Binance Smart Chain Tutorial (How to Bridge, Send, Swap & Stake BNB)

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Transcrição here’s how to use the binance smart chain and some of the applications on top like pancake swap and venus plus how to stake bnb coins as well we’ll also go through what the difference is between bep2 and bep20 which are types of token on the blockchain it’s really important to know the difference how to get set up with a metamask and link it to the binance smart chain we’ll go through using trust wallet as well and you can use that really easily to stake your bnb then we’ll see how to get tokens on and off the blockchain as well there’s loads to check out so all of the timestamps for each section are in the description below okay so if we come over to what exactly is the binance smart chain basically it is a low-cost ethereum competitor so binance took a lot of the code from ethereum and basically made it way more centralized and that means that you get fast and cheap transactions it is also centralized so that’s a downside but a lot of people do use the binance smart chain because a lot of the applications are basically you know inspired by or basically just copies of the code of a lot of popular ethereum apps as well so what we can see here is that you do get slightly different token standards you get bep2 which is actually for binance chain and then bep 20 which is for the binance smart chain bep 20 tokens will.

    Need to interact with applications you can stake on the binance chain as well.

    Not the binance smart chain if you are using binance smartchain you’ll want to use it’s the blockchain explorer you’ll be able to see everything on here so all of the transactions from the blockchain and all of the data as well so we can see 21 active validators for this.

    Network incredibly centralized it’s.

    Not decentralized this.

    Network but it is cheap and fast right.

    Now there’s about 10 million transactions a day multiples of any other chain so yeah it’s cheap and fast and people enjoy this if we can go over to the binance smart chain statistics so this is on bsc scan you can see various data so for example daily active wallets and you can see your daily active addresses you know at all-time highs so a lot of people do use this chain and if you want to see some of your transactions right here just come up to the filters right here and then you can either put your wallet address so if you have a wallet address or the transaction hash of your transaction when user blockchain that will all be here so you can search for it or if you’re in an application it will just give you a link for the transaction and then you can go through and basically see all of the transaction details of your transaction and also your wallet as well all right.

    Next we have to talk about the difference between bep two tokens and bet 20 tokens so there are actually two chains right here binance has the binance chain and it also has the binance smart chain the binance chain is really the older chain that binance used for two things one is their decentralized exchange called the binance dex that uses the binance chain and also if you want to stake bnb coins on the blockchain then you can use the binary chain as well those tokens are bep2 tokens so bnb is the token of the binance chain and binance smart chain and it’s called bnb but there are two versions the bep2 version and the bep 20 version throughout this video we’ll see how you can differentiate them and also withdraw from the binance centralized exchange and choose which one you can also swap one into the other depending on what wallet you have as well but bep2 as you can see represents a token standard on binance chain and bep 20 represents the binance smart chain if you want to use applications like pancake swap and venus and everything like that you’re going to.

    Need bep 20 bnb tokens so it’s really important that most of the tokens you’ll want to use for lending and borrowing swapping everything like that you’ll.

    Need bep 20 tokens for this bep2 bnb really is just if you want to stake your bmb coins and you want to earn some passive income by staking uh d in a decentralized way you’ll.


    Need bep 2 bnb they are.

    Not interoperable so as you can see here do.

    Not deposit via a cross chain transfer from binance chain directly into bsc binance smart chain deposit addresses they are.

    Not the same they are.


    Not interoperable and so um you know if you send to the wrong address you will lose those coins we’ll go through this in the video to see how you can differentiate them and how you can put bep 2 and bet 20 into which type of address when it comes to supported wallets for bep 2 and bet 20 tokens and the binance mark chain there’s really two main ones i use there are a few others but the main wallet that i’ll use on my phone is trust wallet trust wallet is owned by binance these days and developed by binance and it pretty much works seamlessly with the binance chain and binance smart chain you can also swap between bep 2 and bet 20 tokens in trust wallet you can stake through trust wallet and you can use the binance decks through trust wallet so this is a really easy and convenient way to use the binance chain all of the binance smart chain tokens and everything like that including bitcoin and ethereum which aren’t binance marching tokens they’re all supported in trust wallet so it’s a very good wallet to use if you want to kind of do anything on those the other wallet that i will use is metamask mainly because if you want to interact with these applications on your computer then you’re going to.


