CRYPTOBLADES HUGE UPDATES – 10X Rewards, Earn $SFUND + Multi Tokens, NEW Staking + More!

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Transcript what’s going on the ape coach from six pack gaming where we bring you the best play to earn nft games and new metaverse projects now today we are back with another update here on crypto blades and there’s a lot of big things going on with it i’m actually super excited for all the updates and changes that they’ve been making the past like week or two especially there’s been a lot of updates the rewards are back we’ve got multi-farm tokens they added a garrison there’s a whole bunch of stuff so we’re gonna go over all of it today be sure to smash that thumbs up button make sure you subscribe and got notifications turned on and let’s dive right into it one last thing before we jump into it we do have the kryptonite giveaway their pre-sale is tomorrow it’s actually in like i don’t know 12 like 15 hours or so here so uh january 8th is their public pre-sale they’ve got the booster packs going on but we are giving away two free common eggs from our last youtube video so we’re gonna be drawing the winners from that later in this video too so make sure you stick around for that now let’s get to the crypto blades updates all right so let’s dive in and start with the updates from the new year here so it says to celebrate the beginning of 2022 we put together a road map sketching out what we’re looking like this year essentially so we’ve got the altar of blades here let me open up the original maybe bigger easier to see there we go ultra blades.

    Q1 weapon perfection system enhanced a new game ui.

    Quests new weapons characters and skin designs character burning marketplace so character burning is going to be huge marketplace v2 this is going to be like the updated ui and interface and all that sort of stuff.

    Q2 we got 30 plus projects onboarded into the multifarm program uh that is nuts nft bridge open to external projects so this is actually huge too so they are actually going to be opening up the nft bridge to other projects so that not only can you bridge your crypto blades nfts you know from bsc to hiko to okex to avalanche to polygon they’re going to be opening it up to other projects as well and i’m assuming they’re going to be taking some sort of fees for that or something so that’s another thing that’s going to help support the economy of cryptoblades and it just helps support the overall narrative of the you know the metaverse in general right so that is a very very cool thing to see uh there’s pve leaderboard rewards that they’re gonna be doing so people who are like actively doing all their fights and topping the leaderboards racking up the experience and stuff they’re gonna get some bonus rewards apparently um equip additional nfts to power up characters very cool so that sounds like we’re gonna get other equipment to stock up our our uh characters then there’s lore and storyline subscription service launched with skill as a native token that is very interesting as well uh inter integration of cryptoblades nfts and cryptoblades kingdoms as well as ominous metabours so that’s.

    Q3 is what it sounds like cryptoblades kingdoms is coming guild integration and social features built-in swap feature for paying out rewards with trading fees going to the rewards pool uh 3d versions of all the nfts completed and then we have.

