My Day Working As A Walmart Sparks Delivery Driver #1

money that i make off of walmart i usually invest it you know you know trying to grow my portfolio on robinhood uh stash you know all of the money that i make the walmart delivery i invest you know what i’m saying but right.

    Now i’m on my way right.

    Now i’m on my way to walmart i took two orders yeah i took two orders and i’m on my way up here to pick them up right.

    Now we’re going to see how they go i’m going to show you all the whole process you know i did up here basically uh it’s two different types of three different kind of orders two different kind of orders that i know about that i’ve done at walmart uh it’s either curved side or it’s historic pickup express.

    Now if it’s a curved side all i’m gonna do this order that i’m going to pick up right.

    Now this is a curved side order so all i’m gonna do is pull up and they gonna load my car they should already start packing the order because i got a 145 pickup you know then when you get to get to there you gotta uh confirm arrival and let them know you outside to uh take the order you know yeah i’m gonna get back with y’all i’m gonna drop this off but the order that i took i took the order it’s a batch order it paid 13.92 to pay 13.92 you know and uh plus i’m gonna get some tips on top of that but i’m gonna let y’all know with the entire beat you know document the ground documentary hustle you know we appear on that ball mark sparks delivery grind let y’all know i took two deliveries i got one at 145 and then i got i’m gonna come back to the store at 245 to do another one you know so i should make about between 40 and 50 dollars for you know keep the leverage only two hours worth of work you know you can make this support time income if you want to like if i had to go up i would be doing this all the time man i just got up here to walmart i’m waiting on them to bring the order out here i.

    Need to go get some stuff on my trunk because this.

    Needs some big orders one of them is a 51 piece 51 item order and one of them is a 44 item order so i know one at least check on my whole back seat and make sure you go move some stuff around in my trunk real quick it’s a walmart to the walmart they can farm arrival what i usually do i call the.

    Number i don’t know i’m outside and what uh let me know how long it’s gonna be for they bring the order out but like with these two batch orders i don’t know how long this thing gonna take to come out you know i’ve waited here for a long time before i was waiting on my brain to order out but we’re gonna see you know hopefully they had it ready i think it got something to do with how fast you press uh start delivery or like when you first get the alert you hit uh start delivery i think that’s when they start packing the order so i think i probably should have hit that earlier you know like i ain’t did this in a while i’m gonna keep doing these videos focus like i gotta get the equipment to do this go puff this use like one or two bags they about to probably hand me i don’t know anywhere from 20 to 40 bags one order is 51 items and one order is 44 items we’re gonna see how i go though uh you know what basically she gonna come actually confirm uh the customer’s.

    Name and uh they’re gonna start just loading my car i’m just seeing where they load my car both orders and i’m gonna drop it off and then i got another order this hour right after this one so i’m gonna come right back up here and do that one let y’all know how that will go but yeah we’re gonna keep documenting the ground documenting the hustle today we on that walmart sparks delivery grind you know we’re gonna let you all know only took two deliveries both on batch orders uh i think one paid like 13.92 and the other one paid about i think it was like 12 something so i’ll make about 30 bucks that’s.

    Not including tips but they usually tip on top of that you know so i’ll probably make anywhere from between 40 and 50 for just going two orders for two hours of work.


    Not bad like i said i invest this money on people and stuff like that you know i’m trying to grow money is what i used to you know live off you know the ebay money is what i used to you know take these vacations and do these future business ideas you know another hustle flip cars.

    Numbers like some cars today too uh i’m probably going to leave a cool little gig you can make your money i ran this little guy one time he said he’d be making like eight.

    Nine hundred dollar checks but he do it six days a week five six days a week but he said you do it all day you just accept the first uh 10 or 12 orders to come through he just accept him and be done for the day so he said he get up i think the first one you can get is a 745 so he worked all the way through to about maybe 445 you know he said he might have bought 150 200 six days a week you know you can make good money doing this you know anything be going to doing something you hate you know but yeah i’m gonna get back on y’all let y’all know how the money come out with these after these two orders but yeah it’s cool little gig though walmart sparks delivery sign up going on i just got to that first uh location where i’m actually seeing this the address 5 44 44.

    okay i think i’m okay i’m here yeah i’m about to just unload this order real quick it’s a batch order so i got to do this order and then do another order before it total out and pay but yeah i’m gonna get back on y’all when i get back to that second order location hey they got a lot is but if i start doing this again i’m definitely gonna give you one of those can’t forget the bread and the milk and i’ll let the bread and milk ride up here with me first delivery done.