    Need metamask trust wallet for the time being anyway is just on smartphones it doesn’t have a browser wallet so you’re going to.


    Need metamask if you want to use a browser and you can set up the binance smart chain on metamask and i’ll show you how to do that another supported wallet is the binance chain wallet and if you’re in the states then you might have to use this you can also go through trust wallet but essentially if you’re in the states and you’re using the binance exchange you’ll be using which is different to only allows you to transfer out bep two tokens and.

    Not bet 20 tokens for the time being it may be different by the time you’re watching this but if you want to use bep20 tokens to use an application on the blockchain then it’s going to be more difficult for you you have two options basically take your bep 2 tokens and withdraw them to either trust wallet or binance chain and then you can swap in those wallets from bep2 to bet20 tokens to then go and use with some applications so really if you are in the states you might want to look at binance chain wallet or trust wallet because they can swap bec 2 into bet 20.


    metamask cannot do this if you want to know how to actually download setup and use either trustwallet or metamask i have specific videos on that so i’ll link them in the description i don’t want this video to be too long but essentially you’ll.

    Need to get set up on those it’s a very simple process we’ll take you five minutes.

    Now once you have trust wallet and metamask set up what you’ll want to do is actually link up your metamask to the binance smart train trust wallet will do this automatically for you you don’t.


    Need to do anything else with metamask you will have to go through some extra steps what you can see right.


    Now is my metamask and you’ll see that the binance smart chain is linked up so i have some bmb coins in here you can see this logo right here is the binance logo and then we have tokens sitting on top of the blockchain right here up in the top you can see smart chain if i click on this you can see that metamask actually supports a.

    Number of different.

    Networks i have the matic.

    Network set up i have avalanche setup and i have the ethereum mainnet set up i also have smart chain if you have a.


    New metamask wallet this will.

    Not be set up for you and so you’re gonna have to do it manually when you have your metamask set up you’ll be on ethereum mainnet to begin with and then you’ll.

    Need to go and add this as a.


    Network so come down to custom rpc at the bottom click on that it will take you through to this page then you.


    Need to enter the details of the binance smart chain right in here it’s easy enough to get so you can search for this on google or just take these details this is on the binance website so you can see this is i think binance academy right here so just search how to set up finance smart chain with metamask or you can just put in these details so you’re going to want to add the main.

    Net so right here mainnet and then you just.

    Need the.


    Name the.

    New rpc url chain id symbol so what we’ll do is.



    Name smart chain so we go back to meta mask right here.


    Name put in smart chain then we.

    Need the rpc come over here and copy and paste this url in here chain id is 56 so put chain id here 56 and so on then you go down and press save and that will add it to your.


    Network so on the left hand side you should automatically see smart chain right here so you can see the details as i’ve put them in right here and that’s all done so what you can do is go back to your metamask right here and if it isn’t on binance smart chain already just come up to the top and click smart chain you’ll be taken to your binance smart chain section of your metamask and your and your wallet address.

    Now is this up here where it says your wallet.

    Name it will give you this address and this is actually a basically the same address as your ethereum but it is the binance smart chain section so you can click and copy that and then use that to withdraw funds or send funds from a different wallet into the binance smart chain section of your metamask once you have your wallets set up you’ll obviously want to get some tokens into them so the easiest way to do that is to go on to the binance centralized exchange buy some bnb tokens and just withdraw them but first we’re going to look at b tokens so these are actually binance smart chain versions of various other assets so it’s really important uh to know the difference between these so b tokens usually will be you know bitcoin ethereum and some others that have uh wrapped versions on the binance smart chain so when you want to actually deposit some assets into your binance wallet whether it be trust wallet or the metamask wallet the binance smart chain section of that you can definitely put bnb coins into there and we’ll go through that but they also have these b tokens and the way that you actually get b tokens is kind of strange so the first way that you can get a b token is simply by going to so that is the uh worldwide version of the centralized exchange and clicking withdraw and we’ll go through that in a second um the other way is through binance bridge so why would you want to get for example a bitcoin or a version of bitcoin into your binance smart chain but there are some applications that we can use um so we can use binance’s version of bitcoin so we get exposure to bitcoin but then we can actually use the tokens on some applications on top of binance smart chain you can also do that for ethereum as well so the way that they do this is usually by calling by putting a b at the end or at the start so for example bitcoin on the binance smart chain is btcb uh denoting that it’s bitcoin on the binance smart chain and the very easy way that we can look at supported uh assets right here is going over to the binance bridge which is on binance chain so what what you can see here is we have a bridge so if you have assets on another blockchain you can bridge them over to the binance smart chain.

