Farmer’s World Full Speculation and Token Valuation. | My Thought Process on Profits and Losses

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Transcript hey hey hey ladies and gentlemen boys and girls overseas madman here.

    Coming at you guys with another video i just hope that everybody’s doing great um again i’d just like to you know say sorry to all the people that lost their stuff in the last.

    Couple of days um but we’re not going to be talking about that too much today um there’s some other things that i would like to talk about mostly i would like to talk about um you know farmer’s world my ideas about well my opinions i should say about the direction of the game what i think is going to happen what is uh.

    Currently happening and when do i think the update’s going to be.

    Coming out okay so ladies and gentlemen um the first things first about farmer’s world is i think the game has been in the most stable um environment that it has ever been in before the game has been ridiculously steady uh between the token prices in the last you know two weeks almost three weeks the tokens really haven’t had that huge of a difference let me just go ahead and full screen this tab really quickly here um so what’s going on with my farmer’s world account i really don’t need to talk about it too much but i am managing a.

    Chainsaw for one friend uh my other friend was like hey if i buy a saw will you run it for me i was like yeah hell yeah dude i’ll do that for you i mean it’s not that big of a deal just get rid of a stone axe and then put his in there um yeah you know i think that this game is going to be okay um into the future as well especially the way the tokens have been let’s just go over to the market and just take a little bit of a look between the disparities between food um wood and gold um as you.

    Can see a food itself has had a 37 percent increase in the last seven days which is absolutely phenomenal um we haven’t really seen food make a dramatic shift like this in a little bit of time now gold itself has.

    Come up a pretty decent amount in the last seven days woods pretty much stabilized for the last seven days at like 4.2 percent but the volume ladies and gentlemen the volume for these tokens is absolutely insane i don’t think anybody understands the total.

    Capacity that this game has and its total influence on the alcor exchange on pretty much all eos eosio tokens in general and their movements um a lot of people are talking about how farmer’s world’s dead and you know it’s it doesn’t make any sense to me why anyone would say that i understand that the game is not at any sort of like ath figures and i don’t think it ever will be again i think the way that the tokens are right now are very very stable there’s so many more token holders than ever before like i said there’s um 60 000 plus token holders um that that’s good news that means the more people that are holding the tokens the less.

    Chance of you know a.


    Complete dumping to occur a lot of people just want to play the market anyway um i found a.

    Couple people that are running arbitrage they’re using smart.

    Contracts and some sort of automation to do with them you know like it an idol um like this one guy i think i’ve talked about him before his name is like james taggart um i.

    Could probably pull him up right now i’m gonna leave this this trace’s uh id up let me just go over here and we’ll search up james taggart okay so james taggart is somebody who’s been doing arbitrage trading for a pretty long time now i’ve seen him start doing it um before he does it on tlm a farmer’s world um and a.


    Couple other projects he uses something.


    Called no loss one one one one one i think it’s an account that you know he’s set up himself i i believe that um he’s using this one to run the smart.


    Contracts it’s funded by the same wallet id i do believe yeah so zf5 uh qk.wham this is the wax you know.

    Cloud wall that he uses to generate his anchor wallets or scatter or or whatever other wallet he is using um if we go into the.


    Contracts we.

    Can actually see all the times he’s updated his off uh off keys um and what accounts he’s.

    Created so it looks like he’s only.


    Created the two accounts probably just to run arbitrage i don’t know if the guy’s playing into any of the games it doesn’t seem like it um so on his arbitrage account he does have um you know like all the actions and whatnot going on so he.


    Can like just run these things without even worrying about it which is very smart ladies and gentlemen i don’t i don’t think that there’s anything wrong with this um this is actually good for the market this is healthy for the market because it means that people are actively trading um buying selling and holding the tokens depending on like you know the rate of.

    Change that they’re going through this is very uh healthy for the project i don’t think that this project is going to dump anytime soon it just doesn’t make sense it’s already too far spread out like i said if we go over to um let me pull open farmer’s world just so i.

    Can grab the tokens really quick okay if we go over to the tokens and we.

