The Complete Binance Smart Chain Metamask Trade Tutorial

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Transcrição i made the binance smart chain video after that it pumped pretty.

    Nice uh talking about how binance has a huge future more people are using binance marching than ethereum or any other chain uh so in this video let’s talk about exactly how to get into the decentralized metaverse how do we get off and start actually trading on a decentralized exchange um you know with finance smart chain i’m.

    Not only going to give you a complete total step-by-step detail tutorial but what i also want to do is explain the concepts behind it i want to explain the whole entire thing so that you’re.

    Not left in the dark and randomly clicking buttons and following my lead i’m going to explain the entire metaverse the entire binance smart chain and why they did what they did keep watching [Music] what’s going on everybody alex back with another video today we’re gonna be talking about the binance smart chain i’m going to teach you how to go from onto the binance smartchain itself so you can get the really cheap fees and a really fast transactions okay if you appreciate this content do us both favor like the video subscribe to the channel and of course share this with a friend i talk about cryptocurrency entrepreneurship i try to keep everything down to earth i back up everything i say with facts and definitely we are the best youtube channel on the internet by quality in this video here we’re going to be going into an extremely deep tutorial on binance smart chain and binance itself and i’m also going to explain to you the concepts behind it i’m.

    Not going to just walk you through something blindly where you can lose all of your money i want you to understand all the variables involved all the risks all the rewards and then towards the end of this video i’m actually going to teach you how to trade on a decentralized exchange this is the future of money and the future of internet this is where the innovation is happening so this valuable information you’re getting in this video here will be useful basically for the rest of your life so guys definitely like the video so the first thing i have to explain to you is the concepts before we even jump into metamask or anything you have to know what’s going on in the background because it’s completely different from internet 2.0 we’re talking about internet 3.0 on blockchain technology it’s completely different and i bet you money this is gonna open a lot of people’s eyes when it comes to blockchain technology and how it actually works so let me jump into a screen share and i’m gonna break it down for you all right guys so i’m gonna explain how these ecosystems break down before we get into the actual tutorial and then i’ll explain what tutorial we’re doing.

    Now it can get really confusing considering this is web 3.0 but after this video you’ll.

    Never have a problem understanding it again and i’m probably for the.

    New people gonna open up a completely.

    New world for you that you’ve.

    Never heard of so very simple let’s walk through it i’m gonna break it down as if it was you know a five-year-old so you guys can really understand so first things first we have this coin called ethereum so everybody’s heard of ethereum and smart contract platform um and basically it has two massive strategic advantages right.


    Now and it also has disadvantages okay.

    Number one it’s the first of its kind um so it has two things right it has the first thing which is liquidity so i’m just going to put liquid and it also has an ecosystem a huge ecosystem with infrastructure and everything because they have the first mover advantage right i want you to think of all these layer ones kind of like separate systems they’re like um different operating systems right so we have what we’re talking about today which is bnb the binance system or smart change system then we have avax right we have all these that you’ve heard of so lana right we have uh harmony one uh you’ve heard me talk about phantom you’ve heard me talk about cardano and you guys know what i’m talking about there’s so many different layer ones i’m.

    Not going to go into all of them but each one of them and if you don’t understand how this works basically it’s a public ledger and this is what the blockchain is so i’m just going to draw out kind of just a bad version of a blockchain right and it’s going to separate it and you’ll understand what i’m talking about so each of these and all of these have their own blockchain by the way they’re.

    Not all interconnected they have their own version of a blockchain right the gist here is when you get off centralized exchanges and centralized exchange example is like right everybody’s use it you know it’s kind of like this trading software that looks familiar um and we’ll explain the differences between decentralized exchange um you know options and and centralized exchange options and what we’re talking about here too just to let you guys know is we’re talking about decentralized exchanges at this point right um so very simple um there’s a bridge right and the reason why we have these bridges there’s basically a lot of different bridge options and the one we’re going to be talking about today is binance smart chain so i’ll dive into that but just to explain to you bridges the only reason they have this is um to get liquidity and to get developers over from ethereum to their chain because again like we just explained ethereum has the first mover advantage so this first mover advantage allowed them to get all of this you know strategic advantage as a business.


    Network effects users everything so they have to figure out a way to get the liquidity and the developers over to their system and this is what a bridge is.


