Binance Complete Tutorial – Step by Step for Beginners 2021

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Transcrição hey what’s up guys you’re watching hardcore crypto and in this video guys i will teach you everything you.

    Need to know about binance and this is a 2021 video i have made videos about binance over the past years but recently binance has actually updated their user interface it looks different their.

    New products and in this video we actually gonna explore everything there is uh that’s important uh on the binance exchange so first things first i would appreciate it if in exchange of the values that i’m gonna give you right.

    Now you simply give me a subscribe and a like on this video because you’re getting this absolutely for free so it’s gonna be a long video but i think it’s worth a while if you really wanna improve your trading experience so make sure you make yourself some coffee and let’s get started and we get deep into this by the end of this video you will be able to learn uh all the important concepts and there are other concepts that are also long-winded and what i have done is that i’ve created other separate videos for those kind of concepts as well i cover them here but i also have extended versions of those videos separately so make sure you check them out in my uh on my youtube channel but also if you want to take your cryptocurrency trading life to the.

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    Nitrous boo it gives you um buying and selling signals by giving you buy and sell signals boo and bear signals uh in your trading uh in a trading view uh you can get that at crypto university as well the link is in the description otherwise let’s get started right.

    Now so once you’re done with the sign up process and you got verified and all that it’s time to.

    Now get to the business so first things first you want to buy some crypto right if you already have crypto somewhere else that part will come on how you actually transfer it into the exchange but right.

    Now i will focus on buying crypto right so you can see over here that you have uh where it says buy crypto right and you can choose which currency to pay with so it says pay with and if i click this little button here it has a list of so many fiat currencies that you can use to deposit crypto onto binance so this is.

    Not all the fiat currencies in the world you might find that your local currency is.


    Not available here so what you could do you can either buy with credit card or debit card or use the binance p2p trading feature to buy some crypto for yourself i will make a separate video for this because it’s kind of like a um a very separate and complicated uh feature on its own uh but for.

    Now if you if you have a way to do a bank deposit you can click here and it gives you the banking details that you can use if you are allowed to deposit cash from your country you know so for example here it is and it says how much do you want to deposit i can put here uh 5 000 and it’s you know i click continue and you can see here the bank transfer is actually zero percent if i use bank transfer uh whereas if i use all these other services it’s kind of so you know it’s telling me that uh it only accepts funding from a bank account under my own.

    Name and this is my.

    Name here you can see it popped up and if i click confirm it’s gonna take me to a different page where it’s showing me all the banking details that i.


    Need to use so remember the bank account that you want to use to deposit money into binance has to be the very same bank account as yours so you can do you can be in any country and you can still do a wire transfer as long as the transfer is going towards uh these banking details so so if i want to deposit a different currency here i have the euro selected if i want to select the us dollar i can simply type in usd here right i can type usd and you can see it’s showing me i’m in south africa right.


    Now so i can type czar our local currency and i will be able to deposit um but you can see here the if i use zara you can see that the deposit to bank feature is disabled meaning that i cannot deposit bizarre directly into binance at the moment right so the only options that i have is credit card p2p trading or cash balance anyway let’s move on to the wallet so so you simply go over here it says wallet and once you click that once you hover around that wallet you will see that it has a list of things going on so what i.


    Need you to do is to click on the overview so this shows you your the overview shows you the balance of all these other wallets right because they’re different types of wallets for different types of things that you want to do or different types of trading or you know we’re gonna get into that and you see it has this eye here where it says height balance so i can actually hide my balance if i want to or i can bring it back up and you see here it has fiat and spot so fiat and spot is where most of your money is more likely to be uh when you deposit it shows up in this wallet so you can see uh when i clicked overview it showed my balance was about eight thousand dollars eight thousand four hundred and.

    Now when i got into the fiat and spot it decreased to 7600 meaning that some of the wallets are.


    Not uh included in this because.

    Now we looking at specific wallets so fiat and spot meaning that this is the main wallet that you use to trade spa trading or that you used to deposit or to withdraw from so if your money is in in other words like margin or futures you cannot withdraw it into say sending it out to another wallet or withdrawing out of binance whenever you want to withdraw you use this wallet so all these other wallets have a feature that allows you to transfer your funds for more this margin or futures or p2p or earn wallets into the fiat and spot wallet okay and here you also have a feature that says hide small balances so it’s.