    Click on let’s just say farmer’s world would because it’s going to be the most held token let’s just see how many people are holding it so it’s gone up by over a thousand in i think the last video maybe almost 2 000 there’s 62 975 different token holders and like i said before a majority of those token holders too are also on the me xc exchange so people are also holding tokens there um this is just the account that you know is holding the.


    Collection like the main wallet for the whole exchange they have you know the fourth spot for the token amount and then you know al.

    Cortex main obviously um farmer’s funds has got 56 million of them and there’s still a very very large number of them that are in the farmer’s world account they own 98.97 of all of the tokens um that i think also includes like you know tokens that haven’t been withdrawn yet and so forth but this you know it goes to show um that we’re at a very healthy point in the game right now we’re only one fifth of the total max supply and you know the.

    Circulation supply is mostly held by farmer’s world so most of the tokens are still within the game environment which is very very good for the potential run of the project i don’t think that we have much to worry about about farmer’s world a lot of people are still freaking out when update win update win update it’s going to.

    Come when it.

    Comes there’s no reason to spam the.


    Chat about it um we all want to see something.

    Come from them we want to see some sort of an announcement but you know what until that happens there’s really nothing that we.

    Can do and if we just keep you know screaming about it i i don’t see what the.

    Change is gonna be you know i i don’t understand why so many people.

    Can’t just you know sit back and let things kind of.

    Crank out i understand you know it’s uneasy it’s it’s you know kind of nerve-wracking sometimes waiting for an update to expect an ath from this game again um i hate to break the news to you ladies and gentlemen but just because an update.

    Comes out for this game is not going to mean the tokens are going to dramatically spike up into any sort of uptrend like that i think right now the max that they.


    Could probably go to is like 0.2.35 something like that there’s too many token holders there’s too many people playing the market and just because an update.

    Comes out and there’s more incentive to burn you know your wood inside the game and whatnot i don’t think it’s going to.

    Change too much it will.

    Change a little bit but a lot of people that are trading these tokens have absolutely no.


    Care or interest in even playing the game it’s not about that um they’re not going to buy tools to generate you know these tokens they.

    Can just trade them on the market kind of like what james taggart’s doing so this game is basically like a trading medium right now and you know the people that are playing the game are generating the tokens that people are going to be trading with but the fact is is there’s 62 000 token holders that means um you know there are a.

    Couple people on here obviously that.

    Control a huge portion um right now there’s a few people that are holding over 200 000 tokens not that many but still a pretty decent amount of people are holding over 200 000 tokens but even if they dumped all of those at the.


    Current moment we wouldn’t see that big of a retraction um it would be hard for them to even probably do that you know i i don’t think that a lot of these people have an interest in doing that anyways there’s no reason to.


    Completely dump out of like all of your you know.

    Collected wood when you.

    Could just be trading it and you know just generating more and more revenue and i i don’t know i think that i think that this game is in a very healthy point as you.

    Can see there’s been all kinds of.

    Copycats that have.

    Come around um i don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying to play these.

    Copycat games it’s always good to get into a game in the beginning before it gets all hyped up and fo mode um and people buy into it like at an alarming rate it’s good to get into those projects early make your money dump out of them and go back to your roots i think most of the people that jumped into other projects are still definitely playing farmer’s world there’s no reason for them not to be because the profits on farmers world are still insane they’re absolutely insane ladies and gentlemen your your roi right now is still between 25 to 30 days if you’re buying new tools um you know like my friend bought a.

    Chainsaw not that long ago i think he spent 1.4 000 usd on it maybe a little bit less and now they’re almost 2 000 because the rate of gold in wood has gone up um i think that the token ranges that we’re seeing right now are going to be very stable i don’t think they’re going to be just jumping around even if an update.

    Comes out and you know they say okay you’re going to be able to buy land you’re going to be able to.

    Craft more things i feel like the tokens would would react a little bit but they’re already too spread out they’re too they’re too far spread out between people that don’t have an interest at all and those types of things like i said they’re just trading them back and forth um just like any other you know.