    Now i got to go to the second delivery and drop that one off i’m going to turn the camera back on when i get to the second delivery let you all see the process what’s going on i just completed that second uh delivery of that batch order you know we end up making like 16.14 off those two order well you know they consider one order when it’s batch like that but 16 it took me probably you know probably about 40 minutes or less in less than an hour i’m on my way back to walmart right.


    Now i got to grab another batch order you know i’m gonna let you all know like i said i do one or two of these here i try to do a merry week but i’ve been missing the last few weeks i’m gonna start doing at least one a week you know just to uh stay active man you know just in case go puffs slow up and i got something else that i can uh lean on to make money you know can’t put all your eggs in one basket they would say yeah i’ve just completed that 145 delivery i made 16.14 i’m on my way to do this uh 245 delivery uh some best order i’m gonna get back on y’all let y’all know how much money i made off of that one uh or when i pull it back up to the walmart um you know to grab this water but i’m gonna make sure i hit start delivery right.


    Now so i’m waiting as long hopefully they start packing as soon as i get to start delivery because it’s gonna take me about maybe 10 minutes to get back there way out in the country that’s one thing that’s definitely different about gold puff and walmart like this ain’t got.

    No radius i’m in galesburg you know uh i deliver out of kalamazoo but they ain’t got.


    No walmart out here this is just like the country it’s a hit town out here but yeah i’m about to pull it back up at the walmart i’m gonna turn the camera back on when i get it to walmart got another batch order but i’m gonna just uh let y’all know how much money we do of just these little two hours you know i’m probably gonna do about probably 40 in two hours you know you can’t beat that like i said i invest this money we rather fidelity investments whatever i feel like doing i’ll buy stock of coca-cola but yeah i’ll get back on y’all when i get some walmart document the grind document the hustle can’t forget that yeah i’m sitting up here at walmart waiting on this.

    Next order that’s one thing that i did do dislike about uh i mean it’s a smooth job don’t get me wrong i don’t get to complain around how to get out of that but uh one thing about it is you get to when you get up here to walmart sometimes you’ll be waiting out here for a minute you know depending on how busy they are like i was i’m supposed to deliver this order by uh supposed to have this to the it’s a batch order so one order i’m supposed to have dropped off by 319 and one what i’m supposed to have dropped off by 342.

    uh they’re about about six miles apart but i’m sitting here sitting out here in the uh walmart parking lot it’s 303 right.


    Now you’re supposed to have one the first order is supposed to be delivered at 319.


    i mean i think they just give you that as like a that’s what they would rather you be there by but you still got a little window if you got time to drop it off yeah i’m sitting up here let y’all know how much i make off of these two orders you know but walmart spark delivery you know this is one of my other hustlers but like i said i use this money to invest you know and i live off the other money without uh the revenue streams that i have but document the ground document the hustle yeah on that spark delivery grind uh yeah just leaving walmart i just got that uh second order that with that second batch order you know i got to drop it off in two different locations that’s why it’s called a batch order you know on my way to do this real quick but yeah i’m gonna turn the camera back on when i get to this order you all know that y’all know where the money is you know when i get to this first order yeah i’m about to pull up at the customer house your destination is on the right here before make sure they don’t have any.

    Notes um and then we got how many items in this order this is only like a 22 piece order let me get this up um peace yeah i just completed them i forgot i was still recording just completed that last order on my way to this second order i’ll turn the camera back on let y’all know how much money we made at that uh after the second order you know document the grind document the hustle riches i just got to the second customer location i don’t know why i just took another order all the way at the walmart on the other side of town they getting these fifteen dollars plus i know i’m gonna make probably another ten fifteen dollars a tip but i gotta make this one kind of fast uh the guy disabled in here i just seen it in the.

    Notes so i gotta try so so ah man it’s still recording man let me let y’all know where this money had real quick man the guy was a amputee man you know or go out 20 man i actually was was he a veteran or.

    Not you know but uh he was an amputee i ended up having to take all of the bags in there for him you know.


    Not a big idea you know i think that’s the best thing to do as a service to people man you know but right.