    Not gonna show me the coins that i have only and it’s.


    Not gonna include all the other stuff right it also has a feature here that says convert to bnb so you can see here small amounts of 40.


    Naira um and so many other little coins five xrp and so on and so forth right small amounts some of these are air drops that i just received for free i can choose to convert these to bnb and if you have b and b on binance you actually get discount on transaction fees so whenever you have all these coins that you don’t want to use you can select all of them you click that and then you can choose to convert it you see i’m going to receive about 0.7 bnb wow um and that’s about 20 or so 23 or so and i click confirm i just thought i should show you guys that feature it’s pretty cool so that’s pretty much it it’s done it’s called dust so this is this little coins here are called dust and we have converted our dust into bnb okay so back to the wallet to the overview uh you also have other things like earn a margin futures earn and also these are just different wallets we they will become more relevant when we count when it comes to uh trading those kind of uh assets for i mean uh types of trading so for.

    Now let’s just focus on this and the.

    Next thing you want to learn obviously is how to deposit let’s say you’re.

    Not buying a bitcoin from binance or whatever you already have it uh what you.


    Need to do is to deposit crypto and fiat over here on the deposit screen so on the fiat side you actually that’s where you can use also the deposit fiat you can see my fiat deposit history here showing up and if you’re trying to deposit crypto you can click crypto and then it shows you a bunch of coins uh you can use uh you you uh you can use to deposit so here by default it has bitcoin btc if you want to deposit eth you can simply type if over here and or ethereum and you see ethereum pops up and on the right hand here you can see that i have uh i.

    Now have the qr code and the wallet address under it so if i’m trying to send some crypto from coinbase or another exchange whatever what have you i simply have to scan on the screen to send into my balance account or copy this wallet address by clicking this little box here and then i can be able to send the crypt ah the ethereum into binance and that’s pretty much how you deposit from binance and if you want to withdraw it’s as simple as going into if you are in the overview even it also it shows you the withdrawal option over there so here you simply click withdraw and what if you try withdraw fiat if you uh if you if if your local currency is allowed to be withdrawn uh from finance maybe you’re in brazil and you have the brazil brazilian real or if you’re in europe you can actually withdraw the euro directly here into your bank account all you.

    Need to do is provide your bank banking details into binance but if you want to withdraw the crypto simply uh you can select what coin you want withdraw say i want withdraw some bnb i have 5.1 bnb here i will instead use bitcoin because it’s what a lot of you guys will be dealing with so here i’m just going to put my btc address for example i can put this on it and i will.

    Now it’s showing me transfer.

    Network right and this is the the different types of.


    Network that are available and i want to use the main btc.

    Network and it’s showing me the fee here that it’s 13 so you can also send btc um using ethereum for example but i don’t want you guys to confuse yourself with uh with those kind of chains so stick to btc over here and you can put the amount that you want to withdraw over here and then you click submit if you have two-factor authenticator activated it’s gonna ask you to verify through email or your phone and what have you and that’s really all it is when it comes to deposit and withdrawing and.

    Now let’s go back to the homepage because we.

    Now have to look at the markets because i know a lot of you guys are here to learn uh this platform in order to trade so the.

    Next thing we’re gonna have to look at is markets the markets simply means wha what coins or what pairs are available on binance that you can trade so there is a lot of markets here right uh by default you’re going to see the spot markets there’s also the zones and futures markets and there’s also the favorite so if they if you have certain coins that you like to trade you know it’s good to just click this uh star button to highlight them as your favorite and then by default they will be here if you trade them okay so i will go back to the spot because that’s where a lot of them are and here it says all so it’s showing you different type of coins uh based mainly sometimes on on volumes uh in the last 24 hours and what are popular in the last 24 hours but you can change things up if you want to see something specific you can select for example bdc markets bdc markets is going to show you if you click on btc markets it’s showing you the all the other art coins that are paired with bitcoin so bnb to btc.

    New york btc chain link to b2c iota to btc and so on and so forth you can also select um fiat markets this is.