    Crypto exchange trading into.

    Crypto and like altcoins all those kinds of things that’s what people are doing right now with the farmer’s world tokens um that’s why there’s so much volume on them like i said even the lowest traded token is you know tremendously more than anything else um the only one that even remotely.

    Compares to it is uh tlm which you know that’s just kind of a given alien world has been around the block for a very long time and alien worlds is also a very static game to make pretty decent you know return on your investment yes it’s longer but the guaranteed return on your investment is like very nice to hear um the game’s pretty much stabilized it hasn’t really had huge movements um tlm’s been in a pretty healthy position you know as as farmer’s world like in the last.

    Couple weeks farmer’s world and it looks like a.

    Couple of these other projects that have been around the block for a while i don’t know why the graph isn’t loaded yet um maybe we’ll give that a second but anyways like even with tlm uh i mean it’s had its drops in the past but like things are looking pretty decent i feel like things are pretty pretty stabilized like they do have some big runs and a little bit of dumping it looks like it’s probably getting ready to go on a run again but the project itself is pretty stable um it’s like you know projects that have been around for a long time um especially in this type of environment have very great potential the same with farmer’s world i think that the potential for farmers world is you know off the.

    Charts i’m not worried about this project at all that’s really why i haven’t been you know.

    Completely talking too much about it i know i should be talking more and more about it but like the way things are right now it’s been pretty stable i haven’t really seen that many.

    Changes happening on the test net they just kind of been doing the same things over and over again so i know a lot of people have been asking me like you know what’s new on the test net what’s going on over there honestly a whole lot of nothing there really hasn’t been that much stuff.

    Coming out of the test net um i think there’s like a few new.

    Contracts that they’ve set up or like you know new actions that they’ve set up but other than that not a lot of stuff has been.

    Changing um they have been you know.

    Continuously trying harder and harder to.

    Cover up their movements and you know to prevent people from knowing too much and that’s another reason why i don’t talk about some of the other things that i’ve seen and you know have found because i don’t want other projects to.

    Completely rip their idea you know the roots of my experience on the wac.

    Chain um with.

    Crypto gaming has definitely been through farmers world so i do have a little bit of respect for you know their um their projected road map and like the things that they want to happen i don’t want other people to.


    Completely their idea uh ladies and gentlemen i’ll tell you what i think has been happening and why they’ve been so quiet lately the reason why i think farmer’s world has been so quiet lately is because i think they tried to team up with other projects as you seen on their roadmap and throughout many different announcements that they’ve you know mentioned about um other projects being able to stake nfts and like.


    Compatibility between.

    Chains and other projects and you know your nfts in another game.


    Could be valued over into farmers world like you stake them into farmer’s world and somehow.


    Could do something with that like i don’t know the full.

    Complexity behind that um mechanism but what i think happened is there’s a bunch of projects teamed up with them or like acted like they’re gonna team up with them and then they just kind of stole their ideas and stole the that they were thinking of um i’ve noticed it with a lot of other projects um like you know even some other ones that i.

    Cover i feel like some of the mechanics that they have are.

    Completely ripped from the base idea of what farmer’s world has wanted to happen so i do believe that’s the main reason why you know all of them have been very quiet about their intentions they haven’t been updating their road map and i think this is the main aspect as to why um i feel like they’re trying to keep their you know their golden goose secured and locked down um anybody.

    Can bash the project at this.

    Current moment and say oh all of this funny funny stuff well i’m sorry that you invested at the all-time high and you lost your money that’s just kind of how it goes high risk high reward when the volatility is that high like that your.

    Chances of losing it all are extremely high but the project itself is very stable right now the tokens have been in a very good range they’re the top three traded tokens on the alcor exchange so this project is nowhere near from being dead um it’s not going to die anytime soon people really need to get that out of their head um in the last seven days they’ve had like over 50 million wax and volume ladies and gentlemen that’s like 20 million dollars in volume in one week with just tokens um so i don’t know why so many people are you know in the.