    Now for binance there’s two main bridges okay it’s very simple two main bridges has their own so if you’re using you should be able to do it and we’ll walk you through that i’m going to do two separate tutorials and they also have a binance smart chain chrome extension and this is what we’re going to be talking about um but really quickly just to make this very simple for you guys let me explain the difference between a decentralized exchange and a centralized exchange they both have their pros and cons and let me just kind of erase that actually let’s make this a little bit better let’s do centralized exchange right they both have their pros and cons and basically a decentralized exchange has more coin options right more coin options it’s um you know basically the front page to the metaverse or the value exchange to the metaverse so if you’ve heard of that term you know facebook just recently switched their branding to meta and this is the reason why um anyone could use it so it gives you the the permissionless technology that bitcoin embodies and cryptocurrencies and bodies so it doesn’t matter how old you are or your sex or anything you can always exchange cryptocurrency.


    No matter where you are in the world zero downtime.

    Now you could have downtime of the actual website so you’ve seen maybe a unit swap go down but if you do it directly from the blockchain which a lot of people do there is.


    No downtime and then you also have um future it’s like basically the future of value exchange right so there’s benefits of learning the future of value um and it’s really good but there’s also benefits to you know centralized exchanges which i’ll definitely show you guys centralize exchanges like are easy right you’re probably used to it if you’ve ever traded stocks or whatever the case is it’s cheap they have the order book model.

    Now some you know very fast ecosystems like these right though and by the way you guys know the whole benefit to these ecosystems is that they’re fast and cheap right so ethereum‘s expensive i’m just gonna put ex for expensive ethereum‘s expensive it costs a lot of money right um and it has the benefit of the first mover advantage but these blockchains are fast and cheap and that’s the benefit of it and some of these have you know decentralized exchanges that have the order book model but most of the centralized exchanges you know that’s where it kind of started basically cryptocurrency started from a magic the gathering website uh for like card game exchange um so these are all like centralized places uh they’re cheap right they’re user friendly um they have more liquidity in most places uh they’re more liquid right most centralized exchanges has more liquidity because it is more common um and way older than decentralized exchanges some of them have customer support so you can definitely call them in some cases.

    Now uh decentralized exchanges remember it’s like final right they have the permissionless technology but you can’t get your money back if you do something wrong but there’s also like bad uh cons to centralize exchanges like kyc know your customer sometimes you have to upload your identification for centralized exchanges and they have centralized control so that you don’t really own your cryptocurrency on centralized exchanges but also you know the downside of decentralized exchanges is the fact that it’s hard to use right so and that’s why we make these videos so you guys understand what’s going on um you know for the future of finance or whatever the case is so.


    Now you guys get that let’s kind of jump a little bit deeper so you can understand really what’s going on in the background so we said we’re going to be doing two different types of tutorials as you can see here that’s this right here um so let me just walk you through before we get into that very briefly how the bridge works uh so you can understand it a little bit better so very simply put the way they do this and the way they transfer liquidity is by having a bridge and a pegged coin so binance smart chain has two different types of bnbs okay they have the erc20 version and this is the one that’s on ethereum to get the benefits of ethereum right because the first mover advantage liquidity they made the erc20 version and erc just means you know ethereum compatible right it’s basically made on ethereum and then they have the binance smart chain so the same thing this is also bnb and both of these are pegged one to one so basically if you send it over it burns one here and mints one here and vice versa if you send it back from the binary smart chain over to bmb it does the exact opposite and what this allows us to do is have this bridge to where they’re.


    Not making random coins but it’s pegged right so you can move back and forth at will with these bridges okay so we’re gonna basically do chrome and they both have their benefits and misbenefits but um you know they pretty much do the same thing they allow you to bridge over to binance smart training which gives you the you know fast speeds and the cheap fees right they give you these benefits but binance was smart before they even launched the binance smart chain they actually launched the erc20 token so people would invest in it and when they did you know they got all this liquidity and they use the liquidity to actually finish the binance smart chain and when they finished it.

    Now you can get all these benefits of decentralized exchange trading for you know this cheap and fast situation here um for you know the binance smart chain so.

    Now that you understand that this kind of works the same way with pretty much every other layer one if i kind of just scroll to the top they have their own bridge each one of these have their own bridge and it’s a little bit different for everybody but most of them can be accessed with metamask.