    Network so let’s connect our wallet right here and we will connect a meta mask connect wallet and then it will go through and we can actually link our metamask with this application so i’m going to click.


    Next click connect right here and it is connecting.


    Now i am logged in to the binance smart chain mainnet on my metamask wallet and it has already seen that right here so it shows me that the from address is the binance smart chain.

    Network because it knows that i’m on there so what assets do i have in my binance smart chain.

    Net um you can search for them right here and these are the supported b assets basically so even though it says that these are xrp that’s.

    Not actually true these are the b assets let’s say for example i have some busd on my binance smart chain can i switch that over to ethereum yes so the ethereum.

    Network is a.

    Network that i can switch it to so what this is doing is switching any tokens that i have in my binance smart chain wallet and it’s bridging them over to another chain this would obviously work best if you have assets on ethereum that you want to bridge over to the binance smart chain you can definitely do that so what i’m going to do is go back to my meta mask then what i.

    Need to do is change from smart chain to ethereum mainnet so you can see i’ve got some ether here.

    Now back on the binance bridge you can see up in the top that it does recognize that i am.

    Now on the ethereum.

    Network and it shows me that i can uh bridge from the ethereum.

    Network to the binance smart chain.

    Network i’m going to go back up and type eth right here and i’ve got some eath balance so i can click on max.

    Now what you can see is i’m taking eth so from ethereum it’s erc20 eth and i’m bridging that over to the binance smart chain and i will be given bep 20 eth so it’s.

    Not exactly ethereum it’s a different version on the binance smart chain why would i want to do that i can use the value of ethereum on the binance smart chain i get lower fees i can use it as collateral i can put it up as collateral to loan money against and i get cheaper fees when you bridge a token you’ll have to pay fees on the base layer blockchain so if i bridge over from ethereum i will have to pay ethereum gas fees for this bridge but it’s the last time that i’ll pay those fees before i have that eth bridged over onto the binance smart chain and i’ll be paying binance smart chain fees which are considerably lower than ethereum fees if you don’t have any assets in any decentralized wallets then you’ll probably want to go through the binance exchange buy some tokens on there with fiat currency and then you can withdraw them to your various finance marching wallets i’ll show you how to do that.

    Now so.

    Now we know what b tokens are b tokens are versions of other cryptocurrencies that we may be able to use on the binance smart chain and the applications and we’ll get into those in a second what you can see right.

    Now is my binance centralized exchange and i’ve got ethereum on here what i want to do is actually withdraw this to my binance smart chain wallet so i’ll be getting basically eth b like binance smart chain version of eth so i’m going to go back to my metamask wallet i’m going to switch to my smart chain wallet and i’m going to copy my address.

    Now i go back to the wallet and i’m going to withdraw this so it has my binance smart chain address in here and down at the.

    Network the.

    Network right here you can see it hasn’t automatically chosen anything usually it does this but it doesn’t be it hasn’t this time because i.

    Now have two options because i’m using my metamask i’m using the same wallet address across the finance smart chain and the ethereum chain it’s the same address but the blockchain you choose to execute the transaction is the most important thing you can see i have two options here i have the binance smart chain or i have ethereum with erc20 so is really great in that it basically does all of the background work for us we just have to choose the chain that we want to use so if you want the wrapped version of ethereum in your binance smartchain wallet then you can choose bsc and it will withdraw that ethereum as bep20 ethereum so the wrapped version on the binance smart chain if you want to just withdraw ethereum to your ethereum mainnet address then choose erc20 you can see the difference in fees ethereum main.