    Completely being ridiculous you know it needs to stop the only thing it is is annoying um at this point um like i it doesn’t make sense to me that you know so many people are just going.

    Crazy into the.


    Chat i i wish it would stop um i’ve pretty much retracted myself from the farmer’s world.

    Chat as maybe most of you have noticed um i think a lot of people might be like a little bit upset because of that but i i really don’t want to be in the.

    Chat anymore because every time i go in there um there’s always at least two or three people that just want to troll and like just try to get a rise out of me anyways it’s like i have better things to be doing than you know looking at useless opinions um and like purposeful like button pushing like i’m like i’m just not interested into it um so yeah that’s pretty much my updates about farmer’s world at the.

    Current moment um my expected projection of the project and with that being said i’d also like to say that i do think that the update is going to be.

    Coming probably relatively soon it makes sense for it to be happening very soon because the tokens have been so stable and woods itself has been on uh on a very weird trend um it really just depends though you know especially with like the way the bitcoin has been lately but i don’t think that that is their intention when they say they’re looking for the markets to stabilize and like the overall markets i really think that they’re talking about themselves in general um and i do feel like their tokens in specific have stabilized and if anything are generating more and more revenue and they’re going up in value even when wax went down by a you know like seven eight percent when it went to like point three seven um the tokens went up to.

    Compensate for that and they also over.


    Compensated for that and then when wax.

    Came back up the tokens are still rising they’re still.

    Climbing um they’ve been green for seven days and this is a good sign ladies and gentlemen this is a very good sign other projects have had like huge retractions the aog tokens had like a huge retraction i mean i think the project probably is still okay would i get into it no um should other people get into it best you know do your own research that’s just the way it goes with all projects anybody.

    Could tell you to do something but you should kind of research on your own um ladies and gentlemen the.

    Crypto space is a very scary one to get into and it takes a little bit of you know discipline to actually benefit and reap the rewards of this space um as you’ve seen yesterday and many days before a lot of people are very new to these kinds of things and they just.

    Completely get screwed around and you know that’s why i got so upset um about what had happened is you know a lot of people are new to these things and the world’s finally waking up web point three is.


    Coming out soon um all kinds of different things are getting ready to.

    Change the whole world’s going to be going through a weird.

    Change very very very soon so we really need to get ready for that and a lot of other people need to get ready for that as well there’s so many people that like i said are new and getting into these things they need to prepare um that’s why you know i talk about some of these things i tell people to look out for some of this stuff and it just doesn’t make sense to me how so many people.

    Can get scammed i don’t know if people are i don’t want to say bad but like are just that ignorant about other people’s intentions like one of my friends another one got scammed too by the way um he told me he’s like oh i watched your video and then like three hours later he’s like oh just go scared by that link it’s like i honestly don’t know what to say to you like i don’t really feel sorry for you because you already had the information about you know not.

    Clicking on those things you shouldn’t let your emotions get the best of you um ladies and gentlemen like i said i don’t really want to go too far into the scam stuff like it’s just gonna make me feel down and um it’s gonna make me feel like depressed about you know.

    Certain people’s intentions and whatnot so let’s just go ahead and talk about something else now i would like to talk about what’s been going on with war space and you know their sales and like their pack drops and everything like that so let’s just go over to the atomic hub and let’s just go to market and let’s also open up wax market.

    Cap and let’s take a peek over there as well let me just pull these into you know next to next so it looks like the people that have bought up the packs are now hodling them it’s had an 84 retraction in the last 24 hours about buyers to sellers and how many total sales they’ve had it spiked up a lot of people are holding them almost a million in volume uh yesterday so people are going to be holding on to those packs they’re going to be keeping them like i said those packs are worth a pretty good amount of money uh let me just sort my.

    Collection by war space game i have an estimated value of 8 wax with just two items the lowest listed price for a premium pack right now is almost 6 000 wax that’s the lowest one for the premium pass is also a 4 000 wax nearly which well 3 hundred i’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous right these things sold on nft blocks for like i.

