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Transcript there are many.

    Companies that issued.

    Crypto payment.

    Cards too many to name in fact however one that sticks out for me is.


    Comm not only were they one of the first.

    Companies that started shipping these but they’ve also.

    Combined it with an entire.

    Crypto ecosystem .

    I’m talking rewards staking investments trading oh yes trading that’s because they recently launched.



    Comm exchange my name is dai the.

    Crypto guru and .

    I have a special knack for finding good.


    Card deals.


    Combine that with.


    Crypto and .

    I’m in heaven so in this video .


    I’m going to be taking you through all the MC o visa.

    Cards on offer and how these.

    Compare with the status quo .


    I’ll also be taking a quick look into that recently launched.



    Comm exchange and show you how you.

    Can get some of your fav at a deep discount oh yes and make sure you stick around right to the end to find out what.

    Crypto dot-com.


    Card .

    I’ve got on order right now [Music] before .

    I dive in though let’s get something out of the way first .

    I am N.

    OT a financial advisor.


    Clearly .

    I’m just a.

    Chap sealed up in a nuclear bunker trying to dodge that pesky virus all the while doing my best to bring you top-notch educational.

    Content also if you’re new here welcome to the.

    Channel and remember that all the knowledge in this video is.

    Completely free wait .



    Changed my mind the.

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    I’ll delete your finance account now let’s get back to the action so what scripto.

    Calm well in a nutshell it’s a.

    Crypto project with the grand vision of accelerating the world’s transition to.

    Cryptocurrency that’s a fancy way of saying.


    Crypto mass adoption and yeah you’d be right if you’re thinking that almost every.


    Crypto project.

    Claims to have a similar goal however.


    Comm is one of the few projects out there that have actually made some pretty big steps towards bridging.

    Crypto and the traditional fiat world let me give you a quick tour of the.



    Comm ecosystem first up are merchants tools to make it simple and easy for online stores and businesses to accept.

    Crypto payments one of the things that most people don’t know is that whenever you make a payment on a website there’s a.


    Company or payment provider taking a.

    Cut of that transaction and that’s normally around 3 or 4 percent with the.


    Com payment merchants solution online sites.

    Can accept.

    Crypto and get paid in their preferred fiat.

    Currency all the while saving up to 80 percent of the fees.

    Charged by traditional payment processors so unless online stores love paying fees to banks payment processors or the likes of PayPal and the.

    Chances are that they’ll be interested in making a saving here this.

    Could be some pretty good news in terms of widening.

    Crypto adoption and for.


    Com supporters another.

    Cool tool is.

    Crypto invoices this allows invoices to be generated in fiat.

    Currency and lets the.

    Customer pay in either Bitcoin theorem ripple litecoin or MC.

    O or something here is that the.


    Con guys aren’t providing tools for both b2b and b2c that’s pretty good news for merchants adoption the next element of the project’s ecosystem is.



    Comm invest in short this service allows people to invest in different portfolios with automated quant trading quant trading here’s just a posh way of saying trading strategies based on quantitative analysis which rely on number.


    Crunching to identify market opportunities it’s the sort of thing that’s typically reserved for high net worth individuals like Tom Brady oh yes Congrats to the goat for his recent move to the Buccaneers essentially you.

    Can pick a portfolio type like growth balanced.

    Crypto HF or the S&P 500 and let the automated quant trading do the rest the sweet thing is that you.

    Can invest as little as twenty bucks.

    Cash out any time and.


    Comm only.


    Charges a nine percent performance fee on profits to put that into perspective let’s quickly look at the Johan bro .


    UK equity income fund these.


    Chaps are managing over two billion of the queen’s finest pounds and are.

    Charging an annual ongoing.

    Charges feet of 0.79% and a fifteen percent performance fee on top of that.


    Comm invest only.

    Charge a fee if they make you money and that fee is significantly lower than those.


    Charged in traditional finance however there are a few things .

    I need to let you know about.

    Crypto invest us.

    Customers are not yet accepted and the surface is sadly reserved for.


    Comm private members .


    I’ll speak more about that later without get onto those awesome looking MC o visa.

    Cards like so many other platforms out there.


    Comm has also thrown its proverbial hat into the.

    Crypto lending ring like many other.

    Crypto lending platforms.




    Credit service offers over.

    Collateralized loans where you.


    Can supply Bitcoin aetherium x RP M Co CR.

    O or litecoin as.

    Collateral and get 50% of its .