    Now you know the.


    Name of metamask and why it’s metamask it’s the meta mask it’s literally the mask on the meta verse right and that’s why facebook just changed their.

    Name to meta right um so you could use metamask um in a variety of different ways and there’s all these different types of chrome extension browsers you could use i use metamask because it’s been around the longest um and it’s the most compatible for my understanding there’s most layer ones that have a metamask um integration uh so you’ll be able to you know.

    Navigate binance smartchain avax right soul phantom or any other layer one that has the metamask integration and you’ll be able to bridge it over there’s a couple of uh different bridge websites this is.

    Not having to do with binance smart chain we’ll talk about buying a smart chain but there’s also an any swap is like the biggest one you can like bridge anywhere with any swap and we’ll do more tutorials in the future so let me jump into the actual like tutorial itself okay.

    Now that you understand exactly how the blockchain works and this interoperable ecosystem you can pretty much use that knowledge for any other layer one blockchain but of course today we’re gonna be talking about specifically binance so let’s go into this five step very easy process anybody could do it don’t get overwhelmed hopefully the uh you know the last uh screen share didn’t overwhelm you um but like i said anyone can do it it’s relatively easy as long as you follow these steps it’s gonna be five simple steps let’s go into step one so step one over here all you have to do is make sure you have meta masks installed in your browser so you could just simply go to download and you should be able to install it for chrome firefox brave and edge.


    Now i’m going to be honest with you i use chrome because it works most of the time some other browsers sometimes don’t work so just use the browser of your choice but i highly recommend chrome okay the second thing you’re gonna.

    Need to download and you don’t have to download this like it doesn’t have to happen uh because there’s other ways to bridge your assets remember we talked about bridging but you can download the binance wallet smart chain chrome extension as well both of these are chrome extensions so you’ll see them at the top here metamask and the binance smart chain bridge wallet or it’s just the binance wallet whatever you want to call it but like i said all you have to do is install these two.

    Now one thing you probably want to bookmark is uh you know xerion xerion is basically a way at that zero on the i o this is.

    Not something you have to download but this is basically a way you can see all of your assets as you can see here in the bottom right hand corner this is binance smart chain all my assets that i currently have in this wallet i have multiple wallets so you could have it um you know connect to multiple different wallets and you can see all of your assets.

    Now i want to be clear this is actually made for ethereum but they do as you can see on the right have you know functionality for binary smart chain and polygon as you can see there also while we’re here i just want to show you a really quick trade i don’t mean to veer off i thought it was a really lucrative trade so on september 7th i made this trade with ten thousand dollars um as you can see here i put 10 000 usdc into ufo this is a big gainer here so as you can see a little bit after that about a month later i sold about ten thousand dollars so if we pop this open this transaction has you can see i sold a uniswap ufo i sold this much and i received 9500 usdc so basically i took my initial investment out and.

    Now it’s currently sitting at hundred 37 sixty dollars so basically like almost uh 40k profit in like less than two months uh this is the power of cryptocurrency if you’re.

    New like there’s gonna be high risk high reward opportunities like it’s crazy but if you.


    Notice look how i just like.

    Navigated through it you can look through the blockchain with zero on the io uh it’s.

    Not a video for that but you could um you know kind of look through all your transactions similar to how i just looked through it if you want to get access to all my buy calls and all of my basically fundamental analysis secrets and all the tutorials i have to my.

    Name which is like hundreds of videos head on over to apply um and one of my coaches will reach out to you but yeah the fundamental secrets is where i do like all of my my deep stuff if we come over here step two of this process is simply getting bnb.


    Now you can get bnb from different exchanges look at how many different exchanges there are that sell bnb but remember there’s an erc20 version and there’s a binance smart chain version most likely you’re getting the erc20 version first and then we have to bridge it over to binance smart chain um but to get this all you have to do is coin let me just go through it um because i know this is a big question for a lot of.

    New people if we go to binance coin right here we just click the coin on coin gecko or coin market cap we click markets here and it tells you every single market bmb is being sold at so as you can see it even tells you the 24 hour volume it even tells you the liquidity depth um so if you’re a big whale you know you can’t like dump the market by buying on one exchange or whatever the case is but you can definitely see that there’s a whole bunch of different places you don’t have to just buy it off but since i have a um or a binance us account i’m going to jump into binance us really quickly and then we’ll continue the tutorial all right i’m logged in so you can see um this is what looks like.