    Can’t remember like 50 or like 150 wax like a super ridiculously.

    Cheap amount and now look at them look at the price of them this is what hype and fomo does to people that’s why ladies and gentlemen i always tell people to be safe if you want to get into a project that’s stable right now and you want to buy packs or whatever you want to buy assets for.

    Certain games i really do recommend farmer’s world to you mostly because it has already seen that pump and dump it’s already seen the all-time high and it’s already seen the bottom of the bottom and it’s just.


    Climbing back up in a very healthy and pretty much stable way with the token relations being very relatively same between spreads and disparities especially against all the other tokens in the market these ones have had the most potential and the like pretty much the flattest line that i’ve seen um so yeah like get into stuff like that i think that’s what’s important um you know i’ll tell everybody i did flip the starter packs uh the reason i did that is because i’m all a firm believer of.

    Covering my financial backing um and my financial risk like i said i bought all of the passes i mean all the packs and you know that’s a lot of money to you know put into something to other people that’s not but for somebody that doesn’t have like really deep pockets or like is kind of nervous about.

    Certain things um for me personally i don’t think it’s good to you know dump large amounts of money like that um without any sort of like um safety net so i bought all the packs and i sold these two starter packs i feel a little bit bad that i did it i really didn’t want to do it but i wanted to.

    Cover my investment and i realized that these packs had went up in value by like a pretty ridiculous amount like 60 dollars into like 250 and 300 and now they’re.


    Close to probably a thousand um i’m not that worried about it i’m not mad about you know selling it early i just wanted to get my money back immediately um i i think that financial risk in evaluation is the most important thing to assess in this.


    Crypto space so yeah that’s the reason why i did that so ladies and gentlemen a lot of people might be upset that i did that even the project themselves because like they you know they want people to be fully.

    Committed into their game and i am.

    Committed into their game but i’m also going to be.

    Committed into.

    Covering my own ass like i’m not going to have a potential loss because of something like this people the biggest thing in this world is not about potential profit it’s about.

    Current profit and potential loss potential profit is yes it’s nice to think about but it’s a pipe dream um the only thing is is.

    Current profit and potential loss those are the things that you need to think about potential loss and.

    Current profit there’s nothing wrong with taking.

    Current profit and thinking about potential loss there’s something wrong to be thinking about.

    Current loss and potential profit that’s when things get like a little bit out of your you know your.

    Control you.



    Current profit and potential loss you.



    Current um loss and potential profit that’s just not the way it works you’re either in profit or you’re not um you.

    Can’t be waiting around to get into profit that’s what’s going on with farmer’s world there’s a lot of people that are in the.

    Current loss and waiting for potential profit and expecting an update to.

    Come to fix that that uh their mistakes it’s not the project’s mistakes why the tokens went down it’s the people that bought into the project that made the mistake of investing the money without assessing the full risk so i mean with that being said i you know i’m starting to lose any sort of sympathy i have for a lot of people that did get it the all-time high and are still expecting things to.

    Change it’s no different than buying into i don’t want to.

    Compare it but i’m going to anyway um buying into bitcoin when it’s at the absolute peak and then it dropping 10 20 and then.

    Crying about spilled milk you’re now at.

    Current loss with seeking potential profit it just doesn’t work like that um ladies and gentlemen if you buy into something and you.

    Can take profit from it and you’re worried about potential loss just do it there’s nothing wrong with taking profit that’s why we’re in this space and i’m going to say that every time we are playing these games to make profit um let me just go ahead and minimize this and.

    Connect my wallet back over to my bomb.

    Crypto i want to make sure that these things are running all the time because they nerfed the damn rewards um my rewards got nerfed by a very very huge percentage and i’m pretty pissed off about it i don’t want to talk about that right now i want to keep my mind positive i’m just going to make these suckers race get them moving around get their blood pumping and my.

    Chest breaking um yeah so i think that war space is actually going to do very well at least for the first month the two months we’re gonna see the same thing that happened with spacecraft x for sure the game is going to.

    Come out it’s going to absolutely pump it’s going to be insane for the first.