    Now by default binance use usdt as its fiat or you can use sometimes they may use busd usdt is a stable coin most of you guys already know it’s kind of like a dollar but it’s it’s a cryptocurrency but it’s like a dollar because it’s one to one to the dollar so if you go to fiat it’s showing you the bitcoin price to the usdt or you can see some of the mine busd and euro or tusd different uh fiat currencies including stable coins okay and you can also select which kind of stable coin you want to be basing on so if you want usdt only markets you can click on here if you want b b ust if you want usdc if you want usd it should be here somewhere um uh or you can use euro for example if you’re in europe that would also be helpful or you can use the british pound as well zar market this so many of these guys and uh you also have uh um futures market but we’re gonna discuss futures in a separate video so.


    Now you also have zones right bitcoin ethereum usdt and so you know you can say define zones simply mean what the category of the coin so for example in d5 we have all these coins these are decentralized finance coins like compound uh uniswap sushi uma so you know this is just categorizing the coin so if you want to focus on trading defy coins this helps you to actually filter what you’re looking at proof of work coins maybe you want to uh trade proof of work coins and it shows you only proof of work coins or proof of stake coins proof of stake coins are showing up on here or storage coins or innovation and so on and so forth so it depends what you want to be looking at so enough for the market uh let’s go back into and by the way uh you can also let me just go to spot you can always search here if you want something specific that you cannot see uh for example if i want to see s and x i.

    Need to simply just type it and it will show me all the pairs available with a snx and then i can trade them okay enough of that stuff so let’s.

    Now go to the main deal right the trading desk because i know a lot of people uh waiting for that a lot of you guys so you click on here trade you see it has convert classic advanced margin and p2p okay so first i’m gonna go to the convert the convert function is what you use um to convert a certain cryptocurrency to another to swap right so i have usdt here if i had to want to convert some of it into bnb for example right i will simply click uh one what what coin do i want i want b and b so i’m just going to type one bnb and uh how much is i can click preview conversion and it’s showing me that okay to convert my uh usdt into 1bnb i’m going to have to pay i’m going to have to pay 32.2 usdt and quote expired please request.

    New quote this is because the market is volatile things are always moving so you always have to refresh and you might see a different price.


    Now okay oh.

    Now we have a different price okay i can click convert and simply it will convert or alternatively i can go back and type i only want to convert um 20 of my money into bnb and then i can say uh preview conversion and it’s showing you me that okay you with your 20 will give you 0.6 pnb and if i want i can simply oh it’s.

    Now expired again so you.

    Need to be fast with this one but this is very uh this is pretty much for for amateurs this is.


    Not i don’t recommend that you guys are you know expired again i don’t recommend that you guys use uh convert you you’re better off using the exchange it’s a little more advanced but it’s better that way because the fees are much better so you can see this is already done the convert is fast and convenient but it’s very expensive in terms of transaction fees the.


    Next thing you see is a classic so this is kind of the the the exchange user interface uh that is called the classic on binance but to be honest with you it’s.

    Not better than the advanced one so this we might you might as well just skip this at all and go directly start using the advanced one because this one i think sucks in so many ways so i will go straight into the advanced but if you learn how to use the advanced you will also be able to use the other one basically once you learn this you’ll be able to apply this knowledge on any other exchange so it doesn’t really matter uh what it is really so.

    Now we are in our trading desk guys so you can see right.

    Now it’s by default and on cross we want to click on spot right it doesn’t cross 3x uh this is margin i want it to be at spot so you always want to check this making sure that it’s at spot by default if spot trading is what you’re trying to do all right and um.

    Now what we have is.

    Number one is this price tag the price tab here and you have the exchange over here and then you have the other interface over here and then you have the order book right here and you have the trades right here right.

    Now what is what does this all mean so on the top you have the pair that you’re trading right and you have the 10x right here i don’t want you guys to get confused uh uh by that like you can completely ignore it if you want the 10x is useless so what you want to do is to be able to select what coin or what pair do you want to be trading right so whenever you want to trade you select your pair here and by default.

    Now binance has a stable coin by default i i like to use usdc when i’m trading so you can see it has margin bnb btc arts these are all coins and it also has usdc and the usdc is on the fiat right so if you have depot if you have say us dollars or you have the british pound or you have the usdt the stable coins all those are considered fiat currencies on this exchange i’ve said that before so let’s say for in my case i have a usd t right.

