Dice Control How To Win Playing Craps

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Transcript [Music] yo what’s up Krypto whooping Jimmy’s back we got some Bitcoin $500 .

    I just sent you Jimmy why don’t you go in give me some.

    Chips we just added a new dealer to the wolf pen thank you $15 pants line sigh dollar fire battery all right give me some dice remember only gamble as much as you.

    Can afford to lose when the fun stops [Music] so we’re gonna go ahead and set this up with the foam or 3 or 10 Tennessee time all tips no 5 that’s what they.

    Call that [Music] go ahead and give me a bard rayji and we’ll go to 70 inside across [Music] go ahead down $100 back there by the for for 100 why not self-service bets we place them here sometimes it’s.

    Cool because .

    I see 680 easy six five six return is getting oppress it [Music] March 6 Jim an orale [Music] [Music] [Music] sometimes when you go to the.

    Craft table you just want to hit them quick and get out especially when you got something like this across from you you gotta hit 5 5 press it press [Music] remember when they’re getting the dice to look at how they’re set up so you want to take so long looking at pull setting up your dice three.

    Craps take me down .

    I’m off Jimmy [Music] all right we need to hit this ten these are just superb the view that no bets this was the only bet that .



    Can’t do anything about and the fire bed.

    Come on ten seven see that’s why you gotta go why would you pay me for that no .

    I was uh the point was ten .


    I guess was enough respect and through three that’s why .


    I pulled it down .


    I don’t know what but when .

    I throw three yeah here we go .


    I was on no those are still there Jimmy the only thing .

    I lost was that fire pit [Music] back up same shooter.

    Coming now you gotta go with your gut feeling this game is very superstitious let’s to go ahead and set that seven up.


    Can’t lose on the fire bet on the.


    Come out roll unlike other bonus back there we go a nice toss Jimmy mark the eighth alright we’re gonna go to fifty across we’re working Jimmy to 60.

    Cross we bought in with 500 [Music] all right we’re working the hard ways we parlayed our wait the six was parley we’ll keep it there no .

    I like that .

    I like that because here it is hey frontline winner we lost our parlor but whatever [Music] .


    I’m off [Music] it’s funny how she flips it because these these two [Music] all right here we go .

    Oh fire bet mark the fire bet on the 8 right there yeah that’s the first point [Music] [Music] every wants to watch that homo alright here we go [Music] alright standing on the you that’s not five and nine go ahead and press down six up actually here make those 200 on the four in tenth place now we’re playing with 200 all right or a take for a that’s how you do it very easy very simple parlay it Jimmy make it fifty hey me Lisa all right.

    Coming out we’re off hard ways always off on the.

    Come out roll because we’ll be doing the seventh set [Music] or ten eight times you the book sometimes you don’t answer .

    I’ll just take you to the eight what’s.


    Correct on there 160 isn’t there no this is 140 175 thank you but .

    I want to go over the more .

    I want more money out there she wanted on the five another 60 on the six no no no .

    I’m sorry give me that back .

    I’m sorry a little honey dollar .

    I forgot about my eyes back okay now we’re going to start getting paid [Music] well.

    Crap [Music] and that mark that then [Music] show the dealers lock it up [Music] wait a minute look that one oh you like the lake alright pick my odds up.


    Coming out .

    I’m gonna do a $10 horn hi [Music] [Music] 2288 easy press it [Music] 22 superglue portend well.

    Collect you know pay the Vig – is that including the big yep mark make that a parlay that actually give me the money give me 35 .



    Can guess you paid me out you tell her to stick to me 35 hours we haven’t been doing good on them partly so we’ll just.

    Collect keep that heart rate going [Music] 22 [Music] out but we’re alright you still gotta money this Couture get some dollars and fire bus down alright any bets going heights about get him in $10 for 12 let it wouldn’t hit sure we will what’s something else alright to 60 across please $100 hats and we’re gonna stay off the hard ways Jimmy that value bet one or eternal thank you [Music] this time we’re just gonna press and regress that’s our strategy right here we’re gonna.

    Collect the little long 33 no that is that was a six trying to.

    Call seven out there get your glasses.


    Check Lisa oh that’s why.