    USD value in stable.


    Coins like Paxos tether us DC and true .


    USD in return also another neat feature is that you.

    Can reduce your annual interest rate from 12% per year to 8% if you have more than 500 MC.

    O tokens state so yet another reason why staking MC.

    O might be a good idea the other side of any.

    Crypto lending platform is for people who want to supply.

    Crypto to it earn interest on it with.



    Crypto earn service you.

    Can supply a plethora of.

    Coins and stable.

    Coins to earn you that sweet sweet interest supported.

    Coins net you up to 8% per year support a stable.

    Coins up to 12 percent and CR.


    Crushes everything with up to 18 percent interest however a thing to know is that to get the best interest rate you’ll have to lock up your tokens for at least three months also for those MC.

    O ballers out there you.

    Can get an additional 2 percent interest on fixed term deposits so if you’re going from max interest you might want to.

    Consider that too then you have the.


    Comm app for i.

    OS and .

    Android this enables you to buy or sell seven different fiat and 53 different.


    Currencies so if you want some more.

    Crypto you.

    Can simply top-up your.


    Comm wallet with a bank transfer debit or.


    Card it also allows you to manage and spend your funds with an MC.

    O Visa.

    Card anytime then you have other more standard Wallet functionality like sending or receiving.

    Crypto payments however one thing to watch is that there is a small fee for sending.

    Crypto to non.


    Comm while it addresses finally the app has its own version of.

    Coin market.

    Cap which supports over 200.

    Coins pretty useful for.

    Checking the latest prices and stats on the go on top of all this you have the MC.

    O Visa.

    Cards and the.



    Change which.

    Complete the ecosystem .

    I’ll move on to that in just a jiffy however if you want to learn more about the project and the tech behind it make sure to.

    Check out my video on the topic right here before .

    I move on there is actually quite a lot of.

    Confusion about.


    Coms different.

    Coins the first is MC oh this is the utility token of the.


    Comm ecosystem and was issued to investors during their token sale in 2017 this token basically unlocks functionality or.


    Comm ecosystem perks like Francey.

    Crypto Visa.

    Cards if you stake a.

    Certain amount.

    Cro token on the other hand is a.

    Cross asset intermediary.

    Currency used to settle asset swaps on the.



    Chain the token.

    Can also be staked to unlock benefits on the new.


    Comm exchange as well more on that later so if you’ve just started your.

    Crypto Visa.

    Card journey then there is absolutely no reason not to get into the MC o blue.

    Card now .

    I get it how good.

    Cannot free.

    Crypto Visa.

    Card be well if you’re into.

    Crypto then the.

    Chances are that you have some Bitcoin aetherium litecoin XRP or MC.

    O all MC o.

    Card allows you to do is spend that.

    Crypto in any shop that accepts Visa okay that’s kind of.

    Cool however one of the main reasons to use.

    Cards is to get those sweet sweet perks right with the MC.

    O blue.

    Card you’ll also get 1%.

    Cash back on all purchases the thing to know here is that this.

    Cashback will be paid in MC.

    O tokens also you.

    Can use this.

    Card to withdraw up to $200 per month from an .

    ATM for free however you’ll be.

    Charged 2% for.

    Cash withdrawals above that amount also if you’re going on vacation you.

    Can also access interbank exchange rates through the.

    Card with a monthly limit of $2,000 .

    I know with the.

    Current situation going on in the world that we are unlikely to jet off anywhere anytime soon however this really is a very nice perk if .

    I was exchanging British pounds to u.s.

    dollars using a.

    Conventional money exchange .


    Could get an exchange rate of 1.13 however true mid-market rate.

    Can be seen on the likes of X.


    Comm and that rate is significantly better at 1.17 if .

    I was to exchange 1,500 pounds with the traditional money exchange like Travelex .

    I’d get one thousand seven hundred and four dollars with a mid-market rate .

    I’d get around an extra fifty dollars the next.

    Card is the MC.

    O Ruby.

    Card to get this you’re going to have to get your hands on fifty MC.

    O tokens and stake them within the MC.

    O app with mcl hovering at around five dollars at the time of making this video that’s an initial outlay of around two hundred and fifty dollars you.

    Can get your MC.

    O back at any time so it’s not as if this is an annual fee that’s gone forever .

    I’m looking at you MX with the MC.

    O Ruby.

    Card your.

    Cash back on spending is doubled to 2% and you also get a free spotify subscription in the .


    UK that.