    Now i’ll select usdt as my base stablecoin why you want to use a base table coin because it’s easy to do the math um from a cryptocurrency into the dollar than when you’re trading bitcoin to earn our coin sometimes the math can be complicated to calculate in your own head because you’re dealing with 0.02 bitcoin 0.1567 and that might be confusing to a lot of people especially beginners so you select your pair here if you’re trading ethereum simply you just type ethereum it will show you an if usdt pair because you have selected uh if usdt and you have so many complicated um pairs that’s why it down usdt it up i don’t want you guys to get confused by that at all you should ignore so you must know that the ticker is very important like if you’re talking about ethereum strictly it’s if right so if it’s if if you’re trading with the usdt for example it’s if forward slash usdt so don’t get confused and get into all the other coins that that might just confuse you i have changed it.

    Now to if usdt.

    Now we know that we’re trading ethereum and usd tether what about if you want to trade some odd coins that you know so uh let’s say i have i have chain link tokens right link and i want to sell them into bnb so you can see that if i type link here it’s showing me all this these other coins but it’s.

    Not showing me the the pair that i want right so what you want sometimes is to switch this into like bnb so that it can take you to the pairs that you want so you check in the bnb tab you.

    Now can type link and see if there is a pair available for link and bnb and in this case it seems like it’s.

    Not really available right meaning that whatever coin that you have you might want to convert it into bdc to be able to trade it into link or whatever right and uh for example if i’m looking for uh if i have the australian dollar you can see that it only has a few um it only have a few pairs with it so if your coin does.

    Not have if your best currency which is a fiat currency does.

    Not have enough enough pairs that you want what you want to do you’re better off converting that um fiat currency into a a a stable coin right stable coins like usdt they have so many pairs pretty much they have every pair on on binance as much as they have on bitcoin so if i had the the australian dollar i would want to convert it into bitcoin and then convert the bitcoin into a stable coin or sometimes you can find that you have for example with euro you can conv or the british pound you can convert it directly into a a stable coin i think uh let’s see that’s still possible yeah uh usdc so you can see you have usdc usdt these are stable coins can convert themselves uh but with the british pound okay this is.

    Not on anymore uh let’s see which one euro for example let’s see if you’ve got euro and the stable coin the usd okay uh that’s.

    Not available as well but that’s fine that’s fine okay so you can just make sure that you understand exactly when it comes to pairs okay the.

    Next thing that we want to look at is how to uh to to.

    Now figure out the trading view right so you you can see that our charting uh looks pretty simplistic without so many other tools like you would.

    Normally see when i’m doing my videos uh it looks a little more complicated than this so on the top here you have 24 hour change so right.

    Now i’m gonna go back to bitcoin just because i’ll select my fiat as usdt and i’ll go to btc uh so i have bdc usdt i like to keep this as a default just a personal preference and uh you can see at 24 hour change it’s showing that bitcoin has gone up by.

    Nine percent in the last 24 hours which is which means that’s an increment of two thousand two hundred and what uh thirty two dollars right it keeps on changing obviously the highest it has gone this is a 24 hour high the highest bit btc has gone today is twenty eight thousand four hundred and 422 the lowest it has gone is uh 24 734 meaning in 24 hours it has moved from 24 000 up to 28 000.

    24 hour volume on binance 144 742 bitcoins have been traded on binance which is the total amount of about three billion dollars so that’s what this tab tells you as a trader you.

    Need to know all these things right and the.

    Next thing here you have the time and you have the time is a time frame which this trading um uh uh this chart is based on right so right.

    Now it’s at one day right i’ve selected one day one day i mean it’s.

    Now meaning that for every candlestick that you look at here it represents one day right so this is right.

    Now we’re standing over here which means this is today’s candlestick right here and so this is you can see here it says original so original simply means that this is the default binance um um charting right and this is.

    Not what i recommend that you use you.

    Need to be using this one here trading view right immediately you see the difference if i click original it’s simple uh it doesn’t have a lot of things going on if i click trading view it.


    Now has a better chart that’s provided by trading view and you can see it has a few tools over here some volume indicator down here and it looks pretty clean right and then it also has this data over here uh which is pretty much the same with what we’re looking at right here almost and you can see the time frames are pretty much the same but here you can also go as low as one minute if you want uh you can go to one month this is the one month chart of bitcoin so each candlestick represents one month and you can see that in december as i record this video we have gone up tremendously high and uh we can go to one week whatever i like to trade about four hour uh four hour chart mainly so by default my my chart looks something like this uh my my setup looks something like this and i’m.


