Zeus Bounty Training Review Video How to Sign up in Zeus if you are a New York Resident (Easy Flow)

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Transcript yeah hold on one second i’ll just hit live okay so ladies and gentlemen i’m tyrion here with the business partner marsha marshall’s in new york we’ve been going in circles on how to get our new york folks to get into zeus bounty to get funded but there’s a lot of restrictions when it comes to new york so uh fortunately marcia has found a way around this loophole so marcia what have you found well i found that if you you know whatever your wallet whatever wallet of choice that you’re using that you use you first have to have bitcoin in it so you get your bitcoin that’s first thing and um of course have that in your wallet then you’re going to sign up for a kucoin account this is for people here in new york so you’re going to sign up you’re going to register for your kucoin account can you show us that can you um can you show your screen it’s a um below you’ll see a plus sign sure sure yeah hit share and then you’re going to hit share again and then it share screen right there yeah uh share screen and hit that little hit the box um don’t show these i like yeah i like the box did his share okay got you all right so i don’t i don’t see you i don’t see it yet that box share my system yeah so you hit share share again in a blue box then a blue you hit the um a blue uh will show up yeah and then a of a big white box just show up and then click inside that box on that screen and and then hit share again you see that chrome tab it’s not giving me the option don’t give me an option no because when i click the bottom says share my system audio right maybe yeah not the audio he’s going to be uh okay so let me cancel that one out yeah so when you hit when so you got to the part where the where you saw the blue bar right that says your screen okay let me start over share screen uh-huh there and then you got a box that pops up says share screen right entire screen entire screen yeah and hit share yeah it’s so the the cancer is highlighted but when i click on the share it’s not allowing me to do so you hit the box on the inside you got it you got to highlight that box oh god you see what you mean again hit share and then share okay there we go there we go now we good all right okay so first first things first is coin base so you guys can use coinbase right yes what’s another one that you can buy bitcoin from here in new york um i just do coinbase so coinbase is good to use in new york yeah i i i cuz i tried crypt um krypto.com and of course they they you know they said that wasn’t allowed blah blah blah all that other stuff you know so actually so use it so so you bought bitcoin i bought bitcoin and i mean what was the next step after you buy bitcoin then you have to transfer the bitcoin to your kucoin account okay so you’re going to sign up you’re going to sign up for kucoin okay is that an easy process yeah one two three i and when you sign up for cool coin i use my phone for verification [Music] you know so they can send you a sms message for verification through your phone so i did that great okay so after you sign up for cool coin and um you know you’re ready to transfer or send money from your bitcoin to your coupon so you want to send money from coinbase to kucoin right i’m sorry yes okay so send that you know you go to your coinbase and you send you press the send button and you send whatever the amount that you want right hold on one second marshall okay okay hey paul it was good [Music] all right says go ahead sorry about that that’s okay so yeah again you um want to send your bitcoin to your kucoin account okay well right here you’re going to enter the amount that you want to send and then you’re going to go back to kucoin and you’re going to click on main account so when you’re in gotcha when you’re in kucoin you’re going to click on main account okay when you click on main account on the top you’re gonna see deposit okay so you’re gonna click on deposit so far so good looks pretty easy and click on btc and they’re going to give you an address right here where you should where you should send it you’re going to click on copy then you’re going to go back to coinbase and paste it right here where it says to paste the there the address that you just copied from cool coin okay paste it there you know follow the steps press send and that’s that’s it in about 10-15 minutes it’ll be your coupon account your coupon account perfect okay now once it gets to your cool coin which has already made it yours right well let’s click on the coinbase because we no longer need coinbase okay so once we’re in cool coin we’re going to go to um hold on because now we’ve got to get it from cool coin to your mail it’s a process i’m telling you but hey listen okay now when we’re in we’re in our main account again on kucoin and you’re going to see where you you know after you receive it you’re going to get a notification that you received your um bitcoin right yeah and when you’re in your coupon you’re going to tr um you know you’re gonna have to transfer it from your main account to your trading account so so you’re gonna click on trading account and right here it’s going to show btc and the amount that you have and you’re going to click on transfer okay it was a transfer trade hold on let me make sure right yeah you’re going to click on transfer [Music] and um it’s going to come up right here where you’re going to click you know it’s going to tell you what you need to do you’re going to transfer the money from your main account to your trading account put the amount which is all right here [Music] and then you click confirm so remember you’re transferring the money from your main account to your trading account your trading account right here is it’s a different way but it’s from maine to trading okay click on all because you want to use all your bitcoin press confirm and then we continue from there after you complete that then you’re going to click it’s going to be in your trading account the money is going to be in your trading account and then you’re going to up here you’re going to click on trade and then you’re going to click on spot trading you see what i did there yes did you want me to go back go back one more time so i know people are gonna you know this video is gonna be posted but i just want people to see just uh you know for confirmation okay sure so again once you receive your bitcoin into your kucoin account you’re going to go to main account [Music] right here and your bitcoin is going to show up in your main account of course i don’t have it because i just transferred mine correct but after your main account then you’re going to click on trading right here okay and you’re going to see your asset the amount that you have you’re going to click on transfer when you click on transfer there should be a little window like this that comes up and it’s going to be the direction from main to trading click on all it’s gonna you can just click on the amount right there it’s gonna show up right here you click confirm and within seconds it should be in your trading account gotcha okay makes sense right now on the top you’re going to click on trading it’s going to be a drop down button and then it’s going to say spot trading you’re going to click on spot trading and it’s going to open up this window where you this is how we’re going to transfer the bitcoin to bnb to to bnb gotcha right um you’re going to look for the right here which i have it right here so make sure that when you up here you’re going if it says whatever is up here because they’re trading pairs you’re going to look for this b and b btc okay you can click on click on it and if you don’t see it come up right away you can type it in and and and and it will it will show up here got you okay so this is what we’re doing we’re gonna transfer we’re gonna right here down here though however it’s going to it’s you’re gonna see where it says um sets your trading password it’s not showing for me because i did that already gotcha so right here if when you go down to kucoin and you know click on the spot trading and everything first just just click on set password it’s only take a few minutes so you click on it and you set it to a six digit number that you can remember write it down and they’re gonna confirm it through your phone you know send your confirmation after you confirm all that write it down all that kind of stuff then you’re ready just to trade you have b right here b and b slash btc then you’re going to go here you’re going to enter the amount that you want which is you know and click on one hundred percent make sure you have from btc to bnb click on a hundred percent you want all of your btc to be to be um transferred into or to be converted into bnb click on one hundred percent and click buy bnb did you get ready i’m glad you figured this out chips let me tell you oh my god it’s like a lot of people though it’s gonna have a lot of people yeah in new york and we i couldn’t first of all i couldn’t even buy shiva out here i had to i had to download a completely different app because coinbase no i mean coinbase now have it but you know they didn’t and i have to buy come it’s it’s a pro i don’t know why but here in new york it’s you know they we don’t have access to a lot of these yeah so many rules crazy but yeah so that’s the process so once you do all this you transfer this then you’re gonna go back to your main account remember bnb slash btc this is what we’re trading you go down here you’re gonna see the amount you’re not seeing any mines because i just traded mines transferred all that you’re gonna see the amount click on a hundred percent click on buy bnb okay now that that’s completed so the money is going to go go back to kucoin or go back or or you can even click on asset when you click on asset i think trade fees know this yeah when you click on asset it’s going to show right here the amount that you have all that kind of stuff but then you click on trading account because by this it should be no i’m is it trading on me and hold on it should be in b and b and b now right right so now it’s ready to be transferred to your metamask wallet so how do you do that right so now you go to metamask and when you go to metamask you got to get your address right you have to get b and b because metamask is the main platform is going to be ethereum right right so you’re going to click on add and you’re going to click down here of course i just i just put it in the smart chain well yeah we actually go through this we actually go through this on the step-by-step videos on how to tell them how to add the smart chain oh so okay you have a video on that yeah we’re good on that part okay so yeah right so when you do that then when it’s added you know you you’re going to transfer it now to here right so you’re going to click on this and copy your address you’re going to go to kucoin [Music] account hold on yeah you’re going to go to cool coin and you’re going to well not transfer you’re going to click trade i think what you got to do you’re doing a b and b now right right so you’re going to click on withdraw i’m sorry okay right so after everything is completed and you trade your bnb you buy your airbnb through the process i just showed you before you’re gonna click on withdraw okay and you know bnb of course select bnb and it’s going to you’re gonna copy your your metamask address right here and paste it here was where it says wallet address this is where you’re going to paste it all right you’re going to go down to network and you’re going to click on this one bep20 bp20 okay the ep 20 right click on max which you know your maximum amount whatever it is and you know just press confirm that’s it that’s it wow you have you you you are going you are about to help a ton of thousands of people in new york right now this is genius yes that’s it so now so now you’re ready to sign up right well no because see my my yeah right there so you ready to roll so what i’m gonna do is is uh send you um i’ma send this to your uh facebook inbox real.