    Q4 omnis esports the first cryptoblades expo hosted directly within the omnis metabours very cool launch of esports platform for cryptoblades pvp which can be spectated in ominous so that is actually kind of cool too that you know that gives me an idea of like you know gladiators fighting in the coliseum and you’ve got people like around spectating that’s the sort of vibe that i think they’re going for there so that’s really cool that you you can be like a spectator and i’m assuming maybe you’re going to be able to place wagers on the matches as well so maybe you don’t want to you know do the pvp yourself maybe you don’t have the highest level characters or weapons or whatever but maybe you want to put like you know 0.5 skill on this dude he looks like he’s going to dominate the other and then maybe you can you know make some rewards that way that could be pretty cool integration of voice chat system so you can talk trash to people or communicate with your friends right and then integration of limited run nfts from external ips to attract larger udebase user base so that is very cool so limited uh nfts from external projects it sounds like essentially all right so there is that let’s go back to the updates here because there’s a lot okay so they also one of the newest things they added is the garrison so this allows you to hold additional characters in your one account so beyond the normal four characters per count limit and it says this is something that’s going to be useful soon essentially um so i don’t know exactly what that means but i’m assuming with the character burning and stuff like that maybe you’re gonna be able to like you know power up your main characters here by burning you know extra characters or something so they have this garrison here that you can see i don’t have any in there because i only have four on this account and i still have all my characters kind of spread across all my different accounts right but uh you have the option now of basically merging all of your characters into one account and the ones that aren’t in your main four character slot here will go into your garrison so that is very cool next up we have oh the staking update as well so in addition to the garrison they also added a lot of additional staking features which is huge so let me pull that up because i did stake a bunch of tokens as well so they have their traditional skill for skill uh they have a skill b and b uh for skill lp pair there king for king with very various sort of time periods and then they also have your cbk lands so you can finally stake if you bought a cryptoblades kingdom’s land you can finally stake that here um and so i have a tier one land staked here and so there we go i’ve earned like nine king well it’s just been sitting in there over the last few days and all you have to do is if you have a cryptoblades kingdom’s land in your wallet on the finance smart chain right um it’ll show up here you’ll click stake and then you’ll say you know i’m gonna stake one crypto blades kingdom land essentially you’ll hit uh stake at the bottom there or confirm it right down at the bottom below here and then you’ll just you know do the little signing in the metamask and that’s how you stake it additionally i have i did the 90 day king for king staking because this is the highest apy right now um and so right now it is at sorry what was it at 296 so almost 300 percent uh per year so that’s about one percent per day or close to it point seven percent and so that’s been staking for you know a few days and i’m already up to 76 king just from that and i have 1251 kings staked in there so not a ton but it’s uh you know it’s earning me additional king you know we’ve already earned almost an extra hundred king in a few days of just having it staked in there so i mean i’m just holding it in my wallet anyway so i might as well be earning on top of it as well and then i also staked a little bit of skill uh i believe i did the 90-day steak with the skill as well and yes i just threw like five skill in there just to see what the kind of rewards are like and so i’ve earned an extra 0.12 skill from that in the past few days as well okay so it’s kind of nice like i’m earning skill and king you know regardless of what i’m doing in the game or you know even if i’m just leaving it sit there and i’m not doing anything i’m still earning additional skill and king tokens just from those staking features so that is amazing that’s an awesome feature to add in there especially if you’re someone who’s been holding king tokens if you know you got in on the ido or anything like that or you just bought when it was you know cheaper and i think it’s actually really cheap right now too um you have that option now to stake and earn basically a percent per day on top of your thing and so you know in the next 90 days this will essentially almost double the amount of king tokens that i had in that time period so that is wicked but here we have it crypto blades is on tick tock so if you want to get your tick tock twerk on and have a chance to win some tokens win some cash moolah uh they’ve got some prizes here for the top five crypto blades uh tick tocks you can uh earn some b and b so 50 dollars worth for places four and five seventy-five for third a hundred per second and a hundred and fifty dollars for first so that is pretty crazy you could put up a 15 second tick tock and win 150 bucks for it uh so you know if you got tick-tock you might want to give that a shot and now this is one of the things that i think i’m the most excited about crypto bladers we are ecstatic to announce the newest member of our knighthood program cedafy so the knighthood program is this multi-token farm that they’ve established where external projects can contribute their tokens as rewards payouts within crypto blades so what this means is now you can play crypto blades you can do your fights with your heroes here and rather than redeeming your rewards in skill token you can get s fund tokens okay for cedify and if you don’t know what cedify is it’s basically a launch pad where they do igos or ido’s they kind of you know every launch pad kind of comes up with their own name for them but um they call them an igo and initial game offering and this is where you can pick up the tokens on new game projects before they hit the dexes alright so before they hit pancake swap before they hit poop coin but you can get those tokens ahead of time usually at a heavily discounted price on launch pads like cedify here and you know here are some of the upcoming pools that they have coming up so they got meta strike this is a role-playing first-person shooter um nft game that’s built on unreal engine this actually looks like a sick game so that is a very strong project heroes chained is another very strong project that i think will do very well uh i haven’t heard of space misfits or animalia but sin city is another one most recently they had the parallel world of d fish universe island bit hotel mouse haunt um ekio eartha cyrus or cetus however you want to say that so they’ve had a ton of big projects launching on their platform and this is how you get in on those um you know on these initial game offerings okay and how you can kind of get those tokens on these new projects for the cheapest possible price so i’m pumped to be earning s-fund from this now and i think that’s what i’m going to be doing with it for the time being uh here we have it the no tax no cap rewards are back update here so they increased the hourly allowance of rewards if you guys weren’t familiar they there was an hourly rewards pool for the last little bit here where essentially there was a certain amount of skill allocated for each hour of the day and when you know enough people did their fights and got the rewards it would empty that pool and then you’d have to wait until the following hour so they have more than 10xed those that reward pool for each hour so it has brought it up from 18.75 skill up to 200 skill which so far has allowed you to do your fights on the finance smart chain now whenever you want any time of day there has always been skill in there since they made this update yesterday now i don’t know if we have you know 120 000 players all rush back over and start doing their fights again all in the same hour you know maybe that’ll get emptied and you’ll have to wait to the following hour but i haven’t seen it yet so that is a huge huge thing because that was one of the you know issues that people were facing is they had to you know be keeping track of when the hourly uh pool reset for the skill in order to be able to earn their rewards right and some people didn’t understand that so they would do their fights when the rewards pool was empty and then they’d get pissed off that you know they weren’t earning anything essentially but now that is no longer an issue in addition to that there’s no withdrawal limit or tax on your withdrawals as you can see i withdrawed yesterday and that was to pr uh to see you know how the uh s fund withdrawals worked doing the multi-token farm so that i can talk about it here and we’ll do the fights here in just a second and i’ll show you how to do that as well