    Not gonna really go deep into explaining trading view and the tools over here because that’s.

    Not what this video is all about but if that’s what you want i recommend that you sign up for my course on crypto university if you want to really trade as a pro okay.

    Now how do you.

    Now buy uh trade so right.

    Now uh let’s say we want to buy a certain coin right and i i saw i did some technical analysis this morning actually and i want to purchase some chain link i’m sorry some so i decided to buy polka dot right so uh i would change my pair here into dot i’m just going to type dot that’s the ticker and dot usd is what i want and i’m going to click it and this is pocket or right.

    Now and it’s exactly why i want to buy it because of what’s going on right.

    Now and i’ll i want to buy it when it hit this uh it hits this what looks like a resistance and support level but for the sake of the example i’m just gonna buy uh five dots right it’s gonna cost me 24 dollars as you can see right so so you can see we have moved.


    Now from this chart we’re.

    Now looking at the or the place order area right so this place order area has a few things here’s the limit order market order and stop limit in this video i’m.

    Not going to bother going into all the stop limits for example because i’m trying to save time make it as short as possible so i’m just going to focus on limit order market order i don’t recommend that you use it i just recommend you use the limit order because it’s safer and say you can see the order book has the red and the green yes uh the red are people that are selling bitcoin and at the bottom the bottom one is the best possible price you can see that the prices are increasing from the top to um from the bottom to top so the higher you go the higher the prices are so you can see here we have four uh 4.977 here we are at the top we have 4.998 right so the best possible price that someone is willing to sell is usually at the bottom or this red people these green people are the buyers like me right.


    Now i want to buy it means that i will become one of these people over here right so if i want to buy immediately i’m better off taking a price from here it’s called that’s why it’s called a take a taker if you buying and you select a price of someone who is selling it means that you’re taking the the price that’s best available to you so i want to buy my dot right.

    Now so i can simply just click this price here is the closest to what’s going on right.

    Now and in the order in the place order you can see it’s saying 24.96 and i can click buy and boom i have an open order so you can see.

    Now what’s happening at the bottom here uh on the open orders we.

    Now got one and it’s showing that we got dot usd a limit buy at the price of 4.9923 amount we’re buying five and field it says zero percent this simply means that we.

    Now we haven’t bought anything because it buys slowly for as much as the volume um the the liquidity is available so if someone is willing to sell us at the price that we want the order will automatically fill itself slowly so you can see we have put an order of 4.9923 but the price of dot right.


    Now has gone up to five dollars already so it means that our trade won’t go through it will wait until uh the market has corrected a little bit for you to buy so on binance you can see.

    Now there is a.

    New dotted line uh in green and it has a lim it says limit 4.992 total five it’s trying to sell say that hey you have an order that you want to buy bit you want to buy dot at this price but right.

    Now uh the price is this the red line there’s a difference between the price that i want to pay and the price at which the asset is trading therefore there is.

    Nothing the exchange can do but wait for it so for example let’s say if somebody is willing to sell their dots for this price which is unlikely right.

    Now because you know why would they sell it sell it at 4.9 to us when other people are buying already at five right but someone might just you see you know might just sell one dot for us so you see the field here would change to like 20 percent because we’re we have bought 20 of what we’re trying to buy right so until we completely buy everything we wanted it gets to 100 and then this gets close and you don’t see the open orders anymore what you would see here is an order history okay um so that you know.


    Now the market order right i’m just going to cover it quick so the market order is you can see the market order only has um the the market order only has two tabs limit has two tabs as well but here it says price that you can input yourself market does.

    Not allow you to put what price you want to buy it in you simply just type what you want here i want to buy two dots at the market price the market price is the best available price of the asset that the market is willing to sell you at right so if i want to buy i’m just going to click dot bar and you see i order failed ah okay so total buy volume for marketing must be 10.

    you know what and this is because the market uh the market order is very expensive but i would do it for you guys just because i want to show you the example in real life right so you see when we use limit it didn’t fill immediately it’s still active right.

    Now but if i click buy dot right.

    Now you see it’s filled already it didn’t even wait on the open orders it happened if i go to my order history you can see that it already went on right and we paid fifty dollars at fifty dollars and an extra zero point five one zero and that means it’s a market order you have.