    Couple of months and then i guarantee you it’s going to have a retraction that’s just how all of these games have gone um i like war space a lot i like the idea behind it but it is itself a.

    Copycat of the same basic idea that went through the same you know trouble but in a lot longer a much longer spread mostly because this.

    Concept of farmer’s world was pretty new to people and now people have already under they’re already in understanding of what is going to happen with these games and yeah i mean that’s just the way it really is it doesn’t matter how many updates these games.

    Come through when they have tokens like this people are going to be playing the markets and they’re going to be trying to make the most amount of profit as possible that’s just how it is like that’s how almost how we should all be thinking is about profit we don’t play these games based on nostalgia we don’t play these games because they’re fun we play these games to make money i mean i’ve talked to a.

    Couple people that are like you know have been in farmer’s world since the beginning and they’ve never taken any profit which is okay for them because the tokens were around the same price as back then as they are now and their portfolios are absolutely insane i know one dude that’s pulling over 60 000 whacks a day um with all the accounts that he has i’m not going to name drop him but he is pulling a serious amount he’s got like 20 farms or something.

    Crazy and i don’t know how he’s managing any of it i i’m sure he’s running a little bit of automation but who.

    Cares um obviously nothing is going to be done about that uh it doesn’t look like any time soon the automation is going to be kicked when uh no one’s going to be doing anything about it so people might as well be doing it i don’t promote automation i’m not really big into it but you know what if other people are doing it and especially in large scales you might as well be doing it yourself i’m not going to be doing it personally but i’m not going to frown upon anybody else that’s doing it now the hell with it you know like uh it is what it is people are here to make money and if you’re going up against other bots and whatnot you might as well be doing it yourself um but ladies and gentlemen that’s just how all these farm games are going to be all these games with multiple tokens um and tokens that you have to mine especially you know this one’s going to incorporate four um so yeah we’re going to see four spots open up war space is probably going to sit near like you know rank 1 rank 2.

    Compared to farmer’s world but like spacecraft x my projection for these projects is very short term the project on most most most bullish on is still farmer’s world a lot of people are upset about me.

    Covering other projects but you know what i really don’t.

    Care um i’m in this.

    Crypto space to talk about projects i’m not i didn’t.

    Create my.

    Channel to talk about strictly farmer’s world but yes i do like to talk about farmer’s world mostly because it is like my bread and butter uh i love the project like i really do um i i think it’s probably one of my most favorited projects that i’ve ever been into and it’s also the first project that i really did get into itself so yeah i’m not like hopping ship somebody said oh you’re hopping ship into war space it’s.

    Called diversifying your portfolio there’s nothing wrong with that everybody should be diversifying you should not be a biased about like oh there’s another farm game.

    Coming out but i’m a farmer’s world you know original um i hate to break it to you but you’re pr kind of an idiot i don’t want to.

    Call you an idiot but you’re pretty ignorant i should say because you’re saying that you’re not going to buy into another project or at least try another project because it goes against your feelings well your feelings don’t mean anything in the.

    Crypto world sorry to say but your feelings mean absolutely nothing the only thing that means anything is logic and reasoning that’s it that’s all that matters in this.

    Crypto space i’m sorry to step on your toes but not getting into another project because you’re already into a project that uses the same mechanic it just makes you a person that’s going to lose out on potential opportunity that’s why i’m jumping into all these other projects it’s not because i’ve dropped ship and it’s not because i feel bad about farmers world it’s because i want to make more money from these projects i want to get my feet into more waters um that’s just the way it is like i’m in.


    Cars um we’re getting into.

    Crypto planes bomb.

    Crypto war space a farmer’s world dow farmer and the list just keeps going on and on i don’t want the list to get lower and lower i want the list to keep expanding um especially for working from home like i do i don’t have like a daily physical job that i have to go and you know like meet demands for so this is my my.

    Career pretty much is like getting into things like this um assessing.

    Current profits and potential loss and just working with it that’s just the way it is i’m going to be able to get into war space with no potential loss at all it’s all going to be.

