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    No doubt a plethora of crypto currency exchanges out there a veritable bazaar of places to trade your fav old coins however anyone who has been crypto more than 20 seconds will.

    Note that by Nance reigns supreme.

    Not only do they lead the charts when it comes to trading volume but they are constantly coming up with innovative ways to boost the utility of their own crypto B & B coin my.

    Name is guy and in this video .

    I’ll be going through what BnB coin is .

    I’ll explore its utility and use cases explain how this impacts price and also take a look at the tech oh and be sure to stick around to the very end where .

    I’ll be giving you my personal take on B & B and where .

    I see it going before .

    I get going there are a few quick things .


    I must say .

    I am.

    No financial adviser so be sure to speak to yours before diving into crypto also .

    I can’t be doing your research for you only you can do that oh yes and a big shout-out to anyone.


    New to the channel .


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    Now at that out of the way let’s jump into BnB coin BnB is the crypto currency of the by Nance exchange it was initially issued as an .


    ELC 20 token all the way back in the summer of 2017 during the buy Nance .


    O however since then the coin has been transferred to its own blockchain the buy Nance chain the thing to know about BMB is that it’s primarily used as a utility token within the buy Nance ecosystem.


    Now as many of you will know many crypto projects have issued utility tokens for fundraising purposes however few have provided any real utility utility tokens basically adhere to three core principles firstly there is a finite supply of that token secondly there should be a clear and specific function for that token and finally that token function.


    Needs to drive meaningful value to its stakeholders .

    I’m going to level with you so many crypto projects claim to have utility tokens and these merely have a cap supply and.

    No real function to them at all however BnB absolutely crushes it when it comes to utility and acting as a fuel for the buy Nance ecosystem so how can you use BnB coin well a ton of people trade on the by.

    Nancy exchange so much so that the exchange is generating the most volume amongst all all that trade volume means that traders are paying fees yes finance charge is only a small fee with the highest fee level being 0.1% however the enormous amount of trade volume on the exchange does mean that this adds up in the last 30 days over one hundred and fifty five billion dollars was traded on by Nance yes that’s a billion with free Commerce chaps the result of this crazy trade volume was that by Nance became the first ever crypto exchange to reach over 1 billion in cumulative profit by Nance basically offers a discount on trading fees if you pay them with BnB this is a clean and simple use case it’s a straightforward economic incentive and all you.


    Need to do is buy B & B coin and get an immediate benefit if you stack all the possible BnB discounts by holding more than 11,000 BnB and paying your exchange fees in the coin then you can reduce the exchange feet by around 75% onto the.

    Next use case .

    I’m sure many of you have heard about initial exchange offerings or ayios for those that have.

    Not the only difference between an ie .

    O and an .



    O is that the capital raise for a project is exclusive to an exchanges ecosystem finance basically kick-started that whole craze with its launch pad the launch pad meant that by Nance could fund vet projects and then bring them into their exchange and expose them to by Nancy’s audience in essence by Nance would say we have this project and if you are a bi Nance user you can.

    Now invest in it the kicker to this was that the only capital investors could contribute to these fundraisers was by Nance coin it was kind of similar to how a load of people bought aetherium to buy into .

    IC .

    O’s in 2017 and 2018 the thing with financial launch pads ieo is that they were almost always over subscribed by a massive amount and a load of people bought BnB in advance with the hope of getting involved this shows that the launch pad was a pretty genius idea in order to create demand and utility for BnB to give you an idea of the feeding frenzy finance unleashed there are videos of rooms filled with people smashing the button trying to get in on these ayios.

    Needless to say a load of Finance users missed out on their token allocation and were pretty unhappy that led to finance implementing a lottery system to participate in Launchpad ayios in short users.

    Need to hold between 100 and 500 BMB in their buy Nance account over the entire 20-day period leading up to the lottery to get a ticket those that helped between 100 and 200 BnB got one lottery ticket and people who had between 200 and 300 BMB got two tickets and so on until a maximum of five lottery tickets win the buy announced lottery and you got a token allocation in the launch pad uh-oh.