    Comes to ten pounds worth of value per month or about thirteen .


    US dollars so in around a year .


    Can get around one hundred and fifty six dollars worth of value from the free Spotify subscription alone yes .


    Can get my steak MC.

    O back at any time however with the 2%.

    Cash back on this.

    Card .

    I actually only have to spend 4.7 K to get ninety four dollars in.

    Cash back assuming .

    I got these MC.

    O tokens and.

    Converted them to Bitcoin as soon as .

    I’ve got them .

    I’d actually make back the initial two hundred and fifty dollars in value that .

    I had to stake to get the.

    Card in the first place that’s right .

    I’d be in a.

    Complete free roll situation you should also know that you.

    Can unstick your MC.

    A and still keep your MC.

    O Ruby.

    Card however you’re free Spotify perk will disappear and your.

    Cash back will fall to one percent so .

    I’m afraid you.

    Cannot just grab yourself an MC.

    A red.

    Card and get free Spotify for life oh yes it for those of you who love to flex a.


    Card the MC.

    A Ruby.

    Card is the.


    Card that.

    Comes in.

    Composite metal so if being a baller with a metal.

    Card is important to you then this is the most.

    Cost efficient way to do it the Ruby.

    Card also.

    Comes with an increased monthly free $400 .

    ATM withdrawal limit and.

    Cash withdrawals over that limit are also.

    Charged at two percent access to interbank exchange rates are limited to four thousand dollars per month next step up is the green or indigo.

    Card .

    I’m not going to lie this is the level when MC.


    Cards start getting pretty damn serious you’ll need to be staking at least 500 MC.

    O to get one and that’s about two and a half thousand dollars however what you’ll get is three percent.

    Cash back on all purchases a Spotify and Netflix subscription each worth thirty dollars per month an $800 free monthly withdrawal limit at the .

    ATM and access to ten thousand dollars worth of interbank exchange rates per month as with many other higher end.

    Cards in the non.

    Crypto world you’ll also get airport lounge access via lounge key basically almost every type of premium.

    Card has some access to airport lounges to buy something similar that’s not linked to any.

    Credit or debit.

    Card you’re going to have to go for something like Priority Pass the standard pass is probably the fairest value.

    Comparison here with ten free lounge visits a year for 189 pounds which is around 220 dollars so in a year you’ll get 156 dollars in value from your Spotify subscription another 156 dollars from your Netflix subscription and around two hundred and twenty dollars in value from that lounge key airport lounge access pass after running that through a.

    Calculator .

    I get to five hundred and thirty two dollars worth of tangible value per year the problem is that you’re going to have a hard time getting on a plane at this point in time with all these lockdowns happening around the globe that means that the lounge key is pretty much worthless for the foreseeable future so .

    I’m going to say that this.

    Card gives you around three hundred and twelve dollars in value per year and a sweet 3%.

    Cash back okay so the rest of the.

    Cars at MC.

    O offer are a bit nuts and.

    Cost a king’s ransom to get so .

    I’ll try and breeze through them pretty quick to get the MC.

    O .

    I see white or rose gold.

    Card you’ll need to stake five thousand MC.

    O so if you have around twenty five thousand dollars lying around not doing anything you.

    Can use all that to buy some MC.

    O take it and get one of these.

    Cards for that princely sum will unlock four percent.

    Cashback and Netflix and Spotify subscription ten percent off .

    Expedia bookings a lounge key .

    Airport Pass with guest access one thousand dollars in no fee .

    ATM withdrawals per month and a 20 thousand dollar monthly limit for interbank exchange rates who on top of this you’ll get access to MC.

    A private which has a list of features you.

    Can see them right here now that’s quite a lot of stuff but let’s be honest unless you found some 100 times altcoin in early 2017 and managed to sell the top and.

    Chances are it’s going to be bloody difficult to get your hands on the 5000 MC.

    O you need to stake to get it the MC.


    Card for the true.

    Crypto high rollers is the MC.

    O obsidian.

    Card to get it you just need to stake fifty thousand MC.


    Coins or in other words find a quarter of a million dollars from somewhere you get everything that the .

    IC white or rose gold.

    Card offers plus an enhanced 5%.

    Cash back 10% of air B&B unlimited monthly limits for interbank exchange rates and a private jet service yes you heard that right a private jet service now before you plan your next luxury holiday .

    I should point out that this is just for perks perks that.

    Come when using their preferred private jet partner okay guys so that’s all the MC.