    Current profit because like i said i sold those two starter packs and i made the right decision to do that it funded the premium pack if it’s going to fund probably the future packs for the game and i don’t know what to say i mean i want to think logically about things i’m not going to think emotionally and a lot of people i think are upset about that they’re like oh that you kind of turned around a big time when it.

    Comes to farmers world no i haven’t i’m still so bullish on that game it’s ridiculous i’ve you know anytime my friends talk about this game i talk about all the positive i talk about all the negative as well and i tell them yeah i think it’s a good one to get into that’s why one of my buddies bought a.

    Chainsaw um and he’s also been looking at the game for a while too i said dude don’t get into it right now he wanted to get into it around november when the tokens i.

    Can’t remember what they’re at maybe like point three or something i said dude just wait okay i was like just wait i was like trust me the tokens are gonna dump even harder don’t do it yet i like please just don’t do it yet um and then boom bam it dropped down to like 0.8 or 0.08 and then i’m like okay now is the time to start looking into it and now they’ve doubled since then um you know a 12 to 1 hundred dollar.

    Chainsaw is turned into almost two thousand dollars um you know this project is a damn good one to get into farmer’s world is the number one wax project to get into ladies and gentlemen it’s already stabilized it’s already got a history it’s got a reputation it’s number one in the tokens it’s usually number one in the maxed asset volume that goes to show why it is good to get into it’s no different than getting into alien worlds because it’s been around it’s got a reputation it’s got history it’s got potential it’s got a lot of people into it as well that’s what keeps these games going is the more people that get into it the longer it’s going to stay around and the harder it is for people to.

    Completely dump it um that’s why you know we see 60 some thousand token holders that’s why the price is going up the more token holders there are the more this price is going to start pumping it’s just it’s just basic supply and demand the total supply right now is getting swallowed by demand eventually the demand is going to go back in front of the supply um i don’t know when that’s going to be they’re pretty much been hand in hand right now but the demand is only increasing right now i don’t know why but it is like i.

    Can’t tell you the reason behind it other than that there are people that are holding a lot of tokens there are a lot of people getting into this game so ladies and gentlemen with all of that being said i’m going to stop talking about war space stop talking about farmer’s world for just a minute i’m going to update everybody on what’s going to happen with dow farmer really quickly um so i’m going to start.

    Collecting the metamask address today um i do advise that you set up a meta mask that’s on it do a new version of.

    Chrome um like i said there’s like a little button on your main version of.

    Chrome if you’re not in incognito you.

    Click this button.

    Create a new profile i don’t want to.

    Click it and expose my email and then have to go and like open premiere pro and then blur it out i’m not going to do that but there is a button in there to where you.


    Click it and you.

    Can add a new profile and that’s like a new instance of.

    Chrome it’s.

    Completely separated yes ladies and gentlemen i smell my water every time before i drink it i don’t know why that is but yes you.


    Create a new instance of.

    Chrome you reinstall metamask you write down your seed phrase in a notebook that way if anything happens or like you sign up with some smart.

    Contract that somehow does something weird to you i don’t think dao farmer would do that but it’s always best to take precautions ladies and gentlemen the only way that we have to keep from getting scammed is prevention and precaution once you’ve been scammed there’s no.

    Cure once you’ve been scammed you’ve already been scammed the only way to not get scammed is.

    Called prevention and paying attention so with everything being said my new nft is going to be dropping in the next two or three days i’ve been working on it extensively in blender um i’m going to animate the thing now and get ever get it all going um i appreciate every single one of you i love all of you i’m sorry for not you know keeping up as most as i should be i’m sorry about ranting yesterday but you know i was pretty pissed yesterday and i want more people to know about what’s going on and what to do and how to stay safe um so ladies and gentlemen like i said again and i’ll say it every time i love you all thanks for sticking by me um this.

    Community that we have grown together is absolutely amazing my discord is a beautiful place to be into everyone’s so.

    Constructive i love it um so with all of that being said yet again i’ll.

    Catch you guys all in the next one

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