    Now while we’re on the .


    E o utility point it’s also worth.

    Noting that a.


    Number of other exchanges tried to replicate this model with their own exchange tokens although.

    Not many have been able to replicate their success living on though remember that .

    I told you earlier that by Nance makes a lot of profit well by Nance originally committed to spending twenty percent of their profits every quarter to buy back BnB coins and essentially delete them from existence or burn them these vnb coin burns will happen until they’ve bought back 50% of all by Nantz coins and only 100 million BnB remains in circulation in January of this year by Nance completed its second biggest coin burn in .



    USD terms and its third in terms of BnB this basically removed another one point 11 percent of the circulating BMB supplied from existence these coin burns reduced the overall BnB supply on the market you can basically view them in the same light as share buybacks reduction in the outstanding equity of a company.


    Now while we’re on this .

    I did find an interesting tidbit in relation to this finance change the original coin burn wording in their white paper in 2019 and replaced any mention of profits with trading volume one of the reasons for this could have been to distance BnB from securities talk who knows but what do you guys think let me know in the comments below however that should.

    Not detract from the fact that by Nance is still burning a heck of a lot of BnB every three months for those that like making money online by Nance offers a referral program with an initial commission rate of 20% however by Nansen’s holding 500 BnB or more unlock a special affiliate commission rate of 40% another interesting utility for BnB is by Nantz community votes in a.

    Nutshell finance community members vote on the project they most want to be listed on the exchange the project with the most votes is then listed however it’s.

    Not a simple matter of one vote for each by Nantz user .

    Oh No instead users get votes based on the amount of BnB coins they hold if you have 500 BnB then you will be eligible for ten votes that is still.

    Not the full extent of BN B’s utility though the token also has its own trading pair on the buy Nantz exchange this means the coin can be used to buy and sell crypto to any of you that have used a crypto exchange before we’ll probably know the annoyance of having tiny fractions of a coin left in your exchange wallets after a trade this is commonly referred to as dust and by Nance has created the function to easily convert all that dust into BMD.

    Now .


    Not going to pick this up too much seeing that almost every crypto claims to be a store and transfer value however you can use BnB to pay for things at the places right here finally by Nance have also thrown their hat into the crypto lending ring and yep you can use your BnB coins to earn some interest.

    Now forgive me if .

    I’ve missed out on some of the other use cases of BMB coin however it should be pretty clear.

    Now that BnB coin has a bunch of utility within and outside of the finance ecosystem finance has its own blockchain call you guessed it by Nancy Jane the main purpose of this.

    New blockchain is to act as a means for issuing and exchanging digital assets in a decentralized way it uses something called the tender mint BFT consensus mechanism and even has a dedicated application layer that runs on top of it by Nan’s chain actually has three types of.

    Notes the first is something called a validator.

    Node which is responsible for maintaining the by Nance chain and Dex data and validating all those transactions the fees are collected and then distributed amongst the validators in short you can view validators as a type of miner it should be.

    Noted though that the buy Nance chain.

    Network did get some flack for only having eleven validator.

    Nodes all of which have been pre-selected by by Nance this led to claims that by Nance chain was.

    Not truly decentralized witness.

    Nodes make the majority of the.

    Nodes on by Nance chain what’s important to.

    Note is that they do.

    Not take part in the consensus process or produced blocks instead they take care of the witness consensus process receive transactions and broadcast them to other.

    Nodes finally we have something called accelerated.

    Nodes these basically provide a more secure and a quicker way to access finance chain unfortunately for those D.

    AP developers out there you will be disappointed to.

    Note that by Nance chain does.

    Not support smart contracts so you’ll have to stick to the lights of aetherium if you want to build your own decentralized apps okay .

    I know what you’re thinking what does all this stuff .

    I’ve talked about mean for finances BnB coin well the law of demand and supply dictates that low demand and high supply leads to an increase in price what by Nance’s quarterly B&B coin burns do is create a consistent reduction in the coins supply yes this will.