    Check the.

    Camera instant replay hold on a minute Jimmy they’re.

    Checking the.

    Cameras everybody’s unfolded it now.

    Checking the.

    Cameras Lisa.

    Come on open this your little beds get them in let’s do five for the dealer well don’t well thank you very much oh no one gets paid or free .

    I give they pay your ten for me let’s get the dealers in there all right [Music] player.

    Control [Music] oh boy we’ll get you paid right now [Music] [Music] killing it Jim wait we got two points we forgot our fire vest it was a 6 and a 9 [Music] and the 6 fire pit.

    Coming out horn hi 12 [Music] .

    I had a $10 1/2 well what’s that a $10 [Music] 7,000 won 14 and 30 yeah the 1231 it down well keep it we’re gonna go ahead and hit that again right now take it all right.

    Coming out seven when .

    I get back up one high 12 return five more four five all right let’s get busy give me the hundred dollar nine make that a hundred or take my five sorry that’s all expedition leo thank ya when you own the place you should do what you want remember in my.

    Cocina okay five what’s that that’s your tip for us piggyback play.

    Control .

    I got two five [Music] before easy for $5.00 press it please we’re gonna press then regress please pay yours we’ll take it down sir no just pay your nine dollars and keep that please my gosh take your weddings okay .

    I’m not gonna pay for your bed every time.

    Cuz .

    I’m gonna win you money every time what’s your five bro you had a night hey it you had it there .

    I don’t know why .

    I wasn’t there Hey what am .

    I got a 140 [Music] our team thank you you keep him and yeah well press it one time one time yeah just make it a hundred back on that one so you.

    Can keep take $10 in your box five paise night so .

    I gave you a dollar tip jar .

    I want you shortchanging yourself you guys you ladies don’t give too much as it is you know you always tipped your dealer you know when you down there and you scrubs walk up to the table just to see what’s going on you don’t you don’t bust out my money and just stand there and you like.

    Creep or you get your little.

    Camera out and there’s no pictures all right don’t be taking pictures just put some money out get some money out there for them [Music] everybody’s happy another nine [.

    Applause] [Music] you gotta hit that 595 Jimmy it happens all the time 9 brings 5 shut it up forward the pimple boom Jimmy what .

    I say on let’s not forget to pay us and forget miss.

    Can .

    I have a purple purple .


    I wish .


    I had that one all right.

    Coming out go ahead and do the foreign haeyo five for the dealers thank you very much but we got the five let’s mark that fire bet Jimmy the five snowfield five or six so we don’t got another fire point where what that’s all right it’s going and getting on the dog yeah go ahead and move it to make that oh honey what are you my six dollars make some money here dude .

    I do mean you only gotta wake up yeah in.

    Case you guys were wondering where we’ve been Jimmy just had a baby so this will really help baby these new shoes five Jimmy take that 14 and lock it up thank you sir .

    I’ll pay you pay me and we’re gonna regress it down to 50 make that a $50 five please yes sir .

    I’ll develop it let’s keep you there keep us or take it to five yes please [Music] yeah so the new babies.

    Come a long ways now walking already five months old [Music] [Music] how you doing in the bigger.


    City not this time this time we’re just gonna go ahead and hit that seven we need to get at the side and go play the five [Music] [Music] there’s again take the twos locking up here give the ladies ten thank you [Music] all right let’s keep working this now we’re going to throw that to thee get that five Jimmy .

    Oh [Music] go ahead and mark bring left .

    I got what .


    I get .

    I’ll bring it down to 50 and make yours 10 yeah thank you very much [Music] remember you.

    Can’t roll forever but you sure.

    Can try look at that aces remember that guy that pulled up in the power.

    Chair with the big magnet under his power is wheelchair already started out like nein nein nein go ahead and pay me and let’s bring it down to 50 bucks [Music] thank you very much yes yes y’all show oh we didn’t have no ass for the ladies back here mmm thank you very much here.

    Comes 2 v 2 v same bad [Music] Julie [Music] all right let’s see what we ended up with all right it started with $500 we got right there yeah one two three four five there’s thousand fifteen hundred sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen two thousand fifty twenty one hundred and ten dollars

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