CRYPTOBLADES HUGE UPDATES – 10X Rewards, Earn $SFUND + Multi Tokens, NEW Staking + More!

4,228 viewsJan 8, 2022

and then here it is the multi-flower multi-farm multipliers and tokens are implemented and it starts now okay so in addition to this they also had uh so in addition to s-fund they had bit hotel join the uh knight hood program as well so you can actually claim uh bth tokens as well for bit hotels so if you’re playing that or if you just want to get tokens for that you can do that as well while playing crypto blades so that is very cool onboarding you know other projects even other nft games that you know maybe some would see them as like a competitor or something but cryptoblades is opening their doors and saying hey like you know we’re willing to bring you into the ecosystem and share you know the the player base and all that sort of stuff so that’s very cool um and this is just talking about the update to the bsc rewards so the rewards pool has been increased over 10 times and this is going over a little bit of a breakdown of the roi and stuff so it says considering level 41 plus teams with five star swords a new player will currently pay around 60 dollars in skill for that team so if you go to the marketplace and you search for uh characters you go to level 41 to 50 and you sort by low to high you can get you know level 41 heroes here for .25 skill 0.37 um so you can get a full team of level 41 plus characters for pretty cheap and then you can also you know check out the weapons you can do whatever stars you want five stars is recommended clearly and then you can see what the lowest price on that is you’ve got about .5 skill okay so very affordable to get started with a full level 41 team with a five star and then this says you will earn about a hundred dollars plus in skill each month with that team and that’s based on the current skill price which skill has gone down recently right with the rest of the market uh i think skill was down to like eight bucks or something like that maybe seven let’s take a look-see 858 okay so skill has you know kind of come down here it’s kind of been sitting steady around this 850 mark but it has come down with the rest of the market and so if you can already earn a hundred bucks a month at eight dollar skill i mean it was 23 a couple weeks ago so if it gets back up to 20 bucks you’re doubling that’s 200 bucks for 60 invested into it and you know you could also invest in you know a level 51 plus team it might be a little bit more but probably not too much and that will allow you to earn even.