    No choice this is.

    Not recommended because sometimes you take a market order and especially if you use it and if you’re buying a coin that has low liquidity you can buy the coin at a very worst price because the market is really just going to take all the available coins or whatever price to make sure that it fills your order and that is uh.

    Not always a good thing but sometimes if you want to buy quickly because you think that an asset might keep going up you might use it but make sure there is enough liquidity and volume the.

    Next thing i wanted to show is how to sell okay so click sell selling you also have limit market and stop limit and market selling is the same thing if i want to to sell 10 the 10 dollars that i bought at market i don’t have control over what price is going to sell i will know that it’s around these prices but the exchange itself will get me the best available buy order so if i click it right.

    Now cell dot it’s more likely to get to sell it to this guy here on the top uh because he’s paying five zero five point zero zero six oh he is the one paying the best amount uh so the top the the top in the green the top order is the one that’s paying the most so you can see here in the green the.

    Numbers are going from higher to low it means that this is the highest bidder this is the second highest bidder and then it gets lower and lower at the bottom is the lowest bidder and on binance you can also do this and expand this other book view to make sure that it’s much more flexible for you so you know i’ve i expanded it more and if you can see there is a yellow uh tick there’s a yellow dot on on on the price here right this yellow it means that that’s our order you remember this order that we just made right.


    Now that hasn’t failed it has been pushed down to the bottoms of the sea because we’re.

    Not pitching we’re.

    Not bidding enough money yet for the current price so whoever is bidding the most the order gets pushed on the top you also have some bars that looks uh semi-transparent here um these represent how much buy volume is that is at that price so for example here it says amount in dot right even in the rate is the same thing so wherever you have the the longest line it means that there’s a lot of people willing to buy the asset at that price so for example here we have two thousand twenty.

    Ninety seven dot that’s being sold at five zero zero one four and one two five and you can also see that the line of that is high it’s very long and here you also have here for example you have 600 200 dot you can see that the line is also the bar graph rather is actually shorter so this is a good indication of volumes and what people are willing to sell for you can get a good sense of this if you go if you change your chart into the depth chart right the depth chart really represent uh buyers and sellers it’s exactly the same as the order book these guys in the red are here and these guys in the green are over here so whenever the green uh the green mountain meets the red mountains a trade happens because uh it means that these people have agreed on a price on the middle whenever there is a big gap here it means that these people want more money the sellers and these guys in the green they don’t want to pay more they they only want to spend less and then these guys they don’t agree with that so you can see they they we call the depth gap actually increases so here where you see a big wall it means that there’s a massive amount of people wanting to buy at four but you see.


    Now it’s actually at 4.5 dot at 4.5 right right.


    Now the price of dot is five dollars but at 4.5 there’s a lot of people wanting to buy it also if you go on the other side there’s a lot of people wanting willing to sell here there’s a big cell wall right this is a buy wall this is a cell wall these guys are willing to sell at six dollars so you know it just gives you some good data of what’s actually going on and again on binance you can also expand all these views to make big or smaller what you want to do you just have to click any of these little triangles or angles symbols on the bottom and then you can drag it around okay uh so what you’re looking at here uh.

    Now is acids as well it’s very important to actually do this uh here i have dot available because i have my usdt and dot pair it’s showing me assets that are relevant with this pair so here i have dot and i have usdt available so i have 10 dots and 7300 usdt if i have to change the pair it will.

    Not show me the the same things but you can also click here for funds uh and the fans here is going gonna show me the relevant amount on of um of coins that i have in my wallet so i have btc and so on so sometimes you’re trading but you don’t really know how much money you have you can simply use this funds tab here to see what you.

    Need uh what you have in your wallet and sometimes you can also click uh you can uncheck this to be able to see all the other wallets but then this is means hide load balance assets then it hide all the other fluff because sometimes by default it might have all this coin showing up and you.

    Need to search what kind of coins do you have to be able to see your balances which can get frustrating all you.

    Need to do is click hide load balance assets and then it shows you the wallets that actually have some money for you and uh what else is what’s more important language if you want to switch to your favorite language you can simply click english uh or whatever language is best for you right or you can also choose the currency that you want to be seeing by default you can select from over here uh here you have english you have french espanol dutch so many other languages um even on.