    Now after those two deliveries i’m like they ain’t even added all my tips in yet too that’s that’s gonna be more than that sometime i wake up and look at my phone it’ll be like a ten dollar five dollar tip from the day before they didn’t post from that day but you know right.

    Now 28 dollars of dropping off those two i’m on my way to do this last order i wasn’t going through it but it’s already signed up for it it’s all the way across town it’s only going to take me about 20 minutes to get there but i’m going to turn the camera back on that’s at a whole different walmart i ain’t even at the walmart by my house i’m gonna turn the camera back on when i pull up at that walmart hopefully i got enough space to finish this video but yeah document the grind document hustle your boy rookie rich is out here on that walmart sparks delivery crime all right what’s going on i’m up here at uh walmart just that uh third best order i had to come all the way to the west side to get this one you know i live on the east side of the city man but every time i come to this walmart it’d be i don’t know what be going on out here or if it’s just busier than the other one but it’s like all of the bays one through eight are full and it’s like three or four cars that aren’t even in base i mean like the fourth car in line i gotta wait until i get parked in a bait to actually call and tell them i’m out here i call i just tried to call and he said wait till i get debate uh but they they like super backed up and slammed out here this there’s 14 cars out here you know eight in the day and it’s like the six but um yeah i’m gonna get back on y’all when i pull up at that first delivery um it’s a batch order so i’m put i’m gonna turn the camera back on when i get to the first delivery but yeah document the grind document the hustle just just taking a lot of time and dado for real work.

    No man i just got them orders that i pulled up to get uh i would go man that’s and this it’s still probably 18 or 20 cars they got one or two associates uh bringing the orders because i guess i would work in the store with walmart they got one they got a couple people to send there getting the orders off the sale then they got a couple people that bring the orders out to the cars but they only got one person that’s a girl that was bringing their orders out to the car and you see it’s like 20 cars i mean you know i’m telling you it’s like 20 cars out there i don’t know how they ever gonna catch up working like that you know everybody probably gonna be out there waiting the extended amount of time but yeah i’m on my way to drop off these uh couple orders and i’m done with walmart for the day you know this is my uh third batch order so three orders on the day i.

    Need uh two more i then i want to do two more so i can go ahead and get that uh get that 15 bonus for my time man wasn’t wasting my time up here i’m on my way to drop off this order and i’m gonna uh turn the camera back on when i get to the first location in the second location let y’all know where the money how much money i end up making for these or these three orders document the ground document the hustle they just wasted an hour of my time i ain’t like that yeah i just got to that second location i’m about to drop this off the first order i meant to turn the camera on uh at the last location it was uh it was only a 23 item order this one only 20 items let me run this up out of here it said oh it’s at fraternity village you know i’m on campus with this yeah i just completed that delivery walmart kind of worked like go puff.


    Now like the last time i worked for what would.

    Not it i think then started it but uh i remember we didn’t used to have to take.

    No pictures of uh the delivery you know but i guess since that uh you know since the covet coronavirus thing i guess they’d be making sure you dropped off that delivery but yeah that was the second delivery i’m done you know that was well i did three deliveries on the date i then.

    Need to do two more so i can get that extra 15 but i’m i’m good i work for gopro if i got five more days this week i’m about to go home with chill this ebay products or something but uh let me see what i ended up making for them three trips for those three trips right.

    Now i’m at 43.40 i don’t think my tips been added on there yet though uvo tips yeah my tips ain’t been added on there if they left for tip usually they.

    Need tips though you know but uh 43.40 for three deliveries that ain’t bad you know what i’m saying it only took me i think about two and a half hours to do that for that three dollars and i ain’t gonna do.

    Number five blue chip stock with it like i told you probably buy sierra coca-cola or something mcdonald’s assigned whatever i could get about mike you know whatever [Music] at least once a week you know this is my first one because i’ve been doing a lot of the gopro thing but i’m gonna start doing these at least once a week so they’re gonna get better and better but you know yeah it’s been it for the day i only made forty three dollars but we about to make that money to future money with this stock we bout to buy but yeah see you.


    Next time i’m gonna do one probably i think i’m off i’m gonna do one every tuesday i know my very tuesday and every friday so i’ll probably go on tuesday and friday but yeah document the grind document the hustle you know stack your hustle get your money

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