    Now i want to be very clear with everybody i have a tutorial on binance us you can go refer to that if you want to which explains to you exactly how to set up your bank account how to start trading i’m going to assume you guys know how to do this but just to really really quickly break it down for you i’m going to proceed all you have to do is deposit usd um onto this exchange and you can do this through coinbase as well and then you just simply trade so you know let’s just go to for example trade markets let’s look into bnb so just search bnb there you go bnb usd um and i don’t use binance us to deposit fiat i usually use coinbase uh so i haven’t done that yet i could figure it out for you all the wallets are pretty much the same i have like 30 wallets and they’re all the same but yeah i would have look i have a dollar and sixty cents i guess you could say right here i would just put in exactly how much usd i want to buy and then i would buy the bnb it just happens to be that i already have some bmb in the wallet as you can see here um i have about 3.94 b b which is equivalent to about two thousand dollars so i’m going to officially just show you guys exactly how to bridge it over because remember what we’re trying to do is get the erc20 version as you can see here this is the erc20 version and we want to make sure we can bridge it over to binance smart chain so we can get all the features of binance smart chain okay just remember that so if you come over here to actual buy crypto in the top left-hand corner this will allow you to buy bitcoin or any other asset so you could do it directly like this all you have to do is just to make it simple because there’s a couple ways you could do it you could trade an actual asset to bnb or you can trade usd to bnb but it’s very simple if you come over here you just click buy you can just search bnb right here boom there you go um and then you can do like a one-time purchase or whatever you want put like a hundred dollars or whatever the case is it’s saying insufficient usd balance but if i come over here to wallet and we click us dollar i can actually deposit more money in there if i wanted to as you can see here deposit and i just connect my wells fargo banking account as you can see here and i could deposit like a thousand dollars so i’ll press preview deposit deposit a thousand dollars and then you can just simply go to buy crypto right here and once you have the usd in here all you do is click bnb right here and there you go once the usd is deposited into your account you can convert any amount of money 100 bucks it doesn’t have i don’t have anything let’s just say a dollar sixty if they allow me uh let’s say 160 uh it says 20 or higher but basically if you have more than 20 it’ll allow you to purchase it once you purchase it all you have to do is come over here to wallet and you’ll see the bnb in there okay i know this might be a little bit confusing but i do want you guys to click around and learn it because you know pretty much any exchange in cryptocurrency is going to be the same.

    Now this is a centralized exchange okay so i just want to be very clear you guys saw the differences between a centralized exchange and a decentralized exchange they’re completely different so there’s going to be a lot of centralized exchanges you’re going to have to learn how to.


    Navigate so i’d rather you guys click around and kind of just learn what’s going on so we got bmb.


    Now once you do the trade all we have to do is withdraw it okay so look here we go this is where the knowledge that we talked about earlier is gonna pay off so you have to pick the.

    Network okay so they’re actually automatically bridging it for you so right here i can actually do erc20 bridge and send it over to my meta mask okay.

    Now remember you know when it comes to the metamask okay we have different.

    Networks so we have the ethereum mainnet as you can see here and then we actually have the smart chain.

    Network as well okay remember they’re two different things the smart chain gives you the fast transaction uh speeds and the cheap fees and that’s what we’re trying to do so very simple all i would do is click bp20 and then input a recipient’s address i would pull it from the binance smart change so let me just press connect i will pull it from this the smart chain one i would copy this address right here and i would paste this address here.

    Now you’re probably asking questions alex how do i get the binance smart chain on metamask right because yours looks like this it’s probably only ethereum mainnet so that’s very simple if we go to step three it’s super easy guys so this website is you could just simply search metamask to binance smartchain or just copy this video pause this video and copy it but this is what you.

    Need to type in and i’m going to show you how to type it in all you do is go to metamask after you installed it you come over here to ethereum mainnet and you click custom rpc and you type this in smart chain you copy and paste this you put the chain id 56 and the symbol bnb i already did this so i’m.

    Not going to do it but all you have to do again is just type this in so go ahead and pause the video and type this in let me just do it one more time meta mask we come over here to ethereum mainnet then we click custom rpc and don’t do the test.