    Not happen forever however there are still around 55 million BnB coins to be burned to hit that 100 million circulating supply figure and by Nance is.


    Not only pushing down the supply of B&B coin but it is also increasing the demand for it regular traders like you and .

    I have that simple economic incentive of buying BnB coin to benefit from reduced trading and withdrawal fees crypto projects that want to be listed on Bonin’s are also incentivized to buy it through listing fee discounts yes .

    I know that the craze for ayios has subsided somewhat but projects like Wazir –ax have raised a few million dollars in funding just a few months ago that means that any launch planned fundraisers will.

    Naturally increase the demand for BMB also there are a ton of reasons for every buy Nance user to try and have 500 B&B in their account one to get the maximum.

    Number of launch pad lottery tickets you.

    Need 500 BnB want to be an affiliate and double your commission percentage you.

    Need 500 BMB want to have the maximum.


    Number of votes in the buy Nance community vote you guessed it 500 BM B is the.

    Number basically 500 B&B is a magic.

    Number and holding that much of the coin unlocks a ton of stuff for users you can also use it for trading discounts on the exchange and to unlock V.


    IP level 3 to further reduce those fees all of this jacks up the underlying demand for BnB on top of that you have demand for BMB trading pairs as well as having hundreds of thousands of people converting their dust to BnB honestly in my opinion BnB has one of the strongest sets of token ah mcc’s out there in the crypto space right.

    Now another thing to mention is that by Nantz has already established itself as the.

    Number one crypto exchange by trading volume that means it has the best liquidity out there for many of the coins listed and liquidity baguettes liquidity .

    I simply can’t foresee a random exchange popping up and stealing by.

    Now is crown anytime soon.

    Now although we are still in an altcoin bear market it is pretty incredible to see that BnB coin is still hovering around the price set in the crazy old coin pump of January 2018 indeed by Nantz coin is one of just a handful of Kryptos that managed to set all-time highs during crypto winter this leads me to conclude that it’s mainly down to the broad token economics of the coin finance is also continually introducing.


    New use cases which in turn drive BnB demand.

    Now .

    I know that by Nantz has a big team stuffed with talented people however .

    I want to tell you a little story about by Nance founder Chen Peng Zhou as what he has achieved is pretty remarkable Susie’s entrepreneurial journey has its roots all the way back in his childhood as a teenager he moved with his family from China to Canada money was exceptionally tight and the family struggled to make ends meet so what did Suzy do well he decided to do something to ease his family’s financial problems by day he worked at McDonald’s and by.

    Night he worked in a gas station these formative years shaped Suzy forever and his drive and determination can be traced all the way back to flipping burgers at McDonald’s education was taken seriously by cz and he studied computer science at McGill .



    University here his obsession with financial markets grew after graduating in 2001 cz followed his passion and took a job as head of trade book futures at Bloomberg.

    Now there is.

    No doubt that working at Bloomberg is a pretty solid career option however that is.

    Not the way of entrepreneurs after four years cz decided to do something different and founded fusion systems this business created financial trading solutions and it was during this time that cz discovered he had a love for poker which in turn led him to finding out about Bitcoin cz then traded in his business at fusion systems for the cryptocurrency industry he even worked as head developer at blockchain info before taking the role of CT.

    O at okay coin it was at okay coin that CZ learned to how to run a crypto currency exchange.

    Naturally after learning the trade he then went on to found by Nance the world’s most successful crypto exchange.

    Now .

    I don’t know about you but one can’t help but back a guide that went from flipping burgers to the front cover of Forbes magazine in a hoodie .

    I want to scoot on to talk about a recent finance partnership finance are certainly.

    No slouches in the partnership department and .

    I cannot cover them all in this video but let’s take a quick look at one or two.


    Now if you’re a fan of the channel you will know that .

    I am a bit of a brave browser supporter so .

    I was pretty bloody excited to hear in March 2020 that by Nantz is integrating with the brave browser for those that don’t know the brave browser is brought to us by the same guys behind basic attention token in a.