    Nigerian english is that english is actually on there as well okay so i think we have covered enough uh of the exchange you can go big by clicking that and you can also expand it back and again on trading view this is the default that i like to keep uh here you can you you can click here to select technical indicators for example if you want to use the rsi you simply type rsi then you have the relative strength index you can call on your indicators so that’s why i like to use the trading view other than the original because they already the tradingview1 have twos that we use for trading if you want to learn how to use those tools and the signals and all that be sure to actually uh check out my trading uh my trading course on crypto university okay so uh i mean the the the one that we’re using.

    Now the trading view one looks something like this right it’s trying to resemble this um platform here trading view is the biggest and the best platform for charting for traders uh in all market stocks and so on and so forth right um so you know that’s why we like to use trading oh it seems like on the one hour bitcoin are just gonna it’s trying to go bearish anyway but um so you know you can see here i’m using my uh my indicator it’s showing me a bear boo bear boo bear boob this is what we call a uh a.

    Nitrous bow indicator and which you can also buy from university it’s really an incredible uh in the uh indicator that gives you signals for buying and selling opportunities you can get it on crypto university right.

    Now and start using it and uh let’s get back to our our thing so what i like to do is that i do my technical analysis on trading view anyway and then i just come to binance and maybe use the long and short tools when um logging in a position for example so for example i have this one here uh a buy order right i can set up the stop losses and the targets and so on and so forth and then i just use this two in bananas to make sure that it’s clear i’m i’m clear with what i’m looking at at all times but let me just show you uh the margin right so margin trading i will make its own videos but it’s a little similar with futures but it’s different so if you want to borrow money from finance to trade with more money than you have they have a a margin trading here which allows you to borrow up to three x of your money and then you can trade with more money and make more of the money that that you have meaning that if you have five thousand you can you can actually buy 15 000 worth of coins but the problem is uh it’s high risk so what i showed you before it’s all spot trading which is safer and if you don’t know anything about training or trading or you have.

    Never gone through any training for trading then i don’t recommend that you do any of this but i will make a separate video for this kind of stuff they’re already on crypto university so if you’re interested in futures trading and margin i recommend you go in there but the last thing i want to show you guys is the finance so you’ve got binance earn binance pool um binance visa card crypto loans and liquid swap so binance has so many things going on right.

    Now kind of like defy related products that allow you to earn on your money while you sleep right by simply staking your money keeping your money in binance in different type of things you can be able to earn a small amount of money uh over time while you’re keeping it so you for example it’s saying defects taking you can stake your btc meaning that you’re going to lock it up on binance for a certain period of time and you’ll be uh earning 7.49 a year this means that uh but you don’t have to wait for a year to earn that amount the apy is accumulated uh on the daily basis right so you can see there’s some there’s fixed ones there’s flexible there’s launch pool i have a video explaining all this uh already on my youtube channel you can look it up but also i have a very in-depth uh course on how to use this and make money off them on crypto university so again be sure to check it out you have the liquid swap you also have crypto loans that you can take and you can also get into uh the binance pool if you’re a miner if you do any crypto mining you can actually join the binance pool it’s actually one of the best pools out there right.

    Now one of the biggest uh and the launch pool actually allows you to take certain coins and then you can be earning for example you can be earning a certain coin on its own on its launch time the mostly they use bnb for this but that’s one thing that you can do so whenever you want to get involved with these earned programs you.

    Need to know that it will affect your wallet so say if i had to let me just go back to my wallet and uh explain this very well instead okay so you can see if i click pull uh i’ll click this i don’t have anything in the pool for example if i had to have any funds in my pools.

    Now uh on the binance earn it will show up here in the pool balance right uh if i go to earn for example you can see in binance earn i have 886 dollars locked in here so i’ll check what am i what what do i have sticked uh i think i have ethereum 2.0 staking that’s why you were showing me that uh but yeah all all the stacking that you’ll be doing on binance it will be showing in here in the urn wallet so you can see whether your money is in your launch pool on your defense taking your investment uh poor savings or whatever you have or saving so mine is in the savings um somewhere in here and i can check what is locked what’s flexible savings that i i do have and my activities recently right you can see your financial history here so lastly i’m just gonna go to futures uh just to show you how to to to transfer your funds into your futures account so i’ll go into the trade and.

    Now you see that the futures does.