    Quicker right you’ll earn higher rewards per fight and that is what i have currently all level 50 ones with five star swords so i will go through the fights and let you know exactly how much we can earn from that in just a second here but they are doing a giveaway here so to celebrate the rewards being back here it says help us reach 5000 likes and retweets and we’ll give away 50 level 41 characters on bsc so all you have to do is open up this tweet by crypto blades and just like follow it you gotta like it you gotta retweet it and i believe you have to do like a.

    Quote retweet with these hashtags and then there’s a google form so you click that it’ll take you to the google form i already responded but basically you just say yes i retweeted it you link to your retweet and you add your wallet address okay and then they will pick people and send them level 41 characters all right and then in addition to that if one giveaway wasn’t enough they just added another one a couple hours ago here and they’re gonna be doing a six star sword a five star shield and five thousand dollars in skill to 50 winners so that’s a hundred dollars in skill to 50 separate winners they have the give labs giveaway link here you come here you you know do some stuff on twitter on twitch on discord telegram all that stuff on their socials and that gets you entered in for the uh for the big draw here all right and you can get up to 24 entries for this so this is very very cool i think that is all the major updates here one other thing if you haven’t been in their discord in a little bit here they do have this development updates tab here development notes and they’ve started putting together this sort of weekly road map with all the updates and highlighting the things that they’re currently working on in development so this week four of december was the last one here merchandise store release we saw that christmas bosses are live we saw that christmas sale is live uh they’re doing pvp fixes from testing so they’ve been doing additional testing slowly onboarding more people into the testing of pvp to make sure everything’s functioning properly and uh that’s getting closer and closer to the full mainnet launch fixed transfer appearing on unknown items and advertisement updates okay so this is very cool as well if you want a.