    Net do the main.

    Net this is the mainnet is the test the one right here it says smart chain type all those things in then press save and then you should see finance smart chain right here just like me okay so um.

    Now that we have the bnb and.

    Now that you have the binance smart chain on your meta mask all you have to do is.

    Now just make a withdrawal so if we come back over to all you have to do and this it works again with any exchange like i told you guys that you can use any of these exchanges to buy bnb and withdraw it okay so if we come over here um you know we have the bp20 all you have to do is click open meta mask click this right here make sure it’s binance smart chain click this right here paste it in okay and paste it one more time okay and then it asks you for the amount i’m going to put max uh preview withdrawal and then confirm withdrawal and then all i have to do is type in my google authenticator code and that’s when you set up the security for your account you guys can go watch the binance video if you guys want um but i’m going to type in my google authenticator let’s type in there we go all right withdrawal so as you can see after typing my google authenticator it says bnb withdrawal pending so it basically has to go through the centralized exchange they confirm it and then it gets withdrawal.

    Now when it comes to decentralized exchanges you don’t have to get this whole confirmation thing here but you know uh you know that’s how centralized exchanges work they kind of control your money so.

    Now if you don’t have for example binance that u.s and you’re doing it from a different exchange then this is a possibility i told you there was a second kind of a chrome extension you had to download which is binance wallet so i’m going to click it right here and i’m going to show you so i’m just going to click use existing wallet or we could just make a.

    New one i’m just going to create a wallet it doesn’t matter i’m.

    Never going to use this wallet anyways so i’m just going to put like uh i don’t know pass oh i got to actually make a serious password let me just type in something random all right i typed in something random i’m.

    Never gonna use this wallet but you guys can see it has my private keys here make sure to save these private keys on a piece of paper and don’t like uh just paste it to your desktop because somebody can get access to it it’s gonna make me type in some of these so let me just pull up the.

    Notepad real quick again you don’t really.

    Need this wallet um but if you can’t bridge it on the centralized exchange if you can’t bridge the binance coin on the centralized exchange then yeah you’re gonna probably.

    Need it so um if we click over here let me just type this in again i’m.

    Not going to use this wallet so i really don’t care if you guys see and you type in the seed phrase remember the seed phrase is what really gives you access to every single coin in your wallet all right so there you go i just created the wallet okay i just created the wallet all right so i’ll use this wallet in the future as a test wallet so as you can see here at zero bmb and there’s two.

    Networks just like we talked about ethereum.

    Network and binance smart chain okay don’t worry about this you don’t really.

    Need to know this all right so binance smart chain.

    Network is what we want to receive the coins but remember you probably bought your bmb somewhere else uh that doesn’t have a bridging mechanism so what you’ll have to do is click ethereum.

    Network on this wallet then you use this public address you click receive copy this whatever exchange you’re using that doesn’t have a bridge you send the erc20 bnb by copying this you put it in the same way in binance where i sent it over here when you click send right when you click withdrawal we click withdraw here you’ll put instead of uh bep20 you’re gonna put erc20 and then you’re gonna paste the erc20 um wallet address okay into here and then you’ll send it when you send it you’re going to look at this wallet and you’re going to see the coins in assets what you.

    Need to do once it’s here the erc20 version is here all you have to do is switch.

    Networks there you go and then you’ll actually see it here and you just press send uh and you’ll be able to withdraw the binance smart chain over to your meta mask and then you’ll just take this exact main here on the binance smart chain and then here you’ll be able to go to binance smartchain.

    Network and press send and click the address it’s that simple and then you’ll click like transfer between accounts um it’s relatively easy if you do it that way but if you do it on it’s way easier basically do everything for you so let’s come over here i’m going to refresh this let’s see if we got some activity.

    No i’m going to just check really quickly i know it’s going to take a while because of bnb and the centralized exchange is how it works uh you can see it’s pending so just give it a couple minutes i’ll come back and then we should be able to do it all right that was super quick so if you come over here you can see that i have 4.36 bmb in this wallet.


    Now i successfully withdrew the money and.


    Now we can do step 5 which is really easy let’s trade this on a decentralized exchange so if we come over to coin gecko i’m going to show you how to get there you click coin gecko or coin market cap they have a very similar feature you come to the top here and you click exchanges or you can click it or you can just drag down to decentralized exchanges so this is what i told you guys there’s benefits of decentralized exchanges.