    Net 23 and finance smart chain 32 cents this is why people use binance smartchat we can use this exact same method when we’re drawing bnb coin as well so if i just go and choose uh bnb coins so you can see bnb right here we can enter the the exact same address so this is my metamask address and i’ll click uh paste in here and you’ll be able to see that it chooses automatically bsc or the binance smart chain bep20 and there is.

    No other chain that we can use you can see right down here that 2 bnb isn’t supported metamask only supports smart contract based uh bep 20 tokens so that’s what you’ll withdraw to metamask and that’s what you can use with applications like pancake swap and venus if you want to withdraw bep2bnb you cannot do that to metamask you can only do that to your trust wallet so if you have a trustwallet account set up and you have the wallet there you can choose either bep20 or bep2 to withdraw to trust wallet and then you can swap between them in trust wallet like i said only bet 20 bnb tokens can be used with applications like pancake swap to swap tokens and everything like that so we’ll do that.

    Now i have withdrawn some bet 20 bnb tokens into my metamask wallet so you can see a balance right here.

    Now what we can do is link up our binance smart chain metamask with an application so if we come to pancake swap which is the biggest decks on the binance smart chain we can link up our wallets in the top right hand corner um i’ve already got my wallet linked up but you can just click join or connect and it will automatically sync with your metamask wallet that you’re logged into and it will automatically see all of the coins that you have in there so for example if you’ve withdrawn some bep 20 bnb or some bep 20b usd which is the us dollar stablecoin on the binance smart chain you’ll have them in your wallet and you can go and trade them for other tokens so.

    Now we can go over to trade and click on exchange and it will automatically see how many coins you have in your metamask wallet you can see right here it knows that i have 0.29 bnb so i can swap that into something else if you withdrew bep 2 bnb into your metamask it wouldn’t show up for a start and you wouldn’t be able to do this so important that you get the bep 20 bnb so i have some bmb tokens and it sees that balance so you can see right here that the btcb token is also on on uh pancake swap so if you do want to hold the value of bitcoin and you want to trade against that then you’ll.

    Need that uh you know bitcoin out of uh binance decentralized exchange into bep 20 bitcoin and then you can use that if you want you don’t have to you can use you know bnb coin or busd or any of other of these supported coins but let’s say that i want to swap some of my bnb coin into another currency so i can swap that into for example some via stable coin right here um so you can choose how much so let’s put 0.05 and it will give you this price uh insufficient liquidity let’s put zero five see if that works um five there we go okay so 0.5 bnb is estimated to be around 370 vai and vi is a stable coin so it’s you know the same as the dollar in terms of value so 369 dollars basically of fire tokens and then what you can do let’s change this to 0.2 is essentially swap that so click on swap then this will be a swap on the blockchain so if you click on swap what will happen is that the transaction will go through your metamask metamask will come up right here you’ll have to sign the transaction if it’s your first time ever doing this transaction you’ll have to sign it once pay a small fee and then go through click swap again and then it will go through you’ll pay an extra fee you know for using the blockchain and you’ll swap one token into another in this decentralized exchange you can do way more things on pancake swap than just swap tokens i have an entire video on the whole platform so i’ll link that below if you want to see everything step by step another platform that we can use though is venus which is essentially a money market so if you have tokens that you want to lend out for a yield you can use that again i’m going to be using it with my metamask so bep 20 tokens is what you.

    Need and you’ll see on here there’s a few different tokens that you can use if we scroll down you’ll be able to see that there are different tokens for example bitcoin b so again that is that wrapped version of bitcoin uh the binance smart chain bet 20 version so that’s why we have those wrapped tokens because you can keep your exposure to bitcoin but you can put it on this market and for right.

    Now you get 1.15 percent apy if you deposit and let people borrow against it against it.

    Not a lot but you know it is a yield but we can also see there’s bnb coin so if you have some bnb coins in your metamask you can deposit them on this platform let people borrow against them and then and then you can earn almost 30 yield on your bmb coin 12 for stable coins these stable coins are the bep 20 version we’re on the binance smart chain here so you can go into your binance centralized exchange withdraw them out as bep20 or you can use that binance bridge like we saw earlier and the way that you very simply use this is by clicking on a coin that you want to deposit so you.

