bit from other sites of course we’ve even in my in my network of friends and we had most of the core competences but we had to add on some who joined us then so i feel we have a very good highly motivated and and wonderful team i mean we get along really really well i think people notice it in the community in the chat uh on discord and so on that um it’s just a very tight-knit uh family here i could tell yeah i could tell in the ama last night i i got a really really well a very well connected team a lot of banter going on i think you know very excited everyone is very excited you clearly have very good relationships with everyone but not only that like an engaged community like the community that were there last night you know a couple of hundred people within the ama listening in very excited about about about kind of what the launch is going to look like and um well yes but let’s finish off with one last.

    Question for you what are you most excited about over the next kind of couple of months well of course uh number one i’m most excited about is of course the launch at the end of january that really really gets me hyped every day that makes me work like at the moment between 20 and 28 hours a day and people always see me like even sometimes at seven in the morning six in the morning i even sometimes work till 12 at lunch without going to bed so that keeps me pumped and that’s well worth it that’s number one i’m leading up to this it’s it’s like i’ve spent eight months developing uh this project and for a complicated background and number two what for me personally i’m most excited about is the the they get together first in the caribbean and then in asia and then europe to to meet to meet so many people and and really uh warm and nice people online and then thinking of being able to actually have a blast with them meeting eat with them have a drink with them party with them whatever you you know chat talk with them and meet them that’s just that’s the most exciting it’s interesting um maybe because i i was lacking in enough in my life that i had a business or private jet flights before but that is what excites me absolutely the most i want to meet the people so that’s what i’m looking forward and that will be a blast awesome all right there so i i will join you on that that is exactly what i’m most excited for as well i mean you hear that you must imagine in our community there’s a guy called i’m brill he even wrote a song he wrote the whole song and as the young would say i dig it it’s really cool it’s a really really cool song i love it i love it so i mean how good is that how good can it get you know incredible i i’m the exact same i can’t wait to meet everyone in this in the entire nft space at conferences parties events and just being able to meet all these really uh fascinating and seemingly kind generous people uh and so yeah can’t wait to be in the caribbean with you with a mojito or a pina colada and just having fun thank you that’s the exact same thing same thing that’s what i’m most excited about awesome oh no thank you so much for sharing your story with us and with our audience um and we’re we’re.

    Quite we’re.

    Quite fortunate you’re you’ve been you’ve accepted that you’re going to give away a couple of whitelist spots to my audience and yeah so there’ll be details about that but.


    Quite simply they need to follow uh leasing club on twitter join your discord make sure that they followed me as well and also leaving a comment down below they’ve got to comment which is their most what they’re most excited about um experiencing at the elysium club most uh most of all i’ve said what i’m most excited about so they have to do that as well and then we’ll be doing a raffle to give away a couple of whitelist spots for for those favorable for anyone who uh who um enters that’s fantastic thank you so much for having me tommy it’s it’s been a real real fun time ahead chatting with you here and and i’m really looking forward honestly deeply um to meet up and zip pina colada whatever you want to have so much thank you so much arne thank you thank you cheers bye-bye how sick was that i hope you are as excited as i am for the opportunity to be flying around the world in a private jet mate sipping on pina coladas on the beach mate with me mate that was so awesome i really enjoyed speaking to arno so nice meeting people who are just as excited about everything that’s happening at the moment now as i said we are going to be giving away two whitelist spots for some of you lucky bastards matt all you have to do make sure you go follow the sim club on twitter go and join their discord pop a comment below and make sure you’ve subscribed like the video and also followed me on twitter do all of those things and you are going to be entered into an opportunity to win one of those two whitelist spots we will be announcing who has won those whitelist spots on the 18th of january so make sure to give yourself a chance of joining me on that beach with the pina colada mate today is also an extremely exciting day for me because i get to announce a new sponsor for my channel and that is meta moguls i spent the last week speaking to the founding team talking about their plans and talking about their vision understanding what it is that meta moguls is all about and they align so closely with what i want to achieve with this channel in this journey with you guys at their core their vision and mission is all about inclusivity and diversity within entrepreneurship and that is everything that i’m about go and check them out and i look forward to bringing you more stuff about them in the next few weeks if you haven’t already come and join me on twitter this is where all the fun happens this is where i drop gags lols vibes everything all the good and if you like the sound of a little bit of weekly nft magic baby come and join up for my weekly what the flip newsletter i release this on fridays it’s a lot of fun just the stuff that i’ve been looking at that week make sure you’ve hit the like button and subscribe and most importantly punch that notification bell if you haven’t checked it out already go watch the what the flip episode of the elysium club as i always say the summit is infinite mate we are just here to help each other climb see you next time peace

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