    Now there’s all types but obviously we’re looking at the binance smart chain and i just know off the top of my head that this is a binary smart chain decentralized exchange and actually has more volume than uniswap so very interesting let’s click pancake swap and i’m gonna click start trading so pancake swap basically the home page to binance smart chain when it comes to decentralized trading they have the most liquidity most people use it and then you’re probably just gonna have to connect your wallet at the top here.

    Now don’t get me wrong um you know i have to switch.

    Networks let me just switch the.

    Network i’m gonna click the main there you go um all i have to do is connect it and make sure again when you connect it that you’re on the binance smart chain that’s really important okay.

    Now that we have the bnb all we got to do is trade okay and i’m.

    Not going to go completely over this if you guys want me to do a complete pancake swap tutorial i can do that for you but i’m just going to show you how to make a trade so we click trade there and we have the b and b.


    Now let’s say we want to trade it to i don’t know cake let’s say we want to trade it to cake all you have to do is type in whatever amount you want let’s say you want to do 0.1 and that’s it literally swap confirm swap done you see the fee on the size super cheap confirm and it’s almost instant too let that go and then you also want to click add cake to metamask that’s important because you won’t see it in the thing so you click add cake to metamask and you will see it in your assets.

    Now if you click here you’ll see you’ll click assets and it just went through by the way uh you saw the activity it swapped it right so you see the activity here um and we go to assets and you can see cake but you won’t see the cake in there if uh you don’t click add cake to metamask so you have to add cake to metamask and you’ll see that we have 2.9 cake.

    Now a couple of features that you.


    Need to know that i think is really important if we come over to activity you could actually see the transaction so if you click it you can see it on the public blockchain we can click ether scan uh it’s.

    Not ether scan it’s supposed to be bsc scan so bsc scan will allow you to do i don’t know why it’s.

    Not working but just to make this uh so that you can do it manually yourself all you have to do is take your main address your public address copy that come over to [Music] i’m going to click the home page right i’m gonna press risk okay i’m gonna click the home page and then it says search by address i click paste that’s my public address that’s a lot it’s kind of like the email address and you can see the transaction right here literally you can see the transaction i pressed uh you know this little eyeball and you can see i swapped point one fifty dollars for 2.9 pancake swap right there and it is confirmed and it went through swap if for tokens the reason why it says is because all these websites started with each like i told you guys um but it doesn’t mean uh it’s actually an ethereum uh the swap is definitely bnb so there you go that’s how you do a trade and just a couple of other features if you are getting into a coin that’s extremely low market cap um and extremely small you’re probably going to run into a problem to where they’re.

    Not allowing you to trade there’s like an error code i don’t know exactly how it says it what you have to do is increase the slippage.

    Now what this basically is is you know while you’re making a trade the price of the coin can move in like a millisecond so you know they kind of give you this price hey uh trade this coin for two dollars but as you’re clicking the price jumps up to three dollars so slippage tolerance basically allows you to execute the trade uh for a percentage difference so you could be like okay still execute the trade even if it’s up ten percent or down ten percent but as you can see there your transaction may be front run.

    Now this is for a completely different video understand there are um potential.


    Negative consequences if an mev bot or a minor extractable value bot um identifies your slippage tolerance but that’s expert video we’ll do an expert decentralized trading video in the future really quickly just to go over the five steps and then we’re going to conclude this video.

    Number one make sure you have metamask download and make sure if you don’t have you actually have uh the binance smart chain wallet um and you can basically bridge the erc20 or ethereum compatible bnb over to the binance smart chain i showed you how to do that in two separate ways also you can use xerion to track your actual cryptocurrency um.

    Now i’m.

    Not gonna do a tutorial on this i’ll make a complete video uh later but as you can see here the bnb is right in there and you can use that to track it step two bridge it over okay but before you bridge it you have to add bsc or the smart chain onto your actual metamask wallet once you bridge it then all you have to do is go to pancake swap connect your wallet and there you go you can actually trade watch this video again if you guys have to that’s it for this video if you like the quality of this content hit like if you don’t leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like i always say if you don’t get with it you will get left behind thanks for watching this guys catch you in the.

    Next one [Music] [Music]

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