    Not belong here but if i go to derivatives you have usdt futures coined margin futures and leveraged tokens and usd usdt futures means that you will be trading futures using your usdt right you.

    Need to have the the stablecoin usdt to be able to do this so you can trade up to 125x leverage uh and it’s incredible i made a video just two days ago showing off but uh showing how i made uh two 1 500 in 10 minutes trading on binance uh but i used spot trading with that trade if i had to use leverage imagine 10x it means that i would have made 15 000 if i had used leverage but that’s a story for another day so here it’s.

    Now usdt futures and you’ve got coin margin futures these are usdt margin features these are coin margin futures my coin margin uh our futures that you you trade with the actual coin so they’re backed by the the the actual asset that you’re trading so if you’re trading uh ethereum margin futures right it means that you.

    Need to have ethereum to trade those if you have eos coins or xrp or what have you it means that when you’re trading coin margin instead of having uhdt you.

    Need to have the actual tokens and trade them so what is the difference when you’re trading with usdt the the settlement is paid in cash usdt is like the raised dollar right so if you have if you close your position your money by default is in usd usdt so even if you were trading bitcoin and.

    Now you exit the position if bitcoin keeps going up it means that your money is still the same because you’re.

    Not exposed to the upside of bitcoin you’re.

    Not in position wow if bitcoin is also going down it means that you.

    Not affected your money is stable because it’s in the usdt while in coin margin futures because you’re holding the actual cryptocurrency when the price of say eos is going up even if you’re.

    Not in position you’re also exposed to the gains of that coin but also it means that if the price of that coin is going down you’re also exposed to the risk so basically on coin margin features you’re exposed to the actual coin that you’re dealing with so if i go to usdt futures which is what i typically trade um you can see it’s showing me that i have but i have my assets at the bottom here uh it says balance of i have 460 dollars in this wallet i have 4.9 to bnb uh again bnb helps you to save on fees and my p l is zero zero because i have.

    No open position right.

    Now okay and uh if i go up here it i still have the limit market and stop limit the same stuff that i showed you guys before it’s exactly the same except.

    Now you’re doing leverage but i’m just going to show you how to transfer funds so if you have money in your sport wallet you want to get your money in here you select what coin you want to transfer from a spot wallet by default it’s usd together and i will say i want to transfer 20 as an example and my available balance is this if i want to transfer the whole amount i’ll click the whole thing but i just want to do an example so i’ll click 30 bucks and it’s being transferred from my spot into my usdt futures wallet for me to trade futures if you want to transfer well before i even explain that so i’ll click confirm right my balance.

    Now you can see it’s.

    Now 490 because i have increased it from my other wallet you can also simply just click this here click and.

    Now you have uh you have this over here uh if you want to send you have made some profits in your usdt futures market you want to send it back to the spot you click this arrows.

    Now you can see the wallets are changing it’s.

    Now coming from usdt futures wallet into your sport wallet for you to be able to withdraw it so i deposited 20 bucks i’m just going to draw my 20 bucks again and confirm boom.

    Now you see i.

    Now have 470 the 20 bucks is gone to where it belongs so i will do a separate video for futures but this what i’ve shown you guys it’s really the most important thing when it comes to binance and i will make another video when it comes to api access because you use that to trade on um on using other platforms to automate your trades so uh but for.

    Now i think this was it this was a fantastic video i hope it gave you enough knowledge about binance and uh you will use this knowledge to do something about it if you have made it this far thank you so much for watching this video i know it was long but i’m sure you know that it was actually worth it and i’m sure you use what you have learned in this video uh in your trading and you can make some you can make something out of it another thing to remind you is that if you really want to take your trading into uh the.

    Next level you want to become a pro trader and expert trader it’s recommended that you take my course at or link is in the description that course i would show you exactly how to trade step by step from fundamentals drinking analysis but also other strategies for trading.

    Not only price action but p2p otc uh brokerage deals and so on and so forth so if you really want to get deep into it there are so many opportunities in this market but you.

    Need to know exactly what you’re doing so you want to get into uh some risk management and profit taking and profit making in the in crypto make sure you get on crypto university you can also hire me as a mentor for one month if you want to or you can actually book me for a phone call if you have something specific that you want to ask and you.

    Need me to help you otherwise i’ll see you in the.

    Next video be sure to like and subscribe

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