    Quick uh-huh and it’s going to populate everything so give me one second it’s going to be real fast now we don’t we don’t we on a downhill now yeah now everybody knows in new york how to do it so this is perfect so go ahead and click that link i sent you in your facebook inbox [Music] mm-hmm [Music] so now we’re connected now just scroll down and put just put your first name in your email okay yeah that’s your first name you know we don’t need your last name okay first name not last name got you all right and you’re doing one b and b right yes yeah just click that middle click that middle uh button yeah one bnb yeah and then you’re gonna scroll down and check that box then hit contribute scroll down and hit confirm and we’ll get a confirmation box in just a second that was easy easy huh very much so i i’m still blown away new york i know i got it okay look at that just like this is it successful okay just like that now your back off is gonna populate hit okay okay this is your back office hit allow now i’m about to blow your mind scroll down so this is uh this is your your information here before you drop a scroll down so you see your dashboard you’ve already made money you see that wow right there right here yeah withdrawable amount oh my god every time you log in um and you see 0.05 minimum you can go ahead and withdraw here’s your upline immediate upline your downline is coming if it’s not there already scroll down some more so you get automatically get uh uh-huh oh wow it’s a genius ain’t it it is and when you bring people in you’ll see them here in your family tree so so now what you want to do is scroll back up you want to hit this box every every once a week to check in there right there weekly check in hit that box okay hit okay you want to do that every week if you want to make it withdrawing we can do that real.