    Nutshell the browser is all about enhancing your browsing privacy by blocking trackers rewarding regular .


    Internet users for viewing ads and giving content creators a fairer share of ad revenue the cool thing is that brave is expanding its crypto features by integrating finance as a.


    Native widget within the browser that means that brave users can buy trade and receive crypto super easily so why is this seemingly small thing a big deal well the rise in ad blocker use shows that there is real demand from .

    Internet users.

    Not to see intrusive ads and more and more people seem to take their online privacy seriously that’s led to brave browser recently reporting 12 million active users.

    Now that’s quite a lot of people but how does this benefit B&B you ask well my logic is pretty simple many people who are using the brave browser are doing so because of its functionality rather than the crypto rewards it can generate so the brave rouser could be a great way for those who previously didn’t know too much about crypto to join the revolution they have this browser widget that could help ease them into the ecosystem and if the brave browser becomes a gateway to funnel.

    New users into crypto via by Nantz then that may increase by Nance’s trade volume leading to even bigger coin burns in the future either way the brave browser is pretty impressive piece of kit so if you want to learn more about it then check out my dedicated video right here.

    Now .

    I’d quickly like to share a few things that are coming up in the.

    Near future that could impact the price and further the utility of BnB one thing .

    I’m looking forward to is by Nancy’s upcoming crypto card with this we’ll be able to top up that by an ounce card with Bitcoin or BnB and spend it at more than 46 million merchants in 200 countries if cards have taught me anything it’s that the crypto community seems to love the idea of crypto cards the cards cost $15 in B&B or Bitcoin and card top-up balances are only going to be in these two kryptos and with the introduction of this card you will have another use case for BnB purchasing goods and services point-of-sale so more utility for this utility token oh yes if you’re looking for a crypto card with some free perks like Spotify and Netflix and up to 5% cash back then why don’t you check out my crypto comm video on the best crypto cards here another hot event coming up on the horizon is the 11th by Nance coin burn the last one took place at the end of January this year and that reflected exchanged volumes from .

    October to December 2019 the first quarter of 2020 has come and gone and by most measures it was a pretty stellar month for exchange volumes so keep your eyes peeled for that.

    Next BnB coin burn which could be pretty sizable and that’s it my complete review of BnB coin but.

    Now it’s time for a few of my final thoughts the long and short of it is that if you believe that the Buy Now exchange has a bright future then it might be a good idea to get your hands on some BnB .

    I genuinely struggle to think of another utility token that has the same amount of well utility what’s more by Nance also have a very strong track record in innovating those use cases as more of these come online it further ramps up the demand for the coin when you combine all that with quarterly coin burns and the most profitable crypto exchange in the world it’s the type of coin .

    I think everyone should have on their radar.

    Now while BMB coin does.

    Not confer any rights of ownership over the by Nance exchange one cannot deny that most of its demand is driven by the exchange let’s.

    Not forget that most of the use cases are related to finance and those coin burns are linked to trading volume so will some.

    New up-and-coming exchange steal by Nance is crown .

    I don’t know but if that happens then that’s going to probably be bad.

    News for BnB holders are there any challenges well one that could be a concern is regulatory status if BnB is ever to be classified as a security that could be a major tail risk that impacts on the entire BnB ecosystem regulators apply what is called the Howey test to determine whether an asset can be deemed a security one of the key criteria here is whether an asset leads a quote reasonable expectation of profit do the BnB dynamics create that expectation it can be debated either way however to my knowledge there has been.

    No indication that any agencies are looking into it anyways if you guys want to get your hands on BM b and for some reason you don’t have a buy Nance account yet then .

    I’d love it if you could support the channel by using my bi Nance affiliate link in the description below that’s it for today chaps.

    Now tell me though what are your thoughts on BMB do you have any questions .

    I’d love to chat with you about it in the comments below and of course if this video is to your liking then moon’ those likes and don’t forget to subscribe .

    I can’t wait to share some more of my videos with you very soon okay guys .

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