    Cards out there if you want to know which one .

    I think is the best value .

    I’ll have to go for the MC.

    O Ruby.

    Card first the barrier to entry seems pretty reasonable at two hundred and fifty dollars and .


    Can recoup the vast majority of that back within the first year through a free Spotify subscription 2%.

    Cash back is better than my.

    Current Fiat.


    Card and it honestly feels pretty awesome to flex a metal.

    Card when paying for things of.

    Course the free MC.

    O blue.

    Card just seems to be a no-brainer for anyone wanted to give MC.

    O a try or even if you just want the option to spend your.

    Crypto quickly and easily in an emergency if you’re interested in getting yourself an MC.


    Card you.

    Can get $50 in MC.

    O for free all you need to do is.

    Click the MC.

    O link in the description below sign up pass kyc and stake at least 50 MC.

    O for the Ruby MC.


    Card okay with all that stuff about.


    Cards out of the way let’s take a quick look at.


    Coms new exchange the first thing to know is that the exchange is.

    Currently still in beta and supports trading for over a dozen major.

    Cryptos .

    I’ve got to hand it to the guys over there a.


    Calm the market screen looks beautiful however you’ve got to be aware that trade volumes are still pretty low given that the exchange is still in beta the trading interface looks pretty similar to the most exchanges out there so if you’re.

    Comfortable with the likes of Finance or ku.

    Coin then you’ll have no issues over here at all a neat thing about the exchange does if you stake 10,000 CR.

    O which is worth around 450 dollars you’ll get a 20% trading fee discount on the exchange okay all that might sound a little bland to you however the true value of the.


    Comm exchange lies in its syndicate section basically when a new.

    Coin is listed on the exchange a discounted allocation of the.

    Coin worth half a million dollars is made available to people like you and me even better the discount is of whopping 50% let’s take the link listing event as an example basically there was $500,000 worth of discounted.

    Chain link.

    Coins up for grabs however it’s all about getting the allocation to buy them at a 50% discount put very simply the more.

    Cro you stake the higher the max allocation of discounted link you.

    Can buy so if you had 100 thousand.

    Cro state you would get a maximum discounted link allocation of $5000 the thing to keep an eye on is the key dates for each syndicate event with.

    Chain link participants had to state their CR.

    O for at least three months to get their link allocation basically if you’re interested in getting some discounted.

    Crypto then it’s.

    Certainly worth.

    Checking out the.


    Comm exchange and going straight to that syndicate tab now that’s about it for today Jax .

    I know there’s been a lot to take in however .

    I do want to share a few.

    Closing thoughts.


    Comm says that their mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to.

    Cryptocurrency and .

    I have to say that .

    I think they’ve done a.

    Cracking job so far yes-no element of the.


    Comm ecosystem is truly revolutionary there are other projects doing.


    Cards exchanges.

    Crypto lending wallets and automated investment portfolios however what .

    I feel makes.


    Comm special is that the project brings all these things together into one ecosystem to me the result is stronger than the sum of its parts now that’s a big deal for.

    Crypto adoption .

    I think the reason why is that .

    I don’t believe.

    Crypto newcomers really want to learn and set up numerous exchange accounts wallets and be forced to transfer assets from.

    Coinbase to buy nuts then to a.

    Crypto wallet it’s simply.

    Confusing and .

    I think there is massive value to being able to do everything within a single ecosystem that’s what.


    Comm does and even better their.

    Crypto Visa.

    Cards make it super simple to actually spend.

    Crypto – of.

    Course .

    I would love to see more.

    Coins listed on the.


    Comm exchange and .

    I’m sure they’ll get this done in time however what .

    I see is a.

    Crypto project making progress and executing despite the bare oh yes in terms of my top.



    Card pick .

    I’m going for the Ruby.

    Card being a bit of a penny pincher .

    I simply believe this to be the best value.

    Card it’s available through staking only 50m Sierra and is the.

    Cheapest metal.

    Card out there .

    I have to say that yes in the.

    Crypto world it may be a standard.


    Card however .


    Can nearly guarantee you that any metal Visa Card is going to turn some heads in the real world don’t forget to use the link in the description if you want to get your hands on one too anyhow what do you think about.


    Comm are you getting your hands on an MC.


    Card .

    I’d love to hear your thoughts in the.

    Comments below and if you found this video helpful then don’t forget to smash up that subscribe button and drop me a like thanks for watching stay safe and .

    I’ll be with you with more.

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