    Quick so i can show you how you do it now before we do it scroll scroll up to the top now right now you scroll down just a little bit you see you see in white right there where it says 60 40.

    60 40.

    uh-huh it says uh right at the top see the top box oh no no you was there you see where it’s right the numbers right here now go go up here right there right here yeah up a little bit available yeah yeah 64.

    okay right now you’re on a now the percentages are all up to you but everybody starts at 60 40.

    so what does this mean this what this is what this is why this program is so great and have you ever did small contracts before is this new to you no i’ve done so you understand that traditional smart contracts need fresh money right yeah so here’s what they’ve done every time you make a withdrawal somebody makes money and a portion is contributed back to the system so you’re encouraged to withdraw unlike other traditional platforms so when you withdraw right now 60 is going back to the ecosystem 40 is going to go to your metamask okay wow that percent now how do you change these percentages right you bring in four people personally is going to go to 50 50.

    and when you bring in when you get to 4bnb in your in your uh total contributions is going to go to 40 60.

    and then when you get the 10 b it’s going to go to 70 30.

    so you’re going to get 30 percent uh the 30 goes to the ecosystem 70 goes to you so as you move up in the ranks right and you put a little work in these percentages are in your control so right now i’m at 40 60 40 40 goes back to the ecosystem i guess 60 to my wallet right okay so uh you see that where the boxes check right there at the right there before you make a withdrawal that’s if you want to donate to charity that’s one percent of your earnings goes there it’s up to you it’s not required but it’s up to you okay but if you want to go ahead withdraw we can go and show you how how simple and fast it is okay hit confirm oh my god [Music] i’m gonna wait for the confirmation box again how often do you withdraw when you open it yeah you’re okay yes uh when and when when you when you see 0.05 and you’re and you’re withdrawable amount hit that withdraw button 0.05 and when you see it when you see it in your when you sit in your withdrawal amount you hit that withdrawal button that’s how that’s how often you would draw okay i go to metamask for your metamask account uh-huh [Music] now you got more b and b that just came in there yeah it increased it increased it then so there you go see how fast that was that was that’s this is amazing this day this is unlike you ever seen before in a smart contract field huh this is really yeah nothing no i mean like right away i earned money that’s that’s right that’s crazy so now your total check out your total contributions now it went up too what do you bought the bottom right box scroll up son the bottom right box total contribution that went up too so when you withdraw every you know a portion goes here to the total contribution then the rest goes to your mf mass right that’s that’s how we that’s that’s what keeps the engine running so i just got paid from your withdrawal and you oh so okay so whoever you bring in and whenever they make a withdrawal you get paid also get paid wow so right now you’re making 2.5 percent of what you’re uploading the downline do right but when you bring in per of people that’s when it really gets crazy because on your first level you’re doing you’re getting 20 up front of what they put in and what they would draw that it has up real fast this is amazing okay sounds great right yeah so you’re good to go see this now your referral link is right there right right here uh-huh now i’m gonna send you i’m gonna add you to our our chat group also i’m gonna send you a link to our training is that where you can kind of understand everything as well but uh you’re good to go yes is there also a um go ahead uh stop share for me right there is there also um what you call it a presentation video yeah i have a webinar yeah we have webinars all over yeah i can see your work right now yeah cause um i have a few people in mind that i would like to share with but they’re gonna wanna see what it is and you know more and all that good stuff yeah cool all right sis well you good to go you got any more.


    Questions for me oh no i’m great thank you that’s that was awesome i i i’m i’m ready let’s this passive income begins hey this this right here about change the game for you right here telling you right now amazing i love these i love these little projects i love it this crypto passive income streams they are amazing oh yeah it can make it it can make you it can make you really wealthy it can make i mean it can make you a lot of money yes it can you know so welcome to the team sis like i said i’m here i’m here if you got any.

    Questions absolutely we’ll go from there okay yes um add me to whoever send me whatever links i appreciate it thank you so much yeah you’re welcome all right then take care okay thank you just hit uh leave studio and then it’ll get you to uh get you out

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