    Quick snapshot visual of all the updates you can always check here in the development notes as well as the announcements alright now let’s get to these fights and see what can you actually earn how do you claim the additional tokens the multi-farm tokens all that good stuff let’s show you what type of earnings you can expect with a level 51 character with a five star sword i was going to show you it on the first guy here um and i screwed up and did like an 80 stamina fight at first and i was like wait a second i’m not in profit there that was like a little bit less than gas and then i realized i didn’t use all my stamina so i messed that up i had to do two fights for that now we will do a 200 stamina fight so adjust that to 200 got the 5 star sword and these are the type of earnings you can expect so this is a pretty for sure victory so we’ll just do this guy nice and easy dub here and so it’s showing we should win .067 skill and we can take a look at what that is all right did we win it we won it so 58 cents point zero six seven skill and we paid this much in bnb so 58 cents minus whatever this is in bnb 32 cents all right so we made about 26 cents profit from one fight so that’s not bad that’s a dollar for the four characters here in pure profit and then i’m gonna go through the rest of these fights and then once we get all the skill up here i’m gonna show you how you how you can withdraw using the multi-farm tokens so that if you feel like getting a different token than skill you can actually claim uh other tokens as rewards as well now we are going to draw the two winners of the kryptonite common eggs this is going to get you one of these alien nfts here so you can start the play to earn game right away um so we’ve got all the comments loaded up here we’ve already pasted it in got the comments loaded up let’s see who is going to be winning these eggs let’s go let’s go wild side love the design all right let’s see wild side do you have you entered your info in the youtube giveaways channel i see them right there i don’t even have to search it wild side congratulations you are winner numero uno let me jot this down [Music] we got the winners love it and now winner number two who is it going to be who’s going to get the second common ag rcf bitcoin the level system on stake seems interesting yeah that is a very cool feature as well so let’s see rcf i hope you entered your wallet address in here [Music] rcf bitcoin there we go we got them both love it awesome to see so we have winner number one and winner number two just like that congratulations you guys you guys get a free comment egg each and uh yeah i’m excited to see kryptonite when it’s starting uh so for any of you guys that were hoping to get in that didn’t get in um just keep in mind that the pre-sale does start tomorrow uh the lowest booster pack here or the lowest cost booster pack is only 35 so if it’s something that you feel like investing into uh tomorrow is when the public pre-sale is going down not financial advice make sure you do your own research but uh that is going to be your first chance of getting one of these eggs and in these booster packs you also get like potions and pickaxes and stuff like that too so you’re ready to go as soon as the game starts alright so we won all four of those fights which is awesome we got point two eight skill there uh which is actually pretty decent how much is that right now so point point two eight so we just made two dollars and 39 cents and then we would have paid about a dollar 20 in uh fees so we just made about a dollar 20 pure profit right there all right now as i said um you can claim different tokens so if you don’t want to claim skill you can click this and it gives you a drop down so you can select either s fund uh which is the cdfi token skill king or bit hotel okay now one thing to keep in mind with this is there is a multiplier so this goes up every few hours based on how long people like don’t withdraw for essentially if people are withdrawing a lot more the multiplier goes down so that’s why like the cd5 fund here is like 0.8 but the longer that people kind of wait to withdraw the more the multiplier goes up so this is all you have to do you just select whatever token you want now i did have an issue yesterday where i thought i wasn’t getting my or like i was getting a gas error when i was trying to claim my rewards and i thought like my wallet was messed up or something like that but it turned out it was just there was too many decimal places here in the amount of skill it was trying to claim it had like 20 like decimal points um that it was trying to claim so if you have that issue just like you know knock off the last few things go to like four decimals or something like that um and knock off the rest of them and then you should be able to claim no problem here and so there we go you pay the little bnb gas fee to claim it and let’s see it’ll just take a second for that to go through and then once this goes through there we go the claim went through and now we have where is it oh i didn’t add it on here yet so another thing you can do right in here which is really nice you can add the token right here just by clicking this that will add it to your metamask and so just from claiming yesterday and claiming today now i’ve got just about one s fund in my wallet here which is sweet and now we did have a little bit more than just the four fights in uh rewards to claim yesterday because s fund right now i think it’s around like 750 or so yeah 752 um so the fact that we have just about one as fun now um is pretty sweet so we’ve made about seven bucks there and uh it’s profitable again all right so that is all of the updates that i wanted to bring to your attention for crypto blades if you have i believe it’s level 41 plus with a five star character you’re going to be in profit now on the binance smart chain you don’t have to wait to withdraw your rewards anymore you can withdraw whenever you want there’s no additional taxation on your withdrawals either so before you had to wait 15 or sorry there was a 15 tax and you had to wait like 10 days until it you know worked its way down to zero now you can claim whenever you want you can pick whatever token you want to claim and you can see so again based on the amount of withdrawals that people are taking their tokens out in that’s going to affect the multiplier so make sure you’re paying attention to that bit hotel right now you get a 0.82 so that’s you know the best one right now depending on uh what time you’re doing your withdrawals you know maybe you want to time your withdrawals to a certain time of day or a certain you know time of the week or whatever i think just because everyone right now is just learning about the you know the ability to withdraw and everything a lot of people are kind of flooding back and just withdrawing however much they had sitting in there that they maybe haven’t claimed before um so i think once that kind of passes then you know people will be letting it sit in here a little bit longer and you’ll be able to earn you know a higher multiplier for your withdrawals all right so that is everything with cryptoblades let me know what you guys think leave a comment down below is uh you know do you guys still have characters in here have you you know been keeping up with the updates are you thinking about coming back and checking it out now that you saw you know you can earn a bunch of different tokens and stuff which one of these tokens are you guys going to claim your rewards and you’re going to stick with skill or king maybe for cryptoblades kingdoms coming up or are you going to go with like s fund or bit hotel personally i think s fund is incredible that they’re offering this because this is you know what gets you into the launch like the launches of all these other projects as well right so the fact that you can earn that from playing one of these games that they actually helped launch right like crypto blades and cryptoblades kingdoms were both launched on cdify um so it’s really cool that uh you can actually earned s fund now through playing cryptoblades so that’s what i’m doing for the time being uh let me know what you guys are planning and that is all right congrats once again to the winners of the kryptonite eggs here uh really looking forward to the launch of that as well so that is everything for now until next time train hard game hard and we will see you in the next one peace out [Music] [.


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