    Need that coin in your binance uh wallet already that will be in metamask if you’re using it on a computer then we can for example go into bnb because i know i have some of those tokens how much do you want to deposit onto the platform i can click max let’s just put 0.1 right here and you can see the supply apy this is the yield that you’ll be getting an annualized yield so the if you put it in for a year you’d get 20.


    Now if you put in for a week you’re.


    Not going to be getting 27 you know interest you’ll have to split that up so divide 27 by 365 days and you’ll get the daily interest rate distribution apy this is actually a bonus that venus gives you on top just for using the platform they’ll give you that in venus tokens 1.39 click supply you have to go and sign the transaction pay a small fee but you’ll have deposited those coins from your metamask finance smart amoled into venus and you’ll be earning you know some small yield on them.

    Next up i want to come to staking your coins on the blockchain so we’ve just seen lending out coins so taking bmb coin depositing it and lending it out to someone that borrows it and pays an interest staking is completely different but it does also pay you a passive income i won’t get into the differences here but staking is the reward that the blockchain itself pays you and like i said you.

    Need bep 2 tokens to stake you can’t stake with bep 20 tokens so you can’t stake in metamask you will.

    Need either a binance chain wallet and you can do it in there or a or a trust wallet which is what i use so what you can do is come to trust wallet once you have that set up again i’ll leave that link in description if you.

    Need to see that video but trust wallet has two types of token right we have the bep2 and the bep 20 tokens in there in trust wallet smart chain tokens are bep 20 bnb tokens so they’re your binance smart chain tokens and they’re called b they’re called smart chain in trust wallet if you want the bet 2 version to stake they’re called bnb and you can see them just down here bnb tokens so they are split up in trust wallet between the the uh the smart chain tokens that you can use on pancake swap and everything like that and then the bnb which you can stake if you have smart chain tokens in your wallet and you want to stake them you’re going to have to go and swap them into bet too so if you have smartchain tokens come in here and you’ll see your balance and you can click on swap if you click swap you can see two options down at the bottom either trade bnb that will mean you can trade the value of these tokens into anything on the on the blockchain so any other token busd anything else or you can just click swap to binance chain and this is swapping you from bet 20 into bet 2 so that you can go and stake them choose the amount that you want to stake click swap you will have to pay a blockchain fee for that transaction once you have some bep 2 bnb coins come down to bnb right here this is the coin that you want to stake on the blockchain so you can swap them back into other coins if you want by pressing swap or you can click on stake and then you can choose uh you know how much you want to stake so we can see right here that the minimum amount is 1bnb that you can stake the apr for.

    Now is 24 this changes almost daily so it may go up it may go down it’s quite high at the moment the lock time is seven days so if you want to withdraw these from staking you’re going to have to wait a week before you actually get access to your tokens again so keep that in mind if you want to trade them you know in short order then you can go through to stake if you have an amount of tokens just click the amount up at the top but then you can choose a validator so click on these validators then you can choose from a variety of them there’s only 21 i think so yeah.

    Not very decentralized but you can see each validator pays a slightly different amount i would go for the kind of high you know high trust validators even if they pay a little bit less that’s just me anyway trust wallet staking bsc scan and probably anchor probably three bigger.


    Names but you can choose these they’re all going to be fairly reliable because there’s only 21 of them and binance basically choose them anyway so you can click which validator you want to stake your coins with click it go through that transaction you’ll have to go through that transaction on the blockchain pay your fee then what will happen is that you will get your staking rewards but for some reason in trustworthy it doesn’t show up that you’re getting your rewards you are getting them it just doesn’t show up that you’re getting paid so keep an eye on your total balance you should see whatever your total balance is that your total balance is increasing over time with those staking rewards but it won’t tell you each time that you get paid so just to keep that in mind that’s really a basic rundown of the binance smart chain bet 2 bet 20.

    if you.

    Need those specific videos to get set up with the wallets and everything all of those videos and other videos are in the description for you if you want to know how i trade invest and stake my coins for passive income you can check out the crypto investor course as well i’ll link that in the description i’m james with money gg cheers for watching and i’ll

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